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#tri face

Oh? It’s a BFSN post?? From me?! But I had to show off my new hair. I had to! I didn’t mean for this to line up with finale day, but it did! It turned out better than I could have hoped and I love it so much.

Well, it’s here. I’m… I don’t know. Obviously I’ve been feeling disconnected, which sucks, because I love this show. I still love seasons 1 - 6. I’m not really sure to say. More than that, I’m grateful to this show for introducing me to some awesome people. Regardless of what happens tonight, that what is most important.

I’m sending lots of love to those of you who will be watching live. 💖💖💖

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I’ve been trying to avoid my computer ever since my email and phone have been flooded by recruiters. Something about having to talk to people offering jobs feels like being forced into chasing my own demise. Anyway, I don’t have this blog linked on my phone and haven’t taken the time out yet to work around that, so I’m probably missing a lot of amazing content. I’ll do my best to pick things up when all this is over, though I can’t make promises. Chances are that when someone actually will say ‘yes, do work for us’ I’ll be gone for even longer. In a way I’m happy I found out about The Dark Side of Dimensions’ existence (Yu-Gi-Oh! movie) because it gives me a reason to not think of FFXIV for a bit and be envious of everyone that is able to play and have fun. (And somehow the ending is surprisingly therapeutic. On the other hand, I’m now stuck in another hyper fixation. I don’t know if that’s better or worse.)

Another thing is that I do have some WIPs and ideas now lying about that are going absolutely nowhere because I feel exhausted as f* every day of the week.

Things I’ve been trying to work on so far that are FFXIV related:

- RP with Luka ( @lukawarrioroflight , continuation)
- RP with Amon ( @spotofmummery , continuation)
- ‘Drowned’ (working title, drawing)
- Dalamud headcanon (still want to check its movements on the Astrolabe and adjust ideas based on that. Can’t really look at it right now because the thing’s dancing makes my head hurt like a stubbed toe)

When these will get finished: when the gods are willing to either lend me their strength or allow me some sleep. Preferably both, but even I know that’s asking too much.

This said, I’m wishing every single one of you the best, especially in the accursed year that is 2020. I’t’s been blowing off lids of every single pot it’s been able to touch and in a way I hope that some of these pots will spill something that will push us into a better more humane world.

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!!!!!the biggest mystery of secret forest 2!!!!!

well for y'all it might be the mastermind behind all those crimes or how everyone is connected but for me personally (and tbh Simok really should investigate it) - is Woo Taeha’s phonehold is an actor choice or… just it happens to be the original one lmaoooooo seriously😐 i can’t stop thinking about it and fight the urge to fix it for him hahaha

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Jay Walker


Idk why I decided to draw this, but here it is. Jay Walker, season six design. Like all my art, it’s not very good because I’m still new to this whole digital art thing, but I tried, and I’m posting it so that one day I can look back and see how much better I’ve gotten 🤗

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