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#trials of apollo
heyimboredtalktome · 2 days ago
Nico: Do you value your friends? You should
Nico: Reyna: $8
Nico: Percy: $2
Nico: Jason: $5
Nico: Leo: $4
Nico: Annabeth: $5
Will: Actually, all of my friends are priceless
Nico: Yeah, well mine are worth $24 collectively
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pjononsense · a day ago
Annabeth: do you remember rule number 32?
Percy: yes stealth is your friend
Annabeth: exactly
Percy: well I would like to add rule number 33!
Percy: friends are your friends
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Leo: Welcome to my very first vlog, in which I try different hair products! Leo: *sprays hairspray in their mouth* Leo: Well, right off the bat I can tell you this one is not very good. Jason, crying: Leo, please stop
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ukelele-boy · 2 days ago
Artemis: hey Apollo, just calling to see what you're up to
Apollo: *shower sounds* nothing much, just having a complete breakdown in the bathroom
Artemis: ... Honestly not sure where to go from here.
Artemis: should I...come over?
Apollo: huh? no no this kinda happens a lot.
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pjononsense · 20 hours ago
Reyna, reading over a report Jason sent: you meant ‘stronger’ here right?
Jason: what’s it say?
Reyna: 'I'm proud to report that our team is stranger than it was a year ago.'
Reyna: that’s a typo
Jason: it could go either way
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