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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I feel like all the information I see about Tower of Nero confuses me more than anything else. Namely because I’m only seeing people talk about the spoilers as opposed to the actual spoilers (which might not be real.) Also I already feel like I’m going to ignore most of what happens in this book. Like HoO has enough potential that I have a list of all the ways I’d do things differently if I did a rewrite. But ToA, I’m willing to chuck the whole thing out (except Meg. I’ll keep Meg.)

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will: i just heard someone say, “if you’re having trouble sleeping, join the military, they teach you how to sleep anywhere,” and it really has the same vibes to that one specific person that said, “just get pregnant and you’ll see who your real friends are”

nico: if you’re curious about an afterlife, die

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Greek Goddesses as SNL things

Hera while drunk: And i’m a huge fucking mess

Demeter: I’m Demeter, Goddess of the harvest and i am not a virgin

Aphrodite: I said Artemis is not classy and she knows it, she is not classy because she is not

Rhea doing an add for an Olympus dating website: I joined because i want a succesfull man… for intercourse, I’ve had it before and i’d like it again.

Rhea: helps me find people who share my inrests like whimsical window eggs, teared macaroons and of course the simple elegance of a good bang.

Rhea:, the daiting website that knows exactly what your looking for. I want a guy who’s rough like a rustic burlap wedding invitation, someone with calloused hands and no debt, someone who can work my body.

Rhea: So why join Because I’m Rhea the fucking mother of the three kings i do whatever i want.

Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus: O_O

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1000 Pages Read-a-thon | Day 8

The Dark Prophesy: 63 pages (258 / 414)

Age of Swords: 4h 17mins - Finished! This book was amazing! The women in this book go on a quest and leave all the men behind. Not only do they defeat a monster, but also save everyone’s ass by being smart. 5⭐ Everyone should read this series!!

In other news, the rose plant has sprouted another rose bud🌹

Total Progress:
Physical books: 781 / 1000 pages
Audiobooks: 21h 24mins
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Honestly I can’t stop thinking about Jason… just… his arc ended SO weird.

1. He breaks up with Piper because… ???? It’s not *really* gone into other than small snippets from Piper mostly. Like nothings solved. I get why they broke up and it’s a nice idea to have them realize they’re not good for each other. It’s just nothing comes of it??

2. He knows he or Piper will die going on this quest and they just don’t prepare at all. Don’t have any precautions.

3. He dies away from his friends and we don’t see anyone’s reactions except for Piper’s and Leo’s. No one else is around.

Why did we go through all those books with Jason’s arc just to have him die? What was the point.

I feel like Rick did a similar thing with Leo and Piper where he just brushed them aside as if they were side character instead of literally the main charatcer of the last series.

Leo’s happy just… in a bunker…. going to school?? With a girlfriend he barely gets along with??

Piper??? I don’t even know… just with her dad which is nice but she has no motivation any more. She didn’t get anything out of the last series.

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