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I forgot to post this video of the triceratops head I had made during the beginning of quarantine.

Sadly it wasn’t wearable after I added the clay and paper mache, but I’ll be doing a rebuild with Eva foam next run(after I finish my clients suits).

But I thought y’all would enjoy this vid

Song is by lord triceratops called bacon

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The Mire Ceratopsian
The lush and murky swamp lands is what the Mire Ceratopsian calls home. It’s feet caked in thick mud and dead vegetation as it wallows through water and silt of it’s watery home. The constant state of it’s wet skin has allowed moss and algae to grow on it, providing camouflage for it’s environment and in return, a traveling haven for the green slimy foliage.


I had fun making this gal! Something a little different from the sauropods I have going on. Funny enough, she was tested in some water for water resistance. She passed! I already have her available up in my shop, which you can check out here!

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For 14 long years, a secret from the late cretaceous period has been held captive by capitalistic greed, average folks just trying to make a living, and the bureaucracy of the U.S. This secret holds within it the immaculately preserved fossil remains of a mysterious meat-eating dinosaur potentially locked in mortal combat with an equally mysterious horned dinosaur. These intertwined beasts of primordia are known as, “Montana’s Dueling Dinosaurs,” and their 14-year-long hiatus from the eyes of academics, laymen, and amateurs has finally been lifted.

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The Dueling Dinosaurs have just been donated to our museum for research and for exhibition. It’s a pair of T rex and Triceratops. The T rex is the only complete skeleton in the world.

This will also be the first physical expansion of the museum in a decade. Construction will begin next year. I am over the moon right now.

Congratulations to the museum and I hope Dr. Zanno and her team have fun with this. This is truly incredible!

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