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If I’ve got any followers who are fellow witches here are a few cheap/closeted witch tips I’ve picked up over the past year as a baby witch.😀❤

If your a witch with other tips up your sleeves feel free to comment/repost listing them!

Grimoires/Book Of Shadows:

The great thing about your BoS is that it can be tailored to your needs and no one else’s! It can be anything from a fluffy pink journal with a diary lock to something out of Charmed or Hocus Pocus. Below is a list of few BoS’s I’ve used/thought about using.

I’m also suggesting Molly Robert’s Rock Your Grimoire video on You Tube, she’s a queen and I love her.

  • Create something out of an old book no one in your house is going to look for! Throughout your journey you can black out pages/words and find hidden messages or just cover the pages with something else you’ve created!
  • Go to your local Dollar Store! Dollar stores are often overlooked by the mundane, but most carry a plethora of spiral-bound notebooks perfect for hiding witchy secrets in.
  • Michael’s and other craft stores! My current BoS is a small Artists Loft brand sketchbook that cost less than $5. The pages are thick enough for me to use watercolor and my Ohuhu markers, there is some ghosting on the other side of the page.
  • Make it yourself! Take a few sheets of normal printer paper and staple/sew them together!
  • An extra tip: depending on your craft write in a secret language only you can decipher! By this I dont mean Theban/Norse-Pagan alphabets. (If you’re closeted someone might take the letters as some sort of evil/dark magic. Write in hyphens or spell out words differently than you normally would. Substitute sigils or symbols for certain words, remember to keep your key in a safe place outside of your BoS so if someone finds it they can’t read it.

Tools, ect:

Tools are often used in witchcraft to help channel your energy into a spell/potion without leaving you exhausted. In an ideal world we’d all be able to live in a witchy aesthetic but unfortunately that is not always the case. Halloween is often a great time to find witch/themed tools if you really want to have a certain look.

  • For cauldrons all you need is a container. A ceramic bowl you decorated with sigils/symbols, something from the dollar store you thought was “pretty” so you bought it.
  • Candles are often used in the spells I work with since I mainly practice elemental/color magic. Tea light candles are great for short spells and you can easily hide them in shoeboxes/drawers. The Dollar Store and Target/Walmart are great places to go to find candles. They also often sell black candles during Halloween so keep an eye out!
  • Wands are used as a way to channel your energy for a spell your performing. It doesnt matter what your wand looks like, or is made out of, but from what I’ve seen through research sticks are often more powerful as they’re found in nature. Since I am still technically a “closeted” witch my wand is currently just a normal stick I felt pulled towards while on a walk.
  • Alters are actually easier to hide than some people may originally think. Shoe boxes work great for this, or small containers like Altoid mints or those soap bar holder things. Recently I’ve taken to hiding my stuff in an old cosmetics makeup bag and it just sits on my shelf until I need to use it.
  • Potions/spell jars also dont need to be super expensive or witchy looking. For my moon/sun water I’ve got an emptied peanut butter jar that sits on my windowsill. I’ve drawn protection and banishment sigils underneath the lid to keep out any unwanted energies. (Since I’m often using watercolors on artworks my family just assume its extra paint water.) For potion bottles you can take really anything. I like to use emptied travel shampoo/conditioner bottles and cleanse them using moon water and a quick spell. Emptied acrylic paint bottles are also a good size for potions or containers to hold dirt/herbs/ect.

I hope this helps some of my fellow closeted/on a budget witches out there!❤

Remember: Witchcraft isn’t a one-way path. Do your own research and find out what works best for you!

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Hi Guys! I’m currently finishing up my final semester of pre-med classes and am getting ready to prepare for the MCAT. I learned so much through these past 2 years and thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the lessons, tips, and tricks that allowed me to maintain a high GPA (3.8)!!

Some background information about me:

Major: Psychology

Minor: Chemistry and Biology


Division III student-athlete: 20-30 hours a week

Executive board for my sorority: 5-10 hours a week

Cabinet position for Phi Delta Epsilon: 2-3 hours a week


  • At the beginning of the semester look through every single class syllabus and note all the dates for exams, papers, projects, or assignments. I put all of these dates into my online calendar and made sure to have reminders for all of them. My semesters get extremely busy so keeping track of dates helped me stay on top of my work and manage my time in the best way possible.
  • Ask upperclassmen and other students for help, especially when it comes to scheduling classes or writing lab reports. The reason I’m able to take my MCAT early is because I spent a month asking various upperclassmen in different majors what their schedules were like, what professors were the best, which professors to avoid, and their study tips so I would not have to retake any classes. Along with this, upperclassmen tend to hold onto class materials from previous years (old exams, lab reports, syllabi, etc.). These resources could help you gain a better understanding of a specific professor’s exams, how to write a cohesive lab report, or better understand the structure of a class. 
  • Fight for EVERY POINT. I know this sounds annoying but in the end, you don’t want to miss a grade by 1 or 2 points that you could’ve gotten back. A lot of the classes I got As in were actually by the thinnest of margins and it was mainly because I was willing to fight for points I thought I deserved. It definitely makes you come off as that classic, annoying pre-med student but at the end of the day your grades are important to some degree.
  • Figure out a study strategy that works for you! Quality over quantity! You don’t want to be wasting hours studying inefficiently because classes get tougher and more time-consuming. Knowing your preferred study methods is super important because of how much time it will save you! I personally read the textbook, hand-write my notes, and use Quizlet RELIGIOUSLY! Some of my friends only need to attend a lecture and then do practice problems consistently. The faster you figure out how you like to study the more time it will save you in the long run!
  • Pick a major that you will genuinely enjoy. Pre-med core classes are difficult and can be taxing. It helps to take classes that you actually enjoy along with these classes, or pick a major that you know you will like because that will lessen the burden. I picked psychology because I loved the subject in high school and because the department was extremely friendly at the university I attend. Since I find my psychology classes extremely interesting, it makes studying for a bland class like Physics way easier because I know I have something fun to look forward to. 
  • Schedule time to do things other than just work. The biggest mistake I made freshman year was studying too much and focusing on activities that would boost my resume. My grades actually improved when I cut down on the studying and constant working and decided to schedule a weekly day off. During this day I would spend time with friends, catch up on sleep, or just vegetate. Maintaining your hobbies and passions is super important because then you will have other things to focus on and you won’t get burnt out!!
  • Remember that a bad grade doesn’t define you. This year was the year I failed my first exam and while it was tough to get over, I tried my best to use it as motivation to do better on the next exam. I try to think of every negative event in my life as a learning lesson and that exam taught me that I needed to change my studying habits for that specific class.
  • There are multiple paths to medicine. I think people put too much of an emphasis on the traditional route, where you graduate in 4 years and then go straight into medical school. Even though I’ll be taking my MCAT early, I’m also open to taking a gap year to work in research or scribe! I love the surge of youtube videos and stories made by people who have non-traditional paths because it shows you that hard work and perseverance will lead you in the right direction for you, whether that is medicine or not.

Please remember that these are the lessons I’ve learned through my experience at a competitive pre-med school and that all of these might not necessarily apply to everyone. If you guys have any more questions about pre-med don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help!

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Tricks to refuse eating


  1. You are sick.
  2. You already ate at your friends house.
  3. You already ate at home.
  4. You ate something on the way.
  5. You aren’t hungry now you’ll eat later.
  6. It’s too early/late for you to eat.
  7. You are to nervous to eat.
  8. You are vegan/vegetarian.
  9. You are on your period and have cramps.
  10. You are allergic to..
  11. You just watched a documentary how unhealthy this food is/ how it was made.
  12. Your teeth are hurting (braces).
  13. You don’t have the time to eat you have to leave soon.
  14. You are tired/ You will go to bed now.
  15. You have to do your homework/ learn for…
  16. You feel uncomfortable and need a shower.
  17. You just finished your make up and you don’t want to ruin it.
  18. You just did your nails.
  19. You ate this food yesterday and you don’t want to eat the same food again.
  20. You have to call a friend because she isn’t feeling good.
  21. You wanna save your hunger for the next meal.


  1. Go randomly in the kitchen and make some noises.
  2. Go in the kitchen and leave dirty dishes.
  3. Always chew a gum when you’re meeting with friends and say you don’t want to waste the gum or the peppermint flavour doesn’t fit the food.
  4. Leave the house before mealtimes.
  5. Put water in Caprysun or high calorie drinks to pretend you’re drinking them instead of water.
  6. Hide food in your room (not for a long time).
  7. Share your lunch for school with your friends.
  8. Bake/make food for others to hide the fact you’re actually don’t eating(this really works).
  9. When you eat with your family take a few big bites from the food and chew but don’t swallow it then pretend if you need to go to the toilet etc. and spit the food out.
  10. Go in your room and pretend you’re sleeping.

So I hope I could help you out with my ideas. With the time I will add a few things. Stay safe…

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Never assume that #Bluepool is without a weapon. Because he will surely surprise you with what he pulls out. [Naughty…]
Suit by @costumereplicacave
Mask by @ilustrastudios
The wonderful triclops is @mallory_scheidel
#BlueDeadpool #Deadpool #Deadpoolcosplay #tricks #Cosplay #Costume #Cosplayer #piratesofthecarribean #Marvel #MarvelComics #Weapon #Neat #jacksparrow

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Just a reminder:

Today is April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day.

That does not mean it is okay to trick people in a hurtful way

Don’t fake pregnancy, fake suicide, fake death, fake self harm, or fake asking someone out.

Want some kind tricks?

Trick someone that it is snowing outside, put googly eyes on all of the fruit, or make meatloaf cupcakes made with tiny meatloafs with mashed potato frosting.

Be safe. Be thoughtful. Be kind.

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I told the same guy that i would try anal with him

So now I need tips for it, how to prepare, make it hurt less, how not to be nervous


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