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Tumblr media
Photos from the corgi festival me, mama, my niece and gramma went to!!!
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lilbadwolf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Perfect summation of their relation(ship).
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zhooshifygift · a year ago
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outhereontheprairie · a month ago
Tumblr media
“I know you’re leaving me. And I will make you feel horrible about it.” 🐾 How does he always know?! #outhereontheprairie #corgisofinstagram #corgi #corgigram #corgilove #corgilife #corgilover #corgi_ig #pembrokewelshcorgi #corgis #corginstagram #corgination #youngcorgi #northdakotacorgi #tricolorcorgi (at North Dakota)
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ninjamonkeystudios · 3 years ago
He licked it while I was singing the song the first time, so I guess it was his :( dogs can taste red. #swedishfish #corgi #tricolorcorgi #pembrokewelshcorgi #stupidsong #candy #mondelezglobal #dogsaregross (at GreenwoodElementary)
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