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#trimberly fanfic
5ivebyfive · a year ago
A Hart Halloween
[[Just a short Trimberly Halloween oneshot I suddenly thought of. Super short. Might expand it later, but for now, enjoy!]]
“Babe, you almost ready?” Trini asked, knocking on the bathroom door.
“One sec, putting on lipstick!” Kim called back.
Trini rolled her eyes and turned to look at the kids standing behind her. “A’ight, so, when we see a house without the lights on, what do we do?”
“Knock anyway!” They chorused, throwing fists up in the air.
“That’s right. No one denies giving my babies candy.” 
“Mamí, our teacher said that when someone turns their light off it means they have no more candy.”
Trini looked at the young girl and fell down to one knee. “Lemme tell you somethin’, Ro,” she said. The girl blinked her wide, green eyes at her mother. “No one has no candy left when they turn off the light. They’re just hoardin’ the rest for themselves.”
“That’s rude,” Penelope cut in, at her sister’s side.
“Are you sure?” Rowan asked, tilting her head.
“Positive,” Trini replied. “Who’s the adult here?”
“Mamííí, why did I have to be the boy? Everyone knows I’m the prettier one,” Penelope whined, tugging at her striped shirt.
“You two look exactly alike,” Trini told her. “You’re both the prettier one.”
“Your hair is shorter,” Rowan said in argument. Penelope huffed and dragged her pillowcase over to the couch where she plopped down. Rowan looked up at Trini, who had stood once again. “I think you look nice.”
Trini smiled and pretended to twirl the drawn on mustache over her lips. “Why thank you, darling.” It made Rowan grin, which was all Trini needed. That, and for her wife to be ready. “Come on, Kim! Before all the good candy is gone!” Trini wasn’t that big of a Halloween person, but she’d be damned if her girls didn’t get the best candy.
“Keep your pants on, Hart!” Kim called through the door.
The doorbell rang. Trini grabbed the bowl of candy, full sized candy bars at Kim’s demand, and went to open it. She found a princess, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, and a yellow Power Ranger. She grinned. They all said trick-or-treat, and she started dropping candy into their bags, their mouths dropped open as she did. “You all look great,” she told them. She dumped a handful of candy bars into the Yellow Ranger’s bag. “Especially you. Nice choice.” She closed the door, a smile on her lips, and as she turned around she came face to face with her wife. And her own mouth dropped. “ look…”
Kim struck a pose. “Do you like it, my love?” She stuck a rose stem through her teeth.
Trini set down the bowl of candy and went to Kim’s side. “You…” She blinked, then took Kim’s hand and kissed the back of it. Then she started kissing up her arm. “I am your fool.”
“And I, your eternal flame,” Kim said, dramatically. 
Trini held Kim in her arms and dipped her, leaning in close, but when Kim leaned up to meet her in a kiss Trini pulled back. “Don’t mess up the ‘stache, babe.”
“You just ruined the moment,” Kim huffed, getting to her feet.
“Good!” Penelope said. “Cause we want candy!”
“Give us candy!” Rowan called out. Then they started chanting, “Candy, candy, candy…”
“Is that any way to ask for something?” Kim asked them.
“Would you like to give me candy, or would you like me to punch you in the face?” Penelope asked, raising a fist.
“Much better,” Kim said with a nod. She adjusted her long wig. “Everyone ready?”
“We’ve been ready,” Rowan said.
“We were just waiting on your beauty,” Trini added.
Kim beamed. “Then let’s go. Ah! But first! A family selfie.”
“Children,” Trini said, waving the girls over. They ran over and stood at her side. Kim took out her phone and she and Trini knelt beside the girls. They all put on their most serious faces, and Kim captured it several times.
“Now can we get candy?” Penelope asked.
“Yes, now we can get candy,” Kim replied. She led the way out the front door and Trini turned off the porch light. “I do think we are the best dressed family in the neighborhood,” she announced as they walked.
“Of course we are,” Trini scoffed. “We’re the Hart family!” And all four of them snapped their fingers twice.
Trini and Kim lugged the pillowcases of candy inside the house, while the girls followed, dragging their tired feet. Trini locked the door and the twins threw themselves onto the couch.
“Can we watch a movie?” Rowan asked.
“What do you think, my dear?” Trini asked Kim, not dropping her act.
“Well, good girls go to bed on time, even on I think they should stay up!”
The girls cheered. Trini dropped Penelope’s bag of candy on the floor. “You heard her! Stay up late! Eat candy until your teeth rot out!” Again, the girls cheered. “But, under no circumstances, disturb your mothers.”
“Ooooh, are you gonna go kisssss?” Penelope cooed.
“Perhaps,” Kim answered. “If your Mamí has earned it.”
“Ewwww,” the girls cried.
“Let’s watch The Nightmare Before Christmas!” Penelope shouted.
“No! Hocus Pocus!” Rowan argued. They continued arguing, but Trini and Kim ignored them and went upstairs. 
They closed the bedroom door and Kim turned on Trini, swooshing her long, dark wig over her shoulder. “Darling, do you know how much I love you?”
“Not nearly as much as I love you, my love,” Trini said, taking Kim’s hand again and kissing it again. 
“Let’s skip to the part where I win the argument and you kiss me.”
“Certainly, my dear,” Trini said, leaning up to do just that. Kim’s arms wrapped around her, and they kissed long and slow. “God, you look hot,” Trini murmured between kisses.
“Smoking hot.”
“So hot that you want to take me?”
“I always wanna take you,” Trini replied, pushing Kim back towards the bed.
“Did you lock the door?”
“Uh huh.”
“Good.” Kim flung herself back onto her back on the bed, hair splayed out everywhere. “Then you should definitely fuck me right now.”
Trini gasped and held her heart. “Kim, Gomez would never fuck Morticia.”
“No. He would make love to her...all night long,” Trini replied, climbing onto the bed and over Kim.
Kim smirked and wrapped her arms around Trini’s neck. “Then, my dear Gomez, make love to me.”
“I thought you’d never ask,” Trini whispered against Kim’s lips before kissing her.
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anonfanfic · 2 years ago
A trimberly “I thought I lost you” prompt thing please and thank you
“Kim, I can’t keep having this argument with you.” Trini shoved her hands in her jean pockets and kicked some of the loose gravel on the path. They sounded like a broken record each time they fought, and Trini was exhausted from the constant refrain. 
“I just want us to feel real. I don’t want to feel like I have to walk through broken glass around your parents.” Kim picked up a rock from the ground and threw it hard off the cliff and into the water below. 
They were high above Angel Grove, the place they went to escape the watchful eyes of Trini’s parents. They had been dating for nearly six months and neither of them knew. Kim had been understanding about Trini’s hesitation to come out to her parents. They had snuck away for secret dates, stolen kisses at many sleepovers, and even had the entire house to themselves one hot weekend in July. 
Now it seemed that Kimberly was getting anxious about their idling relationship. Trini could understand to an extent, Kim had been very open with the people in her life about falling in love. Trini secretly envied that about her, how confident she was in every aspect of her life. 
“Aren’t we real?” Trini asked timidly, looking down at her shoes as they continued to dig into the hard dirt. 
Trini felt Kimberly hand on her arm and stopped walking, but still didn’t look up. 
“Yes.” Kim lifted Trini’s chin with her index finger. “Yes, we are very real.” 
Kimberly leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Trini’s lips. 
“I’m sorry I get so worked up. I just want to be able to hold your hand wherever we are and not give a shit who sees us.” 
“I get that.” Trini grabbed both of Kimberly’s hands in her own. “Damn, I thought I lost you there for a minute.” 
Kim smiled and shook her head. “Never, I may get frustrated, but you can’t get rid of me that easily.” 
Trini pulled Kimberly in for a tight embrace. She never could have imagined that she would be so deeply in love with Kimberly Hart. So in love, and yet so terrified.
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gaygreenranger · 2 years ago
A Whole New World: Trimberly Aladdin AU
- Kimberly is the Princess of Agrabah
- Trini is a Ranger on a mission there
- Her mission is save the Kingdom from Jafar
- Kim wants to marry a woman but that isn't allowed
- She's expected to marry Prince Ty
- She had a secret relationship with Dalia which makes things difficult
- Trini definitely has a gay panic moment when she meets Kim and The Sultan.
- Trini overhears her singing speachless
- Zordon is Trini's Gennie
- Raja takes a liking to Trini because tiger
- Trini definitely asks "Tell me Princess, when did you last let your heart decide?" "Do you trust me?"
- instead of the magic carpet ride they go for a ride in Trini's Zord even though it brakes every rule of being a ranger and she could loose her powers
- Kim and Trini have a heart to heart about how Kim's mom would understand what she were feeling if she was still alive.
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helb0w · 3 years ago
Rangers as Pokemon trainers you know where this is going bro! Lol give us the pokeranger backstories we deserve
lil backstory here, we were chillin on the dwarves server helping redux make trainer cards, you know picking pokemon and all that, so credit totally goes to that foolio, go toss @reduxrose a followww, also @myndopeus
okay so backstory im gonna go with how all these kids meet
-billy and jason grew up together, watching their dads go off to work and wishing so badly they could have pokemon of their own, just like their dads.
-billy, after his dad passed, kept with that dream, and when he became of age followed in his fathers footsteps in regards to say, his excadril, but also water types like mudkip from their hometown
-jason took the opposite approach. he learn to resent his father, a fisherman, and did his best to be exactly what he wasnt, leading him down a path of fire type pokemon, other than his tauros beefcake that is
-zack also grew up in the same town, but unlike jason and billy his only friend was a cubone he had found while exploring the abandoned mine. he meets jason and billy after he caught the ponyta jason had been tracking for weeks right in front of them. (jasons still salty). he also helps billy catch his togepi, in which everyone in the gang loves with their whole heart
-speaking of harts, kim is another story. she had vaguely known jason as children, but never really kept in contact. but, after rejecting the life that was set up for her, she decided she wanted to become a trainer, despite what her parents wanted her to do. so, with nothing but a metapod by her side, she ran away from home. the gang find her screaming her HEAD off because she finally found an aerodactyl and she wasnt gonna let some stupid boys catch her before she could. they dont even go near her until she’s successfully captured in kims love ball (how extra)
-so, the gangs been traveling together for quite sometime at that point, trying to track down as many pokemon as they can. one day, they come upon a cute lil wild patch of grass to frolic in and seemingly have a grand ol time. that is until they see a girl off in the distance. a very very angry girl. who then proceeds to kick their asses. 4v1, absolutely no problem. actually, it was more a 3v1, as billy was smart enough to back off. then the girl leaves. they spend days looking for her, but it seems like she just didnt wanna be found. they actually manage to find her after her shinx, which they remember stomping on all the rest of their pokemon, leads them to a cliff side where her and the rest of her pokemon are doing… before they can figure out a way to approach her, billys togepi runs up and tries to copy the rest of the pokemon (“omg look at his little arms hes doing so good” “zack i stG-“). before they can cower in fear the at the girls reaction, she actually turns and laughs, breaking her resolve towards the gang, eventually leading to the squad we know today!!! Oh, and no one dares make fun of trini and her teddiursa. they remember the beat down of a century they got last time the crossed her
-now, the gang travel together, and are infamous throughout any region they travel to. people even go as far as to call then “the rangers” but they all think thats a bit dramatic
-trini and kims pokemon are always pushing them together, those saps
-when billys togepi evolves, literally everyone, including all their pokemon, are a crying mess
-zacks cubone is also trinis bff. its just the law
-kim has a ninetails cause shes extra as fuck. she also ONLY uses love balls. extra.
-who let jason get a tyrantrum. who thought that was a good idea
-trini gets the last laugh when he teddiursa finally evolves. altho her new ursaring carries her EVERYWHERE. no one dares laugh. that is, until he plops her right down on kim after a particularly big fight
-“zack please come back” “PONYTA AND I NEED TO BE FREE” “zack please its the middle of the night” “NEVER.”
-aw billy and kim totally have like tea time with their pokemon. like they all just sit and have a nice chat
okay im gonna relax now but feel free to leave me an ask and check my friends out 😎
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powerrangersfamilia · 3 years ago
Trimberly Cuddle Headcanons
- They start cuddling long before they start dating
- Long before their first kiss
- Not long after the subtle shift from teammates to friends
- The bathroom sink leaks; Trini never really noticed it before, the slow, almost steady, almost rhythmic drip… drip… drip…
- Post powers, post Rita, it is all that she hears at night
- Every time she closes her eyes to try to sleep each drip echoes like hail against glass in the back of her mind, and she feels Rita's weight above her, remembers the cold drops of salt water rolling down her jaw
- She takes long, long walks in the dark, watches the rising sun on her cliff
- Tries to drown the sink, the sea, out with yoga, with music, with silence
- On the fifth night, after a Saturday spent together in detention and then the pit, her feet take her to the damp grass under Kim's softly glowing window
- She’s unsure of what she should do, of why her feet led her here instead of Jason’s or Zack’s
- Her toes are soggy in her shoes; she can feel the dew seeping up her socks, wonders if water will always be changed for her now
- “Are you coming up or not?”
- Kim is all soft shadows framed by lamplight, and Trini rolls her eyes at just how ridiculously pretty this sight is, at how she already feels better just from seeing her friend
- They spend the first nights talking, trading stories of their childhoods and making each other laugh until Trini’s anxiety fades, until Rita is once again just a memory, until their eyes start to droop
- Trini always slips out after midnight, resumes her walks as Kim watches her slip out the window, stays up and worries
- She’s nodding off as she’s attempting to tie her shoes, attempting to open the window, attempting to find the will to leave Kim’s presence, when Kim’s fingers brush her shoulder
- “Stay”
- They start the nights separately; Kim in her bed and Trini on Kim’s floor, wrapped in a comforter and pillow that faintly smell of her best friend
- But the nightmares come back for the both of them, and Trini wakes up to Kim’s whimpered tossing and turning as often as Kim wakes up to hers
- Trini never remembers getting up from the floor, slipping under the covers
- Kim never remembers sliding over, rolling onto her back, opening her arms
- They wake up, slowly, together, that first morning, Trini’s head tucked under Kim’s chin and limbs intertwined
- If this were a movie they would leap apart, embarrassed, make rushed apologies, avoid each other for days
- Trini waits, muscles tensed, for that moment, but Kim just hugs her closer and drifts back to sleep
- Their nights pass this way for a while; Trini falling asleep on Kim’s floor and waking up in Kim’s arms
- Until it rains, pours, thunders
- Trini manages to slip through the window seconds after the first drops fall from black clouds, sees Kim lifting her covers in invitation, slips into her arms seconds after the first roll of thunder
- Neither of them sleep much that night
- This becomes their new routine; Trini going from the window to the bed, under the covers and into Kim’s familiar arms
- Sometimes they spoon (Trini grumbles about being the little spoon but she feels so safe with Kim behind her), sometimes they face each other, sometimes they sprawl out on their stomachs, exhausted
- Their hands always find each other’s, their fingers always intertwine
- Trini doesn’t remember when it started, she’s pretty sure Kim used to be more careful about making sure she was asleep first, but Kim kisses her shoulder, her forehead, her hand as they drift off
- It always makes Trini’s skin burn with flush, makes her heart pick up, just a little (a lot)
- She’s so nervous, the first time she returns Kim’s forehead kiss with a forehead kiss of her own
- But their routine shifts once again, subtly, easily, to include comforting touches
- Neither of them do it consciously, but they start to gravitate to each other in other moments, outside of Kim’s room
- They press together on the couch on movie nights, at their post training bonfires, in Jason’s truck
- Kim’s arm slips around Trini’s shoulder, her waist, and Trini leans into her side
- Their hands find each other’s under the table, under the covers
- Kim’s hand misses hers at lunch, and instead of taking it back or trying again Kim just lets it rest on Trini’s thigh, and Trini forgets how to breathe
- Trini lets her fingers slip between Kim’s, intertwines them, rests both of their hands on the scratchy fabric of her jeans
- Neither of them say another word for the rest of lunch
- This becomes a thing, too; Kim’s hand on her thigh, and Trini is positive that they left ‘platonic’ a few weeks ago
- And she's terrified
- Because she wants more
- But she needs this
- Needs the dreamless sleep, the little touches, the cuddles
- Needs Kim
- So Trini is halfway in the window, halfway in love with her best friend, mumbling "move over" before she can change her mind
- Kim is already settling back in her bed, shuffling toward the wall to make room, stripping off her sweater
- Trini's chest aches from the familiarity of it; because she had always hoped for something like this in her life, but had never let herself imagine that she would ever get it
- Kim looks at her expectantly and she remembers to move
- Slips her shoes off, her own sweater, slips into her side of Kim's bed, lays down as Kim shifts behind her
- Kim's hand rests on her hip and Trini swallows, feels the heat of Kim's palm through her jeans
- Trini waits for Kim to press against her back, for her arm to wrap around and pull her closer, for her lips to kiss her shoulder, but Kim removes her hand and Trini shivers
- "Why do you always wait for me to make the first move?"
- Trini curls her toes to keep herself from running; she is always honest with Kim, but it is still hard to open up sometimes, and right now feels like the hardest it's ever been
- "because I don't want to lose you. Because whatever you give me is enough"
- She waits, and the small gap between them feels like miles, the silence feels like infinity
- "If I never said anything, would you?"
- They both know the answer, so instead Trini asks "are you saying something now?"
- "Yes "
- Trini rolls over, there's space enough between them that she can still pull away, but their knees bump and their breaths puff against each other's cheeks
- Kim's hand hovers just away from her hip
- Trini guides it there, watches with fascination as Kim's blush deepens, inches closer, "hi"
- Kim's lips quirk into a quick smile, "hi"
- Trini can't help but brush a lock of hair behind Kim's ear, trace her cheek, her jaw
- Guide her in with the tips of her fingers until their lips finally brush
- Kim pulls back, just enough to find Trini's eyes in the dim light, "this ok?"
- "Yeah, yes. Very ok"
- Her fingers slip from Kim's jaw to her hair as she presses forward again, brushes their lips a little firmer, a little longer, each time
- Kim's fingers drag up her hip until they meet the bottom of her shirt, slip under to find skin, and Trini's mouth opens with a sigh
- Trini feels Kim pull back, tries to blink away the thick haze that settled in her mind, knows that minutes have passed, but is not sure how many
- Kim's hands leave her stomach, her ribs, pull her shirt back down to her jeans, wrap around her until what little space there was between them is gone, kisses her forehead
- and Trini is relieved; she had feared that this shift would change them, what they had
- She tilts her head up, just a little, and Kim's lips find hers in a chaste kiss
- "Will you..." Kim's voice is hesitant, she licks her lips and Trini is tempted to say fuck sleep and start all over with the kissing again, "will you be here in the morning?"
- "Yes"
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hungergaymes · 3 years ago
trimberly’s wedding prompt
why i have the feeling that when Trini and Kimberly announced they were getting married Zack was emotional as hell???? Im pretty sure he was the best man and got a suprise bachelor party for Trini because he wanted to see stripers lol I also have the feeling he would cry on the wedding and right after the end of the ceremony he would ask when the babies were coming because he wants to be a uncle so badly and Trini would answer “thats now how it works, you know that right Zack?” and he would say “i dont care, give me babies Trini Hart i need to be the best uncle in the galaxy”
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andawaywego · 3 years ago
‘“We’re getting married tomorrow,” she says and Trini’s heart thumps away in her chest.
She sighs. Closes her eyes again, and when she opens them, Kimberly is smiling at her in a way she can’t help but return, nerves be damned. “Yeah,” she says, “We are.”
[otherwise known as: There are lots of things you should probably do when you think you're about to die. It's just, you know...marrying your best friend isn't usually one of them.]‘
finally posted chapter 6!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Moodboards for a Kimberly cheerleader/ Trini dancer AU that will hopefully be finished within the first few weeks of next year
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taikoturtle · 3 years ago
Trimberly Short Fic
From the tumblr prompt “Actually… I just miss you.” 
Requested by @clairebear1127 nearly four months ago and I’m so sorry I’m only getting to this now but I hope you like it!
read it on AO3
Trini doesn’t consider herself a needy person, but when she agreed to continue her long distance relationship with Kimberly after high school she failed to anticipate just how much she’d come to miss her. How much she’d miss waking up beside her on a lazy Saturday morning, cuddled beneath a snug blanket with Kimberly’s arms wrapped around her in a warm embrace. How much she’d miss being able to call her up on a sudden whim to grab coffee, or see her at the drop of a hat should either of them have a horrible day and need to vent.
And okay, when Trini says long distance, she really means it’s just a six hour drive that separates them and she should be grateful that it’s not a flight halfway around the world, but going from a ten minute bike ride to a six hour car ride is still a significant adjustment in her books.
After high school graduation, Trini and Kimberly sent out several applications to various colleges and universities both in and around Angel Grove, as well as a few that were out of state. Kimberly got into one of her top choices miles and miles away.
Trini did not.
“I don’t want to leave you,” Kimberly had said one day when they were in her room with acceptance letters scattered around in a mess of papers and ripped envelopes.
“You’re not leaving me,” Trini responded softly, “you’ll just be leaving Angel Grove. I don’t want to be the reason you hold yourself back. You’ve got so much potential and if you got into one of your top choices then you deserve to go.”
Kimberly looked broken, absolutely torn with indecision, but Trini pulled her into a tight hug and told her not to worry. She wanted to reassure her that everything would be okay, but she also wanted to prevent Kimberly from seeing the pain that was so clearly written on her face. It would be a tough road ahead, and as much as Trini wanted to be selfish, to tell Kimberly to stay by her side, it just wouldn’t be the right thing to do.
“We’ll make it work, I promise.”
So off she went to a four year college while Trini stayed back to attend Angel Grove University. By all means, AGU is still a tremendously great school to attend, however it’s just not the same without the gang all together.
Trini went in undeclared. She figured she could knock out a majority of her required general courses first and would settle on a major later down the road. Her parents want her to be a doctor or a nurse, just anything in the medical field that’ll be lucrative, but they obviously don’t know her that well. Stitching people up has never been her strong point; she excels at putting bodies in the hospital, not the other way around. However, she has another year or so to figure it out before she has to declare so she’s not particularly worried.
Instead, the thoughts that occupy her mind are more often than not, entirely Kimberly-oriented, like what is she up to right now, or what new friends has she made.
What crushes she might be developing.
And it’s totally stupid, Trini knows. She can trust Kimberly - she trusts her with her life - but Kimberly’s activity on social media had a nasty habit of generating a conflicting cocktail of happiness, jealousy, and insecurity. Slowly her Instagram feed was filling with strangers’ faces and unknown names.
It felt like Trini was being replaced, and though it hurt like a bitch, she took solace in the fact that as long as Kimberly was happy, then so was she.
In the beginning, they talked on the phone nearly every night, recounting the day’s events to one another. Kimberly checked out several clubs on campus ranging from casual sports to cultural focused and she sounded absolutely ecstatic. Everything was new and shiny and it always brought a smile to Trini’s lips as she layed in bed with the phone pressed to her cheek, staring at her bedroom ceiling as Kimberly gushed about every little detail. She looked forward to her phone calls and the occasional video Skype with Kimberly, it’s often what motivated her throughout the day, but as the weeks passed through the quarter, things started changing.
The calls came less and less frequently. Between studying for classes and club obligations, Kimberly simply had no time or was too tired from spreading herself thin. It didn’t help that Trini applied for a job on campus at the convenience store near the food court so any respite from the hustle and bustle of work and classes was hard to come by.
Their conversations turned into sporadic texts whenever either could spare a moment and it was starting to take a toll on Trini’s nerves.
Once she had asked her mom if she could borrow the car for the weekend, to which June simply scoffed and denied her outright.
“The car is a privilege reserved for school,” she stated firmly, “and nothing more.”
It deflated Trini on the spot. She was this close to packing her bags for the weekend and toughing out a drive to go see Kimberly, but no car meant no road trip, so she skulked her way back upstairs and tossed herself onto her bed, dejected and full of frustration.
She wanted to talk about her feelings and reservations with Kimberly, but every time she tried, something held her back and she would end up having a change of heart.
I’m not jealous, Trini would convince herself, I’m not needy. Kimberly can hang out with whoever she wants. I’m not going to be that person who restricts her from having fun or keep tabs on who she sees on a daily basis.
“Dude, just tell her.” Zack, in his ever blunt yet insightful way, would advise. “If you guys are really that good with each other, then just communicate that clearly. Nothing good ever comes from bottling things up or assuming shit about how the other may feel.”
Zack remained in Angel Grove and got a job as an apprentice at an auto mechanic’s shop so he could help support his mom while feeding his interest in cars. This often made him the most accessible whenever Trini needed a friend to lean on, so they’d end up going to Krispy Kreme’s and Trini would treat him to donuts and coffee while she voiced her concerns. He’d try and respectfully deny the free food, but it was her way of paying him back for all the times she subjected him to her woeful rants.
“If it’s bugging you this much, you gotta say something,” he said before somehow shoving an entire glazed donut into his mouth in one go.
Trini cringed at his eating habits, but took his words to heart.
“God, why is this so difficult?”
With only a couple weeks left in the quarter, Trini finds herself lying on her back in bed on a Saturday night with books strewn every which way in preparation for finals. Carefully highlighted notes and open textbooks mean nothing to her when they look like ancient hieroglyphics given her current state.
It’s hard to study with Kimberly on the mind.
“Kimberly, can we talk? No, that sounds like I’m going to break up with her. Kimberly, there’s something important I need to tell you? No, that still sounds too… bad.”
Trini rolls over and angrily lets out a huff. Her phone rests inches away from her hand, the screen dark and inactive, and a yearning ache fills her chest with a swallowing, hollow emptiness.
She misses everyone.
She misses the gang altogether, she misses their hangouts and training sessions, and she misses that feeling of belonging, like a true family in many ways.
Her lecture halls at the university are far too large to make any true friends, and while her parents are trying their best to be more warm and receptive, Trini still feels like a stranger in her own home. The Power Rangers were everything to her, but now that they are fractured with their lives headed in different directions, Trini doesn’t know where she fits into the picture anymore.
Most of all, she misses Kimberly.
Warm tears pool at the corners of her eyes before trickling down the sides of her face. She doesn’t even try to wipe them away because there’s no use; they’re not stopping because the growing void in her chest isn’t going away.
She hates feeling so pitiful because normally people regard her as the strong one, where nothing can faze her, but things such as this strikes a deep chord within her. She knows what it felt like to be alone, but now that she knows what it feels like to have been a part of something bigger, she doesn’t want to go back.
“Why can’t things just be simple?” Trini mutters to herself quietly. “Growing up sucks.”
A loud rapping on the window startles her out of her wallowing musings and her senses fire on high alert. Memories of Rita flash before her eyes and fear begins to grip her nerves. Jaw clenched and fists balled, Trini slides off her bed and cautiously approaches the window.
There’s no way it could be Rita again. They knocked her into the sky ages ago so it makes no sense that she would return now, let alone have the common decency to knock. It could be a new enemy that Zordon didn’t inform them of, but once again, why would they even bother to knock. Unless…?
Gulping heavily with uneasy anticipation, Trini’s clammy hand grips the curtain and yanks it aside in one swift motion.
Grinning like a kid, Kimberly waves excitedly at her from beyond the weathered glass.
What the hell is she doing here?
“You going to let me in or not?” Kimberly asks through clattering teeth. “It’s freaking cold out here.”
Shaking off her stupor, Trini fumbles with the locks on her window before hastily yanking it open. A chilly gust of crisp winter air fills the room as Kimberly hops over the sill and lands on the carpet beyond the cluttered desk. Trini closes the window securely and gapes at her in stunned disbelief.
Her hair is longer than the last time they skyped, resting a few inches below her shoulders, and she looks absolutely amazing in her dark washed jeans, cranberry colored shirt and sleek leather jacket, but those details get tossed to the wayside the moment Kimberly’s lips come crashing down on hers.
Trini stumbles backwards from the sheer force, her back bumping into the desk, spilling pencils and papers everywhere, but she doesn’t care because Kimberly is pressing against her hungrily as if making up for lost time or the long distance that’s come between them.
In some ways it feels like it has been years since Trini’s felt the warmth of Kimberly’s body, smelled the comforting scents of her tropical shampoo, or heard her light, breathy moans. She’s missed how familiar her lips feel against her own and how her hands seem right at home clutching at the small of Kimberly’s back.
It leaves Trini wanting more, craving to dive deeper and lose herself to the fire running through her veins, but she has so many questions lingering at the back of her hazy mind that she can’t ignore.
Trini pulls back, breaking the kiss and causing Kimberly’s lips to give chase for a second before she pauses and gazes at her. Chest heaving in and out, gasping for air, Trini swallows thickly as she maintains eye contact, searching for the right words.
“What are you doing here, Kim?”
Flinching at the question, Kimberly chuckles weakly. “Not happy to see me?”
Trini presses a soft, gentle kiss to Kimberly’s lips and smiles. “Dummy. I’m always happy to see you, but…” Her words trail off in hesitation - where does she even begin? “...Why now?”
“I… uh…” Kimberly’s brow furrows, her eyes now averted. She’s biting her lip as if contemplating the heaviest question in the world, but after several more beats of silence - save for their now even breathing - she continues on. “Okay well, actually… I just miss you.”
“You do?”
“Of course!” Kimberly breathes out instantly. “And I know I haven’t been the best at keeping up with our calls and everything, but I’m going to work on it because god, I just miss you so much. I didn’t want to bother you since I know you’re busy with work and your family, but I think about you everyday and I finally couldn’t take it anymore so… here I am.”
Her glistening eyes are downcast through the whole confession, and it isn’t until she takes a deep, shuddering breath does she dare look back at Trini. “I’m not being too needy, am I?”
What an ironic turn of events.
Those very same thoughts that had been plaguing her mind for months on end had been the same thorn in Kimberly’s side.
A muted laugh escapes Trini’s mouth and at first it draws a sour, hurt expression on Kimberly’s features, but she immediately explains herself.
“Honestly, I was feeling the same way,” Trini starts tentatively. “I didn’t want to come off as too clingy or controlling and seeing how much fun you were having on your instagram and snapchat stories I was just… jealous? Afraid maybe? I don’t know, but whatever the case, I just want you to know that I’m sorry.”
She doesn’t know whether Kimberly can hear the pain in her voice or feel the trembling in her limbs, but at that moment she knew precisely what was needed.
Pulling Trini into a crushing hug, Kimberly squeezes her tightly and whispers just for her.
“I love you Trini.”
It’s sincere and vulnerable and exactly what Trini needed to hear. Beyond the words, the hug itself is charged with unspoken emotions–it says reassurance, it means unending devotion, it’s the promise of a future together.
“I love you too.”
It’s nearing four in the morning by the time Trini flops on her back, gasping for air and with a thin layer of perspiration coating her skin. Her face is flushed and fatigued, but clearly satisfied. “I’ve definitely missed this.”
Kimberly stifles a laugh, not wanting to wake anyone in the household - especially in their current state of undress.
Rolling lazily onto her side, Trini frowns slightly as she stares oddly at Kimberly. “You know, I’ve been wondering something.”
“How exactly did you get here? You don’t have a car and the buses don’t run this late.”
Kimberly inhales sharply. “So... funny story, but I might have borrowed the Pterodactyl Zord.”
“You what?!”
Zordon gave Kimberly the biggest scolding of her life about abusing their powers and risking exposure, but damn was it worth it.
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rawr-wolves · 3 years ago
Could someone pleeeease write a FanFic to Hayley Kiyokos song curious
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5ivebyfive · a year ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Power Rangers (2017) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kimberly Hart/Trini Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Power Rangers) Additional Tags: Fluff, Song fic, Randomness Summary:
Life's been kind of crazy and stressful, so the girls and their favorite guys go out for a night of karaoke to unwind, and Kim has an idea of how to get Trini to loosen up.
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anonfanfic · 2 years ago
Would you be willing to try a Trimberly first kiss oneshot?
Kimberly couldn’t remember the last time she had been this nervous. She wiped the palms of her hands on her dark jeans. They had agreed to meet each other as the sun was setting on one of the many trails leading up the mountain. Both girls had been flirting for weeks, but neither had done more than that.
Trini had been the one to make the first move. She had texted Kimberly and asked if she wanted to go on a hike...and maybe talk. Kimberly knew it was time, they needed to finally breakdown what this meant. Kim had feelings and she was terrified this was how Trini was going to shatter her heart.
“Hey.” Trini had snuck up on Kimberly while she was deep in thought. “You-uh-ready?” Trini smiled, and Kimberly could see the uncertainty written all over her face. 
“Yeah,” Kim took a deep breath and let Trini lead the way up the mountain. The sun was getting low in the sky, giving off a golden glow as the walked the trail in silence. 
“So…” Trini laughed, running one of her hands over the back of her neck. “How are you?” 
Kim could almost feel the awkward tension that was surrounding them. She felt like she was out of breath, even though they’d only walked a couple feet.
“Good, yeah. You?” Kim cleared her throat, looking straight ahead as the continued to walk side by side. 
“Good, everything is uh good.” Trini’s hand brushed Kim’s as they continued walking and Kimberly’s heart stopped. It could have been an accident, it probably was an accident. Kim’s mind was racing trying to convince herself, but Trini’s hand once again brushed against Kim’s as she kept talking. 
“School, ya know, sucks. But it’s almost summer, that’s-uh-good.” 
The back of Trini’s hand was now brushing the back of Kim’s hand with every step they took. 
“Yeah, I can’t wait for summer.” Kim had no idea how she was even getting words out of her mouth, All she was thinking about was Trini’s hand touching her own. Kim took the chance and grabbed her hand as it passed. Kim interlaced their fingers, neither girl missing a beat.
“Do you think Jason’s going to want to train more with no school?” Kim’s cheeks hurt from the huge grin that was on her face as they walked further up the trail holding hands. 
“Are you kidding? I bet we won’t have time to sleep this summer.” Trini giggled, suddenly stopping in her tracks and turning to look at Kim in the fading sun.
“I want this.” Trini’s eyes went to the ground before looking up at Kimberly earnestly. “I want us.” She gave Kim’s hand a squeeze. 
Kim felt a lump forming in her throat. All the fear and anxiety she had been feeling since Trini had text her vanished as she looked into Trini’s dark eyes. 
“I do, too.” Kim’s voice was hoarse, she swallowed trying to get rid of the lump. 
Trini took a tentative step forward and reached up to tuck Kim’s short hair behind her ear.
“I’m gonna kiss you now.” Trini leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Kim’s. 
Everything felt like it had fallen into place. Kim thought they could be floating as their mouths moved together continuing the tender kiss. 
Nothing could touch them right now.
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gaygreenranger · 2 years ago
I’m gonna keep a running tab of some of my favorite lines/phrases from @unicornaffair’s fanfics:
1. “Conversational wizard”
2. “So, little miss badass has a cheerleader fantasy.“
3. “Holy fuckballs”
4. “The little hot shot from Kentucky”
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myndopeus · 3 years ago
re: hp!au
i haven’t exactly been on this blog a lot, so y'all probably think i’m dead, haha. but for anyone who is still out there or who has ever wondered “what happened to that harry potter trimberly fic”, i have an update (although sadly it’s not a happy one). very long post bc i’m dramatic and on mobile, so sorry if the cutoff doesn’t work
i didn’t work on you give me something to think about/hp!au for months. part of that was because i didn’t have time, but part of that was because i felt like the writing was becoming more and more rushed, and i wasn’t happy with what i was producing because i was doing it just to get an update out. so i resolved to take a break and work on it when i was in a better mindset.
so winter vacation comes around, i’m out of school and sleeping more than is probably healthy, and i actually start writing again. i re-directed where the next chapter of hp!au was going, and i even wrote a one-shot for my friend for christmas (i’ll make a post for it later).
and then. disaster.
while at the airport, i spontaneously dissociated and i ended up leaving my laptop at the security check. atm, it doesn’t look like i’m getting it back.
luckily, my parents aren’t too pissed at me, and i’ll be getting a new one sometime soon. but unfortunately, school is about to start up again, and since i’m in my last year of uni, it’s time for me to buckle down and actually work hard for this shit. so even when i get my laptop back, i probably won’t be writing as much.
if you’re worried that i’ve abandoned hp!au completely, the answer is no. this fic holds a very special place in my life; because of this fic and this fandom, i’ve met so many truly amazing and incredibly talented people. and i feel like it would be really sad if i just left these characters hanging (not to mention that trimberly haven’t even kissed yet…. and all that cranscott side story, not to mention how i haven’t even talked about Tommy yet. oops, #spoilers). that being said, the fic is probably going to be unfinished/in hibernation for the foreseeable future.
to close this post off, i want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. you have no idea how encouraging and uplifting it is to see how many of you have read and even enjoyed this random fanfiction. i hope to continue writing for you guys, even if it’s just drabbles or one-shots, even if it’s for different fandoms. thank you for sticking with me and my inconsistencies. y'all are some Superheroes.
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weekoony · 3 years ago
Do you ever get an idea for a fanfic and you know can visualise it but you don't have the energy to right it?
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hungergaymes · 3 years ago
ok I was watching the videoclip from ‘Sola’ by our Becky and it’s so gay........
She fakes her death so she could runaway from her boyfriend and then when se was leaving she heard another girl was on his hands, so she makes a plan to runaway with the girl... and it continues on Mangú, on this one i think Becky and this girl are on a relationship and they met 2 others girls and so all of them becomes bestefriends..
ok but how cool it would be a fanfiction from this????? I want to write but i need a co-writer
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helb0w · 4 years ago
Ranger Mind Link Headcanons
-the rangers first found out about the mind link as a motivation tactic from alpha. (”The harder you train, the more connected you are! I mean, don’t you WANT to be able to read each others minds?” “Wait, what?!”)
 alpha explains the basics of the link, that they don’t exactly know the extent of the power seeing as human brains work differently, but essentially they can feel each others emotions 
-trini is the first to connect through the link (seeing as she clears her mind while doing yoga), and the other rangers get a loud and clear message of death metal
zack is sitting on his train car watching her, when the music suddenly gets way too loud and he screams for her to lower it
billy is working tinkering on some kind of gadget when the music starts blaring causing him to snap his screwdriver in half
jason is asleep in his bed when he shoots up in shock, punching a hole in the wall
and kim is in her room holding her phone trying to decide how to ask trini out for donuts in the least platonic way possible, and due to her thoughts focusing on trini she hears it the loudest of all of them
which is why it makes sense every ranger suddenly hears “What is wrong with her?” in a voice oddly like kims
-they meet in the pit, and billy reminds them of the conversation they had with alpha and from there it’s just situation after situation involving the link
-its helpful at first, the rangers not realizing a downside
theyre able to take down three times as many putties because they work so flawlessly
when a ranger needs help, they immediately know, whether that be trini and her nightmares (kims job usually), zack with his mom (trinis job), jason and his dad (billys there), kims self doubt (jason), and billy whenever he just needs someone around (zack)
its also a lot easier to make fun of zordon while standing in front of him (little do they know that because zordon is connected to the morphing grid, he hears EVERYTHING)
-but it doesnt take long for disaster to strike, seeing as they have no idea how to turn it off or on
the rangers got very familiar with zacks.....morphing in the shower (too familiar)
also for some strange reason, and to the endless annoyance of trini, everyone found everything she did to be endearing, like BILLY level swooning (kim had NOTHING to do with it. of course not.) 
also, something that was totally kims fault, and not trinis at all, training was a little bit.....hotter than normal. again, it was kim, her tanktops, and her DAMN biceps FAULT okay?
all five rangers PLUS billys natural curiosity? bad combination.
one time jason as angry at his dad, and it caused kim to snap at billy, and that’s when the rangers decided they really needed to find a way to fix it
-eventually, the rangers discover how to turn each other out (”I’ve been tuning Zack out for months!” “Shut up, Trini-bee.” “Sorry, didn’t hear you!” “Maybe if you’d really been tuning me out for months, I wouldn’t have found out Kim’s nickname for you.”)
-before they did learn to shut each other out, things were a little awk
imagine going on a date, and said date was able to feel and practically hear everything you were thinking. yeah, its rough (”Trini are you just gonna stare at me or....?” “I just-, like, I kinda-, so what I mean is-” “ heard me think that shirt makes your boobs look good didn’t you?” “Yes, yes I very much did.”)
or it might be a little distracting while training to suddenly have every ranger hear “The Zeo Crystal might bring life to the planet, but I am living for Trini’s ass.”
did I mention zordon can hear everything too?
-but of course once they started actually dating and found out how to use the link, things got interesting
kims strategic thoughts as trini faces off against putties while everyone watches (”No really, she was doing great, why did she pass out?” “Golly gee, her whole face was red before it happened! Or rather, it was more of a shade of pink, wouldn’t you agree Jason?” “Why yes Zack! I do wonder what caused this to happen. Billy or Alpha certainly don’t know! What about you Kim? Do YOU know what Trini is passed out on the floor of the pit!” “Shut up. Just shut up and let me take my girlfriend home.” “Yes, I’m sure she’d love to go home with you now Kim.” “I’M LEAVING!”
kim not being able to function when trini is in the shower, because two can play at that game
as wonderfully horrible those circumstances are, they ARE soft girlfriends anyway. if one is having a bad day, immediately the other girl fills their head full of all the wonderful thoughts they have on a daily basis in regards to their girlfriend. cue the happy tears.
-its hard to keep secrets from each other, so everyday they get exponentially closer
and things get rather kinky real fast 
thats how trini finds out about kims fall from grace. as soon as she does, she feels the anxiety in kim, and just holds her while she cries, because she gets it. she really does.
-the other rangers using the link around trimberly
“Why am so happy all the time man this is GREAT!” “It’s because these two saps can’t not practically fly when they’re next to each other.” (”That can’t be ri-” *turns around to see them huddled together in the corner* “Okay, nevermind.”)
constant. sexual. frustration.
10x more hugs. this everyone is fine with.
they experience the protection kim feels for trini on a daily basis. no one. is to touch. the small. (unless kim gives her permission, but no one needs to know that)
also kim gets away with everything, because if she asks something they all feel trinis overwhelming urge to give her girlfriend literally anything she wants. oops?
sorry this is like highkey a mess, but ive been meaning to do this for a while and i just dumped my ideas out haha. feel free to add on, thanks for reading <3
also it’s worth mentioning a great fic with the mind link stuff is by @movinggforthesakeofmotion check it out yo (x)
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taikoturtle · 3 years ago
Chapters: 4/4 Fandom: Power Rangers, Power Rangers (2017) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kimberly Hart/Trini (Power Rangers 2017), Kimberly Hart & Trini (Power Rangers 2017), Kimberly Hart/Trini Kwan Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Power Rangers 2017), Billy Cranston, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor Additional Tags: trimberly - Freeform, Friends to Lovers, kimberly is an indecisive idiot, and in massive denial, but we all know how this'll end, a little bit of angst with a happy ending i guess?, a bit of action, some violence, blood in fight sequences, but nothing too bad I think Summary:
From the tumblr prompt "Rise and fucking shine, motherfucker"
The team has a bonding camping trip up on the mountains, but after a series of unfortunate events, Kimberly has to figure out how to make things right, including her feelings.
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