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#trimberly fic
5ivebyfive · 11 days ago
Trimberly + time
For six sentence sunday!
Tumblr media
[content warning for naked cuddling.]
"Baby...time...," Trini murmured while her girlfriend Kim had an arm around Trini and was giving Trini soft kisses along her jaw.
"Forget time," Kim whispered back, slowly and lazily running her fingers against Trini's soft skin.
Trini felt lulled, drawn in, and she let out a sigh of words, "Pot roast...probably done...," and she felt Kim's touch freeze, her kisses pause, and Trini opened her eyes to look at Kim, whose face was contorted in some kind of inner debate. Trini raised a brow, smirked, and said "You can't decide between food and naked cuddling, huh?"
A wrinkle showed between Kim's brows and she pouted and replied, "Can't I have both?"
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angel-ranger · 2 months ago
Kim asking Trini if she'll go to prom with her? Sorry I haven't seen ANY fics like this and I'm not quite desperate enough to write my own.
lmao no worries, thanks for the prompt!
Summary: It was a foolproof plan.
Honestly, Kim was actually quite proud of this plan. She knows she has a habit of saying this before all of her plans before they inevitably go to shit because: 1. They weren’t ever truly foolproof, and 2. Kim herself was the fool in question. Maybe she should say this was a “Kim-proof” plan. Yes.
It was a Kim-proof plan.
send me a prompt?
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bluearrow126 · 6 months ago
I just saw the diana as Trini’s mom au is making a comeback I’m so excited!
Yup I saw the other day! A few people have asked me about this a few times the past so now we have an answer lol. Here’s the writers update on the story (they rewrote some stuff and they said they’ll be updating again too)
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angrylilfic · 10 months ago
Hey guys!
Hope you guys are enjoying the Narco AU, I made a playlist!!!
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triniharteyes · a year ago
On her 17th birthday, Trini Gomez makes a half-hearted wish for her life to be different. To be seen, to have a home, people to call family. What she doesn’t expect, however, is waking up the next morning in her lab partners’ body; Kimberly Hart - the queen bee and head cheerleader of Angel Grove High. 
The body-swap AU nobody asked for
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everything-is-aces · 2 years ago
I love how we went from Wonder Woman is Trini’s mom to Kim and Trini being Penelope’s moms
And if someone were to write Diana as Penelope’s grandmother...I wouldn’t be mad at ya 😆
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bihoodnerd · 2 years ago
So I'm a creative writing masters student
And I just completed my thesis, which is a Trimberly Soulmate AU.
Well kinda,
It's a no powers AU where Kim is the heiress to an online dating empire, and Trini is charged with getting Kim married.
Why? Because Trini has been "annexed" by Kim. Which in the year 2099, means Kim owns her. How did Trini become a slave? Because she got kicked out at 17 for making out with another girl.
So basically my thesis boils down to a lesbian love story set in a world where they have recreated slavery to deal with homelessness. It's also a low-key crack fic that has hella bed sharing, two-spirit Tommy Oliver, Cranscott, and Rita Repulsa as the badass indigenous adoptive mother of one Thomas Oliver.
In conclusion, this is why I haven't been posting any fics lately.
Special thanks to @bluearrow126 for listening to my bitching this last year. You da realest!
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spacerschoiceaward · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s a beautiful afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky. At some point, Trini’s playlist started over and she can just hear it from where the volume is lowered so that they can hear the boys. Trini’s hand is warm when she lifts it, rests it on Kimberly’s shoulder.
Trini laughs, shakes her head. Kimberly smiles. Grips the steering wheel.
Keeps driving.”
[or: a trimberly road trip collab fic between andawaywego and hearden in alternating perspectives.]
with @housewithoutwindows / read it here on ao3
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jadedsunshine · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Stand Tall
While she loved exploring the field, Trini never even considered the possibility of her getting lost within the tall stalks of her absolute favorite flowers.
Y'all know my love for sunflowers, so I really couldn't resist writing this little ficlet. Thanks to @reduxrose or the super random message that inspired this. ;)
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killingxrangers · 3 years ago
It Started with a Like
Instagram wasn't something Trini really messed around with before meeting Zack Taylor, more importantly known as the most annoying human in the world. He made one for her one night when the two of them were hanging out for the single purpose of sending her "quality" memes, and now she found herself on it frequently. Rarely did she post pictures of any kind, and her follower and following count was less than ten each, but the explore page did offer some nice videos to scar Zack with.
Today though she was feeling somewhat good about herself and the recent picture Zack had taken of them up in the mines. It was trespassing to go there, but it had a little bit of sentimentally to it for the both of them seeing as they'd met there. It was a simple photo, just the two of them sitting on the old train Zack favored, Zack holding the phone and Trini in the foreground, but the lighting was nice and she actually looked happy, so she decided to post it. It was the seventh photo she had posted, with the others being either her brothers or Zack. It was actually the first picture she had up of herself that wasn't her profile. Unsurprisingly, only two people liked it, one being Zack and the other being a boy in her science class. Not that it mattered to her who liked her photos, and she forgot all about posting the picture until she got a notification nearly an hour later.
k.harteyes liked your photo.
She'd never seen the username before, so she clicked it, admittedly surprised to find it belonged to the one and only Kimberly Hart. Trini knew Kimberly in the way everyone at school who weren't friends with the girl knew her; co captain of the cheer squad, dating a football player, and a complete bitch. Well, Trini wasn't sure if that last one was true, since she's never actually had a conversation with Kim, but she can only assume. They did share biology together, a class that Trini loathed more than anything, though Kim answered enough questions when called on to seem as if she reasonably understood it.
k.harteyes commented on your photo: You look really good!
It only took a second to click 'reply' and respond with 'Thank you.', and not even a minute later Kim was commenting again, a smiley face with the heart eyes that had Trini setting her phone down with a frown. That wasn't flirting, was it? As far as she knew, Kim Hart was that ideal small town girl; hot and straight and completely out of anyone's league. Trini thought she was cute, gorgeous even, but she hadn't given her much consideration outside of those few thoughts. And as far as she knew, Kim wasn't even aware of her existence. She was about to force any other thoughts from her mind when her phone dinged again, and she was honestly afraid it was Kim again, but thankfully it was just Zack.
Zack: yo dude Kim hart liked ur photo
Zack: she flirting
Zack: what if she wants to fuck
Zack: she fucks girls u know?
Trini: Shes dating Ty Flemmings dude
Zack: I'm telling u she sets off my gaydar
Trini: I didn't even set off your gaydar
Zack: we aren't talking about you
Zack: we're talking bout Kim hart wanting to fuck u
Zack: I say go for it
Trini: You give horrible advice. Kim is straight with a boyfriend. I'm not into her. We don't know each other
Zack: so talk to her
Zack: talk, flirt, fuck
Zack: then u have a gf
Trini: I'm going to bed
Zack: try not to have any wet dreams of Kim!
Kim didn't say anything as Amanda rolled off of her and laid on the other side of the bed, the blankets long since having been kicked to the floor. They were both sweaty and naked, marks on both of their bodies as Kim’s chest heaved up and down from the orgasm Amanda just gave her. The silence continued as Amanda stood up and jerked her underwear and t-shirt over her head, forgoing the bra and pants altogether as she looked to Kim and and finally said, “You should head home before my dad is back.” 
It always went this way with them, though Kim wasn’t one to complain or take offense. Especially on nights like tonight when Ty was expecting her over once his parents were asleep. He had clue about the truth to Kim and Amanda’s relationship and that’s exactly how Kim wanted to keep it. Her relationship with Amanda was purely physical anyway; she didn’t love Amanda in the way she loved Ty. And she did love Ty. Amanda just satisfied more of her physical needs than Ty could. 
“You’re probably right.” Kim followed Amanda’s lead and sat on the side of the bed, pulling her own clothes on as well. Nights like these happened frequently enough, especially given that Amanda’s father worked late most nights. If it wasn’t Amanda texting Kim to come over it was Kim texting Amanda asking if she could. The change in their relationship happened almost a year ago, right around the time Kim started dating Ty. The three of them were drunk at a party and Kim found herself alone with her best friend in a bedroom. As it happens, they started kissing and fell into bed together. Instead of their friendship ending or becoming awkward the following morning, they continued their affair behind  whoever Amanda was seeing and Ty’s backs. Its worked well ever since, and Kim would continue to let it happen for as long as she enjoyed it or Ty found out. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Amanda.” 
Amanda didn’t offer to walk Kim out and Kim didn’t ask as she grabbed her phone and keys and started the short walk back home. The two girls lived in the same neighborhood, less than a five minute walk between houses, and it was a nice night out, so Kim moved slowly as she walked down the sidewalk. She scrolled through Instragram as she went, liking most of the photos of either fellow cheerleaders or football players.
When her main page got too boring she switched over to the explore page just for something new. It was mostly beauty videos, a few memes, some suggestions to follow this person or that, and Kim ignored most of them. It wasn’t until a page  appeared for a girl called Trini did Kim stop walking. The first thing that popped into Kim's head was 'who was this girl?', and the second was (upon clicking on the page and finding only seven photos) 'this girl is really pretty'. The user name was Trini_Gomez, and Kim thought the name was somewhat familiar, but not really, and so Kim looked at all seven, four of which were what she guessed to be Trini's younger brothers, and two of a boy who looked somewhat familiar to Kim but she couldn't place his face. In both photos the guy seemed to be goofing around, one in which he was hanging upside down from an old and rusted train shirtless, a dark beanie on the dirt next to his phone and wallet, and in the other he was in the back of a pick-up, a game-boy in one hand and a Popsicle in the other.
Kim barely looked for longer than a few seconds at the guy or Trini's brothers, focused completely on the one of Trini herself. The same guy was back in it, in a pair of tan jeans and white v-neck, a discarded jacket thrown behind him as he stood on the top of the train from the previous pictures, and Trini stood a few paces behind him, a pair of guy's sunglasses over her face and her jacket also thrown to the ground. She had her tongue sticking out, showing her teeth as it seemed the guy took the picture mid laugh, and was doing the peace sign. Overall it was an adorable and quirky photo that Kim liked right away, and also found herself commenting that Trini looked really nice.
Trini responded only a few seconds later, nothing more than an appreciation of the compliment, and Kim added another comment, this one being an emoji. She's not sure why she did it, but something about this girl caught Kim’s attention, and she couldn’t stop staring at the photos. Trini didn’t acknowledge the most recent comment, and Kim slid her phone into her back pocket as she walked into the front door of her house. It was quiet in her house, not unexpected given the time of night, and she had hoped she’d be able to just go to her room quickly to change before leaving for Ty’s, but was stopped by her parents. 
Both Kim’s father and mother were sitting in the living room when she climbed the steps, and they stopped their hush conversation to stare at Kim. She knew she was in for it, especially when her dad crossed one leg over his knee and scowled at her. “And where have you been all night, Kimberly Ann?” 
“At Amanda’s. I texted Mom earlier that I was heading over there to study.” Kim stood with crossed arms before her parents, silently begging her mother to back her up, but to no avail. Ali Hart had a glass of wine in hand, and seeing as it was close to ten at night, Kim would bet money it wasn’t her mother’s first glass. She’d be of no help against Kim’s father, and said nothing as Kim kept talking. “I wasn't aware I couldn’t leave the house. I’m at Amanda’s all the time.” 
Kim’s father nodded, looking thoroughly displeased as he said, “That’s exactly the problem, Kimberly. You seem to never be home. Is there an issue you would like to discuss, seeing as you’d rather be at Amanda’s home than your own.” 
“Seriously? We were doing homework, dad!” Kim rolled her eyes as she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, guessing that most likely it was Ty urging her to come over now for a booty-call. She definitely was not in the mood for that now. 
“Raise your voice under my roof one more time and it will be the last time you find yourself in this house.” Roger Hart was standing up, his face red with anger as he too started to yell. Kim’s mother continued to sip and look between father and daughter as she sipped her wine, still maintaining her silence. Not surprising. Kim and Roger came to blows frequently and Ali has never once stepped in to intervene. “Go to your room now. I don’t want to see you for the rest of the night.” 
Kim said nothing as she turned and stomped to her room, slamming her door harder than needed as she knew it drove her father crazy. She hated him, hated her mother too. Hated everything about her family and was counting the days until college so she could leave Angel Grove behind her. Once she was out of this town she was never looking back. There was nothing that could possibly keep her here. 
She could hear her parents downstairs: her father’s loud ranting about how much of an annoyance Kim was, and her mother moving from the living room to the kitchen, probably in search of another bottle. Ali’s voice was too low to make out, but Roger stayed loud enough, continually screaming how Kim took too much for advantage and was ungrateful. From his point of view, he could did nothing wrong, and his actions towards his daughter were justified. 
Kim hated her father more than anything. 
The urge to leave her house was nearly overwhelming, suddenly feeling too confined in the tiny bedroom. She couldn’t keep listening to her father rant about how much of a disappointment she was, but knew leaving would make things worse if they came to check on her. So she stayed, curled up in a ball on her bed. There was nothing else to do but check Instagram once again, though she went straight to one specific profile. Seven posts, four followers, and following twenty-nine people, and right under that information was ‘Message’. Kim hesitated for only a moment before she clicked it and her screen immediately switched to the DM page. 
She started to type ‘hey’ then erased that, before typing ‘hey its Kim hart. just wanted to say you looked really nice in that pic’, and then replacing that with ‘Hey!’. That last one was too energetic for having never talked to the girl before and was promptly removed as well. Finally, Kim settled for a simple hello and introduction of herself. Her heart beat too quick in her chest when she sent the message, though she couldn’t grasp why, and a large part of her wanted to click unsend when given the option. Just as her thumb held down the message and she went to click ‘unsend’, the worst possible thing appeared under the message. 
“Fuck me.” Kim shouldn't have sent that fucking message because now she was coming off as a creep. She’s already liked and commented twice on a photo, she shouldn’t have gone and messaged the girl. Besides, what if Trini wasn’t interested in girls like that? Was Kim even interested in Trini like that at all? Sure, she was hot, gorgeous even, but Kim had Ty and Amanda, did she really need to add another person to that mix? Kim had no fucking clue what she was doing and really was just regretting her entire existence when she saw that Trini had begun typing, and then her message popped up. 
thank you for taking the time to read this! its my first time writing fan fiction at all really but ive been reading for years now. id really appreciate it if you could let me know how you felt about it? any suggestions? thank you so much for reading this! theres definitely more to come of this story! 
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
I just wanna thank each and every one one of you that still follows me. Thank you for not giving up on me.
I’m 11 followers away from my next hundred, so if anyone you know loves Trimberly or Power Rangers 2017 and the odd, mediocre Trimberly fic when I can manage, send them my way.
What else do I post about? Hmm. Lots of randomness, a little Brittana, a little Harlivy, Naomi Scott, Becky G, Lulu Antariska, and lots of pretty ladies, if you’re into that. Check my blog out and if you like it, come stay awhile!
Tumblr media
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angel-ranger · 2 months ago
I have a fic idea.
Trini never 'comes out' at the campfire and she and Zack get really close and Trini's always at Zack's in his clothes and at the trailer or throwing food in each other's mouths at the campfires (coupley things), so Kim comes to the conclusion they're dating. (But they're not)
hello, good evening, thank you for the prompt! i have no idea how to write jealousy but i be tryin'!
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bluearrow126 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Kimberly had a pretty normal life so far, a normal job, a normal fiancé and normal friends. Until she decided change all that one night which led to her getting involved with a notorious gang and creating a strong urge to get close to one of its leaders, Trini.
(Good Girls inspired AU)
I started working on this fic last November for @realist-tash‘s birthday and went back and forth working on it and finishing it ever since lol. But it’s mostly done now so I’m gonna start posting it now! Also shoutout to @5ivebyfive for being such a patient and encouraging cheerleader for this lol
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angrylilfic · a year ago
On the Wild Side part 4
Hi! Idk if anyone still cares but I really love this series and I wanna see it through to the end. Without further adieu, I give you chapter 4!
“You need to tell me what’s going on, we’re all worried about her!”
“Do not let your emotions cloud your judgment Jason, Trini is -”
“Bullshit! Tell us what’s happening to Trini!” 
She could feel herself being carried across the ship, no doubt to the makeshift infirmary. Trini was drifting in and out of consciousness. She could hear everything, but her body felt like stone. She could feel a warm hand stroking her cheek and another one holding her hand. 
“Shit. What happened?” She choked out, as she opened her eyes, her head felt like it was on fire.
Kimberly placed a hand on her back, holding her up, “Hey, slow down, you passed out after the battle.”
Trini looked at her family, Billy was checking the monitors, making sure her vitals were okay, Zack was still holding her hand and looking at her with worry, Kimberly leaned over her, holding her body up.
“Where’s Jason?” She asked. 
Kimberly looked at the boys, silently having a conversation.
“He’s asking Zordon about-” 
“He’s asking him about your new powers! Dude how long have you been able to do that?” Zack said excitedly.
Trini rubbed at her face tiredly, “It’s something new. I don’t know myself. What time is it?”
“Almost midnight, we told our parents we were having a sleepover.” Billy said.  
Jason stormed into the room, the anger coming off him in waves. His look softened when he saw Trini was awake. He walked over to where Trini was sitting up, gently stroking her head.
“How are you feeling Tiny?” 
“Jason what did Zordon say? What’s going on with me?” 
Jason sighed, “You know how he is, he wouldn’t tell me anything.”
“Shit, great. Maybe Alpha knows something?” Trini said, slowly getting up.
“I doubt it, Zordon probably told him not to tell us anything.” Jason scoffed. 
Trini got up off the bed, her hands and head throbbing with pain. She felt her eyes burn and water. Trini stumbled a bit.
“Hey, slow down. Are you okay?” Zack said, catching her from falling. 
Zack’s eyes grew as big as saucers as he looked at Trini. 
“What? What’s wrong?” 
Zack pulled his phone out, flipping it around to show Trini. She gasped as she looked at her reflection. Her pupils were dilated and shining bright yellow. Trini looked down at her hands.
“What the fuck is happening to me?” she cried as she saw. Her fingernails were grown out into claws and patches of fur stuck out from her shirt. 
The boys and Kim looked around at each other, worried expressions mirrored. Trini took a deep breath and opened her eyes, they opened to her regular brown shade.
“We’re taking you to Zordon. I don’t care what he says, I’m tired of not knowing anything .” Jason said confidently. 
“Trini! Glad to see you aw-.” Alpha started. 
“Zordon!” Trini yelled, “Enough games, we want answers!”
His face appeared on the screen, worry set in his features. 
“I already told Jason. It is not-”
“Bullshit! Just be honest with us. What’s happening? And why can’t they do what I can?”
The old ranger sighed, he knew when he was beat.
“Very well, it began with your Earth’s first ranger team. Thousands of years ago, the first earth team arrived on Earth. The Zords took the shape of your strongest animals, but to do that your team had to infuse their DNA with those of the Zords. Their bodies took on qualities of the animals.”
“Okay but why is Trini the only one who’s got those powers then?” Zack asked.
“Because Trini is your alpha.” Zordon replied.
The team gave each other confused looks. Zordon sighed and continued. 
“The red ranger is not always the leader. The first team was led by its yellow ranger. The dynamic you all have built is completely of your own free will yes, but Trini’s powers come from the fact that she is your team's alpha ranger. Her powers enable her certain control over you all.”
“Okay but what does that mean for me? Why is my body freaking out?” Trini said, trying to wrap her head around all this information.
“It means Trini, that your inner alpha is ready to emerge. You will feel the need to protect those you love, as well as inherit cat-like abilities. Your alpha is an extension of you, the spirit of the sabertooth lives within you as both a separate and twin energy. You have already experienced some of your new powers, but there are more.”
“Your claws are an asset to you. You can protract and retract them, they only exist on your suit even though your fingernails may sharpen. Your alpha roar is extremely powerful and can be used as a shield. Most importantly is your alpha gaze.” 
“My what?” Trini asked, bewildered.
“The gaze. When an alpha and an opponent lock stares, you may push them into submission. Additionally, it can be used to hypnotize others. All your abilities can be trained so you can control them at will.” 
“The ranger that is the alpha will inherit the powers of their zord first. This means Trini’s Zord is also the alpha zord and has the strongest will of them all. In time, the rest of you may also start to show advanced powers.”
Trini let out a breath of air she didn’t know she was holding.
“But why wouldn’t you want us to know this? It would’ve been helpful?” Jason said, crossing his arms.
Zordon let out a heavy sigh, “I thought I’d have more time before your animal powers showed. Approximately 150 years ago, there was another team before yours. Their alpha ranger attempted to completely destroy her team using her alpha powers. Her team barely defeated her, and I feared that without the proper training, one of you might share the same fate. Astronema almost destroyed the earth.” 
“ASTRONEMA?” the team collectively exclaimed.
“Yes? Have you encountered her?” 
“Zordon, that’s literally the name of the new mayor. How could she be alive after a hundred and fifty years?” Kim said. 
Zordon pondered a moment, like he wanted to say something. 
“You should all get some rest, we’ll begin training your new powers soon.”
“But what ab-” 
“Enough! Tomorrow we will train.” Zordon cut Trini off. 
His face retreated into the wall and the command room went silent.  
Trini stormed out of the ship. Her breathing became shallow. A pair of arms wrapped around her middle in an instant.
“Hey. It’s okay, c’mon the boys wanna go hangout. You wanna go? Or you wanna go home?” Kimberly asked softly.
Trini shook her head, “Nah, the last place I wanna be is home.” 
Kimberly nodded, the boys had already gone up to wait for them. Trini slipped her hand into Kimberly’s, somehow the feeling calmed her. 
“You guys wanna go to the camp?” Jason asked.
They made their way to the spot on the side of the mountain where they stashed their stuff in the old train car. Everyone set up their tents, Billy and Zack started the fire.
Jason was cooking some beans over the fire, everyone eerily quiet.
“Okay, maybe we should talk then?” 
He looked around at the team, his family.
“Look I don’t know what the whole alpha thing is gonna mean, but we’re still us guys. We’ll work it out.” He said, gripping Trini’s knee comfortingly. 
“I know man, it’s just- I don’t know. If what he said is true, that means our whole dynamic is gonna change. What if he’s right and I’m gonna turn into another Astronema?” Trini sighed. 
“Hey, don’t say that. We know exactly who you are Trin. We’ll be okay.” Kimberly stroked her hair.  
Trini looked up at the sky, letting their words roll over her.
"Guys I have to tell you something." Billy said, wringing his hands.
“While Trini was passed out, I went to the lab to analyze this sample I got off Trini’s suit. I took apart the nanobots and they had parts that were bought in bulk by city hall after the attack with Rita.”
“How’d you know city hall has anything to do with the bot monsters?” Zack said, taking a swig of his beer. 
“I didn’t at first, but then I took a closer look and noticed that the transmitter was custom, not factory made and the only place that sells that specific copper Alloy wire is a store downtown.” 
“Yeah you lost me buddy.” Kimberly shrugged. 
“Let me finish. Okay so I looked through the digital receipts of the store from the last couple months and looked  for anyone who bought that in bulk and turns out, Mayor Astronema’s assistant was the one who bought it.”
“Holy shit. Billy you’re a genius!” Jason exclaimed. 
“Even so, why would she build nanobots and start kidnapping kids?”
The team was stumped.
 Later that night, when Kimberly was curled up in her arms Trini felt her alpha stir. Her mind was alert and she felt through her mind for the source. In her mind she could vaguely make out another pair of yellow eyes. They were piercing and cold. A smooth, eerie voice whispered to her.
“I’m coming for you kitty.”   
 Then the connection was lost.
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andawaywego · 3 years ago
‘“What do you think it is?” Billy asks, and Trini imagines Rita, returned with her giant molten monster-man to have another go, to slash more scars across her neck, and push them into that fiery pit for good.
Kimberly’s armor clinks against her own as their hands come together. They’ve never held hands in their armor before and it’s startlingly different than what she’s used to.
“I don’t know,” Jason confesses. None of them do, it seems, and the feeling is all around them. 
[otherwise known as: There are lots of things you should probably do when you think you’re about to die. It’s just, you know…marrying your best friend isn’t usually one of them.]‘
the conclusion is up if anyone is interested!
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bihoodnerd · 3 years ago
I gotta stop writing to sexy reggaeton cause all I end up writing is Trimberly smut
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myndopeus · 3 years ago
re: hp!au
i haven’t exactly been on this blog a lot, so y'all probably think i’m dead, haha. but for anyone who is still out there or who has ever wondered “what happened to that harry potter trimberly fic”, i have an update (although sadly it’s not a happy one). very long post bc i’m dramatic and on mobile, so sorry if the cutoff doesn’t work
i didn’t work on you give me something to think about/hp!au for months. part of that was because i didn’t have time, but part of that was because i felt like the writing was becoming more and more rushed, and i wasn’t happy with what i was producing because i was doing it just to get an update out. so i resolved to take a break and work on it when i was in a better mindset.
so winter vacation comes around, i’m out of school and sleeping more than is probably healthy, and i actually start writing again. i re-directed where the next chapter of hp!au was going, and i even wrote a one-shot for my friend for christmas (i’ll make a post for it later).
and then. disaster.
while at the airport, i spontaneously dissociated and i ended up leaving my laptop at the security check. atm, it doesn’t look like i’m getting it back.
luckily, my parents aren’t too pissed at me, and i’ll be getting a new one sometime soon. but unfortunately, school is about to start up again, and since i’m in my last year of uni, it’s time for me to buckle down and actually work hard for this shit. so even when i get my laptop back, i probably won’t be writing as much.
if you’re worried that i’ve abandoned hp!au completely, the answer is no. this fic holds a very special place in my life; because of this fic and this fandom, i’ve met so many truly amazing and incredibly talented people. and i feel like it would be really sad if i just left these characters hanging (not to mention that trimberly haven’t even kissed yet…. and all that cranscott side story, not to mention how i haven’t even talked about Tommy yet. oops, #spoilers). that being said, the fic is probably going to be unfinished/in hibernation for the foreseeable future.
to close this post off, i want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. you have no idea how encouraging and uplifting it is to see how many of you have read and even enjoyed this random fanfiction. i hope to continue writing for you guys, even if it’s just drabbles or one-shots, even if it’s for different fandoms. thank you for sticking with me and my inconsistencies. y'all are some Superheroes.
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