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Abbacchio: Fugo, you of all people should understand. Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret

Trish: did you just quote Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper?




Abbacchio: I gotta go

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Another addition to my jojo’s mermaid series, Trish and Mer-nareff. I was going to do sea turtle coco jumbo, but my hands are sore and I need to look at homework, so that will come later. 

I firmly believe that these two are like siblings and get along amazingly, they are a set do not separate.

I struggled a lot with making Polnareff look the part of built like a brick shithouse, but still compromising with five-nareff’s design. (also I refuse to ignore that they just… forgot he was supposed to be missing two of his left fingers when he showed up in part 5????) His hair is ridiculous and I hate drawing hair. This is why Mista is my favorite. Trying to adapt the prosthetic legs into a tail was interesting as well, I tried to have it look mechanical without being over-complicated.

Trish is surprisingly fun to draw, all things considered, I was surprised. 

Anyways, two art posts is enough for the month, back to your regularly scheduled writing.

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The one thing that really doesnt make sense in golden wind is Diavolo having a daughter. I mean a child. What the fuck happened?? I thought the boss was the absolute epitome of paranoïa and schizophrenia, that keeping his identity secret was the only thing he cared about, but somehow he banged a woman, at some point in his life? If he haden’t done that he would have won against everyone else…

Yes I was rooting for Diavolo the whole time.

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Bucci Gang first date headcanons

Just imagining how great dates with gang-stars would be 🥺💭❤️


Bruno Bucciarati

  • He’s confident when he asks you out, he’s someone who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it.
  • He’s definitely the most elegant and suave member of the group. He’d plan to wine and dine you at a fancy restaurant, in a secluded corner reserved just for you both.
  • Would send you your favorite flowers on the morning of the date with a note saying that he can’t wait to see you.
  • Greets you with a kiss to your hand.
  • Bruno let’s you lead the conversation, he finds it adorable to watch you animatedly speaking about your passions.
  • He’s naturally protective and has a mature air about him, so expect that to show when you’re out. He wouldn’t be averse to chaste displays of affection if you attract the wrong kind of attention.
  • Walks you to your door hand in hand, makes sure you’re safe before going home himself.
  • He would call you the next day to make sure you’re okay and keep the momentum going, by this time, you can’t wait to see him again.

Giorno Giovanna

  • He will be slightly nervous when he approaches you because these things are new for him, but will put on his bravest face. The only indications that he’s nervous would be him smoothing out his clothes, and fixing his hair slightly more than usual.
  • Quiet and observant, Giorno would have everything planned to a T. He would spare no expenses for you, and would either take you a private performance of your favorite production and then dinner there after at an exclusive restaurant, booked out entirely for you, or a botanical garden picnic under the stars.
  • He would arrive at your place to pick you up slightly earlier, which would give him a chance to observe you in your natural surroundings.
  • Is more likely to gift you single flowers which he crafted with GE rather than a huge bouquet.
  • He would definitely make you a flower crown, and comment on how lovely you look while wearing it.
  • Conversation flows easily once he’s relaxed, appreciates you wanting to hear about his aspirations and revels in how your eyes light up when you talk about your dreams.
  • He is just as chivalrous as Bruno is and will also offer you his arm to hold on to, albeit slightly awkwardly. Please be patient with him.
  • Will also walk you to your door and make sure you’re safe before going home. Will have a guard linger around for a few moments after he leaves to make sure there isn’t anyone timing your movements.
  • He would send you a short, sweet goodnight message, thanking you for your lovely company.

Leone Abbacchio

  • Despite his aloof exterior, he’s quite caring towards the people he likes. Abbacchio would most likely deny his feelings for you in the beginning not wanting involve you in his life. When he does eventually ask you out, it’s so awkward it’s cute.
  • He’s a man that appreciates culture so he would take you out to places steeped in culture, perhaps even go winetasting.
  • Would also be the type to gift you a single flower and would awkwardly compliment you when he comes to pick you up.
  • He is observant of you and cares about whether you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself.
  • He would be more on the quiet side but would get more comfortable as the date went on.
  • He is quite cautious when you both are out, he knows about the lurking dangers and has been dealt a difficult hand in life, so please bare with his protectiveness.
  • He will call you the next day, it would give him a chance to figure out what to say to you and wouldn’t put any pressure on you.

Guido Mista

  • He’s confident, carefree and outspoken, would try his luck asking you out on more than one occasion. Mista’s Outlook on life is simple, and he aims to do things that are fun.
  • He would want to show you a good time, so he would probably take you to one of the trendiest night spots in Naples.
  • He’d want to show you off so dress to kill, he would be mesmerized by how stunning you look and would constantly tell you so.
  • He’s definitely a conversation starter and you would not get bored of all the outlandish scenarios he thinks up to ask you about.
  • Will shamelessly flirt with you to see you blush.
  • He is overall a fun, flirty date that would have you laughing all night.
  • He would text you the next day, giving you some time to miss his antics for a bit.

Narancia Ghirga

  • The live wire of the group, he’d be slightly nervous but would ultimately bite the bullet and just ask you out.
  • He would want to go somewhere fun, where he can show off a bit so expect carnival, or game dates.
  • He would compliment you on how pretty you look, and how soft your hands are.
  • Would buy you all the tasty junk food and candy floss to share with you as you walk around hand in hand.
  • He would want to play all the games and win you all the huge stuffed animals, and will resort to cheating with Aerosmith to win you the biggest prize.
  • Will have Aerosmith out when taking you home just to make sure you’re both safe.
  • Will have a text conversation with you as soon as he gets home, as he’s still on a high from both the sugar and how much of fun you both had.

Pannacotta Fugo

  • He would be anxious before approaching you, but his friendly nature would make it a bit easier for him.
  • He would like to take you to an art gallery or museum in order to show off his knowledge a bit, and then go to dinner there after.
  • He’d bring you flowers or candy or both when he comes to fetch you.
  • He’s fiercely intelligent and very well read so conversation would flow effortlessly.
  • He’s naturally caring and would always make sure that you are doing okay and are having a good time.
  • He can be quick to anger, but he wouldn’t direct that towards you. He just wouldn’t want any odd looks to come your way for any reason whatsoever.
  • He would protectively hold your hand, enjoying the feeling of your soft skin in his hand.
  • He’s the type to send you a quick goodnight message, wishing you sweet dreams and thanking you for the wonderful night.

Bonus: Trish Una

  • Beautiful, quietly confident, Trish doesn’t have any problems with approaching you.
  • She loves the finer things in life, beautiful things, so she would like to go to a trendy place that usually has a waiting list to get into.
  • Would like to match outfits with you, but compliments your style regardless, she can appreciate beauty in all its forms.
  • She wouldn’t be clingy, but would hold your hand if you’re comfortable, she’s attentive so she wouldn’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Conversations flow freely with her, which is something that you will enjoy.
  • She would wait until the next day to text you, giving you your space.
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Modern vento aureo au where Mista tells Trish her father is trying to murder her because he “can’t stand to see a girlboss winning”. Abbacchio pushes him out of the boat.

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It’s late but I thought of a super cute idea so enjoy and thanks for reading!

Naranica x Reader

Warnings: None :)


       You and Narancia were quietly laying on the bed in his room. Your head gently resting on his stomach while the both of you were looking up towards the ceiling. He had told you he had this new mixtape he wanted to show you, and you gladly accepted his invite to come over and listen. It had been about an hour of you guys just laying down there listening, breathing softly, and his hand occasionally playing with your hair. It was moments like these that you enjoyed having with him. 

        As the previous song ended, suddenly there was a loud sound of a piano and a total different genre of music started playing. The both of you shot up once you realized what was playing.

It was “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

       Now, you guys both knew of the song, you were just curious as to how it ended up playing on the mix tape that consisted of Tupac and Snoop Dog. “Oops heh, how’d that get there?”, said Narancia as he sheepishly rubs the back of his neck with a tint of pink on his cheeks. You chuckled at the sight of him being embarrassed, you thought it was cute he had a soft spot for the musical type of genre. “Ah, yes I wonder?”, you commented sarcastically knowing very well he slipped it into the mixtape because he has a soft spot for it. As the song continued playing you both just kind of sat there staring at each other and letting out giggles every now and then. 

“You’re in the mood for a dance”

       Suddenly, Narancia gets a look in his eye and you have a pretty good idea of what’s about to happen…

And when you get the chance

       Narancia eagerly grabs your hands and stands you up, as the song keeps playing you hear him start to sing. You are the dancing queen, Young and sweet, Only seventeen”, he sings at the top of his lungs, making you chuckle and join in. “Dancing queen, Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah”, you guys both sang as loud as you could, while spinning and dancing together in circles. 

“You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life”

       As the song kept playing you guys danced and sang you hearts out, not having a care for anything in the world. All that mattered was you and him dancing close together and having the most fun you could ever have with the person you love.

       “Ooh, see that girl, Watch that scene, Digging the dancing queen”, you both sang the last line of the chorus, concluding your dance as he dips you down and gives you a kiss. Nothing too strong, but enough to show how much he loves and cares for you.  He pulls away and you guys stare into each other’s eyes for a little bit and eventually he brings you up into a warm embrace. You melt into his arm and the warmth his body carries. With a smirk you say,” So, your a fan of ABBA I see?” Going back to his embarrassed state the two of you just laugh and giggle with each other and resume cuddling while listening to the mixtape.



Mista: “Please tell me you got all of that on video”

Giorno: “Of course I did!”

Trish: “We will definitely be showing this at their wedding one day.”

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Made a comic inspired by a conversation and doodles from @/pulpdjuice on instagram!

Tag this as ship and see how hard i can punt u into the sun. This is not a ship comic.

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The best thing PHF gave us is the idea of singer Trish


Obviously, a redraw of this. They’re literally identical🙄💅

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Mista: I think I am in love with Giorno

Trish: congratulations, you are officially the last person to kno–

Narancia, Fugo, Bruno, Doppio: WAIT WHAT REALLY?


Abbacchio: wait, you guys didn’t–

Trish: you dIDN’T KNOW?!

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Trish: I am so fucking done. Bruno and Doppio think I’m in love with Mista. I am most definitely fucking not. He’s weird and dirty and annoying and he’s my bestie. But who does Mista think I am in love with? Giorno! And that’s an absolutely baseless accusation! I’ve barely even talked to the dude yet! And oh god, Narancia agrees with Mista, but Giorno also thinks I have a crush on Gun Man, Fugo is uncharacteristically being a little shit about this entire thing and so far the ONE PERSON who hasn’t bothered me about this is Abbacchio. And you wanna know what’s worse? You wanna know what absolutely drives me insane? GIORNO AND MISTA ARE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.

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Remember Anon. This was a house that Bruno had far away from the city. Just like Ombra’s house but much closer to the sea. Bruno’s… or should I say Trish’s home is near a lighthouse. A house by the shore and lighthouse that she now owns.

It’s much more spacious then Ombra’s old home. The way to describe it would be like this. Ombra lived in a Cabin while Trish lives in a House with two floors and a garage.

In the garage has all of Bruno’s fishing equipment, his 2 smaller boats that was used for rivers and lakes. In Trish’s home was basically everything she could ever had. Her own bedroom and design it her way. Whatever Bruno had before, it was still left alone because she felt like it didn’t need to be fix. It was like a piece of Bruno and she loved keeping it.

Photos he had of him and his father, photos he took of Trish whenever then went out at sea with his main boat. Those were memories that she kept up forever.

The Mer Bucci Gang like to spend time their whenever they can. They just love to see all the interesting things that Bruno had in his previous life as a human. It was nice company for Trish since she was most alone during the day, but at least during the evening. They would all come to stay and have a nice cooked meal. Of course Bruno just had to be the one to cook, but Trish of course did help out a little from time to time.

With Trish helping to assist in the cooking, she would improve for herself when it came to cooking food. Because of Bruno’s teachings, she had to cook for herself. She needed this independence for herself, it was helping her a lot.

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