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A very important announcement re: Troodon and Dinosaur March Madness

This is Maymay. She is a rufous morph of Troodon formosus. I got her from a shelter where her former owners left her after they realized that caring for a Troodon is a large investment of time and effort.

Maymay is the sweetest stem bird you will ever meet. She likes head and neck scratches and showing off her wings and tail while stretching. She’s not a huge cuddler (stem birds generally aren’t) but she always likes to be close and will follow you from one room to the next.

However, it’s come to her attention that some people think that Archaeopteryx is a better dinosaur than Troodon. This has made her very upset and I don’t have enough canned tuna to make her feel better. I also have work to do and it’s hard to do that while giving her consolation neck scratches. Please, don’t upset my fluffy borb. Vote Troodon and Maymay will love you forever.

Also, if you don’t she’ll maul you. Please don’t make her do that. It will make everyone very upset :(

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