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apple-bottom-jeansx · 5 months ago
I am a WHORE for “the love is requited, they’re both just idiots”
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inkblotdemon · 10 months ago
this bit where Abed fucking destroys the autistic detective trope in like thirty seconds is one of my favourites, not gonna lie
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co-as-t · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hanahaki disease but what if Bakugou didn’t try to hide his feelings or smth but just went to Izuku w/ passive-aggresive “fix it”
I mean just an idea HAHHAHAHAHA
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boywithnoolives · 7 months ago
@ Langa’s mom, your blue haired quiet son befriended a loud and enthusiastic redhead boy who you saw him sneak out with at night almost every single evening. And its Shocking to you that he May be a little Fruity
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running-withkn1ves · 2 months ago
How about a yandere!rich husband x ex-wife?
Like...She wants to get divorced but yandere husband is like NO.
Love your stories and ocs btw! Really fills my craving for yandere relationship dynamics
Not gonna lie.. I absolutely love ideas like this-- it reminds me of the cheater scenarios, which I have a love hate relationship with-- because its so nice to have someone beg and grovel for your forgiveness whilst keeping you captive;; but then again I have extreme distaste for unfaithfulness. :D
Thank you so much!! I am happy to fill that yandere void in exchange for an awesome prompt hehehe
Yandere! Rich Husband X GN Reader
Candles were lit, fireplace burning, dinner gracefully served on porcelain plates. The evening was beautiful-- sun setting just perfectly over the horizon, while you adorned a lovely gold watch and matching ring; a pair you were keen to take off immediately. The gifts were something you had always resented; their superficial purpose causing you regret over the 2 years of marriage. 
That’s all that this was: the unification’s only purpose was to serve those wishing for materialistic items. You couldn’t guess the amount of money your marriage had spurred in the bank accounts of close friends and family; not to mention your own husband’s.
That’s why you decided it was time, time to break off this “business deal.” Your father knew what he was doing when he married you off to the man you now only recognize as a fraud; all you were was a trade. The thought of being worth millions was slightly flattering; until you realized what you’d have to live with until death did you part. 
The sound of the front doors opening and shuffling of feet heightened the anxiety already bubbling in your stomach. Your husband walked in, conversing with several other men. The group laughed at a comment he made, giving the politest of smiles and handshakes. You cleared your throat, loud enough for the group to recognize you standing next to the romantic table. They turned and stared at you, all looking slightly surprised.
“Ah, there you are, I didn’t see you when I walked in,” The man known as your husband walked over to you, pulling you by the arm to the group of men. “Gentlemen, this is my beautiful-” 
You cut him off before he could say the label. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you all.” Shaking each of their hands, you pushed down the appealing idea to abandon your goal. The plan you had been working towards for days didn’t feel so enticing anymore.
“I apologize to have to break off your.. meeting,” You speak with hesitation, avoiding your lover’s eyes. “But we have something important to discuss.”
An awkward silence filled the room, before the men reacted. Hands rubbing the backs of their necks and excuses to get back home to their families quickly filled the air, trying to escape as quickly as possible. Each of the suited lads left where they came, waving short goodbyes to your soon ex-husband. 
Now it was just the two of you; you had requested that any staff in your home to leave for the night, as you wanted the utmost privacy. 
“Please, come sit.” You spoke with a monotonous voice, allowing the man to take a seat across from you. 
“So, what’s all this for?” He asks with genuine curiosity. You hadn’t shown this much romance and detail into the relationship since... since the start of your marriage. It certainly did surprise him.
“Well, like I said, we have an important matter to talk about.”
Swallowing the fear rising into your system you gained courage, remembering the reassurance of your decision mere hours ago. 
“And what would that be?” The man across from you removed his fork from the table, taking several bites from the now cold food. 
“I want a divorce.” 
Your voice doesn’t quiver like you were afraid it would; it brings a newfound resilience and freedom to you. Like maybe... one day you’d be free of the shackles your family and husband had put on you. 
The sound of metal hitting the floor jolted you away from the daydream. Looking up at your husband, you noticed his lack of reaction. You expected immediate shouting, but all he pulled was silence. 
“And why is that?” His voice was near silent, staring you down. 
“You know why..” Your voice was becoming more emotional, causing you to cringe. “ I can’t take this anymore I-- I’m being suffocated. All I do is stay inside this house, following whatever you do like a damn dog-”
“What is it that you want?-” 
You cut him off abruptly. “I want out.”
The lighting of the fire and candles didn’t read romantic departing any longer; it only made you feel more trapped. Nothing was yours in that house.
“Out? Fine, you can go out, leave this house do what ever you want! You know what’ll happen if you do.” His voice steadily grew, growing frustrated and irritated. 
You had never accounted for that before; you assumed he’d be angry at you for leaving, but not for you-- just at the idea of his image being ruined. And he was right; your own reputation would be destroyed without him having to lift a finger, once the divorce became public. 
“You should be lucky I even let you out when I do. I won’t stand for this behavior,” His voice grew low, hand reaching for yours to squeeze. 
“After all I do, after all I provide, its still not enough? You still want to run out with another man?”
Your eyes widened at the accusation. “What? No! I just can’t take being used like an item-- You’re, You’re so controlling! I can’t even have friends anymore!”
 You went silent, your eyes shifting away from his. Pulling your hand away from his touch, you felt a guilty conscience nag at you. 
With a low grunt, the man slammed his fist on the table, looking back at you. 
“Controlling? Oh I’ll show you controlling.” He pushed away from the table, chair falling backwards. You were swiftly pulled up by the wrist, easily getting dragged into the back bedroom.
You yelled at him to let you go; he didn’t. He never listened to your demands or pleas, it’s not like this time would be different. His lack of response angered you, but the tight grip bruising your arm caused you to begrudgingly stay quiet.
With brute force your husband threw you against the bed, your head falling hard onto the mattress. Within seconds he was on top of you-- your hands already being forced above onto the headboard. He was spouting nonsense from atop, giving no attention to your cries and struggle. 
“The things I provide and do.. You think you have the right to embarrass me, and to leave me just like that?”
With ease he made his way to your ankles, trapping them with the same handcuffs as your hands. He mumbled under his breath about how “difficult” you were being. 
You had fallen silent, finding no use in projecting the panic riddling your body despite wanting to cry. Sure, your husband was never the open-minded type, but this deranged behavior was a complete 180.
You sniffled quietly, clenching your teeth; face wet with tears, an excruciating headache was on its way.
Your husband fell silent from the end of the bed, his eyes cast to your limp body on the bed. He sighed heavily, showing as much tire as yourself. The golden handcuffs dug into your wrists; a detail you felt was unnecessary. 
He stroked your bunched up legs slowly, letting just his finger tips tickle the skin. Moving his hands, you noticed the bracelets clasped onto each of your ankles; diamonds shining on the silver chain, which reflected off of dim light. 
“No matter how hard you fight, you’ll always be mine.” Your husband said slowly, pulling your legs toward him. 
You felt his face pressed against your knees, soft lips imprinting on you time and time again. 
“Please just tell me you love me, and this can be over with. Don’t spout such silly nonsense anymore...”
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saawek · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I have read God Knows I’ve Been Naive by @parsnipit at least 5 times already ? (and I need to start reading the sequel when I’ll finally be over this one ha ha)
I cannot handle the amount of pure this deaged Hua Cheng has !!! He is supposed to be 5 years old (I fucked up some drawings there oops) but here it is!  Don’t forget to feed the author in kudos and comments if you like the fic :)
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somethingscarlet13 · 5 months ago
One of my favorite tropes ever is when person a and person b are admiring the stars or a beautiful landscape or piece of art and person a goes “wow it’s beautiful” and person b is looking at person a when they reply “yeah. beautiful.” That shit gets my heart every single time. 
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qahwa-chai-coffee · 11 months ago
Look me in the eye and tell me if there's any gesture out there that's more caring and heart-meltingly affectionate (romantically or platonically) than fixing someone's blanket while they're asleep...bonus for when they leave an adoring kiss on the side of your face/your forehead.
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ghostly-prompts · 8 days ago
Prompt #64
Villain loses their memory, forgetting their entire redemption arc. The citizens are terrified of once more living in fear of epic battles taking place around the city. Hero, however, is crushed. Villain also forgot their secret relationship and recent engagement.
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 4 months ago
enemies to lovers never had a bad track. “flirting as a distraction during a fight” SLAPS. “realising those feelings might run a little deeper and denying them vehemently” BANGER. “straddles waist with a knife at their throat and staring at their lips a little too long” SEXY. and don’t even get me STARTED on “shut up”/“make me” *heated kiss in the middle of an argument*
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Fake Dating AUs
1. It’s all just a publicity stunt, Person A and Person B definitely know this. And they’re just really good actors.
2. Person A is in the hospital and they have no family nearby, so it’s only logical that Person B would pretend to be their spouse to visit them.
3. Being a spy sounds much more adventurous than it actually is. A lot of the time it’s just stakeout. Which can go for months, which is why Person A is currently walking the dog through their suburban neighborhood, while Person B is making food for the BBQ with the suspicious neighbors.
4. Person A and Person B are the hottest couple in Hollywood and total ‘couple goals’. What the tabloids don’t know is that Person A and Person B are faking it, because they don’t want their real partners to have to be in the spotlight.
5. The reason for why Person A needed Person B to be their date was implausible at best.
6. Person A’s parents love Person B and maybe they would finally get off Person A’s back, when they show up to the next family event with Person B as their partner.
7. The apartment is perfect and both Person A and Person B are desperate to move in, but then the landlord lets it slip that he is very conservative and only wants couples in a stable relationship living in his house, so maybe Person A and Person B have to act a little, so that they can both have a roof over their head.
8. They used to be the perfect child, always doing what they’re told, never acting up. But Person A finally has enough and wants to break out of this fake idyll their parents show to the world by being even more fake and who’s better than Person B as their fake partner to give a big middle finger to this whole fakeness?
9. Person A wants to be on a game show that is only for couples, so they sign Person B up with them.
10. It was really bad timing, that when Person A finally got the courage to ask Person B out, they show up with Person C. What Person doesn’t know is, that Person B and Person C are only fake dating, which leads to so many misunderstandings.
11. Person A desperately needs their teacher to see them in a better light to pass the class and that teacher thinks very highly of Person B, so maybe being associated with Person B can help Person A out and in return Person B can finally be a bit more popular – if they even want to.
12. Person A has won a vacation on a cruise for couples. Being single, they ask their friend to come with them.
13. It was supposed to be just a one-night stand, but people found out and it would be negatively for Person A’s reputation if people thought they were sleeping around, so they ask Person B to make it seem like a serious relationship, at least for a while.
14. Person A and Person B are partners in crime and people would never believe how easy it is to be unsuspicious, when they act like a couple with a little bit too much PDA.
15. Person A’s friends are obsessed with setting them up with blind dates, and Person A knows they mean well, but they are just not interested in dating, so they just ask their last blind date, Person B, to fake date them, so Person A’s friends stop setting them up.
16. Being married comes with a lot of benefits – financially, socially and most importantly getting their families off their backs.
17. Both of them have a crush on Person C, so when Person C invites them both to their surprise wedding to Person D, Person A and Person B feel pretty stupid about having used to fight over Person C and they decide to show up together for the wedding.
18. Person A wants that promotion at work very badly and they worked so hard for it, having no time to date and now their boss is criticizing them for not promoting the family friendly image of the company. Well, if a spouse and a child is all Person A needs to get that promotion, then they will get themself a family for the next company outing.
19. They are friends with benefits, but when Person A’s creepy ex is coming back into the picture, Person B will not let Person A out of their sight again and act as their new partner.
20. Person A and Person B are con artists and it’s their favourite activity to act like a couple and go to strangers’ giant weddings to get free food and snatch some of the wedding favours for the guests.
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cherrylauren · 3 months ago
Roy Kent and Keeley Jones truly just scratch the I hate everyone but you/Sunshine trope that I’ve been searching for my entire life and it’s written in the perfect way. Roy isn’t an asshole and borderline abusive to Keeley in a way that most of these tropes are written and Keeley isn’t just a dumb woman who is naively positive and constantly written off. They truly are the perfect ship and example of this trope. It’s perfectly done and I love them so much.
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