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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
henrylevesconte · 2 minutes ago
Having an audio processing disorder and listening to Will Wood is fun. I feel like it’s a Fall Out Boy case where it’s hard at first to crack the code of what’s being said but every time I look up lyrics I get absolutely clobbered with the most profound, poetic, and introspective songs
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sothischickshe · 14 minutes ago
I was tagged by @inyoursheets to do the top 3 ao3 tags thing, and she included no instructions bc she is a bitch 💚 also I had some ties lol
Tumblr media
I make no excuses, cranky masturbating rio pov is literally always hilarious.
I tag @daydreamstew @00gangfriend00 @whiskeyjack @nakedmonkey @peachraindrops & if you can see this... YOU!!!
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huntershowl · 24 minutes ago
give me other killer muses: people with brutal hands and a well of anger or passion or fear or whatever else spurs them forward and keeps them alive even when they should logically be dead. i just think it would be neat to have plots where seph and another killer fight back to back through an impossible situation and, no matter what their relationship is outside of the peril, keep each other alive
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blue-kyber · 32 minutes ago
I think I have an idea of how to keep going on my wip. But it's going to be tropey. Very tropey.
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liwos-rabithole · 54 minutes ago
New trope:
there was only one horse
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stinastar · 56 minutes ago
Prompts & Tropes, Oh my!
Goob Squad Tropes & Things
Prompt List: Fluff, Kiss Scenarios, Angst, Soulmate AUs, Pet Names
Fictional Kiss Prompts
fictional kiss things that end me
50 Types of Kisses - Writing Prompts
Protective/Loyal Dialogue Prompts
Febuwhump prompts
Existential Crisis Sentence Starters
Two-part Drabble Game
Witcher-specific Goob Squad Tropes & Things
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iwasgoingtohellanyways · an hour ago
Do you prefer male or female preds and if so what species are you most comfortable with?
so when i was first exposed to the vore community around 12 or so i saw a lot of very, very sexualized female preds and for a long time that put me off of them BUT i've come around they're very rad
as long as no one is being sexualized i don't have a preference between male or female (or non-binary!) preds, but since most of my ocs are dudes i usually end up with guy preds
when it comes to species i prefer humans (or at the least humanoids similar to my oc argus), but i've seen some cool anthro/less human stuff during my time in the community! as long as all parties have at least human level intelligence we're pretty much good to go lol
(you didn't ask this but i figured it was worth mentioning)
i also only do g/t vore stuff/content (with minigiants being on thin ice [that being said love minigiants in pretty much every other context])
ty for sending in an ask !!
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stinastar · an hour ago
Witcher-specific Goob Squad Tropes & Things
Geralt being “the soft hoe” in a relationship
Geralt being in his first relationship 
Virgin Jaskier
Jaskier singing a love song at Geralt/writing a love song about Geralt
Oops, Jaskier fuck another witcher at a ball, and is now at Kaer Morhen with Geralt...
Made with @thecomfortofoldstorries@jaskierswolf @geraltrogerericduhautebellegarde @hailhailsatan@elliestormfound @fontegagrilledcheese @bounce-a-coin-off-your-witcher @veritasrose probably, I don’t remember who all was present at the time...
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stinastar · an hour ago
Goob Squad Tropes and Things
Fake dating
One doesn’t realize they’re dating
Kiss to hide from someone
And they were roommates!
Mutual pining
There was only one bed
There were two beds :(
Feral person A only calms down for person B
Calm person B only goes feral for person A
Only soft for you
No-one touch me except you
Yelling first kiss/love confession
Hanahaki disease 
Trapped in an elevator
Cuddling for warmth
Truth potion
Accidental love confession
Drunk confession
Bad flirting/clumsy in front of crush
Sick fic
Can’t think, you’re too hot
Didn’t know I liked you until I got jealous
Don’t notice other likes them until 3rd person points it out
Saw you be soft with a baby or animal and now “Oh, no”
Fall in love because they’re good with your kid(s)
Shared enemy
Enemies to lovers
We used to date but broke up, I realized it was a mistake to let you go
Loved you when we were young but said nothing because I thought you couldn’t love me back
Childhood sweetheart/crushes
Childhood best friends - when did they get hot?
Person A translates person B’s emotional constipation
Domestic bliss - doing different things but sharing space
Someone looks after the one that looks hard
Secretly soft & needing cuddles
We kissed while drunk but I but don’t know if you remember
“Oops, I’m sorry… but maybe…?”
“Tripped” and fell in your life
Meant to kiss you on the cheek, but you moved and we kissed
Coffee shop AU
Bartender AU
Everyone thinks we’re dating, but…
Kiss me for inspiration/this video/a play/to make someone jealous
Time travel
Alternate dimension
True love’s kiss to break the curse
Made with @thecomfortofoldstorries @jaskierswolf @geraltrogerericduhautebellegarde @hailhailsatan @elliestormfound @fontegagrilledcheese @bounce-a-coin-off-your-witcher @veritasrose probably, I don’t remember who all was present at the time...
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leighlew3 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
This. This this this. 
I desperately want to speak more on this but — not yet. In due time. Will circle back (within a couple years, hopefully). 
But, YES. Nailed it.
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skaterdenki · 2 hours ago
The childhood friends reuniting and falling for each other is my favorite trope- like it gets me every time 😩
UGH YES STOP THATS SO GOOD 😭 i need to read some denki ship childhood friends aus 😩 my personal favs are fake dating and didn't know they were dating like i just ~eat that up~
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prokopetz · 2 hours ago
Them: You’ve gotta check out this new indie RPG. It has amazing writing and a cool hand-drawn art style. Fair warning, the plot takes a really dark twist, so–
Me: Does the twist involve a knife-wielding preteen who turns out to be secretly suicidal?
Them: … not necessarily.
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argonphoenix · 2 hours ago
sure am glad i learned not to look up the soothing hub world music in video game soundtracks before actually finishing the game
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chelione · 2 hours ago
Ok, so last night I just had this super random idea.
So, there's a this extremely prestigious school which only the best of best (and the richest) go to, and the top class consists of only ten people, each person seems like a blatant literature stereotype (at first).
For example, the main girl looks like she is just there to be a love interest to Boring White Guy #1. However, it is revealed that she is a closeted raging lesbian who hides and takes care of homeless orphans in her basement (she uses a secret section of it).
This sounds so crazy lmao
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stillmumu · 3 hours ago
I wish you would write a fic where A’whora gets jealous over Tayce because I’ve seen a few fics the other way round but I think that would be fun.
oooh ty for this nony !! excited to play around w it💖💖
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magnificentcookie · 3 hours ago
You know what else I like in BuckySarah? They're both middle-age. They could probably make an old married couple kind of relationship but flirting? Asking the other out? They haven't done that in ages!
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monthgirl · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I not really a fan of shipping in general tho but god do i hate this trope, 
thou, it can work sometimes like Princess bubblegum and marceline or batman and catwoman, but the writing has to good and the characters can’t done something really toxic stuff to eachother.
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wonderfulwonderland · 4 hours ago
Magical Otoge Iris review
Tumblr media
I'll be upfront and say that on an emotional level, I'd give this game a 9/10. But honestly, it's probably an 8/10. I'll detail why, and also give some tips about how I think you should play this game.
MOI is about Iris, who grew up as an orphan and was adopted by Val, a Magician's familiar. Magicians are guardians of the worlds, and Iris inherited a part of a Magician's power. Growing up she was pretty lonely, except for her childhood friend Rieffe. However, he disappears during their childhood. When Iris grows up, she becomes a Purifier, purifying corrupted spirits so they can pass onto the afterlife. She has a teacher named Reqieu (it's canon that nobody knows how to spell or say his name) who she is close with. The Magician Wynrou gives her a super special lance that is so special it is a spirit, a glasses-wearing grumpy guy named Lanneis. As Iris gets more involved with the Magicians, she meets one of the Magicians, Septem, who records people's lives before they pass onto the afterlife. The LI's sprites are below: top left is Rieffe, top right is Reqieu, bottom left is Lanneis, bottom right is Septem. Sprites and the art below are from here:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The story has a ton of characters, all of whom I love. They are all lovely and funny and distinct. Batensan's humor is very meta and there's lots of cute and funny scenes. However, they're also super good at angst and making me sad :''(. The combination of visuals, text, and music are so well done here, and I can truly feel the emotions of the scene. They've managed to make the text shake and bounce which really adds to the intensity of a scene, and there's some fantastic scenes where I was holding my breath. Their art has also continued to get better and better and I love so many of the CGs in this game. I put an example below of Batensan's art, it's not a CG from the game but captures their style. I loved learning more about the fantasy setting of the Magical Otoge worlds, learning about the Magicians, and getting little glimpses of future and previous stories! If you've played the other games in the Magical Otoge series (which you definitely should) you'll love learning more about everything! It's cool how well thought out the setting is, and I was impressed by the volume of characters and stories within this game. There are little side episodes with certain characters that do a great job of building friendships or telling short, heartwarming stories. Batensan is really good at creating wonderful characters, beautiful stories, and making you ~feel~ things. They're also not afraid of exploring the darker side of characters; not all of these characters are saints by any stretch of the imagination. It's definitely not as fluffy and pure as their previous games.
Tumblr media
My main criticism of the game is that the first playthrough felt pretty long and not in a fun way. I was interested in how the main plot was going to resolve, but after the route selection there's some meandering about and short episodes with side stories for different characters. It interrupts the momentum of the story, and I felt kind of adrift and unsure when or whether we'd get back to the main plot. It felt that way for the LI's story as well. I loved the shenanigans and characters and so on, but from a story perspective it felt somewhat fragmented. I started to love this game once I replayed the next routes, as I got to skip through a lot of the filler and just see the route-specific content. It felt a lot more streamlined and cohesive.
A few tips: (1) Pace yourself for your first playthrough. The game is somewhat episodic in nature, so play it for a while, and then feel free to leave it for a bit and pick it up again later. Trying to binge-play it is kind of tiring since it's hard to tell how far along you are in the story.
(2) I'd suggest playing the routes in the order they're listed. I think Rieffe's route ties in really well with the overarching story about the Magicians and so on, and gets you more invested in the setting. I played Lanneis's route first, which I think was a mistake, as it's more fluffy and Lanneis-specific rather than tied to the bigger picture. So do Lanneis second, then Reqieu 3rd. Reqieu's is more angsty than Lanneis, so you get Rieffe (angst) - Lanneis (less angst) - Reqieu (angst). An angst sandwich! Septem's is locked for last, and Reqieu's route also leads well into his.
(3) Play all the endings! Yes, even the bad ones. I think they're all really well done. At the very least, do Reqieu's and Septem's.
I really enjoyed this game (especially during my subsequent playthroughs), and I find the story and setting unique and intriguing. Despite this author's reputation for humor (Magical Otoge Ciel), they're also excellent at angst and feels. This was a magical story full of friendship and love (with a dash of sadness and despair), and I'm looking forward to whatever the creator makes next!
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