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prokopetz · 15 hours ago
“Why are all the guys in this DILFs” they say, and then you look it up and it’s the usual lot of fresh-faced twentysomethings, but, like, one of them has a moustache.
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Nothing sexier then a fictional man suddenly noticing an injury on their love interest and going unnaturally still, their eyes darkening, their voice hardening with deathly quiet as they say "who did this to you?"
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bisexywitch13 · a day ago
I think the reason why dynamics such as Ruby x Otis and Adam x Eric work - or worked, rather - so well is because of the very underrated trope of “I hate everyone but them” and “Everyone hates them and at a time I did too, but I got to see something I didn’t know was there when they tried to be better” and I think that’s beautiful
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blueliliesblueroses · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
See also:
- it’s winter and it’s Not Supposed to Be
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howdydowdy · a day ago
Accidental Baby Aquisition?
you know when people say stuff like, "fiction is a safe place to explore fucked-up shit"? this is where my mind goes. i know it's not what they mean, but it's what i'm thinking about. can you imagine? getting ding-dong-ditched with an actual human baby on your doorstep? one of my worst nightmares. i cannot be responsible for a surprise child. that poor child! that poor me!!
but do i like watching it be some made-up person's problem? oh yeah. here's a fucking baby, dude. i hope your total lack of logistical and emotional preparation for this situation combined with intense sleep deprivation lowers your inhibitions enough to drive you right into the waiting arms of your beloved!
ways to take it to the next level:
age the baby up to toddler or preschool/kindergarten age. now the narrative must grapple with the kid as a character in their own right. when done well, this makes for a more satisfying story for me than infant acquisition, but it can be hard to do it well. it does require a lot more thoughtfulness about the child and the emotional effects that this is having on them, the relationship that the child is forging with their parental figure(s), the chance of the child being taken back by their bio parents or taken away by the state, etc. if you want to have just a fun silly comedy of errors then stick with an infant. but my favorite iteration of this trope is when it's just as much about the kid as it is about the new parent, and i'm only going to like that if it takes the kid's trauma seriously.
combine with marriage of convenience. "we have to get married because we have a baby together now" is an evergreen premise because it's so stupid - you literally don't have a baby together, you idiots. just admit you want to kiss and the baby is a means to an end, and also maybe that seeing each other taking care of a baby is awakening some primal instincts. admit that too! cowards.
combine with fake dating. i like "someone saw us together with this baby and assumed we're a family and for convoluted reasons we are now forced to run with it" because again, no you're not. no one's forcing you. you want to be a family and this gives you an excuse. so transparent!
last but obviously the best of all would be a three men and a baby au. what's better than a single character (and perhaps that character's love interest) experiencing the transformation of precarious, unexpected parenthood? three platonic bros experiencing that transformation...together. a universe of possibilities unfolds before us.
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sentinelpri · 2 days ago
TFA Characters As Fanfiction Tropes/AUs
Optimus Prime: College AU
Prowl: Coffee/teashop AU
Bumblebee: Best friends to lovers
Ratchet: Comfort 
Bulkhead: Mutual pining
Sentinel Prime: Enemies to lovers
Jazz: Oh no, there’s only one bed!
Ultra Magnus: Arranged marriage 
Blurr: FWB to lovers
Arcee: Fantasy/magic AU
Wreckgar: Body swap
Megatron: Lovers to enemies to amicable divorcees/exes to lovers again
Starscream: Soulmate AU
Blitzwing: Love triangle 
Lugnut: One-sided affection angst
Blackarachnia: High School AU
Shockwave: Historical 
Soundwave: Band AU
Swindle: Partners in crime 
Lockdown: Rivalry/pretend to hate each other but are actually in love
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phoenixyfriend · 2 days ago
Fic title: I know you loved me but were both gay now, are you still mad?
send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it
I want this to be a very stupid AU where nobody's attraction changed but both parties realized they were trans and the actual conversation of the fic is "hey remember when we broke up because I realized I was a trans dude and you didn't want to date a guy, and then like two years later you came out as a trans lesbian? Wild."
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tanoraqui · 2 days ago
fic trope: identity porn or when character x is secretly character y from another fandom 👀
[ask meme]
The latter...D, Not My Favorite. Honestly I don't think I've heard of that before? But as a rule, I don't usually go for crossovers where both universes of origin exist, save in short, somewhat cracky things - and this doesn't sound like it'd be best done short and cracky.
For general identity porn, A, Love It. To be fair I don't think I've ever sought it out under that tag, but if it's presented to me, I snap to it. I love the dramatic irony of characters interacting with someone they don't know they know, and the stress on the character who DOES know but can't say it...I love the exploration of a character by having them split their own characteristics between multiple personas, growing ever more unsure which is the "real" self, often with the ultimate answer that it's a combination of them all...may I introduce you to the Vorkosigan Saga, specifically the Brothers in Arms/Mirror Dance/Memory trifecta at the heart of it...
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heretherebedork · a day ago
I saw a lot of people accusing DSN copying FighterTutor's necklace kiss. Your thoughts?
It is not a unique idea.
It was bound to happen again.
I enjoyed both versions.
And I think more shows should experiment with kissing.
... Like, seriously, none of this is one a kind. Are we also going to complain about shows copying Love Sick and their towel bathing?
No, because it's become a trope.
Are people complaining about the cacti that have spread through the shows?
No, because it's becoming a trope/inside joke.
So why are we deciding this has to be copying and not the start of another trope? Or another new dimension?
People have gifted jewelry from the beginning of time.
I love both shows and both kisses and both versions and I'd love for this to become a trope.
So let's just enjoy things, okay?
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eirenical · a day ago
'omg they were roommates!' and 'friends with benefits to lovers' :33
'omg they were roommates!'
B: Like it. Not one of my bigger cravings, but it can scratch a certain itch if I’m in the right mood.
This is very polarizing for me honestly. On the one hand, I love a good friends-to-lovers, which is... essentially what this is? But with all the added intimacies you pick up by living with someone. And I do really enjoy that kind of a story! But more and more lately, the part of me that's aro/ace... let's just say that it doesn't always sit right. That of COURSE the friend or the roommate or whoever is going to become a lover in the end, because that's the only valid and acceptable happy ending a lot of media accepts. That being friends isn't ENOUGH. Of course, they have to be lovers. So, yeah. I'll give it a 'B' because historically I've liked the trope and still kind of do... but more and more lately it sits like a lead weight in my stomach, so I'm not sure what to do about that. :P
(I know you're not into Dao Mu Bi Ji, @besanii, but for those of my followers who are, this is a LARGE part of the reason why I'm never really comfortable interpreting Pangzi and Wu Xie as lovers. Like... they are SUCH GOOD FRIENDS. They are LITERALLY EVERYTHING TO EACH OTHER... except lovers. But somehow that's not enough? And it kicks me in my soft, vulnerable places in ways I can't protect against to think that being a friend will never ever ever be enough and that relationship will never be valid unless they're also romantically and sexually involved.)
friends with benefits to lovers
B: Like it. Not one of my bigger cravings, but it can scratch a certain itch if I’m in the right mood.
A little happier with this one, because it's kind of the opposite? It's "I thought we were just fucking, but OOPS, I CAUGHT FEELS, WHAT DOOOOOO???" But it's kind of treading all over the same line, just in a differnet way, so it gets the same rating. I also just mostly find this one harder to connect to? Like... I would never look at a friend or anyone, for that matter, and think "Hot Damn, being friend is Not Enough, we should fuck." Like... I'm mostly sitting here confused thinking "why are you wasting your time fucking when you could be doing literally anything else with your friend that is not that?" So while I enjoy it as a thought exercise, I never quite get into it. O_o;;;
If anyone else would like to send me tropes, feel free! ^_^
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laufire · 2 days ago
top 5 most hated tropes
-Relentless Pursuer Gets Rewarded. I just got into this a little lol, but really, there are few things I hate more than the Donna Paulsens and Fitz Grants in fictional land xD
-Unplanned regnancy storylines that never even raise the possibility of abortion. Desperate Housewives is veeeeery frustrating with this lol.
-Immortal character (that I love) turned human. Especially if it's for a significant other. Oh my god, do I loathe this one, for so, so many reasons. I hear chants of "betrayal!!!" in my head when I see it happening/see it theorized about.
-Soulmates written as aspirational. Soulmates is a supremely fucked up concept, js. I can only forgive veering into this transgression to Xena lol (and they did it differently, by having it being, imo, more about how Gabrielle and Xena created a bond that surpassed time and space, and not about them being "predestined" to be so).
-Penetration presented as the be-all and end-all of sex. With all the sexist and homophobic bullshit that comes with it.
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smokeywhalee · a day ago
BOCW fanfic tropes in a nutshell
[DISCLAIMER: This post isn't mean to slander any fanfic writers out there since you guys are so talented, but I'm simply going to point out the tropes I tend to notice in fics. If I was inaccurate on the points, please let me know!]
Bell is either a reader or an OC
Adler is either on his way on a complex redemption arc like Zuko or is still the asshole he is, but somehow Perseus is always the charismatic baddie we all love with a redemption arc solely based on him reuniting with Bell and nothing else
It's almost always Park who's saved and is a major character, but if Lazar's alive, he's just a side character who's sidelined
Sims either barely appearing or just being a chill jokey side character
Hudson being the cold asshole he is, but it's sometimes unclear if he has a good heart inside or if the author makes him an asshole
Park did play a HUGE part in the brainwashing, but it's always her who's redeemed while Adler's a 50/50 chance
Mason and Woods being lovable bros
Bell's brainwashing always referenced in BOCW fics while smh Mason's past brainwashing (esp the Reznov hallucinations, which makes him a great candidate to be a mentor) is barely mentioned and referenced
Bell either slowly falling in love with Adler when their brainwashing is being healed or killing him out of vengeance if it's a Perseus/Stitch fic
Naga being a lovable yet annoying angry asshole who swears 24/7
The mannequin incident with Woods being referenced 👀
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weaver-z · a month ago
The best trait you can give a tall and imposing character is "easily flustered." I don't care how many people they've bested in combat, someone cute flirting with them should be enough to make them go
Tumblr media
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bookshelfpassageway · 6 months ago
Darkness as a corrupting horror: oh cool
Blinding light as a corrupting horror: OOOOOOGGGGGHOODSHITOOHOOHOOHOOHEHEHE
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pink-ash-of-biscuit-fire · 5 months ago
tropes that should continue:
-butler being a bad ass motherfucker
-someone with a dark past is now a doting husband and father
-the clumsy fool being unkillable/immortal seemingly through luck
-a literal god, just being a dude 
-the evil guy, is evil, but still has morals
-old witch lady
-vague gremlin is the best person of the bunch
-even satan loves his kids 
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itsjuliak5 · 8 months ago
Someone on TikTok said that bitches with anxiety love the enemies to lovers trope because the idea of having someone see all of our negative traits first and then still fall in love with us is really comforting since we worry that if someone sees our negative traits after they fall in love, they’ll leave us.
It’s me, I’m bitches.
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prokopetz · a month ago
Retrofuturist media based on what folks in the 1930s or the 1950s thought the year 2000 would look like is fun, but you know what I’d like to see a major media franchise take a shot at? Retrofuturism based on what people in the 1890s thought the year 2000 would look like.
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