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Apparently one of the MOST embarassing epic failures I’ve ever done. 😂😂😂

(This is to note, that I am a full-blooded Filipina that’s just been studying the Korean Language as a hobby. This conversation happened without me giving my full attention to what I’ve been sending as I was in a 3-hour long LIVE online korean class. I’ve only been chatting with this korean person close to a month now. We are just friends and are chatting for language exchange.)


나: Are you in hwajangshil right now?

가: LOL. Why hwajangshil!!! I am not!!!

/This is the time I re-read what I’ve written and bursted into laughter/


(With the korean character laughing face emoji)

PS. For those who didn’t get it:

Hwajangshil = Restroom/Toilet

Samushil = Office

(I wrote hwajangshil instead of samushil on the first line) 🤣

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