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#true beauty

guys i just finished writing the last part of humph and i’m gonna cry i want a story like y/n that bitch is so lucky 

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“I love being your friend as much as I love your smile, a lover couldn’t be as close as you and I.. and in a way we are lovers, a special breed. We share hearts and smiles, thoughts through the miles between us.. but one thing that I do know is that I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. Beautifully, the way a soulmate would.. you are my match, even if just for the day. But tomorrow comes and you still remain, every single day to love me on every page.. you are darling, amazing, kind, beautiful, lovely, fun, and you make me smile when I feel like all is lost. To me that makes you the pinnacle of my life day after day from the time I sleep until night when you lay on your side next to me listening to me breath and each and every gentle heartbeat.. you touch me in waves of passion everlasting in ways no mortal hands could touch me. You are in my heart, on my mind, and to say that I love you is an understatement.. you mean the world to me every day and I am thankful for you by the minute, hour, day, week, month, year.. and I want to make this very clear. You are my best friend dear.. I love you and I always will. You make the sunshine on cold mornings and warm my heart like no other could.. you are so good to me. Friends forever, lovers whatever.. call it what you will but that’s how I feel.”

That’s just how I feel, you know?? - eUë

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drop that key

like a hot note

down flat

under the mat

never go back

to a better worse

than a heart attack

out of self-respect

don’t cash that check

fuck that forever

& always crap

fade to black

never turn back

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Goodnight to team suho believers, the rest of you can perish

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“Be with someone who will take care of you. Not materialistically, but takes care of your soul, your well being, your heart and everything that’s you.”

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Seojun is so kind, caring, protective and supportive. He didn’t deserve to keep getting hurt. He deserved to find happiness after all the pain he went through. He deserved the world. It makes me mad and sad he didn’t get the ending he deserved. The second male lead syndrome is real. No other k drama broke my heart like this show has.

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I started shipping Jugyeong and Seojun in the show more because of Inyeop and Gayoung’s chemistry. I blame them for making me fall in love with their ship. Their chemistry was everything. The way you could feel their chemistry whenever their characters had scenes together. Their cute playful, teasing dynamic they would have served as enemies to bestfriends to lovers. Thats why i was rooting for their characters to end up together. I can’t move on from them.

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I think true beauty was good but there were things that could have been done better. What was the point of doing a 2 year time jump if the plot was gonna stay the same? I feel like the ending was kind of rushed. I think Jugyeong, Seojun and Suho all deserved to be happy but especially Seojun. He’s been through so much pain. The writers really liked to keep hurting him. I’m disappointed with his ending. Him debuting is not a happy ending he was clearly still not over Jugyeong. I wish we got to see him moving on during the time jump. He deserved to be happy too. 😭

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Finally got these!

I loved the drama a lot even though it was kinda cliché, so I decided to buy the 만화 to practice my Korean reading ~~


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god bless u @sweetestlamb for giving us jugyeong x sooah x soojin friendship we all deserved it’s so wholesome 🥺🥺💕

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