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#true story
magicmushroomsoup · 16 minutes ago
that sugarcrash guy was wrong. everything i do is wrong, even when i hit the bong. especially when i hit the bong. when i hit it and cough so hard i almost throw up from the lack of oxygen.
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bluudstainbarbie · 29 minutes ago
This is an article about a young collage student named Jason Moss. Moss was well known to have contact with several serial killers, he pretended to support their actions to get their trust.
The article continues about his unbelievable experience with John Wayne Gacy.
Moss developed friendships with several serial killers such as Dahmer and Ramirez but developed a closer relationship with John Wayne Gacy, also known as “The Killer Clown”. Jason received up to 100 letters from Gacy, some included his drawings. Moss’s letters from Gacy usually consisted of explicit sexual context and instructions for Jason to preform to pleasure him. Eventually, the letters turned into a routined Sunday morning phone call from the killer and he would continue talking about his sexual fantasies with Moss.
Eventually, John Wayne Gacy asked Jason Moss to visit him. Moss soon enough left for Illinois to meet the killer clown and when he had arrived to the prison, the prison guards led to a room where Gacy was at. Moss was surprised to find that his visit wasn’t supervised by the guards but rather, a  surveillance camera instead.
the door to the room was locked, and the security camera was turned to face the wall.
“Alone in that room, Gacy began to psychologically torture and belittle Moss. During the course of the two day visit, Gacy made it very clear to Moss that he was in his power and that he had the power to kill him at any moment. Later, Moss recounted that it was obvious Gacy wanted to have sex with him during that visit. Lucky for Moss, just as Gacy was becoming even more unstable, a guard knocked at the door and Moss got out of there.”
Tumblr media
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realtalk207 · 32 minutes ago
My reasons:
#1.) The chance of finding historical artifacts or evidence resulting in a criminal conviction and justice for the victims.
#2.) Everyone can participate, no matter the age or the disability. Where there is a will there is a way. As a result you meet a lot of neat people.
#3.) It's an affordable hobby. Amazon is selling kits $30 dollars and up. Plus most of this stuff you can get at your local hardware store.
#4.) It's therapeutic in so many ways. For example you definitely get your exercise from walking and carrying your gear place-to-place. The excitement of being in a new place and the possibilities of what you can find are a pretty good distractions from life's problems.
#5.) As of writing this excluding the removal of historical artifacts and private property, there are no laws in the USA preventing you from magnet fishing wherever there is a body of water.
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jueramaia · 50 minutes ago
in middle of the jungle of north dakota there is a room there. no one knows why it is there, no one know how got there?!? some say if go in room you get scared because it scary, 😱one time i walk into the room i say "hello" one say thing!!! i say "omg my god" and ran away so i wrote this story.....are u guys scared im scared im thinking about that room and how no one was in it, and it was in north dakota omg i have chills
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vibratingwords-photos · an hour ago
I'm going to reveal a little history about myself. As a child growing up throughout school, every year we had to line up and take a TB test. We waited 3 days, lined up to show our forearms to the nurse where the test was performed. Every year I tested positive. Every year I had to get chest x-rays and those were always negative. But they never threw me into quarantine during the time between being positive and the x-rays to clear me.
My point is the test was faulty with me and many others, not majority by any means, but still there was quite a few. So the point is; this experience has taught me to question everything in the medical field.
I started antidepressants before going through my Dark Knight of the Soul and when my life was crumbling. They call this a midlife crisis. Those antidepressants gave me more brain fog, they changed the medicine multiple times and when they did that, my thoughts were deteriorating more and even turned suicidal.
Again I found myself caught up in the medical garbage again. Then suddenly something snapped in me, I quit big pharma's drug push and I was able to think, my mind cleared up and I could see what was happening.
Test were faulty then, test are faulty now. The drugs they push are not doing what they say they do. It's an illusion, a brainwashing scheme to make everyone think they care. They don't!
I do a lot of research yes, but a lot of what I can also offer is from my experience. The problem is nobody wants to learn from others experiences, their strengths and hopes. To me it's easier to learn the truths from others rather than to ignore their wisdom and go through the same thing they did expecting a different result...
That's just insanity🤔
What is the actual definition of insanity?
Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.
The definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." These words are credited to the acclaimed genius Albert Einstein.
Also used in many 12 step recovery programs.
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poetry-byyourstruly · an hour ago
Life isn’t about finding the
person of your dreams.
If you keep searching for a dream,
you’ll sleep away everything that stands
right in front of your eyes.
Find the person who makes life
worth living,
who you can talk to for hours
and still enjoy a comfortable silence.
The person you can play video games with
and have a serious talk an hour later.
Find the person you
want to go through life beside.
Find them, and don’t let them go.
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084392 · an hour ago
adding to my last post. explorers partner is actually really good with scary stories and shit too bc of this lmao...that night that the guild apprentices were telling scary stories? partner told the scariest one and were also the only apprentice that got a good nights sleep that night....including hero lmao.
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sugacookies · 2 hours ago
Oikawa at 8 pm: okay so today i'm gonna start my homework and go to sleep early
Iwaizumi, walking in three hours later: what are you doing?
Oikawa: *downloading pics of bi-pride frogs for his desktop background*
Oikawa: homework
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How do you know medical school is taking over your life?
Probably when you’re at your sister’s bridal shower, writing down all her gifts and who they were from, and instead of writing “bowls” you write “bowels”.
Tumblr media
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ford-ye-fiji · 3 hours ago
My sister, a sweet summer child, excited about her birthday today, on April 20th: guess what day it is today?
Her friends: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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solemneris · 3 hours ago
Child, staring off into the distance: ...
Me: let me know if there is anything you need.
child: ... a knife?
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scientia-rex · 4 hours ago
I was taking the American Board of Family Physicians certifying exam
to become a board-certified family physician (once I complete my residency in two months). I plowed through the questions like a freight train--I've always been an absolute beast when it comes to multiple-choice tests--and the overall progress counter slowly ticked through each of the four 60-question, 95-minutes-allowed blocks.
At one point I glanced up to check on the progress bar. It was at 69%. I nodded, thought to myself, nice, and went back to work.
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icebizzle · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is why the doodlepage went up a third time, lol
i swear, i promise, he doesn’t get Icy-big. he stays “compact” most of the time, anyway
i promise, lol
...he’s a good boye, i swear, guys
he picks flowers and goes fishing, yanno? he doesn’t always make people explode in a rain of hellfire, or eat them, like.
it’s fine!! :’)
#kimmy plays ff14#aymeric is gonna FREAK OUT#this is what happens when you hit on a freaky monster guy ok bud. you invite him over for dinner and to stay over#.....listen guys if i'm gonna have a scuffed babs/icy knockoff i'm going FULL HOG on it ok#and he STILL doesn't get icy big. icy big is eating galaxies or whatever. don't worry about it. it's fine. IT'S FINE#so in the story at one point aymeric comes back and is fucking hanging out with the player character and i just fucking DIED#confirmed elf boyfriends now. this goofy npc has worked his ass off within the game's boundaries. i concede. i will ship for once in my life#and kimmy don't ship. kimmy has an ace bus of stupid memes not a god damn SHIP. i don't ever ship. i barely ship my own ocs#there's a select few ocs i ship. like two of the monster office monsters who are a confirmed couple. i ship that. that's good. but like#established media? h e l l no. and yet here we are. with little mister aymeric begging. pleading. 'please let's have dinner. let's hang out'#it makes me angry. but also laff. and it's cute. but i don't think he realizes what he was hitting on lmao#and zair is still ace despite everything. because of course he is : )#i guess he's just homoromantic ace? or. hm. i dunno. he doesn't really GO LOOKING for anyone. aymeric just kind of pushed hard#this is a lot of tags. i've got one more thing though#this is probably zair's true size. him staying compact all the time makes him tired#like if you clenched your hand into a fist as hard as you could. it gets tiring after a while.#he doesn't 'relax' in populated areas usually. or will try to find a secluded area or some place where he can at least lie down during#despite him like. being a monster that eats people and/or blows them up he'd rather not cause a ruckus all the time#explody time is ruckus time. any other time is not ruckus time. vampire-like people-murder is like a stealthy thing usually#not that it needs to be but he prefers it that way. this might be where the high intelligence stat shows up too
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an1tx · 5 hours ago
appreciation post για την γαματη γιαγιά μ την Χρυσαυγή που σήμερα 21η απρ εχει γενεθλια και άργησα να καταλάβω γιατί δεν είναι συμπαθητική αυτή η μέρα
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orangechickenpillow · 6 hours ago
Literally the only thing I've seen people say when they are adament the 1969 version of True Grit is better is "John Wayne John Wayne John Wayne" which like,,, yeah we get it, John Wayne is awesome but have you considered the actual movie?
Like, the 2010 version is way more true to the book, which, while creative liberty is definitely okay, the book is the original, and therefore how the story is supposed to be.
In adition, I feel like some people don't realize how empowing the 2010 version is for girls. Like, 2010 Mattie Ross made 13 year old me feel like i could actually be a badass, because she was a badass. 1969 Mattie... not so much (no hate to the actress, i think its just because of the times)
You can love the 1969 version, and you can also dislike the 2010 version. But if you're going to say the 2010 version was an abomination, at least have more reasons than just "jOhN wAyNe"
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the13thbattalion · 6 hours ago
I pull up to the gas station. The base is thumping in my car. My window is rolled down. As I get closer, you realize it is not some punk rock or rap song.
It is, in fact, The Caverns of Isengard.
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