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We need an army of boys and people to just guess politicians’ account passwords and just fuck with them. Like, you don’t have to do anything bad you can just tweet “Fuck” and really fuck with them.

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“As Jews, we say “Never Again” and we don’t mean “Never Again just for the Jewish people because we are tired of being opressed” we mean “Never Again for anyone, because we recognize the signs of fascism and should all work to stop it at its source.” Fascism IS Fascism IS Fascism. And right now, America already has thousands of children in cages and is forcefully sterilizing hundreds, if not thousands of people. That IS genocide and Fascism. It is an apt comparison and Holocaust survivors have been speaking up about it since Donald Trump ran for president.”

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No matter who wins the US election, one ideology will be the ultimate winner: neoliberalism. This video describes the true nature of neoliberal ideology to show how both Biden and Trump, Democrats and Republicans are simply different political expressions of a dominant neoliberal ideology. This isn’t to say that both are exactly the same, nor is it an endorsement of not voting in the election, rather the purpose of this video is to clarify the exact nature of the ideology that we on the left must fight. Neoliberalism will continue to develop authoritarian tendencies no matter who wins and we need to understand this if we ever want to fight it.

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The most striking difference between Republikans and Democrats to me these days is this;

Both parties have shit candidates-

I dont trust Trump but I also didn’t trust Hillary.

I dont trust Biden either.

But the difference is- the democrats dont put their candidates on a throne build of can’t-do-anything-wrong.

All I hear Republikans scream is “Trump did nothing wrong, everyone who says things against him is a raging leftist, the president is the pinnacle of human life, oh please, mighty orange, I want your babies!”

And on the other hand you have Democrats, who say “Sure, we know Biden sniffs children, we know hes getting slow with age. Those are facts. We’ll make the best of it. We also know that our earlier presidents were no saints. Obama was kinda cool, but he did shitty stuff too.”

And I like to think that if stuff came up about a democratic president, their voters wouldn’t stick their heads up their own asses and sing the national anthem, they would go “Hey, what the flying fuck, this person needs to go!”

Now, please, explain to me- why are Trumpists so afraid of seeing their president in a critical light?

Even if those things like “paid a hooker to keep quiet” and pedophilia and “grab em by the pussy” weren’t in the picture, then he still would not be the reborn messiah, but only an old fart who thinks he knows it all.

I get that stupid, entitled bitches voted for the stupid, entitled bitch with a dick, but c'mon!

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i had my “holy shit i think i’m in love” moment today because i tagged her in a tiktok about ways to disrupt trump’s campaign and she immediatly started helping

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