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#trump 2020

Please watch this video. Stop attributing damage and chaos to protesters. In every video of someone vandalizing, you see a GROUP telling the ONE OR TWO VANDALS to stop harming people’s businesses. If you are spreading that the protesters are vandalizing and violent, you are WRONG. (My #’s are to show people who support the other side what’s going on.)

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the word “thug” has been an anti-black dogwhistle for decades and you guys know that. and the president knows that. that’s why he used it to describe a group largely made up of black people. everyone needs to stop pulling up their little google definitions of what “thug” means when you know there’s deeper connotations than that.

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everything is awful and my city is burning with the rage of oppression, but here is one bright spot.

i saw a pic of my cousin at a Trump 2020 event. i told him how sad it made me. he reached out for a conversation and after i said my piece he sent this message:


every now and then there are kind, rational people who will listen and take in new information and change their minds. not everyone can have these conversations and no one is required to. but sometimes the impossible can happen.

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Dear Sen. Enzi,

Thank you for your vote to investigate Hunter Biden… well, of course, not Hunter himself but an lobbying firm that worked with Burisma.  If we’re going to have any chance in November, we need to create an impression of malfeasance so great that voters will overlook what we’ve been doing the past few years. 

However, I have to say that I’m frustrated that you hadn’t done this sooner. I mean, it felt like we had the Benghazi “investigation” ploy running for years before that bitch won the Democrat nomination.  We have a lot of catching up to do to create an air of corruption as great as the one we’re dealing with in President Trump.

Thank you for your leadership on this “issue,” I hope we’re successful.

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