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#trump scandals
candicoated · 10 months ago
I hate it here. When we were protesting in June against police brutality and systematic racism we get teargassed for Trump's photoshoot, but his minions can go storm the US Capitol because they lost the election. Republicans don't ever use the 'We don't burn buildings' excuse again.
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keikaitheenbyguy · a year ago
Because I live with a bunch of racist cunts, I have seen the new Trump 2020 ad like 20× and it's killing me.
"Due to police defunding, there is no one here to take your call" okay, fine whatever. Zero fucks given.
"To report a rape, press one" nope. STOP RIGHT TF THERE BITCH.
As someone who was raped, and who reported it to the police only for them to do NOTHING about it, DO NOT. FUCKING. TRY TO SCARE PEOPLE INTO VOTING FOR YOU BY TELLING THEM THAT THEY'LL NOT BE ABLE TO REPORT A RAPE OTHERWISE.
The cops don't do shit about the rapes that they do get reports on. The cop I talked to about my rape, rolled his eyes at me mid discussion. HE. WAS. NEVER. GOING. TO. "investigate". IT.
So, no, Trump2020, I will not vote for you out of fear that there won't be someone there to take my call the next time I am raped. Nonononono. You CANNOT scare me into that because I know the truth, that even if there were 1,000,000 cops on duty the night I was raped, if I called them, the man who did it would still be free today. I would probably be in custody for *pull reason out of hat*, and we all know by now that cops routinely rape people in their custody.
So SHUT THE FUCK UP trying to make us think that you will protect us from rape when YOU (the whole stupid male-dominated government) ARE THE ONES RAPING US.
I rely on NO fucking authority to protect me. Guess what, Amazon and Wish sell cheap as fuck knives. If a man won't respect "no" then he'll learn to fucking respect my right to choose whether or not to gut him for putting his hands on me.
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reverseteehee · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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theotherjourney7 · a year ago
“Trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election.
Folks, I will say it again, this elections is not about Left versus Right, Democrat versus Republican.
It is about democracy versus fascism.”-Robert Reich
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robertreich · 11 months ago
Joe Biden’s Biggest Challenge
“Life is going to return to normal,” Joe Biden promised in a recent address to the nation. He was talking about life after Covid, but he might as well have been making a promise about life after Trump.
But a return to “normal” would be disastrous. We can’t give in to the allure of “normal” -- because normal is what got us here. Normal led to Trump. 
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the last four years have been traumatic for the nation. After Trump’s abuses of power, human rights violations, blatant racism, and maliciously incompetent response to the pandemic, people are understandably exhaling a sigh of relief. 
But we can’t return to “normal” because “normal” was four decades of stagnant wages and widening inequality when almost all economic gains went to the top. 
The Republican Party’s core response has been stoking division and hate while suppressing the votes of communities of color. And the Democratic Party abandoned the working class. 
Another reason we can’t go back to normal is that “normal” led to our staggering Covid death toll and devastating economic fallout that have most brutally harmed lower-income Americans, especially communities of color. 
That’s because normal in this case has been decades of systemic racism as well as shredded safety nets for everyone in need, the most expensive but least adequate healthcare system in the modern world, and a growing climate catastrophe that’s steadily undermining public health.
Unless these trends change, the pandemic and economic crisis America is experiencing will be nothing compared to what’s to come. And after Biden, we could have Trumps as far as the eye can see. 
The only way to avoid this is to fundamentally change course. It’s a mistake to see this task as placating the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Fighting these systemic problems is not a matter of ideology. It’s a matter of morality and common sense. 
If we don’t address them now, they will be even more destructive in the years to come.
In other words -- back-to-normal complacency would be deadly. Joe Biden’s great challenge is to restore America to sanity after four years of Trumpian chaos while at the same time offering bold solutions to the crises of our time.
Our task must be to ensure he finds the energy and political will to do so.
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red-lipstick-bisexual · 10 months ago
Fellow America Children, I present to you my life advice, because Jesus Fucking Christ
1. Fuck white supermacy.
2. Fuck Trump.
3. Fuck the police.
4. Fuck all people who support either ones.
5. Fuck your motherfucking guns.
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thefoolswords · 10 months ago
Call them terrorists.
Call them terrorists.
Call them terrorists.
Call them terrorists.
Thats what they fucking are
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luckystarchild · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Like, I'm really fucking glad they banned him, but it feels largely performative at this point... much like the Republicans denouncing Trump or resigning from his cabinet now that there's no longer any risk for them in doing so. 🙃
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Tumblr media
This tweet by Trump was in 2012, the same year Donald Trump PAID NO (ZERO) (🅾️) federal income taxes, a fact he bragged about in 2016, saying paying no taxes makes him smart.
And now he has Covid and we just forgot about his taxes I guess. 🤷‍♀️
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wemustdumptrump · a year ago
Someone was asking me that, if Biden is elected, will I begin to allow Trump supporters back into my life? The answer is easy. The answer is absolutely not. Old friends who became and have remained Trump supporters have shown me who they are and I want none of that in my life. There is no room in my world for people who delight in the misery of others. They may have been brainwashed by Fox News but that wouldn’t have been possible if they had been decent human beings to begin with. I don’t want harm to come to them. I want them to live happy, fulfilling lives. I just don’t want them living their lives anywhere the fuck near me.
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erene-e · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know I usually stick to memes and jokes...but what the fuck? This is fucking ridiculous. They called themselves "law and order" for so long I guess they thought they became the law. A fucking violent coup in my country, in my lifetime.
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