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💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

💌 Allah the Almighty loves those with good character,

Those believers who strive to maintain proper manners,

Who try their best to behave decently with others,

Striving to pass Allah’s tests with Sabr and Shukr.


Those blessed with fine conduct know when to be fair and kind,

So they’re not taken advantage of by the unkind.

Kindness doesn’t mean you give others gifts all the time,

But you treat them well, as you avoid gossip and lies.


If you have nothing nice to say, you remain quiet.

Good character inspires you to defend and protect,

Like a defender of the weak, bullied and oppressed.

With Akhlaaq, you’re not the type of friend who gets jealous.


Upon noticing someone’s flaws, you first check yourself,

Understand you’re not perfect, then advise them to help.

Your advice is one-on-one. You never mean to hurt.

Mistreating others only makes one’s self-hatred worse.


From good character is wanting others to succeed,

To thrive for Allah in both worlds, through faith and good deeds.

You enjoin right, forbid wrong, remind generously,

And welcome criticism to improve eagerly.


You dislike what Allah hates: Dhulm, rumors, backbiting,

Gossiping, kibr, laughing at others’ shortcomings,

Stealing, breaking promises without valid reasons,

Suspicion, and looking down on Allah’s creation.


From traits that Allah loves: Patience, courage for His sake,

Gentleness, gratitude, truth in what you do and say,

Mercy, not envying others for what Allah gave,

And knowledge that Allah is our Judge on Judgment Day.


📖 Abdullah Ibn Amr RadhiAllahu ‘anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: “Verily, among the best of you are those with the best character.”

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 3366

Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi

📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: “The best of you in Islam are those with the best character, if they have religious understanding.”

Source: Musnad Ahmed 9880

Grade: Sahih

📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: “Shall I not tell you what distinguishes the best of you from the worst of you? The best of you are those from whom goodness is expected and people are safe from their evil. The worst of you are those from whom goodness is not expected and people are not safe from their evil.”

Source: Sunan At-Tirmidhī 2263

Grade: Sahih 

📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: “The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe, and the believer is the one people trust with their lives and wealth.”

Source: Sunan Al-Nasā’ī 4995

Grade: Sahih

📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: “The most complete of the believers in faith are those with the most excellent character, and the best of you are the best in behavior to their women.”

Source: Sunan At-Tirmidhī 1162

Grade: Sahih

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Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.

-Proverbs 25:28

When you let your feelings control you—anger, impatience, lust, a negative attitude—your walls of defense are down. The enemy can come in and run your life. God has given us self-control.

Quit saying, “I can’t stop it. It’s too hard.” You have the ability, but self-control is like a muscle—if you never discipline yourself to walk away when you feel like taking the easy way out, then your self-control muscle is very weak. You have to start exercising it by saying no to your flesh. You have a destiny to fulfill. But as long as you are controlled by these ordinary impulses, God can’t release the amazing things He has in store for your future.

Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with how many years you’ve been in church or how long you’ve known the Lord. It has everything to do with what kind of fruit you are displaying. Are you ruling over your emotions?

Father, thank You that one of the fruit of the Spirit working in me is self-control. Thank You that I don’t have to be a slave to feelings that have tried to control me for years. I believe that as I say no to the flesh, I will reach my highest potential. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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The Purpose-Dying Church

One of the most influential pastors and churches in the western world, especially in America, is Rick Warren and Saddleback church. I am sure that most Americans are familiar with one or the other. One of the most popular Christians books in our time is “The Purpose-Drive Life” or “What On Earth Am I Here For?”, both written by Rick Warren. The pastor and the church have a ton of resources they offer to help other pastors, believers, and churches. Because of the immense popularity and resources I am sure that you have interacted with their materials or at least been shaped by them in some manner.

Before I write about how this model and philosophy is not Biblical and does not work I do want to make a few things clear. I am in no way saying that Rick Warren or anyone at Saddleback are not believers. I do commend their desire to reach the unchurched. I also admit that there are many things that have been spoken and done that are good and useful, things we can maybe learn from. I also want to be clear on what I mean by they “do not work”; as what I am talking about is Biblical faithfulness and fruitfulness, not worldly-external success or numbers.

To get straight to the point, the “purpose-driven church” does not work precisely because it is not Biblical. It is not good for churches, the believers, nor the ministry leaders and pastors. At best it can be summarized as “a microwaveable church growth movement”. The model and method is built with a primary focus on building a church that unbelievers (the unchurched) want to be a part of, so the focus is on a lot of “felt needs” of unbelievers. This leads to investing in buildings and programs. This also shapes the whole gathering service from when you first drive into a parking lot, to the experience from your car to the sanctuary, and even what happens inside the sanctuary during a church service. The worship songs and messages are built with the unbelievers in mind, that is in wanting to appeal to them.

Now are all those items bad? No, as I stated earlier there are some good and useful things we can learn from these items and wanting to make a more “hospitable” and “welcoming” environment for all people. But, this model is wrong and unbiblical. Through these models and methods we cannot build churches (reach more people), it is unhelpful for the members of those churches, and unhealthy for the leaders involved.

Firstly, building churches and reaching people. The purpose-driven model’s primary question is: “building a church that unbelievers want to be a part of”. That statement in and of itself is impossible and unbiblical. It is impossible, because we can never satisfy all the needs of every unbeliever that is so wired to be a consumer. We cannot make a product they want. It is also unbiblical, because the gospel itself is offensive to the natural man. Paul says, in 1 Cor. 1:18, “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing..” and in 2 Cor. 4:4 “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers..”. So, the work of ministry is a supernatural work. This is something that we cannot perform on our own. The goal of ministry is transformation, so this is something only God by His sovereign grace and His Spirit can do in the lives of people as they hear the truth of the word (John 6:44; 2 Cor. 4:5-6). So, to reach people with the truth of the Gospel we need to seek to do it as God has designed it to be—by praying to Him, faithfully sharing the Gospel, teaching God’s word, and living our lives doing the good works God has called us to do.

Secondly, this model also does not work for the members of those churches, the sheep, the congregants. This model does not in-and-of itself build disciples. That is not the goal or focus of this method. Of course they say they are about making disciples, but the goal is to get people in the church. The focus is reaching the unchurched. Once you’re in, then now you must be involved in that mission. You must find your place to serve and use your gifts. Is that a bad thing? Again, no. The Bible says that every member is given a spiritual gift (1 Cor. 12; Rom. 12) and that every member is a minister (Eph. 4:12). However, the focus is not training and helping people grow in their faith (Phil. 1:25; Col. 1:28-29) or even to help people learn how to grow and use their gifts, the focus is the service and the programs to reach the unchurched. If you’re a member then you must come to church, invite others, and serve somewhere to meet that goal. Why is that a bad thing? People are not being discipled, the very thing that Jesus commanded His church to do before He ascended back to heaven (Matt. 28:18-20). This leads to people who are actually serving and leading to getting burned out. This leads to a wide-spread immaturity of believers in the church, even with those who are leaders. Also, for majority of the church members there is no ownership. You play your little part in giving or serving, but there is no motivation to really step forward and take ownership of the church and your role as a member. Sadly, we also miss the intentionality to really check to see if these members are truly regenerated-believers. This leads to an unhealthy church and why this model does not work for churches.

Lastly, this model and method is also unhealthy to the pastors and leaders. The model calls for a simple-relevant message that needs to the “felt needs” and easy theology. This is dangerous for the pastor, because he does not have to dig in to the word himself. He does not need to dig deep to continue to learn, grow, and be challenged with the word as he prepares to teach. So, very similar to some of the points above the leaders can easily be leading and serving, but are not growing themselves as followers of Jesus. This is one of the main reasons we see so many pastors in the American church “burn out” and drop out of ministry. The church has become a business and a machine that is constantly running programs, so there is little time for the pastors and leaders to be refueled. Also, as the churches and programs grow they begin to be revolved around the pastors and leaders. This a dangerous scenario for anyone to fall into. This is another reason so many members do not take ownership, because the pastors and leaders have this “anointing” that they think they cannot match or are not needed.

In conclusion, the “purpose-driven church” does not work, in fact it paves the way for a “purpose-dying church”, as it leads to unhealthy leadership practices, widespread immaturity in the church, and an impossible aim in it’s focus on how to grow and reach the unchurched. Thankfully, God has revealed many truths and principles in His word that are to govern and guide the beliefs and practices of the church. God has also promised that nothing can or ever will stop His church (Matt. 16:18). Take courage and be faithful to what He has called us to, knowing that He will bless and use us as we are faithful unto Him.

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T’aven zorale!

Welcome to the Ministry of Tatchipen/Čačipe (Truth; Čačimos). The ultimate goal of our organisation is to uplift and unite our peoples, the Almighty Royal Romani Nation; descendants of the original Dukes, Earls & Lords of Little Egypt, so that we may achieve our full potential.

In response to shocking (but perhaps not surprising - what can we really expect from balamé after all?) discoveries regarding individuals and groups who are using “Romanipen” as a sort of role playing game, the majority of the few actual Romani and related people/true allies online have been understandably deeply upset and reluctant to engage in discussions and express our views openly given our propensity for being private people. Here, we aim to reclaim everything that has been taken from our collective peoples while teaching and learning from each other in order to build what was intended, a great kingdom.

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Jackson Maine, A Star Is Born
Look, talent comes from everywhere, but having something to say and a way to say it to have people listen to it, that’s a whole other bag. And unless you get out and you try to do it, you’ll never know. That’s just the truth.
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