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Walk Of The Spirit & Not Of The Flesh That Only Leads To Destruction 📖🙏🏽

#destruction #guidance #truth #God #KWalsh

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Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl - do not mistake my kindness for wea…

Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl – do not mistake my kindness for wea…

Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl – do not mistake my kindness for weakness, my calmness for acceptance, or my silence for lack of intelligence. You get that wrong and weak is not what you’re going to remember about me.


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-So much can be realized

but you don’t stop

because you have so much love.

But when will you realize

the love you give them is draining you

and their just your Heath?

Thirsting off you the love and attention you bring them.

That joy you think you feel,

is their illusion to get you to keep coming back.

They’re no good for you.

You know it, but what they’ve done you learned to admire and accept.

It’s not good.

It’s a threat.

Focus on your love now.

The one that sets you free.

The one that it so different from the rest that it feels unnatural to you ,

but it’s because it’s not toxic, it’s healthy.

It’s the love that will learn and will want to stick with you and fix the small arguments.

The one that loves you so much they will do anything to make sure they don’t hurt you emotionally or physically. . Focus on the present love, not the past.

It’s the only one that will keep pushing you forward instead of sending you back…

-The Ex


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What is juice actually? The truth about juices

What is juice actually? The truth about juices

From childhood we know mainly orange juice, cane juice, lemon juice squeezed. A little older, he knows how to drink fruit juice on the sidewalk or shop, such as guava juice, grapefruit, toad etc. By now, the concept of juice has become much more complete. Juice is magic juice that can be made from any vegetable, root, fruit or vegetable spice. Any type of plant that is eaten raw can be pressed.…


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Let people do what they want to do, so you can see what they would rather do. That will answer all the questions you have.

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This experiment exposed the truth about consciousness and the human connection to the universe and our true abilities

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It is said that “the truth always comes down to perspective”.
From either one party or both parties being talked about or none of the parties being talked about
I don’t know how true this is….

Photo credit: American University 
All I know is that whatever happens, there is always more than a perspective
There is the truth and to me, that is much more important than anything else!
And there are…


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