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Walter Benjamin, “Experience”, Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings
Because he never raises his eyes to the great and the meaningful, the philistine has taken experience as his gospel. It has become for him a message about life’s commonness. But he has never grasped that there exists something other than experience, that there are values — inexperienceable — which we serve.
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Your constant yelling and pointing out everything I do wrong

Is the motivation for this disturbing song

I do my best, I try and I try

But believe it or not yelling at me really makes me want to cry

I am doing all I can, especially in the mental state I’m in

You have no idea what goes through my head and what makes it spin

I’m depressed. I can’t think straight at all

And telling me I need to do better when I already think I’m worthless causes me to fall

I’m stressed to the max and believe it or not I’m a human being

I’m not a fucking robot that magically keeps things clean

I can make mistakes and I promise I’m trying my best

But your reaction to getting 98% puts my mental stability to the test

Don’t just recognize my flaws. Let me make mistakes

Because pretty soon you’re going to see the result if your shouts when my mind completely breaks

Title: Enough is Enough

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That tear in my eye wasn’t for you,

It was for my foolish, aching soul

Which is so hungry for some loving,

It falls for any old, rotten leavings.

~SynthaSpide 06.05.2020.

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Truth belongs to no path- but not  because all paths contain it. 

Truth is beyond dogma. 

Zealots claim to know it best, proselytizing through empty lips.  

Cultural omens are said to bare its name, and millions worship symbols of this.

But the word Ocean does not touch the depth of the sea. Once it is named and defined, it is lost.  Which cloud above you is the sky?

Truth is beyond dogma.

Seekers chase themselves mad in search of it, whirling intensely but confused like a dervish who has lost their peace but kept the spin. Forever seeking the one guru, the one teaching, the one method or book which holds the key to their liberation. Yet one could spend a century in the Library of Alexandria, surrounded by a summit of the brightest minds ever to walk this earth, and take not a single step towards their own freedom. 

No amount of questioning can liberate one from the human condition. Akin to travelers - the ones asking the for the right direction are disorientated. 

For myself, so many of my questions have merely been a reiteration of one. 

How can I be more free?

I’ve found that the more I let go, the more room there is to embody truth and to live in harmony with it. I’ve stopped asking the same question. 

Truth is beyond dogma 

but not beyond reach. 

The mantra of life is “Now”

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Peaceful protests are for people who still believe governments care for citizens. Once you realize they only care about money, you see that in order to make a change there must be chaos and riots. Nothing makes politicians act faster than when money is being lost

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“Dr. Jane Elliot”

#taught #teachlove #teacher #janeelliot #love #truth #holysmokestv #holysmokes #holysmokestimes #oneman #solo #news #knowyourroots #change #fight #youfighttolive #la #losangeles #ca #california #stopteachingracism #love #life #live #yolo #enjoylife #hate #teachpeace #together #police #2020 (at Los Angeles, California)

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