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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be. But if it keeps coming and going back and forth, GET UP AND FREAKING LEAVE!!

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So long #musicmonday Hello #turnup #tuesday LET’S REMEMBER THE REAL #TRUTH OF #breakingnews 🎵 #videooftheday #music #memories #righthand2god 👼 #rip #nipseyhussle 🌹 @nipseyhussle 😥CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY ESPECIALLY 💖 @laurenlondon
LETS STOP THE BULLSHIT ASS NONSENSE AND JUST #enjoylife #enoughisenough with #ignorance and #gun #violence WE ARE STRONG #raiseup against #coronavirus #thuglife #dontjudgeme 😘 #dontassassinatemycharacter GIVING YOU 🌹 🌎 my world of #graphicarts with #iambeauteymafia IDK ABOUT #you BUT I #appreciate #life #yourthebest #stayblessed 😇 Y'ALL KNOW HOW I GET DOWN 😘 #thankyou FOR WATCHING @e40 @blegit72 @officialkeakdasneak @tooshort @themekanix @beastmode #WestCoastHipHop @tmz_tv @snoopdogg @therealswizzz @damefamefmg @black_rose_entertainment___ @fentybeauty @icecube @spotify @foxybrown @ripmicheals @black_eye_peas @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @pharrell @krisjenner (at Los Angeles, California)

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I’m gonna say something else too. The people I dont talk to, blocked, or left on read are lucky I did. That’s on that. Dont call me a cold hearted person when you put in a position to treat you that way.

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„Ah grace floating beyond the pain and hurt.
Ah grace flowing through pain and hurt,
Ah grace being transparent to every pain and hurt,
Being the tent where there is no pain and hurt.”

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If you’re looking for a bad girl

Im her

If you’re looking for a mean girl

Im her when the moment calls for it

If you’re looking for a nice girl

Im her on days when the sun shines bright

If you’re looking for your soulmate

Look elsewhere

I found mines a long time ago

And i walked away

Faced the mirror back at me

And have found solace in my own shadow since

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