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#truth and trickery

Well, Bucky doesn’t know that she’s pregnant. Ans reader has to decide whether or not she should mention it considering his spontaneous thought process. It’s kind of the thing, will he do as you say and make her act like it’s his or will want to get rid of it so that he can have all of her? Without a part of her being a part of Thor too?

You see, it’s not going to get easier for her anytime soon. She’s going to have to make hard choices to not only keep Bucky at bay and happy, but also keep her child safe.


Originally posted by hammytotherescue

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Thank you so much, my dear 😍😍 Trust me, it’s really hard writing these two characters lioe this because not only does it break my heart, but it rough because it goes beyond their tropes, as you say. And, fair warning, the angst isn’t going to subside any time soon… 😈😏

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It hasn’t gotten to the worst part yet, but the ending of the last part is where things are starting to turn. I mean, so far it’s been more fluffy than angsty (I think) 😂 but if you don’t think your nerves can take it, you don’t have to read it ❤️🥰

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Sequel to Lies and Deceit!! Coming out tonight!! 


Walking down the corridor, you passed a dark room and notice a figure sitting on a sofa. You recognize the silhouette as Steve and you can’t help but slowly step into the room. 

Flicking on the light, Steve’s head snaps up to you, biting his lip and dropping his head in shame as you step closer to him. You don’t say anything though. In silence, you slowly sit beside him and fold your hands in front of you. 

“You look beautiful,” he whispser, breaking the silence and making your head lift up to him. Finding that he’s staring at you, you give a small smile and a thankful nod. “I can’t believe I lost someone as amazing as you. To a guy like Thor.”

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