#truth of life quotes in hindi
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 you guys have a very good image of the Truth of Life Quotes In Hindi. Hope you like the video.
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Truth of Life Quotes in Hindi – Best Quotes on Life in Hindi
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GUIDANCE IAS wishes you a very happy and prosperous Deepawali.
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Teri shararton dekh, meri zuban se tera naam nahi utar raha aur ye seher pareshan hai ki, meri zuban se tera naam nahi utr raha.
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Motivational shayari in hindi
साहिल पे पहुंचने से इनकार किसे है लेकिन, तूफ़ानो से लड़ने का मज़ा ही कुछ और है, कहते है, कि किस्मत खुदा लिखता है लेकिन, उसे मिटा के खुद गढ़ने का मजा ही कुछ और है।
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Stop throwing yourself on anyone who gives you a little affection.
Jim, the Havenots
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कुछ तो बात है प्यार में वरना देख
के वो रास्ता न अपना मोड़ा करती
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तोह मैं आज यूही उन्न रिश्तों के बारे में सोच रहा था जो वक्त के साथ गायब हो जाते हैं और बाकी है तोह बस हमारी उनके साथ एक तस्वीर। उस तस्वीर में सभी उस पल को जीते हुए , सभी के चहरे पर हस्सी और सब बेफिक्र से हैं । शायद हमने ये कभी सोचा ही नहीं कि ये सब एक दिन पीछे रहने वाला हैं और ये रिश्ते जलती सिगरेट की तेरह वक्त के साथ भुज जाने वाले है और शायद यही ज़िन्दगी हैं।
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everythingthemoontouches · 6 months ago
💙Hi there! , First of all i want to tell you that i love your blog! And i love how your posts are so accurate!💙 If its okay with you could you please do me a favor by describing how others see me,my appearance or more specifically the vibe I radiate to others! It would mean alot to me if you you do that💙I'm a cancer sun,leo rising,Lilith sextile asc, Pluto trine asc, Uranus opposition asc, Moon opposition asc, mars sextile venus, mars opposition neptune, asteroid lilith conjunct mc and jupiter in the 1st house!💙
Thank you that's really kind of you 💛💕
You know that quote that says Cinderella never asked for a prince. All she wanted was a night out and a dress. You kind of exude a similar vibe but with respect to leadership positions. 'I never asked to be Queen/King, but the people have spoken' kind of an energy. You would be equally happy to be by yourself, learning about the subconscious mind, higher realms and other esoteric science.
For more on Jupiter in LEO I'd recommend watching Astrofinesse.
For jupiter in the first there's KRS.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌻As a Leo rising you come across as someone outgoing, with a playful energy but you're also somehow someone people would expect to see in a position of authority. You're drawn to people who stimulate you intellectually and love to exchange ideas.
😬If you have an Aquarius saturn you could be having some challenges in your relationships since December 2020 as saturn transits your 7th house. I'd suggest practicing discernment in this area as well as signing contracts with people until it passes( early 2023) ..
😇12th house sun could take on other people's energy. I feel like you need some time away, by yourself, preferably at the beach / pool/ shower to declutter, clear your head and replenish your sense of Self. You could be highly intuitive. If this resonates, I'd urge you to look up empath drain and how to protect yourself from energy vampires.
Ruler of the ascendant in the 12th :
spirituality could be a huge part of your life. For some people this could show a father (figure) who was convicted or worked in a prison / asylum. They could also have a really remote job. Since the sun is also your own personal identity, you could profit off these themes. Working in a mental health facility, overseas, in esoteric crafts.
🌛With your moon in the 7th house, you probably attract a lot of older women, (queen of swords) nurturing energies . Your mom could have a major influence on any business partnerships that you enter.
In relationships you could have a here today gone tomorrow kind of a presence. This is because as the moon waxes and wanes so does your attraction / attachment to specific people?
♒Aquarius moon : it could be really hard for you to express your feelings. So Instead of asking for a hug there could be a tendency to say something like ' ew imagine asking for one?' you leave a place better than you found it. If you watch hindi movies, 3 Idiots could be a movie you really resonate with. ( I pretty much spent the day looking up the lead actor, who has major aquarius placements and his films have always been disruptive with a really nice social message that left people talking for years after they were released. I tell you this because he shares 2 of your big 3 - aquarius and cancer.)
Tumblr media
Going off on this tangent you could be a well respected teacher / writer / entertainer. Jupiter in LEO could help with this.
I do feel like you need a certain amount of inventiveness in your relationships. The people you're with are people who introduce you to new hobbies / ideas / technologies. You need to feel like you guys learn something new or create something that matters together. This is enhanced by uranus in the 7th house. You could come across really cold because you always give people the naked honest truth when asked. You do this from a place of love. I'm reminded of the Queen of Swords card in the rider Waite tarot. Not everyone has the maturity to take it. Or maybe they've just had a bad day. It is what it is. Perhaps try to not be so incisive if this is something you struggle with.
In the same vein, if I asked you to write down how you were feeling how long would it take for you to identify the right emotion. How honest are you with yourself?
Moon and Uranus being in the same house could show that stagnation could really hurt your mental health / happiness / satisfaction levels.
With a saturn ruled moon I feel like I need to remind you to not be so hard on yourself. Like. The world won't crumble to dust if you allow yourself to take care of you once in a while.there's only so much you can do.
All those coffee mugs will catch up. There's no such thing as extra hours in the day. A lack of sleep manifests as early signs of aging. No hate for the elderly but arthritis is not a fun ailment to have. Do you wanna be 60 with 80 year old nervous system problems? I rest my case.
Uranus and moon aspect your ascendant so you could have a slightly plump look?
Jupiter in the first house people usually have prominent thighs. I had a friend with this placement and when we were growing up she used to complain of chafed thighs a lot?
Mars sextile venus you could be your own type? The way you act and the way you want your future partners to express love could be quite similar which is good for healthy relationships.
There could be a tendency to spend impulsively.
With Mars sextiling venus you could be someone who earns more the more active their lifestyle is? Like, you may need to be an agile learner to keep money flowing in .
Jupiter in LEO in a woman's chart usually shows they'd have a financially well off spouse so money may not be a huge concern. He could be a sailor or earn via exports/ navy. It's hard to say without knowing where your Saturn is.
The image you project to the world could be a lot more outgoing than how you actually feel. You're more private than people think.
With a fire rising, water sun and air moon you could either be a really balanced person or just have a number of clashing ideas on who to be, what to do and achieve.
Descendant : The people that hate on you could attack your need to stand out /try to dim your time in the spotlight. Think aquarius themes of standing out to improve community clashing with Leo's need to stand out solely because it helps their ego. Like your confidence could trigger the part if them that felt judged negatively for expressing their individuality.
Do you feel like you thrive in chaos? I'm guessing you're atleast in your late 20s if not older, so you might have gotten better at dealing with people acting unexpectedly. Your mom could have been unpredictable. Really intelligent, but forgets to eat ..
🥤🦀As a cancer sun, you could be the friend your friends come to for advice. There could be a tendency to be a little too selfless. I think your aqua moon really serves as a shield to those who try to take advantage of your caring nature. Have you considered a career in psychic medium ship? Or any spiritual art/ past life regression / you get the drift..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is there a family craft or hobby that you could monetize? Jupiter in LEO could signify ancestral gains.
Lilith and Pluto aspects to ascendant can make you come across really sexy / a bit unapproachable because people feel like you have some kind of power that places you above them?
Due to this, people with Pluto / Lilith aspects can feel some kind of hurt around people clearing up the path around them if that makes sense.
Jupiter opposite moon : there could be a clash between you want to do VS what you feel you should be doing.
Jupiter in the first house : you could have been born rich? Or people just perceive you that way. They also see you as someone wordly wise and lucky in general. You could know a lot about a wide variety of things. Specially on topics related to appearance, personal development, image consciousness etc. Since the ruler of the first is in the 12th I feel like some of your wisdom comes from a divine source. Like you're tapping into some kind of a collective reservoir of knowledge. In starseed terminology we would refer to this as downloads.
Jupiter rules the 8th house and 5th house.
So love, romance, games, early education may have been a bit of a breeze for you.
Jupiter is usually a bit of a celibate spiritual person. So, while it may make you really wise with respect to things like the occult / tarot / other 8th house themes, I'm not sure how it would impact your sex life with a spouse. Sex could be either a deeply spiritual experience for you or take on more neptunian traits. Addiction / alcoholism / drug use the works. Jupiter expands the themes of the house it rules so a word of caution there.
Travelling could bring you luck. Or even love.
Did I hear Mars opposite Neptune?
This could be a literal battlefield. You could feel like you need to work for love.if Neptune is unconditional love and Mars is your drive, then you could literally match to get to taht elusive unconditional sense of belonging /love / acceptance. But what are you marching towards really? A mirage? With this aspect I'd really be on the guard against addiction of any kind. Neptune is enticing, alluring, mocking Mars for its need to conquer. It could lend a really nice swagger to your walk. A runway model could benefit from thus placement. At uts best this aspect imbues you with creativity, inspiration, otherworldly imagination and the energy required to turn your abstract ideas of art into something tangible.
Here's a source for more on this placement. Sometimes I find that the comments really help me make sense of my own placements
Before I sign off, I just have to say this :please try to restrict asks to 2-3 placements. You can send in multiple asks if you'd like, but answering them all in one ask can get a bit cluttered and I'd hate to miss out on something 😊
Hope this helped 💕as always, I'd really appreciate your feedback on this take on how these placements affect you.
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