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#ts 1989

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the grammy museum performances…

The vocals = WOW

The outfit = STUNNING

The piano version of ootw = HYPNOTISING

The electric guitar in wildest dreams = MAGICAL

I repeat…the vocals = WOAHH. We need to talk about these performances more often.

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omg first post i don’t really know how to use this app but this is one of my quarantine goals to learn!

i’m usually way more active on twitter (alltooweliswift) but anyway hi i’m caitlin! 1989 is my stan album & i love @taylorswift. i have tickets for loverfest madrid and london! anyways i don’t know how to use this app at all so i’m blabbing about nothing, pls be nice, keep safe and stream lover! 🥺❤️❤️ @taylornation

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That’s why I love you so much Taylor. Your music, your words, your voice, and most importantly, your heart is beautiful. You are a great example of both music, art and humanity. You do not respond to evil with evil, you always do good. So I hope you have a life as beautiful as your heart. You are always happy. Because you deserve it more than anyone … I love you 💗

@taylorswift @taylorswiftstyle @taylor-swiftfacts @tayswiftdotcom @taylorswiftedit

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