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Remus taught Virgil how to swim, Janus hated getting his hair wet because he used to use a lot of products before getting a hat.

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Janus and Virgil hate fighting so when they do, they walk away and write down their feelings then hold hands as they read them to each other; it’s worked for every fight since they have been together

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“Janus! Come on! Come on!” Patton was pulling Janus by the hand, today was a very special day, a day that Patton has waited for all his life, Puppy Day. The local shelter was having a discount on adoption fees, with a lot of convincing everyone agreed to let Patton adopt a dog. 

Janus smiled at his boyfriend as he walked into the room filled with puppies and dogs. There were so many puppies! Patton was in heaven! They began looking Patton wanted all of the dogs he saw however, if he was to take one home he wanted a special connection. After 10 minutes of walking around all the dogs, Patton saw her. A beautiful golden retriever puppy; Name: Cookie, Age: 9 months, house broken and good with kids. “Janus! She’s the one! She’s perfect.” Cookie was a beautiful golden color with a baby blue collar covering with cookies, a match made in heaven. Janus smiled, “So Cookie?” Patton smiled and leaned down to pet her through the cage door, “Yes, she’s the one.”

After signing some paperwork, Cookie was all Patton’s. Cookie was the perfect. “I know we already got most of the supplies, but I think we should let Cookie pick out a bed and some toys.” Patton smiled, “I’ve never been more in love with you, yes let’s go.” Cookie was placed in the backseat and Patton sat next to her, he couldn’t help himself he loved his puppy! They pulled up to the pet store and put Cookie on a leash, her tail wagging as they trotted around the walkway. After passing the reptiles and cat clothes they found the toy section. Cookie browsed around before finding a cute squeaky dragon she barked at it, Patton took it off the rack and let her sniff it Cookie took it from Patton’s hands and placed it into the cart, “I guess you could say, she’s one smart cookie.” Janus smiled a bit and Cookie let out a happy yap. The next few toys came in sets so Cookie definitely wouldn’t be bored for a long. Last stop was the beds, so many different colors, sizes, styles, so many pet beds. Cookie spotted one she liked, she pulled on her leash hard making Patton go running down the aisle until they stopped at the bed she wanted. It was a big, black, fluffy, couch bed; luckily it was on sale. 

After checking out the three made their way home, Cookie couldn’t wait to meet everyone. She walked into the house calmly and smiled at the sight of other people, she saw Virgil first and trotted over to him. She didn’t bark nor growl she simply jumped onto the couch and plopped her head onto Virgil’s leg. Virgil was confused by the sudden contact, but smiled when he saw the dog. Patton and Janus walked in carrying the bags of Cookie’s things, placing them behind the couch. Patton smiled, “I like she likes you Virge!” Virgil softly pet Cookie’s head, making her tail wag, “I guess she does.” Roman and Remus waked downstairs at that moment, Cookie saw Remus first and went up to him and sniffed his hand after that she put her head under his palm, Remus took the hint and pet the bubbly dog. Cookie then looked at Roman, sniffed his hand then nudged him forward causing him to land next to Virgil. They could have sworn she barked the word, “Love.”. 

The next to meet the new addition was Logan walked downstairs, he stiffened a bit upon seeing the dog, Cookie walked over and offered her paw, Logan shook her paw and smiled a bit. Cookie then spotted Thomas in the kitchen, she walked up to him and she smiled as he gave her a small pet on the head. After dinner and a small Cookie nap, everyone changed into their onesies and sat in the living room to watch a movie, she handled the seating chart. Thomas at the very end of the couch, Virgil and Roman at the other end, Patton and Janus in the middle leaving Remus and Logan on the beanbag Cookie took her bed to watch the movie, Roman even made her a cookie spotted onesie. 

Cookie was the perfect pet for the Sanders household

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Head canon: Janus likes to steal Remus’ clothes because comfy, so Remus set a smol trap


Everyone he passes always laughs and he’s so confused


Click for much better quality | don’t repost

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,,,,, I,,,,, I need more trans Janus,,, I need my dearest snek being defiant of gender roles and prejudice,,,, I need my child to be comfortable in his own body even if society thinks he shouldn’t be,,,,, I need nb Janus defying the gender binary,,,, I need Janus in a dress,,,, I need the snek to be anything but cis,,,,, I require this,,,,,

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follow for your daily dose of this Janus picture

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In which Virgil is taller


Remus- Taller than Logan, Roman, Thomas, Virgil

Patton- Taller than Janus, Roman, Logan, Virgil, Thomas

Roman- Taller than Logan, Virgil, Thomas

Virgil- Taller than Logan, Thomas

Janus- Taller than Logan, Thomas

Logan- Taller than Thomas

Thomas- Taller than no


  1. Remus and Patton
  2. Roman
  3. Virgil and Janus
  4. Logan
  5. Thomas

SO THERE Y’ALL HAVE IT! Each and every side plus Thomas ranked in height. For the ties there were no side by sides (pun intended) of them so I guess for now we can assume they are just as tall as each other!

Artists, fanfic writers, members of the jury. I give you the truth.

@knight-shives @handsome-and-or-beautiful @ayyyden-main @thatgaydemigodnerd

Yes I just tagged you all so you can be educated (or you were involved).

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I’m dedicating February 1st - February 7th to these ships. So for that whole week everything that I post will include these ships. Fluffy, happy, fun fics no angst during that week. Maybe start angsty but happy ending, but no full angst.

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Superhero AU where Janus hates the rich because his parental figure is secretly rich. That’s why he’s a hero. He’s disgusted by his parent hoarding wealth and just doesn’t let on his families rich but very clearly knows nothing about the lower class.

Virgil: I can’t decide between buying food or paying rent this week…

Janus: What is a rent?

Virgil: Ha ha good one.

Janus: Yeah ha ha……

Janus *internally*: Is rent a lower class thing or am I a dumbass? Both? Maybe both?


Janus: Yeah I’ve only been out of country like… 27 times.

Logan: I’m sorry how many times?

Janus *internally*: Oh fuck wait is that not normal?

Janus: Yeah. 7 times.

Logan: Oh that’s a lot. I’ve only been out of country twice.

Roman: You guys have left your state?

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Teenage Years AU

The Crown Family

Logan and Janus Crown - the parents

Remus and Roman crown - the twins

Bubbles - the dog

The Picani Family

Remy and Emile Picani - the parents

Virgil and Patton Storm - the kids

Connie - the cat

Steven - the dog

NOTE : This is going to be more of series AU. I have a story planned out that I would like to see through, I’m not sure how long it will be however I am sure that there will be multiple parts. I’m going to try to make a master post for the sent you and then I’m going to try my best to link everything connected to it. This is going to be my first time doing something with us so please be patient with me, thank you.

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Heads up! I’m working on my first animatic and it’s not the one I intended to start with but I’m doing it all the same. Still Sanders Sides but instead of being a nice little thing, it’s now going to be a heartfelt tear-jerker because why not. I hope to have it finished by tomorrow but we’ll see. Krita is giving me a hard time.

Virgil and Janus are the focus. And I’m using audio from one of my favorite movies. 

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Aww! Tysm for the compliment! (I am so so sorry it took so long-)



Send me a prompt and a character! No romantic prinxeity, r*mr*m, U!Janus, U!Logan please!

Warnings: blood, U!Patton, U!Virgil, graphic abuse, ask to tag


Takes place after this fic

Tarnished Gold


Unlike Janus, who was sleeping peacefully against his chest, Logan didn’t relax. Thoughts of anger and betrayal flooded his head, Janus was just as much a part of him then Remus was to Roman. Janus was his other half, granted Janus was his romantic partner (not his brother, besides, any such actions with one’s sibling is unethical, wrong, and frankly disgusting) but Janus completed him.

Without the sarcastic liar by his side, he was empty, nothing, a void of empty logic.

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Mercy Seek Peak

“But I thought that the mirror wasn’t breakable.” Virgil looked down at Janus, who stood from his lap. “It is unbreakable. Unless the person who built it broke it.” Janus’ voice warped, echoing quietly. “But…But I made the mirror.” Virgil stated

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Logan was holding Patton back, he was furious how could he do this, he looked at Virgil, the parental rage in his eyes. Virgil stood their head hanging low and hand holding his boyfriend Roman’s hand. Janice walked up to Roman and shook the terrified boy’s hand, “I’m Janus, dad number three. A pleasure to meet you Roman, you seem like a fine young man, we saw you and beauty and the beast, divine job. I am trusting you with my son my one and only child. You have one chance do not mess it up. Trust each other and be truthful and respectful and that is all I ask of you. Virgil since it’s Friday curfew is midnight have a good time tonight and call us if you need anything.” Virgil hugged Janus and walked out with Roman.

“ Why did you let them go?” Janus handed his husbands their coats, “now we are going to follow them, done. We hardly know this kid and Virgil’s are the only child I am not just going to let them go.” The three dad’s giggled as they put on their coats and went to follow their Virgil on his very first date the first stop was dinner. “Ro, this is a nice place. How can you afford this?"Roman smiles, "my two mom own this restaurant. When I told him about you and about our date they wanted it to be special so everything is taken care of. Oh! I almost forgot.” Roman pulled out a purple rose flower crown and placed it on Virgil’s head, Not before asking if it was all right of course. “It’s a purple rose flower crown. I made it myself during study hall, I’ve never seen you not wearing one. You look absolutely stunning in them.” Virgil blushed, “you are such a sap."Roman smiled and held his arm out for Virgil to take he happily took it and the two walked inside Roman held the door like a gentleman.

They were taken to a quieter room, Virgil had anxiety about large and loud places, and Roman being considerate. The three dads walked into the restaurant silently looking for Virgil. A young woman walked up and smiled, "Hello, you must be Virgil’s dads. I am Annie, Roman’s mom and this is my wife Violet.” The dads shook the mom’s hands and smiled, “nice to meet you. I assume you know why we are here.” Violet smiled, “ yes, we do. We have a table where you can see them but they can’t see you. Order anything you want, it’s on us.” Pat and smiled “thank you so much, but we can pay.”

Annie cut him off, “Roman is my only son. I have never seen him happier than when he was with Virgil. Your son saved mine, not to overshare but Roman was struggling in school and he wasn’t very happy until he met your son. He went on for hours and hours talking about how wonderful Virgil was I can see now that he had three lovely dads who made him that way. The least I can do for you is give you some free coffee.” Logan spoke up next, “I don’t suppose you would like to sit with us. Virgil of us told us quite a lot about Roman and however, we don’t know you very well. If our sons are going to be spending more time together I would like to get to know you.” Annie and Violet smiled the parents sat down at the table and talked for quite a while, they got along wonderfully.

Virgil and Roman were walking out of the restaurant when they saw the table. They walked up, “hey dads, Roman’s moms.” Violet spoke up, “Hey guys, how was dinner?” Roman smiled “It was delightful, mom thank you so much. I promise I will pay you back for it.” Annie smiled, “no, no need Roman. I told you it was free.” Virgil looked at his dads, “you guys followed us here didn’t you?” The dads all awkwardly chuckled, “it’s clear that you make each other very happy. If you treat each other like this how respectfully and genuine you did tonight. I believe that you two will have a wonderful future together.”

Virgil and Roman smiled at each other and held hands once more. They walked outside onto The patio where they held each other close, “Roman, may I kiss you?” Roman beat him to it and placed his lips onto Virgil’s lips, the kiss lasted for many long moments; it was heavenly for both parties. “I love you, Virgil Cook.” Roman stated, Virgil answered back quickly, “I love you to Roman Cole.”

Roman and Virgil closed the scrapbook and set it down on their brand new coffee table, it was a move-in gift from Roman’s parents. The couple got their first house together it was empty but it was soon to be full because a new addition is on the way. The two smiled at the picture of Lola she was perfect and tomorrow she would be theirs. Roman kissed his husband and smiled, “I love you, Virgil.” “I love you too Roman.”

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I don’t art that often and I know it’s not great, but here’s a drawing of our favourite snake boi

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Patton: Virgil, I dare you to tell us a secret you’ve never told anyone.

Virgil: I was in an all girls band from freshman year of high school to senoir year of college.

Roman: What?

Janus: No way.

Virgil: Way. My friend Hannah was forming a band with her two girlfriends, they needed a drummer so Hannah asked me because I was the only one they knew who could play the drums and be cool with their relationship. Hannah was guitar and lead singer, June was on bass and backup vocals, Ginger was on keyboard, and I was on drums. We actually got pretty big; had a record deal and all.

Logan: What was your band called?

Virgil: The Cracked CD Cases.

Remus: No way! I love that band!

All: Me too.

Roman: But the names don’t match up.

Virgil: We used pseudonyms because Ginger and Hannah’s parents hated rock music and were homophobic. That’s actually how I met Remy, he came to one of our concerts.

Patton: That’s so cool kiddo!

Virgil: You guys could meet them if you like. I was going to sneak out but since I told you guys, we are doing a Reunion album and tour so you guys could come backstage if you like.

Patton: Yes!

Remus: Do it and I’ll stay out of your room for a month!

Virgil: Deal. I’ll call the girls.

—And that’s on dreams giving you an AU and plotline—

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i have this,, loceit fic idea for awhile now where lo and virge are roommates for college

s o virge and jan used to know each other in high school and jan’s the most annoying, cheeky motherfucker he has ever met and he hates him right on spot. maybe they ended up as begrudging friends because of their friend group, but virge will fucking deck him if he’s given the chance

virgil thought he won’t ever see him again now he’s in college but imagine his surprise when one day, this shortass gremlin showed up from virge and lo’s dorm window, squeezing his tiny body in and demanding to see logan who’s chilling with virgil in the living room. after the shock wears off, virgil yells at jan because, “why the hell did u use the window?” and jan just casually explains that logan didn’t answer his phone, to which logan replied he left it in his room on mute

“ah, virgil, haven’t logan told you? i’m his-“

“partner for a project,” logan curtly cuts in, meeting neither of their eyes. “we share the same law classes.”

janus looks at logan with something gleaming in his eyes, and knowing him, it’s most likely mischief. he turns back to virgil and nods, an all too innocent smile on his lips. “yes, we’re partners for a project.”

virgil narrows his eyes but he doesn’t pry. logan would tell him if there’s something, obviously. “partners or not, don’t drag logan into one of your schemes. i’m watching you, ekans.”

janus’ smile broadens into a smirk. “oh, virgil, i would never.”

from then on, janus would drop by to their apartment, most of his reason being for class and finishing assignments together. virgil just assumed they’re good friends or something seeing as he caught them getting along outside of working on law papers, sharing coffee together, and acting overall pleasant with each other. it’s good logan’s making friends, but he’s still miffed at janus’ presence even after all this time.

and one morning, when virge is chilling with a morning coffee, he sees janus walks out of logan’s room— wearing logan’s worn nasa shirt. virgil’s mind is positively reeling because why the hell is he wearing that? that’s like- logan’s comfort shirt and wait, did he spend the night in logan’s room?

and then it all clicks and he feels like an idiot.

janus bursts out laughing at seeing virgil’s reaction, legit falling to the floor as he doubles on his laughter and, “oh my god, virgil, you should’ve seen your face-“ and virgil promptly kicks him.

logan came out not long after, with bed hair and glasses missing, looking more than a little embarrassed, but it’s fine, virgil probably feels even more embarrassed for not figuring it out sooner. lo then properly explains his and janus’ relationship to virgil after janus calms down, now standing beside the nerd with his hand resting on lo’s waist. logan tells virgil that he refrained from telling him when jan first showed up was to avoid virgil freaking out, and after awhile, they decided on not telling virgil and the emo himself being clueless was, admittedly, kind of funny.

and that’s how virgil finds out they’re dating.

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