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I Sent These Photos To @sablesides-ask-blog And We Can Already Hear Elizabeth Going Apeshit In The Background While Virgil Slowly Starts To Develop A Drinking Problem. (Janus Bet Virgil To Take A Shot Every Time Roman Or Remus Do Something Stupid)

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It’s Roman’s Fairy Godmother And The Dragon Witch

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Aight it’s like almost 1am here so BULLET FICS BABEY-

  • Elizabeth is not having this sh**
  • “I’m not even that sick I can make dinner”
  • “You are running an almost 110 fever. You’re going to overheat.”
  • “I’m fine!”
  • “Remus?”
  • Remus proceeds to just
  • Lay across his mum like a limp sack of potatoes
  • Shes trapped now the rat has prevented any escape attempts
  • Roman tells her bedtime stories while Belladonna makes her some soup
  • The twins are very upset that they cant have mommy kisses from both moms before bed
  • Also that they have to take medicine so they domt also get sick
  • She gets better tho that’s the important part
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  • Roman woke everyone up at 3am because he heard footsteps and thought it was santa
  • Turns out the local raccoon has figured out how to open doors
  • Remus is very excited about receiving a pet raccoon for christmas
  • No one has the heart to tell him no so he does in fact have a raccoon now
  • Its name is Muffin
  • So of course the twins both get shepherded back to their room because four year olds arent supposed to be up at 3am
  • But now they’re all excited because they have a Christmas Racoon so Santa MUST be nearby
  • So Remus u n d o e s t h e w i n d o w
  • And had Roman climb on the roof
  • The very slanted roof
  • Long story short Christmas racoon ended up having to retrieve the moms and christmas morning was spent paying for medical bills
  • Don’t climb roofs in the middle of the night kids
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There were two things Elizabeth cared about more than anything, Belladonna, and the twins.

Granted, sometimes she cared more about food than the twins, but the twins could be very- inconvenient, when they wanted.

But her affections toward Belladonna never wavered, they were happy together and she made Elizabeth feel safe and warm and appreciated.

And Elizabeth wanted to do the same for her, wanted to hold her close and bury her face in Belladonna’s shoulder and give her loads of kisses anywhere she could reach.

But what she wanted most was to make Belladonna feel like she was enough.

This was a very common issue, sometimes they’d sit together after Belladonna had taken her hormone supplements, or shaved, or done something else that she believed made her a ‘real’ woman.

They’d sit together and they’d talk for hours and Elizabeth would go on and on about how smart and pretty and sweet Belladonna was, until finally Belladonna could manage to stop crying, then they would sit on the couch and watch movies until the sun went down.

“When did you get so beautiful, Bella,” Elizabeth ran her fingers through Belladonna’s hair, braiding flowers into it like art.

“I’m not that pretty…” Belladonna murmured.

“Nonsense! You’re gorgeous!” Elizabeth said in a half-surprised tone.

“But my hands are to big and my voice is to deep and my muscles are to defined and-” Elizabeth pressed a kiss to Belladonna’s lips.

“Your hands are just the right size to hold my face and wipe my tears when I’m upset,” Elizabeth said, bringing Belladonna’s hand to her face for demonstration.

“Your voice mixes perfectly with mine and the twins in concerts,” Elizabeth said, humming a few notes.

“And your muscles are amazing for hugging and warmth and safety,” Elizabeth said finally, throwing herself against Belladonna’s chest. Belladonna waited a few seconds before hugging her.

“You really dont care that it doesnt make me look like a woman?” She whispered.

“Youd be a woman no matter what you looked like, and I for one, like you exactly the way you are,”


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I just had an idea for a fic but I don’t know whether to take it in a funny or angsty direction

Basically, my idea revolves around the Fairy Godmother, the one Roman says in the Sides Q&A gives him fashion advice. Basically, when Roman needs to vent, he goes to her and lets her design and make him clothes while he lets out all his problems to her. He mostly rants about three separate sides in particular: Remus, Janus and Logan.

Fairy Godmother understood Roman’s annoyance towards Remus - sibling rivalries, after all - as well as Janus, who was a ‘dark side’ after all. But it was Logan who shocked Fairy Godmother.

Roman has a habit of dramatising stories, making big deals out of small things, but Fairy Godmother didn’t know that. She believed Roman completely, and was appauled at Logan’s apparent behaviour. Completely destroying Roman’s dream future or Thomas and trying to force Thomas to live a boring life with no dream chasing?! Stealing Roman’s sponsorship opportunity and taking the special edition Crofters flavour for himself?! Violently attacking Roman in a video?! Siding with the evil snake Janus, who called Roman evil?!

All this, and Logan is supposed to be one of the ‘Light Sides’? Fairy Godmother was digusted…

One day, however, Roman is not the one to come to the Fairy Godmother in need. Instead, it’s Logan.

“Sorry for bothering you. I just, um… Usually, I wouldn’t rely on wishes or anything like that, but… I don’t have much of a choice now. Nothing else has worked…”

Fairy Godmother frowns, eyes narrowed at Logan. “I’m Roman’s Godmother, I only grant his wishes.”

“I know, but please, it’s just one small wish and then I’ll be out of your hair. I just… want to be noticed.”


“I don’t get listened to. I’m ignored. Seen as someone to be pushed aside. And I just… I just want to be noticed.”

Fairy Godmother looks over him for a moment, before she gets a plan. A devious plan, one that, by the sound of it, seems like it would be more likely to come from her wife the Dragon Witch than herself. But Logan’s a villain, right? He deserves this.

She pulls out her wand and waves it at Logan, laying a spell on him. “There. It will come into effect during the next video, and you’ll be sure to be noticed.”

Logan smiles. “Thank you so so much!” And he runs off.

The next video comes around, and as they’re doing it, everything is normal.

Well, it is until the spell comes into effect…

And that’s where I don’t know where to take this. With what the spell does, I could go a funny route and have something really weird and kinda humiliating happen to Logan, or I could go for something angsty.

If you guys have any ideas, I would love to hear them! ^-^

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Fairy 👏 Godmother 👏 has 👏 glitter 👏 freckles 👏 that the Dragon Witch counts regularly. She calls them “stars in her night sky”

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That’s so cute!! I’m sorry but- fairwitch? It’s adorable, I love it.

( also you’re not bothering me, don’t worry!)

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From rags to riches she’s the baddest of-

It’s the one, the only, the…. *drumroll*

Fairy Godmother!

I can imagine that she and Roman are the best of friends. Also they so gossip and bitch about anything and anyone.

If you want to give her a name…

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No- but, all jokes aside, I’m super proud of this piece!!! I’ve wanted to draw these lovely ladies ever since they were mentioned, so here they are!! Also, yes, they are walking Pride flags and there’s nothing you can do about it-

(Profiles I made for them and transparent images under the cut)

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Imagine if the Dragon Witch and the Fairy Godmother were Thomas’ imaginary friends when he was little before he personified the Sides and they had a little ‘show’ type thing but once the Sides came along the gals got shunned away and forgotten, only mentioned by Roman because they still exist in Thomas’ memory and now they’re really resentful that the Sides, particularly King, are the reason they were forgotten and they were under King’s control since he practically created them but they broke free when the Split happened and they helped raise Roman and Remus to teach them about the Imagination and all that jazz, but then waaaay later (but before Remus’ reveal) some sort of dark force takes over the Dragon Witch and she wants to fight the twins because of the jealousy and resentment buried deep in her heart that King placed there because of her Dragon characterisation- and the boys are clueless about why since they can’t remember controlling the girls- but she fights the twins in an epic battle and wins, manages to control the Darkness within her and the twins wake up in the Dragon Witch’s and Fairy Godmother’s cottage whilst the FG is making them tea and the DW is resting.

Basically what I’m saying is I made a whole plot surrounded on ‘All Eyes On Me’ by OR3O and I really wanna make an animatic/comic of it.

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