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#ts fanfic


Word count: 5843

TW: mentions of a variety of weapons, threats, being suspended over a cliff, falling (but I promise it’s not the ending) I also would like to clarify that Roman uses different pronouns. In this chapter it’ll be he/him and they/them, but this can change at any given time, even when referred to as a goddess.

Pairings: Analogical

Taglist: @gattonero17  @someoneiwasnt @fantasticfangirl21 @the-sympathetic-villain

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4| Part 5

“Tell me again why I come over every single time?” Remus sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

He let his eyes wander over the palace, all bright and shiny with flowers and mirrors as far as he could see. Yet nothing could ever be more boring.

“Because secretly you love it”, Roman teased as they draped a new shawl over their shoulders.

He crosses his arms, silver bracelet over his bicep shining in the already overly bright palace. “I have no idea what you’re saying.”

“Come now Remus, you and I both like to see what the latest fashion is.”

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17 notes

TITLE: Many More To Die (Chapter 2)

FANDOM: Sanders Sides (Necromancer AU)

SUMMARY: Names are powerful things–and after ten years, Logan’s has acquired quite a bit. The restoration of his power is something he has to fight viciously to keep secret…But he’s not the only necromancer who’s in hiding. Above his head, Roman is being introduced to the people of the Kingdom’s as his father’s successor–but someone in the shadows is coming for the royal house of Sanders, of which Roman is part.And Logan will not stand for someone laying figurative hands on anyone that belongs to him.

SHIPS: Logince (Logan/Roman), future Moceit (Patton/Janus) and Dukexiety (Remus/Virgil)

WARNINGS: lots of death because necromancy, slash, and more to come as I figure it out ‘cause it’s late and I’m tired. In this particular chapter, CW for angst–I’ll post what kind at the end if you want to avoid spoilers, but I’m warning because for me? It’s a triggery subject. Be safe, you’re all so sweet and ILU.

Also, no betas, we die like men.

NOTES: This is based on the gorgeous piece of art by @gretacticdraws that can be found here. I ended up writing a ficlet for it, and then my brain got swallowed up. Breathe at me wrong, and I’ll write more…hell, who am I kidding? I’ll write more anyway because this? Is self indulgent drivel. XD

Also located at AO3 over here.

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a Janus-centric, moceit and platonic dlampr novella fanfiction that I have been chipping away at for literal months. 

This is a little unorthodox for me, but uhh this fic is literally too long to upload in its entirety on Tumblr! just under 30k words, to be exact, but I still want my whole audience across both platforms to see it, so here I am, just tossing up the ao3 link for y’all.

So… On Truth and Untruth! here u go!! please leave comments <3


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26 notes

Read On AO3

Summary: Patton has to leave on a business trip, leaving his son, who’s fallen ill, under the care of his uncle. Everything will be fine! What could go wrong in a week?

Ship(s): Familial Moxiety

Tags: Major character death, angst, illness

A/N: This was based on a comment by Sighing Inside that I got in my fic While You Were Away, about a more angsty interpretation of the summary, so I wrote it!


Patton kissed Virgil’s forehead, the warmth radiating off it was a bit uncomfortable, and Patton frowned.

“Alright honey,” Patton said as he drew back. “Uncle Roman’s downstairs, so if you need anything…”

“I’m sixteen Dad,” Virgil said, “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself.”

“I can’t imagine you’ve forgotten you’re sick.” Patton said. “There’s nothing wrong with needing help and your uncle has been dying for some quality bonding time, so humor him.”

“Fine I-” Virgil turned into his blankets and coughed a couple of times before sitting back up and wrinkling his nose, “Ow.”

Patton hummed sympathetically as he ran a hand through his son’s hair, “I wish I could stay.”

“You’ve got work-” Virgil winced as his voice cracked and cleared his throat. “I’m fine, and you’ve got this business trip or whatever. Anyway I’ll have my hands full with Sir Dance-alot.”

“Hey!” Roman said as he walked up behind Patton, “was that a knights of Camelot pun? Wow, your dad and I are really doing a number on your sense of humor.”

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Virgil grumbled, “I’m delirious, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“Look pretty lucid to me!” Roman smiled at Patton, “I’ve got this, no need to worry, and anyway we’re gonna call you every k-night!”

“Mine was better,” Virgil called.

Roman rolled his eyes, “whatever you say Sir Ga-Whine!”

Patton laughed slightly as he looked at his family, they’d be okay. “Okay I’ll head out, bye Vee I love you!”

“Love ya too.”

As Roman walked down the stairs with Patton, Patton was rattling off every caring tip he could remember for taking care of a sick person, “And please check his fever, Virgil’s very stubborn he’d rather die than ask for help. And you know where the hospital is right? Oh what if-”

“Patton,” Roman said gently. “We grew up here, of course I know where the hospital is, and I’ll be sure to check his fever at least twice a day, more if he looks worse for wear, and I’ll keep him hydrated and make sure he eats. And if you forgot anything you can just tell me on one of those daily calls we’re going to have.”

Patton nodded slowly, “You’re right. Have a good time, see you in a week?”

“See you in a week, have fun in those boring conferences!”

Patton laughed as Roman basically pushed him out the door, “Okay bye.”

“Drive safe! Don’t miss your flight!”

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34 notes

TITLE: Many More To Die

FANDOM: Sanders Sides (Necromancer AU)

SUMMARY: For over a thousand years, necromancy has been forbidden in the Kingdoms, the Necromata–its practitioners–feared, reviled, and punished for a power they never asked to wield. Those Necromata who are not killed in the cradle are taken from their families, stripped of their Name–the core of identity and memory–and imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

Logan was twelve when he entered the palace dungeons. Prince Roman was fourteen when he witnessed the young necromancer being brutalized, imprisoned, and left to suffer.

Roman only wanted to offer the other boy comfort, and perhaps a scrap of dignity. He didn’t realize his kindness would follow both of them into adulthood–or that Logan would one day become the only person in all the realms that Roman would be able to trust with his life, his heart, and his very soul.

SHIPS: Logince (Logan/Roman), future Moceit (Patton/Janus) and Dukexiety (Remus/Virgil)

WARNINGS: lots of death because necromancy, slash, and more to come as I figure it out ‘cause it’s late and I’m tired. Also, no betas, we die like men.

NOTES: This is based on the gorgeous piece of art by @gretacticdraws that can be found here. I ended up writing a ficlet for it, and then my brain got swallowed up. Breathe at me wrong, and I’ll write more…hell, who am I kidding? I’ll write more anyway because this? Is self indulgent drivel. XD

Also located at AO3 over here.

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8 notes

Alright gays, this one is all over the place but I am not sorry <3 Enjoy <3


Word count: 4131

Ships: Intruality, Roceit, Analogical, brotherly Anxceit, brotherly Logicality, Creativitwins

TW: sexual innuendos, mentions of someone’s sex life, mentions of bashing someone’s skull in and jumping out of a plane, swearing


@gattonero17 @someoneiwasnt @fantasticfangirl21 @the-sympathetic-villain  @moments-of-selves @mistythegenderqueermess @bloodymari-0666 @existentialeggdogg @judyismydog

Let me know if you would like to be added! ✌ 💜

Part 1 | Part 2 |Part 3 |  Part 4

There weren’t a lot of things that unnerved Remus. Frankly, you need to come up with something really incredible or bizarre to get to him. In his lifetime, this had only happened once or twice, a prime example was during his internship as a forensic assistant in the bio-chemistry department during a particular case he’d rather not think about anymore.

However, nothing really unsettled him like waiting. Especially waiting for something planned.

Remus was a chemist. He knew that sometimes waiting was necessary to get results, but at those times, he could go work on something else. Whether it was another project, writing, drawing, music, it didn’t matter, as long as it was something.

Planning a heist? That wasn’t on his to do list, but it sure was something else than waiting for his ‘potions’, as he liked to call his experiments, to brew.

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Read on AO3

Summary: Virgil finds himself under the care of a mysterious person after he turned up on their doorstep in the middle of a blizzard, but are they to be trusted?

Ship(s): Familial Anxceit

Tags: sickfic: coughing, vague descriptions of vomiting, fainting, hurt/comfort, light angst, swearing, nonbinary!Roman, nonbinary!Janus,

This was a two cakes prompt from the TSS Fanworks Collective, “Virgil in the woods during a snowstorm stumbles into witch Janus’s territory and subsequently gets adopted.


Janus wasn’t sure what they were expecting to find when a bang came from their front door in the middle of a blizzard, but they certainly weren’t expecting to see a small teenager curled up on their doorstep in the freezing cold. Their mind moved at a million thoughts per second as they scooped the boy into their arms.

He shivered in their grip, and Janus frowned as they noticed that his lips were tinged blue, not generally a good sign.

Janus entered and the wind slammed the door shut as they rushed the boy to the couch. As Janus was removing some of the child’s frozen clothing, they tsked cuts and bruises that littered his body; he looked so very small. A sphinx cat paced the back of the couch, watching Janus carefully.

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know Patton.” Janus said as they made blankets dance their way from the cupboard across the room and wrap themselves around the boy. “I need to get him some dry clothes, keep an eye on him?”

“You’ll know if something’s wrong.” Patton said as he stretched and yawned.

“Oh I’m sure I will.” Janus mumbled, “Devil cat.”

Not five seconds after Janus left the room, the sound of coughing accompanied by the unearthly loud yowling of Patton greeted their ears. Janus sighed and grabbed one of their night shirts before heading back out to greet the music.

The boy was curled up on his side coughing his life out, Janus rushed over and placed a steady hand on his back, the boy flinched as Janus frowned at how hot his skin was considering he’d been lying out in the snow not moments ago.

“Breathe child.” Janus murmured, “I can not help you if you’re dead.”

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Unrequited Roceit, endgame logince, and endgame dukeceit idea where Roman and Janus are a double dancing and singing act (think like the musical Chicago) and are in a relationship as well. Roman is just happy to have a career with the love of his life, while Janus is MUCH more interested in fame and money- with or without Roman.

Janus: The press LOVES us! My act is wonderful and the producers can’t ignore it for long.

Roman: You mean OUR act?

Janus: Right. OUR act.

Roman soon meets Logan, a Broadway director who offers them an audition for a play. Musicals and Theater isn’t usually what they do, but they need the money. During the audition-

Logan: *clapping* That was amazing!

Roman: *breathless* You really think so?

Logan: You are going to go far in the world with that kind of talent, Roman. We’ll see you at the first rehearsal.

Janus: Wait- what about me?

Logan: Janus… you were amazing. You have so much talent, and it really pains me to say it’s not what we’re looking for. I’m sure there are lots of other directors who-

Roman is PAINFULLY oblivious to the fact Janus doesn’t care about him, so he stands up for his ‘boyfriend’.

Roman: What? You can’t reject him! Logan, I’ve been by Janus’s side in our career for decades. Either you take both of us or neither.

Logan: I… I suppose we can find a role for Janus.

Roman and Janus travel from Atlanta to New York, where their career is supposed to start.

Logan can tell Janus doesn’t care about Roman, and is heartbroken that Roman would stand up for the snake so easily. But he’s not supposed to get involved with the personal affairs of actors, so he tries not to think about it too much. 

He has a hard time with that since during rehearsal, Roman won’t stop being so fucking adorable all the time.

Logan: Hold on, Roman, could you-

Roman: Okay okay so I know what you’re going to say but I DIDN’T MEAN TO RAISE THAT LAST NOTE, It just felt really right and I can totally stop, but I actually had a little riff on the end there I wanted to do if I could and I know it’s really confusing and I’m rambling but please?

Logan: …I was going to say move a bit to the left, but go ahead.

Janus is VERY AWARE that Logan and Roman have chemistry, and normally he wouldn’t care since he doesn’t actually love Roman but this time, his ticket to fame and glory is riding on the fact that Roman stays with him, so he tries to intercept their relationship.

…at the very same time that Remus, (who is Logan’s brother in this AU and i’m so sorry to intrulogical shippers) wants Roman and Logan to get together. He has been waiting for Logan to find love for so long and he is NOT about to let some snake boi take away his brother’s happiness.

So, Janus and Remus have a huge, unspoken battle over getting Roman and Logan together OR keeping them apart. Remus sets them up to be alone together, Janus sabotages it or gets there at the exact time and drives Roman away. 

Janus: What is your PROBLEM?

Remus: What is MY deal? Uh, bitch, what is YOUR deal? 

Janus: My financial and social future depends on Roman and Logan staying apart. I need Roman to get me to fame. YOU need to stay out of it.

Remus: Logan is my brother who up until this point was lonely as fuck. I’m not letting you break his only chance at happiness. You don’t even LOVE Roman!

Janus: Can you not talk so loud? Someone is going to hear us.

Remus: Maybe I WANT THEM TO!

Janus: *puts a hand over Remus’s mouth* Keep quiet, rat.

Remus: *licks it*


Remus: *cackling*

Roman hears.

That’s really all you need to know- He was right outside when Remus and Janus had that conversation. He stormed back to his room of the hotel and waited for Janus to come back, where they broke up and Janus took his things and left.

This is where things get interesting…

Remus: *knocks on janus’s hotel room door* Uh… snake?

Janus: *muffled grumbling* *opens the door* Yes?

Remus: *trying to smother his worried feelings* Hey snake bitch! I noticed you haven’t tried to… sabatoge any of my plans lately.

Janus: Y e s.

Remus: …and I was just wondering why? I-I mean I just feel like you’re planning something. What are you planning? 

Janus: …your futile attempts at being aggressive amuse me. I’ll tell you.

Janus has been feeling strange lately. He tells Remus how he and Roman go together- They had been best friends in highschool, and Janus actually did like Roman once. They used to be an inseparable couple, it was only when Janus realized Roman had talent that could bring him glory, did he begin to stop caring. Now that they’ve broken up, it’s hard to say whether Janus MISSES Roman- because he doesn’t, not really, it’s not about Roman as a person. He missed the feeling of being cared for by someone, being held like fame and money didn’t matter, those little moments Janus missed so achingly much because he thought he would ALWAYS have them- and now he doesn’t, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Remus: …why did you tell me all that?

Janus: My life feels pretty shitty at the moment and I don’t see how spilling my guts to someone who’s already familiar with my less than pretty personality could bring me any lower.

Remus isn’t quite sure what to do with this information, he’s spent his entire time going up against Janus and hating him. Now he doesn’t see what he knew as Janus, he sees a confused and self-depreciating person- and he feels bad. But he knows he SHOULDN’T, he shouldn’t feel bad because Janus is the bad guy, Janus is the villain in the story-

But he isn’t anymore. This is what the villain looks like AFTER the fairytale, after the hero beats them- confused, lonely, and… crying?

oH my god, Janus is crying, do something, help him, holy fuck, nOoooOOO-

Meanwhile, Logan comforts Roman. 

Logan: …I should have done something. I KNEW that snake was bad news. Now he-

Roman: I’m quitting.

Logan: I- what?

Roman: I’m quitting- Janus still has his role in the play, I don’t want to spend another second looking at him. He can have his fame and his money, I don’t care about revenge, I just wanna go home.

Logan: But- Roman, no- You have so much talent! You could show him up, get famous, spread your story in the papers and never have to deal with anything like that again-

Roman: I’m sorry, Logan- I’m not mad at him. I couldn’t care less about what happens to him- I’m going home.

Logan: Back to Atlanta??

Roman: Yeah… *sniffle* Atlanta. Or maybe Marietta, or somewhere in that area. Northern Georgia, basically- I don’t know how I can go back to Atlanta right now, not with all the memories and stuff.

Logan: But… Roman… what about me?

Roman: Huh?

Logan: I-I mean, what about everyone else? Virgil, Patton, and Remus- you’re just going to leave all of us behind? (he laughs, almost hysterically) how- how am I gonna find anyone on the face of the earth who can fit your role?

Roman: Oh, come on Lo. I’m sure anybody can fit my role in the play, it’s a simple character and-

Logan: N-Not that, Roman- Your role in our lives? How am I- How am I going to find anyone I love like I love you?

Cue crying confession, adorableness, all that Jazz. Logince pining FINALLY comes to a close- And the rest of the fic would focus more on the Dukeceit aspect.

Remus, at some point, comes to the glaring realization that he ENJOYED bickering and fighting with Janus. He almost stops BREATHING when he finds that, in fact, he likes JANUS. 

Like, Like-likes janus. (No, the L-word isn’t available yet sorry lmao)

Janus figures out pretty quickly that he likes Remus but he just came out of an awful relationship in which HE was the manipulative one, and he really isn’t in the mood to focus on romance right now. Partly for fear that he’ll hurt Remus like he hurt Roman, and partly because nOT EVERYTHING HAS TO REVOLVE AROUND ROMANCE, HE STILL HAS BILLS TO PAY AND JOBS TO WORK, YOU HEATHENS-

Anyway, we have a couple of chapters dedicates to healing the tear in Roman and Janus’s platonic relationship. Janus works hard to try and show Roman he can be trusted as just a friend. (When I say works hard I mean WORKS HARD. I mean, remember what he did? It’s gonna take some work to sift through this.) Eventually, Roman and Logan (newly dating) have a little talk about Janus’s attempts.

Logan: I just- I get that he’s trying to heal it, but… I don’t know. I think I’m just being protective because you two dated once and I thought, if you fell for him once… you might again. And then, he might hurt you again, or even WORSE, he won’t hurt you at all and I’ll have lost you to him permanently.

Roman: …guess what?

Logan: What?

Roman: When I look at him, I feel nothing!!! :D

Logan: …nothing?

Roman: *grinning* Nothing at all! Now that I look at him, he’s not even cute!

Logan and Roman continue to burst into laughter.

One day, this happens:

Roman and Remus: *being lovable chaotic idiots*

Logan: *sighs* Why do we love them?

Janus: No clue.

Logan: *eyebrow raise*

Janus: waIT WAIT Okay look I didn’t mean Roman, okay, I- I meant Remus, and- Wait no I- UGH! *slams head on table*

Logan: *smirks* You like my brother. I knew it.

Janus: I’m so sorry I keep falling for people you know.

A couple chapters dedicated to having funny group bonding time, until this happens-

Janus: *acting on stage* If only someone were to look at me with the eyes that Jeremiah does with Her, I might finally be complete and live on to learn to love. My heart-

Remus: *from the audience* I will!

Janus: *pauses and turns to look out* What?

Remus *waving frantically* I’ll look at you with eyes! I’m not sure how else I would look at you, so I’ll do the eyes!

Janus: …What?

Remus: *groans* JUST DATE ME ALREADY!

Janus: *taken aback* Uh. Okay.

Remus: Wait, seriously?

Janus: Darling, just shut up, I’m doing a scene here…

Remus: :D

And they all lived. Happily ever after? Who knows. But they lived, and that was enough for them.


Do what you will with this idea! Tag me if you write or draw something though-

Reposts are appreciated!!!

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“I know, it hurts. I’m so sorry, but we have to get this out.”

It was supposed to be a relaxing morning at the park, a chance for the two of them to get some fresh air and for little Patton to get some of his pent up energy out. A nice, easy day. 

Roman should have known that with a four year old, life would never be that simple. 

A howl of pain errupted across the playground, and Roman was on his feet in an instant, rushing over to where Patton was now sitting in the woodchips, fat, glistening tears already spilling down his cheeks. 

“Hey, Pattycake,” he murmured, kneeling down next to his son and cupping his face. “What happened?” 

Patton just wailed, pointing to his leg, and yup, that sure was a scraped knee. 

“Oh, I’m sorry baby,” Roman murmured. “What happened, did you fall?”

Patton nodded, his lip wobbling, and Roman smiled at him. 

“Okay, lets get this cleaned up.” 

He scooped Patton into his arms and carried him over to where Roman had set down their belongings, then set about cleaning up the scrape as best he could. Patton let out a whimper when Roman found a splinter in his knee, trying to pull away, but Roman placed a hand on his shoulder. 

“I know, honey,” he murmured. “Keep still for me, okay?” 

“Don'wanna touch it!” Patton sniffled. 

“I know it hurts, Pattycake, I’m so sorry,” Roman said. “But we have to get this out, okay? Then you can have a bandaid and a kiss to make it all better.” 

Patton perked up a little at that. 

“C-can I…can I have an Elsa bandaid?” 

“Sure thing, kiddo,” Roman said, pulling out the last bit of the woodchips with tweezers. “There! All done.” 

“All done?” Patton repeated, looking down at his knee. 

“All done,” Roman assured him, unwrapping a Frozen bandaid and sticking it over the tiny wound. “Whaddya think, buddy, are we done with the park for today?” 

Patton nodded, and Roman smiled, scooping him up. 

“Okiedokie then, why don’t we go home and watch some Disney?” 

Patton cheered, and Roman chuckled to himself. His little boy never ceased to throw curveballs at him, but honestly, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hurt/Comfort Dialogue Prompts

68 notes

Chapter 1(?)

Notes: Yes, the song Remus is gonna sing is Lukewarm by Penelope Scott (it’s rlly good, you should check it out if ur into that kinda stuff :D)

AU: Band/Human 

Ships: Logince (for now?), Unrequited Intrulogical

TW: Blood, water, scratching, sympathetic Remus, u!sides (for now), mention of coke (the drug), swearing, suicidal thoughts, screaming, crying, dirty jokes, mentions of sex

Let me know if I missed any please :D

Word Count: 1519

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Ao3Masterpost,   C.1   C.2   C.3   C.4   C.5   C.6   C.7   C.8

Relationships: queer-platonic intruality, background platonic dlampr

I did it!!! I fucking did it!!! It’s been done!!! The end!!

Warnings: cursing, food mention, (brief) alcohol mention, kissing, relationship negotiations, cuddling, So Much Sap.

Word count: 4,147

Everything in the Mindpalace was going well.

Patton repeated that sentence to himself like a mantra, a water-filled mason jar clutched between his hands as he leaned against the kitchen bar.

Everything in the Mindpalace was going well.

Months and months went by without anyone having any sort of falling out, aside from petty arguments and occasional disagreements. Patton was attending each meeting, Remus right beside him. Life went on without a hitch. 

Patton tried not to give Remus all the credit for everything good that had been happening. Logan, he knew, was working very hard to better himself and be more open. Janus was acclimating to his new surroundings more every day, and tentatively building new relationships while fixing up the old ones. Roman had been trying so hard, okay, and everyone could see the ways he hesitated less and less each time he went to speak. That’s not to speak of Virgil, who’d managed to slot his past and his present together into one big future, and not without considerable effort.

Patton could laud them all for that, for the peace that fell over the Mindpalace, but… 

Part of him knew he never would’ve noticed that peace if he was still locked in turmoil with himself. And all of him knew exactly who it was that pulled him out of that hole. 

Which isn’t to say it wasn’t an equal thing. He learned that a while in, that he was picking up Remus’ slack as much as Remus was picking up his. They functioned together, complimentary. 

Everything in the Mindpalace was going well. The aching etched across Patton’s skin had faded, the ice solidified over his skeleton had thawed, and he couldn’t remember ever feeling so content.

Everything in Patton’s Mindpalace was going well.

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Ao3MasterpostC.1   C.2   C.3   C.4   C.5   C.6   C.7

Relationships: queer-platonic intruality, mentioned platonic relationships.

Second chapter of the night, babe! I’m really going for it with finishing this story!! mostly no italics as is my usual, because tumblr Sucks <3 

Warnings: cursing, brief true-crime talk, sexual innuendo, depressive episodes, crying, LOTS of h/c, mentions of past neglect (ok neglect is a really strong word it isn’t that bad, but, idk what to call it), touch-starvation, honestly though this is a ridiculously fluffy chapter guys. 

Word count: 5,618

In three weeks, Patton and Remus had gone from borderline insomnia to a sleep schedule that could’ve impressed even Logan. 

And in three weeks, neither had spent a single night alone.

The talk they’d had after their first sleepover ended up leaving more of an impact than either had realized. Maybe it should’ve been expected: they were both accustomed to saying exactly what they meant, exactly how they meant it, and any sort of vow to ‘never let go’ couldn’t be used lightly for two creatures like that. 

So, independently, they both decided to be as literal as they could about it. God, were they clingy.

But it worked better than anything. There was less aching, more talking, and if they were feeling better, the whole Mindpalace improved. Something something, the delicate ecosystem of the human mind, blah blah. 

And then it worked too well. 

Neither of them really knew what had happened, or how to feel about it (it might have been sad or strange that neither had ever had anything to compare it to, but if asked, they’d both say that’s what made it so special. They’d be right to say so, of course). It was what they had, together.

It wasn’t romantic- they’d seen romantic, knew it as well as they could, didn’t care for it. But in the end who cared about semantics? It didn’t matter, the reasons why Patton stared after his friend for a little too long, or what was making it so hard for Remus not to kiss his pal smack on the lips every time he smiled. Another thing that didn’t matter was the why in response to how they still hadn’t talked about it, but… Patton and Remus had resolved that as a problem for another time.

What mattered was that it just was.

(And another thing that mattered, a little bit, was the how it had happened, and both of them understood that perfectly well.)

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Ao3,   MasterpostC.1   C.2   C.3   C.4   C.5   C.6

Relationships: eventual queer-platonic intruality, platonic dlampr.

okay. so. last time we heard anything out of me was *New Years*, Literally, and maybe i should’ve mentioned that I was taking a little hiatus, but oh well. i’m back now and i’m gonna post the last three chapters of this fanfiction as soon as I possibly can (so probably like all of them will be up by tmrw at the latest!!) to make up for my absence. but jokes on you, cuz I did actually finish this thing!!! >:P 

(oh yeah, and there are no italics, thanks to tumblr’s copy/paste bulls//t. i continue to be lazy :3 if anything sounds stilted just imagine that theres an italicized word there and yeah.)

Warnings: cursing, sexual innuendo, discussions of sexuality, misunderstandings, Emotional Conversations, sharing a bed, mild body horror (remus’ existence lol), stress, h/c. 

Word count: 7,967

The hallway was cold, and dark. It had been long-since abandoned of any life, with every door shut and each light dimmed- even Virgil’s. That day- the day of the meeting- had exhausted everyone enough to send them right to sleep mode. 

Everyone except Remus and Patton.

Their heart-to-heart in the kitchen had dragged on a little longer than either had expected, letting night descend fully over the Mindpalace. Patton was the one to notice the time eventually, and drag his less-than-restful friend up the stairs with him- he could tell that the other was dead tired, though. His stubborn determination not to end the conversation didn’t sit well, but Patton couldn’t think what to make of it, and they really did need some sleep. 

They reached Patton’s door first. He stopped in front of it, when Remus tugged his hand back insistently. He turned to him, letting out a confused hum, and was met with a scowl and a sigh.

Remus was looking even more resigned than he had when they first started talking that night. Patton waited, worried. 

“This isn’t, um,” Remus exhaled, ragged around the edges. “This isn’t a pick-up line, okay, and I know that it’ll sound that way and I know that it’s me but. I really don’t wanna be alone tonight.”


Patton’s heart ached- and his heart was big, it took up most of him. He felt the pain spread out from his center and into his fingertips and toes, hot and empathetic. Because how could he hear something like that, and not want to spend the rest of the night doting on the creature in front of him until that voice never sounded so small again, till he was as big and confident as he was meant to be?

“I don’t think I want to be alone, either,” Patton said.

Remus stared, his big scarlet eyes casting a faint glow in the dark. They were wide, cautiously hopeful.

“Yeah?” He muttered.


Patton opened the door, and led them both inside.

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Chapter 1

A/N: and this is the 2nd and last (for now) instalment of unneeded! If you like it please reblog it!


An alarm was going off somewhere in Thomas’s mind. It wasn’t going on in Janus’s room like it would normally do, but he could hear it drifting faintly through the door.

Something was wrong.

Thomas was in danger.

Janus jumped to his feet and reached for the doorknob, before pausing. Thomas didn’t need him. Maybe, maybe this was a test, to see if the past several days had been in vain. Thomas could do this without him, but they needed to see Thomas could do it without him. Thomas needed to know he didn’t need him.

Janus stood staring at the door, his hand was clutched to his chest. Thomas… he was self care, an element of self preservation, but Virgil was self preservation as well, he could handle it. So it… this couldn’t hurt Thomas could it? The alarm wasn’t because of him was it? No no that didn’t make any sense. Not being able to lie was hardly cause for alarm, they’d been fine for the past week, it didn’t make sense that it only raised an alarm now.

He stared at the door as the minutes ticked by. The alarm didn’t stop. It never lasted this long.

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Chapter 10



~ Noodle

Ship: Intrulogical

POV: Both

TW: swearing, kissing, sympathetic remus, food??, caps for yelling

Let us know if we missed anything! :D

Word Count: 405

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Writing Masterlist


Dark and Daydreamy (#DnDy)

Status: Paused for now/ Unfinished

Chp.1 Chp.2 Chp.3

A prinxiety fantasy story with Prince!Virgil and Knight!Roman grow up together in the castle until Roman suddenly disappears from Virgil’s life without a trace

I Got Chills, They’re Multiplying

Status: Unfinished/ Discontinued

Part 1

A cute little Prinxiety story of Roman and Virgil setting up a movie night with friends at the cafe they work at, meanwhile being gay messes

(This was my first ever fic, so I apologise for the lack of paragraphing or structure in this one)

Unnamed Highschool Theatre AU

Status: In Development

Part 1

Virgil is forced to have to choose an elective regarding the arts his junior year, and inevitably chooses the drama class with the hope he could just participate in being a techie without having to perform on stage. Even if he’s definitely not in his suitable environment, he manages to make a few friends and one enemy. That enemy being Roman. (Yes it’s prinxiety)


Status: Finished


Just a little random snippet of a vauge story, thought I put it here too just for the sake of it. (I quite like it though)

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Notes: *smacks this in your face* H e l l o    t h e r e. I have returned, but this time with a tiktok-inspired fic because my creativity has been failing me recently-

Ships: Intrulogical

Pov: Logan and Remus

TW: Threats of destruction (i think-), mention of a broken leg, word “alcoholic”, gripping someone by the collar, kissing, swearing, mention of dick and body horror, Sympathetic Remus, Dark!Logan

Let me know if I missed any, please! :D

Word Count: 1594

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