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#ts fanfiction

The Party

Words: 1417

Triggers: u!Patton (unsympathetic Patton)

Read on: Wattpad AO3

Descript: Patton decides on the best plan of attack, find something to use against Janus. One thing first- the celebration! What isn’t there to celebrate? Thomas got the part, Janus got accepted, life is amazing right now! Or at least that’s what the other sides genuinely believed. Patton wouldn’t let that mentality stick around forever, though.

Taglist (Ask to be added or removed): @under-the-blue-moonlight @lokiamorstuffs @tranquil-space-ninja @wasinotwantedatthisexactsecond @emo–nightmare @mx-sugar-pink @radicalskatervirgil @justanoymous 

They have bug spray, can’t they have snake spray?? No?! Oh well, looks like he’ll have to do it himself.

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Little Tales - 1: “Lullaby”

Little Tales: little!Virgil, Patton.

Summary: human au!, Virgil has been through a lot. Life has made him anxious and he eventually developed regression as coping mechanism to better deal with all his stress. After an especially paranoid period, he retreats to Patton’s place who encourages Virgil to regress and trust him.

Anxiety needs a bit of sleep, too.

Tags: age regression, little!sides, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, bedtime story, babbling, Virgil going soft, Patton being the born mom!friend ngl, books for kids, little fox story (which was not made by me, dont @ me), cuddles, snuggles, tons of fluff, like teeth-rotting fluff, teary baby, pouting, secretly going soft, blush, pure domestic cuteness.

 Please be mindful to not tag/ add any ships or shipping content - this is (SFW) age regression and there are no relationships of any kind happening. Please respect that. Also don’t add any NSFW comments to this work. I appreciate this.

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Links broken? Inform me, please!

Story under the cut: (Word count: 1359)

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Teen and Up Audience

MAJOR Character Death (obviously lol)

Relationships: Roman x Remus // Remrom

Characters: Roman, Remus, Patton, mentions of Logan.

Summary: (Inspired by “Zombie Love” by Bohnes) In an act of desperation, Roman resurrects Remus, not being able to live without him. However, death is inevitable while love is not.

Tags: death, zombie, non-human Remus, loss, resurrection, twisted personality, personality change, blood, unrealistic representations of rituals, consumption of raw organs and meat, lover turns murderer, odd behaviour, decaying body, bad smells, vivid descriptions decomposition, ripped skin, head injury, funeral, ellipses, food mentions, nausea, murder, covering up crime, crime, tears, crying.

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Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.

Links broken? Inform me, please!

Story under the cut: (Wordcount: 7,4k)

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New story for the AU. This time about Virgil wondering who the hell is Logan. Also, apparently, Virgil’s main personality trait in this universe is thinking that Remus is very pretty and then being like: “hey! who said that?!”.

If it’s the first time you see this AU I think you can still understand what’s going on without reading older posts, but in case you’re interested: [HERE] is the introduction, [HERE] are some general HCs, over [THERE] you can find a story where Remus and Virgil met for the first time, and [HERE] is previous story :>

— —– — —– — —– — —– —

Word count: 2240

Relationships: technically Dukexiety, but they’re not there yet; Creativitwins

TW: mentions of fire (what a surprise), small injury, mentions of blood, some animal bones, swearing (because I’m mentally 12 and think that swearwords are fucking hilarious)

— —– — —– — —– — —– —


Because Logan Said So

           Over the last four months Virgil has learnt a lot about his new co-workers. Not every information he managed to gather was particularly interesting or even worth remembering, but having that knowledge helped with making the new workplace more familiar. And familiarity brought comfort.

           He learnt, for example, that their janitor – Jeremy – was the most grumpy and easily annoyed person in the entire firehouse despite being the youngest janitor Virgil has ever met. It was relatively easy to avoid him most of the time, but if he wanted everyone to know about his problems with something you would be informed that he’s unhappy regardless of your own involvement, or lack thereof, in the situation.

           Virgil also learnt that Anna was pretty helpful when it came to failing equipment and technology. They weren’t employed to do the repairs, but it didn’t stop them from trying to fix everything anyway. The guy with very short hair, whose name Virgil could never remember, was leaving his helmet in unexpected places and had three kids that he talked about all the time. Alex was often late, but always stayed at work longer than anyone. And that one girl everyone called Apple for some unknown reason was currently building a house and you couldn’t escape hearing about it, no matter how much you didn’t want to at the moment.

           Talking to Virgil about issues he wasn’t that interested in seemed to be the common thing among most of his co-workers.

           Pretty standard stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary.

           What was also not out of ordinary was the bird skull lying on his desk this Tuesday.

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Read on AO3

Summary: Virgil finds himself under the care of a mysterious person after he turned up on their doorstep in the middle of a blizzard, but are they to be trusted?

Ship(s): Familial Anxceit

Tags: sickfic: coughing, vague descriptions of vomiting, fainting, hurt/comfort, light angst, swearing, nonbinary!Roman, nonbinary!Janus,

This was a two cakes prompt from the TSS Fanworks Collective, “Virgil in the woods during a snowstorm stumbles into witch Janus’s territory and subsequently gets adopted.


Janus wasn’t sure what they were expecting to find when a bang came from their front door in the middle of a blizzard, but they certainly weren’t expecting to see a small teenager curled up on their doorstep in the freezing cold. Their mind moved at a million thoughts per second as they scooped the boy into their arms.

He shivered in their grip, and Janus frowned as they noticed that his lips were tinged blue, not generally a good sign.

Janus entered and the wind slammed the door shut as they rushed the boy to the couch. As Janus was removing some of the child’s frozen clothing, they tsked cuts and bruises that littered his body; he looked so very small. A sphinx cat paced the back of the couch, watching Janus carefully.

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know Patton.” Janus said as they made blankets dance their way from the cupboard across the room and wrap themselves around the boy. “I need to get him some dry clothes, keep an eye on him?”

“You’ll know if something’s wrong.” Patton said as he stretched and yawned.

“Oh I’m sure I will.” Janus mumbled, “Devil cat.”

Not five seconds after Janus left the room, the sound of coughing accompanied by the unearthly loud yowling of Patton greeted their ears. Janus sighed and grabbed one of their night shirts before heading back out to greet the music.

The boy was curled up on his side coughing his life out, Janus rushed over and placed a steady hand on his back, the boy flinched as Janus frowned at how hot his skin was considering he’d been lying out in the snow not moments ago.

“Breathe child.” Janus murmured, “I can not help you if you’re dead.”

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It’s been a while since I posted anything about this AU, but I got some inspiration and finished new short story. This time about Virgil and Remus briefly discussing their jobs and characters. I think you can read it separately and still get what’s going on, but if anyone’s interested I’ll link previous related posts.

[HERE] is the introduction, [HERE] are some general HCs, and over [THERE] you can find previous story where Remus and Virgil met for the first time :>

— —– — —– — —–— —– —

Word count: 1348

Relationships: technically Dukexiety, but they’re not there yet

TW: mentions of fire (what a surprise), mentions of dead animals, mentions of a car crash, swearing

— —– — —– — —– — —– —


The phone rang for about half a second before Virgil picked it up and gave his practiced introduction. It was calm and quick. Then he fell silent and let the woman on the other side of the line speak, listening carefully and responding with a few instructions. In an even voice he explained that the team has already been sent, that the fire engine was on its way. That there was no need to panic and that someone else has already called and now the only thing she should do is patiently wait, sit at a safe distance from the flaming car, and keep him updated if anything bad happened before the brigade arrived.

He made sure the woman was safe, said goodbye, and let the conversation end.

 Then he leaned deeper into his chair with a heavy sigh.

“I have a question!”, the loud yell right behind Virgil nearly sent him flying to the floor. He glared at Remus, clutching his headset and trying to readjust it before it slid off his ears. Why was he still surprised by these random outbursts? He should have gotten used to them weeks ago.

“What kind of question”, he asked in a tired voice very much aware that getting mad at Remus would only make his behaviour more annoying. Or worse… it’d make Remus upset… “The one I answered forty nine times already or something new?”

“A new one!”, Remus beamed sitting on a spinning office chair and moving closer to Virgil. “And if you’re exaggerating anyway you could’ve said sixty nine. That would’ve cost you nothing.”

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Chapter 1(?)

Notes: Yes, the song Remus is gonna sing is Lukewarm by Penelope Scott (it’s rlly good, you should check it out if ur into that kinda stuff :D)

AU: Band/Human 

Ships: Logince (for now?), Unrequited Intrulogical

TW: Blood, water, scratching, sympathetic Remus, u!sides (for now), mention of coke (the drug), swearing, suicidal thoughts, screaming, crying, dirty jokes, mentions of sex

Let me know if I missed any please :D

Word Count: 1519

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Chapter 10



~ Noodle

Ship: Intrulogical

POV: Both

TW: swearing, kissing, sympathetic remus, food??, caps for yelling

Let us know if we missed anything! :D

Word Count: 405

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Notes: *smacks this in your face* H e l l o    t h e r e. I have returned, but this time with a tiktok-inspired fic because my creativity has been failing me recently-

Ships: Intrulogical

Pov: Logan and Remus

TW: Threats of destruction (i think-), mention of a broken leg, word “alcoholic”, gripping someone by the collar, kissing, swearing, mention of dick and body horror, Sympathetic Remus, Dark!Logan

Let me know if I missed any, please! :D

Word Count: 1594

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𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙚 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙧𝙨

Pairing: Logince (soon to be a love triangle but spoilers)

I have the first chapter up on wattpad! Unfortunately, I dont have an AO3 yet because I’m using mobile lol

Hope you enjoy anyway!

Here’s the link! 💙

Cover art by @twoseokstwt

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Remix of Altered Perspective by alicat54c 

Read on AO3 (recommended)

Summary: The sides get a chance to meet Thomas, communicate more with him! But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll communicate with each other. 

Rating: T for Language and Remus 

Tags: Canonverse, canon divergence, mild hurt/comfort, miscommunication, swearing, Remus being mildly disturbing: mild gore

Janus picked at his nail through his gloves as he popped up into the real world. Well calling it real was a bit of an overstatement, it wasn’t like he could interact with anything or anyone, but Thomas was doing something that had some seblince to self care.

So here he was, in the realm in between inside Thomas’s head and outside Thomas’s head with the other sides. It was a blank void besides the couch Thomas was sitting on. Thomas looked uncomfortable, he had his eyes screwed closed and he looked all too aware of his breathing.

Logan checked his watch, “I’m not sure this is the best use of Thomas’s time.”

“What would you rather him do? Flop at his audition?” Roman huffed, “No I think not. He needs to talk to me! I can help him and then we’ll get the part and all will be well!”

Remus chimed in, “I know a hundred and seventy eight ways to kill a man using a dildo and a flight of stairs!”

“No we aren’t killing anyone!” Patton said firmly, “and if we were we wouldn’t do it like that.”

“Why not! How would you propose we kill someone?”

“I mean making it look like an acci— wait no doesn’t matter! Thomas isn’t going to murder anyone!”

Remus shrugged and picked at his teeth with his fingernails, “oh well your loss!”

“It’d be too risky anyway.” Virgil said, “Thomas is a terrible liar.”

Janus raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? You insult me Virgil.”

“Thomas couldn’t lie to save his life, it’s not my fault he doesn’t listen to you.”

Janus looked back at Thomas, “perhaps. Or maybe even you don’t know how good he is.”

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Notes: Hi, uh…this is my first TSS fic on here. Wooo! But what’s the downside? It’s a vent fic. Yup! Who better to dump  your personal problems on than the entirety of Tumblr?? /hj

POV: Roman

Genre: Heavy angst and very little comfort

Word Count: 1620

TW: Mentions of suicidal thoughts, self-deprecation/self-loathing, sympathetic Remus, caps (uppercase), mentions of Patton, Logan, and Janus, 

Lemme know if I didn’t get all the triggers

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Teen and up

 Roman x Remus (Remrom - Romrem)

Summary: Roman finds out his joyfriend and he share the same birthday. Time to set up a birthday party to only honour the other.

Tags: anxiety, panic, phobia, attention issues, social expectations, food, baking, hurt and comfort, eating, cooking and baking, playful drama

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Links broken? Inform me, please!

 Story under the cut (WC: 6,1k)

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A fun thing I did with a romance plot generator: Have this beautiful fic that does not exist

There’s something about Logan

An Unexpected Romance

by me and this website

Roman Sandano is a handsome, freckled and flirty barista from Russia. His life is going nowhere until he meets Logan Sanders, a strong, sexy man with a passion for astronomy.

Roman takes an instant disliking to Logan and the arrogant and unfocused ways he learnt during his years in Arkansas.

However, when a shark tries to fire Roman, Logan springs to the rescue. Roman begins to notices that Logan is actually rather creative at heart.

But, the pressures of Logan’s job as a game dev leave him blind to Roman’s affections and Roman takes up theater to try an distract himself.

Finally, when ruthless actor, Remus Sandano, threatens to come between them, Logan has to act fast. But will they ever find the unexpected love that they deserve?

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