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Sanders Sides Coraline AU 

It’s nearing 3AM here, and I’m watching Cinema Sins Coraline. So… I decided to write a bit for my Sanders Sides Coraline AU.

This excerpt is when Thomas find the Other World, because I don’t feel like writing shitty parents tonight. And hey! Finally learned how to the do the ‘keep reading’ things!


Thomas bent down his eyes narrowing as the tunnel of rainbow like colors expanded out in front of him. Now, for most people, this might seem like a bad idea. But for Thomas, after hardly having anything fun or exciting happen for the 2 weeks of moving in, this seemed like an adventure and chance he was willing to take. Not like his parents would notice he was gone… or dead.

Pushing his throw blanket off and crawling inside, Thomas let his curiosity guide him into the fabric tunnel. He got to he end and pushed open the door to find that… he was in the parlor room again? He blinked confused at that looking around at the area. 

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pt 16/? of my tss human au !! 🌈🌈 have had this almost ready since like 2pm, but procrastinated until 1am on actually completing + posting 😎😎

first | previous

[ID: a comic for part of a sanders sides human AU. Detailed description under read more.]

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Is genuinely shocks me that Thomas is 31 because in my mind he is a solid 26/27

That idea is also solidified by the fact that most of his friends are like 25

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oh gosh,,,, virgil with heterochromia ,,,,

I just like, think how he puts on contact lenses so that they’re both the same shade of brown instead of the brown and green that he’s so used to see in the mirror in the mornings. Because if they saw him like that, that would make him a freak, right? More than he already is, no thank you. The contact lenses stay.

But then one day, Patton cries out at night that he needs help, and everyone comes out of their rooms bc it’s a very desperate cry. Roman even has his curlers on and all.

In the end, it was just Virgil’s spider who was chillin in the cookie cabinet when Patton found him.

“That’s it,” he said, affectionately holding his pet up so Patton could come down from the chair. “You see? She was frightened too. Nothing to be afraid of now.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because I didn’t know she would be here, obviously,” Virgil argued rolling his eyes.

“No,” Logan shook his head. “Why didn’t you tell us you had heterochromia.”

And that’s where Virgil’s world seemed to break down. He felt as if a bucket of ice-cold water had been emptied on top of him. Virgil braced himself, knowing what Hell was about to come undone. He expected the jokes, the mocking, the insults, but instead…

“Awwwww,” Patton cooed, both hands curling under his chin. “They’re so beautiful!”

“Huh?” he quirked an eyebrow.

“They look like the green of the forests and the brown of the soil,” Roman added marvelled.

“I’d say they look more like puke and poop, if you ask me,” Remus corrected him, but not with less admiration. “Can we get one of those too?”

“It’s rather fascinating,” Logan continued as if Remus hadn’t spoken. “Pretty uncommon, or I’d say, impossible that he should have eyes a different colour form ours.”

“Intriguing, that’s for sure,” Janus confirmed with a solid nod.

No one slept that night. They were too busy asking all sorts of questions to Virgil, exchanging words of admiration, wonder, and curiosity. If he had to be honest, he felt… pretty much alright. Yeah. Veyr cool, nothing to fret over but… Yeah, it was nice.

Needless to say, Virigl never used his contact lenses again.

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The thing is that Logan’s stutters a lot. But the sides started picking up on the small patterns when it becomes more prominent:

  • When he’s nervous
  • Roman has noticed that, when he pushes Thomas to ask Nico out or do something stupid like double-text him, Logan’s stutter shines through his words.
  • He usually gives a long (really, really long) explanation of why they shouldn’t take such risks, and it’s full of stuttering. It usually takes a moment of Roman and patton reassuring him (and Virgil, for that matter) that eerything will be alright before he is able to get complete sentences out without a little slip of the tongue
  • When he’s excited
  • Whenever Thomas decides to open up that Astronomy article instead of bookmarking it for later and never seeing it again, Logan usually calls all the other sides he has nearby to listen as he reads it out loud as well. The thing is sometimes they have a hard time understanding him because Logan’s tongue starts to “get stuck”, as he likes to say, and he starts to run over some words, skip others altogether.
  • Usually, they just sit down, smiling at the boy that’s flipping his hands on the air saying stuff like “This is one of their best discoveries up to date!” and “Did you hear that, Patton? Three. Thousand. Miles!”
  • When he’s upset
  • No one likes this type of stutter
  • It appears mostly when Logan’s at his limit. When the discussions have gone too far, the buttons pushed a bit further than intended.
  • It’s when they start hearing how the words start to mix in his mouth as he rants, how the concepts end up unfinished, interrupted, if it isn’t bc of his stutter it’s bc of his tears
  • It’s in those moments that they know they msut drop the fight, set their egos aside, and listen.
  • But the best stutter? When Logan is happy
  • Eyes too bright, smile too wide, and words of gratitude, and praise (and what a compliment it is to be praised by Mr Logan Sanders himself) that come out in ways sometimes not even he can comprehend
  • but it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, because his message gets across in the way he looks at every single one of them
  • “This is a lot”
  • “I love it”
  • “I love you
  • “Thank you”
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Experimenting. It’s kind of a sequel to [THIS] post. I just need to test the style from time to time, because I tend to get stuck in the same way of drawing things.

[Also… I know that I don’t mention my private life on this blog almost… ever, but today I’ve become an older sibling :> I mean… I already was one. But now to the second person. Plus I don’t remember the first time I was given that role. Thought I might share.]

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