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Happy Birthday Patton! My entry for @lycan23uwu and their dtiys over on Instagram

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Happy Birthday Patton Sanders!!!!

Patton has come so far throughout the sanders sides series, especially this past year and I’m so proud of him!! I don’t think I will ever stop stanning this caring, compassionate, amazing character!!

Hope he has the amazing day he absolutely deserves!!

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Happy Birthday to the best boy out there

Patton Sanders!!

Here’s a list of things I love about him:

- everything

- that’s all thank you

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[image id: a drawing of patton, grinning with his eyes closed and giving the camera a peace sign. his hair is blonde, his glasses are round. he is vibing. end id]

Soft boi

Happy birthday to Pat!

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I always forget to post here I’m sorry-


(( @thatsthat24 ))

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happy birthday patton!!!! <33

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Sanders Sides baking competition - Teams of two

4 rounds

Round 1 - Pie

Round 2 - Cookies

Round 3 - Cakes

Round 4 - Ice Cream

Virgil and Roman - The panicked gays


Logan and Patton - The parents


Janus and Remus - The cookie scales

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(Background Prinxiety and Intrulogical)

TW: makeouts


Patton smiled as he slowly woke up to his face being lightly kissed by his cute snek boi. Today is a very special day, Patton’s Birthday, Ever since they got together Janus has been planning the perfect birthday party and gifts for his boyfriend.

“Janny, I’m awake.” Patton giggled, Janus just kept kissing Patton’s blushing face until finally resting a final kiss on his lips. Patton kissed back and smiled into the kiss as did Janus. “I love you, but I have to get up and make breakfast.” Janus pulled Patton down, “Nope, you are not. We are going to IHOP.” Patton smiled, “But I thought you hated IHOP?” Janus kissed Patton’s cheek, “But I love you so for a few hours I can pretend it’s good. All for you.” The lovely moment was interrupted by a crash, the lovers in bed looked at each other before getting up and slipping in their slippers praying not to find the body of one of their stupid children.

The kitchen was a mess! Flour everywhere, egg on the counter, chocolate chips in the sink, frosting on the stove, and in the middle of it stood Virgil and Roman covered in all of the ingredients making out on the counter. Roman sitting on the said counter and Virgil kissing while on his tippy toes, Roman is 5 inches taller than smol Virgil. Patton squealed, his ship has sailed!!! And on his birthday! Best present ever!!! Janus smiled at the two new lovebirds before speaking up, “I’m happy that you two finally figured out your love that we all didn’t see, however, could you please clean the kitchen.” Virgil and Roman dissolved into nervous and lovey giggles before starting to clean up the mess they made. “Come on Patty Cake. Let’s get ready for IHOP.” Patton smiled and rushed upstairs, excited to get IHOP.

Janus texted the party group chat and made sure the plan was in place.

  1. Surprise party
  2. Take Patton to the park
  3. Propose
  4. Carry Patton home lovingly

Patton and Janus were soon ready and went out to IHOP. Patton was having a good time and it was a bit slow so stalling wouldn’t be hard. The couple was having a good time as the party was being set up. Remus may be covered in glitter and Logan may have glitter on his lips but the party was pretty much done.

It was about noon when Janus and Patton began the journey home. “That was lovely Jan. Thank you.” Janus smirked, “Baby, it’s only noon. I have plenty more for your birthday.” Patton smiled at his boyfriend, god he was perfect. The two pulled up to the house and walked inside where the others popped out with the “SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Patton!” The father figment smiled at his family, they threw a party for him, it was perfect. Janus walked over to Virgil, “How much glitter is in the carpet?” Virgil smiled,” Too much. Have fun with that.” Janus smiled and pulled Virgil in for a hug, “Thank you for your help.”The two hugged for a moment before pulling away. Patton squealed, “That was adorable! But when did you start getting along so well?” The reason was that they missed being best friends and since Patton sees Virgil as son Janus asked Virgil permission to marry Patton and the two got close again; however Janus hasn’t proposed yet so Virgil answered, “I realized how much I missed my best friend. We fought over something that we were both at fault for so we called it even and started treating each other like friends again and now we are friends.” Patton smiled and hugged the two, “My boys!” he then pats Virgil’s head and kissed Janus’ cheek.

They did presents and cake then watched Patton’s favorite movie, Winnie the Pooh. It was now 4:30 pm and Janus was getting ready to take Patton to the park. Virgil walked in and fixed Janus’ suit, handed him the ring, and hugged him once more before sending him off to go ask his dad to marry him. Virgil was happy that Patton was happy. Patton wore a baby blue button-up with a flowy blue and yellow skirt while Janus wore a black and white suit. The park is where the two began dating so Janus knew it was the perfect place to ask Patton to marry him.

Patton sat down on the bench as he did Janus began his speech, “Patton, my Patton. We have been dating for 2 years now and every day I love you more and more. From our movie nights to road trips, to vacations we have fun; even when things get tough you were always there for me even when I didn’t deserve it. I love you more and more every day if that’s were even possible. The future is uncertain however I know that I will always love you so.” Janus got down on one knee and pulled out the blue ring box with a golden ring with two baby blue diamonds on it, “Patton Morality Sanders, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?” Patton sat stunned before beginning to cry, “Yes! Yes please!” Janus smiled before pushing the ring on Patton’s finger and giving him a passionate kiss. Patton wiped Janus’ tears as he did the same for Patton. “I love you so much, Janus.” “I love you so much more, Patton.”

It was a love-filled birthday, to say the least.

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Honorary birthday dad-joke:

The day I was born, the doctors sorted me so bad, I couldn’t walk for a year <( ̄︶ ̄)>

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He’s the birthday boy!!! He’s so cute, I had a lot of fun w this :) (click for resolution)

Close up for the bracelets cause I’m proud of them:



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As Paige walked along the hallway, she saw a glow emitting from the subconscious. She carefully ventured in to find the source of this light. A book. A book laid there, glowing a pale orange. After closer inspection, she realized it was a book filled with Tammy’s most fond memories. She couldn’t help but pick it up and dive into those memories. Before dilemmas, before worries, before having to adult. She chuckled it was her birthday and somehow, Tammy was always the best present.

So… I decided this year’s birthday arts would be fem!sides and would have a story! Maybe…

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