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#ts remus
which sanders side are you uquiz
hey hey!! i promised y’all this was coming & here it is!! also this quiz does call you out hard at the end, in the time honored tradition of uquizzes.
take the quiz here! 
content warnings: non-detailed mentions of homophobia and ableism; a reference to “ducking out” being used as an analogy for s*icide.
there is also a spoiler for the hobbit but yknow that was published like 85 years ago so i think im in the clear there lol
rb and let me know what you got/what you think of it!
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thecrowslullaby · 2 days ago
There has ben a consistent lack of loceit on my blog so it was time to step up and do sth about it, least people start to suspect my brain rot has ceased, and we cannot have that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bonus demus+logince because somebody has corrupted me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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romancore · 2 days ago
Roman: Where is the turkey?
Janus: I haven’t seen it
*few minutes before*
Janus: *helping Remus put the turkey on his head*
Remus, running into the kitchen with the turkey on his head: BEHOLD THE TURKEY MAN! IS HE MAN OR IS HE TURKEY? THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW
Roman: I hate this family
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Tumblr media
One of Remus’s favourite activities; f-laying on the table. (Get it?)
A collaboration with the amazing @cannibal-fat 👍👍
(Process under the cut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(And then the final product)
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sliceofheavn · 2 days ago
hc that remus got his makeup tips from virgil instead of the other way around so like before he goes to fuck with people he’ll go to virgils room and be like “pls pls do my make up you terrifying sexy bitch demon i luv so much 🥺🥺😩”
either that or he’ll come mess up things in his room and like eat his makeup or something until virgil gets up and threatens to stab his eyes out is he keeps fucking with his stuff while he reluctantly does his makeup
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Remus, texting Logan: You alone?
Logan: Yes, what's up?
Remus: I'm in the shower, wanna help me out?
Logan: Is this your first time taking a shower?
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Head empty, only Virgil scream sobbing as he holds a family picture of him, Janus, and Remus close to his chest.
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doodle-png · 2 days ago
trash panda doodle(s) pt 2 :]
some random doodles from class
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rosepetalgold · 2 days ago
Remus: Something wrong, dork?
Logan: Roman didn't put the Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge to thaw and now it won't be ready in time for dinner.
Remus, summoning a flamethrower: I can help with that.
Logan: No, don't-
Logan: Actually, I'm curious. Go for it.
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anxiousgaypanicking · 2 days ago
Can I request Remus/Janus with some good old fashioned tentacle sex?
Demus (Janus x Remus) Warnings: tentacles, aphrodisiac, degradation, sex
Janus lets out a quiet grunt as Remus's slimy appendages hold tighter to his body. It's not an unusual feeling; the sudden squeeze was just a bit surprising, especially considering Remus was sleeping.
Although, more often than not, he ends up held tightly to Remus's chest by the slimy appendages, and he doesn't bother to try and fight his way away from them. In their own weird sort of way, it's quite comforting.
Currently, two of Remus's tentacles were wrapped around each of Janus's thighs, keeping him pulled around Remus's hips in a constant straddle. The other four were wrapped around the snake hybrid's midsection, simultaneously keeping Janus's arms pressed to his sides and holding his chest against Remus's chest.
The intrusive side's warm breath fans against his head, heavy breathing often accompanied by loud snores or words being mumbled, but it all works to comfort Janus more. The only reason he was pulled out of sleep was because something loud initially disturbed him, although he doesn't remember what it was. His mind didn't process it in time.
He's silent, though. Just because he's awake doesn't mean he's going to wake Remus up too. It's hard enough getting him to go to sleep in the first place; waking him up would just cause even more trouble.
However, Remus's tentacles feel more moist than usual, and they squeeze him tight again, this time accompanied with a grunt from Remus as his hips suddenly shift.
"Fuck... Janus..." Remus mumbles, his own hands planted on Janus's ass and pulling him closer, meanwhile Janus's comfy pants start to stick to his thighs due to the wet substance coming off of the tentacles were seeping into his clothes. It tingled as it hit his skin, before a pleasurable sensation spreads over where the substance touched.
Janus goes wide eyed, before suddenly he's grinded against hard, and the tentacles start writhing with more arousal. All the movement and head sliding over Janus's body causes him to squirm in response, which unfortunately wakes Remus up as a result.
"Babe...?" comes Remus's tired voice, followed by a groan of "I was having a good dream. What's up? You need to piss or something?"
"No- no, Remus, you were grinding against me," Janus responds, as the tentacles ease up on him. They still wiggle around relentlessly, and one specifically slithers up to Janus's face, gently nuzzling against his cheek before it runs against his lips.
He moves to sit up, and Remus moves with him, pulling Janus into his lap in the process. Remus still looks tired, blinking slow, but he's rather quick to press a kiss to the side of Janus's face, before resting his head against Janus's shoulder.
"My double-dicked darling, can I please fuck you?" Remus whines out. It's a genuine question; he'll get up and go get off in the bathroom if necessary, but it seems like Janus was awake anyway, so he might as well ask.
Janus can't help but grin at how cute Remus sounds, in the most Remus-like fashion, at least, but he answers "yeah, go ahead Remus. Your aphrodisiac has already worked me up, so you might as well."
"My bad; you know I can't control them at all times."
Scaled fingers run over the slimy tendril near Janus's mouth, before his forked tongue peeks out of his mouth to drag teasingly over the tentacle, before he smiles slyly at Remus. "I know you can't, but it makes life more interesting. Now hurry up; my body's on fire." His arms wrap around Remus's neck, pulling him close in order to kiss him briefly, before Remus is feeding a tentacle into his mouth.
It immediately wriggles in deeper, aphrodisiac sliding in goops down Janus's throat, and Janus is more than eager to just let his throat relax and drink up whatever chemical the tentacles want to give him.
He's nowhere near as sleepy as Remus is, but the idea of laying back and letting Remus pleasure him without having to move a muscle sounds heavenly right now, and Remus's tentacles already have a secure enough hold on him.
Janus's warm tongue working over his tentacle makes Remus moan, and in a quick moment, Remus is allowing himself to lay back on the pillows, keeping Janus on his waist, although now a tentacle has raised his arms over his head, allowing Remus a pretty view of a slimy appendage running up Janus's shirt, sucking dark hickeys into his skin with the suckers, and otherwise coating his nipples in a thin layer of aphrodisiac, earning a moan from Janus.
His head is thrown back, and his throat ripples as the tentacle slides down even further. His gag reflex is gone, so it works its way down without much issue, producing an extreme amount of chemicals that it pumps down Janus's throat. His cock is clearly hard in his pajama pants, and upon seeing that, Remus snickers.
"I'm glad I sleep in the buff," he quips. "Now I don't have to waste time taking my own pants off. Just yours." As he says that, his tentacles move to slide Janus's pants off of his waist, before tossing them to the side.
The tentacle wrapped around Janus's wrists pull him up a bit, positioning him over Remus's writhing tentacle cock that seems to be leaking with a slick substance that's no doubt the aphrodisiac and writhing up towards Janus's body, as if knowing that it wants to be inside of him.
Slowly, Janus is lowered down, and the tip of Remus's tentacle cock slides right inside of him, moving relentlessly as it tries to go deeper. Remus throws his head back onto the pillow and moans as Janus's walls clench around him, while Janus is stuck going at whatever pace the tentacles allow him to.
One slowly wraps around his throat, and another around his cocks, both causing Janus to shiver. The one around his neck mostly just gently stays wrapped around it; a subtle sign of dominance that Remus has over him, meanwhile the one around his cocks smears aphrodisiac along the shafts, before squeezing them together and rubbing them against each other, drawing a loud moan followed by a buck of Janus's hips.
"Whore," Remus spits at him, although he brings Janus down lower, working more of his cock into him. "I bet you worked me up in the first place because you knew that if I was horny, I'd fuck you without a second thought." His hands are against Janus's thighs, scratching into them with little care. He knows Janus likes his sharp nails, and Remus himself loves seeing the marks he makes afterwards.
"I bet that's it, huh, bitch? Just wanted to be pounded so you made it look like it was my fault, right? Maybe I need to start strapping you down and leaving a vibrator in you all night so my little slut can stay filled."
Janus moans again, back arching as his hips land flush against Remus's, tentacle writhing inside of him while the others focus on marking up his pale body.
They stay away from his tentacles, not wanting to cause any pain by accidentally attempting to suck hickeys into them, but it means the human side of him has multiple tentacles sucking marks into him. Purple spots are visible on his neck, down his chest, over his nipples, and some are even on his arms thanks to the possessive nature of both Remus and his tentacles.
Janus can't even defend himself against Remus's words, but it's not like he would. Sure, that isn't what happened, and Remus knows it isn't, but it's fun to think about.
Being tied up all night, left overstimulated and shaking as a vibrator is lodged directly against his prostate, tiring him out so much but preventing him from sleeping all the while.
As the aphrodisiac goes straight to his brain, Janus is overwhelmed with heat and with pleasure, and sex is the only thing on his mind. Adding to that, the tentacle inside of him thrusts right up against his prostate, causing Janus to cry out a moan that's muffled by the appendage down his throat, all while Remus lays back and enjoys the show.
"That feel good, slut?" Remus asks, and it's a genuine question despite his teasing demeanor. Janus's precum drips onto the tentacles around his cocks, and some even gets onto Remus's abdomen, but he enjoys hearing Janus moan in affirmation as a response instead.
As a reward, the tentacles around Janus's cock squeeze tightly, before they start slowly pumping them, slathering aphrodisiac over them and making Janus moan in pleasure.
"Good boy, letting me use your body; you were so willing to let my tentacles have their fun, huh?" A shivering sensation courses through the tentacles, as if they're just as pleasured by Remus's words, as well as Janus's body.
"Gonna let me fuck you full of my come too, right? I'll breed you so good that you'll be full of my sperm all night. How does that sound?"
It sounds all too good, and Janus can really only barely grind against Remus's body in an attempt to entice him to do as he says and pump him full of come. If only it were breeding season, and Remus was filling him with eggs instead, but this would have to do for now.
A sudden gush of liquid streams down Janus's throat and Janus chokes, tears welling in his eyes as his body spasms, coming hard with the force of his own aphrodisiac-induced orgasm.
The tentacle inside of him continues to shift and writhe against his prostate, overstimulating him slightly, but after a moment, it comes too, filling Janus up with a ridiculous amount of come. He knows Remus probably changed around the rules of his body to give himself a larger load, but regardless, he feels some dripping past his thighs from how full he is. Remus himself groans as he comes, grinding his hips upward in an attempt to fill Janus with everything he's got.
The tentacles around his body wriggle and then come too, spraying him with a more clear version of come and making a mess of his trembling and sweaty body.
After a bit of panting, Remus's tentacles just wrap tightly around Janus once more and pull him against his chest once more, despite the fact it's making both of them messier.
Remus's hands find their way back to Janus's ass, resting his palms gently against it in an affectionate, yet Remus-like manner, and making Janus smile.
Without any words being exchanged, they rest together, Remus falling back into sleep in a matter of moments and comforting Janus with his obnoxious snoring.
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flowers-zombie-rob · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Double trouble inspired by @mythicalitycosplay and @cuttyren with their recent cosplay post which quite frankly is fantastic
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tssidesfics · 2 days ago
Thing I Noticed from Most Recent Video
Remus is...actually capable of semi-normal conversation? He doesn’t have to insert something gross literally every sentence? He’s not always speaking in that completely unhinged tone of his?
Honestly it’s made writing him a billion times easier. He’s actually adjacent to semi-normal. It’s world-altering
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Logan: What are you writing?
Remus: The government wants to know what kind of weapons we have in the house. I'm letting them know it's private information.
Janus, looking over Remus’ shoulder: This just says 'fuck around and find out' in calligraphy.
Logan: Great now the government is after us again
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somefandometrashe · 20 hours ago
I know Sanders Sides isn’t canon but I really hope Remus gets a cameo.
I know it wouldn’t make sense for multiple reasons but still- like Roman could get a letter written by Remus sent from a jail, it would work because technically Remus isn’t there and the only thing Thomas would have to do it maybe read the letter in Remus voice. Or someone in the town could ask Roman how his twin brother is and Roman could be like “? I don’t have a twin brother, have you been drinking too much again.”
Idk- I just want to have some reference to Remus-
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Janus: Y'all still beat your meat? lol
Remus: What do you beat?
Janus: Capitalists.
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