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#ts remus
logan dragged me away from what i was doing and shouted something along the lines of "what were you thinking?! what did you think was going to happen when you did that?!"
REMUS, laughing
bold of him to assume that i think about anything that i do. my only thought process is "will this cause chaos?" and if the answer is yes, i proceed.
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Here’s some doodles of the “dark sides” plus Virgil! (PS can you tell I did the Remus one better?)

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Warning: Food mention, a tiny bit of swearing, sibling arguments


“Dinner’s served.” Emile said, sitting down as he set down the last dish plate. “Thanks darling.” Remy said, kissing their husband’s cheek. Emile smiled and said,”It was my pleasure,” before kissing them back, this time on the lips.

“Ew, can you not be so lovey dovey? We’re trying to eat here.” Remus complained, wrinkling his nose in minor disgust.

“Would you prefer that we be cold and hate each other?” Remy asked, crossing their arms.

“I just don’t need to see you guys making out at the table while we try to eat.” Remus said, rolling his eyes.

“I think it’s sweet.” Patton said, serving themself some of the chicken and a much smaller helping of salad, earning them an exasperated look from Remy.

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Remus snatches the paper out of the air once he sees it, almost falling out of the tree he’s sitting in in the process. He reads over it while practically vibrating.

“Oh! It’s actually a funny story! One day me, Logan, and Roman were hanging out in the Athena cabin when Logan accidentally knocked over one of his sibling’s ch- chem-” Remus gets stuck on the word chemistry for a moment, shaking his hand back and forth as his eyebrows furrow in thought. He suddenly jumps, once again almost falling off the tree. “CHEMISTRY! Got it. Anyway, the chemistry thing splashed all over me and my arrows and then I said ‘it looks like vomit’ and as Roman was yelling at me he touched the arrow and vomitted all over the floor. It was pretty cool even though Logan started yelling at me too. After Roman had the stomach flu for a week I found out how to recreate it and the rest is history. We were like… 12 at the time?”

Remus grins wistfully, fidgeting with the paper in his fingers as he stares off at the camp.

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Me : Has 10+ drafts about well thought out stories. Including Mercy.

What I post: Remus is afraid of Hermit Carbs.

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headcanon side designs + height chart Bo)

virgil - 6’7

logan - 6’3

janus - 6’0

patton - 5’10

remus - 5’8 (5’7 without platforms)

roman - 5’7

click 4 better quality | dont repost

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Roman: Remus just texted me back ‘lmao’ from the next room.

Roman: I hear no laughing.

Roman: My brother is a liar.

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Guys I can’t think of an au it will have Loceit and platonic creativitwins but what should it be???

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Short heads up: The dates that are written down follow the format day.month.year. Also the months all are 30 days long and have different names.

Now have fun!


With a sigh Logan walked up to the front door of his home and opened it. It was almost 18:30, he couldn’t dillydally any longer.

“Mother! I’m home!” Logan called and walked inside, taking his satchel off and setting it to the floor as he took off his shoes.

He heard harsh steps coming his way and looked to see his mother walking up to him with a stern look in her eyes. When Logan straightened up and, he noticed a little tremble in her look and watched her furrow her eyes.

“What on earth happened?” she asked and Logan felt his shoulders sink.

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Sanders Sides AU where Roman and Remus both have two versions of themselves depending on the time of day. When Thomas is active they function as Creativities, giving him ideas, noticing everything that can serve as an inspiration, and admiring art around them. Their jobs are obviously much more complicated than that, but being focused on potential artistic expression is the dominating factor of who they are as sides.

During the nights, however, the twins transform into their more ethereal version that take care of the dreams and fantasies created in Thomas’ barely awake or fully asleep mind. It’s a perfect mixture of what both Creativities stand for. The unrealistic, positive, but still dramatic stories crafted by Roman from Thomas’ wishes or plans for the future. The absolutely absurd and illogical visions about the recent events fuelled by Remus’ chaotic, wild nature. A perfect mixture of both.

The brothers are rather serene, cooperating in silence, letting the images evoked in Thomas’ mind shift from one to the other in a trance as their hands move in languid gestures sculpting unfinished faces and painting blurred backgrounds that together create a semi-coherent picture.

Just like Thomas, they don’t fully remember what they’ve made during the night. Only sometimes the stories told in sleep leave such a strong impression that the twins are able to recall what happened and usually argue about one of them interfering with the other’s fantasy.

It’s still Roman and Remus. Just calmer… more subdued. It’s the closest they’ll ever be to becoming one entity. And they don’t talk about this aspect of their function that much. The other sides also don’t mention it too often, although all of them are aware of what is happening. Sometimes, when Thomas’ brain is very active right before suddenly quieting down for the night they can see both twins hovering at the edges of consciousness dressed in some new, unfamiliar outfits and with faraway, contemplative looks on their faces.

Waiting for their night shift to begin.

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I made a song list for a Sanders Sides Musical because I finished my math homework early 

Opening - What is up everybody?

1) Thomas Sanders? - sung by everyone

2) Adultery - sung by Patton

3) Sup - Virgil’s entrance song sung by Virgil and the weds (his spiders)

4) Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies - Virgil and company

5) Yes, no, hold! - Sung by Roman, Virgil, and Thomas

6) Logan’s rap God moment - Rapped by Roman and Logan

7) Work Hard, Love easy - Sung by Patton and Logan

8) Lonely Heart Blues - Sung by Roman and Patton

9) Question? Mother? Father? Brother? - sung by everyone

10) Yogurt(ing) - Sung by Virgil and Roman

11) Hiss, Falsehood! - Sung by Virgil and Logan

12) Up we go - Sung by Patton

13) Who? What? Where? - Sung by everyone (and friends)

14) Catch me if you can - Virgil and Roman

15) 1, 2, 3, no 4? - sung by everyone

16) Granola - Thomas 

17) Bad news, dark blues - sung by Virgil

18) 4 pieces to a puzzle - sung by Roman

19) V. I. R. G. I. L. - sung by Virgil and company

Pre - Intermission - Self - Care Rap sung by Patton (beatboxed by Thomas)

1) Purple? - sung by all

2) Placement and Changes - sung by all 

3) Placement and Changes reprise - sung by all

4) Code Heart! - sung by Virgil

5) Logan’s ballad - sung by Logan

6) 12 days of Christmas - sung by all

7) Curtain! That curtain! - sung by Virgil, Roman, and Logan

8) Enter Janus - sung by Janus and the snake sisters (his snakes)

9) Bed beats desk - sung by Roman and Logan

10) Crofters - sung by Logan, Roman, and Thomas

11) Incomplete - sung by all

12) Tommy’s growing up - sung by Virgil

13) Sustained - sung by Roman, Janus, and Patton

14) Forbidden Fruit - sung by Remus

16) Chill - sung by Logan, Roman, and Patton

17) Rhythm Redux - sung by Patton, Thomas, and Roman

18) Who is he? - sung by Virgil and Roman

Finale - Thomas Sanders, quite the guy! - sung by all

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Ooo thanks for the ask that’s an interesting combo with different versions of the characters that made me think

Mkay for pushing of a cliff I’d have to go with dark side!logan, no hate at all to anyone who creates that kind of content those aus just aren’t my cup of tea personally

I would HAVE to be roommates with Emile like that would be incredible. We’d have Steven universe merch all over the house and don’t tell me Emile doesn’t play animal crossing, we’d share an island and have all our fav villagers and make it super cutesy

Wrap in a blanket: roman. The boi deserves it, I’d make sure he’s getting proper rest and remind him of how amazing he is

If I had to pick one I’d defo marry the king, that would make me a QUEEN! Not quite a princess but it’s still super cool and I get a TIARA and PRETTY DRESSES and I host PARTIES. And again, it would probably be one of those marriages of necessity where the dude marries a woman to hide the fact that he’s into guys. We’d still be good friends and make a great team and rule… the mind palace?? I guess??

Call me predictable and I know I said the same thing in the last one but set on fire would have to go to Remus. Again, it was probably his suggestion in the first place. Or alternatively could be dark side!Logan, “for science” and all that lol

And welp by process of elimination guess I’d have to kiss pre AA!Virgil. On the forehead to remind him he’s not alone

Tysm for the ask, thinking about all the different versions of the characters was so cool :DDD

Ask game

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Title: 5 times the sides were waring someone else’s cloths and one time they all were

Fandom(s): Sanders sides

Description: There were very few things all the sides could agree on. One of those things was that Thomas was terrible at giving them warning before summoning them, which resulted in some rather interesting and somewhat embarrassing moments. Be that missing items of clothing or wearing pyjamas.

Characters: Virgil, Roman, Patton. Janus, Remus, Logan, C!Thomas

Parings: intrulogical, Analoroceit, moceit. 

Individual bits as induvisual ships: anxeit, parental moxiety, roceit, intrulogical, logicality, analogics & prinxiety & moceit & demus [this was confusing]

Tags/warnings: can’t think of any warnings, implied making out at the end, kinda fluffy, 5+1 things, sharing cloths


Things had been pretty hectic over the past week, and everyone needed a break. Which, of course, meant no one was, and Thomas was making a video. Logan, Patton and Roman were all arguing over what they should be spending time on. Patton was pushing him to help his friends, Roman telling him to go dream chasing and Logan failing to find a balance between them.
Thomas was expecting Virgil to rise up any second as he had done many a time before, but it wasn’t the anxious side that appeared.
“Well, isn’t this lovely. Totally productive and very useful bickering.”
It may not have been who he expected, but Janus had the desired effect, and the sides were able to begin to work towards a solution.
Looking over, Janus realised Thomas wasn’t paying much attention. Snapping his fingers, he got said man’s attention.
“Sorry, just. What are you wearing?”
Logan cut in before the yellow side could answer “He is waring Virgil’s hoodie, surely you can see that?”
“No, no, I see that but… why? Never-mind, what were you saying Janus?”
Janus restarted his point, and things continued as usual.


The sides had materialised to watch another movie. Thomas had found a behind the scenes Disney documentary which had done the near-impossible task of appeasing both Roman and Logan while still engaging all the other sides. Logan and Remus were off in the latter’s room presumably working on their recreation of Frankenstein’s monster; assuming Remus hadn’t distracted the logical side. Patton and Janus were making another batch of cookies in Thomas’ kitchen; Thomas himself was chatting with them and making a note to buy more flour, sugar and eggs. Again. Roman was adventuring in the imagination, and Virgil was presumably on Tumblr in his room.
An hour later, the sides to congregate in Thomas’ living room scattering all about the place. Janus was lazing on the sofa, next to Patton in his cat onesie, looking surprisingly comfortable given he was still waring slacks and a buttoned-up shirt. Roman leaned against the yellow side’s legs and practically vibrating with excitement. Logan was sitting in his usual spot having lost his tie at some-point but still looking very put together. Remus was lurking behind the sofa in his birthday suit.
Virgil appeared on the arm of the couch in Patton’s cat hoodie. The sides all greeted him, and the Moral side could not stop cooing at how adorable he looked in his hoodie. Janus looked at their human with a raised eyebrow as he walked and received an eye-role in return.
“You do look adorable Virge.”

Finding the sides in the kitchen at random hours wasn’t particularly surprising anymore. Between Patton’s baking, Janus’ cooking, Logan’s love of crofters and Virgil’s random snacking there was usually someone there and if there wasn’t you didn’t have to wait long.
However, what was unusual was the two most dramatic sides appearing singing some kind of competitive duet. Once Roman and Janus had reconciled, they took bickering to the next level. If the others thought he was bad with Virgil, Roman took it to new heights with the deceitful side.
Competitive Disney mealies was a new one though.
Somehow Janus had lost his cape, and Roman’s sash was nowhere to be seen. What was most surprising, however, was that Janus’ hat had found itself onto the prince’s head. Given how protective, said side was of his hat it was unexpected but the two sank out before anything could be said.

[Remus’ sash is absolutely massive when unfolded and I WILL die on this hill]
For once, Janus had managed to get everyone to listen and actually take a break. Said side was cuddling with Roman and Virgil back in the mind-palace commons and Patton was knitting in a chair next to them. The last anyone had seen of Logan and Remus was them talking excitedly heading off to the latter’s room.
A few hours later Patton had finished up the beanie he had been knitting and had moved I join the others’ cuddle pile. At some point, Virgil had fallen asleep with his head on Romans shoulder to the creative side running his fingers through his hair. Janus was starting to doze off curled around Patton. He raised his head sleepily when Logan shuffled into the room and flopped onto the couch with a book in hand. He pulled the Duke’s sash tighter around his shoulders and cracked open the hefty tome as the Moral side ruffled his hair. The owner of the sash around Logan’s shoulders slunk into the room to steal Janus’ hat and lie across the back of the couch.

The sides were sitting around having a far more relaxed debate than usual. There was no one specific topic, the conversation drifted from the mundane to the ridiculous.
Other than a brotherly spat that had left Roman sulking for a short while things were thankfully drama free.
Or, well, they had been before Logan had accused Patton of not taking things seriously. There was a tense moment before the latter snapped his fingers.
“Pat, what?”
Then Virgil started snickering and pointed to Patton’s neck.
“Well, Lo, I’d say I’m being plenty serious. See, necktie!”
Sure enough one of Logan’s old ties had materialised around his neck. Even the logical side couldn’t keep a straight face and they all burst out laughing.

Thomas was getting used to seeing his sides in clothing other than their usual attire but he was still rather surprised when he summoned them to start recording and they were all each-others clothes.
Patton and Janus appeared together, the yellow side in the others hoodie with his arm over his shoulders. Remus had popped up with Janus’ hat next to his brother who had Virgils hoodie on and was looking a little awkward.
Virgil had Logan’s tie draped around his neck and blush on his cheeks as he glared at the human who had summoned him while the Logical side just smirked.

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Remus: *writing cuss words on sleeping patton’s face* Hehe! He’s gonna be so mad when he wakes up!

Remus: Done!

Patton: Hello!

Remus: AGH! Wh- I thought you were asleep?!

Patton: No, I was never asleep! I didn’t want to interrupt you since I’m sure whatever you were drawing on my face was nice! Sorry if I scared you, kiddo!

Remus: …oh. *feels guilty*

Patton: Can I go look in a mirror to see what you drew? :D


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