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Logan who can read cards, not just tarot cards, although he is pretty damn good at that. But any kind of cards. Playing cards, birthday cards, or just postcards. He can see the true intention of the person made them, and just how the future of the person who is going to receive them will play out. 

He doesn’t really get involved with them though, he’s always made sure of that. He’s not supposed to. 

The burn on his entire left arm reminds him of that every single day. 

So he doesn’t entirely know why he intercepts the card going to his crush, keeping it secret, and Remus safe from its nasty withering intentions. 

He’s going to pay for doing this, he just knows it. 

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The idea that Pat has a bunch of frog themed items is cute, but I just considered something.

Pat only displays frog like traits when he’s upset.

He turned into a frog only because he was under so much duress he just could function. He lashed out in a violent way that’s very unlike him.

He hurt Thomas in the frog form.

Patton already doesn’t like showing unpleasant feelings.

What if he actually hates seeing frog themed items?

Every time he sees them, they remind him of the monster he can become.

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Like I know Little Lies by Anthony Ramos fits one of the sides I just straight up don’t know who-

“ Shit we just don’t say, oh

Get you feeling some type of way now

Lie about omission like a politician

‘Cause you know that the little lies, little lies

They got some big consequences

The little lies, little lies

They got some big consequences

You know I’m a good guy, a good guy

With things that I’m regretting

Have I forgot to mention?

'Cause the little lies got big consequences ”

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“You’re Beautiful”

Summary: Patton is feeling self conscious about his body, so his boyfriends try to think of ways to cheer him up.

Warnings: Tickle fic, cussing, weight insecurity, suggestive position (I hc Patton as ace anyway but still)

Pairings: Romantic LAMP (Logan x Virgil x Patton x Roman)

Notes: Technically Human!Sides AU. This is completely self indulgent and I was 100% projecting on to Patton but y'know what who cares

Patton frowned once again as he caught sight of his body in the mirror. Today was going to be one of those days, wasn’t it? 

He sighed quietly, shuffling over to his wooden dresser and pulling out a baggy pink hoodie with some loose shorts. He was tempted to wear sweatpants, but the boys would most definitely notice something was up if he came out completely covered up like Virgil. 

Just then, the sound of the front door opening and closing made its way through the apartment, and Patton could hear familiar voices greeting each other. Roman must be back from rehearsal, he figured.  

Not bothering to give himself one more look-over in the mirror, the fatherly boy left his room, attempting to gather enough energy to appear cheerful. 

Logan and Virgil were cuddling on the couch together, listening to their most recent favorite podcast, when Roman unlocked the door and entered their apartment energetically, as usual. 

The purple clad boy was the first to hop up, greeting his boyfriend with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, which Roman gladly returned. 

Logan softly smiled at his two partners, before turning to find his third approaching from their bedroom. 

“Good afternoon, sweetheart. Did you enjoy your nap?" 

Patton giggled at the pet name, moving to hug the former tightly as he nodded. For a moment, he considered telling Logan about how he was feeling, but before he had a chance they were interrupted; Patton squealed when two strong arms wrapped around his waist and lifted him up, a deep laugh booming in his ears. 


"Yes?~” the aforementioned boy responded, putting Patton down and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. He felt his face flush, but paid it no mind.

Patton signed happily, and for a moment completely forgot about his gloomy mood. Unfortunately, that bliss only lasted a few seconds, and soon he felt his heart sink again. 

This is so annoying! I should be happy, there’s no reason to feel bad right now, the freckled boy thought to himself, subconsciously furrowing his brows in frustration. 

He was quickly pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a tug on his right sweater sleeve, and Patton turned to see Virgil at his side, looking concerned. 

“You alright, Patty?” He whispered, lacing their hands together. “You seem a little out of it." 

Patton glanced up at his lover in surprise. Wow, Virgil was pretty damn observant. Guess that’s a perk that comes with being too socially anxious to actually talk to people. 

"Oh! Sorry angel, I guess I spaced out.” He laughed it off, hoping none of them would notice. But then he saw the worry in Virgil’s eyes, and gave his hand a hard squeeze; that was all the taller boy needed to know what was up.

The other two quickly noticed the change in atmosphere, and as Virgil motioned towards the smaller boy clinging to his side, they put two and two together. 

“Love, is everything okay?” Logan asked, expression softening.  Patton hesitated before responding.

“Aw jeez, I really didn’t want to bug you guys with my silly feelings-" 

To that, all three boys frowned. 

"Patton, your feelings are not silly! You know we all care about you more than anything, my prince.” Roman interrupted, grasping the former’s hand swiftly and planting a kiss. 

“I agree with Roman. I understand you have a hard time being open about negative feelings, but we are your boyfriends, and we will always be here to listen to you." 

Patton looked down, attempting to hide the tears that pricked at his eyes. He quickly swipped them away with the back of his free hand, releasing a shaky sigh.

"You’re right, I’m sorry, it’s just… I’m not really.. happy with my,” he gestured to himself lamely, “-yknow." 

"Is there anything we can do to help?” The spectacled boy asked, brushing a small dirty blonde lock from Patton’s eyes. 

“I…” he hesitated, genuinely thinking. “I’m not sure.” He finally responded, in a quiet voice. He moved his eyes to the floor once more. 

Suddenly, Virgil’s eyes twinkled, and he sent the other two boys a look, grinning mischievously. He jerked his head towards the couch, and put up a finger, as if to say, “Follow my lead.

Patton yelped slightly as he was once again scooped off his feet, this time being held bridal style by his tallest partner. 

With a oomf, the blonde boy was now sitting in Virgil’s lap, their backs facing the arm of the couch. Confused, he turned to question his lover, but then Virgil whispered, “Just relax, sweetheart,” and so he did. 

He flinched, however, when he felt Virgil blow a small stream of air against his neck. Patton giggled quietly, lifting a hand to stifle them as best he could. He never was fond of his laugh. 

By then, Roman and Logan had picked up on what Virgil’s plan was, but he managed to have one more addition up his sleeve. 

“Patton Jonathan Hart, you are the love of our lives and I wouldn’t trade you for fucking anything. Your personality is gorgeous, your body is gorgeous, your humor is gorgeous, you are gorgeous.

Patton flushed bright red, not knowing what to say. Being complimented was always flustering to him, but to this extent? Oh boy. 

To make matters worse, the boy beneath him began peppering his neck with kisses as soft as possible, migrating from behind his ear to where his neck met his shoulders and back. 

Bubbly giggles could be heard behind the sensitive boy’s hand as his squirmed, toes curling instinctively.

"Viirhirhirhirge!” Patton protested, though no one missed how he never actually made an attempt to fight back or escape. 

Logan stepped forward next, taking position in front of Patton so that he was sitting between his legs, with just enough room to move forward while still being able to reach his thighs. 

As Virgil moved to wiggle his fingers under Patton’s chin, Logan began peppering ticklish kisses on his inner thigh, and his giggles quickly heightened in pitch. 

“Your stretch marks don’t make you any less beautiful. In fact, I find them quite attractive. Like patterns on a piece of art. They are truly lovely.” the blue clad boy remarked, all the while leaving quick raspberries on the ticklish skin of his thighs. 

Patton whined before falling into a deeper fit of laughter, his face hot. He threw his head back on to Virgil’s shoulder, shaking it back and forth giddily. 

“Mmmhmhmhm nahahahaha- it tihihihickles!" 

Roman chuckled, being the last to join in as he placed himself by Patton’s feet, scittering his nails up the smooth sole. 

The laughing boy squealed, his nerves going crazy from all the soft tickles. However, he still tried his hardest not to kick or move his leg, and Roman was almost impressed. There was no doubt that he was truly enjoying this. 

"Gahahahuys! Nooohohohoho!” Patton chortled, his laughter child-like and happy.

“Who cares if you’re heavier set? It just makes you that much better at hugging, and that much better at being tickled!” Roman stated, holding one of Patton’s ankles down while stroking the ball of his foot with one tickly finger. 

Each boy tickled their partner as lightly as possible so as to not overwhelm him, and they were pretty damn good at it. 


"Sorry guys, did you hear something?” Virgil teased, grinning at his other two boyfriends. Roman snickered and Logan replied, 

“Only the dazzling laughter of a man we are all quite fond of." 

"Sohohoho cheeheeheeheesy!" 

"Say, why don’t we list things we love about our remarkable boyfriend Patton?” Roman suggested, ignoring Patton’s pleas as he left Eskimo kisses on the latter’s foot. 

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. Virgil, would you like to start us off?" 

"My pleasure.” Virgil grinned, pulling his fingers away from his boyfriend’s neck for a moment. 

The boys stopped all together, giving Patton time to regain his breath while he panted, a bright smile adorning his features. However, this “torture” was far from over.

“First of all, his freckles. If I could count them all I so would, they are adorable." 

As he spoke, Virgil’s lips were flush against the back of Patton’s neck, and he ended by blowing a small raspberry, sending the shorter boy right back into a fit of lively laughter.

"His eyes shine like the most marvelous of turquoise gems!” Roman continued, scratching at the ball of Patton’s foot. 

“Don’t forget his smile, that of which could rival the shine of the sun.” Logan added, moving his hands up to gently pinch at the pudgy boy’s shaking belly. 

“And how he always smells like home." 

Another neck raspberry. 

"And his terrible dad jokes. 

A swipe under his toes. 

"And his inability to properly cook anything besides chocolate chip cookies." 

A hip squeeze. 

"How he’s constantly warm." 

Wiggling fingers on his jaw. 

"His huge huge heart." 

A kiss on his sole. 

"The way he sees the good in everyone." 

A playful tummy nibble.

This continued for a solid few minutes, and by the time the boys let up, Patton was breathless from laughter. He curled on Virgil’s lap, hiding his reddened face in the latter’s chest while his after giggles subsided. 

He turned to face the others, deciding not to speak and opting for making grabby-hands at them instead. Logan laughed quietly, and both boys adjusted their position in order to cuddle their small boyfriend on the couch. 

Just as he was drifting to sleep, Patton lifted his head and half-mumbled, 

"I love you." 

All three boys felt their hearts swell with adoration. One by one, they placed a sweet kiss on Patton’s lips, and in that moment everything was perfect.

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