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#ts sides

It was thrilling. He didn’t have a reason to do it besides that. The thrill. 

The way everything sped up in these moments. Moments when he was reaching into a purse, or stashing away small belongings in the little coinpurse at his waist. 

Virgil was utterly ordinary in most ways. Yes, his family belonged to the upper class, and he was unbearably wealthy, but he himself was nothing extraordinary. He was quiet, the smallest in his family by far. He was the fourth born, so he wasn’t what most people looked for in consideration of anything. 

But in moments like this. 

Moments when he stole the belongings of other people and took them for his own, Virgil was special.

He was the unseen villain, he caused miniscule amounts of chaos in the time after he was gone, and no one ever saw him to put any blame on him. There were never any consequences that came back to haunt him.

But the fact that there could be consequences, that was his favorite part of this. The fact that any one of these times, the person could turn around and see them. And he could get in serious trouble. 

He was too quick for that, though. He was never going to get…


Virgil snapped to attention, hand freezing where it was inside of the saddlebag strapped to a beautiful chestnut horse. His eyes raised to a man who was running towards him, sword at the ready and reflecting the sunlight into his eyes, nearly blinding him. He yelped in surprise, cursing himself inwardly, and took off. He spun on his heel and began running as quickly as he could away from this area. 

Unfortunately for him, he was caught in no time at all. The man chasing after him seemed to be much more athletic than he was. 

Virgil’s arm was gripped with a strong hand and he was yanked backwards, knocking him off his feet with a cry. He landed on his back and something heavy - a boot, maybe - pressed on his chest, making sure he didn’t get up. 

When his eyes focused to the amount of light he was receiving in this position, the sun shining directly into his eyes, he looked at the stranger above him, and he felt his heart practically leave his body. 

He was fucking beautiful. Reddish brown hair in wild curls, the sun catching a few hints of gold in them, dark eyes so beautifully brown, Virgil could have gotten lost in them. He had pale scars on his jawline and cheekbone. 

“Holy fuck,” Virgil mumbled, heat rising in his cheeks. 

What had he gotten himself into?

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“Logan,” Virgil nearly gasped out, his heart racing in his chest. The world seemed heavier. He couldn’t see. Couldn’t move. The only thing he could hear was the thunder and storming rain outside. 

The logical side didn’t even know what was going on. Couldn’t feel the bubbling tar of fear in Virgil’s stomach that threatened to overtake him completely. He looked up from the book in his lap, and seeing Virgil frozen in his spot, he seemed to jump into action - as much as Logan would ever jump into anything. 

“What is it?” he asked, never sure how to best approach these situations. He knew that the 5-4-3-2-1 technique didn’t always work. 

 “What…” Virgil gripped at his chest, trying in vain to get control over his breathing. It felt like he couldn’t get a full breath in. His chest ached with the stress of trying to get any air in. “What is the likelihood of the house being struck by lightning and catching on fire and all of us dying?” 

 Logan gave a small smile, glad that he knew how to help Virgil now.

“Very unlikely. You have a 1 in 500,000 probability of being struck by lightning.” 


“If we were to double that, or even triple it, due to the size of the house, you would have a 1 in 166,666 probability of being struck by lightning. You also have a 1 in 33,333 probability of dying in a house fire. If we were to put those together, you would have less than a 1-in-1-billion probability of both instances happening at the same time.” 

 Virgil nodded, taking in the words. He repeated them over in his head, quieting the thoughts that were swirling in his head. 

 Logan always knew how to calm him down. Always knew the right thing to say. Virgil didn’t know how he did it, but he did. Logan was the one person he could go to in these cases. Logan was safe. 

 “Thank you, L,” he murmured after calming down. 

 “You are very welcome.” 

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Fandom: Thomas Sanders’ Sanders’ Sides | Canon-Compliant

Synopsis: The day Paranoia became Anxiety Changed everything. Or: A Virgil-centric 100+ K chronicle from Thomas’ childhood on through the aftermath of Selflessness vs. Selfishness Redux

Morality Is Grey Chapter 20

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roman is a hero, but the er is silent

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My boy

This is Marcus. Nico Flores’ Morality :) 

Came up wit him myself (not really- I had my friend’s help lol)

I love him

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do i like when artists simply block colour the sides with their representative colours? yes. do i also, as an artist, feel like im being lazy and not completing the artwork enough if do the very same thing? also yes.

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Paper Flowers anouncement


First I made cover art. This is a quick picture of it next update will have a better one promise.

And now for the announcement drumroll please.

Asks for this au are open. Ideas for vines, fandom drama/shenanigans/creations send it in. I might let the sides or the prince and villain character respond to your messages or even some of your ideas. Suggestions might also make if into the story.

It doesn’t have to be a 24 page essay just something like…

What is the nemessis’ favorite animal? And that might get a simple answer or a whole vine skit.

Such suggestions can be made even after vine dies in the story, I have implied not all skits make it into the story.

So do with this what you will. I just thought it might be fun to let you all be Fanders in both worlds and give the storry some extra flavour. If you want that is. I’ll try to post the next chapter soon.

Its the start of summer 2016 in the story. First Sanders sides is fast approaching. See ya!

@espepspes @the-purple-oneuwu @soysaucevictim @imma-potatoo @vpow @meowthefluffy @just-katsumi @itsjust-la-me @bee-is-bi @amberpeltsstuff @alice3631 @just-a-thing-to-do @existentialeggdogg @it-was-a-ferret @selenechris @callme-vee @nami-rami @dead-inside-24-7 @how-to-zery @lucasdrawblog @ray-does-stuff @a-banished-roman @anxie-tea-and-biscits @mycatshuman @iceshard1011 @renys @aesthetic-vs @tristticks @shapa-likes-art @that-peach-anon @alias290 @little-enbynightshade @baka-monarch

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[id : five digitally colored pencil sketches of logan as a vampire. top left os a drawing of him from the waist up with a blue waistcoat, blue gloves and a cape. top right is him seated with his legs crossed and saying “shut up, i’m counting”. bottom right is him in an 1800s blue ballgown with ribbons, pink flowers and a fan. in the middle is a chibi drawing of him with his cape looking like bat wings. bottom left is a full body doodle of him, he has his eyes closed, a loose white shirt, purple gloves, dark pants and a long cape. /end id]

i tried

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Roman making each of the sides armor, he hopes to God that they’ll never need it but he makes it anyways. He’s not entirely sure if he even wants to make Janus let alone Remus some armor, given his rather strenuous relationship with them. He’s not even sure if they’d except such a thing, let alone from him after everything that’s happened between them.


When Janus comes in from Remus’ side of the imagination with a rather nasty cut, he puts all of those thoughts aside in an instant.

Spending all night making the perfect armor so that Janus and his brother could never get hurt again.

Because he certainly may not be their hero, but…

He can at least try to be there for them when they need it.

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Logan, to Roman: I think I have a crush on someone, and it’s making me feel things…

Roman, a raging aromantic: Damn that bites… Want me to kill them for you?

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Janus just having a shit load of plants in his bedroom, taking up every square inch because he’s lonely and has nobody to talk to. And while they may not respond to him, he showers them with love and affection that he would usually reserve for the other sides…

If the other sides had ever cared about him.

So he cares and he loves his plants, knowing that at the end of the day he at least has someone to come back to.

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;w; Patton in a skirt was pretty rad

(happy late birthday and uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So anyways here’s some fanart XD

If y'all didn’t know

Patton is from this dude


Yeyeye uwu

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I say falsehood to literally anything now. Not even a lie.

I do something wrong? Falsehood.

Someone cheats at a game? Falsehood.

I press the wrong button on my phone? Falsehood.

Out loud, to myself, with either no one or everyone in the room. All the time

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[id : a digital coulouring of a pencil sketch. virgil and logan are gripping each other in a hug, logan with his back to us and virgil with his face buried in logan’s shoulder. virgil’s hair sparkles in shades of pink and purple as does the background./end id]

don’t even talk to me about finding a home in someone’s arms my heart can’t take it…

(with badly edited text under the cut)

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[id : a pencil sketch of virgil painting on a easel, colored digitally. he is wearing a fluffy purple jumper (and socks) and jean overalls covered in paint splatters. we only see his back and the brush on the canvas, he is adding purple lights to a painting of thin trees under the moon in grey and purple tones. next to him is a stool on which sit paint tubes, a pot of water and a dirty piece of fabric./end id]

i am very soft for him and i would like to paint by his side.

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