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#ts virgil

Virgil: *looking sad*

Roman: Not that I give a crap..

Roman: …I literally do not care if you live or die

Also Roman: ..But are you ok, honey? What’s wrong? Did somebody hurt you? I’ll kill em! Can I do anything to cheer you up? Do you want some cookies? Maybe a hug??

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I don’t like celebrating thanksgiving, but what i DO like is Prinxiety, so have this little drabble I accidentally wrote from my friend last night


Word Count: 663

some good old fashioned Prinxiety being badasses together

TW: Blood mention, fighting (against an enemy in a battle scenario), dragon witch, death threat (from the enemy), magic mention? tell me if I need to add more please!


It’s the middle of a fierce battle with a particularly nasty foe, both Virgil and Roman have been fighting with all they have, giving everything they’ve got to get out of the battle alive. Finally, though, it seems their enemy has gained the upper hand, after throwing a powerful bomb of energy that had sent both the Prince and the dark Knight flying backward. Dust filled the air, and for a deathly silent moment, it seemed the dastardly Dragon Witch had won out.

Silence, and then, as the dust began to clear, a man in a dirtied white suit and mud-stained red sash slowly staggered into view, brandishing a bloodied sword. He was leaning just slightly more weight to one side, but his feet were firmly planted on the torn dirt and grass; His eyes burned into his enemy, steady and alight not with hate or rage, but with confidence. stubborn determination. 𝗣𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿. The victorious and twisted grin that had begun to appear on the villains face dissolved back into a glower within seconds, a deep, enraged shout came from the enemy, and then, “Stop fighting this! Don’t you see, you can never win against me and all your efforts will be for nothing! Save your strength and just give up if you know what’s good for you, 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘰.”

The words were spat with nothing but nothing but loathing, a glare sharp as a thousand arrow heads shot right into Romans eyes, but it was no where close to the sharpness of the sword Roman wielded himself, or the conviction in his voice as he responded, “If you believe we will give up our efforts and hand ourselves over to your power simply because of your pathetic threats, you’re a greater fool than I ever could have predicted.”

His sword was held just out in front of him, ready to defend, with the tip of his blade pointed straight up toward the darkened grey sky. “Very well then,” the Witch began, not without a firm shake of its head, “I will take great pleasure in destroying you both and all that you love, and when I kill you, it will be on your lover’s hands, and when I kill your lover, his blood will be on your hands, and you will see your stubbornness pave the way for your great fall before i’m finished with you.” seething with dangerous promises, the Dragon Witch towered over the Prince, who was not moved by the words in the slightest way. Instead, he held her gaze as a smirk formed on his lips, sure and knowing.

Not a second later was a hand reaching out of the dust, crossing the Prince’s arm to grab the hilt of the sword as well, and effectively sandwiching it between their palms. A tattered black sleeve soon turned into a worn shirt with a vest over top of it, both articles of clothing dark as the deepest hours of the blackest night. A pale face partially covered by dark hair, features sharp and expression hard as stone, was the last to be revealed of the second Hero now stood beside the Prince in white, battered and covered in dust and dirt, but standing firm and strong even still. With both men facing their greatest threat yet, single sword held firm in both their grasps, fingers threaded wordlessly together as they pointed their blade forward, Roman opened his mouth to address the Witch once more; “I suggest you prepare yourself for a tiresome fight then, Dragon Witch, because to get to my dearest Virgil, you’ll have to kill me first.” His self-assured smirk was still in place, and now his lover beside him wore a similar expression of confidence as well. Mismatched colored eyes met those of the witches as Virgil took but the smallest step forward, his voice fearless as he spoke next.

“And if you want to get to Roman, you’ll have to go through me.”


That was so fun to write!! If you have title ideas or suggestions, please tell me, thank you :D

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CW for this chapter: minor character death, violence, non-graphic description of injury, a panic attack and slightly morally grey Janus, unsympathetic Remus (he doesn’t show up but I’m putting a warning anyways)

Relationship: platonic/romantic anxceit

Title is from the song ‘meet me on the battlefield’ by SVRCINA

Read on ao3

Janus stalked through the damp alleyway, his cloak swishing behind him.

From the shadows in the doorways and corners, he could spy timid eyes following his every movement.

For anyone else, walking through the city alone at night would be a death sentence, but not for him. Thieves and murderers quailed in his presence. The very worst scum of this city bowed before him.

He had nearly all of the city in his iron grip.

There was only one problem. Well, four problems actually.

Four teenagers who thought they were doing the noble thing by pestering him and trying to thwart him at every turn.

It would honestly be easier for everyone involved if they just left him alone but they never listened to him when he tried to explain that.

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My idea, since I’m suffering from lack of motivation and worry I may never write it:

  • Virgil, Roman and Remus are a criminal trio.
  • Roman and Remus would’ve met Virgil when they were kids, I couldn’t work out backstories but I knew that I wanted the creativity bros to teach a young Virgil how to steal properly (before he’d been too afraid to take many risks, so often tried not to at all costs)
  • Maybe they were a group during the brief time Roman and Remus were still kids at school - Logan, Patton, Roman, Remus, Janus and little Virgil who spent time living in the creativity bro’s’ treehouse with nobody else knowing but their group. Almost like a family in their own way, since Roman and Remus didn’t have the best home life. As for what happen to disrupt that… I’ve got a handful of ideas but I’m not settled on one yet.
  • Virgil would’ve likely taught them things about how to survive on their own, so Virgil was on the streets longer than them even though he was the youngest.
  • Virgil would be the smaller and more agile one of the group, usually climbing buildings to break in, fitting into vents (not so much when they got older)
  • Roman would be great at distracting people and talking their way out of situations, but along with that he’s also the strongest so if there was a fight, he’d be the heaviest hitter.
  • Remus would be the planner. They never go in with a detailed plan, Remus doesn’t have the patience for that, but what he excels at the most is coming up with ideas on the fly that work because he’s smarter than anyone gives him credit for. Also the fastest runner - good in a chase, and getting the heat off the other two.
  • A fic I’d have written would involve them as adults, during a robbery going wrong. Remus gets separated from the other two and has no choice but to flee, Virgil gets seriously injured and Roman boosts him out of a skylight window and lets himself get caught, in order to give Virge a chance at making it out. Virgil doesn’t want to run but his head is buzzing and Roman is yelling and he doesn’t feel in his right mind to make decisions just then.
  • One thing would lead to another, and Virgil would end up half dead on the fire escape of the building across the street - found by a very concerned Patton. He doesn’t even know that it’s Virgil, the same little kid from his childhood, until Logan gets home claiming to recognise him from the pictures Janus had shown him. The pictures of one of the three wanted criminals from Janus’ latest case. The case Janus definitely didn’t take because he knew the criminals in question
  • Think the fic would be centered around finding out what happened as kids that left the group divided as it is, and whether or not they can forgive each other and get the criminal trio out of this mess they’ve fallen into.

If I remember more I’ll add to this later but it was one of those things I sat thinking about at 3am, was like ‘I’ll remember this’ and now… here I am hahahaha

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It’s my Highscool au and I get to pick the projection 😔✌🏽

Roman has slightly pointed ears and a more soft jawline then everyone else and likes to cover it up with an over the top dramatic fashion sense.

Remus sharpens his canines to a point that they look as if they fit uncomfortably in his mouth despite that not being the case. His dentist is annoyed by him

Logan has BAD acne and an abundanceof acne scars because despite his lecturing for everyone else to just wash their face daily and like dont pop the pimples he doesnt take his own advice.

Virgil has a large nose and lips compared the the smallness of his eyes and wel really rest of him. He typically wears a mask to cover it though.

Janus is legally blind and while he’s meant to wear glasses he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to be seen as a joke or anything like that. He also has a burn mark covering the right side of his body up to his neck.

Patton has like, lime green braces and a slight lisp. He doesn’t really mind the lisp all that much be he does regret getting lime every single time he does to get them put back on.

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‘I’M GOING TO BE POSITIVE AND I AM GOING TO BE POSITIVE NOW!’ Logan announces as he rises up into the Mindscape relaxation and lounge area. Virgil pulls his headphones off his head before he looks at the logical side from his perch on the back of the couch.

‘Uh good for you? Not going to stop you or anything but uh what brought this on?’ Virgil asks curiously.

‘POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!!!’ Logan yells before he sinks out, leaving Virgil to wonder what the heck just happened.

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Mmmm makin this next chapter ✨extra traumatic✨ so in the future I can project my problems onto Virgil and have it be cohesive with the storyline.

Is that kind of fvck3d up? Yes.

Am I still doing it? Mhm.

(I honestly don’t know if this is still gonna stand, it’s like my third draft of this chapter and I’m indecisive so I might actually delete most of the angst… but just in case)

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Movie Night

Ship: Romantic prinxiety

Words: 1301

Warning(s): Mild language

AU(s): None

Notes: Sleepless In Seattle spoilers, mild While You Were Sleeping spoilers. Takes place about a week after FWSA.

Summary: Roman and Virgil meet up for their weekly Friday movie night. Since Thomas is on a date with Nico, they decide to watch a romcom. The two crushing sides eventually admit their feelings for each other after being pressured by the movie.

Roman heard a knock on his door.

“Princey?” Virgil called from the outside. “You decent?”

Roman rolled his eyes. “Yep, come in!”

Virgil opened the door and closed it slowly behind him. “So, what’re we watching?”

“I was thinking a romcom. Thomas has a date tonight with Nico, and I’m in the mood for one.”

Virgil walked into Roman’s view and shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

Roman scanned Virgil’s face and outfit, noting the adorable pajama-style T-shirt underneath his unzipped hoodie. He wore loose shorts and a very obvious lack of makeup. “No makeup tonight?” Roman asked.

Virgil shrugged and Roman thought he saw a blush rise up his neck. “I hated getting all tired while watching the movie and then having to go take it all off, so I thought I’d take it off before the movie. Does it look okay?”

Roman eyed Virgil’s face. He looked younger without makeup, more innocent, and more kind. Roman liked it. He liked it a lot.

“Yeah,” Roman said quietly. “It looks like wonderful.”

Virgil definitely blushed that time. “Okay, well, um… What romcom are we watching?”

Roman shrugged. “You can pick between While You Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle.”

Virgil cracked a smile as he climbed into the bed and under the covers, very careful not to touch Roman. “If I pick Sleepless in Seattle, is Remy going to pop out of your closet and kill me?”

“Nah, we all know he’s gay already,” Roman replied.

“True, true,” Virgil agreed. “But While You Were Sleeping has the one-balled bastard insult, doesn’t it? Dunno if I can turn that down.”

“It’s a hard choice, I’m sure.”

“How dare you force me to make this choice?” Virgil asked, clutching his heart dramatically. “Wait a second. Did you have me pick because you couldn’t?”

“Uh…” Roman bit his lip. “Would you believe me if I said no?”

Virgil playfully glared at him. “Damnit. Sleepless in Seattle, it’s cuter and less angsty.”

“The angst master himself, picking a movie because it’s less angsty?” Roman teased.

Virgil rolled his eyes. “Shut up, you gave me two romcoms to pick from. What did you expect?”

“Not for you to pick the one that was ‘less angsty,’” Roman replied.

“Well,” Virgil said with a small huff, “I’m in a less angsty mood.”

“I’m glad,” Roman said. He grabbed the remote and searched for the movie on Amazon to put on. Then he leaned back against the headboard with a small, content sigh. “Let’s go.”

Virgil shushed him as the movie began to play the opening scene. Upon seeing the man and a young boy standing over a casket in a graveyard, though, Virgil looked sheepish. “Oops. Maybe this movie is more angsty. I forgot that the mom died.”

Roman laughed. “Good job, Virge. Now we’re both gonna cry.”

Virgil looked skeptical. “I don’t cry at movies.”

Roman dropped his jaw in disbelief. “Just last week, when we were watching Into The Spiderverse—”

“That doesn’t count!” Virgil protested.

“What about when we were watching The Umbrella Academy?”

“That’s a show, not a movie,” Virgil argued. “Plus, Gerard Way wrote it.”

“Ah, good point,” Roman agreed. “Oh, look, they’re leaving for Seattle. I think the angst is over.”

Virgil waved his hand dismissively. “No, it’s coming back to me now. Annie gets really angsty 'cause she doesn’t love her husband.”

“Fiancé,” Roman corrected.

“Yeah, same thing.”

Roman frowned, fairly certain that those were not the same thing, but let it go.

A while later, the movie showed Annie stalking poor Sam and Jonah.

“What the—? She’s stalking them?” Virgil asked. “I don’t remember this.”

“Well, how else would she find their address?”

“She finds their address?”

Roman laughed. “Yeah, don’t you remember? She finds it and then flies across the country to stalk them more.”

“I’m gonna have nightmares,” Virgil said. “You’d never stalk me, right?”

Roman blushed at the implication of Virgil’s words. “Um—I wouldn’t exactly need to?”

“So that’s a no,” Virgil said, eyes still on the screen.

“Um, sure.”

Virgil let out a tiny puff of air. “Good.” He hesitated, mouth slightly agape with uncertainty, then leaned his head on Roman’s shoulder carefully. Roman immediately panicked. Was he supposed to do something? Maybe wrap his arm around Virgil’s shoulders? Yeah, that sounded right.

Roman did just that, pulling Virgil closer, all the while wondering if his question had been purely hypothetical or if he was truly interested in Roman.

By the time Jonah went missing, off on a plane to New York City, Virgil was asleep on Roman’s shoulder. Roman wasn’t complaining. The tiny snores coming from Virgil’s nose were absolutely adorable. In his sleep Virgil had wrapped his arms around Roman’s torso from the side, warming Roman to his core.

Roman knew in that moment that he wanted cuddles with Virgil far more often.

When Annie’s elevator reached the roof of the Empire State Building right as Sam and Jonah got in the other one going down, Roman wanted to reach through the TV and strangle them. Or at least scream in frustration. But Virgil sleeping beside him prevented him from doing any of that, so he bit his tongue.

Luckily, though, Jonah had left his backpack, so the father and son had to return to the topic the building, where the Annie and Sam finally properly met.

Roman felt tears prick his eyes as the two of them stared at each other, recognizing that they were finally feeling that in-love feeling everyone had described to Annie that she hadn’t felt for Walter.

He wondered if he’d ever felt that feeling. It seemed so stupid that anyone could feel that way about someone, but he supposed the man sleeping on his shoulder was proof that there could be a bit of a magical air around someone you loved.

Speaking of Virgil, Roman wasn’t entirely sure what to do with him now that the movie was over and he was still asleep. Probably carry him back to his own room to sleep.

Roman gently pried Virgil’s arms off of himself, though Virgil put up a bit of a fight in his slumber. Soon, though, Roman got himself free of Virgil’s grasp. He looked down at the sleeping side and couldn’t bring himself to move the for-once-peaceful man.

“Well, looks like I’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight,” Roman said quietly.

“H-hm?” Virgil asked, slowly stretching as he opened his eyes. “O-oh, is the movie over?”

Roman nodded. “I was just gonna sleep on the floor. You can stay in the bed if you want; You’re probably tired.”

Virgil bit his lip and looked at Roman. After a moment, he seemed to make up his mind. “You can… uh, you can sleep up here too, you know…” he said quietly. “If you want, I mean,” he added hastily.

“You’re sure?” Roman asked.

Virgil nodded.

“Um, okay, then!” Roman stood up, carrying the blanket he’d brought to the floor with him. “You won’t steal the blankets from me, will you?”

Virgil smiled softly. “I hope not. We can share.”

“'Kay, good,” Roman said, climbing in next to him, a blush coating his face as Virgil cuddled up to him.

“I… um, just in case it wasn’t clear, I may or may not be in love with you,” Virgil said into Roman’s side.

“That doesn’t exactly clear it up, you know,” Roman joked back.

“Fine,” Virgil scoffed. “I’m in love with you.”

Roman kissed Virgil’s hair. “Good thing, too. I just so happen to be in love with you as well, cariño.”

Virgil laughed softly. “Yay.”

“Yay, indeed,” Roman agreed with a content sigh. “Yay, indeed.” He smiled up at the ceiling as he felt his eyes drift closed.

This was nice.

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