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#ts virgil

After the return of the jam video Roman went to his room and blasted p!atd’s “Hey look ma I made it”. He was singing and dancing the whole time and Virgil listened to him but decided to not make fun of him for listening to p!atd bc he knew just how happy having his own jam had made Roman (happiness that he certainly had been needing) and how important it was to him

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after only like four months- its complete! Janus gets cuddles!

words: 1551

chapter 1 | chapter 2 

ao3 link 

contents and warnings: hurt/comfort, happy ending, touch-starved Janus, mentions of past touch starved Virgil, they gotta talk, fluff, cuddles, platonic moceit, crying mention, the greatest showman mention, 


Patton was the first to wake up, and at first he’s blinking slowly, confused and groggy and trying to remember why Janus was curled up against his chest looking small, it ended up taking several minutes but eventually he woke up just enough to remember the thing that happened a couple hours prior, though honestly even once he was awake enough to remember he still doesn’t know what to do, he knew he wanted to help Janus but he still didn’t know what to do, or how to do it.

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(Final) Chapter thirteen - Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Sander’s sides fanfiction

Wordcount: 2770

Ship: prinxiety (I won’t even comment on this…)

TW: Just… everything? Cursing, bad decisions, pretending not to feel thigs when you actually feel them, Remi being my version of Remi, angst (just a lot of angst) and again mentions of something like suicide that isn’t that in reality. If I’ve missed any, just let me know, I’ll type it in as soon as possible :)

Summary of the whole story: They say, the one that wears the crown rules all - the living, the dead, the walking, the crawling, the rooted, the sane and the mad. They say, once you own the crown, you become the  most powerful being on Earth and beyond. Roman’s stolen bigger things - a measly little crown won’t present a problem, even if he has to steel it straight off of the devils head!

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Whatever you do,

Don’t imagine Janus bringing a few memoirs from the dark sides when he moves in with the lights. He definitely doesn’t bring Virgil’s old sweater, an extra sash Remus gifted him, and a mug from Orange.

Don’t imagine Janus putting the mug in the kitchen cabinet and the clothes in his closet.

Don’t imagine Janus using the mug daily, as well with the clothes.

Don’t imagine that Janus takes a day trip to the darks to have an old fashioned family night with them. Don’t imagine him passing out on the couch next to his family.

Don’t Imagine Janus going back to the lights the next day and seeing the mug broken, sash ripped in half, and sweater torn to threads. All three items on the counter.

Don’t imagine that there’s a note next to them as well.

Don’t imagine it reading, “you don’t belong here”

And whatever you do, don’t imagine Janus locking himself in his room. Refusing to come out to anyone.

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Breaking news bickering gay idiots get along for 5 seconds❤️💜

(ty for the art request this one was rly cute💛)

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Virgil, was bored.

Ridiculously and utterly bored.

And he knew exactly what to do about it.

Roman and Remus werent even using the imagination, it’s not like they’d notice he was there.

Everyone was busy with their big important stuff, they wouldnt even notice he was gone.

And soon came the familiar feeling of water on his skin.

This was his favorite part of the imagination, the quiet, the feeling of skin and legs becoming scales, ears becoming pointed and webbed.

It had taken Roman and Romulus quite some time to perfect a way to turn their boyfriend into a mermaid, but he was quite happy that they’d figured it out.

The lake connected to a river that lead to an ocean on the far side of the imagination.

The ocean was expansive and beautiful, with thousands of creatures and plants scattered through out it. Virgil could spend hours exploring and swimming around the area.

Of course, this was hard to do when you were caught in a very suddenly appearing fishing net.

“Well Roman it looks like we’ve caught ourselves a very handsome merman,” Virgil rolled his eyes as he recognized Romulus’ voice.

“Should we throw him back?” Roman replied, stifling a laugh.

“No no, I think I want to keep him,” said Romulus.

And with that Virgil was dropped onto the ship.

“Can I kiss you darling?” Said Romulus as he lifted Virgil’s face.

Virgil, even months after the second split, was still getting used to looking at that face.

“If you want,” Virgil said nonchalantly, failing to hide the blush creeping up on his face.

“Aaawww, poor baby, embarassed hm?” Roman said in a mock-baby voice.

“Shut up,” Virgil muttered.

“Love you to baby,”

“You’re both the worst.”

“We know hun,”


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[Magick Plushies - Part 2]

[Over text]

Virgil: My back hurts.

Janus: Hehe!

Virgil: …

Virgil: What are you doing to the ‘me’ plushy?

Janus: Resting my head against it’s back actually.

Virgil: Wha-?? Really?

Janus: Mhm.

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[Voice chat - magick plushie 1]

Janus: Ugh, why does my chest hurt?!

Virgil: I’m sitting on the ‘you’ plushie, maybe that’s why.

Janus: Huh… Do you feel anything, then?

Virgil: No…?

Janus: Shame.

Virgil: Well now that you mention it, my head does hurt a bit.

Janus: Well I am choking yours, so maybe it’s the loss of oxygen.

(Please don’t add shipping tags or comments on this)

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Here I am, with another analysis after such a long time. Ah, I missed babbling about canon stuff <3

As the title says, this analysis will be focused on the Others (aka known as the “Dark Sides”) and how they differ from the Core Sides. It’s clear these two groups have some differences, after all: so let’s see them together, shall we?

Obligatory warnings: this analysis is based on what we saw until now and my deductions of some aspects of the Dark Sides. We still haven’t seen Janus and Remus interact in canon yet, we still haven’t seen them both talk to Virgil and we still haven’t seen the orange side. So take my words with a grain of salt, because everything might change in future episodes.

As always, my analyses may touch all sorts of themes, so read at your own risk.

And now, let’s start.



All Dark Sides share a pessimistic/cynical worldview, as canonically proved by each one of them on several occasions.

During Sanders Sides Q&A, Virgil said Logan “understands reality better than the other two” - thus implying reality isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but something darker that only he can truly understand, while the other three Sides are “clueless morons”.

In DWIT, Remus literally said “Everybody sins”: a clear proof that reality isn’t pure or perfect. He also said that if Thomas shared his dark thoughts with his friends, “I doubt they would forgive you” - again, implying people don’t naturally accept and understand you, but they’d rather reject you.

And do we really need to talk about Janus, Mr. We Live In A Society?

[Deceit]: Courts and laws are some of the higher powers in society, and society is made of lies. Society itself is a lie!

I think that’s enough.

So all dark sides share the same fundamental thought: society is bad. Reality isn’t a happy place. (Virgil). You have to “feign decency” and hide who you truly are (Remus). Because you live “in a world, where you can die for not following the laws made in the name of a lie.” (Janus)

How did they end up with the same mentality? Thomas himself gave us an indirect answer: Janus and Patton are the sides who tend to corral the others around them. So while Patton influenced Logan (partially) and Roman (deeply), it’s very possible that Janus did the same, by influencing Remus, Virgil and probably Orange as well. And this could explain why they all adopted this dark world view.

But that’s not all: this cynical mentality may also further explain their functions. Why? Because, if the world is a bad place, then Thomas can’t just face it “like a clueless moron”. He needs someone’s help to deal with it. A help from the darker parts of himself.

In other words, the Dark Sides all answer to the same question: if the world is such a bad place, how should Thomas react?

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When you arrive at the top of the mountain, take some time to admire the view and reflect on what you accomplished.

I have no idea where that came from but have a Virgil admiring the view from the imagination!

Click for better quality !!!



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So I have done Remus and Logan ‘cards’.

I shall be doing Roman next.

Who shall I do afterwards?

(If you got a specific quote to go along with it, please let me know!!)

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Hello? Anybody out there? I know I’ve disappeared for a while, but I’m back – hopefully for longer – with this extremely self-indulgent set of sketches. I wish I could explain why I stopped visiting this blog after months of posting every single day, but the reason is so childish that I’m kind of ashamed of going into details. Let’s just say I had a lot of poems to translate and leave it at that :>.

(I was absent for like a week and I still feel like I’m visiting my family after seven years of radio silence. It’s weird.)

Previous sketches like that: [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE]. Or [HERE]. Also: [Light Sides] and [Dark Sides].

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Virgil is the only person allowed in Logan’s lab. 

Logan has a secret one where actual chemicals are and the only person he trusts to help him is Virgil because he is very careful and Logan knows Virgil won’t mess around too much or get distracted and blow them up 

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Prinxiety is ether 

enemies to lovers

old married couple

young puppy love

and I love it 

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Virgil loved roller coasters, it was the adrenaline rushing run that was perfect for him. Roman hated roller coasters because they messed up his hair and scared him to death, however he went on them for Virgil. Virgil’s smile and laugh made the flashing of his life before his eyes worth it. 

“They it is! this is gonna be awesome!” Virgil was practically jumping with excitement, El extremo; the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the states. Roman had fear coursing thru his veins and lyrics from The World was Wide enough in his brain. The two stood in line for 20 minutes before getting on, Roman was nervous as hell but it was okay, Virgil and him were okay, they are fine and oh my gosh they are going up. 

Virgil noticed Roman’s nervousness and grabbed his hand, reassuring him that they are okay. Roman relaxed a bit and the cars stopped at the top of the ride, 450 stories high. Roman grabbed onto Virgil’s arm and prayed that he would live to see the stage one last time. The coaster went down, whipped them left, right, right, right, left, left, under, over, and finally back to the loading station. Virgil was smiling and giggling, Roman was smiling at Virgil. 

They two got off the coaster, Virgil got a keychain of the photo that was taken from them, and after that they went and got cotton candy. They were talking and laughing with each other all the way home, when they did get home Roman went to go to his room when Virgil stopped him, “Hey Ro?” Roman looked at Virgil, “I know you were scared about going on the coaster, so thank you for going on with me even though you didn’t want to. So thank you.” Virgil leaned up and left a small kiss on his cheek and walked away.

From that day on Roman loves roller coasters just a bit more. 

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