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kayleigh-83 · a day ago
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The recent WCIF for the bunny mobile reminded me that I’ve been wanting more mobile selection for the nurseries for ages! I found these lovely ones by Simcredible and converted eight of them for TS2.
Enjoy! :)
Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
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jacobaoconnor · a month ago
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CEP & Recolours for BG May update for seasons but currently they all loose flowers in winter, which would probably happen anyways
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I also Made the other shrubs recolorable
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lolitarecolors · 6 months ago
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Hi everybody!
I am very happy to bring this counter today. I really wanted to put frames on a counter and I always tried and couldn't. This time I didn't give up and I finally got the result I wanted.Now even Sims who don't have a lot of money can have a beautiful kitchen for a great price.
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** Maxis Match object. **
I hope you like it like I did.
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pforestsims · 2 months ago
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brand new mesh for TS2 😃
Oversize shortsleeve top
Long Open Shirt for AM & EM  & 20 recolours
✦ Download (SFS)
Polycount: 1500, preg & fat morph  
* Recolours for EM are repositoried to AM
* PSD texture file is included
You may recognize the shape - I've chopped this shirt out of TS2 outfit.
Shirt for TM is here.
Swatch and more details below the cut:
Sakura flower pattern is from here @katsurinssims​ used it for their lovely yukata recolours 
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Mesh comes from Slob PJs [NightLife EP]. Please note that I’ve completely reworked the thing (collar and neck parts were recreated from scratch). So texture layout is entirely different from the slob outfit.
This project has been sitting in my WIP folder for years. I finally made myself to finish it - I thought my middle-aged male slobs could use more clothing options. But when I finally got it into the game, I was like: “It looks quite trendy or what??” xD
I did what I could to minimize clipping. Looks fine when sim walks or sits down on a couch (with most bottoms, anyway). But it ain’t no dancing shirt lol.
Shown with pants:
Vulrien 4t2  Saurus Smartie Chinos
@kurimas​ 4t2 Pixelette Theo Jeans
Tumblr media
Recolours feature plain fabric, wool knit, plaid (sourced from slob PJs), camo print and japanese style flowers.
All recolours share one normal map, so grey shirt file is required.
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applewatersugar · 8 months ago
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4t2 Female Long Coat Conversion Another cc from the new kit! I hope you’ll enjoy this coat, just as I do! :) (Only for YA/Adult | 12 Recolours | Preg + Fat Morphs are added)
☆ Downloads ☆ SimFileShare MediaFire If you have requests, problems or anything else you want to discuss with me, feel free to message/ask me about it! :)
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khal-ulti · 4 months ago
Douglasville 1.1 - Arizona neighborhood with pulp storyline for The Sims 2!
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Douglasville is a TS2 almost-cc-free neighborhood based on the Spanish videogame Runaway: A Road Adventure.
This neighborhood is set in the fictional region of the Simrizona Desert and it features: beautiful canyon landscapes, a colorful bunch of characters with unique stories and personalities, a treasure hunt, lots inspired by Mexican and Western false front architecture!
Info and download under the cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Douglasville allows players to let their creativity loose as they decide the paths of the strange characters who inhabit this land: you will have to make choices, pick a side and let the other sink in this greedy treasure hunt who will probably end up in a few casualties. This neighborhood can be a great start for a Build a City Challenge with a few adjustments, or you can keep Douglasville as it is: a small, dilapidated ghost town for the lonely wolves. Speaking of wolves, be careful because you will find a pack of mexican wolves hunting around the area! The main features of Douglasville are:
◉ A desertic neighborhood decorated with the amazingly beautiful Canyon Pack by Kridershot. Enjoy these ARIZONA-INSPIRED LANDSCAPES, if you can fight the heat and the hungry wolves!
◉ 7 HOUSEHOLDS + 2 SIMS IN THE BIN, all characterized by unique backgrounds and, sometimes, featuring storytelling props in their inventories to help you get involved with their stories.
◉ A TREASURE HUNT! The terrible thugs Gustav and Feodor are searching for the Hopi treasure and they have reason to believe Gina Timmins knows something about it. Who will get their greedy hands on the treasure first?
◉ Lots were built in MEXICAN AND WESTERN-FALSE-FRONT STYLES to correctly convey the atmosphere of the United States' South West area. The hood features ONE STARTER HOME to help you include your own sims in the run for the treasure!
Before downloading, I need to give you some warnings:
⚠ This neighborhood includes references to an existing indigenous tribe from North America: the Hopi Tribe. This is directly taken from the videogame Runaway and it's something I decided to keep. I am not Hopi, so my knowledge is limited, and I did what I could with no custom content. It's important for me to specify that I don't want this neighborhood to disrespect native American tribes in any way.
⚠ There are three drag queens living in Douglasville. To keep custom content to a minimum, I decided to create them as women and change their gender behaviour through SimPE (they have male voices, will pee standing and sexually reproduce as men). If you want to be more realistic, you can change their gender to male and dress them up with custom clothes.
⚠ You need a CAMERA MOD. The neighborhood is big and there are lots on the borders of the map, so without a camera mod you would not be able to play the hood as intended.
Below you will find two download links:
“DGVL” is the neighborhood folder and it must be extracted in Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods.
“Douglasville_CC” is the folder containing a small amount of CC required for the neighborhood to appear as intended. It must be extracted in Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads. Everything has been sorted in labelled folders to help you organize your cc.
(Don't get scared by the CC Folder size: it's mainly due to the skyline, skydome and canyon pack. Remember to delete custom content that you already have!)
List of Custom Content:
Moocha's Build-A-Bus Kit, Slig's Graffiti, PrincessBliss' native american rug recolors, C&K's oil lamps, TonyVeis' 4t2 Strangerville plane, TNWS's 3t2 rocking chair, chest and curtains from TS2 Store, MommaLisa outfits by MoniLisa, keoni and Slig, historical clothes by Skellington, YanderePlum and SerenityFall, Saturn's hair by Hazelpuff, neighborhood deco by Kridershot and probably leoz94 (I'm not sure!), desert skyline by greatcheesecakepersona, skydome by Lowedeus.
Additional Credits:
The storytelling picture where Gina is running from Gustav and Feodor is set in Katatty's Downtown! Also, thanks to every single person who commented, reblogged, liked and followed this project over these weeks! I am extremely eager to see what you all do with this neighborhood, so feel free to provide feedback or tag me if you share gameplay pictures :) Hugs from Italy!
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erasabledinosaur · 9 months ago
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The Sims 2 (September 14, 2004)
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nervousxsubject · 7 months ago
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4t2 hilda hair by @okruee
For Teens YA/Adults and elders
Black linked to grey
Comes in all 4 natural colors
Original : x
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illenlan · a month ago
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these lowkey boring and not special but I like simple replacements okie.
blousedwaist. it was made with this mesh replacement in mind. ignore the bump issues in the preview, i fixed it. i just couldnt be bothered to retake the previews haha.
vnecklongsleeve. wow what a mouthful. ok the shiner in this one is just me making it look less like rough af carpet. i like them alot now and use them on my sims! recommended mesh replacement
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platinumaspiration · 2 months ago
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Io's Felt Mountain Top + DeeDee's Skinnies Mashup
@unicornfatty requested, platasp approved 😅
I hope you all like it, it was fun messing around with the UV mapping and thankfully both serabiet and DeeDee are genius creators that make all this easier.
Any issues, please send them my way.
TF-EF, 1024x1024 image size, 10 recolors, compressed + tool-tipped, 4k poly, all appropriate morphs
AF version - SFS / MF
TF/EF repo'd (requires AF version) - SFS / MF
TF/EF standalone - SFS / MF
credit: @serabiet @deedee-sims
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kayleigh-83 · 21 hours ago
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Pictures of Brett and Lucy’s new house! The speed build of this is on my Youtube channel as well :)
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bellagothss · 4 months ago
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Erin ☀️
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lolitarecolors · 7 months ago
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Hi everybody!
Today I decided to get out of my schedule and bring a set that I've been keeping for some time. Needless to say, this set of windows is wonderful for those who mainly like a more industrial style, and after I found the extensions for this window, it was perfect.
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** Maxis Match object. **
I hope you like it like I did.
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nixcorvus09 · 8 months ago
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Neighborhood Sky for Lot Mode
I really hated how plain and bright the lot mode sky is compared to the neighborhood view one, so I replaced it.
This is based on simNopke's default replacement that does the opposite to this one. (Also thanks to him I was able to make this.)
Download under the cut!
Tumblr media
Standard - Normal Sky Only - SimFileShare
Autumn - Normal + Autumn Sky - SimFileShare
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applewatersugar · 8 months ago
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4t2 Sweater Skirt Half-Tuck Conversion Another cc from the new kit and now it's time for the females! I hope you’ll enjoy it, just as I do! :) (Only for YA/Adult | 12 Recolours | Preg + Fat Morphs are added)
☆ Downloads ☆ SimFileShare MediaFire If you have requests, problems or anything else you want to discuss with me, feel free to message/ask me about it! :)
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colovianhastur · 23 days ago
Wavy Thick Medium (4t2) for Male Teens
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Hello there!
This is a conversion of the Wavy Thick Medium hair from "The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff" to The Sims 2. The hair is available only for male teens, and features the four basic colours.
Gender(s): Male Age(s): Teen Binned: Yes
Download Link: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/3218061/
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erasabledinosaur · 4 months ago
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bright&early reshade preset + earlyriser multilut for The Sims 2
inspired by my very own Waffles, Maple (syrup) and Pancake! bright&early utilizes multiluts to do all the heavy duty color grading. the reshade preset adds OPTIONAL lens flare, dof effects, sharpening, bloom and more. the earlyrise multilut was created for The Sims 2 and features 10 luts! You can find a few videos of the luts here and here
hot keys: F9 - MagicDof
F8 - Cinematic DOF
f7 - HexLensFlare
F6 - Blooming_HDR
F5 - Lift Gammma Gain/Vibrance (included ONLY if you don't want to use the earlyriseMultilut)
F4 - SurfaceBlur/Adaptive Sharpen
M - Monocular Cues
these presets were made with reshade 4.9.1.
created using Gunmod's Radiance Light System.
uses shaders: SMAA, MultiLut (earlyriserMultiLut.fx), Monocular_Cues, MagicDOF, CinematicDOF, Blooming_HDR, LiftGammaGain, Vibrance, Surface Blur, Adaptive Sharpen, HexLensFlare
The earlyriser multiluts contains 10 luts:
happy pancakes  - a basic color pop. used the same color palette as the game happiest pancakes- a poppier ver of happy pancakes with additional brightness, saturation and contrast
warm pancakes - color pop plus a strong warm reds and oranges and additional pops of yellow, cyan and greens warm gooey pancakes - additional contrast, brightness and loads more saturation
yummy waffles - a bright poppy edit with slightly warmer reds extra syrupy waffles- poppier edit with loads of saturation and brightness
frenchie toast - matted pastel themed with strong magentas and pinks fluffyfrenchie toast - a more matted pastely version with added peachy + raspberry tones
cup of o.j. - pastel warm sunny orange themed lut fresh squeezed o.j - brighter with more saturation and even more pastel warm peaches and oranges
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nervousxsubject · 8 months ago
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Hi! This a hair i did a long time ago and its one of the last conversions i will post because my laptop is broken (i still have 2 sims2 hairs and 1 sims3 hair btw)
4T2 Ana Hair by @twinksimstress
For YA/Adults and Elders
4 natural colors
Grey linked to black
Original: x
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gutosimmer · 3 months ago
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Slant & Curly liners but a bit better lol
ok, this is my first cc i've ever made, and i'm pretty proud of myself!
these are the fun theater base game liners ( that were under eyeshadow originally :P ) that i recreated because i wanted for my game as eyeliners and didn't want the use the maxis ones, so i went ahead made them the way that i would like to use, and i'm putting up for download in case anyone else wants it too!
also, these are custom ones, i literally have no idea how to make default replacement makeup lol
Slant Eyeliner (Hermia) - DOWNLOAD
Curly Eyeliner (Fricorith) - DOWNLOAD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are them on my beloved models <3
one more thing!! if anyone that knows about default replacements, could you give me a few tips? i was really confused by the tutorials i found, and i'm a complete noob and would really appreciate a little bit of help lmao
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kayleigh-83 · 16 hours ago
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Lucy wanted a kitten, so Brett snuck off to make a call while she napped! This little guy is named Milton!
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