kayleigh-83 · a day ago
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The recent WCIF for the bunny mobile reminded me that I’ve been wanting more mobile selection for the nurseries for ages! I found these lovely ones by Simcredible and converted eight of them for TS2.
Enjoy! :)
Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
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neosimi · a day ago
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✨4t2 wall art /photoboard rc’s by aoifae + iconic posters by plutosims✨
happy sunday! here’s some decor for your sims. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
included are some recolors by aoifae, with a few new meshes by kkb. i looked around but couldn’t find these exact items, but if they are already converted please let me know! it’s worth noting my versions have been slightly scaled up. the scroll art i went ahead and added recolors to moocha-muses��� botancial scroll, be sure to grab the MESH here. as a bonus, i added pluto-sims’ iconic posters onto the civic idol poster. :]
files are compressed. swatches in the zip.
download: [sfs] | [box] ♡
credits: @aoifae, @sims-kkb, @pluto-sims, @moocha-muses.
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mustluvcatz-reloaded · 2 days ago
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24 recolors of Numenor’s deck stairs (will also recolor Reyn’s open undemeath deck stairs) AND a slight mesh edit.
While making the recolors I noticed that there was a slight problem with the UV map, shown in the last screenshot, so I fixed that. If you have any two-tone recolors of the stairs already (Jlonier has some at MTS) this will fix those and will not affect any solid colors.
14 of the recolors were made to match 7 of Linacherie’s recolors of a Peggy floor. The other 10 were made to match the Maxis Match recolors I made years ago. There are no nail heads on the textures this time.
Both edited meshes are included. Just let them overwrite if you want the edits. (No need for text files or the Scriptorium.)
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platinumaspiration · 15 hours ago
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Here is anon's request for Simandy's Yuna! It comes in 2 flavors: full body (paired with lace up boots) and top only. As with any short skirt, there's bound to be clipping. Hope you all enjoy!
Comes in 30 colors (swatch included), all morphs, 2.7k - 3.4k poly
Top Only - SFS / MF Full Body - SFS / MF
credits: @simandy
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simsinlowspace · 2 days ago
Freetime Posters - 12 Tinkering Hobby Posters
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Happy Saturday everyone!
I've been working on these Freetime hobby posters for awhile now and I finally finished the first set! This will be a ten part series, one set for each hobby, and I'm planning to upload a new one each weekend (because if I don't set a schedule I'll never get this done lol). Today I'm sharing the Tinkering set. Swatch, info and download below the cut!
Tumblr media
These are on my favorite poster mesh, @linacheries’ beautiful 4t2 conversion of Simsza’s National Park Prints (mesh is included) and feature 12 designs I made with Flaticon elements + a variety of Simlish fonts. All of them reference various items, locations and Sims in the game. (I'll update this post later with translations; I need to transplant a bunch of watermelons first -- I just really wanted to get these up!)
Translations: 1 & 2. Top: Aspir's Garage & Gas | Bottom: Good! Fast! Cheap! Inspired by Luis Aspir, tinkering enthusiast from Desiderata Valley (plus the little sign I've seen in every single mechanic I've ever patronized: If it's good and fast, it won't be cheap; If it's good and cheap, it won't be fast...) 3. Top: Fairchild Repair | Bottom: Plumbing & Electric Named for Waylon Fairchild, Pleasantview repairman 4. DIY gone awry? Call Bradshaw Repair Named for Arcadia Bradshaow, Pleasantview repairwoman 5. Top: Teeny Tikes | Bottom: The building blocks of a good childhood Named for the Teeny Tikes Activity Table 6: Top: Always use the right tool for the job | Bottom: Hamilton Tools Inspired by Daryl Hamilton, Riverblossom Hills repairman 7: Hamilton Tools Daryl Hamilton again 8: Will's Garage Named for the tinkering secret lot 9: Top: One Man's Junk Car Bottom: by Mechanically Minded Advertisement for the in-game item 10: Top: Want to make new friends? Bottom: Non-Deadly Robot Crafting Station Advertisement for the in-game item 11: Round & Round Model Train Set Advertisement for the in-game item 12: Top: Toy Robots! Bottom: powered by clean muon-crystal cold fusion! (this one reminds me of Animorphs, when Ax asked Jake if he meant nuclear power like what the Andelites used to power dolls for children. If you get that reference, cheers, fellow child of the last great decade!)
And of course, a numbered swatch is included. :)
Icons are by Freepik, smalllikeart, max.icons, surang, Smashicons, kerismaker, photo3idea_studio and Good Ware -- huge thanks as always to the designers for sharing their amazing work!
DOWNLOAD (SFS) Recolors are ~300KB -- hell fuzzy yes!
Lots of love, Spacey
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mysimmylicioussims · a day ago
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16th Recolor Set for 2022
Mixed kitchen pieces to match the recolors I have done so far. 
I have also put recolor set 15 on today so look out for that one. 
Download link for this set
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deatherella · a day ago
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Wallpaper of the Week # 23
Here are nine designs from the Stil Haven collection. There were so many that I divided them into this week and Week 24.
Download Folder.
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balkopat · a day ago
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Happy Sweet Birthday @catherinetcjd !
Here is a very little gift set for you. Not much, I was have little time but hope, they are something you may like :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A peacock bedding recolor and a peacock tail recolor on maxis shower.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And a new divider with peacock details! This is a new mesh, only 220 polys, 2 tiles long. There is two subsets; comes with AL wood recolors.
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moyokeansimblr · 5 hours ago
400+ Followers Gift ❤
Tumblr media
Had this sitting in my wips for a bit and finally got around to making it into something: @deedee-sims Cherries On Top dress made into a swimsuit! It's heavily inspired by that one ts4 one. The bottom of the suit is borrowed from @whattheskell's Glamour Life swimwear (the ruched one) because that was the first swimsuit that sprung to mind. It's not perfect, for example the buckle cut off a smidge and the entire thing uses the original dress texture so some polka dots are in weird places. But I'm happy with it.
It also sadly is AF only and doesn't have any morphs, because the auto ones meshtoolkit provided were weird and I'm not confident enough in my abilities to manually morph :( But I figured some people may still enjoy using it regardless! It comes in the original 3 colors and is compressorized.
Cherries On Top Swimsuit AF | Download
Enjoy, let me know if anything is wrong! Thanks so much for over 400 followers 💞 It means a lot!!
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lilroisin · 5 hours ago
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Wingssims ER0206 & ER0307 4t2 LilRoisin
Two really nice hairs created by Wingssims :)
Download ER0206
Download ER0307
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simsinlowspace · a day ago
Blocked Out - Masonry Walls in Fantasy Floss, Dark Fantasy & Valkyrie
Tumblr media
Happy Sunday! Today I have some wall recolors to share with you! As requested by @ubervillez, these are @veranka-downloads' 4t2 Blocked Out Walls in Fantasy Floss, Dark Fantasy and Valkyrie. Swatches, info and download below the cut!
Fantasy Floss
Tumblr media
Dark Fantasy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are 80 recolors total, all organized into folders, and labeled swatches are included. I had a little trouble with these textures (and I can't even begin to figure out why), so these are not compressorized. I don't know if it would make a difference, but I decided to err on the side of caution since the files are pretty dang small anyway.
That being said, a few of the colors still have some artifacts in the texture. Snowberry and Quagmire seem to be the worst offenders:
Tumblr media
So full disclosure, there might be a few you want to delete, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. 😰
DOWNLOAD (SFS) Walls are ~2MB
Lots of love, Spacey
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goatskickin · a day ago
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Not a request, but a hair retexture I’ve wanted to do for a long time. This would be @spottedonsixam‘s 4t2 conversion of EA’s ‘Curly Bun’. 
The base texture was not quite giving me the shine I wanted, so I built that first, and then I layered the @pooklet texture over it. That’s why it took me 2 tries to get it right!
Aged toddler to elder.
Polycount: 5k
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nonsensical-pixels · 2 days ago
Links to my content in case anyone needs them
My simblr @anonsensicalsimblr was terminated by Tumblr recently, and unfortunately, my attempts to reach them have been futile thus far. Since I doubt that it will be going up back up anytime soon, I've created this blog to re-upload and save some of my old content. I also have created a Dreamwidth in case this blog goes down, too, but for now, I hope this works.
SFS CONTENT (contains stuff from May 31 2022 onwards): CUSTOM HAIRS | DEFAULT HAIRS | EYES | FACIAL HAIR | FURNITURE
MEDIAFIRE CONTENT (pretty much everything from the moment I started the original blog): OBJECTS | BUILD MODE STUFF | MISCELLANEOUS DECOR | NEIGHBORHOODS | HAIR DEFAULTS (SHS) | HAIRS
There aren't any previews yet, but I think that I have them all saved on my hard drive. If there's anything missing, please alert me quickly! This backup blog will probably stay up even if my original gets restored. Sorry for the messy folders!
( @sims2packrat )
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mysimmylicioussims · a day ago
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15th Recolor Set for 2022  
Beautiful Nerd Kitty’s 3t2 conversion of Wondymoon’s Krypton Kitchen pan, cups and bowl. 
Today I have the 15th and 16th recolor sets for you [yay about time right!!!]
Sorry that this has taken so long but I got super distracted with building a new lot for you all and sorting out my collections folder and downloads folder which I am still busy with. So much cc so little time. 
The next post is the 16th so look out for it. Below the download link for this one.
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mustluvcatz-reloaded · a day ago
Thank you Shasta for pointing out that I put the wrong stair mesh in with the stair recolors, My eyes are getting really bad again and it’s starting to show. (Eye doctor appointment next month!)
Redownload from my original post if you want my edit of Numenor’s stair mesh! Or cheat and just use this link, lol.
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sillysoraya · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone, I defaulted Mansions & Gardens male hair mhairachilles with Anto’s Keanu, converted 4t2 by Simborg and using the lowered polycount mesh by PlatAsp
Polycount is 13.6k, and I used Simborg’s hairtextures but edited a few of them to match my usual Pooklet colours of Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile,  Pyrotechnic &Mailbomb grey.
Download mhairachilles @simborg
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moyokeansimblr · 21 days ago
Homework Default Replacements
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Something different today! I've had default replacements for the teen&YA homework for some time, but I was never able to find ones for the children homework that I liked, so I decided to make my own! But while I was making them I liked them so much that I decided to make teen&YA ones too! Bonus! ✨
The top four are the children defaults, images from freepik. The bottom four are the teen, images from @sim-saurus. I made tiny edits to change any English text to Simlish. The blue teen one also replaces the YA one, which is why it's pretty non-descript in terms of what subject the homework could be for. I also did the writing on the insides. The child one says "My favorite thing about this subject is that today I learned how to" and the teen one I went into a whole lil essay about how much fun I was having creating these and how my cat was making me very warm. I then put a page break and had a teacher take 2 points off the top section because my essay wasn't academic enough 😂 which is something I got told all throughout college
Files are compressorized, and remember to remove any other homework defaults you may have before using these. I made them as separate packages in case you wanted to use the child but not the teen or viceversa, or to mix n match with another default.
🍎 Homework Default Replacements | CHILD | TEEN/YA | BOTH
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kayleigh-83 · a month ago
Tumblr media
You guys, it's FUNCTIONAL! :D This is Ravasheen's Little Chef's Toy Kitchen converted for TS2. Cloned from the toy oven and fully functional in the same way. All nine swatches included.
Tumblr media
Some clipping of the bowl/muffin when it's put into the oven due to where the shelf aligns, I didn't want to mess with where it was situated.
Thanks to a great tutorial on MTS about assigning joints for retaining object animations, thanks to @lafeeverte-sims for helping me sort out a problem with the batter texture (plus all those who also jumped in to try and help me out when I posted about that!) And thanks to @megamassikalove for testing it for me. :)
Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
Tumblr media
*Results not guaranteed.
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