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Hey everyone, I’ve recently built the exterior of this spring family home (no CC used), but I want YOU to furnish it!


Search for EA account ID Louisim-yt or by using this link: Use the bb.moveobjects on cheat before placing! 


The interior of this house is completely empty so you can do whatever you’d like inside (or change up the outside too)! After you’re done, upload it back to the gallery using #LouisimSpring and I’ll check it out and show it in a future video! If there are too many, I’ll pick my favorites! I tried using as few packs as possible, however you still need Discover University, Island Living, Cats and Dogs, Get together, and Laundry day to be able to download it properly. I’m so excited to see what you come up with! 

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Anyone make Sims? Willing to pay.

I’m looking for someone to make me a male sim, willing to pay as well. Dm if interested, please send post of your work as well. Thank you!

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Sim for @radioactivedotcom‘s Nemesis Murder Mystery!

Computer Whiz | Programmer | Active | Handy

Phaedra is a 19 year old elite, pro hacker. She has been able to hack her way into even the most secure and complex systems and is notorious around underground San Myshuno. She’s also good at handy work and spends the time that she isn’t spending hacking, tinkering away at new machines and inventions. She’s very upbeat and outgoing but can switch to dead serious if need be. She’s lived on her home planet her whole life so far, and longs for just a bit of adventure, before returning home to where she’s made a name for herself, and Sulani seems like a good opportunity. She’s book a class C cabin and is awaiting her journey

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🌿🌾 the decades challenge; gen 1 🌿🌾

{ 1890s }

Harvestfest ( 2 / 2 )

Unlike past years, the Gillians would have quite loud and exciting Harvestfests however this year when Polly came home from work, they all crawled up onto the couch for a story as they fell asleep infront of the fire. Although, Sophia hardly ever gets cold which Polly finds quite strange!

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Princess Alice, her husband Adam, and their two girls, Emily and Olivia were seen taking a stroll at a park near their new home.

The family of four took a rare time off to spend time with each other before the big ball tomorrow night, and the start of the week-long celebrations.


Emily and Olivia spent their downtime cloud watching, while mum and dad chatted and managed to squeeze in a good cuddle or two.

Alice and Adam has had a rocky past, but these two always seem to land back on their feet. The two are still attending couples’ therapy despite completing the prescribed number of sessions. They both agreed that it has immensely helped their marriage and their family, and has made them stronger than ever.


An insider claims that this is “the happiest” Adam and Alice have been. “Alice married rather young, and has always been quite submissive towards Adam, but these past few years, she has blossomed into a strong, confident woman in her own right. At first, Adam seemed threatened by his wife’s new-found independence, but has now appreciated her more for it. They’re on equal footing, and they can’t be happier, really. They’ve both matured and realised their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.”

It’s always nice to see a family that’s united and happy! 

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