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plazasims · 2 days ago
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Mini dress set
New mesh
For female
Full body
HQ compatible
20 colors​
Set contains 2 dress (satin and glitter version)
Gloves  - DOWNLOAD
DOWNLOAD (early access patreon)
Public access on 7th February
Thanks for supporting me <3
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obsims · a day ago
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TS4 Hairstyle ┊ 58 Swatches
UNISEX┊ New Mesh
Hat Compatible
All LODs ┊ HQ Compatible
Custom Thumbnail
Base Game Compatible
Horns by scyllasims
『 T.O.U 』
Don’t Re-upload ┊ Don’t claim as your own
Re-coloring ┊ Re-texturing are NOT allowed.
Don’t convert my works to any game without permission.
Tumblr media
✥ [DOWNLOAD]✥ Early Access on Patreon
*** Public Access on February 14 ***
More custom contents at my site
•Thanks for your supporting •
Tumblr media
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bluecravingcc · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
♥ DOWNLOAD ♥ Public release : 06/02/2022
-------------------- TOU --------------------------
Do not reupload.
Do not claim my work as your own.
Do not upload on monetized sites.
Do not edit / transform my meshes
Do not convert to other games
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mikrobobsmos · a day ago
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Some yearbook portraits I put together. Class of 2022?
Poses curtesy of @someone-elsa
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nathansimss · 22 hours ago
Pandasama Toddler Crib - Recolor
Tumblr media
A Crib Recolor for Toddlers by Pandasama!!  As I will be using this crib for many generations, I realized I needed to add some more patterns!! Altogether there are 21 different patterns, but the crib has 84 samples because each pattern comes in the 4 wood tones of the Pandasama crib!! ° Need Mesh ° 21 Patterns ° 84 Samples Download (Patreon Always Free) Thank you so much Pandasama for creating this amazing mod and making the PSD available!!❤ @maxismatchccworld​❤
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valuka · a day ago
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Hi, today is my birthday. And I have prepared gifts for you on this day. The first one is my December male set now available for everyone. Read more here on TUMBLR
Please enjoy.
Valuka faceshine N4
Valuka eyes N22
Valuka brows N15
Valuka beard N2
Valuka beard N3
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elliemaysims · 10 hours ago
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Mosaic floor set
All texture maps are from www.textures.com and converted by me/ все текстурные карты взяты с сайта  www.textures.com  и сконвертированы мной для TS4
Thanks to  @sssvitlanz   @emilyccfinds   @ts4medieval
DOWNLOAD (Patreon, free)
Enjoy! ❤️   
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simlishi · 2 days ago
Green Hill Mansion (CC FREE)
Hi! Today I have refreshed for you the property that was supposed to be for Ophelia from my story. Unfortunately, in the meantime I had a few ideas and I gave it up, throwing it in the compartment "dusty". I added a few things, decorated a little and it's ready.
Green Hills Mansion
> 50x50
> 3 Bedrooms
> 2 bathrooms
> 273 734 Simoleonów
> Place with bb.moveobjects on
> No CC
Download link  **klik**
@maxismatchccworld​ <3
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Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own. Tag #Simlishipose #Simlishibuilding and please show me your pictures.
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taty86 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
If you like my work, offer me a coffee
All my cc are on my site
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sentate · 2 months ago
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For this collection I wanted to try making some items that give ‘90s main character energy’ whilst also looking more casual for day to day wear. There are 10 items in this collection and each one comes in my standard 25 Swatch SS21 Colour Pallete plus some really fun prints for each style so you can mix and match. I’ve also included 2 overlays (found in the rings category) so you can really make your sim’s 90s style unique!
DOWNLOAD - Free on Patreon
More Downloads Here!
Full item descriptions under the cut...
Ashley Dress - A super cool rib dress with scoop neckline and flowy hem. Buffy Dress - Inspired by the Vampire Slayer herself! A simple mini dress worn under a slightly oversized leather jacket. (+ Jacket overlay found in rings)
Madison Dress - A grunge inspired mini turtle neck knit dress worn with a shirt tied around the hips. Version 1 comes with a contrast shirt, Version 2 with plain tonal shirt. (+ Shirt overlay found in rings, works best when used over Version 2) Paloma Dress - A knitted polo dress that finishes just below the knee Ashley Top -  A cute rib top with scoop neckline. Chelsea Skirt - A cool rib skirt with flowy hem. Julia Cardigan - A super stylish rib cardigan worn partially unbuttoned.
Julia Skirt - A cute rib mini skirt with flowy hem. Tammy Mules - A super high platform pair of mules.
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micklayne · 2 hours ago
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NEW TATS :) blends with all skintypes and colors :)
https://www.patreon.com/McLayneSims (FREE)
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charlypancakes · 3 months ago
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slouch - stuff pack
hello everyone! one thing i always wanted was a very big modular sofa in the game so i decided to give it a try and this is what i came up with. it comes with 5 different pieces in 27 swatches to create various shapes and versions. the footprint of the sofa is a bit smaller than the actual object so it can be easily placed, but this means that sims might walk into the sides of it if there are no other objects near it. in my opinion the woven rug actually looks better sized down once but i kept it the size it is, because i wanted to have an area rug for when you make a very big sofa with this set. it was so much fun to choose patterns for the sofa and i hope you like using the funky swatches, too (especially the cowprint!). here’s a preview of the swatches for the sofa pieces:
Tumblr media
i really hope you like this set and have a lot of fun decorating with it!
this pack comes with 8 new items: - 5 sofa pieces - end table - coffee table - rug
everything is basegame compatible! you can search for 'slouch' or 'charly pancakes'  to find the objects in the build/buy catalogue
more info & DOWNLOAD (via patreon)
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