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thesimsbaddiee · 22 hours ago
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Realistic Accent Rugs (Random)
Do not claim, reupload, repost, and/or alter anything.
Do not convert without permission.
Recoloring is not allowed.
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mellindi · 3 months ago
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17 Mods for Better Sims & Socials in Sims 4
Must-have mods for deeper sim personalities, more meaningful conversations, and custom whims that provide a better, more fleshed out gameplay experience.
Read over on my blog
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saruin · 2 months ago
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YO! This set is FINALLY done. I have worked so hard and spent so much time on this and in the end I am infinitely proud of myself. I present to you my much beloved GANGURO SET!
I was mainly focused on the customization possibilities when creating this set. I guess you can think of it as a Ganguro (Gyaru) starter pack! I plan on creating a lot more cc based around the Ganguro style in the future so look forward to that!
-> DOWNLOAD [Patreon | free • no ads]
This set has 19 items in total
Poses override commitment issues trait in CAS
All of the makeup is slider compatible
All textures are HQ compatible
All meshes are pretty low poly
And have all LODs, shadow maps, normals and speculars
*In order for the boots to work you need a foot slider (ex. Redheadsims), otherwise they will clip into the floor.
Any questions or concerns please let me know!
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thegoldsim · 4 months ago
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Better Birthdays Set (January 2022)
Who’s ready for an upgrade on birthdays? I decided my next project would be to add more to our children’s and toddler birthdays to make them way more memorable.
The two main things I always wanted were a way to get everyone to join the birthday age up and a faster way to make Birthday Cakes to display for my sims parties. So I created a Display Table to not just make the cakes quicker but to show off the cakes as well. Also, an Interaction called Celebrate Birthday will call everyone over to celebrate your sims’ special day.
Patreon Early Access Public Release - 2.4.22 
All Things Included
- Birthday Cake Table (Instantly create a cake that will display in the center of the table - You can use the cake as normal after creating and the children will also not just stand but sometimes use a step stool to blow out candles)
-Birthday Party Chair (Celebrate Birthday Interaction will call everyone over to celebrate - Surprise Guest Gift Interaction $$ You must have one of the Open Gift Buffs to show up)
- Birthday Hat Crown (For Child and Toddlers) (Want the birthday kids to show it’s their special day? Click on the Birthday Party Chair to wear the Birthday Crown)
- Birthday Present Table (Functional) (Open Gifts gives you different presents by chance and will have everyone applauding every time - You can receive toys, electronics, and or money try it out)
- Face Painting Station (Functional) (Bring your party to life and choose from 9 different face paintings available for All Ages)
- Birthday Party Table (Combine with the VoidCritter Centerpieces will make it feel like a party)
- Centerpiece Honeycomb VoidCritters
- Birthday Glass Door (Best used in a Public Place Build)
- Fresh Pizza Boxes (Functional and Stackable) (Choose your own pizza to eat or call all to eat together)
- Fresh Pizza Station (Functional)
- Toddler, Child, Adult Face Paint
- New Buffs and Notifications
- Base Game Compatible 
Download link: 
Better Birthdays Set
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simplyanjuta · 5 months ago
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CAS Mod - No Make-Up & No Accessories on Randomized Sims
This mod disables make-up and accessories (incl. tattoos and hats) when randomizing a sim in CAS. As a bonus, from my understanding & testing, the same game mechanic is then also applied for any randomly generated townies in-game (not including NPC outfits).
As someone who spends countless hours in CAS and gets quickly frustrated with randomized townie outfits, I felt like this could be useful 😃
You can use this mod simultaneously with my presets mod for randomized sims.
Download the mod HERE.
Possible conflicts: This mod is an override of a game file that also includes a small number of other CAS parameters, in particular maximum settings for fitness/slimness sliders. So it might conflict with other mods aiming at modifying these CAS parameters. Feel free to let me know if you know of or encounter any conflicting mods - I will then add the info to this post.
@maxismatchccworld @luthsthings
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jellypawss · a month ago
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Hello friends! I’ve completely redone my adult life mod and this time there is new social interactions, buffs, whims and more! No more boring social interactions, your sims and the sims around them will react to whatever is performed!
Adult Life Category (you will find all of the new interactions here.)
Ask For Head (custom buff.)
Ask If Sim Has Done *nal (custom buff.)
Ask To Be F*cked  (custom buff.)
Call Sim Daddy  (custom buff.)
Insult Head Game  (custom buff.)
Spit Or Swallow?  (custom buff.)
Talk About Being H*rd  (custom buff.)
Talk About Being W*t  (custom buff.)
Talk About K*nks  (custom buff.)
DOWNLOAD | 4/24/22
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muvasimmer13 · 3 months ago
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More Social’s Age Mod
The MSAM (More Social's Age Mod) is geared toward toddlers, children & teens.
Tumblr media
Ultimately, I created this mod as a way to enhance the social interactions for children and teens but I didn't want to leave out those adorable little toddlers! So, I added quite a few buffs for toddlers too to ensure everyone could enjoy seeing my customized buffs for all 3 ages.
Within my USM mod, they are somewhat neglected SO, this mod is solely PG! No craziness, no curses, & ZERO raunchiness. 
The mod itself consists of 3 lifestyle traits.
The Traits Are:
2 - 4 Years Old
6 - 12 Years Old
12 - 17 Years Old
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Traits Include:
2 - 4 Year Old trait: includes 20 customized buffs & 15 whims. Definitely going to make your toddlers a little bit more like their in the terrible two's!
6 - 12 Year Old trait: includes two computer interactions (one increases their communication skill), 20 Whims & 30 Social Interactions. Throughout this trait, there are 45 customized buffs to find and check out!
12 -  17 Years Old trait: includes 40 Social Interactions & 20 Whims. Throughout this trait, there are 45 customized buffs to find and check out as a teen too!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I put a lot of time into this mod so I hope everyone loves it! Overall, there are over 200+ buffs for you to enjoy! Some of the social interactions will not appear until your sim gains a high enough relationship for them to be displayed. Buff's are available on ALL social interactions for the Actor sim. However, only select social interactions will offer buffs for target sim's as well for interesting gameplay.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
UPDATES 02|10|22:
Updated & Tested With Better Exceptions + MCC
New Social Interactions For Teenagers
New Social Interactions For Children
Added 2 New Computer Interactions For Teens
Added 2 New Social Interactions For Children
Unemployment Benefits ♥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔴 T.O.U P L E A S E:
Do not re-upload my content.
Do not claim my content as your own
Do not edit my content.
Enjoy My Loves ♥
CHINESE By Shiloh-Sauce: (Check For Updates)
FRENCH By Kimikosoma: (Check For Updates)
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oshinsims · 6 months ago
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15 FUNCTIONAL Items for Better Gameplay! (Sims 4) 💙
oni's food mod littlebwbub grannies cookbook ats4 toaster ats4 drinkable cold drinks ravasheen cupcake maker rex’s place rice cooker ravasheen tea + coffee brewer ats4 toddler drinks ravasheen llamazon ats4 more picnic baskets charlypancakes mood changing candle arnie plumphone (plumfruit) ravasheen photographic memory ravasheen piggy bank ravasheen smaller dollhouse ravasheen ink for yourself journal
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lotharihoe · 7 months ago
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Originally planned as an add-on for Phone Call Overhaul, this mod grew so much in scope that it turned into it’s own thing.
What it does is add more realism to (almost) every phone call in the game, by giving your sims some time between receiving the phone call and the actual situation that it triggers.
It's easier to show than tell, so let me try and sell the idea:
Tumblr media
Don’t you think it’s weird how sims will invite you to go somewhere and expect you to be just ready to go? Like, at least give me an hour to take a shower or something.
Tumblr media
Oh, this sim’s throwing a birthday party! The party’s right now? What? At least give me time to buy a gift!
Tumblr media
Of course I wanna go on a date with you, but can it be like... tomorrow?
Tumblr media
And lastly, for those dastardly sims who don’t have the patience for these stupid phone calls, you have an option too! People don’t usually like a rude sim, though.
I think you get the idea! For more details, please check under the cut.
The mod includes select features from Phone Call Overhaul: your sims still won't receive phone calls while sleeping, but they will get them if they're just on low hygiene, for example. They also won't receive most calls if they're on vacation.
There are separate files included for each Pack. Install only those corresponding to the packs you own!
Festival invitations, as well as invitations for the Open Mic and Meet A Celebrity events, are unaffected by the mod. Trying to add a delay to them caused issues and I couldn't find a way to fix it. For now, they work like they do in vanilla.
Mean, Evil and Bad-Mannered sims are the only ones with extra response options for now. Trying to add multiple trait-based options didn't work properly, so I chose to stick to the mean options cause they have the most personality and are the most impactful in terms of gameplay.
For now, rejecting the follow-up phone call (the one that actually triggers the event) doesn't produce any response from the caller. This is a limitation from the game itself, but I'll try to see if I can work around it to add even more flavor and realism to the mod.
- Adding buffs to sims after they accept/reject a phone call, both for flavor and also for keeping track of what you have scheduled;
- Adding more variety to certain phone calls, specifically the ones that are dialog-only - e.g. the Inheritance Money call. The result for most of those is always the same, and I wanna add a little more randomness to spice up the gameplay.
- Adding more phone calls! It's such a great feature that is just poorly implemented and underused, and I want to explore it as much as I can.
This mod adds a lot of new strings, as well as changes to some existing ones. Current supported languages are:
- English and Portuguese (made by me);
- Danish (thanks to julesthedane!);
- French (thanks to Rébecca J!);
- Japanese (thanks to maru dada!).
If you wish to translate the mod, please send me the translated files via e-mail at [email protected], and I will include your translation in the mod with due credits.
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nathansimss · 4 months ago
Pandasama Toddler Crib - Recolor
Tumblr media
A Crib Recolor for Toddlers by Pandasama!!  As I will be using this crib for many generations, I realized I needed to add some more patterns!! Altogether there are 21 different patterns, but the crib has 84 samples because each pattern comes in the 4 wood tones of the Pandasama crib!! ° Need Mesh ° 21 Patterns ° 84 Samples Download (Patreon Always Free) Thank you so much Pandasama for creating this amazing mod and making the PSD available!!❤ @maxismatchccworld​❤
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thesimsbaddiee · 22 hours ago
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Neon Hip Hop Art
Do not claim, reupload, repost, and/or alter anything.
Do not convert without permission.
Recoloring is not allowed.
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rheallsim · 8 months ago
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Hey, folks! I'm a simmer who loves me a well organized CAS/CC/mods folder, so I figured I'd share some resources to help you out in achieving such a thing yourself.
A well organized Mods folder as well as organized CC in-game IS possible! Click through the cut to read more!
Table of Contents:
Getting Started
Essential Programs
Essential Mods
Useful Programs and Utilities
Other Useful Things
A Word of Caution/Caveats
Getting Started
Tumblr media
1. @nynsimmer's Completely Empty Organized Mods Folder
When I first started getting serious about CC I went looking for something to help me get started, and I'm so happy I found this. It takes a lot of the effort out of figuring out these category trees yourself! It's not a mod, it's just a simple collection of empty folders to help you organize your CC more effectively. It comes in a couple different flavours based on what your CC-hoarding game is like, and of course, you can make any changes/edits to it you like. Use it as a starting point, then build your perfect Mods folder from there.
For those who are curious, here's how my Mods folder looks right now after using this to start:
Tumblr media
I added a "Defaults and Overrides" folder to make those easier to find, and to separate them from non-default CC so I can more easily run batch fixes without harming my default files.
I have a lot of Gameplay mods; since many of them are script mods and can't be more than 1 subfolder deep in order to work, I organize them by creator to make it easier to keep track and update them. Any miscellaneous mods go in the "Gameplay/Build/CAS Mods" folders.
Tumblr media
2. @sparrowcc's Tidy Details & Tattoos
Though recent game updates have made this not work so well for original Maxis items, it still works for CC items and makes it so much easier to figure which slots everything is listed under so you can more effectively make use of the various skin detail/tattoo/accessory categories. It adds an item thumbnail to the beginning of each Skin Detail/Tattoo category to tell you where that category begins, making the CC in that category appear after it; no more long list of thumbnails and having no idea which skin detail slot they're hiding under!
There are also versions available for accessories, occults/Get Famous, and acne, which could be useful depending on what EPs you have.
Essential Programs
Tumblr media
1. Sims4Studio (Windows Version | Mac Version)
Sims4Studio (S4S) is an essential program for any Sims 4 player who dabbles in CC, whether you're creating it from scratch or simply downloading and using other creator's CC in game. S4S allows you to make simple edits to fix problems or make your CC life easier, and comes with a TON of useful batchfixes to fix some of the more common problems that occur with CC. (The "Disallow CC for Random" batchfix is essential for me; I run it periodically to catch new CAS CC that isn't tagged properly.) The UI is pretty friendly, and it's fairly simple to get started.
You can find the official S4S Tutorial List here.
Some more tutorials to get you started:
How to Clean out CC with S4S by @srslysims
How to Run a BatchFix with S4S by @srslysims
How to Edit/Change Skin Detail Categories using S4S by me
How to Change the Sort Order of CC Eyecolours by @oydis
2. CmarNYC's S4 CASTools (Windows Only)
CASTools is another program you can use to make CC from scratch, and it comes with a lot of options to make that easier depending on what you want/need to do. It's a little more complicated and difficult to get the hang of, but once you do, it gives you a ton of control over your CC.
For example, you can easily hide an item from appearing in CAS by unchecking this box and saving the package:
Tumblr media
Which is useful if you have some recolours/hairs that require a mesh to show up, but you'd rather the original mesh didn't appear in-game. (I have some Maxis Match texture edits of Alpha hairs that require the original meshes to work, and this way only the MM edits show in CAS, not the Alpha hairs.)
You can also easily use it to change the sort order of CC, changing where it appears relative to other items in the CAS categories in game. To do that, you just change the values of this option here:
Tumblr media
(Changing the Sort Order in S4S is slightly more complicated, so I often use CASTools for this instead. It applies the sort order to all swatches of an item in one go, which saves a lot of time!)
CASTools is also required for the CAS Sort CC Alphabetically Utility I mention later, which has been an essential tool for me!
(I am not an expert on CASTools, so please don't ask me for help or support using this program! Please reference the original creator's page or search for tutorials to help you learn how to use it.)
Essential Mods
1. @twistedmexi's Better Exceptions
I didn't know how badly I needed this until I found it. This mod does a LOT of things to help you keep a healthy Mods folder, such as letting you know when mod errors occur, and telling you about any issues such as duplicate CC or possibly outdated mods. Super useful, I recommend it to anyone who has a heavily modded game!
2. @twistedmexi's Better BuildBuy: Organized Debug
Super useful if you have a lot of BuildBuy CC, or if you do a bunch of building! Adds a bunch more filters to your BuildBuy menu so you can more easily find the CC you want, and also indexes and adds Debug items to your BuildMode catalog and makes them searchable/filterable. Read the mod's download page for more info.
3. @twistedmexi's Expandable BuildBuy Catalog
This is included in the Better BuildBuy mod, so don't download it if you decide to use Better BuildBuy. Otherwise, it's a simple mod that allows you to expand the size of the BuildBuy item picker window, letting you see a much larger number of items at a glance. Super useful if you have a lot of BB CC, or if you're an avid builder.
Useful Programs and Utilities
[Note: All of these are Windows Only. Apologies, Mac users!]
Tumblr media
1. NEW Jan/2022: GameTimeDev's Sims 4 Mod/CC Manager
A real game changer! GameTimeDev's mod manager allows you to easily visualize your mods folder by showing your package files with their in-game thumbnails to help you identify them, then gives you powerful tools to sort, add/delete, "load/unload", and filter to your heart's content. This is such a powerful program to help you organize your mods folder! The Sims 4 Community wrote a really great tutorial here to help you get started with the program if you need it. Just be sure to refer to the original download page on ModTheSims for updates and support.
2. Barteke22's Sort CC in CAS Alphabetically Utility
So you've downloaded a bunch of CC, and it's all working great, but your CAS categories are still a chaotic mess; hairs from different creators are all mixed together, and it's impossible to find that One Hair you're looking for in amongst all the others. How do you fix this horrible situation??
If you're me and this bothers you to no end, you end up spending hours changing the Sort Order for each piece of CC yourself by hand using CASTools. You put on a podcast, zone out, and start opening packages, changing numbers, and saving files. It takes forever, and you wonder if it's really worth it. 😵😩
Thankfully, Barteke22 came to my rescue with this amazing tool! It does pretty much exactly what I was doing by hand before, except it automates it, allowing me to eat lunch or play my Switch while it organizes all my CC exactly where I want them. It does make your computer unusable while it runs, but that's a small price to pay for the piece of mind of having a nicely organized CAS, imo.
You can go from this:
Tumblr media
To this:
Tumblr media
All your hairs sorted alphabetically and easy to find! What a relief!
(Please refer to the original download page for information on how to get this tool set up and for how to use it. You'll need to download AutoHotKey for it to work.)
Keep in mind: This tool doesn't read sub-folders, so you have to organize each sub-folder separately. It's a good idea to keep a .txt file around with info on what sort numbers you've used where, so you know what you're doing and don't accidentally reuse any.
Also: It WILL screw up Merged packages. Make sure you're only sorting individual packages with this tool, not merged ones (You can use S4S to merge/unmerge package files).
If you're still having trouble getting this utility to work, I wrote a long rambly thing about it here that might help you. I apologize for my deplorable lack of brevity. <3
3. Bulk Rename Utility
A small Windows utility program for bulk renaming files. Extremely useful if you have CC from a creator that doesn't put their username at the beginning of the filename, making it difficult to find their CC in your Mods folder when sorted alphabetically. I haven't used this much myself, but @ilovethesims2cc gives a quick overview of it here and how to use it to remove special characters from filenames.
4. S4Pavir by @margosims
Note: It's come to my attention that the current version of S4Pavir doesn't work and the creator has stopped developing it, so download and use it at your own risk. That being said, I'm keeping it on the list on the off chance someone picks it up and updates it someday; it could still be useful to the right person!
I haven't used this myself, since my CC has already been categorized in subfolders for a long while, but if you have a large, unorganized mods folder this may help you organize and make some sense of it. As I understand it, it checks each .package file to see what category the item is listed under in-game, then it can move them into subfolders based on that category. (Like I said, I haven't used this myself, so I can't help you make sense of it; please contact the original creator for support!)
5. Sims 4 Mod Assistant by EgorBlagov
A small program used to find duplicate packages and possible mod conflicts. Useful if you have a lot of CC and you know there are dupes in there, but you're intimidated by going through all your subfolders and finding them manually.
Other Useful Things
1. More Columns in CAS by Weerbesu
This mod gives you more columns to work with in CAS, allowing you to see more items/CC at once! Comes in a few different flavours, use the one that works best with your screen resolution. (This mod regularly breaks with the bigger patch updates, so make sure you check to make sure it works with the patch version you're using.)
2. Various Maxis CAS Item Hiders
If you're serious with your CC and would rather not have the original Maxis items cluttering up your game (alpha players might appreciate this!), or you just want to hide some of them because they're not to your taste, there are some options available:
@starbearysims CAS Hiders (For everything up to Journey to Batuu/Nifty Knitting)
@plumbobsandcowplants CAS Hiders (For the Hair Swatch Update and more recent EPs/GPs/SPs/Kits)
MAC Cosmetics Hider
CAS Makeup Hider
Feb2021 Patch Custom Content Hider by @teekalu
3. @amicurl's Catalog Overhaul
Amicurl's been working tirelessly to reorganize and clean up the BuildBuy menus to make more sense. Check out the Introduction to the project to see if their mods are something you'd like. They also have a mod for hiding the pack icons on BuildBuy items, and a subtle CC wrench icon override.
4. @maxismatchccworld's, Well, Everything
@marvell-world at @maxismatchccworld has been tirelessly supporting the Sims 4 CC/modding community for years by sharing posts featuring Maxis Match CC for your perusal. It's extremely well organized and searchable, making it easy to find exactly the CC/Mods you're looking for. I highly recommend taking a look through their navigation categories to see if there's anything you're missing!
5. NEW Jan/2022: @xandezsims' Notes and Tips for Trans Sims
If you're annoyed at your CC not working properly on trans frames, take a look at this handy reference and consider updating the "restrict opposite gender/restrict opposite frame" flags [email protected] worked so hard on this guide, and the information is so valuable to CC makers! Definitely worth bookmarking.
6. NEW Jan/2022: The Sims After Dark Team's DIY Troubleshooting Library
A great many very useful tutorials with step-by-step notes and useful reference images for doing a great many useful things in regards to your game and Mods folder. There are tutorials on how to 50/50 test your mods folder for broken CC, how to install mods in the first place, how to organize your mods folder, how to batch fix, and more.
A Word of Caution/Caveats
As always when using mods and programs that edit files, always be prepared for mishaps and mistakes; keep backups of your CC and important game files before editing them if at all possible, and know that Mods/CC are not officially supported by EA/Maxis. You use them at your own risk.
I am not an expert in any of these programs, nor am I responsible for how they affect your game. Please contact the original creators for support and more information, and make sure they're all updated to the newest versions and working with your game patch version.
If you have other suggestions for useful tools/resources on how to keep an organized and healthy CC/mods folder, please reply/reblog and add them! What works for me won't work for everyone, and I'm sure there are tons of things out there I've missed!
Take care, and happy simming! <3
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saruin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kokoro Outfit
I broke up the top and bottom plus added little bows.
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thegoldsim · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Better Parties Set (April 2022)
As a simmer I am constantly looking for better ways to play my game that is why I created a 2.0 version of the Better Birthdays Mod. I took all of your suggestions and requests and combined them with mine all into one. Please accept my apologies to those waiting for this set to be released; I had an emergency to tend to which was frightening. But don't worry it is finally here and ready. There are over 40 items in this Mod set for you to enjoy in your game. So I hope you enjoy! 
Patreon Early Access Public Release - 5.6.22
All Things Included
- Money Catcher Booth (For Children) - Try your luck in this timed Money Booth your sim may win it all or leave with a little who knows?
- ICEE Machine (Functional with new Animation) - Purchase an ICEE with a red or blue flavor and your sim just might get a brain freeze
- ICEE Counter - Display your ICEE machine for all to use at your parties(Includes 5 slots)
- Party Planner Book (Functional) - This may be one of the coolest things I have made but would you like to quickly set up your parties without going into build buy well this book will allow you to. Also, this book will allow you to call a party clown to join the fun!
- Clown Balloon Stand (Functional) - This table will bring fun and looks to all ages you must first call the party clown from the party planner book. Then as they arrive click the table and ask the clown to attend the balloon stand. Finally, you may ask them to make you a Balloon Hat which is super cute!
- Gift Table (Functional for Children to Elders) - I saw the comments on the last gift table and you guys were right it's sort of weird if a child gets toys right before they age up to a teen/adult. It always has been strange to me why children age up to pretty much an adult that is why that table would be perfect for just toddlers. So I have created a gift table that functions the same but with adult items that are not just limited to only Birthday Parties, you will not only get in-game items but also gift cards. 
- Gift Cards (Functional) - Recently I have seen other wonderful creators create their own gift cards which brought me the idea to include some in the new gift table. So the open gifts interaction will give you a variety of different gift cards every time.
- Hot Dog Warmer (Functional) - This functions the same as the pizza station you may call everyone to eat a hot dog or you may have one for just yourself. This can be perfect for parties or just an outing with the family.
- Snack Table (Functional) - This was one of my favorite creations to make you will be able to display a variety of snacks and candy for your party guests to snack on before the main meal. You can choose your snacks then call to meal and everyone will come over to eat. Something to keep in mind for the top row is that when you select your snacks, they will appear in the order you selected.
- Goodie Box Surprise (Functional with new Animation) - Everyone enjoys receiving a goodie bag or box to take home with them after a party. So, based on the suggestion of one of my patrons, I created something that will give your toddler and child guests something to remember. This includes a variety of toys, bubbles (you must have City Living for this object to work), glasses, and candy. When your sim has finished looking through the goodie box, they will receive a buff and will be able to eat candy or discard their box from their inventory.
Download link: 
Better Parties Set
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simplyanjuta · 4 months ago
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Custom Starting Sims for CAS (Tutorial & Mod)
Making my way through various CAS files, I found something that I thought might be interesting to at least someone?👀😊
You know, how when you go into CAS, one of EAs sims shows up as the starting sim? You can replace these sims with your own sims. Or, in case you have a certain sim style, you can make it so that only a certain sim, that you want to use as a base, shows up.
Below I show how to do it and share files that you can use as a base (as well as some examples with my own sims).
This is how it works:
There are 20 Sim Preset files with female sims and 20 Sim Preset files with male sims that the game picks from when you go into CAS.
Each Sim Preset file references a Sim Info file which, basically, has the information about how the sim looks.
And you can replace the referenced Sim Info files with Sim Info files of your own sim(s).
Here is how to do it (it’s basically a little trick I learned from @mizoreyukii​ ’s tutorial for Custom Styled Looks). I realize this looks like a lot but those are just a few simple steps :D:
Save the sim(s) you want to use to your Library. If you use different sims, make sure the sims have distinct names, since the ID of your Sim Info files is derived from your sims name and you don’t want the file names to overlap.
Next, open up Sims 4 Studio, go to the Tab “Content Management” and select “My Library”:
Tumblr media
A window will pop up that shows the sims that are saved in your Library. [Note: There’s a little bug in S4S, when in case you changed your game language settings at some point (as I did), S4S will still navigate to the old Tray folder (even though the path to “Sims 4 Documents” is set correctly in the S4S settings). As a workaround, you can copy paste the files from your current Tray folder to the old one.]
From the overview select the household with your sim. Then, select the sim on the right panel, right click the sim and select “Export .SimInfo”. Save the file to a location of your choice.
Tumblr media
Download the zip file I linked below and open the included package file with EAs sims (either male or female, depending on which sims you want to replace) in Sims 4 Studio. (If you set Sims 4 Studio as the standard program to open package files, you can just double click the package file to open it.)
Inside each file there’s a list with 20 sim presets. Each Sim Preset references a “SimInfoInstanceID”, as shown in the example below, that you will need to replace in the next step:
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Hit “Batch Import” in order to add the Sim Info file that you previously exported from your Library.
Copy the Instance ID from the Sim Info file. You can copy it from here:
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Paste this ID as the “SimInfoFileInstanceID” to the Sim Preset (replace the existing entry). If you want to use the same sim for all files, copy the same Sim Info ID as reference to all Sim Presets, otherwise add the other Sim Info files you wanna use the same way as described above and copy the different IDs to the different Sim Presets.
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Save the package file and put it into your Mods folder.
And that’s it! 😊 
The download above is a zip file (you need to unzip it with a free program like WinRAR or 7-Zip) and includes the following package files (each for male and female sims):
Original Files with EAs sims (*)
Example with 1 male sim and 1 female sim
Example with 4 male sims and 4 female sims
Following basegame sims are included in my example files:
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(*) Sidenote: In case other CAS sims are added to the game, you can also export the original files yourself via the S4S Game File Cruiser:
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jellypawss · 6 months ago
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Get Real Mod
Phew! I'm so excited to have a version of this mod I'm happy enough to share! The Get Real Mod is a mod that adds situational based social interactions and buffs. This is an extremely early version of the mod so I can get some more ideas from you guys.
Talk About Being Comfy - Sims Get This Interaction When In PJs (Gives A Comfy Buff)
Talk About Freezing Weather - Sims Get This Interaction When It Is Freezing Temperature ( Uncomfortable Custom Buff)
Talk About Fun Activities - Sims Get This Interaction When Bored (Custom Bored Moodlet)
Talk About Being Happy Around Family - Sims Get This Interaction When Being Around Family (Custom Happy Moodlet)
Express Gratitude For Meal - Sims Get This Interaction When Eating (Gain Manners & Custom Happy Moodlet)
Talk About Being Engaged - Sims Get This Interaction When Actively Engaged (Custom Happy Moodlet)
Announce Birthday - Sims Get This Interaction When Able To Age Up (Custom Happy Moodlet)
Talk About Divorce - Sims Get This Interaction When Divorced (Custom Sad Moodlet)
DOWNLOAD /12/05/21
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mellindi · 12 days ago
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Must-Have Mods for Sims 4 City Living
One of my lovely readers requested this so here you go! I’ll be working my way through all the packs (in between story stuff) so keep an eye out for that 😊
Read on my blog
@maxismatchccworld @mmfinds
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oshinsims · 4 months ago
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My MUST Have Mods for The Sims 4 (Can't Play Without)
Luumia Vanilla Skin + Eye Shine Remover
Llamaloaf Pearl Eyes
Lamatisse Bare Skintones
Pyxis Pearly Whites
Zerbu More CAS Presets
SimplyAnjuta CAS Lighting (Neutral)
UI Cheats Extension
MC Command Center
OOTD + ITTL Gameplay Lighting
More Holiday Icons (#131)
More Club Icons
Grannies Cookbook + Oni's Food
Photographic Memory
** honorable mention: no ea eyelashes
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lam-z · 3 months ago
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LAMZ PANAN Military Uniform
11 Swatches
New Mesh
HQ Compatible
Don't Re-upload
LAMZ PANAN Military Cap
12 Swatches
New Mesh
HQ Compatible
Don't Re-upload
LAMZ PANAN Cloak1/Cloak2/Cloak3
Ring finger
11 Swatches
New Mesh
HQ Compatible
Don't Re-upload
Download : Patreon Exclusive
If you use my cc to take photos please tag lam-z. 如果你用了我的CC拍照,欢迎艾特我。 Do not re-upload, modify, or sell. 请勿二传,二改或者倒卖。 Thanks all cc creators.❤
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historicalfictionsims · 11 days ago
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Historical Nursing
A BGC Career and Dress
In honor of Florence Nightingale's 202nd birthday, I present the finished product of a long-time WIP. The medical career from Get to Work only briefly features nursing and all the CC careers I've found are modern, so I wanted to focus on the period around WWII. You can reasonably use the career for most of the first half of the 20th century, into the 60s. Less wiggle-room with the uniform.
The starting track was largely inspired by the Cherry Ames series. It focuses on nursing school, so these three levels do not receive pay. Teens can join the career and if you want an adult to skip this part, you can use MCCC to cheat to level four. (You can also use MCCC to freeze at any level in order to avoid promotions).
There are three branches:
Hospital, which was also inspired by Cherry Ames. Levels are: Graduate Nurse, Head Nurse, and Superintendent.
Military, which uses ranks from the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during WWII. Levels are: Cadet, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Colonel.
Public Health, which was partially inspired by Call the Midwife. Levels are: School Nurse, District Nurse, Nurse Midwife, and Health Department Liaison.
Download and more info under the cut.
The uniform is in the retired Milk Tea palette and has solids and stripes.
*Known issue: The skirt of the dress looks funky at the knees while sitting and napping. I tried every method I could think of to fix it but had no luck.
**Make sure you extract the zip folder and place both the package and script files in your mods folder.
Download for free on Patreon | SFS
Support me on Patreon or buy me a coffee?
Feel free to tag me if you use them, I’d love to see! My TOU are here.
@maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters @twentiethcenturysims. Thanks to @simming-in-the-rain for testing!
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