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thedevilliers · 2 days ago
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THEDEVILLIERS — family portraits #4
- 22 poses, 5 sets of group poses - for set #3 and #4, place teleporter in middle of bench - for set #5, place teleporters in middle of chair - custom thumbnails - poses were made with custom rigs so clipping may happen @emilyccfinds @ts4-poses @itsjessicaccfinds @mmfinds
download: patreon (free, no ads)
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fairysulani · a day ago
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sul sul!
my name is gio (23, she/her, bi) and this is my first time doing a sims blog, i hope we’ll be able to become friends! I think i’ll be posting some gameplay, lookbooks and sims since i practically live in cas 24/7, im 100% new to this so please forgive me if i’m a mess!!
if you’re an active simblr feel free to like or reblog this post so i can follow more people!
Thank you in advance <3
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thegrimalldis · a day ago
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The House of Grimalldi - Line of Succession 
♛ King Maximilian I
♛ Crown Prince Maximilian
♛ Queen Helena I 
♛ King Maximilian II
♛ Queen Eleanor I
♛ King Maximilian III
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thegoldsim · 11 hours ago
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Better Birthdays Set (January 2022)
Who's ready for an upgrade on birthdays? I decided my next project would be to add more to our children's and toddler birthdays to make them way more memorable.
The two main things I always wanted were a way to get everyone to join the birthday age up and a faster way to make Birthday Cakes to display for my sims parties. So I created a Display Table to not just make the cakes quicker but to show off the cakes as well. Also, an Interaction called Celebrate Birthday will call everyone over to celebrate your sims' special day.
Patreon Early Access Public Release - 2.4.22
All Things Included
- Birthday Cake Table (Instantly create a cake that will display in the center of the table - You can use the cake as normal after creating and the children will also not just stand but sometimes use a step stool to blow out candles)
- Birthday Party Chair (Celebrate Birthday Interaction will call everyone over to celebrate - Surprise Guest Gift Interaction $$ You must have one of the Open Gift Buffs to show up)
- Birthday Hat Crown (For Child and Toddlers) (Want the birthday kids to show it's their special day? Click on the Birthday Party Chair to wear the Birthday Crown)
- Birthday Present Table (Functional) (Open Gifts gives you different presents by chance and will have everyone applauding every time - You can receive toys, electronics, and or money try it out)
- Face Painting Station (Functional) (Bring your party to life and choose from 9 different face paintings available for All Ages)
- Birthday Party Table (Combine with the VoidCritter Centerpieces will make it feel like a party)
- Centerpiece Honeycomb VoidCritters
- Birthday Glass Door (Best used in a Public Place Build)
- Fresh Pizza Boxes (Functional and Stackable) (Choose your own pizza to eat or call all to eat together)
- Fresh Pizza Station (Functional)
- Toddler, Child, Adult Face Paint
- New Buffs and Notifications
Download link:
Better Birthdays Set
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windenbluffs · a day ago
A Gameplay Lookbook!
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☀️ cc links below the cut ☀️
Dahlia top V1 by @arethabee
Vivianne trousers by @clumsyalienn
Bottsford platform shoes by @mlyssimblr
Wild necklace by @enriques4
Big fishnet socks [TSR] by @dissiasims
Vibe bodysuit by @trillyke
Maeve skirt by @serenity-cc
Alexa Chung heels by Serenity-CC
Top from the throwback fit kit, made BGC by @kouzeesim
Dope leggings by @saurusness
Incheon sneakers 1 by Trillyke
Serena hair by Arethabee
Kayle top by Serenity-CC
Victorious Serpent shorts by @emmibouquet
Astra dress by Trillyke
Leather pumps 03 by @jius-sims
Myneon sunglasses by @pixelore
Ready for summer bikini by @demondare-sims
Hot weather:
Myra top by Arethabee
Sarah shorts by Arethabee
Pauline shoes [TSR] by Dissiasims
Cold weather:
Sarah top by @kumikya
Cherie trousers by @pixelunivairse
Leather platform ankle boots by Jius-Sims
Lilith and Lydia hairs by Arethabee
Neutrals vol 1 eyeshadow by @crypticsim
Lotus and passionfruit eyeliners by Crypticsim
Flushed blush by @simulationcowboy
Fresh lipstick by @simtone
Thanks so much to these amazing CC creators!
@s4lookbookgallery @mmoutfitters
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maisonnarcisse · a day ago
Maison Narcisse | Silk & Satin Curtains | Part I
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Silk And Satin Curtains
Types : Silk curtains, satin curtains
Versions : 6
Short silk
Medium silk
Tall silk
Short satin
Medium Satin
Tall satin
Swatches : 18
Categories : Curtains, decor
Materials : silk, satin, iron
Thumbnails : custom
Price :
Silk : From 210 to 630§
Satin : From 155 to 465§
Needs : base game
If you encounter any issues with this product, please report by contacting our after-sales service.
Don’t hesitate to leave feedbacks in the comments section !
You can also follow us on Instagram !
Download Patreon (Free)
Credits : @thesense4 (Couch) | @leosims4 (side tables) | @pralinesims (walls, floors and sheep rugs)
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theblondesimmer · 2 days ago
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💋Make a sim with me!💄 - Vivienne
She firmly believes that knowledge breeds power. 🧬Traits - Genius / Bookworm / Loner
My followers on Instagram helped me create a sim! Here’s what you wanted me to incorporate:   Hair - Unnatural Color   Eyes - Green   Skin tone - Tan   Body Type - Average   Details - Freckles   Aesthetic - Dark Academia
You can download her for free here!
CC links under the cut!
Genetics: Skin Details / Lip Overlay / Eyelashes / Skin Overlay / Face Overlay / Skintone / Eye Preset / Mouth Preset / Body Preset / Nose Preset 
Outfit: Barret / Hair / Hair Recolor / Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Nose Shine / Blush / Lipstick / Glasses / Earrings / Shoulder Sweater / Sweater / Pants / Rings / Shoes 
Thank YOU to all the CC creators! I would be lost without you! - @aharris00britney, @alexaarr, @alhajero-love, @clumsyalienn, @crypticsim, @dallasgirl79, @dream-girl, @evoxyr, @gorillax3-cc, @hula-zombie, @lamatisse, @miikocc, @pralinesims, @pyxis-likes-ts4, @rimings, @sims3melancholic, @simulationcowboy, @squeamishsims, @stretchskeleton
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neutralsupply · a day ago
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meetthefundies · a day ago
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From the @mrs.okada Simstagram account
We are pleased to announce the birth of our firstborn son, Ezekiel Genkei Okada. Named after the prophet who wrote the Book of Ezekiel and my father-in-law in his middle name. His name is a bit more “mainstream” than we typically go but we felt it was such a strong name and we love the nickname Zeke.
He is absolutely perfect and like with all of our children, we look forward to raising him to strive to know God and grow in His abundant grace. Every child is a blessing, but also a reminder of the responsibility He has given us to train them up in the way of the Lord, so that they may be warriors for Christ. We do not take this charge lightly and have prayed over Zeke that he will be a strong, masculine man of God one day who serves his community, loves his wife, and leads his family closer to Christ. 
The girls absolutely adore him and are so excited about having their first brother. Adam is excited to have a little guy to watch football with and I’m excited to have another baby to cuddle. 
Thank you all for your sweet prayers! The Okada Family is a happy and healthy party of seven now ❤️
#itsaboy #babynumber5 #masculinerevival #biblicalfemininity #biblicalwomanhood #tradwife #traditionalvalues #traditionalliving #twinmom #psalm127three
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katesimblr · 2 days ago
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German apartment
The German Apartment is located in a historical building. Downstairs you will find a small bar, a bakery and a small boutique. Upstairs is a two-story duplex apartment, with a master bedroom with walk-in closet, two bathrooms, a bar, three balconies, a baby room, and a spacious kid's room for two toddlers, a laundry room and a home office area. Thanks to all creators who made this house possible with their CC, like 13pumpkin, billss4cc, chlicket, dk-sims, k-hippie-k, laSkrillz, lines.siminterior7, meinKatz, Sjamboksim, Thetrashisout, xldkx and many many more. To see more photos and download CC and Tray files visit my website here.
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thedevilliers · a day ago
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Crown Princess Emilia de Villiers
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breezygardensofficial · 23 hours ago
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Comet carves out a little bit of time every now and then to continue working on Artifact / Artifiction.
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renegadepixels · a day ago
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// support the makers //
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leavath · a day ago
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Where Is My Mind?
pose @helgatisha, earrings @oydis, hair @rustys-cc, lipstick @goppolsme, rings @clumsyalienn
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tinysimmer · 22 hours ago
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Lost in Sulani 🤔
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plumbaleena · a day ago
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I have come to the realization that I am absolutely obsessed with making male sims and therefore going to be focusing on them from now on!
Zander is a classic bad boy, with a little bit of an edgy twist. He’s looking for love, as all of my bad boys are, and enjoys punk rock, classic guitar, and long walks along the beach of Sulani. Will you help him find his one and only?
OUTFIT 1 // hair / tattoo / blazer / under shirt / pants / boots
OUTFIT 2 // shirt / jeans / shoes
OUTFIT 3 // tee / shorts / socks / shoes
OUTFIT 4 // hat / shirt / jeans / shoes
Find me on Insta
Let’s bring some zaddies into @thesims shall we?
@maxismatchccworld @thesimpanions
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neutralsupply · a day ago
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meetthefundies · 21 hours ago
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Right after Zeke’s birth, our beautiful firstborns Asenath and Bethlehem turned 5!  They are officially kindergarteners and I can’t believe it. Where does the time go? We celebrated their birthday at the park with family and friends, just as they wanted. 
Asenath is so helpful and LOVES babies, I think it’s an eldest daughter thing. We do struggle with teaching her a gentle and quiet spirit though. She can be a bit all over the place and has mood swings. I know it’s just the enemy trying to take her from us and I remind her that her feelings can’t be trusted because the heart is deceitful and despite what she feels, she needs to stop and think about what the Lord would want her to do or say instead. 
Bethlehem on the other hand is already gentle and quiet, but the problem is she often slips under the radar and isn’t as accountable to her chores as she should be. I’m working with her on the sin of slothfulness and reminding her that idle hands are the devil’s playground and using scripture to convict her, “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness” (Proverbs 13:4).
(A/N: Az rolled the erratic trait and Beth rolled Lazy. I’m doing a new thing where I’m just picking the first trait despite if I think it fits fundies. Because honestly, even though they put on a good face, fundies are also hot-headed, mean, evil, erratic, and the other traits I’ve skipped over. I’m interested to see how this works out in my gameplay!).
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We got the homeschool room ready to start kindergarten. Adam was sweet enough to let me move my painting supplies into his office. I’m so excited to have a dedicated space to instruct our children and keep them safe. I can’t understand how so many women in the world feel comfortable sending their children off to be raised by strangers for 8 hours a day while they clock into a day job. With women called to be the keepers of their homes, it’s clear that homeschool is part of the Lord’s design for families. 
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creamworld · 2 days ago
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 twinkle girl ⭐
 super idol ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧ 💫✨
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coatedinhoney · 17 hours ago
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Keg Stand Time
Akel had to show her brother how it's done after seeing him fail at the keg stand. They had dragonfruit flavour which left them feeling extremely giggly and playful.
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