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rebouks · 2 days ago
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Oscar: The hell’s wrong with the rest of the bed?
Oscar: [sighs]
Oscar: Hm-.. dammit Ivan, would you get off me already?
Ivan: Huh?
Oscar: You’ve been all up in my shit since you fell asleep.
Ivan: Eh-.. hey, elbow!
Oscar: It’s hot as fuck, get outta here.
Ivan: Sorry.
Oscar: [sighs]
Ivan: Did y’manage to sleep at all?
Oscar: A couple hours, maybe... You’re a grade A clinger.
Ivan: Well, I’m fuckin’ touch starved.
Oscar: [chuckles] Poor, unloved Ivan.
Ivan: I mean it, man. I hate being single, I need someone to love.
Oscar: I hate to break it to ya, but I ain’t the one; however much you spoon me.
Ivan: Hah, obviously.
Oscar: Unlucky.
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roaringarcade · 23 hours ago
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cinamun · 8 hours ago
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Operation FAFO begins
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thegrimalldis · 2 days ago
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The Grimalldis return this summer ❤
I do have some bonus scenes planned before we kick off the next part. Date still to be determined.... 
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nimphaea · a day ago
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Odette: How did I get turned? Well, I was Farras’s familiar, did he mention it? No, of course he didn’t.
Well, I was his familiar and together we traveled—mostly to tombs to uncover artifacts which I later found out were just old trinkets of his he didn’t want to turn up in a museum.
Anyway, a day came where I accidentally set off a poison trap and the only way to save me was to turn me. Dramatic, isn’t it?
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wa-royal-tea · a day ago
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hellodahliah · a day ago
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the strange bloom virus is really getting out of hand,,, 
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stillgotme · a day ago
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Off to the countryside of Japan to visit Chance’s maternal grandparents 🍂
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kat-simss · 2 days ago
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Views of Windenburg
(ft. @kindlespice‘s stunning Gia Preset)
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simwithsparkles · 2 days ago
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𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕎𝕖 𝕃𝕒𝕟𝕕
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rebouks · a day ago
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Ivan: What a crock of shit.
Bruno: Hm?
Ivan: Him! He should be burnt by now, he's fuckin' ginger.
Oscar: Not everyone who's ginger is as pale as your pasty ass. You were the one saying you weren't made for the heat.
Ivan: I like it, it just don't like me.
Oscar: Sucks to be you.
Ivan: [scoffs]
Bruno: Why do you have so many.. nautical tattoos?
Ivan: I'm a fan of the ocean?
Oscar: [laughs]
Ivan: I.. I also used t'be in the Navy, so was my Pa-...
Oscar: You were not!
Ivan: I fuckin' was!
Bruno: What're you getting in a stress at me for?! I didn't say you weren't.
Oscar: Seriously?
Ivan: Yes!
Bruno: When?
Ivan: I was about eighteen or somethin', I was only in for a year or two.
Bruno: What did you do?
Ivan: I was trainin' t'be an engineer.
Oscar: Did you get kicked out?
Ivan: No! Pa got sick, and it ain't like anyone else was around t'look after him.
Bruno: How did you go from the Navy, to this..?
Ivan: I did what I had t'do so I could pay the bills n' shit, y'know...
Bruno: Why didn't you go back?
Ivan: I dunno, guess I just never got around to it... Wasn't really a fan of the rigidity anyway; ironic, huh?
Bruno: [chuckles] No shit.
Wyatt: Can you two put some clothes on? We're not on vacation.
Oscar: We could be.
Wyatt: You can continue being useless layabouts later. We have places to be.
Oscar: Didn't realise there was an itinerary.
Wyatt: I'm more than happy to go without you.
Oscar: Alright, relax. We'll be ready in five.
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yess1re · 2 days ago
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17 - “burden”
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[transcript under the cut]
*italics denotes thoughts
   ATLAS: … Andrea Mitsuhara, right? 
   ANDREA: Yeah, how do you know where I live?
   ATLAS: … Your aunt. 
   ANDREA: Ah.
   ATLAS: … How’d you manage to get past the barriers? 
   ANDREA: Well, actually, the magic was already very weak-
   ATLAS: -Very weak?
   ANDREA: … Yeah. It didn’t take much to, you know, fall apart. 
   ATLAS: Do you usually greet people like… that?
   ANDREA: Oh, please spare me, I was trying to look cool. I’m really sorry about that.
   ANDREA: This is too awkward. Who even meets up with someone before noon?
   ATLAS: … Why do you want to learn magic from me? You barely know me.
   ATLAS: Is it because of my family? My heritage?
   ANDREA: Shit, how do I even reason this out? Well, your heritage is partially a reason, but I… want to reach the top, and I believe you could take me there. What sort of reasoning is that?!
   ANDREA: Wouldn’t you want to teach others what you know? Or are you another one of… those spellcasters?
   ATLAS: … Listen closely and remember this. If you really want to know, I hate anything and everything to do with magic.
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reigningsims · 13 hours ago
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5:27pm - Lobby, Channel Seven Headquarters
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thegrimalldis · a day ago
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The House of Grimalldi - A Tale of Love & Betrayal - Part One
King Rosen’s Story
King Jansen - the second Grimalldi King to reign had three children, the eldest being his daughter - Princess Ingrid. She was said to have been a remarkable young child who would often sit by her father’s side as he presided over court. The King would hear the people’s grievance and then ask the young princess of her opinion. She was always kind and thoughtful in her answers. Anyone with eyes could see he was preparing her for the role as future Queen of Monaca. 
This made the King’s council anxious as they remembered all to well the King’s late mother, Queen Selene. A fiery blooded woman who stopped at nothing to see her son crowned as King, and if the rumors dare to be true - going as far as to disposing her own husband. Two for that matter. Monaca could not handle another Queen Selene, not after the years it took to repair the damage of the first dynastic dispute between the Grimalldis. 
The council had all agreed that the King must remarry. It had been years since the death of his wife, Queen Alice. If King Jansen wished to see his descendants reign as long as the Vatrician Kings, then it was time for him to secure the Grimalldi line. Only a son could inherit, only a son could carry on the Grimalldi name. 
After much thought and consideration, the King accepted the council’s advice and married the daughter of the Duke of Rosemont. Queen Isabella would give him twin sons - Prince Romulus and Prince Matthias. 
Though the boys shared similar features, they were very different all together. Where Romulus was joyous and loud, Matthias was sullen and quiet. They could never agree upon anything, often quarreling over the smallest of matters. 
King Jansen had once even jested- that raising daughters was far more easier than sons. 
The Princes would grow to be fine young men. Prince Romulus even said to be as pretty if not prettier than his half-sister who was renowned around the world as the most beautiful woman in Monaca. 
Romulus took up his role as the Crown Prince with ease, taking Ingrid’s place in court by their father’s side and even presiding over court himself if the King had other matters to attend to with goodwill. Anyone looking upon him, seated on the throne could see a bright future for Monaca. 
The Monacan lords and ladies were shameless as they paraded their unwed daughters before him but his lack of interest in the opposite sex did not go unnoticed - especially by his father. In fact, rumors had begun to circulate that the Crown Prince who always surrounded himself with handsome young men had a lover - in none other than his childhood friend, Sir Laurence Myland.
The beautiful daughter of the Duke of Wells was brought to court that same year to be a companion of Princess Ingrid. Catching the attention of not the elder Prince but the younger. 
The sullen Prince Matthias could be seen smiling and laughing in Lady Loressa Tatum’s company. The girl was said to have brought out an entirely different side to the King’s youngest son. Anyone could see he was clearly smitten with the Duke’s daughter. 
Everything changed the year King Jansen announced the betrothal of his daughter - Princess Ingrid to the Duke of Yorkton, a man who was said to have been thrice the age of the Princess. It was a marriage she was said to have been strongly against, even her own stepmother - Queen Isabella voicing her concerns. 
King Jansen would hear none of it, insisting that the wedding must go forward. The Duke was the first to side with the rebel prince during the conflict with his father, King Rosen. 
History will say, the Grimalldi King owed his crown to his dear friend. 
King Jansen even held a tourney for the betrothal in Riviera, to show how much he supported the marriage. A grand affair that brought tens of thousands from all over Monaca to the capital. 
Prince Matthias took part as well as the Crown Prince’s rumored lover - Sir Laurence Myland. Both proved to be formidable forces in the tourney and rose within the ranks with their trusted horses and lances until only the two of them remained. 
On the eve of the final day of the wedding tourney, it was reported that Prince Matthias had been summoned to his father’s grand tent and when he emerged hours later - the young Prince was grim for the remainder of the night and not even the Lady Loressa’s company could cheer him up. 
Now, no one knows what was said between father and son, but all could assume after the events that fell Princess Ingrid’s wedding tourney that King Jansen had asked his son to do the unimageable. 
When Prince Matthias and Sir Laurence took up their mounts and were handed their lances as a crowd of twenty thousand, including the royal family watched on - it would be the final time for the latter. 
The Prince’s lance pierced the knight’s throat as they jousted - and Sir Laurence fell from his horse. He died in the Crown Prince’s arms as Prince Matthias looked away, ashamed. 
When Crown Prince Romulus rose, his hands soaked in his dearest friend’s blood - he unsheathed his sword and swung at his twin. When the guards went to break up the brothers - the King had infamously commanded “let them fight.” 
It wasn’t until the first blood was drawn between the brothers as Prince Matthias - having always been the better swordsman between the two slashed the Crown Prince’s face, did the King nod to his guards to separate his sons. The crowds that had gathered were said to have looked on in shock as Crown Prince Romulus spat blood on the ground and declared before all that his brother was dead to him.  
In the midst of her half-brothers duel, Princess Ingrid - the favorite of King Jansen’s three children took her opportunity and made her escape with Sir Broderick Devereux. Having been pushed aside because of her sex and then betrothed to a man she despised, the Princess had enough and decided to take her own fate into her hands. Offending her betrothed and destroying her father’s twenty year long friendship with the Duke of Yorkton in the process. 
She would marry the lowborn knight in secrecy and King Jansen would disown her, even going so far as to exiling her from Monaca. The two would never speak to each other again and Ingrid’s story is lost to history there after but it is said as King Jansen lay dying many years later - only one person he called out for and it was that of his sweet Ingrid. 
To be continued...
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nimphaea · a day ago
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Mae: 1967 is when I was turned, unwillingly I might add. I'm not like Odette who wanted to be turned.
I had been dating this amazing man who had said to me ‘I can’t live without you’…
Every girl wants to hear those words from the man she loves, right?
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warwickroyals · 14 hours ago
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Transcript under the cut - Click for HQ photos
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE: We eveuntually do see Phillip’s parents’ reaction to his relationship with Jean and, uh, Phillip is 50% right about what it will be so . . . Also, wow, look just a cute chapter with mothing heavy happening!
All likes, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thank you for the support 💖
Tumblr media
[JEAN] . . . this one, right here? I got it on a whim when I was seventeen and I had one of my college
friends pretend to be my mom. I remember telling the tattoo artist to surprise me.
[PHILLIP] Don’t you think you’ll regret them when you’re older
[PHILLIP] Nope. I’ve been getting tattoos for years, never regretted a single one—[PHILLIP] Hmmm—So it’s a no, isn’t it?
[PHILLIP] Stick to pens and paper for now. I’d like to see you complete a successful piece of art before you start considering me as a canvas.
[JEAN] No one has to know about it. It’ll be under your clothes, somewhere only I know.
[PHILLIP] As fun as that sounds, I have quite a few regrets. I don’t want anymore, even ones in ink.
[JEAN] You’re such a dad. No fun.
[PHILLIP] I am a dad. You’re just mad because I sound like a sensible man.
[JEAN] What, is there a rule against royals getting tattoos or something?
[PHILLIP] No, I’m just a boring . . . washed up, divorced dad.
[JEAN] Alright, Dad, for the record I am doing artistic things again. Mainly because it’s my career.
[PHILLIP] At least you have a career. Can’t say the same for myself.
[JEAN] I thought royals don’t need careers. They’re too rich and important for them.
[PHILLIP] [scoffs] I might be rich, but my importance has become subject to a national debate.
[JEAN] I know you don’t like talking about it, but you know you can tell me anything, right? I want to know what it was like for you. Did you have a bunch of servants you could boss around?
[PHILLIP] It wasn’t as glamourous as it seems. My father was very austere. He was more like a military general than a father.
[JEAN] Your father, the old man on all the money, was austere?
[JEAN] His Majesty wouldn’t approve, I take it?
[PHILLIP] Are you sure you want me to tell you anything? Because he’d have some choice words about you.
[JEAN] If it makes you feel any better, my mother wouldn’t approve either. Unless you have some hidden Korean heritage.
[PHILLIP] Is that why she took off? Because of me?
[JEAN] Don’t be silly, she’s tolerated far worse and far poorer than you. Her leaving was one hundred percent a her thing.
[PHILLIP] The King might be one thing, but my mother would like you a great deal.
[JEAN] Oh, really, and why’s that?
[PHILLIP] Because I like you. I’ll tell you everything someday, I promise, when I’m . . . I don’t know, when I have the energy for it. I’ll answer all of your questions.
[JEAN] Alright, but for now you need to make yourself useful. No more, lounging around at aunty’s palace.
[JEAN] You’re going to help me with my artmaking. Don’t worry, nothing involving tattooing.
[PHILLIP] Fine, but don’t expect much from me when it comes to artistic talent.
[JEAN] Oh, don’t worry, I’m more interested in your wallet and status than your actual creative abilities.
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Записки из дневника Дарьи/Notes from Daria's diary
Я с Владом всё ещё отдыхаю в Сулани.Пока на улице светит солнце, мы из дома не выходим.Но как только появляется луна, то начинается самое интересное!
Vlad and I are still resting in Sulani. While the sun is shining on the street, we do not leave the house. But as soon as the moon appears, the fun begins!
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natolesims · 2 days ago
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Begin from here
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🌊 Mermadic Transcript uder the cut  🌊
YELLOW: It’s good to see you’re keeping your spirits up. This is not over, we’ll visit the Chief and she’ll hopefully help us.
MADSYN: I misjudged you.
YELLOW: Everything will be fine soon, you’ll see. Grandma is still analyzing your samples. Do you want to walk around for a-
MADSYN: *Le smooch*
YELLOW: *Flustered* Um, what was that?
MADSYN: Thank you.
YELLOW: You... *coughs* You take kisses lightly, eh? That was nicer than the last one. No murder attempt is appreciated.
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stillgotme · 23 hours ago
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daily dose of wondering how he got so lucky to end up with an angel
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aheathen-conceivably · a day ago
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Just a few months after Virginia’s birth, the pain in Adelia’s bones became so severe that it was hard for her to leave bed. In between maintaining the home and raising her daughters, Florence cared for her incessantly, bringing her food, helping her dress, and walking with her around the garden.
Whenever the children were napping, their favorite past time was to sit in the warm summer air together, knitting socks for Oliver or nightgowns for the girls. Florence had become skilled enough that she no longer needed Adelia’s help, but she still showed her mother-in-law her work to get her guidance and feedback.
Tumblr media
One evening, barely even able to move, Adelia asked Florence to bring her into the nursery where the girls were sleeping. Rosella hated to be alone, so she often crawled into the crib with baby Virginia, falling asleep while holding her.
On hearing them enter, Rosella opened her big green eyes to look up at her grandmother. Adelia bent over and touched her cheek until Ella drifted back to sleep. Standing up, Adelia looked over her beloved grandchildren and smiled softly.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The next morning Florence had a dreadful feeling in her stomach, like she already knew that Adelia had said goodbye. When she went to bring Adelia her morning tea she found her peacefully asleep in her bed, never to awaken again.
She stopped Oliver just before he left for work and guided him up the stairs to where his mother laid. Florence brought a chair to the bedside and he collapsed into it, thinking of the graves in the backyard. Although part of him was happy to think that his mother may be reunited with the people she loved, another part of him could already feel the stifling grief settling over his home once more.
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