simkoos · 2 days ago
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i posted on twitter about this school i started building a long time ago and i really wanted to share when it was finished. (also hi feel free to follow me, i tend to post a little bit more over there!~)
anyways i’ve been holding off on uploading this lot for the last few weeks for no particular reason other than pure laziness lmao. this build is pretty heavy on the cc usage so you’ve been warned! more info and links below. ↴
can be used in conjunction with zerbu’s go to school mod
i personally use kiarasims4′s high school lot trait for a little extra playability
as usual, if anyone runs into any issues, please let me know!
the full cc list is here; a total of 306 items
download lot over on patreon!
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charlypancakes · 5 months ago
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lavish - stuff pack
hello everyone!
i wanted to make a walk-in closet ever since dream home decorator came out. at that time i didn't have the skills to make it possible but i am very happy to present you my own wardrobe system now! coming with 8 different pieces to build you dream wardrobe. it was maybe the pack i spent the most time on so far. especially because figuring out the snap points for the clothes was not in my comfort zone. in the end i was extra proud that everything is working the way i wanted and i also added a little extra tuning to the shoes to make them compatible with the option to take off shoes inside for those of you who have snowy escape installed. credit for the beautiful patterns on the hanging clothes goes to the wonderful @miikocc!
i really hope you like this custom content set and have a lot of fun decorating with it!
thank you for supporting my creations 💛
this pack comes with 25 new items:
- shoebox (functional as storage) - shoppingbag - 8 wardrobe pieces - 5 pairs of shoes (functional like the 'shoes off sign' when you have snowy escape installed) - 10 pieces of hanging clothes - hanger without clothes
everything is basegame compatible! you can search for 'lavish' or 'charly pancakes'  to find the objects in the build/buy catalogue
more info & DOWNLOAD (via patreon)
PUBLIC RELEASE:  JAN 09, 2022 at 01:37AM CEST
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harrie-cc · a month ago
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Octave Collection - Part 2
Happy April & Welcome to The Octave Collection Part 2! 
 I've been busy working this month on an interior build set. It includes all of the items you'll need to create that chic Parisian interior to accompany the furniture pieces I have planned for next month. As I've said previously 2022 is the year of lighting and there is plenty included in this months set. 
Keep reading for links
The set includes:
Modern Plaster Wallpaper (Odd, Even, Middle & Single)
Traditional Plaster Panelling Wallpaper (Odd, Even, Middle, Single & Plain)
Herringbone Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring Trim
Modern Pocket Doors (Medium & Tall) + Open Versions
Modern 2 Tile Doors (Short & Medium)
Modern Single Door (Short & Medium)
Traditional Pocket Door (Medium) + Open Version
Traditional Glass Pocket Door (Medium) + Open Version
Traditional Double Door (Medium) + Open Version
Traditional Glass Double Door (Medium) + Open Version
Traditional Single Door (Short & Medium)
Traditional Glass Single Door (Short & Medium
Strip Wall Light
Block Wall Light
Hanging Strip Light (3 Lengths)
Hanging Strip Light Chandelier (3 Lengths)
Lamp Shade Chandelier (3 Lengths)
Strip Floor Lamp
Strip Table Lamp
Patinated Metal Fireplace
Marble Fireplace
All items are Base Game compatible 
Once again I have linked textures between similar items, so if you do download the unmerged file, you'll need to make sure you have the textures file in your mods folder for all the textures to appear correctly in your game.
Patreon Early Access Available Now
Public Release: 2nd May 2022
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sayasims-cc · 25 days ago
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SAYA ~ { Sigrún Skin Overlay }
Female frame
Teen to Elder
Full body overlay
Non default
Custom Thumbnail
Textures by me
HQ Compatible ( Pics not taken with hq mod )
20 Options, Includes; Eyebags - Dimples - Face & Body freckles - Two bust sizes
DOWNLOAD ♡ { SFS, free, no ads }
DOWNLOAD ♡ { Google Drive, free, no ads }
Hope you like it!
Terms of use! ♡ Main blog ♡ My discord
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kissyck · 14 days ago
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Mismatched Nails 2 ♡
fingernail category
6 different mismatched swatches
long and short version
works for both frames!
up close pics are unedited, in-game pics
thank you to all the cc creators used to dress my babes ♡
you can find all of the cc used here!!
TOU (Terms of Use)
feel free to tag me if you use them, i’d love to see!!!
download (patreon, always free)
@maxismatchccworld, @mmoutfitters, @sssvitlanz
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demondare-sims · a month ago
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Spring Collection
DOWNLOAD: patreon (free)
includes two shirts, a dress, jeans and a denim skirt
custom thumbnails
Terms Of Use
buy me a coffee? 💜
* all patterns are made by me *
other cc in previews: hairs by @dogsill and @candysims4 , shoes by @jius-sims and @tunayegit , glasses @nords-sims and @ilkup 
Please let me know if there are any problems !
@maxismatchccworld @mmfinds @mmoutfitters
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littledica · 8 months ago
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The Sims 4 Countryside Cabin Kit
Custom Content Pack - Get now on Patreon [ $5 Stuff Pack Tier ]
Hello everyone! Haven't posted a content pack in a while, deepest apologies for that! Had a bit of a busy summer but i'm excited to get back to posting 🙌
Welcome, to my first ever custom content kit: The Sims 4 Countryside Cabin Kit! This pack is a smaller one, it contains 17 items, but each item is extremely special.
• First-ever Maxis Match frieze, floor trim and roof trim: thanks to my wonderful friend @syboubou i was able to create the first ever set of maxis match fully custom trims, namely a floor, frieze and roof trim! Completely new meshes and textures;
• First-ever Maxis Match staircase and railing: i'm extremely excited to experiment with this more in the future, but yes! I created a set of custom stairs and railings, of course with a matching fence as well. The tall fence comes with a matching gate also;
• First-ever Maxis Match custom roof paint: it was a challenge and a half to crack the code of EA's roof atlas texture, but i did it in the end! This is my first roof texture, i plan on doing more but i'm extremely happy with how this one came out;
• First-ever Maxis Match custom foundation: from model to texture, the foundation pattern in this pack is fully custom! Thanks again to my friend Syboulette 💖;
• Custom Maxis Match column and spandrel: thanks to the wonderful tutorial by the amazing @qolygonal i was able to create a custom column and matching spandrel! They're both fully custom meshes and textures (although simple shapes, i would like to create more intricate ones in the future);
• High-Quality original textures and models: as always, i created every asset from scratch, without re-using EA content. This is a Custom Content Pack and not an official Maxis Studio Pack!
Tumblr media
The color swatches are matching with some of the most common ones in the base game build items! Plus, the fun orangy wood tone that is the first swatch for everything that i made myself 🤠
The only items you can search by typing "Countryside Cabin" in the game search box are the windows, door and gate. This is due to game limitations, i'm sorry 😭 The rest of the items can be found in their respective category!
Let me know what you think of this pack, it's a little different from what you guys are used to from me, but i hope you like it! Don't worry! I am not abandoning buy mode items at all, but i had so much fun making this "build kit" i might make a few more in the future. If you have any cool ideas for different themes let me know! Enjoy 💖
• Available for free to everyone on the 9th of September.
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joliebean · 6 months ago
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Love That Journey for Us - a CC pack by Joliebean and AnotherPlumbob
I’m so excited to share with you guys the love child of me and @anotherplumbob! I always wanted to collaborate with Puck and now my dream came true. This set is inspired by my favourite spare of his legacy Olivia Lacey. It was such a fun project and I’m so happy I had a chance to work with Puck on this. Make sure to check out his story to see a special episode with Livi’s wedding, I have a cameo there too 🥺💕
Tumblr media
31 swatches (sans the jewellery set)
the necklace is 18k polys
not allowed for random
custom thumbnail
PSDs can be found HERE
my TOU
Download  - Patreon (Free)
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simstrouble · a year ago
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GLORIA by simstrouble
An Up-do version of my Mirela Hairstyle 🥧
Base Game Compatible
24 Swatches
Two versions showed below
All LODs, Hat Compatible, All Maps, V1 14k poly / V2 12k poly
Tumblr media
download (patreon, free)
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hanraja · 4 months ago
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Basic shower and bath, and decor with clutter space. Enjoy!
Shower and Bath 01 - 5 swatches
Shower and Bath 02 - 5 swatches
Shelf (metal) 03 - 14 swatches
Shower Caddy 01 - 11 swatches
Custom thumbnail
GIF previews were taken in-game with HQ switch mod on
Made in 2021
Terms Of Use
…please consider donating. thank you for your support ♥♥♥ @maxismatchccworld @sssvitlanz @mmfinds
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daylifesims · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I make this set inspired by the stunning artwork of Bearbrickjia, and she was inspired by some famous characters. This hair is based on Lilac from Cookie Run game, I used to play this game a lot so I really enjoyed making this hair!
Please read my TOU before download.
New mesh
Base game compatible
24 EA colours
Hat compatible
All LODs
Custom Thumbnail
HQ and non-HQ versions
Tumblr media
DOWNLOAD (Patreon Free)
Inspired by Bearbrickjia's artwork
Big thanks to my testers @nucrests​ @saku-12​ @hedysims​ you are amazing! <3
Gradients by Simandy
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huiernxoxo · 8 days ago
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Flory Dress + Jane Hat
Flory Bow Dress
❤ 6k poly
❤ 12 swatches
❤ teen to elder (female)
Flory Bow Dress
❤ 5k poly
❤ 12 swatches
❤ teen to elder (female)
BEADIE Hair - simstrouble 
Meggie Hair - Aretha 
DOWNLOAD (EarlyAccess June1)
Thank you for loving my cc and have a lovelyday.❤
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thepeachyfaerie · 5 months ago
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aphrodite - an eyebrow set
by peachyfaerie
Hi! I finally managed to finish this eyebrow set, I think I'm officially burnt out on making eyebrows, haha. I'm really milking the "love" related names for my eyebrow sets too lmfao, first Cupid, then Eros, and now Aphrodite. I hope you all enjoy these ones! It'll probably be a while before I make any new ones, gonna try to focus on other things!
I have the 3 original files and a merged file, so pick what you'd prefer!
➤ 24 EA Colors
➤ Eyebrows Category
➤ All Ages
➤ All Genders
➤ HQ Compatible
➤ Custom Thumbnail
Thank you! :)
@maxismatchccworld @plumbieccfinds @mmfinds @mmoutfitters
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demondare-sims · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Floral Dress
DOWNLOAD: patreon (free)
16 pattern swatches + 19 solid color swatches (download separately)
custom thumbnail
Terms Of Use
buy me a coffee? 💜
* all patterns are made by me *
Please let me know if there are any problems !
update: I’ve added solid color swatches too! 
@mmfinds @mmoutfitters @maxismatchccworld
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pierisim · 7 months ago
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The COLDBREW coffee shop pt. 3
Hello helloHere's the last part of the Coldbrew Coffee Shop ! I apologize for being very late.. I hope you'll understand and I thank you for your patience ❤️
This new set is composed of 14 new items, with a lot of swatches to make the coffee shop of your dreams! Again, don't hesitate to tag me when you post some builds, I'd love to see your builds! 😀
All the items are base game except for the espresso bar, and the cake stand that are Get to Work and Get Together compatible :).
You can find all the items by searching for COLDBREW or Pierisim ;).
The set will be available for the public the 8th of November!
Again, thank you all for your kindness, your support and your patience. I wish you a very good day or night ❤️
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