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okruee · 2 days ago
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ophelia hair
someone suggested i make more hair with these bangs and i couldn’t agree more 😌🤸‍♀️
- yf but enabled for both frames **13882 polys** - v2: no strands - bgc, hat compatible, all 24 ea colours etc.
download (early access; public on sept 20,2021)
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dogsill · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cameron hair
i binge watched halt and catch fire and made this hair inspired by cameron
hat compatible
all 24 ea swatches
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miikocc · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Sheer gloves
Hello! I'm enjoying and clinging to this cottagecore trend for as long as I can 👒💕🌱 Today's DL is a pair of sheer summer gloves in patterns & solids 💙 They are also available for kids and toddlers!
The Sims 4
Available for all genders and all ages
Base-game compatible
12 swatches
I hope you like them 💙
Available for early access [free Oct 5, 2021]
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pictureamoebae · 2 days ago
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SEASIDE COTTAGE WOODEN FLOOR in Image Spectra and Dream Pop by amoebae
It's been 5,000 years since I last recoloured a floor. I was unsatisfied with the range of wood tones in the Cottage Living wood floor. Thankfully, the Image Spectra palette has a nice range, plus a whole bunch of other beautiful colours too. And Dream Pop has the funky bright colours, because options are good.
TOU, requirements, and credits: Share and use as you wish, but please do so freely and always allowing others to do the same with your resulting content. Requires Cottage Living. With thanks to @fiddlefolk for the Image Spectra palette.
DOWNLOAD @ Patreon (free)
Find me here:
pictureamoebae @ tumblr
amoebae @ twitter
amoebae @ patreon
amoebae's TS4 screenshots @ flickr
amoebae's cc, builds and ReShade presets in one place @ flickr
amoebae's amoebas discord server
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mortanko-sims · 2 days ago
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I decided to do a lookbook for guys since male sims are kinda neglected in TS4. Because it's pretty chilly where I am, I did 4 different outfits for autumn-y weather, but all of them are in kinda different styles, depending on what style I think my guys are.
These guys are up for download with other 16 simmies and you can get them HERE, but this post is only about their outfits.
From left to right:
Jerome: Cardigan* l Jeans l Shoes l Glasses l Earring
Harrison: Jacket l Jeans l Shoes
Koa: Jumper l Jeans** l Shoes***
Chang: Jacket l Pants l Socks from base game l Shoes from GTW
* Simdom
** TSR
*** Adfly / Shortest
@sssvitlanz @troublefind @s4library @maxismatchccworld @maxismatch4sims @maxismatch
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eyelovesimming · a day ago
Tumblr media
Toddler Lookbook 💜 😍 💛
I think this might be my favorite lookbook I've done lol its just so cute..
Hair Nails
look 1
Dress Shoes( Toddler SP )
look 2
Top Jeans Boots( Seasons EP )
look 3
Top Shorts Sandals
look 4
Leggings Cardigan Boots
look 5
Outfit Shoes
look 6
Dress Shoes( Base Game )
look 7
Dress Shoes( Base Game )
look 8
Dress Shoes( Toddler SP )
look 9
Outfit Shoes
look 10
Dress Shoes( Base Game )
look 11
Skirt Coat Warmers Boots( Seasons EP ) Hat( Seasons EP )
look 12
Overalls Hat( Seasons EP ) Boots( Seasons EP )
Poses by @casteru
thank you @casteru @dbasiasimbr @simlaughlove @pyxiidis @lamatisse @tragicsimblr @miikocc @onyxsims @oasisgoth @emilyccfinds @maxismatchccworld @s4lookbookgallery @mmoutfitters @candycottonchu @storylegacysims @serenity-cc
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ghostlycc · a day ago
Granite Falls Misty Forest Loading Screen | ghostlycc | The Sims 4
Tumblr media
↓ Download + details below the cut
If there are any issues, let me know! I will try to fix them as soon as I can, but please be aware that they may not work after certain monthly Sims 4 patches and I won't be able to fix them right away.
I also take loading screen requests! Just submit a request through my message icon and select "Submit a loading screen request!" Anything that is part of the game, I'll consider. Worlds, neighborhoods, objects, themes, aesthetics, etc. -👻
✦ Base game compatible!
✦ Only keep ONE loading screen in your mods folder at a time or else your game could break
✦ Please do NOT claim as your own and/or repost anywhere else
Tumblr media
(free, no ads, Google Drive)
Tumblr media
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thekims4 · 9 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TS4 Cottage Gardener Lookbook
Skin 1, 2, 3 / Hair / Eyebrows / Eyes / Nosemask
Clothing - Top
Saoirse Peplum @renorasims
CL Addon Cardigan @oakiyo
*Acc Tank Short @wildlyminiaturesandwich
Maeve Shirt @clumsyalienn
Priyah Top @renorasims
Kapri Top @aharris00britney
Spring Days Shirt by Capgoonie
Clothing - Bottom
EA Pants
EA Skirt
​Edith Pants @clumsyalienn
Embroidered Undone Overalls @okruee
ESME Overalls @clumsyalienn
Satin Pants @lazyeyelids
Hat Pier Side (Back) by Brazilianforeversi
Straw Hat @rplts4
Silk Scarf @jius-sims
Towel @luumia (I converted it myself. Can't share this without the creator's permission. Sorry.)
Garden Gloves @lehgames
Garden Gloves by White Rain
Birkenstocks @dallasgirl79
Tall Rain Boots @jius-sims
@catsblob @helgatisha @ratboysims
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losts4cc · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SFS Folder
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dissiasims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Jannie Top v2 (Patterns)
22 swatches
Base Game Compatibile
Custom Thumbnail
Get it from TSR: Jannie Top v2
Solids version here: Jannie top v1
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oni28 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
September 2021 Recipe_Stone Pot Rice Sweet Pumpkin
※Need Recipe Pack Mod Latest Version(21.09.05 version)※
[Recipe Information]
Stone Pot Rice Sweet Pumpkin
1/4/8 serve
Vegetarian-Safe, Lactose Free.
Category : Meals
Home Style Cooking LEVEL_10
All ingredients are optional.
Required Ingredients for 1 serve : Any Rice(1), Any Pumpkin(1), Sugar(1)
Required Ingredients for 4 serve : Any Rice(2), Any Pumpkin(2), Sugar(2)
Required Ingredients for 8 serve : Any Rice(3), Any Pumpkin(3), Sugar(2)
Any Rice is need 'Srsly sims SCCO' mod. Instant rice of Market Crock is also included in Any Rice.
Lots challenge 'Simple Living' Compatible
Group Cooking Compatible
Korean (by_oni)
English (by_oni)
-Don’t re-upload
(Latest patch compatible)
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Public Release  October 2nd, 2021  (KST)
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