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#ts7 lover

Dear Taylor,

i know the chance for you to read this is very small because my tumblr account is not that big.

But even if i write this words just for myself- it‘s worth it.

You are the most amazing woman, rolemodel , best friend and big sister for so many of us.

you have been with me for the past eleven years- When I celebrated life, when I cursed life.

You were there when I fell in love for the first time and also when i had my first heartbreak.

You were my childhood and my youth. You spoke the things I couldn’t put into words, made me the person i am today and teached me that being myself is enough.

It makes me kinda sad that you did so much for me but i can’t give you anything back.

I made this collage because the pictures show what a normal person you are.

I mean- in the end you are just a girl that lives her dreams and processes her stories in Songs.

Thank you for everything.

Your fangirl since 2009

Lisa 🌼🧡

@taylorswift @taylornation

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A single word on an empty page:

The dust made it so we couldn’t see, tears making it so we couldn’t breathe. We countined our fight, at least I did, throughout this life. I still have the flowers you gave, still have the notes written on the page. Still remember your laugh and your hair, and how you didn’t care no matter how long they stared. And the texts light up your phone, you act like you’re not all alone. I’m giving more, you’re giving less, giving one hundred and only receiving ten. You’d never thought the day would come once I finally left. No one left to put on read, ending the story that only repeated itself over again. The wine fills your glass, as you walk around with a fake smile and force out a fake laugh. I’ve moved on, gotten out, now my mentality is strong. You look over and we make eye contact, but I turn around after all that. Cause after all you could possible day, you only see me as a single word on an empty page.

@taylorswift @taylornation @todrickhall @valheria123

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Wow, seeing what Taylor is doing for some of the fans is amazing. A week ago, I was stressing out about not recieving my full paycheck and not being allowed to go to work everyday. Today, I am grateful because while some people are losing their jobs I still get to keep mine and I know after this virus leaves I’ll be able to pick up normal shifts again while others will still worry about where they are going to work. I’m grateful that Taylor is willing to help fans that need it the most. I wish I was able to do what she is doing, but since I can’t I am just going to share others that are struggling worse than I am.

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Imagine this: your parents spend almost $50,000 for your undergrad degree and to show them that it wasn’t a waste you decide you want to become a doctor and that it’s your calling in life after walking away from the music industry. Well, you make it 4.5 years, get accepted to a grad school at your dream medical school and decide at one point the $500,000 of education loans will be worth it. But here’s the issue, you quit 2 of your jobs because your health was going downhill and you lost your 3rd job…3RD JOB because the college campus is closed. Your deposit for grad school is $250 but you only have $219 and your deposit is due in 22 days. Your entire future depends on finding $31 while also finding another $200 so you can make credit card payments so your credit score doesn’t tank…yea that’s where I’m at.

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I hate to say this but a new season of kuwtk is airing this week and I wouldnt be surprised if kris j saw that the coronavirus is taking all the attention from people (as it should) and no one actually cares about their show so they needed a scandal and a lot of clout to get those points of raiting. I cant stop wondering from where did the call got leaked just now? who posted it? who found it? and thinking about it makes me angry cause im sure they did this, they wanted this to get leaked. im happy their lies are finally exposed but i just know realized that thats what they want and they are the only ones who are winning in this

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the worst part of it all and what makes me so angry is that I KNOW FOR A FACT that kanye is going to get away from all this with no consequences and in the end, even though she was in the right, taylor was the one who lost more. and thats on misogyny. it hurts me because she suffered so much because of this and nothing is gonna change that.

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