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#tsc headcanons
khaleesiofalicante · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
During Alec’s time as the Consul, the Shadowhunter’s codex was rewritten. Representatives from all Downworld fractions were included as writers to ensure no community will be misrepresented in the book. Also, Magnus’ name was finally included as the co-inventor of portals.
Alec finally got the opportunity to visit all the institutes on his wish list. He personally visited as many institutes as possible to evaluate their needs and requirements. According to close sources, it sort of turned into a prolonged honeymoon trip. (What do you mean when am I coming back? I am on a work trip! Of course Magnus is with me! Where else would he be? IZZY, THIS IS NOT A ROMANTIC GETAWAY! IT’S FOR WORK!!!)
Alec refuses to admit it, but he still blushes a little when someone calls him ‘Consul Lightwood-Bane’.
Ever since he became the Consul, his Spanish got better real fast. Magnus reckoned his husband finally downloaded a cursed app, but apparently Perfect Inquisitor Rosales is a perfect teacher too.
Alec’s Consul robes are cobalt blue to match his eyes and Magnus’ magic. The angelic rune and the symbols of all downworld fractions are printed on his sleeves. The robe was designed by Clary Fairchild.
Sometimes when the kids misbehave, Alec has no choice but to use the ‘Consul Voice’. However, it doesn't really work at home. Max finds it funny and Rafe finds it lame. Although there are some fans too. (I am just saying you can use it in the bedroom too, darling!!)
Once the Shadowhunter Academy was established, Alec, along with the new dean Simon Lovelace, introduced extracurricular programs at the academy. The academy now has a music room, a library with mundane books and a science lab so students can pursue other interests during their leisure time.
People no longer address him as ‘Jace Herondale’s parabatai’ but instead refer to Jace as ‘Our Consul’s parabatai’. When Jace heard of this shift, he apparently screamed ‘about fucking time’.
The first week after Alec’s induction, the downworlders threw a party to celebrate. There is word that the party is still going on. It’s been two years.
Every time Alec travels for work, Jace makes up a medical emergency so he can go see Alec. It gives Magnus serious Deja vu. (Listen, iratzes given by my Parabatai work faster. Everyone knows that. Do y’all want me to walk around with a broken foot? DO YA????)
Alec appointed Isabelle as the weapons master of the Clave. She is currently working as an apprentice in the LA institute under Diana Wrayburn.
Alec stills checks in with the Alliance - at least once every two weeks. He is very pleased with the progress made by Cristina and Mark. He is not so pleased to know that Lily has been flirting with them both constantly. (Well, if you want me to stop flirting with them, you better back here and fix it yourself. Ha! Checkmate, bitch!)
With the help of Simon and Catarina, Alec was able to normalise mental health support among nephilim. There are many nephilim now taking mundane courses to train themselves and meanwhile Alec identified reliable mundane experts with sight whom nephilim can be referred to.
Alec also repealed the law that prevented nephilim from seeking mundane medicine. If any nephilim wants to use mundane medicine for a legitimate and valid reason, they can submit a petition to the Clave - which will be assessed and carried out with the help of warlocks.
And of course, all marriage and adoption between same-sexed and nephilim-downworlder couples was legalised.
Happiest of Birthdays to @my-archerboy​! This one is just for you 💙💙💙
(This is a repost for malec month 🥰)
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youngreckless · 5 months ago
okay so we have that headcanon that tessa reads the beautiful cordelia to mina, right? now, imagine:
kit sitting by mina's side when tessa reads the book, initially perhaps because he is bored or because mina insists on sitting in his lap and refuses to let him leave and of course he can't ever refuse her anything so he stays with her. and he listens to tessa read the beautiful cordelia to both of them, and smiles when mina would get excited at a particular part. imagine kit slowly getting so invested in the story, and would eagerly wait for nighttime so tessa could read it to them. imagine kit dramatically enacting scenes from the beautiful cordelia and mina giggling at it. imagine kit falling asleep while listening to the story in mina's bed because he was tired from a full day of training. imagine kit and mina very eagerly asking tessa to tell them all about lucie and james and cordelia. imagine tessa tearing up and proudly telling them all the stories. mina would say she wants to be a writer too, like lucie, and kit would ask her what she would write about. and mina would say she'll write about a faerie prince and his adventures and his name would be kit, and kit would laugh and tear up and kiss her forehead.
this got way ahead from me but just, imagine the carstairs family being soft and happy.
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thisismyfightsong1996 · 2 years ago
The first and only person Kit ever says I love you to, his whole childhood, is his father. His father who left him to be “raised scrambling through the Shadow Market,” who basically neglected him unless he was being “very useful in [his] line of work”, with his “quick hands.” His father who, in Cassie’s own words, “didn’t love him”—not in the way he came to see the Blackthorns loved each other. His father who, as inadequate of a father he really was, was the only constant in his whole life, and who was eventually murdered, ripped apart in front of Kit’s own eyes. The only person he ever loved, didn’t really love him back, and then died. Kit, so clearly starved for love that the whole series he clings to any tiny moment of affection he receives, from Clary, from Tessa, from Emma, from Ty, was left with nothing and no one.
The second person he says I love you to is Ty. He clings to Blackthorns, and to Ty is particular, after his father dies, not because he thinks they need him, but because he needs them. He desperately wants someone to love and care for him, and so he does whatever he can to fill whatever role Ty needs in that moment, to keep Ty in his life. He never wanted to go along with Ty’s plan, he constantly hopes that it doesn’t work or that Ty will give up on the idea, but he goes along with it anyway, because he knows that if he doesn’t Ty will leave him behind and go off to do it by himself. In a moment of desperation Kit tells Ty that he loves him, hoping it will make a difference, hoping that somehow it will change things for Ty, but it doesn’t. Now, to be fair, Ty is in no place at that point to say it back, or even to really process what Kit is saying to him, but even so, Kit, who has never been loved in return by the only other person he’s expressed the feeling to, can only understand that Ty not saying it back, and not indicating in some way that Kit is important to him, is Ty basically confirming what his dad always did, which is that Kit, still starving for somebody, anybody, to love him back, has nothing and no one. Ty is mad with grief over Livvy, in middle of trying to literally bring her back from the dead, but all Kit is capable of feeling is that Ty not acknowledging his love in that moment is a sign that he never really cared about him at all. The only person he’s ever expressed this love to besides his own father essentially rejects him, and he’s so hurt and humiliated by it that he literally flees the continent without saying goodbye. Again, feeling like his love hasn’t meant anything to the person he gave it to, and he still has nothing and no one.
The third person he says it to is baby Carstairs. He holds her in his arms one night, rocking her quietly to sleep so that poor sleep-deprived Tessa and Jem can get a few hours of rest, and without even thinking, he just says it. He looks at her adorable, squishy little baby face, and he feels protective in a way he’s never felt before—he’s in the middle of promising her that he’ll do his best to be a good big brother, when he says it. It just slips out—it’s the easiest I love you he’s ever said, and maybe in part that’s because he knows she doesn’t really understand what he’s saying and so she can’t reject him. But she then suddenly grabs his finger in her tiny little fist, and he almost starts crying. He stops himself because it feels silly to cry when intellectually he knows this tiny baby has no idea what he’s just said or what she’s just done, but it’s the first time his love has really been received. She doesn’t want anything from him, she doesn’t need him to bend himself to fit into her life—to fill some kind of role. He doesn’t have to lie and steal, like he did for his father to be proud of him, or go along with a plan that went against every moral fibre of his being just so the other person wouldn’t leave him behind, like he felt he had to do with Ty. He just has to be himself and care for her in a way he’s always wanted to care for someone. It’s his chance to love someone and have them love him back, to have a family. It feels like acceptance, without expectation. He has something and someone, or at least the chance to have something and someone.
The fourth and fifth people he says I love you to are Tessa and Jem. He’s already felt it for a while, but never had the courage to say it. He can’t help but feel that he’ll be coldly rejected, or, more likely (but somehow even worst), that they’ll be kind and gentle and pitying as they tell him that they care for him but don’t quite love him. They’re so good to him, but considering his love has never really been met with love in return by anyone besides a baby that he might just be projecting his own desperation on to, he can’t help but feel unworthy of it. As kind as they are, how could they really love him? Why would they? And so he doesn’t say it, and in the end, they are the ones to say it first. They’re sitting at breakfast one morning, in their cozy little kitchen in Devon, and Kit makes some silly joke that is so insignificant he can barely even remember it after he’s said it, but Tessa finds it so funny that she chokes on her tea, and Jem stops in the middle of feeding the baby to affectionately ruffle Kit’s hair. Kit smiles teasingly at Tessa and says that the joke really wasn’t his best work and he sort of judges her for finding it so funny. She grins back and counters, “It’s a wonder we love you so much, considering how much you make fun of us.” Kit’s stomach drops. “ What?” He chokes out. Jem laughs along with Tessa and ponders, “Is it a parent thing? To love someone even when they make terrible jokes and insult you?” Tessa smiles and nods and they go back to what they were doing before, as though they’ve just had a light conversation about the weather and haven’t just dropped a bomb on Kit’s whole life. He’s quiet for a moment and then, before he can stop himself, the words burst out of him.
“You love me?” Jem and Tessa look at him teasingly, evidently about to make some kind of joke, but stop short when they realize how serious Kit is. Tessa immediately grabs his hand from across the table, and Jem turns to face him. “Of course we do.” Tessa says. She whispers it but there’s something in her voice. It’s the same tone she uses when she talks about James and Lucie, or when she’s with the baby. A fierce tone filled with the kind of love he’s always wanted and never could have. Jem then grabs him solidly by the shoulder and Kit can see the expression in his eyes matching the tone of Tessa’s voice. Neither of them say anything else, but Kit knows that they’re telling the truth.
This time he really does start crying, and before he has the chance to feel embarrassed about it, they pull him into the tightest, warmest hug he can remember ever receiving. At some point, he sniffles and mutters that he loves them too. He feels like a child as he says it, but he can’t bring himself to feel embarrassed about it anymore. They both kiss him on the forehead, and as they pull away, he sees that Tessa has been crying as well, and Jem’s eyes are quickly filling with his own tears.
He’d thought, for a while, that they’d asked him to live with them because they were trying to somehow re-create a bond that they’d had with their own lost Herondale. That they’d wanted him to be like Will somehow. And he knew that it was their loyalty to Will and his family that had brought them together in the first place, that had made them search for his mother and eventually for him, but he realized now that somewhere along the way they’d grown to love him for himself. He didn’t have to bend to fit a role in their life. He could be himself, and they loved him for it.
Kit eventually insists that he’s done being sappy for the rest of his life and that they should go back to eating breakfast, without any more crying. Tessa and Jem oblige.
Breakfast continues; Tessa, Jem, and Kit discuss their plans for the day as the baby gurgles away happily, completely unaware of what’s just happened, but smiling toothlessly at Kit anyway, as though she understands somehow. It feels like home. Like family. Like love. And Kit knows that he isn’t alone anymore.
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vickchan2 · 5 months ago
Headcanon: Valentine Morgenstern has read/heard about Lucie and James Herondale powers and heritage in the Shadowhunter history books and thats why he decided to make experiments with his unborn son and Stephen Herondale child. (Not excusing the fact he was a psycopath, only a monster would make experiments on his own children and other living beings, but maybe he had reason to believe it would work based on his findings about the Herondale demonic lineage)
P.S: English is not my first language so my grammar sucks
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khaleesiofalicante · 8 months ago
Jem Carstairs Headcanons
Tumblr media
Jem still visits Brother Enoch and his other ‘friends’ at the silent city. Not just because he actually likes and misses them, because sometimes he oddly misses the silent city itself.
Silent brothers actually do play board games in the city of bones. Jem is still the reigning scrabble champion. Brother Enoch has a theory that the annoying welsh boy helped him cheat.
Jem watches a lot of Disney cartoons with his daughter. His favourites are Belle and Prince Eric. 
When Kit started learning Mandarin, Jem decided to speak Kit’s language too. (Um, dad? You texted me ‘Going for a walk with Tessa. You are in charge of Mina. FML.’ What do you think FML means??? It means Farewell My Love, doesn’t it?)
Jem has many belongings from his past that he shares with his children. Mina in particular is fascinated with an antique typewriter she likes to play with all the time. 
Jem likes to cook for his family. Dumpling Thursdays are totally a thing at Cirenworth Hall.
Games nights are also a thing. Even though Jem doesn’t watch any movies, he is incredible at Charades thanks to decades of training. Kit is not very happy about it. 
It is known that Jem plays the violin for his kids. But not many know that he also plays it for Emma, whose father was a violinist too. 
Jem tried to give the shovel talk to Julian, but it turned out to be less threatening and more emotional that Julian almost cried. (Jem! What did you tell me boyfriend? and why is Mark sobbing in the kitchen?)
Jem visits the Shanghai Institute with his family at least once a year. Tessa spends hours in the Celestial Palace and Kit is absolutely in love with the Sunlit Market. 
After Alec became Consul, Jem works with him and the silent brothers on creating treatment and rehabilitation programs for nephilim who struggle with drug addictions and alcoholism since it is something he and his loved ones used to struggle with in the past. 
Jem likes to buy little toys and jewellery for Church. He even bought a collar that says ‘BAMF’. (Apparently it means Beautiful and Mighty Feline!! Isn’t that perfect for Church?)
One of Jem’s favourite chores at home is sweeping the floor. Sometimes he forgets the broom is just a broom and his hands starts to use it as a cane. Tessa has seen him subconsciously practicing some moves.
Kit and Mina are not big fans of classical music. So Jem learned how to play K-POP on the violin. He can play almost every BTS song. 
Jem still visits the London Institute every once in a while. He doesn’t disturb anyone. He just sits on the floor of the training room quietly and softly caressing the pale white scar on his shoulder. 
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tsc-living · 2 years ago
KitTy + Kisses
Here is a list of what Kit Herondale and Ty Blackthorn’s kisses will could be like:
(Based on the ages they will be in TWP)
Kit kissing Ty first and then having an epic ‘Oh shit bro my bad I’m gonna go’ moment and Ty grabbing his hand and telling him to stay, then after a moment Ty kisses him and Kit nearly falls backwards in shock.
Kit never surprise kissing Ty, always gently touching his arm, waist or shoulder first to let him know so that Ty isn’t overwhelmed by the sudden movement.
Ty on the other hand likes the look on Kit’s face when he kisses him out of the blue.
Kit watching Ty’s lips while he talks and Ty pausing to say ‘You want to kiss me don’t you?’ and when Kit nods he leans down and kisses him and then goes back to talking.
Kit introducing Ty to eyelash/butterfly kisses and making Ty smile. Ty then asks for butterfly kisses when they’re lying together or putting his cheek near Kit until he does it.
Ty likes the feeling of Kit’s cheek under his lips so he always kisses him there in greeting or goodbye, and gently rubs his lips on Kit’s cheek when they are close or alone together.
Kit kissing Ty to stop him talking when he is winning the argument, only for Ty to continue against his lips or pick up from right where he was interrupted when Kit pulls away
Ty kissing Kit in front of everyone for the first time and being really surprised by everyone’s incredulous looks 
’you thought Kit actually walked into a door and put bruises on his neck? That was me’ ‘Ty no! Tessa doesn’t need to know!’
Ty running his hands through Kit’s hair all the time because he likes how soft it is and the repetitive feeling, but it always makes Kit want to kiss him.
Kit saying ‘I love you’ after kissing and Ty always saying ‘I know’
Ty saying ‘I know you love me’ before Kit can say it the adding ‘And you know I love you’ when Kit pouts.
Ty holding Kit’s wrists above the bed so that Kit can’t be annoying (he’s tried to poke Ty or tickle him in the past)
Ty threatens to tie his hands up and doesn’t understand why Kit thinks this is a good idea. 
Both asking politely for a kiss (and not getting upset if/when the other person says no because they respect each other so much)
Kit gently moving one of Ty’s headphones and kissing beneath his ear when he wants attention because this is Ty’s favourite spot to be kissed
Ty making Kit stand on tiptoe to kiss him instead of ducking his head because he thinks its funny when Kit grumbles about it
Ty defeating Kit in every instance of training but Kit pulling him down and kissing him and saying ‘I win’ 
God they’re teenagers in love, they just want to kiss okay?
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ssansas-stark · 4 months ago
lucie: *making flower crowns w jesse* *writing by the fire while jesse brushes her hair* *walking around the country side hand in hand with jesse in the sunlight* *cuddles and late night talks with jesse* *malcom third wheeling though-out all of it*
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khaleesiofalicante · 9 months ago
Uncle Jace Headcanons
Tumblr media
Jace is not Malec’s first choice when it comes to babysitting. It’s Clary, Simon, Isabelle and then Jace. But Jace is actually Max and Rafe’s favourite babysitter. (Clary, my darling, no offense, but...FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES, SUCKERS!!)
Jace loves to babysit with Clary. She acts as the buffer for all his crazy plans. But there was one time when she allowed Jace to make a spaghetti bath for Max. Magnus was not pleased to find spaghetti in Max’s  horns that night. 
He is really good at putting the kids to sleep. They always go to sleep without fussing when Jace is there. (The key is to talk to them about weapons. They eventually get bored and just fall as-EXCUSE ME BUT HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO MY KIDS ABOUT SWORDS? Of course not!! Do you think I am insane? I obviously started with daggers. Next week, we will cover cros-JACE!!)
Max and Rafe love it when Jace reads them stories from their mundane story books. Especially because ‘he does all the voices’.
Jace carved a small toy soldier, just like he had done for his brother, for Blueberry. He bought Rafe a small bow and arrow set to play with. They love playing with these toys. 
He likes to tell the kids embarrassing stories about their dad. But Max and Rafe just find it adorable. 
He is incredibly protective of them. He doesn't let anyone hurt them. (WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? DOES SHE KNOW WHO HIS UNCLE IS? SHE NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON!!...Jace, calm down. She is just four. And she only pushed Max down. Little kids are like tha-SHE IS NOT A LITTLE KID, ALEC. SHE IS A LITTLE DEMON! YOU WILL SEE!!)
Max and Rafe still have no idea that Jace’s actually name is Jonathan Christopher. 
Rafe loves wearing Jace’s leather jackets. So, of course Jace got them matching black leather jackets. 
Jace cried the first time Max called him ‘Uncle Jace’. 
He has safely kept every single drawing Rafe had made for him. He even put some up on the institute refrigerator. 
They like to bake together too. Jace can make excellent cookies (He learned how to make them for Kit) Jace is a little worried to leave the poor little things at a Lightwood’s mercy. (We are not that bad, you k..Oh, really, Alec? Izzy! Alec wants you to cook for his k-DO YOU WANT MY CHILDREN TO DIE???)
They love putting Bapak’s makeup on uncle Jace. He says he doesn't need it, but he indulges them anyway. Coincidentally, Magnus’ cocoa butter chapsticks went missing after that. 
Jace usually never sings for anyone but Max and Rafe (and Clary of course). They love watching him play the piano. Sometimes Bapak sings with them too. 
Jace like to take them out on walks too. They want to Central Park. Once. It didn't go well. (I WILL SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT WHEN MY NEPHEWS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO SHOOT FIREBALLS AND ARROWS AT YOU!! BLOOD THIRSTY BEASTS!!!)
For the lovely @my-malec-dash​ 💛
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youngreckless · 2 months ago
i really don't think i'm over the fact that ty is taller than kit like!!! imagine! imagine kit tilting his head up and ty leaning down when they kiss. imagine kit standing on his toes to throw his arms around ty and burying his face in ty's neck. imagine kit resting his head on ty's chest and ty running his fingers through kit's hair because he really likes how it feels. imagine kit falling asleep right there, on ty's chest because it's so, so comforting. imagine ty pressing a kiss to the top of kit's head. imagine ty teasing kit by holding something up in the air. imagine the back hugs!!! imagine. just. i am having so many feels
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khaleesiofalicante · 11 months ago
TMI Game Night Headcanons
Tumblr media
The weekly game nights used to be held at the NY institute. But after a couple of weeks, they had to move it to Malec’s apartments because things got a little too noisy. (Izzy, um, there is a note for you...What does it say?...Nothing. It’s just a drawing of the...soundless rune...)
Alec came up with a system to make sure they all got to play with different partners. So for each game, they paired up with someone different. It was under the pretence of “learning each other’s strengths for missions’ but actually because he knew it wouldn’t be fair for the others if he paired up with Magnus for every game. And no, he was not overconfident. 
They settled in pretty easily. Apparently everyone preferred to have game night in the apartment anyway (Listen Jace, I respect you as the head of the institute. I am just saying that the snacks at Magnus’ are actually edibl-NOBODY ASKED YOU TO EAT IZZY’S FOOD, LEWIS!!!)
Jenga - Magnus and Alec always win because they were the tallest in the group. Sizzy always end up making out and accidentally toppling their jenga tower. Clary and Jace have never win at Jenga since it always ends with Clary aggressively kicking the pieces (I AM JUST SAYING THAT JENGA IS A SIZE-IST AND SHORT PEOPLE DESERVE RIGHTS!!!!)
Pictionary - Clary is a an amazing artist and Alec has actual brain cells so they always win Pictionary. Magnus and Simon are probably good but they usually end up using the markers to draw cute pictures for Max and Rafe. Izzy would have won but unfortunately, her partner is literally the worst (It’s supposed to be an igloo! What do you mean it looks like a mango! HOLD ON IS THIS WHAT A MANGO LOOKS LIKE SHGDFAHFGHS)
Charades - Jace and Alec were quite confident that they can win charades because they have been parabatai for years and can understand each other without having to say a word. But unfortunately, neither of them know any movies so they never win. (Listen, I am not acting out Freddie got Fingered. Why is that even a movie????) Magnus and Izzy are quite good but they are no match for Simon and Clary who literally take 4 seconds to guess every clue. (BOO YEAH WE ARE THE BEST PARABATAI IN THE ROOM, BITCHES...I am sorry I said bitches...I am super psyched to be better at something than you and Alec!!!!!!! SO SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!)
Scrabble - After the very first game the gang soon realized Magnus and Jace are the worst combo. They are both unapologetically obnoxious and won every single game. Alec doesn’t play but instead keeps spelling cute messages for Magnus with his letters (ALEC CAN YOU STOP FLIRTING WITH YOUR HUSBAND FOR TWO SECONDS OMG! WHAT ARE YOU SPELLING? F..U..C..WELL FUCK YOU TOO!!!) Simon always checks every word they used in the dictionary and would immediately pout when he finds out it is a real word (HOW THE FUCK IS SHIBBOLETH IS A WORD? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW IT? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!) Clary and Izzy quit scrabble when they were told that ‘lmao’ and ‘yas’ cannot be considered as ‘real words’.
Twister - They don't play it anymore because Alec finds the whole game ridiculous and awkward. Apparently it had nothing to do with that one time he accidentally grabbed Simon’s butt. The gang was sad but when Alec fainted the seventh time after watching Magnus play twister, they decided the game needs to be forgotten due to medical reasons (I GET THAT MAGNUS IS FLEXIBLE, CLARY! BUT THEY ARE MARRIED! AND HE FAINTS EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!)
Darts - Alec and Simon are incredibly good and win every game. Jace and Clary boo at them while throwing popcorn at them. (DARTS IS NOT A REAL GAME! DARTS IS NOT A REAL GAME! OW, ALEC! THAT JACKET WAS FROM NIKE, YOU DICK!) Magnus and Izzy just sit in a corner and thirst after their baes. 
Cards Against Humanity - Alec and Izzy still didn't don't understand how the game is played. Simon and Clary are masters of puns and hilarious responses. Jace and Magnus were disqualified because their answers were either too dirty or too depressing (No, Jace, you can’t use the ‘daddy issues’ and ‘daddy’ cards for every turn!! And Magnus, pease stop using ‘bleached asshole’ and ‘having a penis’!!!!)
Video Games - Izzy always breaks the controller by jamming the buttons too hard and Magnus takes way too long to decide on an outfit for his avatar. Clary spends half the time swearing at the characters and Alec gives a lecture about the desensitisation of violence through video games. Jace and Simon every time because they ‘secretly’ (literally every one knows - even chairman meow) meet up to play video games all the time. (WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. YA’LL ARE THE LOSERS. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Y’ALL ARE THE LOSERS. OH MY GOD ALEC, I JUST BOUGHT THIS JACKET AFTER YOU PUT A HOLE IN THE OTHER ONE, YOU ASSHOLE!!!)
Monopoly - They played it once. The night ended up with them burning the monopoly board on the rooftop and vowing to stay away from the cursed game forever. They never spoke of that night again. Jace still has nightmares. Izzy gets war flashbacks every time she hears the word jail. Clary had to go to therapy. Magnus and Alec could never look at Piccadilly street the same way again. 
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youngreckless · 5 months ago
thomastair headcanons 💞
thomas is a huge cuddle bear in mornings. not that he isn't one other times, but especially in mornings. he will hold onto alastair and won't let him go. he will prep kisses along alastair's neck, his jaw, his shoulder, his face, to just keep him in bed longer. alastair always gives in.
alastair has started smiling so much more since he got together with thomas. cordelia definitely noticed this and it made her heart so full to see her brother being happy like he deserves to be.
they are both very protective of each other. and they respect each other way too much.
alastair would act like he is the bigger spoon and would wrap his arms and legs around thomas from behind, like an octopus hug. but by the morning, it would always be thomas holding alastair from behind.
they cannot. stop. touching. each other. they are just two touch starved babies, and they need all the physical contact they can get. whenever they are together, they will never be found not touching each other: holding hands, thomas' hand on alastair's shoulder, alastair's arm wrapped around thomas' waist, the back of their hands touching, pinky fingers linked, just always touching each other in some way.
they talk all the time. about everything. it has never been so easy for both of them to talk to another human being. but with each other, they just can't stop talking. (i mean, we all know this because paris.) and because they talk so much, they have a very deep understanding between them.
thomas loves their height difference because whenever alastair hugs him, he gets a chance to wrap his arms around alastair's body and just, envelope him and kiss his head. alastair pretends to hate it but it's very obvious that he loves it too because of the smile that he can't keep off his face.
training together ends with a make out session pretty much always.
thomas loves laying his head in alastair's lap. alastair always ends up playing with his hair and running his hand through his hair, which makes thomas very sleepy because it's so comforting.
even though both of them are not the type to be very vocal about their feelings and would rather express their love through actions and not words, thomas definitely is the one who says 'i love you' more.
alastair has another language to say 'i love you', which is doing things three times, like: he would squeeze thomas' hand three times, press three kisses against his neck, tap his fingers on thomas' wrist thrice, draw three circles on thomas' back. it took a while for thomas to catch on to this, but he enthusiastically started reciprocating when he did.
alastair is a bit shocked when he discovers that thomas is learning persian, but that doesn't last long and he quickly becomes quite fascinated and determined to be the one to teach thomas.
they travel a lot. they love exploring new places together, and they love seeing the world together.
thomas loves alastair's name, loves how it sounds, loves saying it over and over again. and the way thomas always says his name with so much love takes alastair's breath away.
at the end of any long or exhausting day, all they both want is to have some quiet time with each other. they just cuddle, and relax, and softly talk about anything, while exchanging soft, slow kisses and eventually fall asleep in each other's arms.
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haaam-guuuurl · 2 years ago
I know TWP will be the final instalment in TSC
But, bear with me for this wonderful concept: A team made up of Max Lightwood-Bane, Rafael Lightwood-Bane, Octavian Blackthorn, Baby Carstairs and Baby Haline
Max Lightwood-Bane, the young warlock, still figuring out his powers, but trained by the mighty Magnus Lightwood-Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn. Adorable and friendly to everyone he meets, always willing to lend a helping hand. However, he's also incredibly awkward and terrible with words, constantly embarrassing himself (people don't believe he's the son of Magnus Bane, but then they spend some time with Alec and it's all made clear...)
Rafael Lightwood-Bane, a too-cool-for-this Shadowhunter, who's at the same time a great fighter and a great politician (trained both by his dad, the Consul and his parabatai, the best Shadowhunter of his generation, with angel blood). He's also usually super smooth, and constantly trying to help his brother become cooler, but supporting him anyways when he makes a fool of himself
(Alec and Jace 2.0)
Octavian Blackthorn (when he grows up, he refuses to be called Tavvy by anyone other than his family but the others still do it though), a soft boi who loves stories, and was raised in such a loving environment, surrounded by his brothers and sisters. He brings that familiar and bonding energy with him wherever he goes, uniting the group, but he's also been through some pretty intense stuff by the time he was 8, so he's also the one  always on high alert, the most defensive one. Also, he's the oldest, even if he's always been young at heart, so he's kind of "in charge" of the group, always making sure his friends are okay, and the one they go to with their problems. (I'm not saying less-intense-mini-Julian but I'm also not not saying it)
Baby Carstairs - let's call her Cordelia for this headcannon -, a part-warlock Shadowhunter with mysterious powers, who was raised by the gentlest, most loving parents and an older brother who adored and constantly spoiled her. The nicest girl, with a love for books and music, as well as incredibly caring for everyone around her and willing to do anything for the people she loves (yes, the mom friend - what do you expect with parents as sweet as hers?)
Baby Haline - let's call her Eleanor for this headcannon -, the (part?)faerie youngest girl, who is usually very "girly", but perfectly able to kick some ass. Raised surrounded by Shadowhunters, but with a mom who made sure she knew of her fairy heritage, and the Unseelie King as an uncle, she's well-rounded and quite aware of the world around her, keeping it real and facing issues head on. Also a great Downworlder rights activist (especially faeries, who were still suspected, even after the Cold Peace was ended). Helen's sensitivity and Aline's fierceness and impulsiveness combined.
Even if, technically, most of them aren't full-blown Shadowhunters, they still train and fight monsters, because that's what their parents did and what they grew up around and want to do
Max, Rafe and Tavvy quickly became great friends from childhood, and though they grew up apart, always kept in touch and constantly trained together, becoming a very close-knit trio
Though Tavvy is technically Eleanor's uncle, they were always very close, and he's constantly fussing over her and taking care of her - he's basically her big brother - which she used to love, but now, grown up, finds annoying
Cordelia grew up in Devon, away from everyone else, even though she knew the Lightwood-Banes very well 'cause you best believe Magnus and Tessa are going to arrange so many playdates and had met Eleanor a few times, so she's eager to connect with her friends and go out and have the adventures she always read about
She and Max always got along great, the two cinnamon rolls (Rafe, on the other hand, whenever they went over to Cirenworth Hall, completely looked up to Kit, whom, to him, was just the coolest guy ever - something which made Jace kinda flip out when he found out) and totally eventually start dating, even if they were too shy and had to be pushed by Rafe and Eleanor.
Cordelia and Eleanor are a little awkward at first, not really knowing each other, only from a few occasions growing up with their close families, but then they totally become BFFs (kinda like Clary and Izzy's relationship)
Eleanor also knew the Lightwood-Banes very well, though, as their parents were close too, and also having accompanied Tavvy to hang out with them, when she was older (she was in that stage of following her best friend wherever he went)
So, yeah, they're all pretty much friends right off the bat, but would then be truly thrown together by some of those usual Shadow world shenanigans.
A diverse group of not just Shadowhunters, navigating the new world the Clave-In-Exile has built, much more open and well-functioning, and inclusive of Downworlders
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daddyblackthorn · 2 years ago
Blackstairs puppy
The day Julian and Emma decided to get a puppy, they decided to go the adoption route from a pound. They both expressed discomfort at the idea of buying from a breeder, though they were aware that those puppies deserved love just as much.
Emma was READY to adopt a big dog that would run along the shore with her while Julian was more neutral on the decision
Highkey on the way to the pound, he was making jokes on them getting a golden retriever instead but that they couldn't since it'd be like getting the dog version of Emma.
She was not amused.
So while there, they split up and are walking through the lines of cages to see if any dogs pop out to them right away
Surprisingly, it was Julian who stopped first. Crouching in front of the kennel that contained a small Chihuahua.
At first glance, he thought it was a puppy but the label on the cage made him aware that the dog was 5 years old and that her name was Hebe
Something in his heart just kind of broke??? This small defenseless baby being abandoned in a place with no love.
Emma found him half an hour later, sitting in front of the cage as the dog sniffed at his fingers curiously and she just knew that they weren't leaving this place without the dog
The dog was older than what they had been wanting, but something within Julian felt settled as they drove home, the dog sitting quietly in the crate in the backsteat
Hebe shook at everything and seemed to get confused easily, but her tail wagged whenever she saw Julian
Emma.... not so much.
The owner of the pound had informed them that Hebe's old owner was a woman that had been abusive to her and since then, Hebe was distrustful of women.
So the next few months were spent with Julian and Emma slowly convincing Hebe that she was safe with them and that they loved her
Eventually, after a few fearful snips, Hebe was content to lay on Emma's lap but any sudden movements had the dog whimpering in fear
It wasn't something that was going to disappear overnight and so Emma worked harder to get Hebe to love her as much as she loved Hebe.
Attempting to train her was.... interesting to say the least.
Hebe wasn't the smartest of dogs and treats were of no use to her.
It took Julian two months to teach her to sit, and even then, it was mediocre at best.
Hebe would tap her paws against the floor excitedly.
But they were patient and she started to get it more and more
She also loved doggie clothes??? Emma loved it and lowkey they had matching outfits
Having Hebe was like having a very small, very forgetful baby
They were also so glad that they went with an older dog???
Hebe just seemed so grateful for the two of them and it was rewarding to watch her grow and bloom from the fearful dog that they had initially met.
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khaleesiofalicante · 7 months ago
JACE WEEK - Jace + Alec Parabatai Headcanons
Tumblr media
The moment Alec told Jace about his idea to create a shadowhunter-downworlder alliance - that’s when Jace knew Alec should be Consul.
Jace and Alec have NEVER cockblocked each other and they never will. It’s part of their oath. 
After Jace decided he wanted to be a Herondale, Alec invited him to have a chat with Magnus, who shared lots of stories and memorabilia with Jace. 
Even though they didn’t have much in common, something they always enjoyed looking at the maps in the library. They would lie on the floor and talk about all the cool places they want to visit. 
Jace is the least responsible when it comes to babysitting. But he was always Alec’s first choice because Alec knows Jace would protect the kids like his own.  
When Magnus broke with Alec, Jace was the first person Alec told. Jace, unlike Izzy who tried to burn Magnus’ apartment down, stayed back with Alec and held him close. (and passed a box of matches to Izzy)
When Jace was going to propose to Clary, Alec was the first person he told. Alec gave him lots of advice - most of it was around not using a knife to propose. 
Jace is a part of a mundane LGBT Allies support group. It’s the only mundane group activity he voluntarily participates in. He believes in educating himself - and those in his institute. He also brings Alec really cool merchandise. Last month, he got Alec a t-shirt that says “Have a Gay Day”. Alec doesn't wear it...outside. 
When Alec and Magnus started having the ‘immortality’ conversation, Alec invited Jace to be a part of it because he knew his decision can affect Jace too. Jace respectfully declined and encouraged Alec to follow his heart. 
They are always the first to know each other's secrets - good or bad. 
When something is wrong with their parabatai, even the slightest, they always know. The feeling got more familiar and identifiable as they grew older. For Alec, when Jace is upset, it feels like an arrow that is bent. For Jace, when Alec is upset, it feels like an piano key that is off. 
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youngreckless · a month ago
i want a scene in the wicked powers where ty is like injured or something and kit sits outside his room all night tbh i just want all types of parallels with these two
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styxdrawings · 3 months ago
We are talking about Alastair would have a hedgehog pet. Now I raise you: Modren day Alastair running an Instagram/Tik tok dedicated to his hedgehog.
Cordelia made him start it just for fun, she adored Alastair's hedgehog and wanted to share it with the world
it started as some photos Alastair had on his phone
If Cordelia got to film something cute Alastair's hedgehog had done she'd upload it with some music and funny context
Alastair took it a bit more seriously when he was overwhelmed with likes and shares
Cordelia didn't speak to him for a day once because he couldn't understand why "not all the photos can be of my hedgehog wearing a tie"
On Alastair'sa request, Risa made the hedghog some clothes
The first post that had gone viral was one where featuring his hedgehog had the title "hedgehog curses you should know"
Cordelia smacked Alastair for wanting to have his hedgehog "lecture" how to curse properly and use real curses, and instead, they put funny made up one-liners and dialogues
Their second viral was "A day in the life of a hedgehog". Pretty self-explanatory.
"Bath is the place where I go when my owners think I was a bad hedgehog. They say it's not true, but I know better. I will still sneak out at night to grab a snack though."
They used "count on me" by Bruno Mars to record the hedgehog and Christopher's rat, Marie Curie, playing amicably
Sometimes Alastair just posts a picture of the hedgehog resting on his chest (you can hear the awww?) and other times it's a collaborative effort of him, Cordelia, and their friends to make a short clip
Alastair creates hedgehog aesthetics and the model is his spiky friend
They gave the hedgehog a little sword and it went traveling across the house to fight the Cruel Prince James. Alastair hid food in James's pocket to make him climb on him.
There are more than one videos of them pranking their friends with the help of Mr. Hedgehog
On the hedgehog's birthday, they got him a cake (in the shape of a hedgehog) and made a whole post of it. The comment section flooded with congratulations. Cordelia made it a little birthday hat.
Christopher wondered if the hedgehog was a Cannibal when he saw he ate the hedghog-shped cake. Alastair ignored him.
Alastair started using the reels/tik toks to make covers for songs. He made a special thank-you post featuring his hedgehog because he was touched by all of the warm comments. (the hedgehog had a really nice bow tie)
Do not think Alastair hasn't had at least one picture with him and his hedgehog wearing sunglasses looking like they run the world
His hedgehog has like, 10k followers over a few months?
The people who know Alastair always asks him how his hedgehog doing
Not related, on Alastair's bio there's "My hedgehog is smarter than you" with hedgehog emojis
Feel free to add! I didn't proofread it so sorry for the mistakes!
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khaleesiofalicante · 4 months ago
Warlock Squad Headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The squad (especially Catarina and Ragnor) sometimes prank Belial and Asmodeus just to piss them off cause they know how much they have hurt Tessa and Magnus. Ragnor once kept spamming Edom with those extra takeaway flyers no one asked - FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.
One of the proud traditions of the squad is getting together to watch remake ever made. They always watch every remake together or they will have to face Tessa’s wrath. Their favorite remake is Pride and Prejudice (2005). Tessa can practically quote the entire movie. Their unfavourite remake is Lion King (2019). Ragnor threatened to sue Disney for emotional trauma. (I HAVE SEEN RAUM DEMONS THAT LOOK BETTER THAN THOSE HORRID ANIMATIONS, MAGNUS!!!)
Every member of the warlock squad secretly places charms and protection spells on the children of the squad members. It started with James and is still going on - with Mina being bombarded with protection spells to safeguard an entire army.
After Will’s passing, the warlock squad gathered to help Tessa move on. It was their idea that she started to practice magic again and join the spiral labyrinth.
When Tessa and Catarina found out that Ragnor faked his death, they were so pissed, they refused to acknowledge that he was still alive. (I miss Ragnor so much. He was a fine man..CATARINA, QUIT TELLING PEOPLE I’M STILL DEAD!!! Sometimes I still hear his voice.)
Annual vacations are definitely a thing. They go to a different spot every year to spend an entire week enjoying each other’s company. Each member gets to pick a location once in every four years...Although they always eventually end up going to where Magnus wanted.
The gang is infamous for their gossip sessions. But they have promised to not tell anyone about it. But of course...Tessa always shares the tea with Jem. Ragnor literally texts Raphael as they are gossiping. Magnus most probably records the conversation and Catarina has definitely live tweeted it at least once.
They definitely have a group text. Catarina is the friend who always sends good morning messages and checks in on everyone. Tessa spams the chat with links to all sorts of stuff. Magnus only replies in emojis that no Ione is able to decipher and Ragnor of course puts them all on seen.
For one Halloween, they all dressed up famous fictional warlocks. Ragnor as Gandalf, Tessa as Harry Potter, Catarina as Merlin and Magnus as the Goblin King.
The squad has an emergency care package for what they call the “immortality crisis”. Even though they all know and have accepted their immortality, sometimes they have tough days. So, if anyone is having an immortality crisis, the rest of the squad will immediately rush to them with the care package. This includes lots of alcohol drinking games which usually include rating shadowhunters in various categories. (Alright, now let’s rate from best to worst trick question Catarina, they all have amazing abs! *drunk cheering and whistling*)
Happiest of Birthdays to @chibi-tsukiko​​. Emmy, you have Tessa’s intelligence, Ragnor’s Wisdom, Catarina’s Kindness and most importantly, Magnus’ strength. I hope you have a fantastic one. Love you loads!!!
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