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idrisnnet · 2 days ago
Close to Midnight
Series: The Last Hours
Characters: James Herondale, Cordelia Carstairs, Lucie Herondale
Genre: Songfic, Halloween AU
Halloween event week 4: Free choice
“Ah, Daisy,” he said. “Daisies. Fun, affection, innocence, hope, new beginnings...”
“James?” Cordelia frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“What a wonderful nickname given to you...” he said, his fingers curling around Cordelia’s jaw.
“James, you’re scaring me, are you feverish? Did you have nightmares again?” She tried to pry his fingers from her face, gasping as she came into contact with ice-cold skin.
It’s close to midnight
Something evil’s lurking from the dark
She turned to grab a blanket for him, but he held her in place. “I will never have nightmares again,” he told her. “Because I have accepted my fate. My destiny since birth. A family reunion.” 
She moved slowly, her eyes on him, her hands closing around the hilt of Cortana.
Under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
With little space between them, she still managed to draw Cortana from its sheath and slammed it into his side. It was like slamming a wooden sword into a stone sculpture.
He laughed, and it was not James’ warm, shy laugh. It was brittle and scratchy.
Cordelia saw with her own eyes Cortana being snapped into two halves and bounced once on the ground before coming to a motionless stop. 
You start to freeze
As horror looks you right between the eyes
You’re paralysed
“It never fails to amuse me, how human souls are often deceived by the façade. Thank you for giving me Cortana,” said Belial. He lifted his shirt and shivered. Over his left ribs, two gashes were slowly healing until the skin was whole as new.
“Where is he?” Cordelia asked.
“He’s mine, you silly girl,” he laughed. “I was very frustrated when you were married, but it turned out all the better. Aren’t you interested in why I could break Cortana so easily?”
He broke off as they heard a knock at the door.
‘Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
And no-one’s gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
You know it’s thriller
Thriller night
You’re fighting for your life
Inside a killer
Thriller tonight, yeah
Their voices drifted down the hallway.
“Why is it you, you Cruel Prince! Where’s Daisy?”
“She’s waiting for you in the drawing room.”
Her heart hammered. She could do it. She would do it.
You hear the door slam
And realise there’s nowhere left to run
“Daisy! You must join me at Anna’s tea party,” she said as she placed a firm grip on her arm.
She hugged her. “Lucie, I love you. Thank you for coming over. Could you give James and I a moment, though? I’ll join you outside soon enough.”
He chuckled.
Lucie did not look like she wanted to go. “I will wait for you outside, okay? We will work everything out. I promise you we will.”
You feel the cold hand
And wonder if you’ll ever see the sun
You close your eyes
“What is it, James? Did you have a nightmare?”
“Can you promise me something?”
“What is it?”
“If I am not strong enough... If Belial succeeded in possessing me... I’d rather die,” he looked at her pleadingly.
“You cannot ask that of me, James!”
“That won’t be me anymore. That is just Belial wearing my skin.”
“Cordelia, please.”
And hope that this is just imagination
But all the while
You hear a creature creeping up behind
You’re outta time
She pointed the gun she got from Christopher at him.
Belial laughed again. “Why would you think that will hurt me when Cortana cannot?”
Cordelia nearly smiled. “One must keep up with the times.”
She fired the runed bullet straight into his heart.
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iloveallmyocs · a day ago
“I’m sorry for interrupting your departure” said Tessa, “but I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now”
Cordelia stepped out of Lucie’s room and held the door partially open for her. “Would you like to sit down?”
Tessa nodded. The two of them headed inside and sat on the side of Lucie’s bed, facing each other.
“I’m sorry for being a- for not being there for you after it happened” said Cordelia, who after saying them was surprised that the words slipped out of her mouth. She had thought of having a light chat with Tessa about the weather before delving in to the deeper parts.
Tessa knitted her eyebrows. “You don’t have to be sorry”
“But I left you all and I never really said anything to you all this while or reached out-” began Cordelia, only to be interrupted by Tessa.
“If you are going to head in that direction, then I could say the same thing as well. As you’re mother in law, it was my duty to make sure you were alright after what happened to James”
Cordelia studied Tessa’s face when she said it. Her grey eyes were empty as she stared directly ahead, not quite looking at Cordelia. She could make out the slightest tremble in her voice when she mentioned her son’s name.
“How did it feel?” asked Cordelia in a hushed voice.
Tessa’s eyes finally met hers when she answered Cordelia’s question, no longer empty but full of anguish.
“It felt as if- I couldn’t-” Tessa paused, struggling to find the right words. “-I had faced other losses before; the loss of my brother, my aunt, Jem. I thought that after all of it, what was to come would be less painful. I was wrong”
Cordelia stayed silent but listened intently.
“There were days when I would think of all the times I had almost died and thought of how lucky I would have been if I had” revealed Tessa, tears nearly spilling from her eyes. “After learning of what happened to my mother, I thought that it would be every parent’s worst nightmare to go through what she went through. Yet again, I was wrong”
“What is it?” asked Cordelia, although she already knew what Tessa’s answer would be.
Tessa gave her a sad smile. “A parent’s worst nightmare isn’t that they wouldn’t live long enough to see their children grow up. It is that they would live for too long. Long enough that they’ll be around when their children leave them”
It occurred only a little later to Cordelia that Tessa would have to witness it all over again, with Lucie. She would still appear young and healthy when Lucie’s hair would turn grey and her skin became wrinkled.
Immortality didn’t come without a cost.
“This isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about” said Tessa. She clasped Cordelia’s hands with her own before adding: “I wanted to let you know that you are welcome to stay here in the institute with us, as Cordelia Herondale. With Will Lucie and I. We will look after you as if you were our own daughter-”
Cordelia gently drew away her hands and shook her head. “I can’t” she said, “I’m sorry, the offer sounds wonderful and I will visit you regularly, but I cannot stay here permanently. It would do me good if I didn’t”
“Are you sure?” inquired Tessa with a hurt tone.
“I am. I’ve been thinking about it and have decided to spend some time travelling. Head to Persia, meet my mother’s side of the family, visit her childhood home, go visit Paris once more- Maybe I’ll fall in love again. Do you think I’ll ever fall in love again?” asked Cordelia, genuinely smiling at Tessa for the first time in a long time
Tessa returned her smile. “That is for you to find out yourself”
The last time I posted this, it wasn't very well received, so I edited out some parts thinking that they looked bad
tagging people in the notes
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youngreckless · a month ago
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↳ “The whole trip had seemed disconnected and dreamlike.”
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gorgeous-herondale · a month ago
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The Shadowhunter Chronicles @cassandraclare
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pureheroiines · a month ago
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Emma, Julian, Cristina, Mark and Kieran go out for a night on the town | polaroids
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the-enchanted-dreamer · 29 days ago
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“The world is an absurd place and to take it too seriously would be to let it win.”
TMI character edits : Magnus Bane
Clary Fairchild , Jace Herondale , Alec Lightwood
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juliettecxi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alec Lightwood, September 12th 1989
Happy birthday to the man who loved one man so much, he changed the world for him...
Taglist: @writeforjordelia @fay-lans @arangiajoan @adoravel-fenomeno @fortheloveofthecarstairs @temperedlikecortana @themadhatter999 @noah-herondale-lightwood @julian-blackthorn-supremacy @dark-artifices-only @radisv @swordsandwildflowers @buttcrflys-rose @jordeliasupremacy @ghafa-dale @chrysalism-sonder @brainlessfruit @gorgeous-herondale @coffee-fandoms-and-chaos (let me know if you would like to be added or removed <3 )
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dar-lington · 2 months ago
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Parabatai Week —Day 2: Will and Jem
hosted by @carstairgray and @clarys-heosphoros
And yet here he was, looking at Jem Carstairs, a boy so fragile-looking that he appeared to be made out of glass, with the hardness of his expression slowly dissolving into a tentative uncertainty. “You are not really dying,” he said, the oddest tone to his voice, “are you?”
Jem nodded. “So they tell me.”
“I am sorry,” Will said.
“No,” Jem said softly. He drew his jacket aside and took a knife from the belt at his waist. “Don’t be ordinary like that. Don’t say you’re sorry. Say you’ll train with me.”
He held out the knife to Will, hilt first. Charlotte held her breath, afraid to move. She felt as if she were watching something very important happen, though she could not have said what.
Will reached out and took the knife, his eyes never leaving Jem’s face. His fingers brushed the other boy’s as he took the weapon from him. It was the first time, Charlotte thought, that she had ever seen him touch any other person willingly.
“I’ll train with you,” he said.
please do not repost/you can reblog if you like
none of the lovely pictures used here are mine, i've only edited them
p.s. i saw that both @julian-blackthorn-supremacy and @coffee-fandoms-and-chaos did their collage/moodboard whatever it is called, in black and white; so, i did it in black and white as well :)
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idrisnnet · 8 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IDRISNNET'S HALLOWEEN EVENT: WEEK 3, DAY 1 - ghosts of the past (literal and emotional)
MAGNUS BANE “You asked me how I, being immortal, survive so many deaths. There is no great secret. You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all.”
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iloveallmyocs · a day ago
Meeting the parents
If they stayed quiet and if Mina didn't unexpectedly wake up, Kit knew that he could successfully break into his own house without his parents noticing.
After the lock clicked open, he gestured to Mari. The hard part was over. Now all they had to do was get past his parents' bedroom to his room. Correction: to the kitchen, then his room.
"Why are we in the kitchen?" whispered Mari upon reaching the place.
"Snacks?" suggested Kit, careful not to raise his voice.
"We are here to get you back in your room!" said Mari. "Kit, focus!"
Kit opened his mouth to speak, but forgot what he was going to say when the kitchen light flickered on.
That was bad.
"Christopher Herondale!" exclaimed Tessa, furious. Jem stood behind her, with a newly-awoken Mina carried on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, I was just-" Kit began, only to be interrupted by his fath- Jem.
"Is that- Tessa, is that who I think it is?" He asked, shoving Mina in Kit's hands to examine Mari more closely.
"I think so yes!" squealed Tessa, who was longer interested in Kit.
Mari only looked at Kit in extreme confusion, while Kit returned to her an equally embarassed look.
"We've been dying to meet you, darling" explained Tessa, as Jem vigorously shook Mari's hand. "We try to get him to talk, but our son never says anything about you. I don't know why though- you are as lovely as I could imagine.
Kit stared at his girlfriend open mouthed, a tinge of jealousy creeping up at him as both his parents took turns in showering her with compliments.
The reason they had to sneak back in was bc they got a bit drunk and broke into seaworld btw. (don’t ask me if there’s seaworld in Devon. I basically mean a big aquarium) 
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anarmorofwords · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Thomas Lightwood x Alastair Carstairs; The Last Hours
Day 7 of Thomastair week hosted by @youngreckless
"A moment later he was pulling Thomas toward him. Their bodies collided, awkward and thrilling. Thomas closed his eyes, unable to bear so much feeling, as Alastair's lips touched his - gently, at first, but with growing confidence, he explored Thomas's mouth, and it was like flying, like nothing Thomas had ever imagined"
tag list: (tell me if you wanna be added/removed) @foxglove-airmid @stxr-thxif @eugeniaslongsword
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pureheroiines · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kit & Ty
“I love you Ty. I love you.”
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the-enchanted-dreamer · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Alec knew who he was. He knew what he had done and what he had fought for, and he knew what he would fight for in the future. And he knew exactly who he loved.”
Happy birthday Alec❤
TMI character edits : Alec Lightwood
Clary Fairchild , Jace Herondale , Magnus Bane
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juliettecxi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clarissa Adele Fairchild, August 23rd 1991 Happy 30th birthday to the little girl who stopped a big war
taglist:@writeforjordelia @fay-lans @arangiajoan @adoravel-fenomeno @fortheloveofthecarstairs @temperedlikecortana @themadhatter999 @noah-herondale-lightwood @julian-blackthorn-supremacy @dark-artifices-only @radisv @swordsandwildflowers (let me know if you would like to be added or removed or simply do so here)
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