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rating Harry Osborns because I’m bored

disclaimer: my knowledge is limited so sorry if I miss any important details



a classic! the metric on which all other Harrys are based. he’s so ugly though and has NO fashion sense. 8/10



a whole boy!! Harry’s live action debut. thank heavens he doesn’t have cornrows. Gradually picks up more asshole traits but redeems himself by the end. 10/10 I have a crush on him

3. TASM2


a sickly greasy boy. sexy in a rat kind of way. p sure he’s the only adaptation that’s actually been to Europe. 7/10 I want to feed him soup



a fugking baby…… lil awkward teen Harry with freckles is SO GOOD. normally we don’t see him till college so seeing him this young warms my heart. his voice cracks are adorable 1000/10

5. USM


I’m gonna be real with you I haven’t seen all of USM yet. I think they captured Harry pretty well here but it’s not the best it could be. Also he’s Venom for some reason?? 5/10 idk this man

6. MSM 2017


a black haired Harry! very good in season 1, though he lacks some of the personality traits that really make Harry Harry imo. 6/10 a solid lad but not quite Harry Osborn

7. PS4


a secret boy hidden behind mystery. we never actually see him face to face but the messages he leaves behind are precious. does not have a malicious bone in his body. also probably Venom?? 8/10 not enough screentime

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