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augiii · 4 months ago
Them with an s/o that brings their pet bunny everywhere(tbhk)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He thinks that you absolutely precious and must be spared from impurities of this world
Loves the fact you care so much about your bunny to carry them around everywhere
Though the first day he saw you he was hella confused
Like wtf
Did the school even allow pets in here
Is it like your comfort pet or some shit-
He was asking you a whole bunch of questions
Like how tf do you write
Do you have a a stroller or something???
And the fact the bunny never really ran away is what amazes him
He kept trying to pet your bunny
He even tried to steal them
For a ransom
“Hanako give me back my bunny!!!”
“Maybe if you give me a kiss~”
“Hanako give them back!!!”
Just give him the puppy dog eyes
He’ll give you back your little fuzz ball in no time
He also thinks it’s absolutely adorable how you cuddle your pet bunny
He really wants to hold your bunny
And pet them
They look soft
Just let him babysit them one time
Just let him hold hold you while you cuddle your lil fuzz bud
He’ll do anything for that
You also thinks it’s quite funny that you bring them almost everywhere
And they never got stolen
And if they did
You call tell ol’ Johnny boy bye-
No one steals Hanako’s kid!!!
Tumblr media
Is absolutely amazed
Like did you sneak them in???
How is no one else talking about this??
Did the school even allow this??????
He was a bit nervous to talk to you about it the first time he met you
Like what if you think he’s creepy??
A pervert!!!
Or is just in general being rude!!!!!!
He was pretty nervous
But now he’s pretty used to it
He still thinks it’s adorable
He gives the bunny little pets on the head when you’re both hanging out
He’s protecting your innocent ass at all costs
You’re purity must be spared
I mean who else would protect such a fluffy pure creature
He’ll gladly hold them if you’re doing something else
He’s a bit nervous about it
Like what if he’s holding them wrong??
What if they’re uncomfortable!!!
You’re the expert here y/n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re going to have to teach him more about animals
Especially about these lovable balls of fluff
He’s in bunny school
Overall he’s the best bun dad ever :D
Tumblr media
have you seen what tsukasa has done
Like if you trust him that much
You must really hate your bunny
Are you crazy too?!?
You’ve seen what he’s done!!!
Just hold onto bun ok
Don’t ever let them go you got it???
Though he’s very curious like Hanako
Like “how can you carry them around all day??”
“Do you go to sleep with them in your arms”
“Are they glued to your arms?????”
Those are some of the questions he’s asked you
Sakura at this point is very concerned
Not only for your sake but for the poor bunny
He,a lot like hanako,also tried to steal your bunny
But for an entirely different reason
As you could probably tell
He’s very curious
Sooo ummmmm.....
He could’ve murdered your precious bunny
You’re lucky Sakura was there to save the day
As she does
“Oh hey Sakura”
“Hey, y/n I would suggest not to leave your bunny alone from now on”
“Why??did something happen???”
“You really are innocent aren’t you.....”
Just take your bun and leave hun 😑
At the absolute very most let him at least hold them
While you’re there of course
He’ll pet them in amazement
“Woah......sooo fluffy!!!”
Just to be clear you need ground rules
If you have some
Good 😌
If you don’t
But still he’s gonna follow them
I mean that’s how much he loves you
If you let him hold them(how ever tf that happens)
He’s quietly amazed
He’s focused all his attention on this fluffy little creature
Staring down at them
At this point he can’t even here you
“Hey y/n.....”
“Yeah tsukasa??”
“This our child now”
*insert that creepy tsukasa face
Tumblr media
She’s so beautiful I can’t-
She probably tried to eat the damn thing-
I mean what else is she supposed to eat
She a fox(kitsune)it’s what she does
Other than that she’s very curious
Like how do carry them around all day
Feed them even though you’re in class
Like was this the class pet or some shit-
Like how tf do you do it y/n???
After the first incident
She treats the damn thing like a fucking child
Like it’s a fucking baby
She’ll probably even rock them to sleep
“Y/n I would suggest you go to class”
“But my bu-“
“I can babysit until you’re done with school ok”
“How will I know that you won’t eat them?!?!”
“Hmph I thought you trusted me”
“Ok, fine just please don’t hurt them”
“I assure you they’ll be fine 😌”
She’d even give them something to eat
When I say she acts like they’re fucking child
I mean it
Like on some sort of Korean drama shit-
Honety don’t even get me started-
I’ve seen so shit ok!!!
But still
Now you have to rise the little fluffy together
She’ll probably cry when you have to go
Not for you
For the bunny
Like she would low-key never see them again
Like she was gonna see them tomorrow
Tumblr media
He acts like he’s done with your shit
But he always tries to keep you bye his side
He doesn’t really care about what pet you have he just likes you
Loves you 💕
He’ll cuddle you when you hold them
He’ll probably take care of them if you have to go somewhere
Like he’s on some babysitter shit-
Don’t worry he won’t let them out of his sight
“Hey tsuchi, how were they??”
“One I told you not to call me that,and two yes they’re right here”
He was still petting the lil’ bun while cuddling them
“I guess you really do like them OuO”
He just rolled his eyes at you
He does think it’s a bit odd that you take them every where
Like is this your child or something.....???
Don’t worry He’ll take care of them
But,like 😒
Is this your actual child???
That’s the one question that he has been asking himself ever since he met you
Would probably make jokes about your bunny dying
You’re just lucky he didn’t use the other ones
He kind gets jealous of your bunny
Like when you’re paying more attention to your bunny than you are to him
He returns the favor though-
You’re lucky he loves you otherwise he would’ve let yako eat the poor baby
It’s ok he wouldn’t have let it happen anyway
I mean it is a cute bunny 😊
Tumblr media
She thinks the both of you are absolutely precious
It’s just so sweet
She’s a bit confused about how the school even allowed you the bring them
But I guess cuteness wins 😁
She rabbitsits for you
Or bunnysits
Doesn’t really matter
She also manages to protect your bunny from hanako
You saw him at the top!!!
She likes to bond with over animals
Not only that she’d also like to learn from you
Maybe she’ll end up even getting a pet of her own :D
Honestly this is the most wholesome
She’d also record the moments when you do bond over how cute your bunny is
She’s got a whole album of the recordings
She’d probably give it to you later on so you can look back on your memories together
She’s so precious I can’t
You two will raise this bunny together even if it’s the last thing you’ll ever get to do together!!!
Tumblr media
He thinks it’s cute ☺️
But of course he wouldn’t tell you that😒
The audacity!!!
He really wants to hold them sooo bad!!!
They’re just so fluffy!!!😖
He does think it’s hella weird how you just carry them around
Like all day...
How do you do this shit y/n
Isn’t it technically your child
Like wtf y/n
He also thinks your bunny is so cute
He just really wants to pet them
He’ll do either when he babysits or when you aren’t looking
“Oh, hey mitsu-“
“It’s just that-“
“It’s just what”
You know mitsu and his stank ass attitude
Than he’ll go one acting like the damn rabbit is his kid or what ever
Or maybe he’s just mocking you
You never know
He likes to sneak up on you when you aren’t holding them
And he’ll just carry them in his arms
“You’re on penalty”
“So your bunny has been deducted”
“Wtf mitsu-“
As said sometimes he’ll go on to act like the precious bun is his
He loves how fluffy they are
He’ll even take the most adorable pictures of your precious pet
Some even of you with your bun
He thinks the both of you are absolutely precious
Ok I have finished😤
I just really like animals ok, particularly bunnies..... I have a soft spot for them, especially them lops-
Sincerely from: a soda can
Ok hope you have a good day!! I’m honestly happy I could do something like this,hopefully you like it.
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dreamydoodles510 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Fun fact: this is my first time drawing Tsuchigomori HA UM so why not with wAtErCoLoR and some metallic gold paint to make it fancy ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
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livmadart · 6 days ago
Love the potential angst for when Tsuchigomori meets the newest Hanako….
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part two incoming soon!
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poruvoron · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
drew tsuchi bc i missed him
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under-the-cherrytree · 3 months ago
If it's ok could you do the Yugi Twins and Tsuchigomori with a S/o who could easily know if someone is lying? (also I'm sorry I didn't realize you don't do female characters sorry if I put you out of your comfort zone Thank you)
Tsukasa, Hanako, and Tsuchigamori with a s/o who can tell lies❣︎
Warings: Lies lol
A/n: Yes it is definitely okay!
Also you didn’t push me out of my comfort zone, it’s just a I prefer to write for the boys but it’s fine!
Life has been a little busier so requests might come out shorter :(
Sorry if they do
Hope you have a great day!! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tsukasa entered the room, bright smile on his face once his eyes landed on you.
“Y/n!! You're here!!” You ran over to you, engulfing you in a big hug.
“Tsukasa…” You looked at him “Did you kill that supernatural that Sakura said not to kill?”
He looked at you shocked then to Sakura. Sakura did act more like a mother to Tsukasa then his assistant.
“Oh course I didn’t!” He pourted “Why would you think so lowly of me Y/n!”
You furrowed your eyes but he only gave you a grin. He was a great liar, but you knew it was all just a lie.
“Don’t lie to me Tsu!” You teased earning a gasp from the boy.
“Did you use your lying powers on me again Y/n?!?”
“I’m sorry Tsukasa… you can’t just kill other supernaturals…”
“What if there are bad supernaturals!?”
“Was this a bad supernatural?”
“Hmp!” He crossed his arms and turned away from you “I’m not telling you!”
You chuckled and patted his hair. He quickly smiled again and hugged you from behind.
What you couldn’t see was that his eyes went dark.
He loved you, he dearly loved you. But he does lie after all.
And some of his lies are better kept that way.
Tsukasa’s screwed
I’m sorry, but he would lie to his s/o
It’s not that he doesn’t love you, he just doesn't want to tell you some things
He would be all shocked
“Y/nnnnnn! Is this like a superpower?!”
He would think it's so cool
He would want you to use it on others all the time
“Are they lying Y/n??? I need to know!!!”
He finds it so fascinating you can do this
But if you ever use it on him
He will need to up his lying game
Tumblr media
“Hanako!” You called out but your smile quickly dropped when you saw him. He looked sad, tears in the corner of his eyes.
“Hanako…?” You called again which he turned to you. His eyes grew wide in shock as he tried to rub his eyes. You placed your hands on his wrist.
“Hey… you can talk to me…” You embraced him in a hug which he reluctantly accepted. 
“Are you crying about your brother?” You asked. He only stayed quiet. He knew you were trying to find out what's going on but he was scared. 
It’s not that he didn’t trust you, he just didn’t know if you would want to be with someone like him.
“Hanako… please…” You gripped his clothes and your own voice was shaky. You wanted your boyfriend to talk to you. You knew he had a bad past but you were willing to accept that.
“I’m sorry Y/n…” His voice was muffled in your shoulder. 
But the thing was, he was telling the truth there.
He was sorry.
Hanako finds this so cool
He would find it so fascinating if you catch someone lying 
He would just mentally think “That’s my girl!” and personally be so proud of you
You are like his little detective!
But when you use it on him
More specifically, when you use it to find out more about his past
He’s a bit shaken up
Because he knows there is no point lying to you
So he… doesn’t say anything
He’s to scared too
But he doesn't know what you are going to think when you know
Tumblr media
The spider teacher sighed as he entered his boundary. He looked exhausted. 
“Tsuchigomori? What’s wrong?” You stood up and approached the supernatural.  
“Nothing Y/n… I’m fine…” He gave you a smile but you knew he was lying.
“Tsuchi, you don’t have to lie to me, you know. Now please tell me what’s wrong.” Your words only made him chuckle. 
“I guess it's a real perk to be able to tell if someone is lying huh?” He smirked.
You brightly smiled and nodded. Even just seeing your smile makes Tsuchigomori happy. 
But that smile turned into a frown.
“It’s kinda hard to be a supernatural and a teacher. It’s stressful sometimes. And there is one boy in my class named Yugi Amane… I read his book and all but I have a bad feeling something bad is going to happen to him.” Tsuchigomori looked you in the eye “And cars are scary.”
His last sentence caught you off guard but you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Cars are scary?” You giggle.
“Don’t laugh at me!” He retorted. 
“Well you are doing a great job being a supernatural teacher, I’m impressed. And I’m sure your student, Yugi, was it? I’m sure he will be fine!” You felt like you were lying to yourself with your last sentence. 
“And I won’t let those big scary cars hurt you!” You kissed his forehead. 
“Mhp, fear of cars is a totally normal fear…” He blushed and turned away. 
“But thank you, I really needed to hear that right now.”
He would find it very interesting
He would ask you how you could tell if someone is lying
He finds it so interesting and cool that you can do that
But he would never say or show that
“Hm… that's cool, it's there a reason for this?”
Whether there is or isn’t, he still thinks it’s cool
He thinks its kinda adorable whenever you point out he’s lying
He would never admit that tho! <3
Tsuchigomori and his fear of cars brought to you by the one and only…
Tumblr media
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thebeautyoffanfics · 3 months ago
TBHK boys get break up pranked by reader ?angst to fluff please!!😢👉👈
kou minamoto x gn!reader, teru minamoto x gn!reader, akane aoi x gn!reader, tsuchigomori x gn!reader, hanako x gn!reader, tsukasa yugi x gn!reader, mitsuba sousuke x gn!reader
a/n: heck yea, we love angst to fluff!!!! Thank you so much for requesting <33 (also, by tbhk boys, i just kinda,,, threw my favorites, and some characters that seem to be requested fairly often in there! If i missed anyone you particularly wanted to see, feel free to let me know, and i’ll gladly add them <3)
Also, I’m sorry that these are so short,,;; i’m not entirely sure how to lengthen them;;;; and I’m not sure how well they fit into angst to fluff,,,, i’m really sorry;;;
warnings: none <3
word count: 1,939
Kou Minamoto <3
“Kou, I… I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s going to work between us. I think we should break up.”
Please, don’t make me describe his face… please, don’t do this to me… my heart, my heart hurts just thinking about it. But- his heart hurts worse.
His eyes will widen, but they won’t be filled with the usual sparkle of joy he gets when looking at you. His usual smile and blush will quickly drain from his face, as he narrows his eyebrows in confusion.
“H… huh-?”
“You heard me, Kou. Don’t make me say it again.”
He does his best not to cry on the spot, and you’ll instantly start to feel guilty. You try not to let the guilt get under your skin just yet- it’s a prank. You know it’s a prank, but Kou doesn’t.
“Why? What- what did I do?”
“It’s nothing you did, Kou. We just… can’t work out. Really, it isn’t you.”
His mouth forms a straight line, slightly panicking, but he’ll nod. That… makes sense. No- no, it really doesn’t- not for your relationship. You seemed happy, didn’t you? Did he say something? Did he hurt you? What happened-??
“No, wait, Kou, no- don’t cry, don’t cry-”
“I’m not! No worries, (Y/N), it’s fine, I’ll-”
“It’s a prank, Kou! Please, don’t cry-”
He’d pause, blinking a bit, then tilting his head slightly- confusion written all over his face.
It settled in for a moment, as you hugged him, Kou hugging back instantly. Once it clicked, he was instantly relieved, tightening the hug a bit and huffing.
“You scared me, (Y/N)... I wasn’t crying though. But you did scare me- please, don’t do that again.”
“I’m sorry, Kou, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise!”
Teru Minamoto <3
“I’m sorry, Teru, but I don’t think things can work between us anymore. It’s not you, I just… think we should see other people.”
He’ll raise his eyebrows, then narrow them, confusion evident on his face, much like his brother reacted. He wouldn’t lose his cool- he wouldn’t get emotional. However, he did feel his heart aching.
“Ah… alright. I’m sorry if I did anything, (Y/N). Is there any way we could make things work? Talk to me.”
“You didn’t do anything, Teru. I just- I just don’t think it can work. Sorry.”
Teru bit his lip a bit, nodding. He turned, planning to walk away, but-
But you wouldn’t let him walk away :)) so, you grabbed his wrist.
He’d turn around, offering you a confused expression, the hurt still evident on his face. Honestly, he really needed to get home to sort out his emotions. “If you would, please, let go, (Y/N).”
“Sorry, sorry, Teru! Can’t do that!” You chirped, tugging him a bit so he’d face you.
Our boy is so confused- why are you suddenly in a better mood??
“It was a prank!” You declared, tossing your hands up, “don’t be mad, please!”
Teru sighed, placing a hand on his chest. “Oh, thank goodness, (Y/N). I was so scared… of course, I wasn’t about to let you go that easily, but, still-”
He pulled you into a hug, resting his head on top of yours. Expect a slightly more affectionate Teru- he’s gonna be a tad bit paranoid now. No way is anyone gonna take you from him >:((
Akane Aoi <3
“Akane, I think we should… break up.”
Panic. Instant panic. You can see the panic on his face immediately, as his eyes widen.
No, no way. This couldn’t be happening to him- years of pining after Aoi, only to have you introduced into his life. You were someone he loved as dearly as he did Aoi. Someone who returned his feelings.
Having you love him was the best feeling ever… this, on the other hand, was anything but nice.
“Break up-? Why??”
He’ll reach for your arms, heart breaking when you stepped back, looking away from him. To him, you were looking away because you felt bad for having to split up. In reality, you were looking away to avoid the guilt slowly bubbling up in your stomach. It’s a prank- that’s what you had to tell yourself. In just a few moments you could hug him and smother his precious face in kisses.
“Because… you’re,” You stepped forward, booping his nose, “too cute!”
“........(Y/N), I promise you, if this is a prank-”
“It’s a prank~!”
Akane groaned, rolling his eyes, but placing his head against your shoulder. “(Y/NNNNN), honestlyyyyy.”
You patted his back, then wrapped your arms around him, kissing the side of his face gently. “I’m sorry, Akaneeee...”
“You’re fine…” He responded, wrapping his arms around you. He may sulk just a tiny bit, but he won’t be like that for long. By the next day, he’ll be acting normal- though he may use that prank against you lightheartedly.
Tsuchigomori <3
“Tsuchigomori… I’m sorry, but I think we should see other people,” You spoke. Goodness knows you had to put all of your acting skills into this one, since Tsuchigomori could see through lies easier than anyone else you knew.
“You’re lying.”
“I’m not.” “(Y/N), you literally cannot keep secrets from me. Lying is no different. What kind of prank is this? A trend?”
You sighed, running a hand through your hair- your reaction brought a grin to your spider-like boyfriend’s face.
“For what it’s worth, I’m sure I would have been fairly hurt if you were being genuine, so… don’t bother with jokes like that.”
(Actually, there was a part of him concerned that you were being honest. But! He trusted his instincts, praying that you were just joking. He had never been happier to tell truth from lies.)
Hanako <3
“Hanako… I’m sorry, I don’t think things will work between us. We should break up.”
A million thoughts run through his mind, despite his somewhat unreadable expression. Was it because he was dead? Of course- he knew it would happen. Who would be willing to date a ghost? A murderer at that. He was unlovable. He knew it.
“...I understand, (Y/N), but… don’t play with my heart like that.”
“I’m not playing around, Hanako. Stop taking everything like it’s a joke.”
Hanako shrugged, ignoring how his heart ached. “I think the joke is you not considering things like the obvious before you accepted my confession. Dating a supernatural is clearly not easy, and you walked into this knowing that.”
This time, you were the one with an unreadable expression. What… did he mean? Was he scolding you? Or… rejecting your rejection-?
“What do you mean?” You sighed, faking annoyance as you placed a hand on your hip.
“I mean, you got yourself into this relationship, so you should be willing to stick with it until the end~. I get it though, so, if you really didn’t think that far, then so be it-”
“Fine, I give in.”
Hanako raised his eyebrows, holding a hand to his mouth, curious as to what you were about to say. Did he really just uno reverse your break up?
“It was aaaaaa prank,” You added, pulling your lower eyelid down and sticking your tongue out. It was impressive- you almost seemed similar to him! Impressive indeed!
Hanako grinned, the pain on his heart being suddenly lifted as he basically tackled you into a hug. Kisses were placed against your cheek, before he nuzzled the side of his face into yours.
“I knew you couldn’t do me like that, (Y/NNNN)~.”
Did he really know that? Of course not. And that fear would never leave him, worrying that he would one day not be enough for you. But! For now, the two of you were together, happy in the relationship you were in. That was enough for him <3
Tsukasa Yugi <3
“We should break up, Tsukasa. I’m really sorry, it just… can’t work.”
Won’t let you break up with him. He won’t- he genuinely won’t.
Clings to you, pouting up at you, as you look down at him, feigning sadness.
“I’m sorry, Tsukasa- please, let go of me.”
“Nope! You’re mine, (Y/N). You can’t break up with me!! You’re mine- forever and ever, no matter what!”
(His expression was wide-eyed and somewhat innocent, but thinking about his words… they were certainly questionable.)
You tried to play along a bit more. Telling him you were serious, attempting to push him away. But, that was to no avail. Tsukasa wasn’t giving in, so you eventually had to-
“Alright, alright. It was a prank, Tsukasa… though I guess it didn’t get far with you.”
“Haha! Nope! And you won’t get far either <3”
Honestly? Who knows what that meant. You didn’t get it, and you couldn’t be sure Tsukasa understood either. All he knew was he loved you- therefore, he wouldn’t let you do something so silly like break up with him! Like Tsuchigomori, he's virtually impossible to break-up prank- like Hanako, he's virtually impossible to actually break up with.
Mitsuba Sousuke <3
“I… I think we should break up, Mitsuba. It’s not you, really-”
“Tch. Of course it isn’t me, idiot,” Mitsuba interrupted. He wasn’t there to listen to the extent of your acting skills (though he didn’t realize you were acting). “If you’re gonna split up with me, just get it over with. We should break up? Fine. Not like a pervert like you deserves someone as cute and pure as me anyway.”
Despite his words and furrowed eyebrows, his eyes alone showed how heartbroken he felt. His lower lip trembled a bit, though he attempted to stop it by pouting. No, he wouldn’t be the one crying in this situation! Not yet, at least-
“Great then. I’m glad we’re on the same page.” You retorted, laughing bitterly. Ahh, no, this was getting too real for him- you were serious, weren’t you? Could this be a joke?
Mmh, who cared? Mitsuba was here to defend himself, even if it was at the cost of your feelings. If you were going to hurt his heart like that, then he’d do his best to take a jab at yours- or at least your ego.
“Great. Then, why are you lingering? Getting a last look at my cute face?”
“Hm… yeah-”
“Excuse mE, let me finish,” You sighed, ruffling his hair lightly, “surprise! It’s a prank!”
His face was honestly golden- his reaction to hearing that it was a prank even better than his reaction when the prank was in action. Eyebrows furrowed in confusion, though watering just barely from the previous aching in his heart, mouth agape slightly.
Then, his eyebrows furrowed deeper, displaying anger. The way his shoulders sank for a moment showed his relief, though they tensed up quickly, as he prepared himself to yell at you. “Idiot! Pervert! Who do you think you are, trying to play with my heart like that?! What right do you have to-”
You cut him off by cupping his face, pouting slightly- his face burned as he avoided eye contact, hand raised slightly as if contemplating pushing you away. It was clear he didn’t really want you to stop though.
“Sorry, sorry~. I just wanted to get a reaction out of you, Mitsuba. You’ve got very cute reactions, you know?”
“Hmph. You sound like you’re quoting porn-”
“Mention porn one more time and the prank won’t be a prank anymore-”
“Liar. Idiot. Stupid pervert, you’re a liar.”
You laughed lightly, squishing his face as you closed your eyes. “Maybe I’m a tad bit of a liar. But, when you pretend to not be upset, I’m sure you’re lying as well~.”
“Hah. I don’t lie.”
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