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Tsuchi: I hope Honorable No.7 become to be honest…(*frustrating)(working)

Tsukasa: Ah-That was what you want!



Nene: Hanako kun~Don’t you really feel anything after seeing this?

Hanako: I told you before, I think that looks good. Actually, Yashiro is cute…


Nene: HANAKO~~~!!!!

Nene: Did he told me about that before..?

Aoi: ? It looks great!

Tsukasa: Amane~Did you kiss with your assistant??


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hanako: my personality is identical to an octupus

yashiro: … elaborate?

hanako: sentient enough to be a dominant species but probably won’t cause of disinterest and introversion; smart enough to cause havoc and plan elaborate escapes, but most of the time i just drift around eating stuff; able to contort my body into strange and viscerally disturbing forms


yashiro: it’s a beautiful day in the aquarium and you are a horrible octopus

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(2/2) since Tsukasa was going to die soon… just like Yashiro, he should have been able to meets supernaturals. Like you said in your theory, what if Tsukasa met an evil supernatural, or even was possessed by it? -I mean, Hanako possessed Yashiro in Clock Keepers Arc after all, it could been possible?- Now, why was Tsukasa going to die anyway? That’s the question. An illness? Suicide? 

Oooh! Interesting thought!!

Tsuchigomori said that Amane was the only one to change his fate, so assuming that he doesn’t count whatever domino effect that had on other’s fates, maybe Tsukasa was always meant to be killed by Amane? For whatever reason is still up for debate.

The idea that Tsukasa may have been influenced by possession because he could perceive supernaturals is really intriguing…

I feel like every solution we come to makes everything even more complicated!

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