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hello everyone!

if you like ocs, original characters and if you like toilet bound hanako, then please have a read of my project! my story! it is a cute, fluffy story! it is just something i have done for fun! as i wanted to pratice writing an character!

my oc is named mikaela kane.

couples: hanako/mikaela. tsukasa/mikaela. nene/aoi. kou/mitsuba. teru/akane.

nene is a supernatural! and she tied her fate to aoi! aoi accidently swallows as mermiad scale and nene saves her!

the story is an originial take on toilet bound hanako. it is an originial rewrite, so it will not follow the manga or anime.

i hope you will give it a try! even if you don’t like fanfiction, i hope you will give this a try! it is just a bit of fun, and i have worked really hard on it! it is just fluff!

The Many Spikes by Akiieloo

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