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mewming · a month ago
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A gift for my friend
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httptamaki · a month ago
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hello there👀 welcome to my first day of kinktober and my first ever dr stone piece! i just love this show too much that i couldn’t help myself from writing for it so i hope you guys enjoy because i sure did <3
where tsukasa and his girlfriend meet again after being revived and have a lot of build ip frustration, sexual frustration at that so they get rid of it, having some alone time on his throne <3
kinktober masterlist
a/n: a reminder that tsukasa can lift up a whole lion and a tree with one hand so yes, he can lift you up anyone <3
WARNINGS: fem!reader - size kink - unprotected sex - cursing - rough but not too rough (tsukasa was trying to be gentle but thats almost impossible with someone like him and someone smaller) - riding - stomach bulge - bend over the throne - hair pulling - praise - 1,6k words
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Tsukasa had waited for this moment for so long, weeks, maybe even months. When he found out you were still alive and your statue was close by, his first priority was reviving you, no matter what the other’s said.
And that’s exactly what he did, he found your petrified body, revived it away from everyone because he was the only one who could see your body like that. 
A small smile grew on his face when he realized you were okay, letting out a sigh of relief and holding out clothes for you.
You were confused at first but still happy to see him first thing when you woke up. You weren’t stupid and caught up quickly when Tsukasa explained it all, it only made sense since you had a thought all along, still having a sense of living when being petrified.
Tsukasa was more than happy to see you again, he just wasn’t the best at showing it and you knew that. He also was getting frustrated at the fact you were revived but he hadn’t had a single moment with you alone besides the reviving and not just frustrated in one way, no it was in many other ways.
To be fair, you felt the same way, you were growing more and more frustrated as the days passed on and just wanted some alone time with him, you couldn’t take the sexual frustration anymore, you needed it and little did you know he felt the same way.
And that’s exactly how he ended up snapping at everyone, telling them to leave you two alone for the day and stop guarding the throne, just so you two could have your moment.
“Fuck-” You breathed out when Tsukasa lowered you on his length, biting your lip and nuzzling your face into his neck. Tsukasa gasped as your walls welcomed him nicely, his big hands holding your smaller body, pushing you down on his length fully and having a moment to take it all in once he was buried deep inside of you.
Tsukasa was big, both in size and height, that’s why you always struggled when taking him, no matter how many times he fucked you, it didn’t change the fact that he was so big, maybe even too big for you but you both absolutely loved it.
“I missed you,” Tsukasa mumbled, leaning back on his throne and closing his eyes for a second. Once you were fully adjusted to his size, you slowly started bouncing up and down his length, letting out soft moans and making him shoot his eyes open.
“I-I’ll take that as you did too.” Tsukasa grunted, watching his view proudly and absolutely being mesmerized by your beauty. 
He loved the way your smaller body looked on top of his bigger body, the way your chest bounced up and down, the way you struggled to take him and he made sure he didn’t miss the way your eyes rolled back slightly and your mouth was open every time when he was all the way in.
“Baby fuck,” You cursed out, putting your hands on his chest for support and arching your back slightly. “You’re taking me so well-” Tsukasa praised you, bucking his hips up and having his tip kiss that spot deep inside of you, making you scream out his name loudly and clench around him.
“You’re so b-big.” You whined out, feeling his big hands on your smaller body and having goosebumps appear all over your body from his touches. Tsukasa didn’t say much, he just guided you nicely, making sure to slam you down fully, noticing the prominent outline of his length deep inside of you, hitting that spot each time.
The male absolutely loved his view, he kept watching your stomach bulge each time he was all the way in, the sight almost making him go feral, how could he not? Your small body was taking him all the way and he couldn’t keep his eyes off it.
“Look at that- Taking it all like a good girl.” He praised you, his free hand moving down to your ass to squeeze it harshly and for him to leave soft kisses on your chest. Tsukasa kept fucking into you as your legs started trembling, he took notice of that as his breathe fanned over your nipple, taking it in his mouth and starting to suck on it, humming against it, just to make you feel the vibrations throughout your body.
“Baby I-I’m gonna-” You warned him, breathing heavily and scratching his back for the slightest bit of support. 
“Shh I know baby, are you gonna cum for me?” Tsukasa whispered against your skin, looking up at you and switching between the sensitive buds as his thumb started rubbing your clit, slightly making you squirm on top of him.
“Y-Yes fuck baby, r-right there.” You choked out, clamping down on his length once again and moaning loudly when you felt him twitch inside of you. You felt the familiar knot in your stomach and tightened your grip on him, pleads of his name leaving your lips desperately. 
“Right there?” Tsukasa asked, rubbing your clit and leaving kisses on your body, only for you to nod needily and moan out his name.
Tsukasa continued his movements just like you enjoyed them, knowing how close you were, all because of him and how good he made you feel and not anyone else. He was catching his own release as well yet he put your pleasure before his, he always did. His pleasure was something he could worry about later and that’s exactly what he did.
“Cum for me baby.” He told you and almost like it was on command, you came all over his length, your legs trembling as you looked him in the eyes, breathing heavily.
“Good g-girl- fuck.” Tsukasa groaned, pulling out and releasing all over your stomach, slightly digging his nails into your sides as his eyes rolled back a bit.
“Fuck baby,” You breathed out, holding his face for a second as you pecked his lips softly. “You did so well.” Tsukasa praised you, giving you a warm smile as you nuzzled your face into his neck afterwards, taking in the moment and being extremely happy to be with him again, to be so close with him again.
You closed your eyes, catching your breath and holding him tightly, only for you to shot them open seconds later when you felt Tsukasa moving.
Tsukasa smirked down at you, lifting you up with one hand effortlessly and getting up himself.  “Baby what are you doing?” You asked in shock, holding onto him for support, just to be bent over his throne seconds later, gasping quietly.
“Tsukasa-“ You moaned softly, feeling him push in again as you held onto his throne. “Yes baby?” He grunted, being swallowed by your warmth once again as he put his big hand on your side.
“Feels good,” You told him, soft moans of his name leaving your mouth when he starts moving. “I know it does- you’re taking me so fucking well.” He praised you, running his hand through his hair and picking up his pace.
All you could do was moan and struggle to keep yourself up from how sensitive you were, your eyes rolling back slightly with every thrust.
Your legs were trembling and Tsukasa took notice of that, having both of his big hands on your sides, holding you tightly as his thrusts became rougher.
Tsukasa was being vocal, not being scared to show you how good he felt yet he still tried to be gentle with you, knowing how much your smaller body struggled to take him so he rubbed small circles on your sides and whispered soft praises, trying to be softer in a way. 
But the way you were clenching around him, moaning out his name and struggling to keep yourself up, turned him on even more, not helping with the soft act. 
Tsukasa pounded into you with hard thrusts, digging his nails into your sides and cursing out under his breath, being rougher and rougher without realizing but he couldn’t help himself, you were making him feel way too good.
There was no way his bigger body could be gentle with you, no way he could hold himself back and try to be gentle, you were just too good and taking him perfectly.
The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping, your loud moans and screams and his low grunts, every little sound echoing because of the space, only making the feeling better.
“Tsukasa f-fuck, baby please.” You begged, feeling that familiar feeling once more, clenching around his length and feeling that familiar ache between your thighs, your legs and your body giving out on you from how good you were feeling and Tsukasa’s big hand being the only source of support for you.
“Wanna cum baby?” He breathed out, feeling his cock twitch inside of you, knowing he was close as well. You hummed desperately, choking on your moans and waiting for him to tell you to cum, you always did, you were such a good girl, his good girl at that.
“Cum for me, you’ve been so good for me baby.” Tsukasa told you, his hands traveling over your sensitive spots, making sure to hit that one spot over and over, cursing under his breath when you finally released all over his length.
“Goood girl,” He moaned out, struggling to keep himself together as he pulled out, releasing all over your thighs and letting out choked moans, his grip on your sides tightening, the way he held you leaving marks on your body.
“T-Thank you.” You breathed out, coming down from your high, only to feel him push back in, making you gasp out loudly. “B-Baby,” You whimpered, feeling so full and overly sensitive, closing your eyes.
“Shhh, I got you.” Tsukasa whispered, grabbing a fist of your hair and pulling you closer to him so your back was pressed against his chest, his free hand holding you up as your legs were shaking, struggling to keep yourself together.
“I missed you so much, you don’t understand.” Tsukasa mumbled, leaning down to nuzzle his face into your neck, whispering sweet nothings against your skin, his big hands traveling all over your body while he placed soft kisses, helping you calm down and being gentle with you, the roughness from earlier being gone.
He might’ve been rough with you but he really did miss you, the two of you needed this.
Tumblr media
tags: @goreist @kitaizawa @honeypirate @ajaviary
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actuallycloudstrife · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
So, the Tsuakasa that showed up 6 months later is actually the REAL Tsukasa after Chapter 82 when he said, “Let’s go back together”.
Notice the panel where his mom finds him.
He’s still HOLDING THE BEAR in his left hand! 
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supersonic-chan · a month ago
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me when eat phon 
CHOMP ヽ(o´∀`)ノ♪♬
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tntsart · 8 months ago
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I didn’t post anything for a while 😂Cuz I have a lot of university stuff lol
Day 10/100
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hanako-nendoroid · 8 months ago
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This manga series has to have some of the best art. This was an extra chapter in which the characters were assigned roles from Phantom of the Opera! PotO is an amazingly beautiful musical that everyone should see. 
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crimson-chains · 11 months ago
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Meant to post this a while ago!! But some more nostalgia ^^
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maximpotato · 5 months ago
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sekai wa mada hajimatte sura inai + tondemo wonders
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halcadrop · 3 months ago
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