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#tsukishima drabble
adoringhaikyuu · 7 days ago
omg!!! i really loved the ‘drunk haikyuu boys says something offhand’ and i was thinking if you could do pt2 but with suna, kenma and tsukishima? :]]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kenma + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: suna was in part two <3 don't know how i feel about this but here you go!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
kenma's eyes were barely open as kuroo led him to your shared apartment. he had a slight stumble to his walk but he'd had fun tonight. he normally didn't like to drink and let loose, especially not without you, but you convinced him. and now he was more than ready to come home to you. well he was, at least.
they had just made it inside to the apartment when kenma's eyes widened a fraction and he suddenly stopped. "no––"
kuroo looked up to see you walking towards them, still a little far into the room (it was a spacious apartment) and looked back to his friend with raised a brow, "huh?"
"don't wanna see y/n..."
kuroo laughed awkwardly, glancing at you for a brief moment, tension suddenly rising in the room. kenma hadn't seen you yet so you slowed down uncertainly. "what do you mean, man? why not?"
kenma blinked sluggishly before mumbling back a response, some of his words muffled in his hand, so quiet neither you nor kuroo could hear them. "can't see...don't wanna look...y/n's face..."
you were only a few feet away now, the hurt obvious on your face and it made kuroo's heart clench for you. "ken–"
his friend suddenly looked up at the ceiling, letting his eyes close, a look of almost anguish on his face. "just know, y/n'll be in pajamas––" he rubbed a hand on his face, muffling his words. "too cute. g'nna say somethin' stupid."
kuroo's face broke out into a grin. "well i don't think y/n would mind."
kenma simply groaned and glared at his friend when you finally spoke up, making him turn to you with wide eyes. "yeah, i don't think i'd mind."
you looked at him with a knowing, teasing smile and he groaned again, immediately coming over to you and wrapping his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"can you forget what i said?"
you laughed, kuroo staring at the two of you with a smile. "not a chance."
Tumblr media
tsukishima's gaze looked as bored and critical as ever, even tipsy. the one thing that gave him away, was the constant blush on his cheeks that you'd normally have to work hard to see, normally with a teasing comment or a flurry of kisses.
but his stare, that was the same as ever. as he looked down at you, arms by his side, almost like a child, you couldn't help but wonder what was on his mind. it could have been anything, something good, something bad, something funny––
"what are you wearing?"
you looked down at your sweats––the pants were yours, but the sweatshirt was his. you knew he knew that, so why was he asking?
"um..." you looked back up at him. "pajamas?"
he sighed, the look in his eyes now more clearly exasperated. "why are you wearing that?"
suddenly you felt anxious, did he not want you to wear his clothes anymore?
"i...i just wanted to? they're comfy. and i missed you while you were out..."
something flashed in his eyes briefly at your words but you couldn't decipher it fast enough.
his eyes scanned you from head to toe and you couldn't help but feel like you were being scrutinized. "you just... you look..."
"what?" you wrapped your arms around yourself. "what is it?"
he clenched his jaw and looked to the side. "you look...cute."
the tension left your body but you were still in shock, silent as you looked at him for a few seconds. "...what?"
he clicked his tongue, "don't make me repeat it."
your lips quirked up into a smile and you stepped closer to him, wrapping your arms around him as you propped your chin on his chest. "aww you think i look cute?"
he looked up at the ceiling, despite his arms slowly moving to hold you. "i take it back."
"nope. you can't." you laughed when the blush on his cheeks spread, obviously from your teasing this time. "i think you look cute too, baby."
slowly, he gave in and looked down at you, his eyes much softer than before. "not as cute as you, though."
Tumblr media
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tsukishumai · 2 months ago
Cherry Blossom
pairing; tsukishima kei x gn!reader
genre; angst to fluff, soulmate!au, childhood friends to strangers to lovers
summary; Beneath the very first blue sky you’ve ever seen, you had to wonder — did it have to be him???
wc; 4K+
a/n; my (extremely late) entry for @gg9183 soulmate collab! Happy birthday my beautiful Gray, you are truly a light in everyone’s life! please accept this fic 🥺
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
A hand grips painfully around your arm, jerking you backwards with such a force, you were positive that your shoulder had popped out of its socket.
The scream that had erupted out of your throat had been abruptly interrupted by the horn blaring from the truck that sped through the spot you were standing in just two seconds ago.
You stood frozen in place, breaths coming in short spurts from the adrenaline suddenly coursing through your veins. Your palms began to sweat under the shakiness of your limbs, and your knees were buckling from right under you. The only thing keeping you from collapsing to the ground now were the hands that steadily held you up by your arms.
But it wasn’t the near death experience that had you trembling on the sidewalk, nor was it the knight-in-shining-armor-esque way in which your life must have just been saved.
It was the fact that you watched the truck zoom two inches away from your face, and the truck was red.
It was red.
Your brain could hardly keep up with the speed at which your vision switches from the yellow painted lines in the street to the lush green leaves floating down from the trees lining the sidewalk, yet somehow it suddenly knew that the sky was blue, and sunshine was golden.
A headache begins to pound along your temples, much too overloaded with the sudden difference in your visual sense, until you are pulled back down by the fingers that are still wrapped around your bare skin.
Too late did you turn to face your savior, apprehension bubbling in your chest to discover just who was meant to be bound to your soul.
Your body stiffens at the honey-brown eyes staring down at you, frozen in a shocked expression that perfectly matched how you felt about the sudden mess of blonde hair that matched the rays coming from the sun above.
Any and all dregs of excitement that might have been building up in your heart had been effectively shattered by a single word that was begrudgingly groaned from both of your lips.
You hated Tsukishima Kei.
The stupid little scowl that always seemed to be permanently fixed upon his face. The self-approving smirk on his lips whenever he said something snarky. The completely unnecessary bad attitude he carries on his shoulders that made everyone stay at least six feet away from him at all times.
Hearing his voice from down the halls would always make the hairs on the back of your neck stand, and you’re never sure whether it’s because the sound truly irks your core, or because you knew what came next was something that you hated about him most of all.
The way he always seemed to turn the other direction as soon as he saw you anywhere near the vicinity.
You’ve come to the conclusion that Tsukishima has made it his personal mission to pretend as if you don’t exist.
It was subtle enough for no one else to notice, and maybe you wouldn’t have either if you weren’t constantly watching for where he could possibly be.
Because you hated Tsukishima Kei… but you hated him in a way that you actually don’t hate him at all.
How could you, when Tsukishima Kei had been the one you spent nearly all your summers with, running around the city like rabid children.
Except, Tsukishima’s idea of a wild summer afternoon was to spend it in the air conditioned exhibits of the local museum, babbling off random facts that you knew he just read off the plaque not even ten minutes ago, acting like he was the smartest kid in the room (read: world). But you didn’t mind, because you really hated to sweat, and the grin on his lips when he told you about the exhibits he had planned for when he runs the museum had made your tiny little heart melt into a puddle.
How could you hate him, when you grew up sneaking out the house past curfew, running down to where Tsukishima would be waiting for you under the flickering light of the lamp post at the end of your street.
The hill behind the local high school, he claimed, had the best view of the entire city, and he swears you could see Pluto from your tiny little spot in Miyagi. You thought he had been exaggerating, but when you laid down, and the stars twinkled down in a way that seemed to greet the two of you like old friends, you realized that Tsukishima Kei would never lie to you.
Lie to you, never.
Pretend you never existed? Now, that was something you didn’t know he’d be so good at.
The summer before high school had been the one to change everything. One day, he was helping you pick out a new pair of gym shoes, and the next, he was completely ignoring your calls. And he did it again the next day. And again the next. Knocked doors went unanswered, nights were not slept, but you had convinced yourself that there was absolutely no possible way Tsukishima would just ghost you like this.
Until you walked through the gates of Karasuno alone, your heart crumbled like chalk when you waved at Tsukishima, and he turned the corner without sparing you so much as a glance.
You were left standing in the proverbial dust, wondering what the hell you could have possibly done for it all to just end like this.
Still, denial was one hell of a stage, and you could call it a short lapse of judgement — or more accurately an act of desperation — but your last sliver of hope had come with signing up to be Karasuno Volleyball Club Manager. It was an agreement you forced upon Kei before even entering high school — an incentive to join the team he so vehemently denied wanting to be a part of. You decided to keep your end of the deal, stupidly hoping that despite his frigid silence, he would still keep up the end of his.
But when you walked into the gym and introduced yourself to the members, the short-lived relief you felt at seeing Kei actually in the line up had evaporated as Tsukishima simply bowed to you in tandem with the rest, like some stranger whose name he hardly had the energy to remember.
If you didn’t feel like a dumbass before, you definitely felt like one right then.
You had given yourself one week to cry about it by yourself in your room, staring up at the glow-in-the-dark dinosaur stickers Kei had helped you decorate on your ceiling, before you sucked it the fuck up and tried to move on.
And you tried, you really did. You made your own friends, picked up your own hobbies, and still fulfilled your duties faithfully as the team’s manager, even if it meant handing water bottles and fresh towels out to the direct source of your heartbreak.
If he could act like a stranger, then so could you.
Yet still, here you were, in your last year at Karasuno, wondering if Tsukishima really forgot the days he spent with you, sitting under the sakura blossoms, and fighting over what shades were the petals that skated gently through the air.
You had never forgotten the feeling that, even though you stared at soft gray flowers beneath a softer gray sky, whenever you were with Tsukishima, everything still felt colorful.
The common game around the playground back then had been to hurriedly link pinkies with the person closest to them, and wait in anticipation to see if they’d finally learn what the heck “purple” was. But alas, more often than not, one does not meet their soulmate in the dirty, speckled sand beneath a rusted slide, and the collective sigh of disappointment lasts all of five seconds until you move on and try your luck with the next pinky.
You were taunted more than once for refusing to let anyone near your bare skin, unwilling to treat such a life-altering moment as child’s play. And when Tsukishima had been the one to shoo away the playground bullies, you knew he understood.
Now here you stand. The colors you had felt for years are now beginning to bleed into reality, and Tsukishima is looking at you like you had just kicked a puppy.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He starts, still latching on to you so tightly, it was like he was afraid to let you go. “Didn’t I always tell you to pay attention when you cross the street? Are you an idiot? You could have died!”
He was nearly shaking you by the shoulders, and it took much too long for the words he was practically screaming to register into your head. You knew he was right, but the reminder of his past (past) habits had left your stomach churning.
“Is that all you have to say to me?” You ask, finally stepping back and nearly yanking yourself away from his hold. You slip past his fingers easily, and it took a second before Tsukishima allowed his arms to fall back to his side.
It was like the last two years of silence had never happened, nothing compared to the years already spent side by side. Tsukishima’s face looked stoic, maybe even constipated, but in an instant, you could read the guilt chiseled in with the clenching of his jaw, and weaved into the puckered brows above misty brown eyes.
“I… I can’t believe this,” you breath out, pacing back and forth while Tsukishima just stared, “What are you even — why are you here?”
It was a crappy way to thank someone that had just saved you from becoming roadkill, you were painfully aware. By the way Tsukishima glared and coughed into his fist, so was he.
“I live this way too, remember?” he points out, and it was that last word that had been the match that lit your gasoline-infused thoughts on fire, as if he wasn’t the one that stopped replying, as if he wasn’t the one to turn away, “And if I hadn’t been here, you would’ve—”
“Oh, I remember. So, what, suddenly you care again?” You were just as shocked as Tsukishima at the venom laced with the words you spat at him, but the anger you had though you buried quickly came crawling back out, “Because last time I checked, you’ve dedicated the last two years into proving that you don’t.”
Tsukishima visibly winced. “That’s not … Of course I care about you.”
You ignored the fluttering of your heart in favor of the anger burning behind your eyes. “Really? Could have fooled me. I wasn’t sure you even remembered who I was.”
You couldn’t focus on the contrasting puffs of white clouds against a baby blue sky. You didn’t notice the pink and purple flowers growing on the windowsill of the apartment across the street. You could barely be grateful for the fact that you could finally appreciate the way Tsukishima’s golden irises looked behind his black-rimmed glasses.
The world is finally in color, but all you felt at the moment was dark shades of gray.
You scoffed and tried to turn away, and for the second time today, you were tugged back. This time, by slender fingers wrapped around your wrist.
“I…” Tsukishima looked like he was struggling to get something out, and it took all your willpower not to shove him away.
“Come over and have dinner with me.”
“What?” Your mouth physically dropped. Is he kidding? Had he not been listening to you this entire time? “If you think I’m going anywhere with you —“
“Y/N,”  Tsukishima interrupted, his face scrunched up and pleading, “Please.”
Your heart fell out of your ass. A moment of silence passes between the two of you, and Tsukishima takes this as his cue to go.
The walk to his house was deafeningly silent. Your head was still pounding, and you deny it has anything to do with the way his hand felt against your skin. You remembered where Tsukishima Kei lived (how could you forget? It was four houses down from yours), but still he had felt compelled to guide you the entire way.
The familiar gates from your childhood come into view, and your heart breaks at the realization that you had thought you were never going to walk through them again. If Tsukishima noticed the way your lips began to tremble, he didn’t say anything. Instead, his fingers move down from your wrist to give your hand a light squeeze before letting go.
As the two of you start to take off your shoes at the genkan, a part of you feels angry that Tsukishima thought he had any right to comfort you like this. Yet, you couldn’t deny how much the simple act had truly calmed your nerves.
For the hundredth time that evening, you had asked yourself just how you got into this situation, and is it too late to back out now? And when a familiar voice rang from the kitchen cut directly through your heartstrings, all your doubts flew out the window.
“Kei, dinner’s just about — oh my god,” Tsukishima’s mother had nearly dropped the cooking chopsticks she was holding, bringing her hands up to cover her mouth, “Y/n! Are my eyes deceiving me? Kei didn’t mention you were coming today!”
She gave her son a pointed look as she pulled you into the living room, engulfing you in a hug that felt like a warm towel wrapped around you after a day at the pool. Comfort and nostalgia coursed through you in waves, and you slowly brought your hands up to return her affection.
“It’s been so long,” she whispered before letting you go and getting a good look at you, “You’re so grown now. I hardly recognized you!”
The way she smiled at you made you want to say the same exact thing. Tsukishima’s mother had always exuded kindness and grace, and her face always seemed to hold a warmth behind them whenever she grinned.
But the woman that stood before you had sunken eyebags that decorated her features, and the smile she sent your way never seemed to fully reach her empty eyes.
Tsukishima allowed his mother to usher you both into the dining room, scrambling to put together an extra setting across from the only set of kitchenware on the table. You couldn’t allow her to bring out the food on her own, so you followed her into the kitchen to insist on helping.
With both hands full of dishes you knew were Tsukishima’s favorites, his mother turns to you.
“You know, Kei tells me you’re top of the class,” she says proudly, and your eyebrows raise curiously at her, “And he’s always saying the volleyball club would fall apart without you! From the sound of it, you’ve been a busy bee, but try to find the time to visit more often, okay? Kei won’t admit it, but he’s lonely without you.”
You’re sure his mother has no idea just how badly she had just jolted the floor from beneath you.
You turn to Tsukishima, who refused to face you as you took your seat at his table. You had helped lay out all the food Tsukishima’s mother had prepared, fully expecting her to join you.
To your surprise (and horror), she simply gives Tsukishima a somber smile, and excuses herself from the dining room.
“She’s not going to…” you try to ask, but Tsukishima shook his head quickly, standing up silently and shooting you a look that says ‘you better be quiet, or else’ before nodding his head for you to follow him.
You quietly rise from your seat, tiptoeing around the dining room table to follow Tsukishima’s lead. He leads you down the dark hallway towards a small room at the back of his house. It was his father’s old office, if you remembered correctly, and you both had only been caught playing in it once before his father had effectively banished you from that corner until he said so.
Being here suddenly felt wrong, like you were a kid caught in the wrong place yet again, but there was only one glaring difference.
You didn’t need to ask your question, as the answer came through a peek between a crack in the sliding door.
If your heart was broken before, it was pulverized now.
Tsukishima’s mother was kneeling in front of a large butsudan — it’s black lacquered wood had been intricately designed with lines of gold, and the top stood tall, nearly touching the ceiling.
A meal had been set amongst a shrine of candles and flowers, all surrounding a framed picture of Tsukishima’s father.
His mother sat alone, her shoulders shaking as she cried, and ate her meal with her husband in silence.
The breath has been completely stolen from right out of your lungs, and you couldn’t stop your own tears from streaming down your face.
Tsukishima said nothing, and neither did you as you followed him silently back to the dining room.
You couldn’t stop crying, your thoughts swimming in your head as you try to make sense of everything. You’ve barely began to process that Tsukishima Kei was your soulmate — and now he’s telling you his father was gone?
“It happened right before high school,” Tsukishima began, staring into his bowl. You figured that much, and now you sat at the edge of your seat.
“They were soulmates, you know. Found each other in college. Mom said she was beginning to wonder if she’d ever meet her soulmate, and Dad said he was hoping he’d have a few more years,” Tsukishima shaked his head with a bitter laugh, and you continued to cry into your bowl of rice, “But when you meet your soulmate, you kind of have no choice, right? You can’t help but want to be with them no matter what.”
“When Dad died…” Tsukishima’s voice cracked before he cleared his throat, “Mom was… She almost…”
You wipe the tears from your cheeks with the palm of your hand, trying to figure out how to feel. Devastated for his parents. Guilt for being ignorant to the pain your best friend was going through. Hurt that he never said a word to you.
“She’s never been the same, not since losing her soulmate,” Tsukishima said so quietly, you almost didn’t hear him, “And I knew it was you. We didn’t have to lock pinkies, because I knew.”
Your eyes widened at what he’s trying to tell you. “How?”
His eyes softened, and he let out a long sigh, as if he had been carrying a weight in his chest, “We don’t need to touch for me to know that you would bring color into my life.”
For a split second, you felt joy — unbridled happiness at the fact that he was your soulmate. But because he was your soulmate, you knew what he was really saying.
“You knew we were soulmates… and you were okay to just give up without trying?”
From Tsukishima’s expression, you knew he thought you would understand. He thought you would pat his back, and tell him it was alright.
“How could you just make that decision on your own?” You ask angrily, slamming your chopsticks on the table.
Tsukishima sat up straighter, leaning forward in defense. “You don’t understand. She couldn’t eat for weeks, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function. Why would I want — you didn’t see her. You wouldn’t understand, because you weren’t there.”
“And whose fault is that, Tsukishima?” You stood up so fast, your head began to spin.
You march out of the dining room, haphazardly grabbing your things, and struggling to put your shoes on.
His entire body froze under your heated glare, and Tsukishima wishes, just once, he could actually hear his name come from your mouth again. His selfishness knows no bounds, he realizes, and he’s unsure how to admit that he’s afraid.
And like an arrow straight into his heart, you turned to him one last time, red rimming your swollen eyes as you say, “I had no idea you were such a coward.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
“Your father loved the cherry blossoms, you know,” his mother mentions, smiling down at the petals that landed in her palm, “He made sure to take me here every year.”
Her lips remained upturned, but Tsukishima could already see the pool of tears threatening to spill.
He sighs softly, shoving his hands into his pockets. He rocks back and forth on his heels before he could summon up the courage to ask.
“Do you regret meeting Dad?”
His mother’s head turns to him so sharply, his neck felt pain from the whiplash. She looked at him appalled, as if she felt offended by the very thought. He felt his Adam’s apple bob with his gulp, and he steps away from his mother’s stare.
“Of course not, Kei,” she steps forward, and lays a palm against her son’s cheek, “Why would you think that?”
He looks down and kicks at the piles of pink petals scattered on the ground.
“It’s just, when he died… you…” he didn’t want to finish his sentence, but his mother’s eyes softened.
“I’m sorry, Kei,” she said, her hands moving down to clutch his own, “I’m so sorry you had to see me like that… but I would never trade my time with your father for anything in the world.”
Tsukishima didn’t know he was crying until his mother wiped away his tears.
“And how could I possibly regret meeting him,” she says this with the most genuine smile on her face, “When he gave me you and Akiteru?”
Over her shoulder, he sees you. Standing amongst the crowd beneath a rain of Sakura blossoms, your own fresh tears dropping past your chin. It seems all he’s good for was making you cry.
He wasn’t sure you were going to show up. It had been weeks of you ignoring him, and he felt like burying himself into the ground.
But just a small taste of his own medicine, and Tsukishima was ready to fling himself off a cliff.
He genuinely thought he was doing himself a favor, and it was this thought and the vision of his mom passed out in a bathtub that fueled him to believe that he was doing the right thing. That you’re better off without him, and that he was okay with searching for little tidbits of news about you from random people in your class. He thought he could live with watching you from afar.
And now he’s painfully aware of the pain he’s caused both sides, and he has no idea how to begin his atonement.
As he dropped a note off into your locker begging you to meet him at Funaoka Castle Park, he’d already decided to spend the rest of his life trying to figure it out.
He raises a hand to wave you over, and his mother looks around confused before her eyes finally land on you. You couldn’t stop the smile that bursted across your face when she frantically beckoned you over, nearly jumping in her spot to make sure you could see her.
You quickly wipe away your emotion as you return his mother’s ecstatic greetings, and his heart clenched when your eyes closed while you melted into her embrace.
Tsukishima had been praying you would come, but now that you were in front of him, he had no idea what to say.
Does he apologize? Get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness? Offer to do your homework for the rest of the year?
But all too soon, his mother claims she wanted to see the trees on the other side of the park — and before Tsukishima could argue, she shot her son a sly wink and disappeared into the crowd.
You looked after her in a panic, and Tsukishima almost thought you were going to run after her. He could feel something in him snap, beneath a mountain of regret knowing all he did to make you feel that way toward him.
He steels his resolve.
“My mother was just telling me,” he stares directly at you as he says his next words slowly, “That my father loved this park.”
You nod your head slowly, quirking a brow as you try to figure out what he’s trying to say.
Tsukishima figured this was his last chance. If he didn’t do this now, then you would really be gone.
It took him much too long to realize how much your absence really pained him.
He holds out his hand.
“The Sakura blossoms are pink,” he said, “Just like you said.”
His heart blooms when you slowly interlock your fingers with his.
“I told you so,” you grumble, and Tsukishima throws his head back and laughs.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
if you made it this far, thank you!
rbs v appreciated <3
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risumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: tsukishima kei x gn!reader
summary: just a snippet of time during lazy mornings with tsukki.
eris’ notes: i’ve been thinking about this for ages
warnings: none
listen to: flightless bird, american mouth
Tumblr media
days like this come few and far between.
normally, your husband’s alarm clock wakes you up at 5:30 every morning, ringing only once before he’s slapping it and getting up, leaving you with a suddenly cold bed. normally, you watch as he shuffles into the bathroom, rubbing at his eyes as he shuffles back out, and walks over to flip the lamp on and put on his glasses. normally, you admire how his back looks in the dim light as he slips off his sleep shirt and grabs a button up. normally, you get a goodbye kiss at 5:50 and an empty house at 6:00.
but today, you get none of that.
a quiet groan vibrates in your throat as you stretch, arms reaching above your head and toes curling. your closed lids are painted red, a reflection of the time of day as warmth coats every fraction of your exposed skin. muscles relaxing once again, melting back into the mattress underneath you, you slowly blink open your eyes.
normally, your bed would be empty and cold by now. but today, it’s cozy and warm, and still has your other half tucked beneath the sheets too.
you look to your left to the man sleeping peacefully beside you. he’s laying on his stomach, face towards you, sleep shirt twisted a little messily, and just one arm laying across your waist. you can’t help but smile, reaching over to brush a loose curl back out of his face, letting your hand linger for a moment. the way the mid-morning sunlight casts a heavy glow across his skin, reflects in the strands of hair, almost makes him look angelic.
“staring is creepy,” he mumbles, not even having to open his eyes, brows free of their normal crinkle.
a hum of a laugh slips from you, and you lean in to press a soft kiss to the corner of tsukki’s mouth. “can’t help it, you’re so pretty.”
he cracks an eye open then, raising one brow, not even being awake enough to glare at you properly. “shut up,” he tries to growl, but it comes out weak from sleep, cute even. “you have morning breath.”
but he makes no attempt to move away when you lean in to kiss him again, this time properly, slow and lazy like a flow of honey off the comb. he hums against your lips, and grunts when you pull away.
“what time is it?”
glancing to the clock, you supply an answer. “almost nine,” you run your hand back through kei’s hair, eliciting a content noise to come from him. “we should probably get up soon.”
but even as you say it, you shuffle closer to your husband, and he tugs you further with the arm he has around your waist. he props himself up on his elbow, rubbing at his eyes before blinking them fully open, squinting slightly as he looks down at you without his glasses. he’s so unruly, hair unkept and shirt wrinkled, teeth unbrushed and face not washed. he’d never let anyone else see him like this, but you—you get to see it whenever you want.
“hm.” is his only answer, and then he’s leaning in again, drawing a long kiss from your lips that makes you chase his after. now, as he’s above you, the golden light really does make him look angelic. golden hair, golden skin, golden lips—it’s almost too much to look at. “we should.”
and yet, he leans in once more. a peck to your lips, the corner of your mouth, your cheek, and before you know it he’s peppering lazy kisses everywhere, slowly smiling as he hears you laugh, feels the rumble in your chest against his own, how your fingers slot themselves into the hairs at the base of his neck.
he stops with a kiss to your nose, pulling back to admire the way the edges of your eyes crinkle, the way your nose scrunches, the way your cheeks are heated to just a shade darker. he admires every part of you, every single bit, and he wishes he could find the words to explain that.
“staring is creepy,” you tease, and kei rolls his eyes at you, but his smile is still there. still stretching across those sweet, golden lips.
“sue me,” he smirks, and you can’t help but tug the back of his head and bring him down for yet another kiss. there’s a grin against your lips, and you know yours is pressing against his too, but that’s fine.
days like this come few and far between, but they will forever be your favorite.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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hxdruss · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
PARING. mean dom!tsukishima kei x f!reader.
SUMMARY. if only you could've waited for him to finish his work, kept the wet spot forming in your panties a secret for just a little longer, you wouldn't have ended up with a vibrator strapped to your clit as your boyfriend pretends to ignore you.
WARNINGS. smut. edging. light bondage. use of toys (vibrator). punishments. blindfolds. overstimulation.
WORD COUNT. about 600.
NOTE. based on this video.
Tumblr media
he had told you he was busy, warned you not to interrupt him; he had finally found the motivation to work on the class project that was worth forty percent of his grade, and he couldn't get distracted now. he thought it was ridiculous how his professor assigned it last minute, but he's always been good under pressure.
that was until you came into his life—taking up all the time he used to spend procrastinating by listening to you beg him to fill you up with his cock, to make you cum, to fuck you stupid. you were always so needy, and this time he just couldn't give in.
keeping his hands off you as you twisted and turned on the bed, simultaneously trying to get away from the intense vibrations on your clit and get closer to them was the easy part, tuning out your whines and whimpers for him to touch you, however, was what he struggled with the most.
he had stuck a vibrator between your legs, putting it directly on your sensitive clit, knowing that would get to the edge the fastest, watching you get closer and closer to cumming just so he can rip your orgasm away from you as punishment for bothering him earlier.
you don't know exactly how long he's had you like this—hands stuck together with leather cuffs and a blindfold over your eyes, effectively enhancing the pleasure you're feeling—but you know it's been too long. too long since you've felt his big hands on your skin, too long since you've seen his face, too long since you've been able to enjoy the feeling of your orgasm building up without him taking the vibrator away at the last second.
"kei, kei, please, i-i need you, need to cum, please," you beg, legs tensing as he turns up the vibrations. you babble out thank you's followed by moans of his name, hoping this time he would let you cum instead of tearing it away from you like he'd done several times before.
"you're close," tsukishima states, he can tell by the way your voice gets caught in your throat, back arching as you grip the sheets underneath you.
he stands up quietly, walking away from his computer and toward you, and waits for the moment he knows your eyes would be rolling back into your head if you didn't have the blindfold on, before removing the vibrator from your clit.
"no!" you sob, hips jerking up in an attempt to find the release you oh-so-desperately need. you feel tears begin to slide down your face, so frustrated with the way tsukishima can ruin you like this, a few simple ruined orgasms and you turn into a crybaby, it's embarrassing really.
you hear tsukishima chuckle as he leans down, lips next to your ear and a rough hand gripping your jaw as he speaks lowly, "little impatient sluts like you don't get to cum on anything other than my cock, you know that. so quit the whining, be a good girl, and take your punishment... if you can do all that, i might just stuff your needy cunt full later."
he presses the toy back down on your clit as you whimper, ripping another loud moan from your throat, feeling the familiar sensation of your release creeping back up on you. you bite your lip, trying to keep quiet so tsukishima can focus without you interrupting again, knowing this punishment isn't going to let up anytime soon, deciding to listen to him for once and be a good girl like he asked.
Tumblr media
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blossomkoushi · 3 months ago
i’m on a tsukishima brainrot apparently
contains: fluff, gn reader
Tumblr media
“you’re pretty”
“say it again”
tsukishima scoffs, blushing and shaking his head, his hands playing with the hem of your shirt, avoiding your eyes as you rested your head on his chest. smirking, you plant your hands on his chest, resting your chin on them and watching him carefully.
“say it again” you repeat, tilting your head and giving him a sweet smile.
“no. you’re annoying, i take it back” he grunts and pushes your head down to force you to look away, letting him breathe for a moment without having to confront the overwhelming joy and butterflies zooming around in his tummy and making his heart soar.
“please?” your muffled plea makes him shiver, making a sound of disagreement and shifting under you. lifting your head up again, you smile again, “if you say it again, i’ll give you a kiss”
you can practically see the fight within him, eyebrows furrowing and a slight pout reaching his lips. gears turning, the heat returns to his face until he finally sighs.
“you’re pretty.” he mumbles, avoiding your eyes once more, only looking back when he feels you crawl up slightly higher on his body.
stopping when you’re face to face with him, you put a hand on his cheek and lean in for a soft kiss. the tingles from your lips on his, leaves him whining when you pull away. a faint laugh escapes you, mouth opening to ask about the uncharacteristic sound, only to be cut off by a grumble and his lips meeting yours again, swiftly moving the two of you over to have him leaning over you, mouths never parting.
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asahipleaseloveme · a month ago
(Time Skip) Tsukishima x Reader
Author's Note: another Tsukishima angst. That's basically it.
Warnings: slight verbal abuse, slight emotional abuse
You stood at the threshold of the doorway, staring into what once was your happy space.
This isn't how I wanted this to happen, you thought to yourself. You didn't want this to happen, but you knew it was going to eventually. Much as you tried to prevent it, it takes two people to give their all to make a relationship flourish. You had found yourself giving more and more. More of your time, more of your energy, more of your sanity. While your other half seemed to be giving less and less. Less effort, less communication, less everything.
"A simple, 'Hey, I'm home,' when you walk through the door would be nice, Tsukishima," was what had started the chain of events on Tuesday.
"Is it really that hard to prepare a decent dinner, ______?" added to the turmoil on Wednesday.
A single text stating, "I'm staying late at work, don't wait up," made the knots in your stomach twist on Thursday.
Friday was the perfect finale for the string of the week's events. Tsukishima was leaving for a tournament he had over the weekend. You weren’t sure if it started over getting the wrong flavor of his favorite sports drink or if you used the wrong detergent when washing his jerseys. Either way, it turned into a screaming match. The bickering the two of you did at the beginning of the relationship was something that you always thought of as playful and cute. But now, it was just mean-spirited. With the bickering came the belittling comments. At first they were subtle, but now he didn’t hide his disdain in the comments he made.
“Do you always have to be critical of everything I do? I’m trying my best, Tsukishima, but nothing ever seems to be good enough for you,” you said as your voice cracked. Tears were threatening to fall from your eyes, your throat burning as you tried to hold back your sobs. “I can’t keep doing this,” you said as you finally broke.
Tsukishima scoffed, “Do you think that the crocodile tears will help? Because they won’t. We each have our responsibilities around here and you aren’t holding up your part. You say you’re doing your best, but I’ve seen you do better. I honestly don’t have time for this right now. I still have to get my things ready for this weekend. I’d rather just do it myself, I don’t know if I can trust you to get everything together with the state you’re in.”
He turned and walked away, leaving you to fester in your emotions. Everytime you tried to calm yourself, you would see his shadow pass by and your heartbreak just grew stronger. You waited for him to pass by once more before you were able to sneak by and lock yourself in the bathroom. You got into the shower and you weren’t sure where your tears started and the water droplets ended. The fights were becoming more frequent. And more harsh.
This is just another silly fight. We’ll make up like we always do. I guess I have been slacking off around here. Thoughts you’ve had countless times. You’re always trying to come up with any excuse as to why he’s upset with you. You’ll be the first to admit that you both were not the best at communicating your feelings. But it never helps when you try to express yourself to him and he just shuts you out completely, giving you the silent treatment.
You laid in bed, thinking about everything. Tsukishima came to bed a while later, as indicated by the dip and squeak of the bed. You peek your head over your shoulder and could see that he was sleeping with his back to you. You turned your head back to face the wall. Usually, you turn over and cuddle against his back. But you were tired of always being the one to extend the olive branch. Part of you hoped that he would pull you into him. But when you woke up, his side of the bed was empty and you knew that he had already left for his tournament. He would always kiss your head and tell you good-bye. Yet, this time he left without saying anything. Like he couldn’t be bothered with it.
You felt that it was a lost cause. The decision to pack up and leave was not an easy decision, although it was one that you had been thinking about for a while. Now was the right time. Maybe it was a coward’s way out, but Tsukishima had made it apparent how he felt and you couldn’t take feeling like this anymore.
You gathered all of your belongings and removed any pictures of you from around the apartment. You tried to get rid of any trace of your presence, while not wanting to take anything of his with you; it would hurt too much.
“______, I’m home,” the door opened and Tsukishima walked in. He stood for a moment and took in the eerie silence of the apartment. He dropped his bag and the flowers he brought for you. He walked through every room of the apartment, the bedroom the last place he looked. He rifled through the drawers of the dresser searching for anything of yours. He opened the closet and found the only thing you had left behind was one of his old jerseys he gave you to wear to his games.
“No,” was the only thing he could say as he grabbed the jersey and shoved it into his face. He grabbed his phone and called you only for it to go to voicemail immediately. He texted you multiple times, asking where you were and if you two can talk.
Tsukishima was going to have to try to get you back. He didn’t know how, but he would find a way. The only problem is you’re not really sure if you want him to anymore.
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svnaslove · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ taking the blame for them ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊
Tumblr media
[anon; ] I end up doing this a lot, so maybe the boys reaction to their crush taking the blame for something they did in school? (Maybe with Tsukki, Suna and Iwa? Or anybody you prefer really!)
[ans; ] ahhh tysm for this ask i love it smmmmm, pls i love how you also recommended the best characters for this prompt too omg || suna’s is in a conveniece store ||
~i ended up only doing tsukishima and suna because of how long they got but i might do a second one with iwa and another character, probably either daichi or suga :))
Tumblr media
your gaze on tsukishima embarassingly fell upon him once again as he entered the room. it was embarassing really, it was like you couldn’t exactly look away. he seemed different today though, the classroom was mostly empty except for a few people since the bell had just rang, everyone was just now getting into their classrooms.
your brows furrowed slightly when you watched tsukishima tighten his fist and your eyes widened when your eyes followed his fist to hit the wall, in consequence knocking down the teachers’ computer in the process, shattering the screen. your facial expression was in shock and you saw tsukishima hiss the word “shit,” under his breath.
an exasperated yamaguchi that saw what happened went over to his friend asking what happened to frustrate him to this length as you huffed out and stood from your seat, walking past them to see if the teacher was coming soon. “goddammit i can’t miss practice today to detention,” tsukishima cursed under his breath, “yeah tsuki but maybe you shouldn’t just go punching things when you’re frustrated over volleyball.” yamaguchi replied slightly annoyed with a stern expression on his face. 
“you’re a dumbass, you know that?” you remarked looking up at tsukishima from the door, his gaze not too far away from you as he stood a foot or two from you. his mouth fell open in disbelief of what you had just called him and the tone that you had used, almost... almost irritated. “excuse me? w-” he was cutoff by the teacher walking in and gasping at the sight of her computer broken. “what happened?” she demanded. you sighed and shared a look with tsukishima, as soon as he opened his mouth you pinched his arm much to his dismay, “it was me, i accidently stumbled upon your desk and it feel, i’m sorry.” you falsely confessed. “ouch” tsukishima said in an annoyingly directed tone as he rubbed his arm. 
“you will be having detention with me, y/n, i understand it was an accident but i will need to have you in detention to earn back the fixes to the school computer, i know you wouldn’t do it on purpose.” “yes ma’am,” you replied in content.
tsukishima who just finally caught on to what just happened gave you a look, “what?” you asked, almost annoyed with his look that he was giving you. “why did you do that, dumbass? it wasn’t you.” 
“because you’re a dumbass.” you replied huffing and returning to your seat.
tsukishima followed you and took a seat behind you, “I’M the dumbass? i didn’t just get myself into detention on purpose.” tsukishima smirked and leaned forward tapping his finger on your shoulder for you to turn around.
as you turned around you ended up facing him a little too close, his face inches from yours as you felt his breath, “or maybe you just did it because you have an unbearable attraction towards me.” he whispered and pulled back almost immediantly.
your cheeks warmed at what he had said and your eyes had widened slightly, you raised your hand in opposition as you started before being cutoff by tsukishima grabbing your wrist and leaning towards you again “it’s okay, i like you too, dumbass.” he smirked and fell back to his seat as the teacher started the lesson in front of you, your cheeks burning up at this point, “shut up” you spit, turning around to face the teacher, cursing yourself for doing that.
you knew he liked you and you knew you liked him, but having him confess it and pushing you about it pissed you off.. in a way that you almost liked but you pushed the thought so you could focus on the lesson
his breath hit your neck once again as he leaned on his desk
“oh? okay,” his smirk was almost evident with his teasing tone as he pushed you on, “but before i do, are you free this weekend?”
“oh come on y/n, why don’t ya go out with me, will ya?” he teased in that annoying high-pitched voice as he mimicked atsumu. “i swear to god rintarou, if you keep pushing it i will-” he cut you off as he leaned his face down to face you, “you will what?” your frustration hit the roof “ughahh” you let out, pushing the boy out of your way as you headed to the convenience store with your best friend.
“i hate you.” you stated, walking ahead faster than him. suna stuffed his hands in his pockets and laughed watching your attempt of running away from him. “no you don’t, princess.” you rolled your eyes at the name, “quit calling me that idiot.”
“yes ma’am” he mocked as he caught up with your smaller strides that you worked so hard on to get away from him. he easily took up the space between you two again with his longer strides.
“why don’t you go out with atsumu by the way?” he asked, dropping his poking and actually being serious for a second. you were taken back from his drop in attitude and decided to answer him, “i- i don’t know...i-” you turned to face him as you caught his green eyes watching you intently for the answer, the way his facial features were paying close attention, the way he naturally leaned to you to know. your cheeks warmed slightly and you decided to push the subject away “shut up don’t ask me why i don’t want to.” you averted turning your head the other way.
suna caught himself, realizing what he must’ve looked like, entranced to know what it was that atsumu does that he shouldn’t do so he could finally have a chance.
‘dammit,’ he thought. ‘just be confident.’ he told himself, trying to muster the courage to pull what he was thinking of doing, even though he thought he’d never have a chance with you.
he opened his mouth to say something but quickly changed what he wanted to say, “you’re too pretty for him anyways.” he sighed, quickly entering the conveniece store and heading to use the bathroom as a way to escape the compliment he just gave you and to avoid being teased by you, because if anything, he’d rather not hear you teasing him in the friend kind of way that you do.
suna walks out a second later, giving you a soft smile as you called him over to the slushies happily picking to mix watermelon and punch, that smile of yours making his heart race again as he bit his bottom lip to stop himself from smiling like an idiot. “come make your slushie ‘taro.” you smiled. he headed over to you and sighed, “i want a coffee slushie.” he said tiredly. you scrunched your nose, “that’s so gross ‘taro.” earning a laugh from him again, “i’m just gonna get an energy drink.” he laughed and headed to get one for himself, “give me your slushie, i’ll pay for it.” 
“what?? no i’ll pay for it, my wallet’s righ-” you dropped as you noticed you had forgotten your wallet.
“you forgot your wallet, princess.” he stated taking your slushie biting back a smirk when your expression turned to him, “how did you know that i forgot my wallet?”
“you left it on your bed before we left.” he said before turning back around and heading to the snack isle.
you huffed at his attention that he noticed that you had forgotten your wallet, “okay i’m gonna use the bathroom.” you sighed.
“kay, i’ll be outside by the time you leave.” he called.
you finished up in the bathroom and headed out as you smiled politely to the employee behind the counter as you passed by and pushed open the door.
“sorry, i’ll pay you back” you sighed as the door closed behind you.
“you don’t have to, i didn’t pay for it.” he said simply handing you the slushie. 
being friends with suna, you never know if he’s joking or being sarcastic, you give him a look and realize that he wasn’t joking. 
he burst out in laughter at your expression and exasperation as you hit his shoulder lecturing him, “owwwww, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s only 99 cents, y/n.”
“your moral compass it busted, ‘taro.” you huffed right in timing as the stocker for the convenience store walked out, “uhm hi, i noticed that you had taken the items out without paying.” the stocker nervously laughed.
suna’s facial expression turned to stone as he realized he might’ve fucked up. you turned to the stocker and laughed nervously, matching his tone, “sorry i forgot to pay for these and i forgot my wallet at home, would it be okay if i came back and payed for it, i’m a regular here.”
the stocker noticed that it was just a slushie and let it go, “it’s alright, i’ll just pay for it.” you thanked him gratefully as he walked back in.
“smooth talker.” suna remarked.
“but you got yourself a free slushie, i wonder what he’ll do when he realizes i took chips and an energy drink too.” he laughed.
you stared at him, too frustrated with him to do anything and just stare at him until his head exploded or something of the latter, that is, until you noticed the amused expression on his face and your own fire died down as you noticed how giddy his smile made you. how you’d do anything to actually have a chance with him.
you both stood there staring at each other holding the shoplifted items as even rintarou’s smile fell down a bit and he started to feel nervous.
“what, you like what you see princess?” he teased, earning his cockyness again.
“tch, shut up” you spat walking back home with him, slushie in hand.
“why did you take the blame for me?” he asked, his tone curious as he watched you carefully.
“because i didn’t want you to get in trouble.” 
“but then you would’ve been in trouble.”
“that didn’t matter to me, i just didn’t want you in trouble.”
suna laughed again, but this time his eyes searched where to look, as he got nervous again “are you serious?”
“yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, the reason i won’t go out with atsumu is because i like you.”
you looked at suna whos’ jaw had absolutely fallen.
you enrupted in laughter at the sight of him freaking out at your confession, yet ultimately relieve that your feelings weren’t unrequited.
“that’s it,” suna caught up with you and took your hand in his, “we’re dating now and you owe me a kiss now because you had me thinking i was an idiot.”
your cheeks warmed again as he took your hand as you squeezed his and you both met eyes, “you are an idiot, ‘taro.” you smiled, tip toeing to kiss his cheek, making him blush deeply and squeeze your hand back, as he smiled like an idiot again.
“yeah but you like me.” he smirked.
Tumblr media
pls i don’t think i’ve done this before either though but i started doing the characters pov instead of y/n completely by accident and i don’t know how i feel about it pls lmk if you all like it or not fjsdkl
Tumblr media
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sukxma · a month ago
Tumblr media
fresh warm tears sliding down your cheeks. these days everything has been going bad, starting from early hours in the morning until the moon showed up in the starry sky.
it's been bad. it's been hard. it's been... unbearable.
negative thoughts flooding your mind, the cold in the night making fun of you because of your loneliness. you didn't wanted to bother people with your problems so you just decided to drown in them, all by yourself.
it's been dark. it's been scary. it's been... hurtful.
"I'm doing fine." you used to say everytime people asked about your whereabouts. you could fool everyone around you, family, friends, teachers... but there was someone who you couldn't deceive.
'I'm heading to your house. I'll be there in 10' your phone read beside you. you didn't even tried to fix yourself, why lie to him?
when tsukishima arrived, he didn't asked a thing, just made his way to your room. being your boyfriend had its perks, so using his own key of your apartment, he made his way until he found you curled in the floor with a thin blanket embracing you.
inhaling sharply, he carried you to your bed and tucked you with a thick blanket he took from home. it smelled like him and he was sure you were about to become less stiff because of it.
he found his own way in front of you, taking your form in his arms brushing the hair out of your face. approaching slowly, he gave a kiss to your forehead smiling in the process.
"I just want you to be fine. you're doing an amazing job and I'm proud of you." tsukishima said on a low voice to not startle you. "I'm here if you want to talk, and if you don't, we can just cuddle until you feel better."
nodding, you shifted until your face was making contact with his chest. his heartbeat lulling you to sleep, the last thing you heard was his soft whisper telling you how much he loved you.
Tumblr media
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seyooni · 19 days ago
[ 12:01 AM ] // TSUKISHIMA KEI
notes. you're an asshole, but i love you. happy birthday darling <3
Tumblr media
tsukishima's phone buzzes once, twice, three times, then pauses. he rolls over in his bed, bleary eyed and annoyed as he watches the screen turn off after a moment, only to light back up two minutes later to remind him of the notification.
he closes his eyes, willing himself back to sleep, but its quickly interrupted with three more buzzes. grumbling, he reaches for his phone from the bedside table and squints at the screen, the light blinding his darkness-adjusted eyesight.
peach - are you awake? kei? tsukki?
peach - i know you heard those. answer me kei. this is an emergency.
he responds.
kei - 🙄
peach - good morning my favorite glasses wearing pain in the butt :)
kei - what could you possibly want this late at night?
peach - its actually five in the afternoon here in italy, but i do know its a new day in japan. i've been obsessively checking the time so i didn't miss it.
kei - miss what?
he waits for your reply, but after a minute or two passes without so much as seeing the typing bubble, he locks his phone and rests it on his chest, choosing to close his eyes until you come back.
it couldn't have been more than thirty seconds later when his phone buzzes. you've sent a video attachment.
when the video plays, you're sat at an outdoor table with the stone of the building making you stand out in comparison. you look happy, excited even. your spur of the moment vacation was treating you well, apparently. on the table in front of you is a half empty cup and a cake with several candles on it.
when your voice comes through his speaker, he feels it wrap around him in your familiar warmth. it was familiar and comforting, and he feels his shoulders relax for the first time in days. you'd always had that effect on him, though he'd never tell you that.
"hi, kei. i know you were probably sleeping cause you have to get up and go to your big boy job in the morning, but this is more important, i promise." you laugh, light and airy. "this is probably super cringey and you'll probably bully me about this later, but i was determined to be the first person to greet you today."
you adjust the cake on the table and clear your throat. "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my dearest tsukki-san~ please dont kill me for that one," you rush that phrase in on the same note you sung his name, and he chuckles, "happy birthday to you!" you blow out the candles and wave the smoke away from your face. "i hope you have an amazing day today, even if you're just working. when i come back we'll have to go out for drinks or something to celebrate, okay? i love you," you kiss your fingertips and wave at the camera, then the video cuts.
he backtracks to your messages.
kei - you're right. i am going to bully you over that one.
peach - i hate you sm 🥲 i hope your birthday is horrible
kei - with you gone i think itll be the best birthday to date.
peach - 🥲 🥲 🥲
kei - thank you y/n. it means a lot.
you react to his message with a heart.
peach - you're welcome kei. have a good day, okay?
kei - you do the same. don't drink too much.
peach - ahaha... yeah totally
you don't reply after that, but neither does he. he saves the video to his phone, checks to make sure his alarms are on for the morning, and rests his head on the pillow.
the morning will go as follows: he’ll wake up, he'll send you a message, and if he's feeling generous, he'll send you a photo of him getting strawberry shortcake from the cafe you like so much.
celebrating his birthday is always a chore, but as long as it was his birthday, it was your birthday, too. he supposes sharing it with someone isn't that bad, either.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated <3
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yuutitties · a month ago
Tumblr media
cw: alcohol mentions, exhibitionism
Tumblr media
idk who needs to hear this but once Tsukishima grows up he's learned to no longer feel shame for the things he likes and enjoys, no longer feeling the pressure to appear so unaffected by everything. he goes from pretending he doesn't care what other people think of him to actually not caring what other people think of him. he lets you put dumb butterfly clips in his hair because you think he'd look cute, he doesn't fight you he just lets it happen. he doesn't care that you posted a photo to instagram of it, he doesn't even genuinely scowl in the picture -- how can he when you're looking at him so adoringly? he goes to parties because his high school teammates invite him and he won't tell anyone he misses them but he won't deny it if he's asked outright. he'll drink his stupid milk and kahlua all night not caring how ridiculous of a drink it is or how expensive to get drunk on. he'll drag you into his lap on a couch in the middle of the party, he'll indulge in your drunken affection, messily making out with you, hands gripping your hips before reaching down to massage your ass. that's the beauty of grown up tsukki, he just doesn't care, he doesn't care that his senpais can see him devouring you, he doesn't care that his peers have a perfect view of your ass, and he doesn't care that it's beyond obvious what the two of you are doing in the bathroom. your beautiful lips wrapping around his cock, bobbing with the same sloppiness as your earlier kisses. his moans and whines only getting progressively louder as he does nothing to suppress them -- who fucking cares? he knew better, he knew they would never say anything to him about it, or interrupt the two of you, they were too busy playing drinking games and suddenly distracted enjoying their imaginations running wild with the image of you going down on him and how good it must feel. they were all so jealous the first time Tsukishima had brought you around, having known them in high school being second only to Kiyoko in the amount of admirers. They couldn't believe you would go for Tsukishima out of all of them but when they saw how he had changed, heard how his body responded to you, saw how fucked out and messy you looked coming out of the bathroom, gripping onto his bicep and giggling into him, it suddenly made perfect sense.
Tumblr media
bye how long have i been teasing y'all about how my tsukki is different xoxo enjoy @hisvillainess @cursedmoonchild
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kohi-zeri · 2 months ago
content: suggestive, alcohol, sharing a drink, kissing.. do you see where I'm going with this
Tumblr media
"you look so cute like this, kei."
if he'd known a simple "yes" from him would have gotten him in a situation like this, he might've thought it through a bit more.
it's not that he would've said no instead; as much as he desperately wants to deny how much he enjoys it—if only to clutch onto whatever sliver of dignity he thinks he may still hold—he can't.
why? because then you would stop.
and he doesn't want you to stop.
luckily for him, you know that.
if he'd known that accepting your offer to a glass of kalúha and milk (you'd clearly known what you were doing, using his favorite drink against him like that) would result in you towering over him like this, he might've wondered what your exact intentions were before answering. he might've thought back on your actions just a few minutes earlier and pieced it all together; if he had, he would’ve realized that there was no chance of you simply sliding the glass across the table with a sweet, docile smile.
no, things are never that simple with you.
it started innocently enough: a long, tiring day at the museum, filled with far too many rowdy children and stuck-up coworkers for his liking; a bottle of kalúha sitting in the cabinet, ready to take the edge off; a soft kiss on the cheek from you and your insistence that he sit at the kitchen table while you mix the drink for him. a tired tsukishima, in your hands, is rather pliant, and so he indeed sat and waited for you.
he watched you reach for a glass from the cabinet, his elbow rested on the tabletop and chin propped in his palm. a faint buzz filled the kitchen as you opened and closed the refrigerator, followed by the clear chime of ice hitting glass. he let his eyes fall shut.
"so, how was work?"
he sighed, hand shifting to his jaw. "tiring."
"I suppose that's to be expected, huh? it is work, after all," you hummed.
"wow, you're a great comfort."
"learned from the best." he could hear the smile laced in your words, and it drew a light huff from him.
"my day was pretty boring, thanks for asking." the smooth pour of liquid trailed after your statement, tappered off into silence, and then resumed once more as you presumably set aside the kalúha and grabbed the milk. he opened his eyes to peer at you, now returning the milk to the fridge and humming some upbeat tune he couldn't name but was sure he'd heard you play before.
"you're welcome." he closed his eyes once more, smiling to himself as he heard you huff at his retort.
"brat. you're lucky you're cute." the gentle clink of a spoon rang in his ears as you stirred, continuing your humming for a few moments until the clinking ceased.
"all done." a clang echoed in the air as you placed the spoon in the sink. he rested for a few seconds more before opening his eyes just in time to see you see you tip the last drops of the drink in your mouth, the glass now empty in your hand save the ice.
"what—why'd you do that?" he sputtered. you shrugged, nonchalant, and moved to lean against the counter with a satisfied smile tugging at your lips. he frowned, opting to stare you down for a response till he realized:
you didn't swallow. which meant you were waiting... for what?
he studied you, eyes squinted. you raised an eyebrow and stared back, amusement dancing across your face just as another realization hit him.
something he read in a book once—it was a rather racy story, filled with plenty of flitting about and blatant flirting between the main characters. it was enough that he'd wished they would just get on with it, but also intriguing in a way that had him wishing they'd push each other's buttons just a bit more before giving in. there was a point where it all finally came to a head (in a ridiculous way, really—who chugs alcohol they know they can't stand to prove a point?). he'd ranted a bit about it to you, assuming you were only half listening and taking that as reassurance to go on about how questionable it seemed. if he'd slipped up and mentioned any of his other thoughts about it, he didn’t remember... but with the way you were now looking at him expectantly, it was clear that you had paid more attention to his words than he had.
"are you... are you gonna do that thing?"
you shrugged again, as if to say "sure, if you want."
as if he were the one who suggested it.
he scoffed and turned away from your gaze, hoping the dim kitchen lighting was enough to hide the heat crawling up his neck. "well, get on with it then. we don't have all day."
the pad of your feet against the floor sounded so loud in the otherwise silent apartment—well, silent beside his racing heartbeat, which he tried so hard to ignore just like he was you. it didn't last very long, however; it was a bit hard to ignore you when you grabbed his chin and lazily turned his face to yours, eyes sparkling with mirth as you removed his glasses, placed them on the table, and examined him. just as he was about to open his mouth and tell you to hurry up, you slotted your lips against his, one hand placed on his shoulder and the other resting just under his jaw; he distantly wondered if you could feel his rapidly rising pulse as you kissed him. and then you wedged your tongue between his lips, so forcefully that he gasped and then gasped again as the heavy taste of coffee and cream trickled into his mouth and coated his tongue. you kissed him through it all, hand moving from his jaw to the side of his neck as he gulped down the drink you had given him—from your mouth. to his.
somewhere in between each push and pull between you two, he regained his senses just enough to consider biting your lip as payback. just as he was about to do it, though, you pulled away.
which leads to where he is now.
with you, running your thumb along his cheekbone painstakingly slow; you, resting your forehead against his; you breathing a chuckle against his lips; you, you, you.
he chases you because he likes the rich taste of liquor on your lips; that's what he tells himself as his heartbeat pounds in his head, his chest heaving and his breath caught in his throat. he's itching for more because your mouth is coated with the flavor of his favorite drink, so sweet and bitter and—and something so distinctly you that has him biting his cheek because he wants more but you're not giving it to him.
"y'know, you're not the only one who wants something," you say, both hands now steadying his shoulders.
"oh yeah? and what is it that you want?" he retorts, cocking an eyebrow.
you laugh airily and lean in again. hope fills him, anticipation rising as you get closer and closer, so close—and then you swerve to the right, the side of your head resting against his and your lips right by his ear and not where he wants them. he lets out a sound—it's not a whine, absolutely not—and shivers as your resulting chuckle tickles his ear.
"I want you,” you sigh, lips just barely ghosting the sensitive spot just behind his ear, “to tell me what you want."
there's nothing he can do to stop his sharp inhale, just likes there's nothing he can do to stop the burning blush that spreads across his face as your words sink in.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"oh, really? in that case, I'll head to bed. maybe you'll remember in the morning, yeah?" you shift, now facing him again but moving away and not where he wants you—
you stop. he can feel your gaze on him as he stares at his hand, which is now wrapped around your wrist because that'd always been enough to make you stay. it doesn’t fail him now.
"what was that?"
he huffs, impatient but desperate all the same. "kiss me."
"that's not how you ask, kei." his grip on you tightens. "do it properly."
"please... please kiss me."
his cheeks burn; he doesn't need to look up to know you're smiling at him. 
"there you go."you lift his face to yours once more—finally, finally— and kiss him, over and over and over. even when the taste of kalúha is gone and the sun sets, you kiss him like it's the only thing you've ever wanted to do.
and with everything else he doesn't want to say, he kisses you back.
Tumblr media
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sophiemess · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): yaku, kuroo, tsukishima, & fukunaga x gn! reader
tags: reader being a flirty tease, tall reader (taller or same height as their bf)
warnings: …suggestive? honestly idk anymore
wc: 478
a/n: writer's block my behated!!! my apologies to the person whose request is in my inbox, i swear i'll get to it soon love </3
Tumblr media
YAKU wouldn’t admit it to save his life, but he really can’t help how blushy he gets when you call him shortie. He can’t help it at all, not in the slightest— without fail he feels the heat spread across his cheeks and he knows he looks like a blotchy tomato but he doesn’t know how to control it. And whenever someone asks him why he’s so red, his response is, “I guess I’m hot,” and without a beat, you respond, “Yeah, Yaku, you are.” For a second he thinks you don’t know what you’re saying, but then he looks straight at you and you smirk. Yeah. You know what you’re doing.
KUROO hates the fact that he can barely think straight whenever you slip your arm around his shoulders to guide him— or even just to touch him— because it’s rare that people can even do that. Most of the time he’s the one doing the arm-around-the-shoulders, but he thinks he likes this better because he feels amazing so close to you and you smell so good— your voice shocks him awake, “Kuroo, you’re blushing.” And now he’s self-conscious. “Oh… am I?” “Yeah, really hard,” You chuckle. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was me making you blush.” You smile sweetly. Kuroo thinks he might faint right then and there.
TSUKISHIMA is trying to hide it. You can’t know— he knows you’ll never let him live it down, and honestly you don’t need more material to tease him with. But you backing him up against the wall like this, palm flat against the wall against him and the dull thump it made still echoing in his mind, is making his mind go blank. Well, no— the only thing on his mind is you, especially when you remark darkly, “Your cheeks are so red.” He can only stare and blink because God he doesn’t know what to do. He’s kind of given up on hiding it at this point. “Tsuki, you’re so cute.” He can’t argue— not when your lips are pressed up against his in less than a second afterward. Your other hand comes up to mess with his hair, and he thinks that maybe he doesn’t even want to.
FUKUNAGA doesn’t consider himself someone who gets flustered easily, but the way you’re running your hand through his hair while kissing at his cheek is driving him absolutely wild. He can feel the pink blush spreading across his cheeks, his face burning up like he’s just run a mile. And when you lean close to his ear and whisper, “You’re blushing,” A chill runs down his back and he thinks he might die on the spot. All he can think to do, your hand making him lose focus, is turn to you and offer the most confident grin he can muster up. “I know.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @koushisbutterfly , @pies-writes-and-more , @elkawholeek , @hydrogwyn
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kal0psi-a · 2 months ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters // tendou, tsukishima, bokuto, sakusa
a/n // bye i got done writing this at 5am so please excuse any spelling issues or gramatical errors💀 enjoy~
Tumblr media
❀ TENDOU pranced around looking for you throughout the dorms. You both were going to hang out and he was told to meet you near the entrance of the dorms. He was super excited because after a lot of thinking, he decided this would be the day he told you he liked you. You’d been friends for a while, about six months, and throughout those months, he grew to have a huge crush on you. You just treated him, normally. You weren’t freaked out by him like many others were and he was always grateful for that. Because you were different. But as he was about to round a corner, he heard your voice and his first thought was to hide and scare you once you turned around, he always he that to you, it was something that was just kinda a part of your friendship. So, he leaned his back against the wall, smirking to himself as you spoke with your friend, someone he’d never met but that was fine with him. “I should probably go, Tendou’ll be here in a few minutes.” you sounded, fed up and annoyed. It made him worry a bit, but he knew he could cheer you up, like all the other times! “Tendou? You still hang out with him?” “Yeah, for some reason i still do.” You sighed, and Tendou’s eyebrows furrowed, confusion the only feeling in his body at that moment, his heartbeat speeding up just a bit. “He just..he just creeps me out. Does that make sense?” “Oh yeah, of course it does, I’m pretty sure he creeps everyone out.” Tendou’s eyes were wide as he stared at the ground, a pit forming in his stomach, making him nauseous where he stood. He couldn’t bring himself to listen to the rest of your conversation, instead just trudging back to his dorm room, his eyes never leaving the floor he walked on. Looks like you weren’t different, not different at all.
❀ TSUKISHIMA was looking for you with Yamaguchi by his side, his headphones around his neck as he glanced around for you, his hand in his pockets. He was going to walk you home, like usual. Like the two of you had been doing since you met. So, when he heard you say his name, his full name, from behind the corner, he stopped his friend with his arm, listening closely to what you were saying. “Tsukishima?” You questioned the friend you were talking to. “No i don’t like him, he’s rude and just doesn’t work towards anything, it’s frustrating.” you scoffed, and as much as Tsukishima didn’t want to admit it, he felt his eyes widened, his heart stopped for just a moment. “I’m just around him because Tadashi’s his friend.” Yamaguchi’s mouth hung open, shocked at your words as he looked at his friend. Tsukishima took a deep breathe before stepping out from around the corner, a deep scowl on his lips. “Good thing I don’t like you either.” He spoke, walking passed you and not looking back. He didn’t really know why he felt like punching something at that moment, you just walked home with him. You came to a few of his games and practices. There was no reason for him to be this upset. There was no reason for his chest to hurt so bad.
❀ BOKUTO said his goodbyes to Akaashi before practically running to the classroom you and he shared. Today was your one year anniversary...only of being friends but it was still an anniversary he’d like to celebrate. He thought for a surprise he’d give a VIP pass to his next game! Even if it was just a piece of paper he colored on, he still thought it would mean a lot. He was so ready as he walked up to the classroom door, which was just cracked, just a bit. As his hand brushed the handle to open it, he heard your voice pretty close, so he thought he’d wait for you to come out instead, a giddy excited smile on his face, he couldn’t stand still. “Why are you still hanging out with Bokuto, y/n? I thought he annoyed you.” His eyebrows furrowed, through his smile still remain. “He does, he’s just, too much? His mood swings, his energy that like,,never runs out. It’s too much, and yes, it is annoying.” His usual happy smile grew wobbly, unsteady as he felt his head began to hurt, just a bit. “So, then cut him off, it’s simple.” You sighed. “Well how do I do that? I have every class with him, that would be awkward. I’ll just wait until we graduate, I could probably put up with him until then.” Bokuto, despite everything he just heard, smiled. It wasn’t a pretty one, not anymore. He gently held the VIP pass in his callous hand, looking down at it as his vision got blurry. Tears fell off his cheeks, down to the pass he’d worked so hard to make. He tried so hard to make his writing legible, to make it colorful and pretty, just for you since he knew you liked colorful and pretty. Before you could come out of the room, he made sure not to let you see him. He walked away, even if class was just about to start. Maybe he could skip class, just this once.
❀ SAKUSA walked throughout the crowded hallways, heading to volleyball practice like any other day. Though, today was a bit different since you weren’t with him. Usually you’d walk next to him, talking his ear off while he went to practice after school, but not today apparently. It confused him, worried him a bit but he wouldn’t say it outloud. It was as he was rounding a corner that he understood why you weren’t with him, you were leaning against the wall, holding your books, your friend talking to you about something. He didn’t want to be nosy, so he was just going to go around, it wasn’t any of his business. Until he heard his name. “Sakusa? No, of course i don’t like him, he’s an asshole,” His eyebrows furrowed, you said it in such an obvious tone, it confused him. Your friend agreed. Was he rude? He didn’t think he’d ever been mean to you, so why? “And just between us, volleyball isn’t as cool as he thinks it is. I don’t know why he wants to do it professionally. It’s-” At that point, he left. He didn’t need to hear anymore, he knew where you stood and he wouldn’t bother you anymore. It was an interesting feeling, because while he was angry, he was hurt and for the first time in a long time, he felt his vision get blurry, tears filling them to the brim. Why would he cry for you? Why did his heart just break in two for you? If you’d just waited a little longer, he might’ve gotten warmed up to you. showed you his soft, vulnerable side. But now, years later standing on the court playing alongside a professional team, doing what he loved, he’s glad he didn’t show you anything. He’s glad he didn’t have you standing next to him, but he hopes you see him. See him on your TV and think to yourself, ‘wow, he did it.’ because now, he knew he didn’t need you.
Tumblr media
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tetsvya · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: rusty writing, not properly edited, reader is very upset, tsukishima doesn’t know how to comfort ppl, possibly ooc
Tumblr media
As Tsukishima Kei maneuvers his way through one of the less frequented courtyards of the school, he comes to a stop when he notices you sitting on a bench by yourself, head hung low. To somebody else, it probably would've seemed like you were simply enjoying some alone time during your break. But Tsukishima knows you, and he's always been really good at reading you, ever since the two of you were kids. So he knows the tale-tell signs of when you're upset, and right now, every single one of them is as clear as day to him. It makes him contemplate making his way over to you. If it were anyone else, Tsukishima’s sure he would have simply walked past them without batting an eye. But it wasn't just anyone.
It was you. And you've always been different.
You're precious to him, like Yamaguchi. Someone he considers a close friend deep down, no matter what he portrays it as on the surface. But there are certain things he feels for you that he doesn't feel for Yamaguchi, whether he likes to admit it or not. And those are the things that have him trekking through the dewy grass and crossing the courtyard in a few long strides. He comes to a stop just before the bench you're sitting on, but you don't seem to notice. He clears his throat to announce his presence.
"Mind if I sit here?"
Your head snaps up, and you resemble a wild deer caught in the blinding headlights of a car when your gaze meets his. You're quick to turn your head to the side, hands flying up to hastily wipe at your tears. It doesn't really matter though, he's already seen them. You seem to realize that too as your hands slowly slip away from your face, falling into your lap as your shoulders hunch. You still refuse to meet his eyes.
Your voice wobbles as you speak, "Yeah, go ahead."
He silently settles down into the spot beside you, making sure to put a good few inches of space in between the two of you. He sets his backpack on the ground beside his feet before leaning back into the bench, his hands resting on either side of him. Apart from the occasional sniffle you try desperately to hide and he pretends not to hear, a silence settles over the two of you.
Tsukishima would like to say that it was a comfortable silence, the type of silence you'd need to feel better. But then he'd be lying, and he's never really been one to lie.
And he's also never been one to comfort others. So that's why you two sit in a thick, uncomfortable silence as he tries to rack his brain for something to say. He comes to the conclusion that there really isn't anything for him to say, not when he doesn't even know why you're so upset in the first place. He could ask what's wrong, but even if he did, it's not like he'd suddenly know the magic words to make you feel better. He could tell you that everything was going to be okay, but who was he to say that? Besides, he's never been a big fan of hearing those so called "comforting words" while he himself was upset, so he doubts they’d be any real comfort to you.
Suddenly, he's struck with an idea, and as he spares you another glance, he figures it's worth a shot. Sliding his hand into the right pocket of his trousers, he fishes his phone out. Unbeknownst to him, you glance at him through the corner of your eye, watching for a moment as he fumbles with something. Frowning, you’re quick to avert your gaze away from him. A few more moments of silence pass over the two of you before he's clearing his throat and thrusting something out to you.
Blinking, you crane your head to the side, finding his outstretched hand holding an earbud out to you.
Hesitating, your gaze flitters upwards, until your eyes are meeting his. He simply raises an eyebrow. You reach out then, gingerly taking the earbud from his fingers. Your fingertips brush against his as you do so, and while he's sure you don't even pick up on the slight touch, it sends his stomach into an uncomfortable fit of what some might call butterflies (he thinks a nuisance is a better phrase for it). You slip the bud into your right ear before you're silently turning away from him once more. Tsukishima watches you for a moment longer before he's directing his gaze back down to his phone. He slowly begins to scroll through his dozens of playlists, in search of one that he thinks would lift your mood.
He suddenly stops, thumb hovering over a certain private playlist that nobody but him has ever had the pleasure of hearing. Embarrassingly enough, it's titled after you, and despite him constantly telling you that your taste in music was the most unpleasant thing he's ever heard, it's filled with dozens of songs you've recommended to him that he's found himself enjoying. He hesitates, aware that by playing this for you, his secret will be out of the bag and he's bound to receive an insufferable amount of teasing from you. But then he thinks of your puffy red eyes, and he decides he'd rather much see that irritating smirk of yours far more than that melancholy frown he caught a glimpse of earlier.
His thumb presses down on the green play button and not even a moment later, music flows into his left ear.
The familiar tune of a song he vividly remembers you saying you loved plays quietly, and he watches you for any sort of reaction. There is none. He continues to silently wait, discreetly eying you out of the corner of his eye every now and then, but even as the first song fades out and the second one begins, you remain unmoving, face blank as you peer ahead. He frowns at the sight. If you're passing up the chance to poke fun at him, then something must be really wrong. And worst of all, he is officially out of ideas on how to console you. How stupid was he to think that music could help you like it helps him? You were nothing like him. Not in his eyes, at least.
Maybe he should have gone and found Yamaguchi instead. While Tsukki had always been the one to figure out that you were upset, Yamaguchi was usually the one who would comfort you. He'd always been a much better fit for the job. Or perhaps Yachi. The two of you had been quite close since first year. Hell, even that annoying, orange-haired pipsqueak could've done a better job than him, Tsukishima can't help but bitterly think.
Anyone would be better than him.
The sudden thought of sneakily sending Yamaguchi a text instructing him to come meet the two of you crosses his mind, but before he can reach for his phone again, something brushes against the side of his left hand that is still resting on the bench. He pauses, blinking once or twice before he's slowly craning his head downwards. Golden eyes zone in on the way your pinkie finger gently nudges against his before they’re slowly interlocked by you. He blinks down at your intertwined pinkies before he turns to look at you, but you're still not facing him. Your lips part, however, and your voice is soft as you speak.
"Thank you, Tsukki."
Your eyes finally meet his then, and Tsukishima's heart skips a beat when you offer him a ghost of a smile. It's not quite as bright as the one he's used to seeing, but it'll suffice for now. Blinking, it's he who turns away from you this time in a cheap attempt of hiding the way a deep crimson is starting to blossom across his cheeks.
Yeah, you were very precious to him.
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fail-big · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
fun nights & dumb fights pt. 1  
Tumblr media
ft. miya osamu, tsukishima kei // x gn!reader
crack fluff l part two 
a collection of (unreasonable) betrayals.
Tumblr media
“I can not believe you! We’ve been together for two years, and this is how you betray me?” 
“Babe, you know I couldn’t say anything to you. I promised him.” 
You knew this fight was stupid, but your stubbornness wouldn’t allow you to admit it. 
“Whatever, I’m sleeping on the couch,” you say, wallowing in your boyfriend’s treason. 
Osamu shakes his head, and chuckles at the pout etched across your lips. 
Cute, he thinks, even if you’re being wildly unreasonable. 
Atsumu had recently proposed to his girlfriend, and while you two were celebrating with the happy couple, Atsumu accidentally let it slip that his twin had known about it for a few months. Months.
Usually this wouldn’t be a big deal, but he didn’t tell you about it. He didn’t tell you anything about it. Osamu was your boyfriend, yes, but he was also your ultimate gossip buddy. You told him everything- from when you found out Hinata’s girlfriend got pregnant to Akaashi’s drunken one night stand. 
Hurt? Maybe not. Offended? Absolutely. 
He raises his hands in defeat. “Alright, but if you’re gonna be on the couch, then who’s going to go with me to get ramen?” 
It’s so clear that he’s baiting you, but with a grumble you reluctantly slip on your shoes and grab your coat. “I want extra chashu.”
A smirk appears across the traitor’s face as he leans down for a kiss when he feels you mumble, 
“Ramen’s not gonna save you next time.”
Tumblr media
“Babe, what movie do you want to watch tonight?” Tsukishima asks, eyes transfixed on the screen. 
You roll your eyes and fill a glass of water, ignoring his question. Tsukishima had been at work all day, but from the moment he got home you were giving him the silent treatment. 
After yesterday’s argument, you were incredibly upset at the hurtful words that were thrown at you. Tsukishima called you an idiot- his exact word. Sure, you weren’t nearly as brilliant as your 6’2” boyfriend, but you still considered yourself an intellectual. You made decent enough grades and made sure that your work was high quality. 
Making his way over, he crosses his arms and stands in the doorway. 
“What’s wrong?” He asks, though it comes out more like a statement. 
You scoff and try to slip through the space between him and the door, but it appears that the middle blocker was, well, blocking your path. 
Attempting to force your way through, his years of volleyball training work against you as he remains firmly planted, waiting for an answer. 
“You called me stupid,” you mumble, and his face shifts to one of bewilderment. 
You’re one of the smartest individuals he knows, he would never do such a thing. 
Rolling your eyes, you give him an incredulous look. How could he not even remember such a hurtful insult? 
“When we fought yesterday,” crossing your arms. 
Tsukishima quirks an eyebrow, beckoning for you to continue. 
Taking a deep breath, you explain. “You called me an idiot when we were arguing about which direction to go. I wanted to go through the city, and you wanted to go through the lake because the velociraptors had made a nest on the skyscr- oh.” 
You look up to meet your boyfriend’s gaze and his smug grin, and your face flushes with embarrassment. 
“So tell me again about the velociraptors,” he teases you, bringing you into his arms. 
Your voice is muffled in his chest, “okay it was a dream,” and you lift your head. 
Leaning in, he whispers before closing the gap, 
“Did I do this in your dream too?”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading!
if you liked this, feel free to check out more of my fluff pieces, my masterlist, or more blurbs and drabbles.
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blossomkoushi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the sun shines through the foggy windows of the cafe, the damp air from the steams meeting the chilly glass. red and orange leaves cover the ground outside, falling from the tall trees and catching in the wind, carrying off along with the people walking.
tsukishima sits across from you, his nose still dusted pink from the cold weather. the dark green scarf you gave him last autumn hangs over the empty chair next to him alongside his gray coat. golden hues from the sun catch in his hair, blond locks glowing bright.
“and then this kid shows up out of nowhere, asking about brontosauruses and i have to once again tell him that it’s under maintenance and-” tsukishima rambles, sighing and shaking his head. his eyes meet yours while taking a sip of his coffee, and a gentle smile dances over his lips.
the afternoon coffee dates never wavered, even after university, much to your joy. tsukishima even made a point to ask his boss to give him the lunch break later, just to make sure the tradition maintains. it’s how you two met, after all.
it’s a different cafe, different coffee and different routines. the table is no longer covered in notebooks and literature, his stained wallet had been replaced after it nearly fell apart and your chewed-up pen finally hit the trash along with the final receipt from the campus cafe.
but the sun still shines through the windows, and his smile stays the same. tired sighs and happy laughs graze the timeline of your love, gentle touches and sweet kisses dance along. the days are long, and the two of you will have to return to life and work, but until then, his eyes stay warm and never leaving yours, fingertips heated by the warm drink in your cup.
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alastarz · 8 months ago
bf!tsukishima texts | smau
super sexy reupload bc my acc got deleted when this was at 1.5k
warnings: a lil nsfw bc hes horny asf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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svnaslove · 4 months ago
you’re mine dumbass, remember that.
Tumblr media
plot ; bro just tsukishima being possessive and jealous and then being seggsy asf
Tumblr media
he doesn’t really show affection much when you’re out
he tries to play it off saying it’s because “pda is disgusting”
he’s just too embarassed to do it
like he gets so flustered it’s adorable
will hide his face and everything
you might hear a lil squeal, but don’t tell anyone i said that 😳✋
like that’s how flustered he gets
u two aren’t necesserily dating yet but everyone knows that you both have a thing going on
so one day you’re at his practice helping out here and there at the best that you can while talking to yachi ab something
you’re handing out water bottles to all the guys in water break when you accidently bump into kageyama who’s coming from this whole other direction
your face? literally hit flat on his chest
his v yummy chest 
before you start tumbling back from the sheer force of bumping into him he grabs the sides of ur arms and holds u still so you don’t fall
you are emBARASSED
the way you started freaking out just made him laugh
like a genuine laugh
*cue the team being like wtf kageyama just smiled and it’s not creepy looking
“i’m okay, just watch where you’re going, it’d be better if you didn’t get hurt” he laughs and smiles and takes the water bottle that you were going to hand to him from ur hand and walks away throwing a towel over his shoulder
ur just standing there processing what just happened and trying not look embarassed
tsukishima is watching from the back like 🤨
yamaguchi is watching you AND him and he is NERVOUS
yams knows tsukishima got bothered by that 
tsukishima just starts walking up to you and grabs you and leads you to the bleachers
“what was that?”
“don’t play stupid, you know what im talking about.”
“tsuki i just bumped into him by accident, that’s all that happened”
doesn’t necessarily believe you but decided to drop it
he suddenly takes you and holds you closer to him and plants a kiss on your head
your cheeks literally combust 
ur just (・//////・)
“you’re mine dumbass, remember that.”
u standing there like “mr man, you have made me stop function 😃☝️”
smug ass mf
he takes notice how your cheeks tinted a shade rosier that usual and how your eyes widened and ur hands reached to twiddle your fingers at the sudden show of affection he gave you
he just smirks and tilts his head down at you and lets one of his fingers carress your face to tilt your head up to look up at him
“pretty girl can’t even use her words anymore, huh?”
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taones · 8 months ago
𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐫
Hello lovely! Could I please request fluffy hcs for brushing/playing with Asahi’s hair? xx <3
Tumblr media
Pairings: Asahi x reader, Kageyama x reader, Ushijima x reader, Tsukki x reader, Kenma x reader
Reader: Gender neutral
Warnings: Suggestive in Kageyama’s/Kenma’s (in italics), mentions of tsukishima crying
Tumblr media
He has so much hair and it’s really thick and beautiful but it gets tangled a lot so he usually puts it up
Unfortunately this gives him a lot of headaches because he usually does it too tight which is how you first started playing with his hair
It’s usually you sitting up with his head in your lap and your scratching at his hair slightly and tugging out the knots gently with your hands
It made him blush the first couple of times and he said that you didn’t have to just because his head hurt a little
But now he’s used to it, he isn’t afraid to just plant his head in your lap and non-verbally request for you to play with his hair
He gets this really soft smile whenever you do things like plait it of put it up in space buns for him, especially while he’s sleeping
And when you brush it he basically melts
It’s so calming to him and you because the tension visibly leaves his body and he just rests himself on you, vibing with your energy
He lets out little groans when you do it and pretty much always falls asleep afterwards or after he’s made you something to thank you
Will offer a massage to return the favour (if your hair is unable to be played with/you don’t like it) but always finds a way to calm you down too if he doesn’t fall asleep on you
It takes him a little while to get used to it, I won’t lie
The first time you did it he sat up very quickl;y and looked at you as if to say ‘what are you doing right now?’
After a while of him freezing up at first, he does get used to it a bit and actually ends up asking for it quite a lot since it relaxes him
(Plus he likes to spend time with his pretty s/o can you really blame him?)
And by asking for it i mean he walks up to you, sits in front of you and plants your hand on his head 
But he’s usually pouting or grumpy in some way so you just do it since he’s cute
He loveseat when you do little plaits or rub the shorter bit at the back/near his neck that makes him shiver
He might even let you put the front up in a little ponytail just to see you giggle about it
Honestly tobio is kinda like a dog that's alert until you give it scratches you know? He kinds flies around life all uptight so this is his stress relief
Do not rake your nails over his scalp in public please, you did it once and he moaned out loud
But at least you know how to rile him up in a more productive way
It’s a rare occurrence and you need to savour it
He really only lets you when he’s studying, not really paying attention, tired or upset and all of these have to be alone
He loves attention and he loves touching and being around you he just has a hard time explaining this to you and allowing himself to indulge
But when he does, it’s a very nice sight for you
He get’s this almost serene look on his face, like everything is okay in the world and he can relax for a while
No sarcastic comments, no teasing, just you and tsukki in silence
He hums to whatever he’s listening to though which is very cute 
Actually moves towards your hands when you pull them away as if to call you back to him which is the closest you’re gonna get to him asking for affection
Much like Kags, he will come up to you on a particularly bad day and lean his head on you like a clue for you to play with his hair
While you do it he often has his other hand intertwined with the one your not using and squeezes it every now and then to let you know he’s still awake and listening
You do it a lot when he cries, it calms him down and sends him to sleep
Believe it or not, he will and does ask for you to play with his hair once he gets used to it
The first couple of times he kind of tensed and shot you a questioning look but he trusts you so he leans back and lets you do your thing
His hair is fairly short so there isn’t much you can do with it but he likes when you put little clips in his hair
Once went to practice with a strawberry hair clip in and just vibed with it once he realised, Goshiki almost cried because he’s usually the only one who wears them
Tells you where he wants head scratches or if he just wants you to mess with the strands, he’s not afraid to instruct you about it lmao
His favourite thing for you to do is to scratch or run your fingers in circles over his scalp, it sends him straight into an almost catatonic relaxed state
It happens a lot after a particularly stressful practice (obviously after he showers)
He also likes taking you out on picnics or dates in parks and will kind of lay between your legs with his head on your torso while you play with it
Or sits you on his lap and rests his face in your neck so you can reach his head
You traced ‘I love you’ on his head with your nails once and he hummed an ‘I love you very much too y/n’ and fell asleep again
He really is like a cat in this regard
He likes attention, on his terms and on his terms only
Will solidly just brush you off if you try it and he’s not in the mood but other times it’s different 
Kinda melts when you do it into a little pudding puddle, his shoulders are less hunched and he bends his neck in that cute little questioning way
Not afraid to come up to you and just plonk your hand on his head or nudge it and ask ‘y/n can you play with my hair please’
Asks you to put it in buns because apparently yours look better but it’s really so he has an excuse to have your fingers rake through his hair
PLEASE do it while he’s gaming, it relaxes him so much and he doesn’t get as frustrated when he loses
Instead of frowning and getting all huffy, he just turned and hides his face in your thigh from where he’s sitting on the floor to focus on the feeling of your hands in his hair
Tug it I dare you, it shoots straight down his body
He ends up turning to you and raising an eyebrow if you do it more than once then grabs your hands to tug you into a kiss 
And so on...
Thanks for reading my loves! 
Tumblr media
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kurokore · 3 months ago
them as alternative responses to " i love you "
Tumblr media
ft. tsukishima kei, kuroo tetsurō, miya atsumu
genre. fluff hcs / drabbles !
warnings. gn! reader, lowkey a mess, sort of unedited !
psst ! its late but i js wanna update so <3 this was inspired by a prompt list i found on pinterest !
Tumblr media
it was a constant thing for you to annoy him, and vice versa.
even though tsukishima rarely reacted to most of your antics, you were determined to make him this time round.
in school, right before class happened, you slam your hand down on his desk, grabbing his attention.
you waited for him to take his headphones off completely and have him focus on you entirely before you started.
you grin. " i love you, kei. "
if anything, all you got was narrowed eyes, paired with a emotionless face.
" thanks, " he gave you an ungenuinesmile, before sliding on his headphones and carrying on.
you no longer felt in such high spirits, and you pouted before tapping a finger on the desk to grab his attention again.
" why won't you say it back ? " you ask when he's repeated the same process again.
" and why should i ? " he fires back, a grin slowly forming on his face when he sees the defeated look on your face.
" because .. i love you ? " you struggle coming up with an answer for him.
he lets out a small laugh, before grinning at you.
" that's another win for me. "
study sessions suck, so what better thing can you do besides procrastinate ?
yet there was absolutely nothing to do besides stare at the ceiling, lying on his bed.
sitting up from your lying down position, you start poking him, wanting to get his attention.
" what ? " he asks, stops, raising an eyebrow at you.
you stop, your mind racing to find something to say when you suddenly blurt it out.
" i love you ! "
he blinks, before chuckling and carrying on with his work. " who doesn't ? "
you growl in response, punching him hard in the shoulder. " that was mean, tetsu. "
he laughs, placing his pencil down to lean back in his chair, with his hands behind his neck. " i wasn't lying though, was i ? "
you frown at him, mad. " that's definitely not true. "
he gives you a knowing glance, and you huff, flopping back onto his bed.
" you broke my heart, " you dramatically cry out loud, before letting out a fake sob, turning on your side.
he lets out a loud laugh, before standing up to shake you. " i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i love you too. "
you sit up and glare at him. " bet that was another lie. "
he shakes his head a no, this time ruffling your hair in a playful way.
" it wasn't. "
as usual, you follow the miya twins to practice after school, quietly settling down in your familiar place, against the wall of the gym.
there's not much for you to do except get started on your homework, then maybe help out the boys with their practice.
they're taking a break, and atsumu comes over to you.
" do ya have any water left ? " he asks.
" i'll check. " you reach into your bag and find out your drink bottle, throwing it at him.
" i love you so much, " you reply in an emotionless voice, rolling your eyes.
he smirks and takes it from you, giving you a side-glance. " i know, " he answers without batting an eyelash.
you're absolutely stunned by his answer.
not that it wasn't like him, but rather, it was the audacity he had to say that to you.
" i see how it is then, " you irk. " you don't love me anymore. "
wanting to show him how annoyed you currently were, you start packing your things.
" wait- i- i'm sorry ! " he panics, reaching forward to grab hold of your forearm.
" are you really now ? " you ask, and he vigorously nods.
seriously almost leaving him alone, you huff and drop your bag to the ground again.
" damn right you should. "
Tumblr media
© kurokore on tumblr // pls do not plagiarize, steal, or repost my content w/o permission !! likes & reblogs are highly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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