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#tsukishima fluff
infxrity · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡ — Singing Break Up Songs a Little Too Passionately in Front of Them
Tumblr media
featuring :: most of them
warnings :: none
genre :: fluff, headcanons
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a/n :: Supercalifragilisticexpialidotias anyways reblog’s are very cool
Tumblr media
— ✿ They raise a brow but don’t make a big deal about it. Maybe you just genuinely liked the song, so they try to ignore you but they’d be lying if they said they weren’t a little bothered. You kept playing it though over and over obviously to get a reaction until they finally gave you one, saying the song sucked and you should pick a different one.
Tsukishima Kei, Kenma Kozume, Kenjiro Shirabu, Kageyama Tobio, Kentaro Kyotani
— ✿ If they did realize what you were doing they don’t care. They’re too busy listening to you sing even if you’re a horrible singer somehow they still find it cute.
Shinsuke Kita, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Suna Rintaro, Kuroo Tetsuro
— ✿They genuinely don’t care. You could sing as many as you want and they wouldn’t look up once from whatever they’re doing. Maybe try again next time.
Iwaizumi Hajime, Akira Kunimi, Aran Ojiro, Miya Osamu
— ✿They join in. They know this song by heart actually and you’re a bit concerned about how passionately they’re singing the song. When you stop and give them a look they go “what I thought we were singing a duet”
Oikawa Toru, Bokuto Kotaro, Nishinoya Yuu, Sugawara Koushi, Tendou Satori, Kuroo Tetsuro, Tadashi Yamaguchi (I’ll fight you on this) Hinata Shoyo
— ✿ They look so hurt. After every sentence they go “me? Do you mean me? Did I do something?” and they look even more hurt when you start laughing. You’d have to turn it off and reassure them it’s just a prank.
Bokuto Kotaro, Yachi Hitoka, Tsutomu Goshiki, Asahi Azumane
— ✿ They give you the silent treatment.
Tsukishima Kei, Kentaro Kyotani, Miya Atsumu
Tumblr media
© infxrity don’t steal my work Tris and Bambi are watching
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Tumblr media
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akaashis-notebook · 22 hours ago
(From this prompt) - and yes all my Tsukki fluff starts with angsty one liners lmao
Tumblr media
“Get out.”
Pausing in the doorway with a teacup and a serving of strawberry pastries, you blink at Kei. “I don’t think I will.”
“I don’t want to see you.”
“You don’t want me to see you,” you correct gently. “But you need to eat something, Kei, and it might as well be this.”
“You’re glad to see me, I know you are.”
“No. I can’t believe Akiteru gave you his spare key.” Kei takes the offering out of your hands anyway, leaving your hands to flutter into the pockets of your jeans.
“Okay, so you’re not happy to see me. You’re very happy to see me. I have brought you sustenance and drink; feel free to thank me any time.”
“Shut the fuck up.” He retorts, slicing into the pastry with the fork you’d brought and holding it up to you. “Sorry. You know I’m trying.”
Biting the sugary treat off his fork, you eye him carefully. “I know.”
Kei slices another bit for himself. Thoughtfully, he chews. “I’m scared.”
“This being a mistake. Or- well- I don’t know what I want more. Volleyball or…. Not volleyball.”
Kei offers you another bite. You’d turn it down because this is defeating the purpose of bringing it to him in the first place, but that would ruin the rhythm he’s just gotten into.
“Is there something wrong with having both?”
“It takes up too much time. I don’t have time for you.” Realizing what he’s said, he backtracks a little. “No, wait. I want time for you. I’m just afraid I’ll forget.”
“You won’t forget, Kei. I send SOS signals every time I feel even slightly neglected. Which is often. You know this.”
Tsukishima grins crookedly. “You do, huh. High maintenance little thing.” He holds the last piece of the pastry to your lips.
“Anything else I can help you with today? Do you want actual food now? Any food?”
He frowns. “I’m having a life crisis; stop asking me about food.” Then he pauses and tips his head. “Huh. I didn’t eat any of that just now.”
“Hmm.” He leans in to kiss you slowly, methodically. This is part of his life crisis too. It’s a deliverance of ideas and thoughts without the use of words. Sometimes, when he gets too riled up, this is the only way he knows how to communicate - and it’s okay. It’s your own language.
He pulls away after a while, propping his forehead on yours. “Yum. We have any more of those? I’m starving.”
“…More kisses or more pastries?”
“Open interpretation. I’ll accept responses for either.”
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duino · 7 hours ago
can i request Tsukishima Kei having a psychologist s/o? Headcanons or a scenario, whichever is okay! Maybe something like how their relationship would be, with them being very empathetic and understanding and stuff hihi thank you!!!
MY FIRST REQUEST! Here you go sweet anon <3 My interpretation of your lovely idea. "ADMITTANCES" Pairing: Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen, this is SOFT BOY HOURS PART 2
Word Count: 1.2k
Summary: Your boyfriend isn't the type the open up; your psychology degree pays off, sometimes.
Note: Fluff. Good to know we're all desperate to see salty boys go soft.
Tumblr media
“Y’know, you’re awfully quiet for someone who just won a tournament.”
Tsukishima slips on his hoodie, water dripping off his hair from his shower. You watch him shrug from your cozied place on the couch. “They weren’t aggressive enough. I knew we’d get them on the second set.”
You smile at his calculating tone. “And you guys had the better defence,” you say with a wink, and it makes him crack the smile you’d been waiting for all night.
“That, too,” he murmurs. He rubs at his eyes, and moves toward you. You hand him his glasses and he gifts you a kiss on the top of your head in return. He slumps into the couch with a sigh, massaging at his hands. You watch him for a moment before reaching out gently to take his hands into your own, rubbing at his palms and wrists. Tsukishima rests his head on the back of the couch. “Thanks,” he says, closing his eyes.
“Movie or early night?” you ask. He cracks open an eye to peak at you.
“Movie? I might pass out though.”
You flicker the T.V. to life and click on something easy and light for background noise. You continue to rub at his hands, watching the lines of his face soften at your touch. “Can I ask you something?” He hums his assent before you continue. “Are you excited you won?” you ask, after a breath.
He raises his brows at your practised tone, without opening his eyes. “Is this a girlfriend question or a psychology student question?”
“This is a girlfriend question,” you assure, but then, unable to help yourself, you add, “though I am noting your subtle deflection tactic.”
He groans, but you can tell he’s amused. “I’m too tired to be excited.”
You squint your eyes at him. “I just noticed—”
“I’m sure you did,” he interjects, but smirks and turns his head on the back cushions to look at you. “Am I being observed right now?”
“People are always observing people. I just know what to look for,” you say primly, making your boyfriend snort.
Tsukishima plays along. Despite his sore muscles and drooping eyes, he has always enjoyed the mental back and forth with you. “Okay, what are you looking for then?”
You press your lips together in contemplation. Tsukishima’s eyes soften, watching you hesitate. “I dunno. You’re always so hard on yourself after games. You never celebrate, even if you do well.”
“When you have your own office, I probably wouldn’t start a sentence off with ‘I dunno.’” You scowl playfully at his teasing.
“You’re deflecting again.”
“No, I’m flirting with you,” he says pointedly. His mouth is an impassive line but his eyes are glinting. “You should learn the difference before you get clients.”
You roll your eyes to conceal your pleasure at his compliment. “I don’t plan on being flirted with at my office.”
“I don’t think you have control over how pretty you are,” he counters. His voice is neutral, almost bored, but you can see him fighting a smile.
You try to match his tone, but you’re flustered, just a little. He did that to you, unexpectedly often. “When did you become such a smooth talker?”
He shrugs faintly. “I’m not, I’m just deflecting.” He’s smug.
“You—” you break off, with an incredulous grin. “You’re a difficult case, aren’t you?”
He looks at you from over his glasses, like he’s inspecting you. “Well, let’s see, what does it say about you that you’re dating me? You like projects?” He’s pushing your buttons on purpose, playing with you. It makes you stern, which makes Tsukishima grin –a rare flash of his winning smile. In retaliation, you clamber onto his lap. He grabs onto your hips with ease. You wouldn’t have guessed it, when you first started dating Tsukishima, but now you know how much he loves your affection and touch and attention. He rarely shows it, but you can feel it in the way his hands hold you close.
“You trying to turn the tables on me, Kei?” You lean in close to his face.
His touches the tip of you nose with his, eyes fluttering shut briefly. The sweetness of that small gesture disarms you. There’s an openness with him when it’s just the both of you in private. “Just giving you a taste of your own medicine.”
You sigh, shaking your head. You take in his face with your eyes. “When was the last time you got excited about something?” you try again.
He lets out a gusty breath. “Last week. When I walked in on you trying on my Frogs jersey,” he answers quickly.
Your face gets hot at the memory. “You’re trying to distract me,” you admonish.
“Does it matter?” he mumbles. “I’m just not excitable.”
“I don’t think that’s true,” you say softly. “I think you don’t let yourself get excited about anything because you’re scared you’ll be disappointed. Like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. And that hurts you.”
He flinches, brows furrowing. You watch him try to hide his reaction to your words but he can’t.
“Sorry. Too much?” you ask, after his silence stretches.
His jaw twitches as he clenches and unclenches it. He’s looking everywhere but your eyes, which is quite a feat considering how close you are. He lets out a short little huff, turning his head from you. He’s annoyed, suddenly, and though the girlfriend in you is sorry to have made him so, the observer in you knows it’s a mark closer to vulnerability than his easy, teasing amusement. You know he can get snippy like this, but then you also know how hard he’s trying to be open to you.
So instead of a barbed counter, he says, “You’re not wrong.” The words are quiet and grudgingly said, but as they leave him so does his irritation. You know it took a lot to say that much. You see the line between his brows smooth at his admittance. You run a gentle hand through his damp hair. Tsukishima lets out a breath again, this time resigned. He gives your earnest, wide-eyed look a sliver of a wry smile. “Happy?”
“Kind of.” You rub a thumb at his temple. “It makes me sad to hear, though.”
He reaches up to hold your wrist loosely. “Don’t be sad. You’re not wrong, but you’re not a hundred percent right, either.” His smile turns sly.
Your brows flicker up at that. “No?”
“There are some things I let myself get excited about,” he says. He tilts his head up and you tilt your head down to catch his waiting lips. “Can I show you?” he asks, when you two part. Maybe he’s deflecting again, maybe he’s flirting, but you know these admittances from him happen in baby steps.
Instead of pushing for more, you let out an amused little sound. “I thought you were so tired.”
“All your psychoanalyzing must have woken me up.” He pulls you in, closer, closer. Closer than you know most anyone gets; that spot in his lap, that perch in his heart. When his gaze flickers to you, you see it, the secret flash of real joy. He’s letting you see it, you realize. He’s showing you this part of himself, a part that’s just for you. When he smiles again, it’s not teasing, or sharp, or wry. Your breath stutters with the sincerity of it.
“Show me,” you breathe, and he lifts you up and up, and carries you into the room you both share, in the home you’ve both made and earned, with each other and within each other.
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kageyuji · 3 months ago
he accidentally texts his date
Tumblr media
iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa, tsukishima, atsumu, akaashi ; gn!reader
warnings/genre: swearing, fluff
notes: i’ve been having trouble with tags lately, so reblogs are greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 days ago
omg!!! i really loved the ‘drunk haikyuu boys says something offhand’ and i was thinking if you could do pt2 but with suna, kenma and tsukishima? :]]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kenma + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: suna was in part two <3 don't know how i feel about this but here you go!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
kenma's eyes were barely open as kuroo led him to your shared apartment. he had a slight stumble to his walk but he'd had fun tonight. he normally didn't like to drink and let loose, especially not without you, but you convinced him. and now he was more than ready to come home to you. well he was, at least.
they had just made it inside to the apartment when kenma's eyes widened a fraction and he suddenly stopped. "no––"
kuroo looked up to see you walking towards them, still a little far into the room (it was a spacious apartment) and looked back to his friend with raised a brow, "huh?"
"don't wanna see y/n..."
kuroo laughed awkwardly, glancing at you for a brief moment, tension suddenly rising in the room. kenma hadn't seen you yet so you slowed down uncertainly. "what do you mean, man? why not?"
kenma blinked sluggishly before mumbling back a response, some of his words muffled in his hand, so quiet neither you nor kuroo could hear them. "can't see...don't wanna look...y/n's face..."
you were only a few feet away now, the hurt obvious on your face and it made kuroo's heart clench for you. "ken–"
his friend suddenly looked up at the ceiling, letting his eyes close, a look of almost anguish on his face. "just know, y/n'll be in pajamas––" he rubbed a hand on his face, muffling his words. "too cute. g'nna say somethin' stupid."
kuroo's face broke out into a grin. "well i don't think y/n would mind."
kenma simply groaned and glared at his friend when you finally spoke up, making him turn to you with wide eyes. "yeah, i don't think i'd mind."
you looked at him with a knowing, teasing smile and he groaned again, immediately coming over to you and wrapping his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"can you forget what i said?"
you laughed, kuroo staring at the two of you with a smile. "not a chance."
Tumblr media
tsukishima's gaze looked as bored and critical as ever, even tipsy. the one thing that gave him away, was the constant blush on his cheeks that you'd normally have to work hard to see, normally with a teasing comment or a flurry of kisses.
but his stare, that was the same as ever. as he looked down at you, arms by his side, almost like a child, you couldn't help but wonder what was on his mind. it could have been anything, something good, something bad, something funny––
"what are you wearing?"
you looked down at your sweats––the pants were yours, but the sweatshirt was his. you knew he knew that, so why was he asking?
"um..." you looked back up at him. "pajamas?"
he sighed, the look in his eyes now more clearly exasperated. "why are you wearing that?"
suddenly you felt anxious, did he not want you to wear his clothes anymore?
"i...i just wanted to? they're comfy. and i missed you while you were out..."
something flashed in his eyes briefly at your words but you couldn't decipher it fast enough.
his eyes scanned you from head to toe and you couldn't help but feel like you were being scrutinized. "you just... you look..."
"what?" you wrapped your arms around yourself. "what is it?"
he clenched his jaw and looked to the side. "you look...cute."
the tension left your body but you were still in shock, silent as you looked at him for a few seconds. "...what?"
he clicked his tongue, "don't make me repeat it."
your lips quirked up into a smile and you stepped closer to him, wrapping your arms around him as you propped your chin on his chest. "aww you think i look cute?"
he looked up at the ceiling, despite his arms slowly moving to hold you. "i take it back."
"nope. you can't." you laughed when the blush on his cheeks spread, obviously from your teasing this time. "i think you look cute too, baby."
slowly, he gave in and looked down at you, his eyes much softer than before. "not as cute as you, though."
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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tetsvhoe · 4 months ago
hi!! i've just read the seeing your toxic ex with kuroo and i was wondering if you could do a version of it with suna and tsukki?
kuroo's part
bokuto, atsumu, and sakusa's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama’s part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: tsukishima kei x f reader ; suna rintaro x f reader
genre/s: fluff, comfort
warning/s: toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive ex. mentions of cheating, not by reader or the boys!
gwen's notes 🤍: y'all this is my first request, i am so honored! tbh, i didn't really expect my first post would do as well as it did. i hope you like what i came up with mwah! 😭🤍
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
you've been dying to see this new movie at the theaters, mostly because you missed the oddly comforting experience of going to the cinema.
you basically had to drag tsukishima out of the house to watch it with you (he loved going to theaters with you and having you cuddled up close to him while completely engrossed in the film, but he won't tell you that).
he had been in charge of acquiring the tickets and picking the best seats, you were in charge of the snacks.
you were struggling to balance the drinks, candies, and excessively huge tub of popcorn in your arms, intently focused on not spilling anything that you didn't notice your ex approaching you.
"all for you?" the voice caused your head to snap upwards, shocked written on your features even before you looked to see who it was. you already knew.
it took a moment for you to collect yourself, masking your surprise, and albeit a bit of fear, with a scowl. "actually, for me and my boyfriend," you spat, trying to swerve around him.
"aw c'mon. you couldn't have possibly replaced me that quickly." he took a step to block your way just as quickly, a wicked smirk on his face. "besides, i don't see anyone here."
"that's because he's getting us tickets dipshit get out of my–" you intentionally cut yourself off with a gasp that escaped your lips as he grabbed your arm, yanking you close.
"remember, no one could love you like i do, baby. you'll come running back to me soon enough when he breaks your heart."
you were struggling to wriggle out of his tightening hold, reeling away from his face much as you can. his words echoed in your mind, you tried to shake them off. you couldn't let him get to you, not again.
tsukishima's presence behind you put you out of your trance when you heard him tsk. your ex finally let you go and you stumble backwards to your boyfriend's chest. you let out a sigh of relief.
"she could have spilled those you know, she can be a bit of an idiot sometimes," he casually chimed, taking most of the snacks away from you. you frowned up at him, only to be met with a dismissive chuckle. "especially when she decided to date you as long as she did."
despite his teasing and nonchalant behavior, you didn't miss the way tsukishima stood taller than he usually did, shoulders broad, eyes narrowed, and his smirk menacing.
"are you trying to pick a fight?" your ex, fumed by tsukishima's daunts, took a step forward which only caused him to look smaller, funnily enough.
looking down on him, tsukishima muffled a 'pfft' to suppress his laugh. "you seriously do not have the facilities to try and act tough being built like that, you're not as intimidating as you think you look," he teased, pursing his lips to prevent a huge smirk forming on his lips.
"and you think you do?"
there was a moment of silence before your boyfriend bent down to his level, his voice low and cold as he said, "yes, if i wanted to. now if you excuse us we have a movie to catch."
he took your hand in his, the other one clutching your snacks and led you into the theater as your ex was left frozen in place.
"you better not let that ruin your whole mood for the day after you dragged me all the way here," he playfully remarked but when he noticed how your eyes were glued to the ground, he gave your hand a light squeeze. "i picked the best seats for us. oh and you won't make the same stupid mistake of dating idiots like that because you're stuck with me from now on," he grumbled, annoyed before kissing your cheek. yet when you finally looked up at him, he was hiding half his face over the collar of his hoodie. the bright tint of red at the tips of his ears gave him away.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
suna has been swamped with school work and training recently. you finally had a day to yourselves to catch up.
it was a lovely day at the park and he finally let you have an aesthetic picnic together. (he told you to lay off the tiktoks because you barely touched the frog cake you bought and all the other food, after taking a bunch of pictures).
he loved that you were so excited over it though, and thought the whole set up you prepared was cute. he also stocked on a new set of cute photos with you. definitely gonna post those on his highlights.
suna was rambling on about the latest gossip in his team, occasionally showing receipts of pictures and screenshots. you sat and listened intently, amused by your boyfriend's stories.
"oh i remember this one time when kita put the twins in time out that was hilarious," he recalled your chaotic friends from high school with a fond laugh.
he was scrolling through his loaded gallery when he noticed the sudden shift in your mood. suna caught the way your eyes skimmed behind him for a brief second, and your features instantly changed to a look of... anger? disgust? fear? he couldn't quite put a finger on it, but based on your reaction, he had a bit of an idea on what or who you saw.
your ex approached the two of you, and when he called out your name, suna's guess was confirmed even as he refused to turn around and look at him.
"ah! found it. look at this they were sat like this most of the training because–"
"can we talk in private?" your ex cut suna off, completely ignoring his existence and the way you shyed away from his gaze. you couldn't look either of them in the eye as you wanted to get out of there more than anything.
suna finally turned to look at your ex, an unimpressed look on his face. "excuse you i was talking can you not." he turned back to you, shoving his phone into your hands. you noticed how he scooched closed to and placed an arm behind you. "anyway as i was saying, tsumu was whining for hours–"
being interrupted for the second time, this time with a hand on his shoulder prying him away from you, suna glared up at your ex, heaving himself up from the ground and dusting himself off.
"i just wanted to talk to her," your ex reasoned, eyebrows raised.
"well i was talking to her first. say whatever it is you have to say right here and now and get lost." he comically faked a yawn, fanning a hand over his mouth and rolling his eyes.
your ex bitterly chuckled. "alright, whatever you say." he peaked over at where you were sat, blankly watching the scene unfold in front of you. "i was just wondering if you're the guy he cheated on me with."
your features instantly contort to that of pure shock and disbelief, mouth agape at his accusation. “excuse me you know damn well i never cheated on you, neither would i on anyone for that matter!” you exclaimed, furious.
he had a triumphant smirk as he mumbled to suna, “careful, man. she fools around with a lot of guys, based on my experience.”
you quickly jumped at your feet and stomped over to both of them, suna’s arm gently held you from getting any closer to your ex and gave you a semblance of calmness. “you mean my friends, genius? and don’t try to pin this on me you were the one cheating on me with multiple girls the whole time!” you were exasperated. to both your surprise, suna simply let out a low chuckle, shaking his head.
“do you usually project your own issues onto your partner? really, you were cheating the entire time and with that face?” suna began cackling uncontrollably, swaying your emotions. you held your own laughter back as he added, “man, i wish i had your confidence.”
finally letting out your own burst of laughter, you lightly slap suna’s arm while your ex stood there like a deer caught in headlights. he was utterly speechless and humiliated at your boyfriend’s taunts. being on the receiving end of suna’s insults, a cool, charismatic, attractive, and accomplished guy, was a huge blow to his ego. furious and embarrassed, the next best thing your ex thought to do (what he always did in your relationship, really) was to try and pick a fight with your boyfriend by shoving him, causing both your laughter to halt.
suna paused, when he finally looked up at him his eyes were cold and narrowed towards him. you cursed yourself for finding the way his tongue poked the inside of this cheek hot, given the situation. you anticipated his next words, the suspense he created was almost unbearable. instead, he only glanced at you and pulled you closer by the waist.
“come on, angel. let’s get out of here. the park suddenly smells a lot more like dog shit than it did earlier.” he glared at your ex as the last few words dragged out of his mouth.
“i would never give that prick the time of day,” suna scoffed and rolled his eyes as you both walked back to his car, blankets and baskets in your arms. “you shouldn’t either. i trust you and i know he put you through a lot of shit which makes it hard for you to trust me the same, but i’ll always be willing to reassure you as much as you need.”
there was a brief look of sincerity in his eyes making you want to tackle him to the ground in the middle of the park and smother him with kisses. it was short lived though as he quickly looked a way, a blush creeping on his cheeks. “...or whatever,” he mumbled trying to play it off, which only made you smile wider.
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luvbub · a month ago
exposed crushes part two
Tumblr media
feat. Tsukishima, Osamu, Iwaizumi
♡ note: timeskip! (esp for Osamu)
♡ a/n: v sorry, this should have been up sooner >_<
♡ part one
Tumblr media
Somehow, you and Tsukishima were meeting up for some coffee. It was just a chill hangout- just the two of you chatting. Nothing more than that. Just hanging out with your friend for coffee. It was most certainly not a date.
You got to the cafe a bit early, and so you sat first and waited. You weren’t going to order something until Tsukishima came so you sat by yourself on your phone. And all of a sudden you got a video call from Hinata.
“Hey Sho, what’s up?” you ask, answering the call immediately.
“Are you with Tsukki right now?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at you.
“I- no not yet. I came a bit early”
Hinata continues to raising his eyebrows at you in a teasing manner.
“Oh, so you arrived early to your date?” he asks, putting extra emphasis on the last word.
“It’s not a date excuse you. We’re just grabbing coffee.” you remind him, but Hinata’s shaking his head at you in denial.
“But if it was just coffee, why didn’t he invite the others in the group chat? Why you out of everyone?” he asks- and you didn’t want to agree that he had a good point. Usually everyone in your group chat hung out together, so having it just the two of you deviated from the norm.
“That still doesn’t make this a date Sho”
Hinata just rolls his eyes at you, “yeah yeah. But hey, maybe since it’s just the two of you, you can finally confess like you should’ve done wayyyyy long ago!”
You’re immediately flustered by his suggestion, and it shows up in your stumbling over words too, much to Hinata’s delight.
“I- ah no look this is a simple coffee da- hangout. Just that, I’m not going to be telling Kei that I like him any time soon. So maybe you should just- Sho? What’s wrong?” you ask. As you are speaking you noticed Hinata’s eyes widen, and he opened his mouth to say something but he still stayed silent.
You felt a tap on your shoulder, and when you turn to investigate, who else would it be standing there except Tsukishima. And based on your observations, you knew that he had just heard you talk about your crush on him.
“Ah, hi” you awkwardly greet him, before turning back to your phone.
“Hinata, I blame you for all this” you mutter before hanging up on him.
As Tsukishima comes around to sit across from you, he immediately starts to tease you.
“So, you like me huh?” he asks, a smirk forming on his lips. 
“No, actually I don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about” you answer, trying to look as composed as possible.
“Oh, you’re just gonna deny it outright Y/n? So bold of you” he chuckles, clearly enjoying the fact that you were a nervous mess right now. But that struck a nerve with you, because you had accidentally confessed your feelings and now the guy you liked seemed to be messing around with you.
“....Kei listen if you’re just gonna mess with me like this, I’d rather just go home” you murmur, not bothering to even look at him. This took Tsukishima aback, he didn’t think that you’d act like this, but to be fair that’s only because you were assuming that he didn’t return any feelings for you.
“Oh, so you’re just gonna leave me alone on our first date?” he smiles when he sees you raise your head at him. He watches as the gears begin to grind in your brain.
“Wait, no this was just supposed to be a coffee hangout...” you reply, thoroughly confused at what point he was trying to make.
“Yes, but then I heard that you have feelings for me. And given that I have feelings for you... I just think a date would be more appropriate, don’t you agree?” Tsukishima smiles at you, but this time you could tell it was a soft and genuine smile. There was no malicious intent behind it.
You nod, unable to hold back your own grin from the sheer delight of knowing the person you liked had feelings for you as well. Ah, so you suppose this was a date after all.
Later, you’d have to call Hinata and admit to him that he was right. Not that doing so would upset your pride- you were already on cloud nine now that you had a boyfriend.
You had plans to help Osamu make onigiris in the morning before his shop opens. Originally he had asked Atsumu for help, but his brother had to work out in the morning- although he did promise to stop by the shop.
“But.. for breakfast, not to help” Osamu recalls his brother’s words, and you can’t help but laugh.
“Classic Atsumu” you joke, and the two of you laugh, making the atmosphere bright and cheery. But still, in the back of your head, you knew that Atsumu had texted you about his plan to get you and Osamu some alone time. You didn’t know whether to curse at him or thank him for this moment.
And with that, the two of you got started on making the onigiris before the morning rush came in. Osamu had carefully taught you how to make it, and you made sure to pay close attention to detail. And after a few attempts yourself, you were starting to get a hang of things.
You and Osamu started the first half hour or so making them- and while you two had some light conversation here and there, it was mostly silent. As you were forming an onigiri in your hands, Osamu places one in front of you.
“New flavor combo, wanna try it?” he asks, and you nod excitedly.
“Yeah, let me just finish making this one and then I-” before you’re able to finish your sentence, Osamu already grabbed the onigiri, holding it in front of your lips.
You glance at Osamu, hesitating to take a bite, but he nods at you.
“Go ahead, you already got your hands full” he says, and you let him feed you the newest flavor he had.
But just as you took a bite of the onigiri, Atsumu comes through the front door, witnessing the spectacle. And of course he misinterprets it (although to be fair, can you blame him?)
“Oh damn- you confessed to ‘Samu? Nice, you two are finally together!” Atsumu exclaims, giving you a thumbs up in approval. You and Osamu drop the onigiris you were holding.
“I- I uh this is a taste test Atsumu.... We’re not... dating” you stammer, feeling your heart beat rapidly now.”
The smile on Atsumu’s face falls, and he quickly walks out of the shop, leaving you and Osamu alone. It’s silent for a second as you pick up the onigiri you were just working on. But Osamu is silent, and when you turn to look at him, his face is full of concentration.
“..Something wrong ‘Sa-”
“Wait does this mean you like me?” he finally asks.
You blink at him for a few seconds, unsure of how to respond. But Osamu picks up on your hesitance, speaking once again.
“Because... I like you too Y/n. A lot actually” he sheepishly admits. Before you can answer, Atsumu swings the door open once again.
“WAIT YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU LIKED Y/N? I COULD HAVE SET THE TWO OF YOU UP A LONG TIME AGO?” Atsumu shouts. Apparently he never closed the front door all the way- keeping it a bit open to eavesdrop like the nosy guy he is.
“Yeah, because apparently Y/n told you their feelings and look how well you kept that secret” Osamu says, ridiculing his brother.
“Okay?? But look how it turned out?? My blunder did a great thing and I don’t think we’re appreciating that”
When Osamu finally kicks his twin out of the shop, he’s able to hear your official confession to him, and his heart does backflips.
The two of you spend the rest of the day making more onigiris, and you’re dubbed as Osamu’s official taste tester for his new experimental flavors. And yes, he feeds each one to you.
Fun fact, the flavor that you had first tried out is named after Atsumu, as a way to show some sort of thanks to him and his happy little accident.
You were out having brunch with Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Well, you were about to. Iwaizumi was running a bit late, leaving you and Oikawa to be seated at the table first.
A waitress came up to your table, handing the two of you a menu each.
“Alright, can I get you lovebirds something to drink?” she asks, smiling at the two of you.
Your eyes widen, “Oh, we’re not together ma’am. Also can we get an extra menu?” you spoke quickly, wanting to clarify things as soon as possible and avoid any misunderstandings.
The waitress apologized for her assumption, and returned with a third menu. After you and Oikawa asked for three waters, she nodded and left, slightly embarrassed by her actions.
“Wow- you seem really adamant on correcting her Y/n. Are you too ashamed to be seen with me?” Oikawa dramatically sighs, but you roll your eyes at him.
“Yes” you simply answer, and Oikawa chuckles, already trying to read your expression.
“Is it perhaps you don’t want anyone to misunderstand?” he asks, resting his chin in the palm of the hand.
“I mean.. yeah, I don’t want people to get the wrong assumption-” you’re quickly interrupted by Oikawa’s snide comment.
“People? Or a certain person?” he asks, causing you to straighten up in your seat. Your cheeks started to warm up a bit.
“I... don’t know what you’re talking about” you answer, shifting your attention to the menu, but Oikawa’s teasing doesn’t end.
“If Iwaizumi was here instead of me, how quickly would you correct the waitress? Or would you even correct her? Because you secretly like to imagine just what it would even feel like to be with him?” Oikawa presses further.
“Listen Oikawa I-” your eyes glance at him, but you spot a familiar figure walking towards the table, “so what do you think you’re gonna order”
Your tone shifted, but Oikawa mistakes that as you being shy with your feelings again.
“Aww, what’s wrong Y/n-” he starts, and you begin panicking, starting to talk over him to shut him up.
“Oikawa wait please don’t-”
“Are you too shy-”
“To admit that you like Iwaizumi?” he cackles, finding the whole situation amusing. But from the corner of his eye he sees someone standing next to the table. And when he turns, his mouth drops open.
Because there stood Iwaizumi, eyes widened at the revelation.
Oikawa quickly glanced towards you, burying your face in your hands from the humiliation.
“I- excuse me?” Iwaizumi’s voice nearly cracks, and he clears his throat, still in shock of what he heard. You let your eyes peek from your handsets till unsure of whether you should attack Oikawa or run away. A classic fight or flight situation.
But Oikawa, instead of seeming apologetic for his actions, just grins.
“Shocked to hear the Y/n likes you back Iwa-chan?” he reveals, causing Iwaizumi to blush even harder. You finally look up from your hands, your mouth gaped open from hearing that Iwaizumi likes you too. The two of you meet eyes, and you both give each other a small nod, affirming that yes, you two did like each other.
Oikawa beams, “See, looks like my little blunder wasn’t too bad after all”
Five minutes later, Oikawa is sitting at a completely different table alone, grumbling about how rude it was to kick him out and how if it weren’t for him, you two would be pining endlessly for one another.
But you and Iwaizumi were enjoying your first date together, and eventually you’d thank Oikawa for his services.
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ tsukishima, ushijima, and iwaizumi!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i finally made a third part hehe :))
anyways these are all written in the timeskip!! thank you all for requesting☺️)
Tumblr media
you and tsukishima were very different
he didn’t like to show affection all that much, and while he cared for you deeply, it was difficult for him to show it
you, on the other hand, loved to show how much you loved him
but often it came to be a bit much for him
today, tsukki came home tired and irritable
he felt like going to sleep and never getting out of bed
but you had other plans
you’d made dinner for him and you were hoping to catch up on some episodes of your favorite show tonight
but when he opened the door and saw you waiting eagerly, he sighed irritably
and when you asked him what was wrong, he simply scoffed
then you asked him if he wanted to eat dinner with you and he just sighed, again
“can’t you just leave me alone for one day? god, you’re so fucking clingy.”
he went into the bedroom and closed the door
hurt, you just drooped sadly and went to put dinner away before going to sleep alone on the couch
when tsukki opens the door of your shared bedroom in the morning, he finds you curled up on the couch, still sleeping peacefully. he smiles softly, the sight adorable.
he’s reminded of his harsh words to you he’d said just yesterday. he feels kind of bad for taking out his frustrations on you like that, but it would be too much of a hassle to apologize formally. he hopes that you know he didn’t mean it.
when he comes home from work, he doesn’t see you anywhere in sight. usually you’d be in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, but the area is bare, the lights off. that’s when he sees you sitting on the couch, your computer in your lap. he walks over.
“hi, baby.”
you look up at him and smile.
“how was work?” you ask him. he shrugs before waiting expectantly for your greeting kiss. you turn back to your screen.
he tilts his head subtly. huh?
you always give him a kiss after he comes home from work.
but you’re not paying attention to him, instead typing something on your laptop.
“so... dinner?” he mutters.
“oh, i just ate some leftovers. they’re still in the fridge from last night if you wanted some,” you respond, eyes still glued to the screen.
tsukishima stands there awkwardly before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
it’s a little strange, the way you’re acting. on a normal given day, you practically would have jumped on him the second he got home. but now it’s like he’s not even there.
when it’s time for the two of you to go to bed, you both get ready in the bathroom. then you’re grabbing your pillow off your side of the bed and leaving the bedroom. confused, kei finishes brushing his teeth and ventures out into the living room to see you setting up on the couch.
you turn to look at him, waiting expectantly for him to finish his thought.
“i... why are you sleeping on the couch?” he asks.
you swallow.
“well, yesterday, it seemed you didn’t want me in bed with you, so...” you trail off, uncomfortable. his heart sinks.
he sighs. he really didn’t want to have to do this, but you’ve left him no choice.
he steps up to you wordlessly and scoops you up in one fluid motion, throwing you over his shoulder and grabbing your pillow for you before retreating into the bedroom. you squeak in surprise, and he puts you on the bed, pulling the covers over you. he gets in on the other side and pulls you into his chest. he scoffs at you, and he looks a little uncomfortable, but he nuzzles at you anyway. the gesture surprises you.
“i didn’t mean it, you idiot.”
“mean it?”
he sighs, looking away.
“i didn’t mean the things i said last night, okay? i was just tired and i had a long day. don’t distance yourself just because i was being a dick yesterday.”
to anyone else, his attempt at making up with you would be a miserable excuse for an apology, but to you, it’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen him do. it’s moments like these where you remember just why you fell for him in the first place.
“does this mean you’ll cuddle me?” you ask sweetly.
“don’t push it,” he grumbles.
he pulls you closer anyway.
Tumblr media
ushijima was never all that big on physical touch
honestly, he only tolerated it from you, but sometimes even you were a bit too much
today, you were having a bit of a bad day
work was slow and annoying, and you just wanted to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him
but he was having a similar day
and he felt the exact opposite
he really just wanted to be alone
he came home, walking past you and into the bedroom, and sat on the bed
you followed him and snuggled up to his side
to your surprise, he pushed you off gently
but you didn’t get the hint and nuzzled right up into him
this time he pushed you off harder
“toshi, why—”
“please stop being so clingy, y/n. i don’t want your affection.”
you deflated, sleepy and touch-starved
that night, you slept clinging to your pillow
today was an exhausting day for ushijima.
he and the rest of the team were working even harder than usual, and by the end of practice, his limbs were worn out and he was fatigued.
but the positive thing about days like this was that you would always cuddle him after he came home from work, and he could fall asleep with his muscles nice and relaxed from your touch.
eager to see you, he comes home, noticing that you’re sitting on the couch. you look up and greet him.
“hi, toshi. how was your day?” you ask.
“it was very tiring,” he explains, and you can see he’s telling the truth by the way he seems to be drooping. you hum in consideration.
“i’m sorry, baby. maybe a warm bath might help?” you suggest before turning back to your phone. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to follow him into the bedroom. you don’t budge.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion. usually, at this point, you would bring him into bed and sit on his lap. but you seem to be busy or something, so he decides he’ll wait until you’re finished.
when you finally get into bed with him, it’s late. you get under the covers and turn on your side, away from him.
he waits expectantly, lap open and ready for you, but you don’t crawl into it like you usually do. he sleepily nudges at you.
“what is it, baby?”
“why won’t you sit on my lap like usual?”
you pause. isn’t this what he wanted?
when he’d pushed you off of him, you came to a realization; he was right. you really were clingy. you were always touching him somehow; your head on his shoulder, your hand intertwined in his, your nose pressed up against his shoulder. you couldn’t blame your boyfriend for wanting space.
but with the way he’s looking at you, you’re not so sure.
then wakatoshi remembers what happened the last time you tried to cuddle him. he pushed you off of him and told you he didn’t want your affection. but he hadn’t thought you would stop completely, and now he misses your touch desperately.
he grabs you by your waist and pulls you into his lap, holding you right against him. you try to get off of him, but he pulls you closer.
“no. i want to cuddle,” he mumbles. you tilt your head in confusion.
“i’m sorry for calling you clingy, y/n. i like it when you hold me. i didn’t mean it,” he explains, and you inhale at his honesty.
“really?” you whisper. he nods, and buries his nose in your hair.
“please keep being affectionate with me. i love that about you.”
your breath hitches, and you cling to him tightly. you whisper an okay and rest your head on his chest.
you fall asleep in his lap, his hand in your hair and your nose nuzzled deeply in his shirt, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi loved your affection and cuddles
it was one of the things he loved most about you
but it was common for him to push you away when he got angry
you were waiting expectantly for him to come home, wanting to talk to him about your day
you’d gotten a promotion at work, and he was the first person you wanted to tell
but iwaizumi was beyond tired and frustrated after a long day at work
so when he got home, he went straight to the bedroom, ignoring you
you followed after him, already beginning to ramble about your day
but your voice was irritating him and he just wanted to sleep
“hajime, you’ll never guess what happened to me at work—”
“can’t you be quiet for two seconds? you’re so clingy, god. just leave me alone, okay?”
stung, you backed away, turning to get ready for bed alone
that night, you slept with your back toward him and tears in your eyes
it’s the next day, and hajime is at work. he’s on a break and scrolling through instagram when he comes across a post of yours on his feed.
it’s a picture of you in your adorable little work outfit, hair done up beautifully, fingers up in a peace sign. you’ve captioned it, “got the promotion😜” and hajime pauses upon reading it. he goes into the comment section to see your friends congratulating you, sending you words of praise and kind words.
confused, hajime puts his phone away. why would y/n not tell me first? he asks himself. he’s always been the first person to hear about these things, but it appears that he’s far from it this time.
he gets home to see you in the kitchen, and he walks in to greet you with a kiss. you dodge it subtly, moving around him to get something from the fridge. he frowns.
“hey,” he mutters. “when were you gonna tell me about the promotion?”
you look at him before staring at the food you’re cooking.
“well, you found out about it, didn’t you?” you mumble. he stares at you in confusion. are you mad at him?
“yeah, but...” he trails off. “it’s just that i usually hear it from you first.” you scoff. “what? why are you acting like this?” he asks, crossing his arms.
“you wouldn’t have wanted to hear about it anyway, hajime.” he gapes, baffled.
“what are you talking about? how would you even know?”
you put the knife you’re holding down, and glare at him sharply.
“because i tried to tell you last night, and you shut me down!”
he pauses. you return to cooking.
to be honest, he barely even remembers last night. he came home, and then got into bed, and you were rambling about something, and then...
hajime freezes. he looks at you guiltily.
“baby,” he starts, but you cut him off.
“just forget about it. it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway,” you lie.
honestly, you’d been really excited about your new promotion. it felt like something in your life was changing and things were good; you had your boyfriend to cheer you on and a fulfilling job that you loved. and you wanted to share it with him.
so it hurt when it felt like he didn’t care at all. you were always there to support hajime, but when it felt like he didn’t even care about doing the same for you, it stung painfully.
hajime knows you’re lying; he can read you like a book.
“y/n... i’m sorry about yesterday, okay?” he apologizes gently, coming up behind you to rest a hand on your waist. you push him off.
“i don’t wanna talk about it, hajime.”
he turns you around, and you attempt to turn your gaze away from him, but he has his hand on your jaw, making it impossible.
“hey. look at me.”
you do, reluctantly. you’re surprised at the genuine concern in his eyes.
“i know you think i don’t care, but i do. i want to hear about these things and how you’re feeling and how your day is. and i didn’t do a good job of doing that yesterday. i’m sorry.”
you sigh.
“please let me make it up to you?” he asks, desperate. you look up at him for a second, and then nod. he kisses you gently. “thank you for letting me. and for being mine.”
you smile softly at him. you can’t think of your life being any other way.
Tumblr media
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ohajime · a month ago
When you ask them “are we dating?” (Atsumu, Kageyama, Kenma, Kuroo, Tsukishima, Suna)
Tumblr media
AN: Suna and kenma I love, Kageyama he’s adorable and did not follow the assignment but we love him anywyas I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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w-a-t-e-r-m-e-l-o-n-e · a month ago
haikyuu when you call them pretty
featuring: kozume kenma, tsukishima kei, sakusa kiyoomi, and oikawa tooru
warnings: none, sfw, fluffy?
haikyuu x g/n reader
a/n: definitely not an original idea but this prompt seemed so fun, I couldn’t resist. THANK YOU FOR OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!!! <3 character requests for part 2 are open
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for reading <3
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itachiyama · 9 months ago
Hey! I hope your requests are still open (if not please ignore this I’m so sorry!)
Could you maybe do the big fight and the s/o faints one that you did for Iwa and Akaashi but with Sakusa and Tsukki? I really loved it (and all the rest of you writing)!! Thank you!!
(Again I’m so sorry to bother you if requests aren’t actually open)
Some warnings: there’s hyperventilating and passing out so keep that in mind!
Read Akaashi’s and Iwaizumi’s part here
Read Bokuto’s and Atsumu’s part here
Read Kita’s and Tendou’s part here
Read Osamu’s and Semi’s part here
Read Kuroo’s and Oikawa’s part here
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you can’t come? I’ve been telling you the date to this for weeks now y/n!” Sakusa could not believe the words that just came out of your mouth.
“I know Omi! And I’ve had it on my calendar for weeks too! I wouldn’t intentionally miss one of your games, especially an important one against your cousin. But what can I do if I have to go into work?” His eyes narrowed at you.
“You could call in sick!”
“Are you even hearing yourself right now? You can’t just call in sick and let that be the end of it. I already tried asking my boss and she said she needs me in. I’ve been dreaming about and working for this job for years and you know it!”
“And you can’t take one day off for me?”
“I’m new! I can’t just prance around and make demands, they’ll just replace me!”
“You’re being incredibly selfish right now,” he said to you, eyes cold and hard. The sentence was like a hard slap to your face and you couldn’t tell if you wanted to scream and rip your hair out or cry. Maybe both.
“You should talk Kiyoomi. You’re gone for days and days on end at places for games doing god knows what on your free time, while I patiently wait here for you making sure everything’s perfect for your return. I can handle you being gone for days, weeks even, for the sake of your dream and you can’t handle one day without me for mine?”
“You’re lucky I’m not out doing ‘god knows what’ when I easily could. At least my dreams are going places! Look how far yours has taken you so far!” The room became filled with an eerie silence. The words that came out of Sakusa’s mouth hit you in two places at once. Not only did he imply he could cheat if he wanted to, but he also invalidated your dreams and achievements. Suddenly your guts twisted and you felt sick. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you turned away from him. Sakusa just stood there, the aftermath of what he said becoming apparent. He tried to reach out for you.
“H-hey y/n, look, I didn’t mean-”
“Go away Kiyoomi!” You screamed at him, tears streaming down your face. “Go on then, do god knows what someone who’s dreams are worth it then!” He tried to pull you into his arms, but you thrashed around and struggled in his hold. “Don’t touch me!” Sakusa was taken aback, he’d never seen you worked up like this.
“I said go away! I don’t wanna see you right now!” You slowly slid to the ground, hands gripping your head. The thoughts spiraling in your head were overwhelming and you couldn’t get a hold of yourself. He knelt down to you and tried to tilt your head to look at him, but you only struggled against him further. Your breathing was becoming heavier as the moments passed, and Sakusa was determined to get passed your shoving. Everything was becoming too much as the room began to spin, and just like that, you closed your eyes and fell limp against him, his eyes practically popping out of his sockets.
Soon enough, you gained consciousness and slowly sat up. The memories of your earlier predicament flooding back as you looked around the room. Sakusa was not in the bedroom with you and you felt a sense of relief, not ready to face him quite yet. But as you were about to get out of bed, the door opened to reveal him walking in with a glass of water in hand. His eyes widened at the sight of you awake.
“Y/n?” He quickly started to make his way over to you, but before he could reach you, you put a hand out for him to stop.
“I don’t wanna be around you right now Kiyoomi.” You had never seen him deflate the way he did, a look of panic starting to set into his features.
“W-what do you mean?” You rubbed your temple.
“I mean exactly what I said. I can’t even look at you right now. I want to be left alone okay? Please just do at least that much for me.” His lips started to tremble.
“Y/n can we please talk about this,” but you cut him off.
“I don’t have anything to say to you right now. I don’t wanna talk.”
“Kiyoomi,” you started off sternly, but he cut you off.
“Please don’t leave me!” His eyes were glassy and he looked like a lost child. Your heart squeezed a bit at the sight, but you wanted to clear your head before discussing anything with him. You sighed deeply before speaking.
“I just need a little space from you. You can wait in the living room, you don’t have to leave the apartment. I’ll be in here and we can talk when I’m ready. Until then can you please leave me to myself for a bit?” He looked down at his feet for a bit before reluctantly nodding and turning to exit the room. You didn’t miss the little sniffles that started to escape him but you couldn’t bring yourself to focus on that right now. Remembering back to the argument you both had, you started to think about the things he said. Although they stung deeply, you could also tell Sakusa hadn’t meant them. He was loyal to a fault, that much you knew, so you didn’t have to worry about whether or not he had actually cheated. He had a habit of being a bit harsher than intended when he was upset, but it still took you by surprise that he would bring up your ambitions in such a negative light. But he was remorseful, and deep down you knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long, especially if he looked at you with teary eyes like that. So, after a bit more of calming yourself down and telling yourself that your boyfriend just had a slip of judgment, you made your way out of the bedroom to talk it through with him. The second you had entered the living room, your eyes landed on your boyfriend’s large figure, curled up on the couch, looking at you with the expression of a kicked puppy. He looked uncharacteristically small compared to his usual towering appearance.
“You’re gonna leave me aren’t you?” His voice cracked in the middle of his sentence and you felt your stern resolve crumble.
“No, baby. I’m not,” you said softly, and made your way over to the couch. Setting his head on your lap, you looked down at him. “I’m not leaving okay?” He pressed his face into your stomach and cried quietly.
“I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. Please don’t be mad at me, I was being unfair I know, but I don’t wanna lose you!” You smoothed back his curls as he continued apologizing.
“I know sweetie, I know. I’m not mad anymore. You have to understand, I want nothing more than to go to your game. I wouldn’t miss any of them if it were up to me. But it’s not up to me this time. I have responsibilities. I can’t drop them all the time, no matter how badly I would like to, to support you at every game.” He sniffled and gripped your shirt.
“I know,” he started off quietly. “I’m just nervous for this one and I really wanted you there. It makes me feel better. It just got the best of me. But I took it too far, and I hurt you.” His voice was getting wobbly again, so you quickly shushed him and pressed a small kiss to his lips.
“Well it’s all over now. Dwelling on it’s just gonna make things worse. You’re gonna do wonderful Omi, you always do. And I’m proud of you. I’ll watch the whole thing on television once I’m out of work okay? And I’ll come pick you up too. Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.”
“I Promise.”
“I love you too. So much.” He turned to press himself into your stomach once more and wrapped his arms around you. Settling into the couch, you continued stroking his hair, knowing he was going to want to stay like this for a while.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, you’re being dramatic right now, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“I just told you about how awful my day was Kei! And you said to just get over it! That’s not really what anyone wants to hear from their boyfriend you know.”
“That’s not what I said. I said there’s not much you can do but get over it and move on. Maybe your day’s not as bad as you’re thinking y/n, you always have a tendency to exaggerate everything.” You were sick of Tsukishima always undermining things that bothered you. Just because he wasn’t in tune with his emotions didn’t mean you weren’t too. Coming home after a long day of nothing going the way you planned, you wanted to curl up into his arms so you wouldn’t break into tears. But it seemed you would end up breaking into tears anyway with how Tsukishima was acting.
“I would appreciate if you were a bit more considerate Kei. Just because your robotic personality can’t comprehend what feelings are doesn’t mean everyone’s like that. Some of us actually process through our feelings you know,” that seemed to anger him. Standing up, he looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows.
“Oh so you’re saying I don’t have feelings? What, because I told you you’re days not as awful as your tryna sell it as? I’ve had a long day too y/n, you don’t see me whining about it to you like a baby!”
“You could if you wanted to! I wouldn’t make you feel bad like you’re doing with me. It’s my job to make sure my boyfriend feels better when he’s down, but it seems he can’t do the same!” What was once you both bickering about your day quickly turned into a full blown screaming match between the two of you.
“You know what y/n? I’m tired of you and you’re constant need to be self centered. Everything always has to go your way or you cry about it and I’m done! Good luck finding someone who caters to your ridiculous needs,” he screamed before grabbing his keys and marching out, slamming the door for good measure. The slam vibrated through the whole apartment and you sank back down into the couch, sobs racking your body. He walked out. He actually walked out. You felt helpless. You didn’t want Tsukishima to actually leave. The thought of him leaving you behind and moving on without you started to overtake your thoughts. Doubts about your personality and whether or not you were enough for him began to plague you and slowly you were losing control of your breathing. Hands gripping the couch, your nails dug into the fabric. Your sobs were beginning to escalate to hyperventilating and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Just as you collapsed against the couch, eyes closed shut, Tsukishima had re-entered the room, staring at your figure in pure horror.
You woke up cradled against a sturdy chest, fingers running over your cheek. When you opened your eyes, you were met face to face with Tsukishima.
“Good, you’re up. Are... are you okay? He asked, looking down at you guiltily.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” He nodded slowly at your answer. “Kei?” Your hand went up to curl around the fabric of his shirt.
“I’m here y/n, don’t worry. I wasn’t actually gonna leave.” You pressed your cheek into his chest, trying to figure out what had happened. He sighed before continuing. “I’m sorry okay? I know I’m not exactly the easiest to talk to sometimes and I say things a bit harsher than I should. I’m trying for you though, okay? Be a little patient with me.” You knew that last part was actually him trying to say ‘don’t replace me’ though, so you began to trail your hand up and down his chest. “You’re not over dramatic, and anyone would be lucky to have you. I don’t know how it’s me you ended up with. I should’ve cared more about your feelings.”
“It’s okay Kei. I never want it to be anyone but you. I should’ve realized you weren’t feeling the greatest either. And you’re not a robot. I feel the happiest when I’m around you. I love you, you know.” He buried his head into your neck and exhaled.
“I love you too,” he said, muffled into your neck.
“You owe me a Disney movie marathon for that whole episode though,” you said after some time.
“Shut up y/n, you’re so annoying, you know that?” But he pressed a kiss to your forehead and you giggled.
And that is that! I hope you liked it! I’m so behind on requests so please be patient with me 😭 but anyway I’m about to hit 200 followers pretty soon, which is crazy! Almost 100 of you followed me in one day and I’m astonished. Thank you all for reading my half assed writing it’s truly very sweet.
Update: we hit 200 followers!!
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kabuukicho · 3 months ago
character: tsukishima kei words: 500+ tags: fingering, mentions of cunnilingus, first time. notes: read here first.
Tumblr media
tsukki presses a warm kiss to your neck. “how does it feel?”
“nice,” you breathe. you lick your lips as kei adjusts your panties further to the side so his fingers press further into you. you groan. “really nice.”
“always wanted to do this, you know,” he murmurs against your skin, and you bite back a whimper when he starts pumping his long fingers in and out of your slick heat. “but you were too busy looking at other guys.”
“i’m—ah—i’m sorry, kei,” you whine, scrambling to touch his skin. the arm you had trapped in between your bodies grips the sheets. 
“sorry for what?” he asks softly against your ear. the hand not on your cunt snakes behind you, curling over to push your shirt up and over your breasts. he slips his fingers beneath your bra to tweak your nipples.
“sorry i was—ohmygod—sorry that i wasted our time.” you shut your eyes. “holy shit, you’re really good at this.”
“spent so much time thinking about it,” he whispers, licking at your neck, and the well-placed suck he presses against your skin has you clenching. “i touch myself to you, you know.”
“oh my god, tsukishima,” you gasp.
“kei is fine.”
you can’t even think of a decent response, so you grunt and adjust your legs, your thigh brushing against the bulge steadily growing between his legs.
“do you feel that? do you feel how hard i am for you right now?” he asks lowly. “it’s troublesome, but i want to take it slow with you.” he kisses your jaw. “i waited too long for you to see what was right in front of you—”
“kei, kei, i think i’m gonna—”
his thumb brushes over your clit and your back arches off the bed as you unravel in a silent scream. tsukki twists his torso so he pushes you down with his chest, letting you ride out your first orgasm on his fingers.
you settle eventually, chest heaving, forehead dotted with sweat. you turn to him, pulling the hand from in between you and kei to reach up and touch his face as you slot your lips against his, kissing him long and deep.
you part with a breath. “your turn?”
this time he moves so he hovers fully over you, gently pulling out his fingers out of your soaked slit. he brushes his shiny fingers over his lips and licks at your arousal. you watch, mesmerized. he kisses you again, and you feel a stirring within you as you taste yourself against his mouth.
“don’t want to ruin it by being selfish,” he admits when you part. “you always told me i tended to act like an asshole.”
“i’m okay with it if it means i get to touch you, too,” you tell him honestly, and his signature composed demeanor crumbles in the slightest when he presses his forehead to yours.
“i’ve liked you for so long,” he mumbles, “all i thought about was what i would do to you.” he presses his lips against yours, then drifts down your body, leaving kisses as he goes.
your eyes follow, and heat rises to your cheeks when he settles in between your thighs and tugs off your underwear. “kei, wait—”
“shut up,” he says affectionately, kissing the inside of your leg. his eyes close behind his glasses when he settles into the apex of your thighs, and your fingers grip the sheets.
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aiiwa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— bokuto koutarou, iwaizumi hajime, kyoutani kentarou, tsukishima kei x f!reader.
— request by @haikyuu-appreciation-club : i was wondering if i could request for how kyotani, tsukishima, & iwaizumi would react to you drunk calling them from a bar or something & just sputtering nonsense?? this can be platonic or romantic idm.
genre: fluff, crack, chaos.
warnings: cursing, suggestive themes, intoxicated reader, mentions of vomit (please let me know if i missed anything). not proof read sorry hehe.
word count: 3.k.
— a/n: added bokuto just for you hehe, thank you for requesting nene! this was so fun n cute to write.
edit my dumbass forgot to tag n thank my bebes @jeanbeaux n @asahiswrld for beta’ing for me 🥺🥺🥺💖
Tumblr media
freshly showered on the night before his match, a shirtless bokuto spread himself over the silken quilt of his bed for the night. tucking his arms behind his head, flexing his muscles and crossing his right ankle over the left - he lay jittery in the hotel room he was sharing with hinata, waiting excitedly for your call.
tonight was fukurodani academy’s high school reunion, and bokuto was stuck in another city - unable to attend the event with his very own high school sweetheart, or his buddies.
you’d already sent him multiple pictures, as requested by him, of your outfit for the reunion tonight; a pretty dress fitted in all the right places that cinched at your waist and accentuated the delicious curve of your ass. bokuto was even sent a teasing sneak peak of the matching lace garments you had on underneath, and he was absolutely devastated at how he couldn’t even touch you when you looked so damn amazing.
the shrill ringtone of your incoming call pulled bokuto out of his thoughts with an eager yelp, as he smashed his thumb against his phone screen to accept your call.
“hey, baby.”
on the other side of the room, laying on his own bed, is hinata who almost keels over at the seductive lilt bokuto’s suddenly adopted. it’s almost an octave lower and sounds nothing like him.
“huuuulloooo?!” hearing your voice has your boyfriend already swooning, eyes drooping low as a soft smile pulls at his lips. he’s yet to notice the slurring of your speech, courtesy of pregaming a bit too hard with konoha and washio.
“baby, baby, baby!” he cheers. “how’s your night going?”
“hullooo? who is this?”
bokuto giggles, thinking you’re just playing around with him. “me, of course, silly!”
“me? i dunno someone called me.” his smile drops. “‘nd don’t call me baby either, mister!”
“but baby-“
“-‘m not your baby, ‘m kou’s baby...where is he?”
“i am kou!”
“no, ya not! kouuuu! kou, where are you? did me kidnap you?!”
bokuto prepares himself to argue that he is your kou, and that he wasn’t kidnapped at all. but hinata is quick to interject as you still call out for your supposedly missing boyfriend.
“bokuto-san.” the younger male whisper-shouts to his teammate. “i think y/n-san is drunk.”
bokuto’s mouth drops open in surprise, thick eyebrows raised. “really?” he whisper-yells back, looking down at his phone and putting the call on speaker.
the two volleyball players listen as you drunkenly ramble to someone in the background.
“oi, aki! me kidnapped kou!”
they could faintly hear konoha’s reply. “what? y/n, we said to order some food, not call bokuto!”
“but...i miss my kou.”
“and i miss food being in my stomach.” washio grumbled.
“shut up!” a thwack could be heard, the sound of you slapping an arm, followed by washio’s choice of curses. hinata couldn’t help but snort at him calling you a gremlin. “i don’t care, jus’ want my kou.”
bokuto glances at his teammate, the sound of your sniffles bringing tears of adoration to swell in your boyfriends’s golden eyes at the knowledge you think of him even at times like this. you were just the sweetest thing to him, so cute when you were sober but even more precious when you were drunk out of your mind.
“baby.” bokuto coos into the phone, sounding just like his usual self.
“kou!” you exclaim, as if all your worries had disappeared.
“i’m here, baby. you okay?”
“‘m okay now.” you hum in response.
“how much have you had to drink?”
there’s a commotion in the background of the call, the boys calling you over, and the rustling of the phone to your chest as you chase after them.
“uh...not much at all, kou-“ a lie. “hey! wait up for me!”
a furrow creases between his brows. “something wrong, baby? what’s happening?”
you’re out of breath now, huffing and puffing, almost oblivious to the ominous sounds in the background behind you. “ya...jus’ wanted to call ‘nd say i miss you, ‘nd that you.” your giggling is close to lulling bokuto into a loved-up trance, but the heaving sounds almost right next to you are distracting.
“what’s going on, baby? tell me.” bokuto repeats.
“oh no.” the change in your tone had bokuto sitting right up. “‘kaashi threw up on my shoes-”
oh no, indeed. the last thing bokuto heard before the line cuts off, was your wretches as you joined akaashi, notorious for your weak stomach, while washio and konoha were sent into panic. it takes a second for everything to process before bokuto stands up in a haste.
“hinata-“ when he turns to face his teammate. “i have to go to her.”
“we’re ten hours away and not even in the same city as her right now.” hinata tries to reason. “you’d have to catch a flight-
“i know. but i would sprint there for her if i had to, so are you coming or not?”
the tangerine man signed, reaching for his phone. “i’ll uber with you there then.”
Tumblr media
after being together for such a long time, iwa knew exactly what type of drunk you were. and when your best friend’s birthday started rolling around, he was already mentally preparing himself for the long night ahead.
as usual, it was a strictly girls only night out, something he had no opposing opinions about. though he would miss having you snuggling up to him in the evening as you always did, he didn’t mind the idea of having a few hours to himself after a long day at work. so like the amazing fiancé he is, he drops you off to the bar with a sweet kiss and a loving squeeze or few, and promises to pick you up whenever you were ready.
he just didn’t expect to receive the phone call barely two hours into your night.
having just eased himself into the comfort of your shared california king bed; iwa had funnily enough almost thrown the television remote from his hand when his phone’s ringtone blared beside him. as he swiped across the screen to answer your call, he could hear the loud music and lively chattering in the background, before he had even brought the phone to his ear.
“hello?” he answered normally, calling out your name louder when he received no response from you. “y/n? you there?”
“oh!” he heard your sweet laugh, the one saved for your ditzy moments. he had no doubt that you probably forgotten you had dialled his number. “what you doin’?”
“i’m in bed, what are you-“
“-where you at?”
iwa thought nothing of the way you sung your responses to him, continuing to respond to you. “at home?”
“oh, you got plans?”
“y/n, you’re the one with plans-“
“-don’t say that.”
“i’m sipping wine, in a robe.”
he had no doubt about that. in fact, iwa could almost imagine you, sitting with your friends, wine glass in your dainty hand with a sheen of your cherry gloss around the edge. thinking about how giggly you’d be, having fun, made the pang of missing you make itself even more obvious. especially when he started to think about your outfit, how much of your warm, soft skin was exposed in that little robe-
robe? iwa felt his thought process become a series of scribbles; until everything started to piece itself together.
the biggest thing with you when you got drunk, was that you loved to sing. surprisingly holding a tune better than your sober self.
“i look too good, to be alone.”
iwa felt the corners of his mouth tugging upwards, convinced he could almost hear the pout in your seductive tune. what was he ever supposed to do with you?
“i don’t doubt that at all, princess.”
you continued to sing to your heart’s content, while iwa silently dragged himself out of bed, offering you small replies and hums as if you were having a normal conversation. slipping on a shirt and grabbing one of your favourite hoodies of his, he started to make his way out your apartment just as you reached the chorus.
“i’ma leave the door open, i’ma leave the door open!”
cringing slightly at how you practically yelled into your cellphone, having a complete disregard of volume control, iwa made sure to double lock the front door before jogging to his truck.
“that you feel the way i feel, and that you want me like i want you tonight, baby-“ taking a deep breath, you softly sang, “tell me that you’re coming through~”
suddenly it was hot for iwa, feeling his cheeks heat up as a warm, fuzzy feeling settled in his wide chest.
“hajime? babe, are you still there?”
“i am.” he confirmed, running his fingers through his hair before fumbling around with his keys.
“well…are you coming through?”
the attitude shift had your boyfriend rolling his eyes, chuckling lowly. starting his truck with a rumble, he can hear the familiar and troublesome beat of the next song in the background of the call.
“yeah, yeah, i’m coming through to pick you up, brat.”
your giggles are cut short when you suddenly recognise that horse girl’s music playing. iwa could never remember her name right. mandy? melissa? no, no…megan! megan thee stallion.
yeah, iwaizumi was definitely on his way. and funnily enough, he kept you on speaker the whole drive back to you.
Tumblr media
the relationship between you and the infamous kyoutani kentarou was, of course, complicated. in fact, you weren’t even sure if you could call what the two of you shared a relationship.
you were neighbours, yes, friends too. but the past couple of months, the boundary line between friends had lovers had blurred over time and company spent with each other. what started as you offering to fill his stomach with a warm meal each night, led to him filling your own tummy and warming your bed afterwards.
things were good, chill and still very much confusing.
the idea of becoming official had been floating in your mind for a while now. it was hard not to, when you and kyoutani relied on each other.
despite that, it was friday night, the city calling the two of you to separate paths with the promise to return back to each other. while you were off clubbing alongside some study mates, kyoutani had run off to his friend’s apartment, a little get together with his mates.
around two in the morning is when your name flashed across his bright screen. rolling his eyes at the boys’ hoots, he slips outside on to the balcony; answering your call with a smirk and cigarette lit between his lips.
taking a heavy puff, he almost chokes once he hears your sniffles on the other side of the line.
“ken?” you whimper.
there’s only two times you dare to call him ken - the first when you’re writhing underneath him and the second when something goes wrong. so you can’t exactly blame him for the fit of panic that settles in his gut hearing the nickname.
“pretty girl? what’s the matter?”
his simple question had released the beast of your tears, a nonsensical tale sputtered between your sobs, had kyoutani’s slightly intoxicated mind swirling.
“well we got ‘ere ‘nd then- oh m’…but then i wen’ t’dance but i swear i had it wit’ me- no, no maybe it wa’ when-“ you barely took a breath in and he wasn’t understanding a thing you were mumbling.
“but - sniff - i jus’ can’t believe it ken! i jus’ can’t-! ‘nd ev’ryone’s been so useless y’know? even this-“
“y/n!” yelling your name is the only thing that shuts your blabbers, and he feels half-bad listening to your sniffling.
“tell me what’s wrong, so i can fix it, pretty girl.”
you take a deep breath, aiming to stable your speech. “m’ phone, ken…”
“what happened to your phone?”
“i…i…” the absolute distraught in your wobbly voice has him on edge. “i lost it!”
silence. complete and utter silence envelopes the call. kyoutani’s large frame is frozen in disbelief as your words replays in his head over and over again.
“you lost your phone?” he parrots.
“yes!” you cheer, sighing in the relief that someone finally understands you.
“the same phone…that you’re calling me from?”
“uh huh.”
“are you serious?”
“yes! i am! it’s very traumatisin’, ken! i dunno where it is…’nd- ‘nd…”
“pretty girl.” kyoutani groans, putting out his cigarette. “you’re the smartest woman i know, but such a dummy once you start drinking.”
“oh…hehe, thank you, ken.”
he shakes his head. “you still at that same place?”
“i’ll uber to you then, yeah?” at your content hum, kyoutani can’t help but tease you a bit. “fuck, pretty girl, if you wanted me to come fuck your brains out all you had to do was ask, not get wasted.”
“o-oh.” your cute little gasp it was urges him to push himself out the door, tapping away for an uber. but it’s what you say after that really has him in a rush to get to you. “you’ll still help me find my phone, right, ken?”
“just stay on the call with me, dummy.”
Tumblr media
tsukishima had no idea what kind of game you were playing at.
you and him were project partners, freshly friends if you may. spending months together, working on the long-term assignment of your shared college course; had meant the two of you bonding over the long days and even longer nights. even if tsukishima was hesitant, he still begrudgingly admitted to being happy having you as his partner - and friend, of course.
after the project was completed, receiving an excellent grade on you and tsukishima’s hard work had convinced you that there was a need to celebrate.
the tall male had laughed when you invited him to one of those chaotic frat parties, the one being held tonight at this very hour. he had nodded along with a roll of his eyes, thinking you were joking around; his scoff hidden by your excited cheer.
but when the night rolled in and he received a series of texts from you asking where he was, tsukishima started to get antsy. surely you knew he was joking around?
his answer came while he was lazing about, listening to music, when your call interrupted.
“tsukki, you’re late!” you shout before he can answer. the music in the background is louder than his own headphones.
“i’m late?” he replies calmly.
“yeah! remember? i asked if you wanted to come to the party with me?” suddenly you seemed unsure. “i’ve been waiting an hour…so?”
“oh that.” tsukishima hummed. “i thought you were joking.”
“what?! why would i- ah shit.” he could hear you stumbling around, mumbling an apology to someone as the music started to fade away. “but i wanted to see your face tonight.”
“are you drunk?”
tsukishima could only imagine the pout pulling on your pretty mouth. ignoring the slight guilt, he couldn’t help but tease you a bit.
“you wanted to see my face, hm? the y/n i know could never say that to me sober.”
“okay, fine! i drank a bit so what?”
“so what?” he repeated, copying the same tone you used.
“oi, are you mimicking me?!”
“oi, are you mimicking me?”
“stop that, tsukki!”
“stop that, tsukki~” he had to admit, hearing you huff and puff was amusing all on its own. maybe he should have gone to that damn party.
though tsukishima could admit to enjoying your company, he would never admit to the attraction he had for you. it creeped up on him and washed over, dousing him in feelings he never expected. it’s the main reason he took your invite as a joke - took himself as a joke because why would you ever want to be with him at a party.
“it’s not funny anymore…”
“it’s not funny anymore.”
“you know what? fine! we can play this game.” his golden eyes widened at the finality in your voice. “i’m so handsome!” you exclaimed.
“pfft.” he struggled to hold his laugh in.
“what? why aren’t you copying me huh? it’s the troof, you know!”
“the troof?”
“you know what i mean!”
“sorry doll.” tsukishima hummed. “don’t have a clue.”
“well…hic-” suddenly you’d acquired the hiccups. “you’re handsome, and smart - hic - such a fucking smart ass too-“
“-and you’re so funny, you make my tummy jiggle…i mean you make me - hic - giggle! ugh…kei?”
his breath hitched as you called him by his first name, something new. something better than just tsukki.
“y-yeah?” he could punch himself for stuttering like that. except you already beat him to it with your words.
“i like you.” you breathed out, a weight lifting off your shoulders. “kei, i like you so much. do you hear me?”
tsukkshima’s heart felt as though it was begging to beat out of his chest. you had him completely choked up, lost on what to say; but so deep in his feelings. he felt happy, truly and utterly happy. until he remembered you were drunk.
“y/n, you’re drunk.”
“kei - hic - i really like you. i’ll keep saying it until you say it back.”
“-i like you~”
“stop this-“
“i. like. tsukishima. kei.”
“oi! i…”
“i like you too.”
“holy fuck, you do?!”
kei felt his face heat up, and without looking in the mirror he knew he would be sporting a deep blush right now. you were insane, but that’s what he liked about you.
“yeah, i do.” he promised, overcome with the need to see you right now. “hey, tell me where that stupid party is again. i have something i need to ask you face to face.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© 2021 AIIWA. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.
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itsdanii · 7 months ago
Rejecting you and regretting it
genre: angst to fluff
warnings: slight cursing, rude behavior (resolved), do message me if I forgot any.
ft. sakusa kiyoomi, tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
you're not oblivious to the fact that kiyoomi is a very conscious person
that's one of the things you loved about him
he was hygienic and he always made sure that his health was his utmost priority
but one downside is that kiyoomi had the tendency to push people away because of his straightforwardness
you were used to it and in fact, you were one of those people he tolerated
but everyone has their bad days
and unfortunately for you, today was kiyoomi's and since you were always attached to him by the hip, he unintentionally snapped at you
what's worse is that he snapped at you the moment you confessed to him
"Omi!" you shouted happily as you entered the gymnasium, giving Komori a small wave before making your way to where Kiyoomi was sitting.
He looked at you with a frown. He wasn't wearing a mask since they were training awhile ago and only took a quick break. "Y/n, what are you doing here?"
You sat beside him making Kiyoomi grimace and slightly move away. You frowned at him, completely displeased at the action. "I just wanted to give you a visit. Plus, I have something to tell you."
You started to fiddle with your fingers nervously. You practiced your confession several times already but doing it seemed harder than you thought.
"What is it? Talk, I'm not in the right mood to socialize right now."
Out of panic, you quickly blurted out a rather loud, "I like you!" You immediately covered your mouth with your hand and stared at him wide eyed.
The other players looked at you with sympathy, knowing what's about to happen. Out of all days, you really had to confess today, when Kiyoomi was in a pissy mood after several fangirls pushed themselves against him this morning, not minding his personal space.
Kiyoomi stared at you with a serious expression before standing up. "I don't like you. Leave."
"But Omi.."
"You're irritating and you always bother me when it is clear that I don't want your company." He turned around and left you on the bench, your head casted down in humiliation.
You whispered a small sorry before running out of the gym with tears falling from your eyes.
For the next few days, you did your very best to stay away from Kiyoomi. You changed your route to school knowing that your usual route meant that you have to pass by his house. Even if you got scolded several times for being late, you did not stop.
You sat near the door so you can easily exit the room after class. You even stopped eating with Komori and Kiyoomi during breaks and lunch. Even your usual routine of visiting the gym during practices was stopped.
At first, Kiyoomi didn't mind. He knew that you'd come back in a few days just like you always did. You like him after all, right?
But when a few days turned into weeks, He started getting bothered. Why weren't you pestering him like always? Why did you stop visiting him? You said you like him, right?
It was the second week that Kiyoomi took action. He woke up extra early to wait for you infront of your house, aiming to confront you about your behavior.
When you went out, your eyes widened slightly upon seeing Kiyoomi waiting for you outside. He was wearing his face mask while staring at you intently, letting you know that he purposely waited for you.
You looked down and was about to walk pass him when you felt him tugging on your wrist. Your gaze snapped to his hand, not believing that he was indeed touching your skin.
His eye twitched at the weirdness of you not calling him like usual. Sighing, he stepped a little closer to you, hand still holding your wrist to ensure that you won't run away from him.
"You're ignoring me," he said while eyeing you. "Why?"
You took your hand from him and furrowed your brows. "I'm just doing you a favor. I don't want to be a bother anymore. Isn't this what you wanted?"
"It's fine, Sakusa. You don't have to force yourself to apologize just because you feel bad or obliged to."
He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "I'm not apologizing because I feel bad."
"Then what? You're apologizing just to make fun of me? I know I said I like you but that doesn't mean that you have the right to-"
"You don't get it!"
At this point, you were both raising your voices. Some passersby were looking at you two weirdly, some even running as to not get caught up in the fight.
"Get what, Sakusa? Why don't you tell me so I can understand?!"
"I like you!" Kiyoomi exclaimed. "I... Fuck. I like you, okay? I wasn't in the mood when you confessed and I rejected you without thinking. I messed up. The moment I saw you walk out, I knew I fucked up real bad and I-"
"And I thought that you'd come back the next day to bother me again like usual. I wanted to apologize but my pride-"
You sighed as he continued to ramble. With fast movements, you stood on your tiptoes and encircled your arms around his neck to pull him down to you, kissing him over his mask.
When you let go, Kiyoomi was silent. His eyes were wide and you thought that you went over board. Panic made its way to your face as you try to find the words to explain.
"Sorry, I didn't me-"
This time, he was the one to cut you off. Kiyoomi took off his mask and bent down to kiss you on your lips. One of his arms snaked around your waist to support you while the other settled on your nape, angling you to him.
"Be my s/o."
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
Everyone in Karasuno knew how much you like Tsukishima
In fact, you remind him everyday
You often give him fresh strawberries from the market and even bake him strawberry cake
Sometimes, you would put little sticky notes on his belongings and write some encouraging words like "you can do it", "I believe in you" or "take it easy!"
On his birthday, you even gave him a hoodie with a dino design (which he secretly loved)
There are times that you knew Tsukishima gets irritated when you visit and even snaps at you but you didn't mind. You liked him and a small snap will not discourage you
But what you didn't know was that it would only take one conversation to completely shatter your heart
"-And they're back," Sugawara said as he saw you enter the gym, a bubbly smile present on your face as usual.
"Kei!" You skipped your way towards Tsukishima and handed him his water bottle which you voluntarily refilled with hot water.
He only gave you a 'tsk' and took the water bottle. Adjusting his glasses, he stared at you from head to toe as if analyzing you, a small blush appearing on his cheeks.
"What are you looking at? Have you finally come to realize that you like me back?" you cheekily asked, poking his bicep.
"No. I was just wondering how someone could look so ugly."
Despite what he said, you forced yourself to giggle, covering your upset feeling with an eye roll. "Oh shut up, Kei. You don't have to hide it, you know? Don't worry, I'm not going to reject you."
You winked at him causing Tsukishima to blush even more.
The rest of the boys snickered and laughed at his reaction which made Tsukishima more embarrassed than he already is.
"Just confess to the girl already, Tsukishima. Can't you see she's trying hard to win you?" Daichi said with a small chuckle while patting Tsukishima's back.
Tsukishima just huffed and pushed his glasses up. "What's there to like? They're nothing but an eyesore anyway."
"What?" you asked in disbelief.
Having a playful banter with Tsukishima was normal in your routine but this was the first time he called you such an offensive term. Does he really think of you that way?
"Oh come on, stop acting dumb. I don't even get why there are guys running after you. I mean, there's really nothing much to look at, right?"
Everyone grew quiet at what he said, clearly not expecting Tsukishima to be at such level of rudeness.
You swallowed the lump forming in your throat as your insecurity skyrocketed. "I try hard every single day to look presentable to you. I-"
You paused for a moment to laugh pathetically at yourself. "I exert a lot of effort to make you notice me. I cook for you, I give you gifts. Heck, I even stay after class to help clean the gym so that the task would be easier for you and I'm not even asking for anything in return."
Tsukishima glared at you sharply that you immediately felt extremely smaller than him. "I never asked you to do those things for me."
"Can't you at least show me that you care?" You wiped your tears with the back of your hand. "Because I'm slowly getting tired of this push and pull game."
"Don't you get it? I don't like you. Why don't you stop pushing yourself to me and start getting a life, hm?"
"Tsukishima, that's enough!" you heard Daichi yell at him.
"Y/n?" Sugawara was immediately beside you, his hand rubbing circles on your back in attempt to calm you down.
"No-" You lifted your face up to meet Tsukishima's eyes. "I think he's right. I should stop being a nuisance and focus on myself."
"I'll leave you alone. I'm sorry," you said before giving Tsukishima a bow and leaving the gym with everyone's eyes following your figure until the door shut.
Everyone could only look at Tsukishima as he cursed under his breath.
The moment you left the gym, you headed straight to the comfort room to let your tears out. You stared at yourself on the mirror as tears cascaded down your cheeks.
"You're beautiful," you reassured yourself while pointing at your own reflection. "What he said doesn't make you any less. Know your worth."
You wiped your tears and splashed your face with cold water before getting out and heading to class without sparing Tsukishima any glance.
You ignored Tsukishima, stopped visiting the gym and focused on yourself. You even made made friends with some of your classmates that you didn't bother getting associated with last time because you were too focused on capturing the attention of Tsukishima.
Unbeknownst to you, a certain male was eyeing you as you interact with other people. He blamed himself for pushing you away. He didn't talk to you, thinking that you only wanted space for a couple days before bothering him again.
He knew that what he said was out of line and he regret everything he did. He even asked Yamaguchi and the rest of the team for advice but all of them responded with the same answer - apologize and tell you how he feels.
Tsukishima gripped the pen tightly as he watched you laughing at something your classmate said. The said classmate was too close to you and it was obvious that he was trying to flirt with you.
"Tsukki?" Yamaguchi called out. He followed Tsukishima's gaze and sighed. "Why don't you go and talk to them?"
"Tsk. Why would I do that? Can't you see they're enjoying his company?" Tsukishima bitterly said.
"You'll end up losing them if you don't do something about it now. Who knows, they might already be lo-" Yamaguchi stopped as Tsukishima instantly stood up and made his way to where you are.
Taking your wrist, he pulled you towards him, heading out of the classroom.
"Tsukishima, what the hell?!" You tried to resist but his grip on your wrist only tightened.
You gasped as he suddenly stopped, trapping you against a wall with his arms beside your head.
"I'm sorry." Tsukishima closed his eyes, balling his fist as he bowed his head. "I said hurtful words to you and no amount of apology will take those away but I want you to know that I regret every single one of it."
You bit your lower lip as you felt yourself tearing up once again. "Do you really think that I'm ugly? I was hurt, Kei. It's just.."
"I'm sorry." His hand made its way to your cheek, cupping your face while he wiped your tears with his thumb. "You're not ugly."
You shook your head and averted your gaze from him, a sob escaping your lips as you felt yourself falling for him deeper. "Don't. Just stop. I'll accept your apology but please just leave me be. I won't be able to stop my feelings for you if you keep leading me on."
"But I don't want you to stop."
"I've fallen for you." He tipped your chin up with his hand making you look at him and you were surprised to see the vulnerability in his features. "Please look at me again, y/n. Keep loving me because I swear that I'll do things different this time. Give me a chance."
You can't help but encircle your arms around him, burrying your face on the side of his neck as you nodded repeatedly. "One chance, Kei."
Tsukishima hugged you tightly, lips pressing on the side of your head. "One chance." He leaned away from you and held your face with his hand, eyes boring to yours admiringly.
"You're beautiful."
Tumblr media
Likes and reblogs are appreciated ❤️
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fairyoomi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
is in awe. has a small smile on his face and wraps his arm around you to pull you in a hug. while whispering i love you’s in your ear. — sugawara, DAICHI, ARAN, KITA, yahaba, yaku, yamaguchi, SEMI, ushijima, kuroo, AKAASHI, komori.
has to take a moment. leaves the room for like 5 minutes. comes back in and says ‘i love you too :).’ — kageyama, tsukishima, SUNA, osamu, kenma, shirabu, SAKUSA, iwaizumi, kunimi.
starts tearing up. very emotional and cuddles you like a baby. kisses your head multiple times and says ‘i love you’ after each one. — lev, yamamoto, BOKUTO, OIKAWA, hinata, GOSHIKI, hanamaki, tendou, ATSUMU.
Tumblr media
© FAIRYOOMI 2021 — all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify, or repost my works and claim as yours. thank you :)
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adoringhaikyuu · a month ago
hi! can i request hq tsundere (pretty) boys getting jealous because you called someone else "pretty boy" infront of them? thankyou so much! and i love your blog sm, u r literally my favorite hq writer here <333 have a nice day^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kageyama + sakusa + suna + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: wait i love this but i feel like idk the specifics of this category of boys skjdgf does suna count as one? idk i added him anyway
Tumblr media
★ kageyama literally looks between you and the guy several times dramatically like a cartoon character, getting more and more offended each time he turns his head. how can you say that right in front of him?? he will take your hand and excuse the both of you so quickly, "yeah we have somewhere to be, bye." he will hold a grudge unless you call him pretty boy too and give him extra kisses, though he'll never say that out loud. you have to figure it out yourself.
Tumblr media
★ sakusa stiffens, wondering if he heard correctly. he subtly looks at you to see if you're messing with him, but when he sees you're not, he honestly doesn't know how to feel. he can't help it but he gets a little insecure. he'll try to subtly stand closer to you and hold your hand in his. that guy may be pretty, but at the end of the day, you're sakusa's, not his.
Tumblr media
★ suna's eyes narrow immediately and he glares at you (though it's more like a pout) while you're talking to this so called "pretty boy." he's real offended cause that's supposed to be your name for him not some other guy. as soon as you're done talking, he's dragging you away to cuddle. he'll just stare at you and he won't say anything but you can tell what's bothering him. taking a nap together and whispering how he's your pretty boy while you play with his hair should fix it.
Tumblr media
★ tsukishima raises a brow but he doesn't say anything. he'll honestly just straight up walk away, forcing you to cut your conversation short. will not slow down for you to catch up, he can be real petty. if you don't understand what's happening, he won't spell it out for you. but he will most likely make a passive aggressive comment muttering something about "pretty boy" eventually and you put two and two together. he won't admit it but your reassurance and snuggles are all he needs to get past it.
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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tobi-momo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader | Oikawa Tooru x Reader | Kozume Kenma x Reader | Akaashi Keiji x Reader | Tsukishima Kei x Reader
GENRE: Fluff | Comfort | Suggestive
A/N: hi hello yes. this. i might make a part two if this gets anywhere
Tumblr media
He finds strange comfort in the feeling of his lips on your neck; his open mouth slowly trailing the sensitive skin on your neck, his hands hugging your waist as you tilt your head to give him more room. He likes to lay next to you when you read on your bed, hugging your waist and digging his head into the crook of your neck, placing his lips on and off your neck with extra noise just to make you laugh all the while bending his knees in between yours so maybe you'd let him lay on top of you, instead. He loves making you feel better after a rough day, grazing the back of his hand against your arms as you stare at the mirror in shame—he truly doesn't understand why you look at yourself this way, you're so beautiful. His head dips down to meet your shoulders with his lips, locking them and moving upward towards your neck, whispering sweet nothings in between because, of course, he's not going to stop until you see how amazing you really are.
His lips have a special place on your jaw, always finding their way there and never letting you go until each and every one of his kisses seep in your wonderful skin. His fingers gently tip your jaw as he balances himself on top of you; a leg of his cutting in between yours and an arm keeping himself up on the other side of your head. Of course, he would move eventually, but the way you seem to grip his wrist when he nips at the sensitive flesh and how you breathe just a little bit harder every time he sucks, he wants to bask in this feeling of victory. It's his favorite way of saying congratulations other than letting the words fall from his lips. Just—pecking your jawline with an audible smile lining his lips as you giggle with joy, playfully pushing him away and failing because his arms won't unwrap around your figure, pulling you closer whenever he loudly "mwah"'s against your skin. He just wants to let you know how proud he is.
When he's in a rush, he gathers the quickest thing to do before he leaves is say "love you," and place a quick butterfly kiss on your puffed cheek before heading out the door. The only reason your arms are crossed as you hand him his coffee and turn your head to the side is that he slept through his alarm. Again. Whenever he has his eyes glued to the computer screen and his fingers grow worn from pressing the "WASD" keys too much, he likes taking a little break to find some food in the kitchen and see your pretty figure sitting on a stool by the island. He greets you, even if he had just seen you a couple hours ago, with a sweet peck to your cheek before you turn your head distractedly his way and press your lips against his, giving him your greeting. He couldn't lie, he loved it when you did that.
He likes to whisper against them, tell you how much he loves you before softly placing his lips on yours, tugging on your bottom lip with a little pinch from his teeth before he lifts your shirt over your head, letting his arms drag across every inch of your body before making it his. He likes to kiss you when he's bored, finding nothing better to do than to just make your lips swollen with his and distract you from all your problems—you can get back to them later. He thinks it's the best way to apologize, make you feel better when you're mad, put a smile on your face and cool your blood flow instead of creating a visible pulse on your forehead. He doesn't expect it to work half the time, of course, he knows he can't make your frustration disappear, but sometimes with an "I'm sorry," and a slow dip of his head and a reach of his neck, his soft lips pushing against your warm mouth make it a tiny bit easier to forgive him. You couldn't not forgive him, now.
He has this weird infatuation with them, your wrists. He has this irk for not giving them enough attention, he doesn't know why. When you two walk together on the sidewalk after having a meal together and your hands swing back and forth from the energy you've miraculously gained from the food you ate, he lifts the hands that embrace his, bringing the back of your palm to his lips for a warm-up, turning your hand around after to lift your jacket sleeve, exposing your wrist to the frosty air. He slowly places his lips atop your skin, letting his mouth rest for a second before he lifts his head and drops your hands. You knew that was one of the only ways he'll ever tell you he loves you. When he's feeling very appreciative of you, and he wants to thank you for all you've done, he does it later at night when you're both laying down in bed, your head dug in a book while he mindlessly types on his laptop next to you, he pauses for a sec to steal your hand from your book, fiddling with your fingers a bit before dragging them upward towards his mouth. You smile when you feel the warmth of his lips against your wrist, letting him take a hold of your hand while he types with one hand. "I love you."
Tumblr media
reblogs are VERY appreciated!
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luvbub · 3 months ago
hello, hope you are doing well, i have a request- recently i have been staying up late and i was wondering if you could do oikawa, iwaizumi, kenma or tsukishima (either one is fine, i cant decide) and how they would force/make their s/o go to sleep
forcing you to sleep
Tumblr media
feat. Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kenma, Tsukishima
♡ a/n: pls I need someone to do this to me HAHA like rn why am I writing so late
Tumblr media
Oikawa is no stranger to staying up late- but he didn’t think that you would do the same
when he comes home late one night after practice, he’s honestly so shocked to see you awake
literally just stands in the doorway, confused
“Y/n why are you still awake?” he asks, taking off his shoes and closing the door behind him
“hm? I was just busy with stuff” you answer, but your boyfriend pouts at this response
he plops down next to you on the couch, resting his head on your shoulder
“interesting. but you know, staying up late isn’t that good for you!” he lectures
“oh really? but you know... don’t you do the same?”
you watch as Oikawa processes this information. he opens his mouth multiple times to try and refute your claim but he stays silent, realizing you’re right
still, Oikawa was adamant
“true, that’s very true Y/n, so I think that means we should definitely go to sleep right now!! you and me!! and don’t even think about arguing” Oikawa announces, scooping you into his arms and carrying you to bed
you could argue- but that would lead to nothing
and you would rather much cuddle with your cute boyfriend
of course, even though tonight is peaceful and cute, tomorrow Oikawa plans on having a very lengthy talk about taking care of your own health
on the bright side he does promise to take care of his health too
a win-win situation
Iwaizumi is definitely the type to sleep early and wake up early (unless it’s the weekend/he’s hanging out with his friends)
so oftentimes, he goes to bed first, thinking that you’ll sleep at a reasonable time
but one night, he wakes up in the middle of the night for water
and when he exits the bedroom, he sees that you’re still awake
he looks at the time, then back at you
“you’re still up?” he asks, catching your attention
“yeah I mean it’s not that late” you shrug, redirecting your attention back to your laptop
but to Iwaizumi, he’s still in shock that you’ve stayed up this late multiple times
he walks up to you, careful to take your laptop from your hands and set it aside
“c’mon babe, let’s go to bed, yeah? it’s late and you really should be getting some deserved rest” he says softly, taking hold of your hands to help you up
“but Hajime I-” you begin to whine, but when you see the stern look your boyfriend shoots you, you keep quiet
you watch as Iwaizumi’s expression softens
“you’ve been tired lately, and I just want you to take proper care of yourself, alright?” he says
he smiles as you nod and follow him back to bed
because honestly? he was right- you were extremely tired
also you knew that if you listened then he would spare you the lecture of staying up late and the effects it has on your body
you know what’s better than being lectured?
falling asleep in Iwaizumi’s arms
these days, Kenma noticed you had been pushing yourself to stay up later
there have been actual nights where you went to bed later than your boyfriend- and that’s saying something
he’s honestly not too sure how to convince you to sleep early because he doesn’t want to come across as a hypocrite since he stays up late too
but if he knew anything about you, it was that you always cared for others more than yourself
so he plays this to his advantage
one evening, before his nightly stream, you catch Kenma about to brew some coffee
“you’re having coffee this late?” you ask, peeking over his shoulder, eyeing the coffee pot
Kenma slowly nods and yawns
“yeah, it’s gonna keep me awake during this stream” he says, his words coming out slowly
you narrow your eyes at him and swiftly take the pot away from him before he can add anything
“nope, no coffee for you! you’re going straight to bed. c’mon, lets go” you announce, grabbing his hands and pulling him to your bedroom
“Y/n, I’m not sleepy yet” he says but doesn’t stop you from dragging him to bed
“hmmmm, well I am... so are you just gonna let me sleep alone?” you ask, giving your boyfriend puppy eyes
Kenma sighs, and the both of you settle into bed
“I suppose not” he answers, giving you a kiss on the forehead
funny, you thought you were helping out him with his sleep schedule when really this was all part of his plan
at first Tsukki had no input on your sleep schedule
you’re old enough to take care of yourself, so he just leaves you be
but then he notices how exhausted you look, your lack of energy, and your fatigue
so he knows that he has to step in
after you’ve eaten and washed up, Tsukishima whisks you in his arms, carrying you to bed, announcing that it’s time to sleep
“I- wait Kei what the heck? I’m not even tired let me go!!” you argue, trying your best to thrash around
“yeah, sure- because the bags under your eyes just scream ‘well-rested’ Y/n” he scoffs, ignoring your complaints
he brings you to bed, and being the loving boyfriend he is, plops you down on your side
but before you can even think to get up and leave, he’s already in bed, holding you close
“okay goodnight” he simply says, closing his eyes
don’t even try to break free from his hold-it won’t work
but honestly, it’s a bit nice to be laying here like this, all snuggled up with your boyfriend
and to be fair, you did feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier, so maybe this wasn’t all too bad
basically, despite your boyfriend’s remarks, behind his facade you knew that he cared for your wellbeing and wanted you to get some rest
who were you to fight all that?
granted if you ever try to call him out for being such a secret softie, he’ll flat out deny this claim
but who’s he fooling tbh
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
reacting to their s/o wearing another guy’s jacket
w/ tsukishima, kuroo, and bokuto!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: here is the requested part 3 of the jacket series! i put the link to part 2 above :) the post linked also contains the link to part 1 if you’d like to check it out!
i haven’t written for tsukki yet so i’m excited to see how this will turn out! i couldn’t fit all the characters that were requested into this one post, so i’ll probably end up putting them in other posts; i hope that’s okay with y’all! anyways, please enjoy and remember that feedback is always appreciated! love y’all💞)
Tumblr media
okay uh.. we all know this man is MEAN
like ok whatever he might have a very small, barely visible, probably not even existent soft spot for you
but this mf is mean asf😐
today you had to meet up with a classmate to finish a school project but you completely forgot
you woke up late and had to scramble to get to school 10 minutes later than the agreed time
in your hurry, you didn’t realize that it was cold as fuck outside, and you didn’t bring a jacket
after finishing the project, you met up with tsukki, noting that his jacket looked pretty warm
“you know i love you, right?”
“...what is it this time?”
“soo hypothetically, if i forgot my jacket at home, would you possibly maybe let me borrow yours.....?”
this man said 😐
then he left you wordlessly to go to class, and you sighed in defeat
the cold was making you shiver, so the same classmate you’d worked with earlier offered you his!
you accepted happily :)
it’s lunchtime now, and you’re making your way through the hallway to find your boyfriend. you spot him talking to tadashi, who waves at you before bidding his goodbye!
kei sees you walking towards him and is about to greet you when he sees what you’re wearing and motions for you to stop.
he glares at the offensive item you’re wearing, and then looks into your eyes disapprovingly.
“what?” you ask, exasperated.
“what the fuck are you wearing?” his eyes lock onto the hoodie around your shoulders.
“this? it’s just a sweatshirt.”
he rolls his eyes at you.
“no shit, dumbass. who gave it to you?”
you cross your arms over your chest.
“why does it matter to you?”
“answer the question, y/n.”
“it was just a friend, okay? he saw that i was cold and offered.”
he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as if he doesn’t have the patience for this. quite honestly, he doesn’t.
he wants to berate himself for getting worked up about this, but observing the way the clothing envelops you in another man’s scent is making him irritated. he wants to tear it off you and make you smell like him instead. it’s possessive and probably a little toxic but it’s driving him crazy.
what’s worse is that he can’t even say these things, because he shouldn’t feel like this at all. besides, he refused to give you his jacket just this morning, so it’s probably his fault anyway.
so he turns away and starts walking, ignoring you. you run up to him and throw more questions at him, which he doesn’t feel like answering. at a certain point, you tug on his sleeve, hard, and he turns around. his eyes widen in surprise.
he hadn’t expected you to actually be fazed by his passive aggressiveness, but there’s a confused, hurt look on your face and now he feels kind of bad.
“what did i do wrong?” you ask, voice small.
he sighs, frustrated, and contemplates what to do. after running through his options, he just decides on the easy one.
he lifts the sweatshirt you’re wearing up over your head, muttering an “up,” as you raise your arms and slip the hoodie off. then, he takes his own jacket, and replaces it.
“you didn’t do anything wrong, idiot. can we move on please?” he mutters, looking away from you, embarrassment tinting his cheeks lightly. you brighten immediately.
as you’re walking, you take his hand and sigh.
“i like yours better, you know.”
Tumblr media
your dumbass forgot to check the weather forecast and now you’re stuck at school with no jacket :(
usually when this happens, your boyfriend gives you his, so you walked to his classroom before school started
he was concentrating on his textbook, probably studying for an exam
you tapped on his shoulder gently
“could i borrow your sweatshirt for the day?”
“oh, sorry baby, i’m a little busy right now. i’ll meet with you at lunch, ‘kay?”
you sighed, understanding but still a little disappointed, and walked to your first class
thankfully, the person who sat next to your desk was a close friend and offered you his hoodie!
you and tetsurou walk to the library for lunch as per usual, chatting about trivial things. both of you sit down and take out your lunches.
“oh yeah, how was the test?”
he looks up at you.
“oh, right. it wasn’t that bad, honestly. i studied a lot and...what the hell are you wearing..?”
he cuts himself off as his have finally travels down to the hoodie you’re wearing. it hangs off of you dramatically, and it’s clear that it’s not a woman’s jacket.
“what? it’s just a sweatshirt my friend gave me. i forgot mine at home today, and he had one in his locker, so he gave me the one he was wearing,” you explain.
“what?” kuroo stares at you, baffled. “you forgot yours and you didn’t even think to ask me, your boyfriend?!”
you stare at him incredulously.
“babe, i DID ask you. remember? this morning?”
“i’m pretty sure i would remember if you asked me.”
you sigh. he really is an idiot sometimes.
“i came into your classroom, and then i asked you if i could borrow your sweatshirt. you said you were busy, so i left,” you explain it to him thoroughly, as if you’re dating a child. (you kind of are😪)
he glares at you, unimpressed, and says nothing.
“babe, what do you want me to do? i mean, would me wearing your sweatshirt make you feel better?”
he grunts and turns back to his food, eating silently. so now he wants to give me the silent treatment, you think.
“alright, suit yourself,” you mumble. you pull the sleeves over your fingers, zip up the hoodie, pull the hood up, and rest your chin on your arms. maybe a nap would be good, you think sleepily.
kuroo glares at you petulantly, mentally whining at seeing you take a cozy, warm nap in some other dude’s jacket. you crack an eye open at him and smile softly, and he loses it when he sees how adorable you look. he gets up and pulls your chair out, unzipping the jacket and taking it off you.
and then in an instant, he’s slipping his own onto you and pushing your chair back in before sitting back down. you stare at him, awe coloring your features. you smile at how adorable your boyfriend is. he really is something else, pouting at you childishly as if this wasn’t his fault to begin with. you sigh contentedly, his scent flooding your senses comfortingly.
“aww, babe, were you jealous?”
“shut up.”
you just giggle.
Tumblr media
you had too many thoughts occupying your mind today
exams, club meetings, everything
so it slipped your mind that it was going to be cold and that you needed a jacket
you realized this on the way to school, but you were already almost there :(
thankfully, your boyfriend looked like he brought one
you ran up to him, hopeful
“kou, do you think i could borrow your jacket for today?”
he stared at you, puzzled
“but if i give you my jacket, then won’t i get cold?”
man kinda had a point😬
you realized he was right and sighed
“‘s okay, i’ll just ask someone else!”
you knew bokuto always had the best intentions, but you also didn’t want him to get cold
but luck was in your favor, as your classmate saw you shivering at your desk and offered you his
you and bokuto make your way into the library, settling into a secluded corner where you always sit during lunch.
you settle into his lap, and he laughs, pulling you in tight and burying his nose in your neck. he inhales deeply.
he stops, and pulls away.
“babe?” you ask, confused.
“where’d you get this?” he mutters, quiet.
“a friend of mine gave it to me,” you answer. “he saw that i was cold, and he had an extra!”
bokuto pouts childishly at you.
“what?” you ask, giggling.
instead of answering, he just takes off his jacket and pushes it at you wordlessly.
“kou, i don’t need one anymore! besides, didn’t you say you were cold? you should put it back on.”
bokuto stares at you. why won’t you accept his jacket? he would much rather have you wear his then some other random dude’s. why would you want to wear that one? wouldnt his be a much better fit?
you’ve dropped the conversation, it seems, and you’re watching something on your phone. when bokuto inhales, he can sense your scent mixed into another masculine, foreign one, and the idea is making him feel nauseous.
he tries again, pushing the sweatshirt at you and nudging you with it, until you put your phone down to look at him.
“baby, i thought you were cold! if you give me yours, then you won’t have one,” you explain. he pouts, and then looks away.
“but it’s not worth it if it means you have to wear someone else’s,” he mumbles, voice tiny. “i’d be cold for every day of my life if it meant you would only wear my jackets.”
you exhale, taken aback. bokuto is so adorable when he’s not even trying to be.
you slip the jacket off and put his on instead, inhaling his scent and snuggling into the soft, warm fabric. the sight seems to placate him, as he relaxes and pulls you back into his chest.
“thank you,” he murmurs, muffled against your neck.
“of course, kou.”
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ohajime · 2 months ago
When they see you wearing another guys hoodie (Atsumu, Bokuto, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Suna, Tsukishima)
Tumblr media
AN: this might be my favourite smau I’ve made yet.. maybe?? I like Kuroos one the most ofc but let me know what you think I hope you enjoy
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