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#tsukishima hcs
kiyelle · a month ago
Tumblr media
with: atsumu MIYA, kei TSUKISHIMA, keiji AKAASHI, tetsurō KUROO
warnings: none !
isabelle says: short but sweet! → haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ ATSUMU ⸻ pulls away from the kiss but keeps his hands loosely around your waist. he runs his fingers up and down your sides as he finally admires the view he’s wanted to see more than anything. you, in his arms. his heart skips beats as he realises that he suddenly feels a step closer to feeling complete. before the very moment he met you he had never considered love as having such importance, but now he can’t imagine going more than a second without your affection. ‘i’ve been waiting to do that for about ever, angel’
*.⋆ʚ TSUKISHIMA ⸻ tries so hard for you not to notice the way he smiles once his lips leave yours. he looks away from you and his hands pull against the strings of his hoodie, twirling them around his fingers, a nervous habit he seems to only have around you. he feels the delicate touch of your fingers on his jaw, guiding his attention back to where it belongs, and he prepares for you to make some kind of sneaky comment on his abnormal lovestruck attitude. but instead, he’s met with an adoring expression that almost makes him breathless. ‘what are you smiling at, idiot?’
*.⋆ʚ AKAASHI ⸻ brings you into his arms the second the kiss comes to a bittersweet stop. he buries his face into the crook of his neck while one of his hands pushes lightly into your back to guide you closer to him. he wonders if you can feel the heat of his cheeks against where they rest upon the slope of where your neck meets your shoulder. but then he realises that he doesn’t care, he wants you to know how absolutely in love he is with you in every way possible. ‘i’ve pretty much been dreaming of this moment, y/n’
*.⋆ʚ KUROO ⸻ leans his forehead against yours and looks into your eyes. he’ll never admit it but he’s so nervous that you weren’t as devoted to finally getting this kiss as he was. but when he sees the way your gaze lights up with hope and happiness he knows he’s too far gone to even think about kissing you as a mistake. he has to bite his lip to stop the massive grin from spreading across his face in eternal excitement. ‘i just kissed the prettiest person in the world, wow’
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs are so so appreciated!
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haik-choo · 11 months ago
hot things tsukishima does
here are the creators and their posts that inspired this!
@0ik6lut - hot things oikawa does (OG)
@ahtsumu - hot things suna does
when you’re at your desk and ask him for help on something he places his hand on one side of the desk and leans down, basically encasing you in his arms
additionally, he’ll talk in your ear and when you look up at him he’ll look down at you and just...smirk before pulling away and telling you to figure the problem out yourself
leans on the doorframe; sometimes you’ll be leaning on wall next to the doorframe and he’ll come up and lean on it next to you, his body warmth making your heart beat 11x faster
when he wakes up one hand is stretching upwards towards the air while the other scratched his stomach and.... :) iz just nice
grabs your chin to look at him and uses his pointer finger to caress your chin before kissing you
has worn the maid costume once. you have a picture of it. on your phone. confidential. you look at it sometimes.... <3
Comfortable in his sexuality and lets you dress him up however as long as he can watch movies while you do it
when you watch movies together he’ll nonchalantly feed you a piece of popcorn but his fingers brush past your lips really slowly and when you both are looking at each other in anticipation he’ll lean back against the couch’s arm rest and pop a piece of popcorn in his mouth
you're on your laptop and ask him for help with something and instead of wait until you move you arm out of the way he puts his hand on the mouse pad next to yours and his pinky links with one of your fingers....
says "oh? and you're gonna stop me?"
when he’s stressed with his work on the computer he’ll sigh lightly and slip off his glasses and place his hand on his chin to look at you across the room, his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his gaze is dark and half-lidded
he’ll be doing something that takes his focus and you think he can’t see you staring at him, but then he’ll suddenly glance at you with thoe electric honey eyes of his and quirk his brow. no smile on his face. just intense stare
taps his pencils and pens against his pretty soft lips out of habit. sometimes looks at you while doing it
wears an plain silver chain anklet
has a prominent adam’s apple and when he drinks water after a game and there’s sweat dripping down his chin it’s. just. yeah.
has pretty hands with long fingers; sometimes he just mindlessly rubs the edge of his desk with his fingers and you can’t help but watch. 
actually takes care of his nails -- like the cuticles are pushed back and they are filed in a pretty shape. occasionally uses nail oil 
his style. either it’s a lazy loose sweatpants (not grey ones, sorry, he knows that trend) and a long sleeve t-shirt or when he goes out and feels like trying it’s khaki pants with white socks and vans with a white button up and a vest pullover on top of it. just. preppy tsukishima. please god. 
when he's sitting on a bed he has one leg outstretched and one leg bent with his arm resting on it, his head in that hand, his other hand scrolling through his phone until you walk in and his eyes flit to you and trail after you until you leave the room
the hottest thing about tsukishima is his stare. the power his eyes hold over you, with or without glasses, is shocking. his eyes are just such a pretty shade of amber with a dark ring around them...the type of guy to forget his glasses one day and everyone has a picture of him from that day because. damn. 
bonus: is the progressive kid in class who you think hates everyone equally but when someone says some Fucked Up discriminatory shit he goes Off on their ass and absolutely schools them 
bonus bonus: tsukishima’s legs. nuff said
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araragomennnn · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
i love you so<3
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x reader
genre: FLUFF with a dash of angst, silent pining, SOFT TSUKKI.
warnings: swearing and yn cracks one cringe dirty joke lol.
a/n: no pronouns used but implied female reader. ive made it my personal duty to feed tsukki simps, I kind of bully Kageyama in this so Kageyama simps, sorry about that. I didn't put much time into this so I apologise if this is shit anyways enjoy.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima was many things.
But what he was not, was a liar.
Or so he thought.
The words were stuck in his throat not daring to come out, mouth agape but only drawing in air.
So all he did was roll his eyes in response, feigning amusement.
What are you in love with me or something? You had asked mockingly, it was a joke and he knew that. Nevertheless, he wished he had answered.
Technically, he didn’t really lie to you but with the regret trickling into the chambers of his heart as he watched you pick out dresses for your date, it really felt like he did.
It’s selfish, how badly he wanted to reel you back in as you left his grasp when he flat out told you not to go.
Breaking him out of his train of thought, you looked at the dress in your hand, head tilted in scrutiny.
“Would this look good on me? I heard kageyama really likes black,” you asked, holding the dress in front of your frame,
“what do you think?”
You’d look beautiful even if you wore a pillowcase he wanted to say but then again it wasn’t him that was taking you out on a date.
“I think my arms don’t have the strength to hold another dress” he deadpanned, gesturing at said arms that were clad with heaps of clothes that you hung around his elbows like he was some sort of hanger.
What was supposed to be a small shopping trip for a single dress as anticipated turned into a humungous shopping spree as he being a whole ass athlete failed to keep up with you as you scurried from one aisle to another.
The universe was exceptionally cruel to him today for making him stand here to help you pick out clothes you were going to wear for another man.
But then again though it hurts to say it, he was your best friend.
And like any good best friend does, he stood patiently with your purse in hand, as you handed him clothing after clothing, following you around the store like a lost puppy and occasionally feeling a couple of heartstrings snap as you mentioned Kageyama’s name, bringing him back down to his pathetic reality.
“Ah” you perched your lips, raising your brows as you looked at the clothes tsukishima was carrying, “I forgot about that” you stated, which earned you an unamused stare.
Tsukishima stared at his ceiling as the sound of the clock ticking filled the room. He had more time than he knew what to do with.
His saturday nights were usually spent at your place, cooking pasta and watching movies but well since you were occupied with something or more accurately, someone else. Here he was lying on his empty mattress in his dimly lit room, left to his own devices,
leaving his mind to wander to thoughts about you.
Were you having a good time? Was he treating you well? Did you really like him?
The last thought made his heart sink and somehow hurt more than it already did.
Sighing into his hands, he decided to spare himself the pain and take a nap.
Only 30 minutes into his nap, his phone started to ding violently on his nightstand, the screen lighting up to show a string of notifications.
His eyes snapped open, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance as he groggily reached for his phone, waking up immediately when he read the sender.
Weren’t you on a date? Worry plagued his mind as he unlocked his phone in a haste.
Were you okay? Did something happen?
Mind spinning with the worst case scenario, he gulped thickly as he scrambled to open your chat.
Until he read your texts,
“I’m kinda nervous we don’t really have anything in common”
“shit he’s here“
“He compared the texture of the onigiri to a volleyball?”
“He talking about volleyballs now”
“He’s explaining to me the difference between his mikasa and molten volleyball for some reason”
“He keeps talking about the ‘heaviness of his balls’ I’m barely holding in my laughter”
“Shit I laughed”
“I coughed real quick so he thinks I just choked thank god”
“I’m outside, it’s freezing in this dress open the goddamn door”
He blinked once, then twice. The words slowly starting to register as his lips tugged into a smile, chest bubbling with laughter at your antics his feet picked up pace as he bolted towards the door, swinging it open.
God, you looked fucking beautiful, especially in that dress.
It hugged your body perfectly, your curves on full display.
You were absolutely stunning.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on your date?”
“I told him something came up and left early”
“Why did you do that?”
“Well as I told you the date was kind of a disaster and anyways I’d much rather spend my saturday with you”
He couldn’t hide his smile anymore, stoic facade crumbling almost instantly, his lips curved into a full blown smile as his heart did little flips in his chest.
“Is that so?”
“Yeah yeah shut up” you rolled your eyes, lips tugging into a fond smile.
Letting yourself into his apartment you tossed your coat onto the couch as you made yourself comfortable on it, switching on the television as you skimmed through what to watch on Netflix.
Shutting the door, he turned to you, smile still evident “what about the 4 hour long trip ‘to find the perfect dress’ that you dragged me on?”
You stretched your arms across the top of the couch, leaning your head back as to look at him.
“I kind of just wanted an excuse for you to take me shopping” you stated, lips curved into a toothy grin.
Sighing at your antics, he plopped onto the couch next to you, ignoring the warmth in his chest the way he’s learnt to.
20 minutes into the movie that you picked, you were out.
Slumped against him, your head rested on his shoulder with your arms wrapped around one of his.
He could never get used to how beautiful you were, no matter how many years that passed he was yet to find anything as ethereal as you.
With the light emitting from the tv screen gracing your features, you looked serene he thought, a sight for sore eyes.
It was unfair, the effect you had on him.
Gazing at you with doe eyes, he slowly detached himself from your grasp, accidentally stirring you awake.
Your eyes fluttered open, orbs half-lidded as you incoherently mumbled something.
“Shh go back to sleep” he whispered as your eyes began to shut, returning to your slumber.
Wordlessly he wrapped an arm around your back and the other under your knees, gently lifting you as he made his way to the bed.
He tenderly placed you down, snuggly tucking you in with a sickeningly soft smile, a smile that reaches his eyes and lights up his face as he slowly leans closer, kissing your forehead.
“What are you in love with me or something?” you had asked.
The answer is yes.
Yes, he was.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings.
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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dilfsunaluvr · 14 days ago
Tsukkishima Kei - Degradation + Mirror
Tumblr media
“Look at you,” your blonde boyfriend laughed as he held your chin so you couldn’t divert your eyes from your messy reflection. “Look at what I did to you. Look at how easily you fell apart.”
Your cheeks were bright red, hair matted and stuck to your sweaty skin. You were shaking so easily, despite his hold on you. “Kei-”
“I didn’t say you could speak,” he tutted, letting go of your face to instead wrap his hand around your throat. Your head tilted up on instinct, already feeling your skin get tingly once again as he pressed on your pressure points. “Maybe that’ll shut you up, yeah?”
While he muttered his tease into your ear, his fingers starting working on your already spent clit; two fingers shoving themselves into your hole. You whined, despite his hold on your neck, and he squeezed harder.
“You look so pathetic,” he scoffed, almost as if he were annoyed at your reaction. “All I’ve got to do is touch you, now? Is that it? I haven’t even done anything yet, and you already look like you’re going to cum again. I thought you knew better than to be a disgusting little slut.”
“I-I’m sorry,” you managed to choke out. Kei’s fingers loosened the slightest bit, allowing you to gulp in a breath of air.
“You’re what?” he asked, knowing full well what you said. “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”
“I’m sorry!” you cried, rutting onto his fingers now. He fucked you back with as much force as he could. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
He listened to you babble on and on, telling him you won’t be bad anymore, you won’t speak out of turn, that you’ll stop being a disgusting whore. Finally, he couldn’t help but rut his cock into your ass, moaning as you continued to cry out for him.
“You want more?” he asked, sitting up and shoving you onto your knees. “I thought you just said you were going to stop being a whore. Now you’re begging like a bitch in heat; you want my cock that badly? You’re so sick.”
“Yes!” you shouted, fisting at the blankets as he teased his cock at your hole. You tried pushing back onto it, but he held you still. Once again, he ripped your head up by your hair to look at yourself in his mirror.
“Yeah,” he moaned, nipping at your earlobe. “Look at yourself; you’re my pretty bitch, aren’t you?”
You nodded, tears streaming down your face, mascara running, and lips bruised bright pink.
“That’s right,” he shoved himself inside you, finally letting out a theoretical breath he was holding in. “That’s right. My pretty fucking slut.”
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katsuchans · a month ago
tsukishima is one annoying man.
he would always make fun of your height, start useless competitions with you every time there is a quiz at school, hide your shoes on top of the lockers (which you cannot reach on your own) after classes— he would annoy you like a little kid deprived of attention.
and oh, he would spoil the ending of the shows on every movie date you two have.
tsukishima thinks it's funny when you try to stand on the tip of your toes just to lessen the height difference between the two of you. he thinks it's amusing when you run up to him after every exam in class, all excited when he tells you his score is a point lower than yours. he finds it adorable whenever you grumble to him to give you your shoes back, arms crossed in front of your chest while glaring at him.
you two have very different personalities. it was a breath of fresh air for him to have you around, telling himself it balances out his sarcastic and cold tendencies (and a very betrayed hinata would go 'what am i to you? a sack of potatoes?' to which tsukishima would simply ignore).
that's why tsukishima hates movie dates.
tsukishima would very much rather hear you laugh and talk, and even nag at him than spend two and a half hours in silence just to focus on a movie.
the first time he spoiled the movie you waited for weeks to watch, it was purely accidental. he apologised, telling you it was hinata's fault for making the team watch the movie with him). you were really annoyed at first but throughout the movie, you couldn't help but keep asking him questions as to what would happen next in the movie. instead of finding it bothersome, tsukishima thought it was a good way to annoy you and hear your voice more even during a movie date. since then, no new movies were safe with him.
throughout your relationship, the two of you fought a lot. some of them were about serious adult matters but the majority of it would just be about him persistently annoying you.
tsukishima is one annoying man, so he couldn't be more thankful enough that you're one patient person who stays with him through all of it.
"don't forget about saturday, okay?"
he says, watching you put on your nighttime skincare products on your face while the two of you are on a facetime call.
"i cleared my schedule for you, don't worry. why are you suddenly scheduling a movie date anyway?" you replied, turning to face him on the phone screen with your face mask on. "also, what are we watching? so i can look it up already since you'll be spoiling it anyways."
tsukishima only chuckles, glancing at the small ring box placed on his desk before turning his attention back to you.
"no spoilers this time."
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storms-playhouse · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
waking up in the middle of the night wasn't ideal. Tsukishima was still asleep next to you and you couldn't help but want him. you grab your phone before shining the light onto his face. he flinches before squinting his eyes open. "what do you want?" he says, obviously a little annoyed. "m sorry. can't sleep and wanted to see you." you cuddle into him a little more and his arm goes down towards your waist. "that's it?" his eyes close as one eyebrow raises. you hum slightly before shaking your head. "what else do you need doll? spit it out." you look at him, pouting. "want you." his hand begins leading down your body before you're able to finish. "that why you couldn't sleep huh?" he reaches his hand behind you, leading himself down your bottoms. "fuckin whore. woke me up cause you need to get off." he starts kneading your ass, causing you to close your eyes while biting your lip. you can feel him slip into you from behind and you gasp. he begins curling his fingers inside you and you grab his shirt, needing to hold onto something. he speeds up, using his other hand to hold down your steadily rising hips. you continuously keep whining out his name, begging for release. "come on, cum for me." he goes a little harder, making you cream around him. after a couple more seconds, you release around his fingers. "now, go the fuck to sleep." he says, before pulling out of you and turning over.
Tumblr media
@lovekyoutani here you go, love. all done.
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dreamesamu · a month ago
Tumblr media
things tsukishima kei does during a video call with you
genre: fluff, college?
ame's note: thinking 'bout cool stuff at midnight and get straight to work that night lol, it's 00:43 am.
⤿ tsukishima kei ▴ miya atsumu
Tumblr media
❅ complaining about why do you want to call him.
the phone buzzes under those papers on his table with your name display on the blue screen and his heart beat faster thinking about what should he do when he sees you and your lovely stupid face. and soon, he faces you with half of his camera in the ceiling.
"what do you want, y/n?"
he hides his smile seeing you with an enthusiastic grin under the camera, the more he tries to act annoyed, the more evidence of him exciting to see you too, and he knows you know that.
"awww my petty baby, you don't miss me? do you?" you tease.
"you suppose to be asleep now, dumbass, why are you even call me this late?"
"well, if missing my boyfriend is wrong then I wouldn't like to be right"
he would be so red, but he'd rather talk to you even he complained about it, hearing your giggles is nothing more comfortable than that, an exhausting day might become relax just seeing your silly rambles and the happiness on your face. "dumbass, quit it already. you're annoying."
❅ let you pick the music to chill together if he is busy on something.
"Kei, I'm drowning in the boredom, talk to me."
"it's your fault calling me when I'm studying, you deserve this,"
tsukishima doesn't even share a glance at the bright screen as he focuses on flipping the pages of his notebook, neither mishear any of your groans, grumble, telling him how bored you are. when those nothing words replace with a huff, you give up and thank god, he knows exactly what to do.
"pick a song," he said as his eyes roll.
"Okay!" what a relief, your grin has returned and your eyes are glued on the screen searching for the song which is your both favourites. he secretly makes a quick glance and smile to himself seeing how exciting you are.
"there, our favourite! you didn't know but it reminds me of you!"
"quit it." was his scoff, little did you know, he is giving you the intense stare when you're highly chill with that song following is the thought of it reminds him of you, too.
❅ observing you when you're rambling and accidentally confesses.
"so I was like, 'oh, what the hell was that?' and she became dumbfounded, it just feels hilarious."
that's when you lay on the bed with him lay next to you through the screen, hearing every single of your ramblings about the day you have, but he can't help looking at your pretty face for long, one of the reasons he loves you is your natural expression, they're chaste.
"I love you."
he let the word escape his lips before his brain could load it, that sudden confession stop you in your tracks with a 'what?' and from that, realization dump in his head and he started to stutter with flushed cheeks between your giggles and your blizzard of questions.
"dumbass, you misheard me, I said the story was interesting."
"pftttt, that does not even rhyme, Kei. I know you love me and I love you too."
and everything ends in this way, the way he knew that he was defeated to your completely correct words, he loves you, very much.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated ♡
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
# tsukki as the supportive college bf !
requested by: eris bby <3 @woahsamu
college bf master list !!
Tumblr media
✫ doesn't let you feel bad about a low grade
fear and nervousness fills your mind as the rustling of papers becomes louder and louder. your professor is calling each student up for their graded exams, and the look on each face walking back amplifies your fear. playing with your hands, you look over to your boyfriend who looks as unbothered as ever. knowing him, he isn't nervous about receiving his grade. your row finally gets called up to the front.
with your graded exam in your hands, you can't help but tremble as your eyes blur. the red marks on your paper are alarming.
tsukki has already put his exam away, yet you're still standing there wondering where you went wrong. you studied, did every practice problem available.
"how'd you do, y/n?" he asks you, walking up to your still figure. you simply show him your paper, hands shaking and all. looking up at him, you notice that his expression remains neutral.
"i studied so hard for this. we studied together, too! where did i go wrong?"
he simply wraps his arm around your shoulder and tells you, "first of all, you didn't do as bad as you think you did. the kid next to me got the whole first page wrong. that's 30 points right there. second, maybe we just need to go over these types of questions again."
you look over to the student who usually sits next to tsukki. he's in tears, too.
"yeah, can we?" you ask him in a whispered voice, and he nods. as you two walk out of the lecture hall, he nonchalantly slips your exam out of your hand and into your backpack in an attempt to get it out of your view and mind.
✫ plans study dates regularly so he can see you
"we're supposed to be studying, you know?" you look over to tsukki, who has his headphones on and is scrolling on his phone.
“hm?” he takes his headphones off and looks over to you. somehow, he still looks pretty after a long day of classes. his hair is tousled and his glasses are slightly slipping off his nose.
“didn’t you say we were having a study date? i don’t wanna study alone,” you whine lightly, annoyed at the fact that you could be napping right now. he smirks at your expression, and then slides over next to you. placing one of his headphones in your ear, he puts his phone on the desk. a playlist called ‘studying w stupid’ is open. you roll your eyes at the title and he laughs — at least it’s catchy.
“okay, now we can study,” he says, pulling your book closer to the two of you. with your favorite song playing in your ear and your favorite boy, despite his annoying antics, beside you, you’re content.
✫ never allows you to pull an all-nighter before an exam
“hey dumbass, why are you still awake?” is the first thing you hear when you pick up his call.
“hello to you, too, kei,” you say with a yawn. “to answer your question, i’m still studying for my exam tomorrow.”
you hear him sigh through the phone, one that shows that he’s just as tired as you are
“just go to sleep. you’ll mess up tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep,” he tells you. although his voice is stern, his words are threaded with sincerity.
“yeah, yeah. how’d you know i was awake anyway?” you ask him. he called you out of nowhere amidst your draining study session.
“your spotify listening activity, stupid. go to sleep, you’re gonna be loopier than you usually are,” he says. he’s right — you aren’t retaining any information at this point, and mindlessly underlining words as you yawn isn’t going to help you pass the exam. you hum into the phone, packing your books up and tidying your desk. as you climb into bed, you say a soft ‘goodnight’ and he says one back. you can tell he’s smiling, his voice gentle and laced with love.
and after he ends the call, tsukki reminds himself to pick up your favorite drink for you after your exam. you deserve it, he thinks.
Tumblr media
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sakuraa-wtp · a month ago
.˚🔪!┊͙ 𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐤𝐞𝐢 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 ❞
Tumblr media
pairings - tsukishima kei x gn!reader
synopsis - general relationship headcanons
warning - none
✎ He's jealous easily, so if he sees you with another guy, he'll put his arm around your hip.
✎ He likes to kiss you on the forehead before going to train, it's even an obligation.
✎ When you aren't looking at him he will look at you with love and remember how lucky he is to have you and that you just love him for who he is.
✎ He likes to draw lines on your hand.
✎ He lets you wear his glasses, he finds you cute with them.
✎ If you are ever sad or in a bad mood, he gives you his headphones and puts in a playlist that he made just for you.
✎ He likes to put his head on yours.
✎ He flicks you on the forehead after he kissed you.
✎ Arguments with him are always hard, he always has his straight face, he says things he doesn't mean and he often attacks your complexes. He will take several days to apologize, because first he will not understand, then he will question himself, then he will feel bad and finally he will come to see you.
✎ He is not a PDA fan but does it to show who you belong to.
✎ He doesn't dare say it but he loves you more than anything.
✎ If you have anxiety, he always makes sure to let you know that you are loved even if he is not too good at expressing it.
✎ He asks Yamaguchi for advice because he doesn't want to hurt you in his way of being and speaking.
✎ He kisses your nose to get your attention.
✎ He kisses your face when you sleep.
✎ He doesn't dare to say his feelings but once he does, you can be sure that he won't let go.
✎ He can't say no to you, he can't do it, when he sees you asking him for something he finds you adorable and it's beyond his strength to refuse you something.
✎ He prefers to be the big spoon, he likes to make you feel safe.
✎ The first time you played with his hair, he hesitated but fell asleep with a small smile on his face.
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keigravy · 2 months ago
falling asleep on face time
bokuto, kenma, kuroo & tsukishima
fluff + tiny drabbles / headcanons
Tumblr media
he knows right away. this man is a simp for you, meaning his eyes will be glued to his screen 90% of the time when on ft with you. though the one time he set his phone down and told you he'd be back in a sec—when in reality it's more like 30 mins. when he comes back with whatever he calls out your name and asks if you're still there; the gentle snores you let out tells him enough. "oh my god..." he whispers as he picks up his phone, quickly screenshotting and setting it as his lockscreen. even though you're asleep he doesn't have the nerves to hang up, instead he mutes himself and waits for you to wake up so he can tell you good morning even though it's not really.
he won't realize you've fallen asleep until hours after. a good majority of your calls and face times are often just comfortable silence with the exception of the soft clicks of his mouse and his keyboard, so most times he just thinks you're there, enjoying his presence. kenma sighs as he leans back in his chair, lips in a straight line as he watches the screen tell him his character has died. "hey babe, do you wanna..." he stops in his tracks as his golden eyes watch your sleeping form. your phone being propped up on a pillow was perfect, giving him a good view. he chuckles and takes a screenshot, and hangs up. he sends you the picture with a little note saying he hopes his sleeping beauty enjoys their nap.
he won't realize it till he looks at his phone. study dates on face time are his thing, especially when you won't be able to come to his house. the sound of kuroo reciting his notes for you to copy and the gentle music he has in the background to make things more "romantic" are just so nice?? "Oh, and if you look on the homework from yesterday, that's basically the same as this question, got that babe?" he asks, sliding his cursor down to said paragraph. the lack of response made him look back to his phone, "baby?" he shuts up real quick once he realizes you're sleeping. he stares at his phone in awe before placing a quick kiss on his two fingers and pressing it onto the device. "i guess i should be heading to bed too then."
tsukishima doesn't like to face time so when you do, you have to make it last hours. after some time he'll complain about wanting to sleep once it gets dark then soon it'll turn into him watching a movie with you on ft. even though you promised to not doze off, its a little hard to keep your eyes open. kei comments on the characters ideology while you hum in agreement, slowly your agreements stop and he's alone in silence. "why would he trip and just sit there? y/n, if that was you what would you do?" he side eyes the phone then back at the tv before fully looking at his phone. "did you really fall asleep on me?" he asks with a small chuckle following after; he knows he can't help but smile. "well, we'll have to finish the movie when you wake up...sweet dreams weirdo"
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, translating w/o permission or using my works for asmr related work.
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xybi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ gender-neutral reader, fluff, children crying, all characters are from the timeskip!
↳ inspired by this tiktok! honestly, i tried this on my little sister when she was still a baby, and i never heard the end of it
↳ hq masterlist
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA couldn't contain the amused grin appearing all over his face—as he held your son in his arms. and as you noticed this behaviour or his, you couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at him.
"my, my, i wonder what my dear significant other's thinking." you then went back to reading the local magazine, enjoying yourself since it was tsukishima's turn to watch over your son for the time being.
tsukishima knocked on the wooden wall, before looking at your son with a feigned worried expression, "oh no, are you okay [son's name]?" he asked, watching as your son cried out for you. immediately tsukishima tried to softly shush the crying baby, but to his luck—the crying just became louder and louder.
the male heard you click your tongue, prior to getting [son's name] from his embrace, "your dad's a meanie, isn't he sweetie? shh.. you're okay, you're okay." you shot tsukishima a glare whilst he could only quietly laugh at your son's reaction. "looks like someone's going to be sleeping in the couch tonight."
"no, i'm sorry-!"
Tumblr media
KUROO thought that it would be a funny idea to mess with his daughter for a bit. and he even convinced you to film him and his son, to you know, remember this specific memory.
"if [daughter's name] doesn't stop crying, you know who's going to sleep in the couch later." you reminded him, before pressing the record button. kuroo smiled brightly, tapping on the wooden door behind your daughter's head before rubbing the back of her head immediately.
and of course, your daughter began crying while kuroo tried to console her. "aw, baby are you okay? sorry, sorry, daddy's sorry!" he smiled apologetically—as your daughter just looked up at his dad with teary eyes. "aww, 'm sorry baby, it won't happen again. i promise."
his statement was followed by a soft laugh, before he placed a small kiss on your daughter's forhead—softly patting her back to help her quiet down. and you couldn't help but smile yourself, seeing such a cute gesture.
Tumblr media
SUNA got the idea from tiktok, once he was scrolling through his for you page this fine evening. he thought it would be fun, wanting to see how your son would react to his little prank.
you sat on the soft mattress, watching over the two with observing eyes. you knew exactly what suna was going to do, and you couldn't help yourself but to grab your camera to film them.
he loudly knocked on the wall behind your son's head, then letting a gentle laugh pass his lips seeing the baby's reaction. to say that your son's confused was an understatement, simply, [son's name] was a little clueless of what his father did. "did you get that on camera, love?"
you nodded fondly, walking towards the two as your son immediately reached out to be in your arms, "i sure did, and you two are such dorks."
"but we're your dorks."
Tumblr media
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kiyelle · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ CUDDLING WITH TSUKKI | requested by: @hiraethblade loml
isabelle says: fluffy kei <3 that’s it! → haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ sharing headphones: it’s only now, with you laying in his arms with a single earphone hanging from his ear, that tsukishima realises how little attention he pays to the lyrics that his music whispers to him. the song that plays is one of love, and although there are thousands upon thousands of love songs out there from thirteenth-century sonnets to modern music, he can’t help but understand each sappy sentiment each artist expresses. the blond is just so hopelessly in love with you that he’s able to apply each lyric to how he feels about you
*.⋆ʚ sneaking under his hoodie: you’ve always wondered what was so special about his moon adorned purple hoodie. why someone as unbothered as kei would get attached to an article of clothing of all things. but as you crawl your way through the small space between his t-shirt and the infamous hoodie, your arms securely wrapped around his torso, you finally understand. you're enveloped by his warmth, an utter contrast to the cold palms that press against your back, yet you’ve never felt so comforted. it’s like you’ve created your own small safe space here with tsukki, protected from anything beyond the soft royal purple walls of fabric
*.⋆ʚ pulling you closer while simultaneously telling you to leave him alone: this is tsukishima we’re talking about and who is he if not a six foot two antagonistic idiot who absolutely assures you that you’re the one taking all the blanket when he’s literally six. foot. two. he’ll roll his eyes with a smug look, pushing you away so lightly with one hand that you barely move an inch as his other hand circles around your waist preparing to pull you flush against his chest in a matter of seconds. he can only act so tough in front of you, he can only go so far pretending he doesn’t want you constantly by his side
*.⋆ʚ soft hidden smiles and longing looks: as much as he’d like to remain behind his silent analytical eyes and snarky comments, they all fall to nothing when you’re together. he looks down at your intertwined hands, squeezing lightly just to reassure himself that you’re here with him and you’re not going to leave him for someone nicer or more optimistic. if you were to turn your head in that moment to glance at him, you would see with all the unexpressed emotions swirling in his eyes, that he’s irrevocably yours
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs so so appreciated + requests are open!
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bellesowl · 7 months ago
hopeless romantics
Tumblr media
- multiple characters
⤷ tsukishima, ushijima, atsumu, kageyama, semi, akaashi
genre: fluff; established relationships, semi’s alludes to timeskip but doesn’t blatantly say it
alternatively: things they do that you wouldn’t expect
inspo: this post by @imaginethathaikyuu p.s. i hope you like the akaashi part!
- a/n: there’s been so so much discourse recently so instead of posting my angst fic i wanted to post something much more lighthearted! and yes, i did try to write of characters i don’t usually write for so please bare w my horrible characterization sobs— and no, i do not write in my books, i buy the transparent post it’s and use those <3
Tumblr media
- tsukishima kei
he writes you little notes and hides them in your backpack
okayy, we all know that he isn’t big on pda, and he probably never will be.
he’s a very private person yk?
buttt that doesn’t mean he isn’t head over heels for you
and a subtle way to show that?
writing mini love letters.
tsukishima watches you with anticipation. you know he put something in your bag, he has been doing for the past couple months- how could you not have figured it out? he sees you pull out his little note and hold his breath. he watches how your eyes crinkle and how you glance back at him, your eyes shining brightly.
you mouth a small “thank you kei!” and turn back around, writing on a small piece of paper. you walk past his desk and slip it onto his desk with a wink.
this will always be his favorite mode of communication. why? because now you have physical, undeniable evidence of his love for you and vice versa- and that’s something he’ll treasure forever.
Tumblr media
- ushijima wakatoshi
letting you write/draw on his arm and vice versa
okay, i know this is very similar to tsukki’s but let me explain
i think ushi is a very words of affirmation meets physical touch type of person
so this is his favorite thing
he doesn’t ever wash it off either, just lets it come off either during practice or after his shower because he knows you’ll do it again the next day anyways
“waka-chan!” tendou exclaims when he sees ushijima walk into the gym, “oh, and y/n-chan too!”
you smile and wave at the rambunctious redhead before turning back to your boyfriend. “tosh, i have to go now, yeah? i’ll come by after my club activities and we can walk back to the dorms together. i’ll see you, okay?” you say, smiling brightly at him.
he leans down and you peck him on the cheek before turning to head out but you stop short at the hand on your elbow, stopping you from leaving. you look at your boyfriend in question before he slightly pushes his left hand forward.
“you forgot to write ‘good luck’. i will not do as well without it.” he says, pushing a pen into your hand.
you laugh lightly before writing a good luck my love! <3 on his arm and finishing it off with a kiss. he blushes slightly before ruffling your hair and nudging you towards the exit.
tendou and semi, who had both been watching the exchange looked at each other before smiling and shaking their heads. who would’ve thought that their stoic captain would be so mushy for their s/o?
Tumblr media
- miya atsumu
he gets very invested in what you’re interested in
so this one is kinda hard to make it so that it applies to everyone but i’ll try (nvm i made it about reading sorry)
unlike what most people think, atsumu isn’t completely self-centered
he cares a lot about others (well, those he likes anyways) and shows it by listening to what they have to say
i also think he’s a very giving gifts type of person so
“tsumu!” you gasp, hitting him slightly
he looks over at you and rubs the sore spot. “yeah, angel?”
“i just finished my book, and apparently the last one in the series is out already! can we go by the bookstore and look for it? please?” you plead
atsumu smirks at you, “well actually, i did have a surprise for ya.” he says, pulling the said book out of his backpack. “i got it for ya when you said you were halfway done with this one, but it only arrived today. guess you’re just a lucky one, huh?”
you tackle your boyfriend, peppering kisses all over his face, thanking him profusely.
so what if he had to spend his allowance for a couple weeks to get you the signed copy? the way he sees it, your happiness is priceless anyways.
Tumblr media
- kageyama tobio
he keeps your favorite snack (or candy) in his bag 24/7
another giver!
also someone you wouldn’t expect to pay much attention to anyone
he loves you very much though and wants to show it by making you happy
you groan, walking up to your boyfriend and his best friend.
“hey y/n!” the redhead (orangehead?) exclaims.
you smile at him before looking up at your boyfriend. “tobiooo” you whine, “do you happen to have any food with you?”
“ha! the king, sharing his food? you’re funny, y/n” tsukishima says, walking up to your group
your boyfriend glares at the blond before looking down at you. “i do, actually. what kind of food are you craving, my love?” he asks, shrugging off his backpack
“do you have any reese’s cups?” you ask, hoping the answer is yes
“i do” your boyfriend says, pulling them out of his bag.
you grab the chocolates greedily before kissing his cheek in thanks while the two middles stare at him in shock
“but you don’t even like peanut butter!” hinata shouts, gaping at him
kageyama rolls his eyes before hitting him. “but my s/o does, boke!” he yells. “maybe you’ll know when you finally get your own s/o, but we don’t even know if that’ll even happen” he finishes smugly.
Tumblr media
- semi eita
he writes you short little love songs (hi @amourdite this is for u)
apart from volleyball, music is something semi is very passionate about
however, this is something he likes to keep very hush hush — the only people who know about it are the vb third years and you
you knock on your boyfriend’s door, hoping to spend some time with him before he leaves for the next training camp. your eyes widen in surprise at the large frame of ushijima wakatoshi opening the door.
“y/n is here, semi. were we supposed to be expecting them?” he asks, letting you in
your boyfriend gets up to give you a small kiss while you reply, “sorry, am i interrupting something? i just wanted to hang out before you all leave for the next training camp.”
they all shake their heads, “no, you’re fine darling. they just wanted to get some last minute prep in but we were done anyways.” semi reassures, hoping the three third years would take the hint.
they didn’t, choosing instead to make themselves more comfortable. you laugh slightly at your boyfriend’s expression and try to change the subject.
“so, eita, could you play us that song you’ve been working on? it’s almost done anyways, yeah?” you ask and he nods, getting up to grab his guitar.
the song he plays you can only be described as pure poetry with some beautiful melodies added on. watching him sing has always brought you joy, but watching him sing a song he wrote for you? it filled you with pure, unbridled happiness.
you all clap at the end, your eyes shining with love for your boyfriend. the boys praise him, with little you could do this for a living! and i think you joined the wrong club, semisemi!
you get up to kiss him and he pulls you into his lap. “did you like it, my love?” he whispers into your hair, “i sure hope you did, considering i wrote it for you”
you laugh and assure him you did because how could you not love it?
Tumblr media
- akaashi keiji
gives you books he knows you’ll love and writes cute footnotes in them
i hc akaashi as someone who likes to read a lot outside of volleyball
i also hc him as someone who doesn’t mind writing in his books, believing it’s something meant to be fully enjoyed, something meant to be made completely personal
you walk into the gym, waving at your boyfriend. he calls for a small break and walks over to you.
“hey love” he greets, kissing the top of your head. “i have something for you.”
he pulls out a fantasy book and hands it to you. you take it, immediately flipping it over to read the back. akaashi watches as your eyes shine and the corners of your mouth lift into a small smile.
you bite your lip to contain your excitement as you ask “but i thought you didn’t like fantasy books?”
he shakes his head, “but you do. and i wanted to see what all the hype was about, so i read it. it’s good. you’ll love it” he promises
you give him a small peck in thanks and head to the bleachers to wait for him.
“i hope you know i’ll be reading this the rest of your practice, keiji” you say with a smile
he rolls his eyes in false exasperation. “i brought it onto myself, i guess. you really can be your own worst enemy, huh?”
you laugh and shake your lead, waving him off.
he glances over at you every once in a while, smiling at your immersed expression. god, he thinks, i really am whipped, aren’t i?
Tumblr media
gen taglist: fill in the form to join!
@luvnami @iwaizumean @defnotanotherhaikyuusimp @kybabi @rachel-dg @carameian @tetsusaki @imarizaki @ewitsellaa @heartpopper @arrogantsonofabiscuit @ilovecheese08 @cemeiia @itsmeaudrieee @moonlightangel @omisluvr @1-800-teddybear @devilgirlcrybabiey @crapimahuman @curiouslilbeast @anejuuuuoy @dearkodzuken @yukae-rin @sushijimawakatoshi
*note: bold and italics cannot be tagged
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playersluv · 4 months ago
hello there~ can i request jealous sex with tsukishima kei x f! reader but with a fluff ending please 🥺 thank you!
— his bunny.
Tumblr media
characters. kei tsukishima + f!reader
warnings. “bunny” + degradation + dacryphilia + breeding mention + jealous sex + possessive sex + markings
wc. +1.6k
genre. smut/soft smut towards end
a/n. oooh yes. i hope u enjoyed this as much as i did writing it!! <3
Tumblr media
kei rarely gets jealous in public, to be honest. his reactions limit to maybe a condescending look or sarcastic comment or two, but nothing major. he tends to let out his frustrations when you get home if you know what i mean. besides, he's smart, he knows what's his and he knows just how to remind you.
one day, per your usual routine, you're on the train with kei. both of you left standing because there are no spare seats left, but you don't really mind. you idly chat with your boyfriend, trying to keep yourself occupied. it works for a while until kei pulls out his phone and taps play on his music, drowning you out for whatever reason. you huffed but didn’t bother him further. you knew how kei could get, social battery running out quickly. you turned away from him slightly, looking for something else you could do. as you scan your surroundings, you’re met with a familiar face already staring back at you. tsukishima, too invested in whatever’s on his phone, doesn’t notice when your grasp on his hand slips away.
“kuroo! it’s been forever!” you greeted him with a hug, a large grin playing on your face. he returns it with his own sly one, patting your head affectionately. “it sure has, kit. how’ve you been?”
you blushed at the old nickname he gave you back in high school but nonetheless engaged in small talk. it felt peaceful to have an engaging conversation with someone who you’ve known for what felt like forever. you manage to cover many topics, your career, love life.. sex life. now that was an awkward conversation.
“and is skinny jeans pleasing you enough?”
your eyes went wide, cheeks heating up instantly. of course, kuroo’s a trusted friend and you didn’t mind telling him whatever he asked about. the embarrassing part was.. you didn’t know how to answer.
yes, kei pleases you whenever you have sex. always gives you soul-shattering orgasms.. but when was the last time you DID have sex? a week ago, maybe two?
kuroo read your expression with his cat-like eyes, taking in the way you had to think about your answer, and sighed, “he isn’t, huh? what is it? he too vanilla for you, too shy?”
at his words you shook your head rapidly, “oh, no no no- kei’s NOT vanilla!” you defended him. he wasn’t. the degradation, ropes, edging.. yeah. definitely not vanilla. you rubbed your arm and looked off, voice getting quieter as you spoke, “it’s just.. been a while, i guess.”
kuroo hummed in understanding. his eyes searched for tsukishima, glaring down at him and observing him. he then leaned down to your ear, whispering slyly, “well, kit. i think i can help you.”
you let out a squeak at what he implied, “uhm, tetsuro.. i don’t think-“ he cut you off with a chuckle, waving his hand dismissively, “no, not that. i’ll help you get tsukki in bed again. but.. you have to listen to me, okay? and know i don’t mean any harm.”
you gazed up at kuroo, a determined look on your face. “okay, yeah, i gotcha.”
kuroo laughed again and pat your head. his relaxed and closed eyes soon shot open at the sudden lurch of the train, you falling back and him falling with you, his arms caging you against the train walls. at the sudden movement, kei looked up to find you, wondering if you’re okay. when he did spot you, his concern turned cold. why were you letting some random guy hover over you so closely?
he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket and maneuvered his way past people, straight to you and whoever the fuck that was pressed up against you. he heard your soft giggles and his nostrils flared. kei immediately grabbed the shoulder of the man on top of you, pulling him back.
“get the fuck off my girl, idiot,” he seethed, even though he saw a face he recognized. he didn’t care that it was an old friend of his, he had no right being that close to his girl.
kuroo all but smirked, “maybe if you fucked her as she deserves then i’d know how claimed she really is.” you gasped, your expression shocked from the words that left kuroo’s mouth. they were so vulgar, not sugarcoated at all. you didn’t expect him to take this route. “i mean, look at her!” he nods his head to your nervous form, “no marks or hickeys, no evidence that she’s yours. can’t really blame me, tsukishima. almost made her mine.”
you kept your eyes on tsukishima the whole time, eyes wide- almost begging for him and take you. you seemed like you were uncomfortable with how upfront kuroo was, and your boyfriend could tell. kei gave a smirk- the fakest one he could muster, “you’re so right, kuroo. maybe i’ll do that as soon as we get home!”
and sure enough, he did.
his hips snapped against yours, long fingers tangled in your hair, pulling you back and making your back arch beautifully for him. his voice is husky next to your ear, angry, “this is what you wanted huh, bunny? to just be fucking used like a cocksleeve?”
he waited for a response, burying his head into your neck, nipping and sucking at your painted skin. taking kuroo’s advice, kei marked you up. bite marks, hickeys of pink and purple colors littering your neck. but you could barely answer- too fucked out. god, you missed this. missed him being so close and intimate with you. “y-yes, kei. needed to be your toy. needed to be f-filled up!”
he laughed at the whine in your voice, “so pathetic. couldn’t even tell me yourself.”
he pulled away from you, his cock leaving your abused hole. you cried at the loss of contact, his hand flying to your hips to spin you around to lay on your back, only to find him glaring at you. his cock brushed up against your sensitive bundle of nerves making you gasp, wiggling your hips for more. kei’s large hand grabbed the flesh of your hips with a bruising grip, silently telling you to stay still. stay obedient for him.
“such a little slut. i bet you wanted me to take you like this huh? or perhaps, right in front of him? your dripping pussy on display." he slipped himself back in your warm cunt, groaning as you clenched around him, slight tears falling from your eyes as you shook your head. “no! ‘m just for you, kei!” his mood shifted as he watched you cry for him, loving the power he had and your devotion to him.
“my pretty little bunny is crying for me. how sweet,” even though kei sounded condescending- mocking of your tears, he took a hand and wiped your tears away, rolling his hips against yours languidly, a contrast from how rough he was previously being. he didn’t know why his demeanor changed, maybe because he has an oh-so-obvious soft spot for you, but he needed to make you feel him. and as he did so, you moaned softly at the feeling of him inside you, you could feel every vein and ridge of his cock, could feel it pulsing in you. god, how he loved your moans. for him, only ever him.
“that’s my little bunny, my personal slut,” he brought his head down to you, his voice almost raspy from how much he was trying to hold back. at that moment, he just wanted to feel you, kissing you slowly, nipping at your lips, and tangling his tongue with yours. he pulled away, ever so slightly, gazing into lust-blown eyes as he sped up. he leaned down, on his elbows, caging you in, his forearms under you and holding your shoulders to easily move you on his cock. you whine and moaned and keened against him, hands finding purchase as you left your own marks on his back and shoulders.
"who's pussy is this, bunny? who does it belong to?"
all you could manage was a broken song of his name, pleading to cum, letting him know he owned you, "you, kei! it's yours, all yours!" you clenched around him making him growl into your ear, moving inhumanly faster to chase his high, his balls smacking against your plush ass, no doubt sore from the spanks he gave you for being such a whore. “let me breed you like the bunny you are, yeah?” you, drunk off pleasure, complied, babbling incoherent sentences. all kei could make out was a broken moan of “yes,” and that was enough for him- that’s all he needed to hear. “come on bunny, cum. i know you wanna come all over me. do it.”
at the sound of his words, you did as he said, legs shaking and squeals coming out of your mouth as your vision went white. kei let out a moan of his own, the way you clenched around him- milked him for everything he had- was so euphoric to him, causing him to spill his hot seed into you. he didn’t slow down, the sounds of your mixed essence sloshing around inside of you, spilling. was too lewd, and he wanted to prolong your highs as long as possible.
“kei, i love you!” you mewled out, fingers grasping his biceps as your legs shook.
he slowed the thrusting his hips as he heard your words, stilling inside of you. for once, he gave you a soft smile, capturing your lips with his own, and moving against them gently. kei knew how rough he could be- how cruel, but he always knew that you had his heart. always would.
“my little bunny. i love you, too.”
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hq-girl-next-door · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴛꜱᴜᴋɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ'ꜱ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴꜱ
Characters: Kei Tsukishima x GN!Reader
Type: SFW/NSFW Headcanons
Tags: Fluff, smut references at the end, celebrating birthdays
A/n: I whipped this out in like 20 minutes the night before and my brain has been shit lately. But I wanted to write something for Tsukishima’s birthday! Pls enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤏ Kei isn’t one to make a big deal about his birthday and will insist that you don’t get anything for him or throw him a big party 
⤏ You respect Kei’s wishes to an extent. You might not throw him a big party but of course you’re still going to get him something. And usually what you get him is either meaningful or some sort of inside joke
⤏ In the morning Kei will wake up to kisses all over his face. His brows pinching together to be woken up in such fashion but he can’t say anything after you tell him “Happy Birthday”. A small smile creeps to his lips as he sleepily scoffs 
⤏ He might seem annoyed with all the questions of “what do you want to do today?” “what do you want to have for dinner?” all of the basic birthday questions. But deep down he’s so super thankful for you and that he has someone that cares enough to celebrate his birthday with. 
⤏ If you guys go out for his birthday and do something expect much hand holding and him standing close to you. Sure he likes that you care enough to take him somewhere but he’s not going to stray far from you and “explore”
⤏ A lovely strawberry shortcake would be made for him as that’s his favorite food
⤏ Then when night falls who knows what’ll happen. It’ll depend on his mood. Sometimes he just likes to cuddle with you and watch a movie. And sometimes he’s feeling a little naughty
⤏ And when he’s feeling naughty, you can do anything and everything to and with him. Giving him all the pleasure this hard working man deserves and letting him be the focus of the night since it is his birthday after all 😏
Tumblr media
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svnaslove · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ taking the blame for them ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊
Tumblr media
[anon; ] I end up doing this a lot, so maybe the boys reaction to their crush taking the blame for something they did in school? (Maybe with Tsukki, Suna and Iwa? Or anybody you prefer really!)
[ans; ] ahhh tysm for this ask i love it smmmmm, pls i love how you also recommended the best characters for this prompt too omg || suna’s is in a conveniece store ||
~i ended up only doing tsukishima and suna because of how long they got but i might do a second one with iwa and another character, probably either daichi or suga :))
Tumblr media
your gaze on tsukishima embarassingly fell upon him once again as he entered the room. it was embarassing really, it was like you couldn’t exactly look away. he seemed different today though, the classroom was mostly empty except for a few people since the bell had just rang, everyone was just now getting into their classrooms.
your brows furrowed slightly when you watched tsukishima tighten his fist and your eyes widened when your eyes followed his fist to hit the wall, in consequence knocking down the teachers’ computer in the process, shattering the screen. your facial expression was in shock and you saw tsukishima hiss the word “shit,” under his breath.
an exasperated yamaguchi that saw what happened went over to his friend asking what happened to frustrate him to this length as you huffed out and stood from your seat, walking past them to see if the teacher was coming soon. “goddammit i can’t miss practice today to detention,” tsukishima cursed under his breath, “yeah tsuki but maybe you shouldn’t just go punching things when you’re frustrated over volleyball.” yamaguchi replied slightly annoyed with a stern expression on his face. 
“you’re a dumbass, you know that?” you remarked looking up at tsukishima from the door, his gaze not too far away from you as he stood a foot or two from you. his mouth fell open in disbelief of what you had just called him and the tone that you had used, almost... almost irritated. “excuse me? w-” he was cutoff by the teacher walking in and gasping at the sight of her computer broken. “what happened?” she demanded. you sighed and shared a look with tsukishima, as soon as he opened his mouth you pinched his arm much to his dismay, “it was me, i accidently stumbled upon your desk and it feel, i’m sorry.” you falsely confessed. “ouch” tsukishima said in an annoyingly directed tone as he rubbed his arm. 
“you will be having detention with me, y/n, i understand it was an accident but i will need to have you in detention to earn back the fixes to the school computer, i know you wouldn’t do it on purpose.” “yes ma’am,” you replied in content.
tsukishima who just finally caught on to what just happened gave you a look, “what?” you asked, almost annoyed with his look that he was giving you. “why did you do that, dumbass? it wasn’t you.” 
“because you’re a dumbass.” you replied huffing and returning to your seat.
tsukishima followed you and took a seat behind you, “I’M the dumbass? i didn’t just get myself into detention on purpose.” tsukishima smirked and leaned forward tapping his finger on your shoulder for you to turn around.
as you turned around you ended up facing him a little too close, his face inches from yours as you felt his breath, “or maybe you just did it because you have an unbearable attraction towards me.” he whispered and pulled back almost immediantly.
your cheeks warmed at what he had said and your eyes had widened slightly, you raised your hand in opposition as you started before being cutoff by tsukishima grabbing your wrist and leaning towards you again “it’s okay, i like you too, dumbass.” he smirked and fell back to his seat as the teacher started the lesson in front of you, your cheeks burning up at this point, “shut up” you spit, turning around to face the teacher, cursing yourself for doing that.
you knew he liked you and you knew you liked him, but having him confess it and pushing you about it pissed you off.. in a way that you almost liked but you pushed the thought so you could focus on the lesson
his breath hit your neck once again as he leaned on his desk
“oh? okay,” his smirk was almost evident with his teasing tone as he pushed you on, “but before i do, are you free this weekend?”
“oh come on y/n, why don’t ya go out with me, will ya?” he teased in that annoying high-pitched voice as he mimicked atsumu. “i swear to god rintarou, if you keep pushing it i will-” he cut you off as he leaned his face down to face you, “you will what?” your frustration hit the roof “ughahh” you let out, pushing the boy out of your way as you headed to the convenience store with your best friend.
“i hate you.” you stated, walking ahead faster than him. suna stuffed his hands in his pockets and laughed watching your attempt of running away from him. “no you don’t, princess.” you rolled your eyes at the name, “quit calling me that idiot.”
“yes ma’am” he mocked as he caught up with your smaller strides that you worked so hard on to get away from him. he easily took up the space between you two again with his longer strides.
“why don’t you go out with atsumu by the way?” he asked, dropping his poking and actually being serious for a second. you were taken back from his drop in attitude and decided to answer him, “i- i don’t know...i-” you turned to face him as you caught his green eyes watching you intently for the answer, the way his facial features were paying close attention, the way he naturally leaned to you to know. your cheeks warmed slightly and you decided to push the subject away “shut up don’t ask me why i don’t want to.” you averted turning your head the other way.
suna caught himself, realizing what he must’ve looked like, entranced to know what it was that atsumu does that he shouldn’t do so he could finally have a chance.
‘dammit,’ he thought. ‘just be confident.’ he told himself, trying to muster the courage to pull what he was thinking of doing, even though he thought he’d never have a chance with you.
he opened his mouth to say something but quickly changed what he wanted to say, “you’re too pretty for him anyways.” he sighed, quickly entering the conveniece store and heading to use the bathroom as a way to escape the compliment he just gave you and to avoid being teased by you, because if anything, he’d rather not hear you teasing him in the friend kind of way that you do.
suna walks out a second later, giving you a soft smile as you called him over to the slushies happily picking to mix watermelon and punch, that smile of yours making his heart race again as he bit his bottom lip to stop himself from smiling like an idiot. “come make your slushie ‘taro.” you smiled. he headed over to you and sighed, “i want a coffee slushie.” he said tiredly. you scrunched your nose, “that’s so gross ‘taro.” earning a laugh from him again, “i’m just gonna get an energy drink.” he laughed and headed to get one for himself, “give me your slushie, i’ll pay for it.” 
“what?? no i’ll pay for it, my wallet’s righ-” you dropped as you noticed you had forgotten your wallet.
“you forgot your wallet, princess.” he stated taking your slushie biting back a smirk when your expression turned to him, “how did you know that i forgot my wallet?”
“you left it on your bed before we left.” he said before turning back around and heading to the snack isle.
you huffed at his attention that he noticed that you had forgotten your wallet, “okay i’m gonna use the bathroom.” you sighed.
“kay, i’ll be outside by the time you leave.” he called.
you finished up in the bathroom and headed out as you smiled politely to the employee behind the counter as you passed by and pushed open the door.
“sorry, i’ll pay you back” you sighed as the door closed behind you.
“you don’t have to, i didn’t pay for it.” he said simply handing you the slushie. 
being friends with suna, you never know if he’s joking or being sarcastic, you give him a look and realize that he wasn’t joking. 
he burst out in laughter at your expression and exasperation as you hit his shoulder lecturing him, “owwwww, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s only 99 cents, y/n.”
“your moral compass it busted, ‘taro.” you huffed right in timing as the stocker for the convenience store walked out, “uhm hi, i noticed that you had taken the items out without paying.” the stocker nervously laughed.
suna’s facial expression turned to stone as he realized he might’ve fucked up. you turned to the stocker and laughed nervously, matching his tone, “sorry i forgot to pay for these and i forgot my wallet at home, would it be okay if i came back and payed for it, i’m a regular here.”
the stocker noticed that it was just a slushie and let it go, “it’s alright, i’ll just pay for it.” you thanked him gratefully as he walked back in.
“smooth talker.” suna remarked.
“but you got yourself a free slushie, i wonder what he’ll do when he realizes i took chips and an energy drink too.” he laughed.
you stared at him, too frustrated with him to do anything and just stare at him until his head exploded or something of the latter, that is, until you noticed the amused expression on his face and your own fire died down as you noticed how giddy his smile made you. how you’d do anything to actually have a chance with him.
you both stood there staring at each other holding the shoplifted items as even rintarou’s smile fell down a bit and he started to feel nervous.
“what, you like what you see princess?” he teased, earning his cockyness again.
“tch, shut up” you spat walking back home with him, slushie in hand.
“why did you take the blame for me?” he asked, his tone curious as he watched you carefully.
“because i didn’t want you to get in trouble.” 
“but then you would’ve been in trouble.”
“that didn’t matter to me, i just didn’t want you in trouble.”
suna laughed again, but this time his eyes searched where to look, as he got nervous again “are you serious?”
“yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, the reason i won’t go out with atsumu is because i like you.”
you looked at suna whos’ jaw had absolutely fallen.
you enrupted in laughter at the sight of him freaking out at your confession, yet ultimately relieve that your feelings weren’t unrequited.
“that’s it,” suna caught up with you and took your hand in his, “we’re dating now and you owe me a kiss now because you had me thinking i was an idiot.”
your cheeks warmed again as he took your hand as you squeezed his and you both met eyes, “you are an idiot, ‘taro.” you smiled, tip toeing to kiss his cheek, making him blush deeply and squeeze your hand back, as he smiled like an idiot again.
“yeah but you like me.” he smirked.
Tumblr media
pls i don’t think i’ve done this before either though but i started doing the characters pov instead of y/n completely by accident and i don’t know how i feel about it pls lmk if you all like it or not fjsdkl
Tumblr media
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izukult · 5 months ago
haikyuu boys and icks (pt 2)
requested by the fav @angefleur sorry this literally took me months.
haikyuu boys are just that!! boys!! they are disgusting, i hate them. here they are as / with icks
characters: hinata, kageyama, oikawa, sugawara, yamaguchi, tsukishima, bokuto, akaashi, iwaizumi, matsukawa, hanamaki, kuroo, kenma, tanaka, nishinoya, daichi, atsumu, lev
hinata shoyo; i’m so sorry but he wears tighty whities lol— don’t have much else to say about this, but sometimes if he bends down to pick something up you see them😕
kageyama tobio; awful, awful grammar— i know they don’t speak english and i don’t know the japanese equivalent to this, but he gets you’re/your, too/to/two, they’re/their/there wrong all the time. it’s hideous. “your good” “yea i thought so to” “there stupid lol”
oikawa toru; owns an eat, sleep, game shirt— he doesn’t even actively game, he bought it because “he plays volleyball games”. it’s disgusting and he wears it with pride.
sugawara koushi; talks really tough but cowers away if he’s called out— he’d been too loud for the small store and you both knew it, but he’d told you he simply didn’t care. that was until the store manager came over and he’s awkwardly standing in his place, cheeks heating up as he gets lectured while he stutters out a bunch of apologies, saying he didn’t mean it.
yamaguchi tadashi; “keep your eyes on me”— if someone he cares about is going though like an anxiety attack or anger, he does “the speech”. i don’t think he means to be repulsive, but it is. “guys! i can help them! i can fix them!” no.
tsukishima kei; sighs really loud on purpose— whenever he’s mad and really wants you to know about it, he’s gonna practically scream a breath. if you don’t react the first time, he clears his throat a little and does it louder, his whole upper half moving with it.
bokuto kotaro; gets really angry when you tell him about bad things— you’d just told him a shitty thing you’d gone through and he’s fuming. but not just angry for you— he’s shaking in his boots, face red and hands balled into fists as he starts basically threatening a wall
akaashi keiji; mansplaining everything— oh my fucking god. it doesn’t matter what it is, even if you know it, even if you studied it, even if you have a goddamn phd in it, akaashi is going to tell you how it works as if you don’t know. so annoying.
iwaizumi hajime; orders for you at a restaurant— you don’t ask him to and you don’t even have the chance to say your answer. when your waiter asked if you wanted anything to drink, he immediately said two waters before carrying on with his convo. doesn’t even realized he came off an ass?
matsukawa issei; sends you a bunch of vape tricks— you didn’t ask, you don’t care. but he’s sending you really shitty o’s and banes as if you want it. and he thinks he’s hot shit about it, too.
hanamaki takahiro; shouts names of basketball players to throw away trash— he gears up to do it and makes a big deal about it before he does. if it were america, he’d say kobe as he shoots for the trash can, but then he awkwardly shuffles when he misses, walking over to pick it up and actually throw it away.
kuroo tetsuro; freestyles for you and makes you listen— he gets off the charts bothered if you laugh or show any indication of not liking it. it’s super uncomfortable and you’re both just sitting in his room. you’ve been completely silent for the past nine minutes, while he repeats himself.
kenma kozume; gets embarrassed mad— if someone proves him wrong on something he was actually trying to talk about, he’s coming up with excuses and denying every reason he was ever slightly wrong. will also throw an insult.
tanaka ryunosuke; his camera roll is full of fuck boy selfies— face in his pillow, collarbones in bed, shirtless mirror pics, etc. and posts almost all of them on a private story called “elite baddies🥶🔥” that has literally everyone on his snap
nishinoya yu; can be a huge pick me boy— has definitely sent multiple people “but i’m too ugly for a girl like you🥺🥺” shut your fucking mouth noya, yes you are. it’s not his whole personality because he is pretty confident, but he definitely has his awful moments.
daichi sawamura; sends working out vids— he’s doing push-ups in his room, and in theory you’d thought it would be really attractive. but his form is off, and for an athlete he sure is out of breath and you can tell he’s struggling.
miya atsumu; asks his mom to go somewhere and when she says no he starts crying— he’s full out sobbing at this point, throwing his hands up as he complains about how unfair she’s being. he begs, too, trying to bargain ways to go with extra acts of service.
lev haiba; constantly gets pranked with the placebo effect— his friends will hand him something and tell him it’s alcohol, and he’s wincing at how it burns. thirty minutes later and he’s laughing his ass off, covering his mouth as he goes “guyssss, i’m not drunk” with a slur on his words.
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yamnotes · a month ago
Tumblr media
when you fall asleep to their voice, ft. tsukishima, suna, and kenma.
warnings: none gender neutral!
Tumblr media
y/n: hello? kei: why? y/n: what? kei: why'd you call me? y/n (scoffs): excuse you! i just wanted to hear your voice. if you don't want to- kei: okay, okay, sheesh. , calm down y/n: i'm sleepy kei: sleep y/n: no kei: don't y/n: kei: hello? kei: did you really fall asleep? kei: what an idiot. good night stupid.
Tumblr media
y/n: whatcha doin'? suna: commiting tax fraud. y/n: anything else? suna: looking at memes about tax fraud. y/n: send me one. suna: aren't you supposed to be sleeping? y/n: so should you. (notification bell) suna: it's a cat meme. stare at all you want. y/n: suna: hello? suna: alright, i'm sorry for sending my picture. i'll send you a real picture now. (notification sound) suna: y/n? suna: are you sleeping? suna: what a baby. make sure you dream about cats.
Tumblr media
y/n: kenma! kenma: what? y/n: what are you doing? kenma: playing a game. you? y/n: trying to maintain my sanity. kenma: good luck with that. y/n (yawns): thank you, comrade. i also wish you the best wishes on your journey. kenma: y/n: kenma: y/n? kenma: is that your breath? are you asleep? kenma: sweet dreams, i guess.
Tumblr media
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the-magicians-blue · 4 months ago
Tsukishima has so much anxiety when it comes to dating you. He always felt like he was never enough for you, that one wrong move would cause everything to end on the spot. He worries that what says is too harsh or that he’s done something insensitive. He struggles with showing love and he feels so blessed that you’re willing to be patient with him but every now and then he’s scared he’s used up his last chance. So to combat this you decided to start a little routine with him. During the day Tsukishima writes down every time he feels like he offended you in the notes of his phone and sends it to you at the end pf the day. You then call him after practice and talk through each situation and let him know if it actually hurt your feelings or not. This practice make him feel so safe in the relationship and so loved. He’s always had a hard time speaking about his deepest feelings and the fact that you actually read everything single word he’s typed out (and trust me its a lot. That man’s brain runs a mile a minute when it comes to you) means so much to him.
On one occasion when he really thought he fucked up instead of people picking up after practice he showed up to your house. He was angry over someone teasing him about a test failed and snapped at you. He swore to his teammates over and over that really crossed the line this time and that you were gonna leave him. So when you opened your door he stood there tears in his eyes, begging you not to leave him. You brought him to your room to calm him down before reassuring that one bad day isn’t gonna stop you from loving him which only made him cry more. He still doesn’t get why you chose him but at least once a day he thanks the universe that you haven’t changed your mind.
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kakyoinsbunny · 2 months ago
All Tsukishima kinks go
We all know that Kei has a strong tongue, he loves to look down on people and gives them quick quips that show how clever he is. Usually you’re the exception to Tsukki’s harsh language… except when he’s in bed with you.
“You fucking slut” he growls, grabbing your hair and shoving your face further onto his cock “did you think you could get away with being a dirty little whore and I wouldn’t notice??”
When Kei feels especially soft though, he just enjoys how you feel around him and will even give you occasional praise. He thinks degrading you all the time is too much and he cares about you too much to actually hurt your feelings
Tsukishima definitely dishes out a lot of punishments due to the fact that he prefers a bratty s/o that’s not afraid to talk back. He usually bends you over his lap while making you count his spanks, sometimes running a finger up your weeping slit.
“Ha! Are you getting off on this?” smack! “fucking disgusting little thing” another hit to your back side as he grips the flesh and harshly massages it. “Did I say you could stop counting?”
During punishments and rougher times in bed, Kei 100% expects you to call him by a title. He doesn’t care what it is but if you call him Tsukki or Kei you’re fucked. He expects you to say “Sorry Daddy” or “Yes Sir” and follow his commands. You’re his little angel
“You know baby, I don’t like punishing you” he sighed and frowned, looking down at you “but you keep getting yourself in trouble”
“I’m sorry daddy!! I’m sorry!! It won’t happen again I prom- Ah!” You were cut off by a harsh slap to your naked pussy
“Prove it to me then”
That’s it for now 😼 Lmk if u want more or kinks for another character! (it doesn’t have to be haikyuu)
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