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#tsukishima headcanons
Tumblr media
#includes: Tsukishima and Suna
#genre: Smut, hurt/comfort, fluff ending i guess?
#description: when they take degradation too far and hurt your feelings. Idea from @heartzdesirez
#warnings: heavy degradation, words like: bitch, slut , whore etc, roughish sex, afab reader, restraint, tears, kinda toxic.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Tsuki had always been a bit mean when it came to the bedroom , always preferring degradation over praise and for the most part you were okay with it. He never done anything you were uncomfortable with and always made sure to check up on you before and after, because that was and always will be his main priority.
He had come home after a practically rough day and just needed something or someone to take his frustrations out on and what better way than to have sex with you. You also weren’t having the best day so you immediately reciprocated Tsuki’s rough kiss, hoping it would take your mind off all the shit that’s weighing down on it.
One thing led to another and you found yourself pinned under him while he roughly thrusted in and out of you without a care. “You like that you little slut? Of course you do because that’s all you’re good for, a tight little clocksleeve for me to take my frustrations out on” you don’t know what it was , normally you’d eagerly nod your head and agree with him but today you just felt off. The sex wasn’t making you feel better it was making you feel worse and his words that used to turn you into a wet mess now pierced your heart. Tsuki noticed the slight wobble of your lip and thinking it was all part of the act , he continued his humiliation “ Aww the stupid little baby about to cry” he condescendingly laughed. You attempted to push him away with your hand on his chest but he gripped both wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head “is it too much for you whore ? Aw what a shame” 
You turned your head away in an attempt to hide the tears that were making their way down your face but he gripped your cheeks in his hand and turned your head to face him , “Look at me when I’m fuc- shit baby , are you okay?!” You don’t know if it was the tears on your cheeks or the disheartened look in your eyes that made him stop but you were glad he did. He immediately pulled out and took you into his arms so your head was now laying on his chest. “Fuck I’m so sorry baby , did I take to far?” He asked while rocking you back and forth and once he got the confirmation that that was the case he placed a multitude of kisses on your head while stroking your back. “God I’m so fucking sorry love. You know I didn’t mean any of that right?” when he gets no response he shifts you so your facing him and looking him dead in the eye. “Look at me pretty girl, I promise you that I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the most important person in my life, fu-fuck I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you so much” the sincerity in his voice and loving gaze was enough to comfort and reassure you that he did love you. “Promise?” You asked weakly. “I’d put my whole life on it” he lovingly strokes your cheek and carries you into the bathroom to start a warm bath “I’m going to show you just how much I love you”
“Whiney…fucking…bitch” each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust. Hate sex was nothing new to you and Suna, it occurred most of the time you guys got into arguments. It was an easy way to release your frustrations out on each other. However, today it was different, you weren’t reciprocating the same energy you normally would and that’s probably due to the nature of the argument that led you to be face down in the mattress.
The argument had started after you expressed your distaste in the way girls flirted with him and how he didn’t do anything about it and while he didn’t entertain them he also didn’t push them away which hurt. Once you voiced these concerns he mockingly laughed at you and told you how you needed to be less insecure because it was harmless. And yeah maybe you were insecure, because you know the way girls look at him and how they talk about your relationship , you just wanted reassurance. All you wanted was for him to tell you that he loves you and those girls mean nothing but instead you were met with harsh words instead , “You should be lucky I’m fucking you. You know how many girls would love to be in your position? Me fucking you should be reassurance enough” he followed his words with a harsh slap to your ass.
That was your breaking point. Your sobs were muffled in the sheets as he held your head down and continued to roughly thrust in and out of you. “This pussy is the only thing that’s keeping me here” you desperately clawed at his hands in hopes that he would get the message and remove them which he did. Once you lifted your head up , he could tell something was wrong and halted his movements “hey.. you okay?” You shook your head while your shoulders shake with your sobs and you desperately try to catch your breath. Suna quickly pulls out once he realises you’re not okay and rushes to your side. “Shh shh , what’s wrong baby? Talk to me” “is my body really the only things that’s keeping you here?” You got out through your sniffles. “Shit , of course it isn’t baby, I shouldn’t have said any of that , I was just angry , I’m so sorry baby , so fucking sorry” he pushed your head into his chest and soothingly stroked your hair. “I love you so much, im just a fucking idiot, no girl other than you means anything to me , you hear that? I was just mad that you couldn’t see that I only have eyes for you beautiful” “that’s all you had to say you idiot” you meekly chuckled. “I know I know I was just defensive and im sorry, it’ll never happen again” “I love you” “I love you more baby”
Note: Hopefully I’ve done your idea justice @heartzdesirez
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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araragomennnn · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
birds of a feather
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x f!reader
genre: FLUFF, tooth rotting fluff, friends to lovers??
warnings: swearing (like once).
a/n: this might be the sweetest tsukki fic i've written so far.
Tumblr media
To say you were beautiful would be an understatement.
Tsukishima knew that.
Everyone knew that.
But he wishes you knew that.
You were oblivious, to say the least of the way you turned heads in every room.
Or maybe you just didn’t care, he didn’t know.
He wishes though, that he knew more about you.
You were an enigma to him, to everybody almost.
The oddly quiet girl with an oddly loud presence.
But if he were to be honest, it wasn’t your pretty face or contrasting reserved personality that made him notice you.
It was a stupidly simple reason actually and as Yamaguchi had said, a very obvious one.
The oddly quiet girl was oddly like him.
He saw himself in glimpses, in your exasperated sighs and faint eye rolls.
He saw himself whole in your secret smiles and soft eyes.
And before he knew it, his heart devoid of anyone had found its very first tenant.
After many knowing nudges from his best friend, Tsukishima on his first day as a second year, finally spoke to you.
And continued to, every day after that.
And then, albeit slowly you weren’t such an enigma to him anymore.
He learned you liked the rain when you dashed out of the convenience store on hearing the patter of raindrops against the concrete.
He learned that sad movies make you cry when he heard sniffles from across the couch.
He learned (the hard way) that you had a childish side when you pounced on him, tickling him without mercy because you were bored.
He learned your go-to coffee order during your many sleepless nights spent cramming.
He learned that you liked the snow when you pulled him down alongside you when he stretched out a hand to pick you up off the ground.
The oddly quiet girl, not that quiet anymore and to be honest neither was he.
He loved you, irredeemably so. He loved you enough to let himself fall into the snow alongside you just because it’d give you a hearty laugh and he loved you enough to brush the cold flakes out of your hair later.
Living in these small and sweet moments where he’d pretend not to think much of your lingering touches and held glances.
Memories of your soft smiles and warm hands seeped in so much longing that it hurt.
He loved you, irredeemably so and he realised that you did too when your soft lips pressed against his for the first time.
Pulling back to meet your eyes, only to find longing identical to his.
He kissed you.
He kissed you like he was deprived of air and your lips were oxygen, hands in your hair, smiling so hard against your lips.
He had fallen in love and so had you.
So finally, the odd boy at the odd age of 18 where you're not a kid nor a real adult asked the odd girl to marry him.
Backs against the slight slope of the roof watching the stars twinkle with your hand encased in his, he turned to you, caressing your cheek.
Marry me he said and you smiled almost expectantly and though he didn’t have a ring nor any money of his own at the moment to buy you one you said yes.
The years that followed were not easy but as if the universe was always pulling the strings in your favour everything always worked out.
And at 21 as the freshly placed ring on your finger glinted so magnificently in the moonlight, he knew he wouldn’t have done it any other way.
The apartment was a bit rundown but it was perfect according to him. After all, he was sharing it with you.
Spending weeks on a teeny mattress surrounded by unopened cardboard boxes in your new apartment that smelled of fresh paint he was so happy he could cry.
At 24 Tsukishima’s holding in tears, that were brimming dangerously at his lash line.
Yamaguchi and Akiteru weren’t doing much to control their hysterical sobbing, mumbling something about being so happy.
He inhaled sharply when you finally came into view, looking just as bad as him.
Your cheeks were flushed red and lips quivering.
Glossy eyes meeting his, you let out a stupidly giddy laugh and so did he.
And as you began to walk towards him, all the research he did beforehand on how to control tears seemed to be for nought as his cheeks were now stained with hot tears that kept spilling.
“You look like shit” you said between giggles whilst tears of your own stained your cheeks.
“You look beautiful”.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey
join the taglist here.
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taeyamayang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
↝ ship: hq character x gen!reader
↝ characters: Tsukishima Kei | Miya Atsumu | Kageyama Tobio | Kozume Kenma
↝ genre: mutual pining
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
obvious, too obvious
but he isn't aware of it
he's giving you way more attention compared to anyone else
like this dude doesn't give a shit about anything but when you enter the room his whole focus shifts to you
but he isn't sweet
he won't help you with studies or sit next to you during breaks
instead he'd ask you for favorsㅡa shit ton of useless favors
like, "can you push your desk a bit further away from me?"
and so you do, you push your desk an inch away from him
but he'd pester you more by saying "not that much, maybe a few centimeters only."
you can't help but roll your eyes at him
narrowing your vision as you scoot closer next to him
and he had the nerve to put a smirk on his face, satisfied with what he did, and say,
or everytime he ask you, "can you get me a copy of the paper being distributed in class?"
i mean, why you? when he clearly can do it himself
for sure his long arms and atheletic figure can even carry the whole class' hardbound copies
some days are bareable but some days are a bit too much
which is most of the time ngl
so you end up snapping at him
complaining how his 'favors' feels like an 'abuse of kindness'
but he'd chuckle at your face with his head tilted back and his arms holding his stomach
like you're a comedian who dropped a punch line
and when he recovers from laughing
he begins to pull the corners of his lips into a charming smile with his eyes turning into a thin line as his cheeks pushes eyelids together
he leans nearer to you, his forearms supporting his weight as he alluringly says,
"please, y/n?"
and you knew, at that point, that you already lost the battle
and you are on your way to get that damned paper
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
okay, first of all there has to be an established relationship
like maybe a friendship to be begin with
i hc this man, even though he's popular with the crowd, he values close relationships more
and so
the moment he falls for you gets closer to you
he begins pulling stunts that questions the nature of your relationship with him
like he gets clingy and touchy
like that time when he tucked your hair behind your ear IN FRONT OF A CHEERING CROWD
just imagine the eyes that all went to you
i wouldn't even dare lmao
or that time when he stood in front of your classroom, loudly calling out for your name
and so you turn your head to him asking what he wants
but he kept his mouth shut and in turn pulls a knowing smile
you utter, "i bet that can wait after class. i'll come by the gym. you can go now."
but instead he chooses violence by testing your patience
he smirks and he says,
"i won't go until you hold my hand."
your cheeks instantly turn crimson and you feel whole body warming up
unable to stop your quick reflexes
you rush to the door where atsumu is standing and look for sane one out of the two, you scream for help in the hallways
"samu! come get your twin!"
and a distant "no." lets you down
atsumu is entirely the reason why no one believes you when you tell them that you and him are 'just friends'
i mean, for real, who would believe that lie when his actions tells otherwise
kageyama tobio
Tumblr media
his vocabulary is limited
don't hate me for this i love him too okay?
but his gestures aren't
y'all see me compensate for what i said ;)
i hc this boy to relay more on his instincts than his logic
and his instincts include protecting you
perhaps, protecting you way too much
to the point that you feel as though you are being treated like a princess
or a vulnerable porcelain doll that has to be held and cared for
but with his limited vocabulary, stern voice, and unfriendly face all mixed up
there are times when you start to question his purpose
like that time when you stood at the sidelines of the court as you watch his team play a match
and during the mid-game breaks he marches his way to you while saying,
"stupid, move back or the ball might hit you!"
you aren't sure if he's trying to show how much he cares about you by warning of you of the dangers of standing near the court or is he shaming you by calling you stupid?
and when the ball really hits you in the face making you fall to your knees
tobio isn't afraid of calling out the offender
even if it was just an accident
and after the game he would immediately come to you
with his lips curled up in dismay and his orbs pining down at you
you assume that he'd start scolding you but to your surprise he says,
"oi, are you hurt?"
and begins checking your body for bruises and graze
and when he sees one right on top of your knee
he swiftly kneels down, his lips forming an 'o' as he blows right on gash
"does it hurt?" he asks
his voice tasting like honey and lime
"no. im good, tobio." but he ignores you by insisting
"i'll bring you to the infirmary."
he takes your hand and loops your arm over his shoulder as he leads the way
kozume kenma
Tumblr media
*whispers* catboy
no but really he's legitimately the personification of a cat lmaoo
he won't be as pushy as tsukki, or as loud and clingy as atsumu, or maybe as overprotective as tobio
but instead he'd quietly sit next to you as you both watch the crowd
he could've chosen the other empty corner at the other side of the room but, no
he chooses to sit next to you
and for the next minutes or so none of you speaks until he breaks the silence by saying
"this is dumb. i want to go home."
the gates of heaven are open and scientists have found a cure to an inevitable diseaseㅡkozume kenma is starting a small talk
insert *pikachu meme* :o
so, you continue the conversation by saying "i'd rather sleep than mingle."
you look at him as the words roll out of you lips but he'd only glance at you for a brief second before nodding
and when he hears your stomach loudly grumbling he catches you off guard by offering to visit the food section with him
you aren't newly friends with him so you are aware about his food choices
he's a picky eater
this information fuels your unpure intentions as you pick out all the food he doesn't like
you wriggle a piece of cucumber in the air making him cringe his nose in disgust
"you should eat this."
he shakes his head to a 'no'
"unless you do the same." he bargains making you raise an eyebrow in intrigue
"deal." you seal the deal
knowing you well, he immediately picks up a piece of carrot making you grunt loudly
a light chuckle escapes from his lips
the sound he made flutters your heart
you both take a bite and at the same time your faces mirror each otherㅡwrinkles becoming more apparent as your facial expression crumples in disrelish
kuroo sees the two of you enjoying your mini conquest of food tasting
consequently, the boy shuffles his way to the two of you
"looks like you're having fun, kenma." he nudges the younger teasingly making the latter shoot him glares
kenma takes you by wrist, mumbling the words to himself as he takes you away from his friend,
"let's go back to our spot."
his use of 'our' wakens the butterflies in your stomach
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks for reading! i missed writing hcs :( but now it's back! i hope you enjoy this one, stay safe and be healthy! :D
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usertala · a day ago
True Love
Characters: Tsukishima, Suna, Iwaizumi, Atsumu
Tumblr media
𝚃𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚊 𝙺𝚎𝚒
At the same time, I wanna hug you. I wanna wrap my hands around your neck.
This man makes you feel good about thinking about strangling him. You can’t do it because he’s just too cute? Adorable? As if someone as tall and lanky as Tsukishima can be reduced to cute. He’s so confusing, giving you his jacket whenever you’re cold and calling you stupid and short. He goes from being flirty mean to being an outright jerk.
Can you blame him tho? Even if he’s like this, you still stay up late just to fantasize what kind of lover he is. You stare at him longingly when you think he isn’t looking, hoping one day he notices you.
Tumblr media
𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝚁𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚛ō
You’re an asshole, but I love you.
True to form, Sunarin is one of the biggest assholes in the world... Is what people think, seeing on interviews and random clips on how he treats his teammates. What they don’t see is how his voice becomes softer when talking to you, how he stays up late at night waiting for at least a good night text from you, always keeping your favorite flavor of lollipop even though he claims he bought it on accident.
Tumblr media
𝙼𝚒𝚢𝚊 𝙰𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚞
You make me so mad, I ask myself, “Why I’m still here, or where could I go?”
This idiot. He’s so stupid and you love him for it. Sometimes he’s flirting with you, sometimes he’s flirting with others. It makes you want to smack that stupid grin on his face, “Ya, Tsumu, do you like me?” He chokes on the water he’s been chugging, “W-what?! What kind of nonsense are you on about?” You reached out, tapping the underside of his chin, “You always flirt with me, then the next day you flirt with somebody else. Are you playing with me? I like you. So tell me now if you feel the same way so I can figure out if I have to go on my blind date tomorrow.”
“Blind date? Who? Does he go here? What year?” you smirked, “Answer my question first.” He clenches his jaw. “Alright, I like you, so what? Don’t go tomorrow, let’s date.” Yep, you hate him.
Tumblr media
𝙸𝚠𝚊𝚒𝚣𝚞𝚖𝚒 𝙷𝚊𝚓𝚒𝚖𝚎
You’re the only love I’ve ever known. But I hate you, I really hate you, so much I think it must be true love.
Being Iwaizumi’s childhood best friend has its pros and cons. You can easily get him to buy your stuff with a little convincing. He’s certainly more soft with you than Oikawa, doesn’t mean you don’t get head bonks now and then.
But the problem is you can never easily tell what he’s feeling, expressive as he is. Hajime can hide emotions he wants to hide. This is why you’ve never had the balls to confess your feelings to him. 
Whenever he hugs you, it’s warm. It makes you want to sleep in his arms, but he pulls away too fast as if afraid. He softly brushes the hair out of your face when you fall asleep on the library desk, but immediately retracts his hand as if he’s burned.
It’s so infuriatingly frustrating, but it makes you crave more for his attention, love, and care. Unbeknownst to you, Hajime feels the same way, but every time he sees how you interact with Oikawa, it puts him back in his place. You interact with him exactly like how you interact with Hajime. You’re best friends. Nothing can change that, but he hopes one day he can finally say his feelings for you.
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! Masterlist
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bubble-bootie · 6 hours ago
when they walk you home - hq
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, gn reader warnings: running?? ft: tsukishima, oikawa, kuroo a/n: yeah same people again 🤕 at least i did tsukki for a change yk- also i think that the kuroo one is just a self-ship hc gn 👩‍🦯
Tumblr media
©bubble-bootie 2021: do not copy, repost, or modify my works in any way. masterlist
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA KEI ⤷ you walk side by side, shoulders brushing, in silence— not the awkward, frustrating kind, but the comfortable kind that feels like home, better left uninterrupted. when you reach your place, you wave and tell him, "bye, tsukki," and he hums in acknowledgement while he wears his headphones and prepares for the rest of his walk alone, thinking of the moment he gets to see you again the next day.
OIKAWA TOORU ⤷ insists on walking you home 'because it's gentlemanly' even if you say it's okay. you talk about completely random things that range from his hatred for kageyama to the authenticity of aliens. once you get home, you say your goodbyes, but the conversation doesn't end there. once you both get settled in your warm homes, the discussion will continue through text or vc.
KUROO TETSURO ⤷ insists on holding your hand so you 'won't get lost'. like sir the sun is going down there's literally no one here but okay. you have rap battles and arguments about docosahexaenoic acid and astaxanthin, whatever— but you're never not talking. and then, you run. he's leading the way, his fingers still wrapped around your wrist, and you have no choice but to follow. when you reach your house, panting and out of breath, you say, "kay, tetsu. see you tomorrow." stepping in, you feel the tug of his hand on yours and you look back and say, "uh, tetsu? this is my stop." he blushes slightly and lets go. "ah right, sorry." it was obvious he didn't wanna let go, and to be honest, you didn't want him to either.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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infxrity · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei loves FaceTiming you he doesn’t even hide it. Especially late at night, falling asleep on the phone together is one of his favorite things to do with you, but he always waits until you’re falling asleep and barely managing to keep your eyes open until he whispers an I love you, and he still gets flustered the times you do hear him and say you love him too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i2boku · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
ꕀtsukishima being ur study buddy 😓
youre sitting at the desk inside of your room, re-reading the same instructions and still not being able to pick up what was being stated. tsuki, recognizing your struggle, chuckles a small bit. “huh? why are you laughing?” you question him, in which he responds with “it’s easy, y/n, just do this”, taking his own work and handing it to you. you read over it, and simply, it still doesn’t make sense.
he’ll never fail to make fun of you for not understanding something- until your hair is covering your face, hovering above the paper with fresh tears on it. he hushes his harsh remarks, seeing how you simply wanted help- not to be made fun of. he won’t apologize, but he will rub your back and push your hair to the side- planting a gentle kiss on the temple of your forehead. “i’ll help you,” he whispers.
tsukishima staying up late with you, ordering food for a big end of year exam you’re studying for. he steals most of it, relishing in your little pleas for ‘at least something’! tsukishima when he sees you get sleepy- hell, he’s getting sleepy himself. when he’s explaining something to you (which never happened earlier in the night), you end up passing out on the desk. your hair scattered about messily and your mouth slightly open. in this moment, all he can do is stare at you. he’s been working you too hard. you’re doing so good for him.
sighing, he closes up his books and cleans up the desk. seeing that you’re still sleeping, he wraps his hoodie over your shoulders. your back will for sure hurt because of sleeping all hunched onto the desk, it’s just that he couldn’t bare seeing you without sleep- but hey, you also look cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bubblebeemie · 22 hours ago
HELP I forgot to put my age in the last ask, let me resend with my age (I’m 25!!)
I’m ordering a peach margarita + Haikyuu
1. It took my 7 years to graduate college because I kept changing my major oops
2. I’m American but I lived in Australia for a while.
3. I grew up in a small ranching community but got tf out as soon as I could and have lived in cities since then
4. I cried when Matt Amodio lost on Jeopardy
You got Kita's attention, he's a simple man who can recognize a person full of passions and seems like you're the diamond he was looking for
End up dragging you to the dance floor: Kuroo Tetsuro, babes need a time alone with you been if it was on the dance floor
Stole you a kiss when you're in the way of the WC after left the dance floor: Iwaizumi Hajime, he sees, he likes, he wants, he gots, and oh pretty baby, be careful with the hickeys
Thought you're cute and paid you a drink: Tsukishima Kei
Make out with you (but no one find out ): Iwaizumi Hajime, man just didn't get enough of you, he feel almost obligated to take you home a make sure you had a good time, but this time hickeys wouldn't adorn just your neck. Babes would make sure that you will not be able to walk in the morning.
[Event Closed]
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ tsukishima, ushijima, and iwaizumi!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i finally made a third part hehe :))
anyways these are all written in the timeskip!! thank you all for requesting☺️)
Tumblr media
you and tsukishima were very different
he didn’t like to show affection all that much, and while he cared for you deeply, it was difficult for him to show it
you, on the other hand, loved to show how much you loved him
but often it came to be a bit much for him
today, tsukki came home tired and irritable
he felt like going to sleep and never getting out of bed
but you had other plans
you’d made dinner for him and you were hoping to catch up on some episodes of your favorite show tonight
but when he opened the door and saw you waiting eagerly, he sighed irritably
and when you asked him what was wrong, he simply scoffed
then you asked him if he wanted to eat dinner with you and he just sighed, again
“can’t you just leave me alone for one day? god, you’re so fucking clingy.”
he went into the bedroom and closed the door
hurt, you just drooped sadly and went to put dinner away before going to sleep alone on the couch
when tsukki opens the door of your shared bedroom in the morning, he finds you curled up on the couch, still sleeping peacefully. he smiles softly, the sight adorable.
he’s reminded of his harsh words to you he’d said just yesterday. he feels kind of bad for taking out his frustrations on you like that, but it would be too much of a hassle to apologize formally. he hopes that you know he didn’t mean it.
when he comes home from work, he doesn’t see you anywhere in sight. usually you’d be in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, but the area is bare, the lights off. that’s when he sees you sitting on the couch, your computer in your lap. he walks over.
“hi, baby.”
you look up at him and smile.
“how was work?” you ask him. he shrugs before waiting expectantly for your greeting kiss. you turn back to your screen.
he tilts his head subtly. huh?
you always give him a kiss after he comes home from work.
but you’re not paying attention to him, instead typing something on your laptop.
“so... dinner?” he mutters.
“oh, i just ate some leftovers. they’re still in the fridge from last night if you wanted some,” you respond, eyes still glued to the screen.
tsukishima stands there awkwardly before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
it’s a little strange, the way you’re acting. on a normal given day, you practically would have jumped on him the second he got home. but now it’s like he’s not even there.
when it’s time for the two of you to go to bed, you both get ready in the bathroom. then you’re grabbing your pillow off your side of the bed and leaving the bedroom. confused, kei finishes brushing his teeth and ventures out into the living room to see you setting up on the couch.
you turn to look at him, waiting expectantly for him to finish his thought.
“i... why are you sleeping on the couch?” he asks.
you swallow.
“well, yesterday, it seemed you didn’t want me in bed with you, so...” you trail off, uncomfortable. his heart sinks.
he sighs. he really didn’t want to have to do this, but you’ve left him no choice.
he steps up to you wordlessly and scoops you up in one fluid motion, throwing you over his shoulder and grabbing your pillow for you before retreating into the bedroom. you squeak in surprise, and he puts you on the bed, pulling the covers over you. he gets in on the other side and pulls you into his chest. he scoffs at you, and he looks a little uncomfortable, but he nuzzles at you anyway. the gesture surprises you.
“i didn’t mean it, you idiot.”
“mean it?”
he sighs, looking away.
“i didn’t mean the things i said last night, okay? i was just tired and i had a long day. don’t distance yourself just because i was being a dick yesterday.”
to anyone else, his attempt at making up with you would be a miserable excuse for an apology, but to you, it’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen him do. it’s moments like these where you remember just why you fell for him in the first place.
“does this mean you’ll cuddle me?” you ask sweetly.
“don’t push it,” he grumbles.
he pulls you closer anyway.
Tumblr media
ushijima was never all that big on physical touch
honestly, he only tolerated it from you, but sometimes even you were a bit too much
today, you were having a bit of a bad day
work was slow and annoying, and you just wanted to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him
but he was having a similar day
and he felt the exact opposite
he really just wanted to be alone
he came home, walking past you and into the bedroom, and sat on the bed
you followed him and snuggled up to his side
to your surprise, he pushed you off gently
but you didn’t get the hint and nuzzled right up into him
this time he pushed you off harder
“toshi, why—”
“please stop being so clingy, y/n. i don’t want your affection.”
you deflated, sleepy and touch-starved
that night, you slept clinging to your pillow
today was an exhausting day for ushijima.
he and the rest of the team were working even harder than usual, and by the end of practice, his limbs were worn out and he was fatigued.
but the positive thing about days like this was that you would always cuddle him after he came home from work, and he could fall asleep with his muscles nice and relaxed from your touch.
eager to see you, he comes home, noticing that you’re sitting on the couch. you look up and greet him.
“hi, toshi. how was your day?” you ask.
“it was very tiring,” he explains, and you can see he’s telling the truth by the way he seems to be drooping. you hum in consideration.
“i’m sorry, baby. maybe a warm bath might help?” you suggest before turning back to your phone. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to follow him into the bedroom. you don’t budge.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion. usually, at this point, you would bring him into bed and sit on his lap. but you seem to be busy or something, so he decides he’ll wait until you’re finished.
when you finally get into bed with him, it’s late. you get under the covers and turn on your side, away from him.
he waits expectantly, lap open and ready for you, but you don’t crawl into it like you usually do. he sleepily nudges at you.
“what is it, baby?”
“why won’t you sit on my lap like usual?”
you pause. isn’t this what he wanted?
when he’d pushed you off of him, you came to a realization; he was right. you really were clingy. you were always touching him somehow; your head on his shoulder, your hand intertwined in his, your nose pressed up against his shoulder. you couldn’t blame your boyfriend for wanting space.
but with the way he’s looking at you, you’re not so sure.
then wakatoshi remembers what happened the last time you tried to cuddle him. he pushed you off of him and told you he didn’t want your affection. but he hadn’t thought you would stop completely, and now he misses your touch desperately.
he grabs you by your waist and pulls you into his lap, holding you right against him. you try to get off of him, but he pulls you closer.
“no. i want to cuddle,” he mumbles. you tilt your head in confusion.
“i’m sorry for calling you clingy, y/n. i like it when you hold me. i didn’t mean it,” he explains, and you inhale at his honesty.
“really?” you whisper. he nods, and buries his nose in your hair.
“please keep being affectionate with me. i love that about you.”
your breath hitches, and you cling to him tightly. you whisper an okay and rest your head on his chest.
you fall asleep in his lap, his hand in your hair and your nose nuzzled deeply in his shirt, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi loved your affection and cuddles
it was one of the things he loved most about you
but it was common for him to push you away when he got angry
you were waiting expectantly for him to come home, wanting to talk to him about your day
you’d gotten a promotion at work, and he was the first person you wanted to tell
but iwaizumi was beyond tired and frustrated after a long day at work
so when he got home, he went straight to the bedroom, ignoring you
you followed after him, already beginning to ramble about your day
but your voice was irritating him and he just wanted to sleep
“hajime, you’ll never guess what happened to me at work—”
“can’t you be quiet for two seconds? you’re so clingy, god. just leave me alone, okay?”
stung, you backed away, turning to get ready for bed alone
that night, you slept with your back toward him and tears in your eyes
it’s the next day, and hajime is at work. he’s on a break and scrolling through instagram when he comes across a post of yours on his feed.
it’s a picture of you in your adorable little work outfit, hair done up beautifully, fingers up in a peace sign. you’ve captioned it, “got the promotion😜” and hajime pauses upon reading it. he goes into the comment section to see your friends congratulating you, sending you words of praise and kind words.
confused, hajime puts his phone away. why would y/n not tell me first? he asks himself. he’s always been the first person to hear about these things, but it appears that he’s far from it this time.
he gets home to see you in the kitchen, and he walks in to greet you with a kiss. you dodge it subtly, moving around him to get something from the fridge. he frowns.
“hey,” he mutters. “when were you gonna tell me about the promotion?”
you look at him before staring at the food you’re cooking.
“well, you found out about it, didn’t you?” you mumble. he stares at you in confusion. are you mad at him?
“yeah, but...” he trails off. “it’s just that i usually hear it from you first.” you scoff. “what? why are you acting like this?” he asks, crossing his arms.
“you wouldn’t have wanted to hear about it anyway, hajime.” he gapes, baffled.
“what are you talking about? how would you even know?”
you put the knife you’re holding down, and glare at him sharply.
“because i tried to tell you last night, and you shut me down!”
he pauses. you return to cooking.
to be honest, he barely even remembers last night. he came home, and then got into bed, and you were rambling about something, and then...
hajime freezes. he looks at you guiltily.
“baby,” he starts, but you cut him off.
“just forget about it. it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway,” you lie.
honestly, you’d been really excited about your new promotion. it felt like something in your life was changing and things were good; you had your boyfriend to cheer you on and a fulfilling job that you loved. and you wanted to share it with him.
so it hurt when it felt like he didn’t care at all. you were always there to support hajime, but when it felt like he didn’t even care about doing the same for you, it stung painfully.
hajime knows you’re lying; he can read you like a book.
“y/n... i’m sorry about yesterday, okay?” he apologizes gently, coming up behind you to rest a hand on your waist. you push him off.
“i don’t wanna talk about it, hajime.”
he turns you around, and you attempt to turn your gaze away from him, but he has his hand on your jaw, making it impossible.
“hey. look at me.”
you do, reluctantly. you’re surprised at the genuine concern in his eyes.
“i know you think i don’t care, but i do. i want to hear about these things and how you’re feeling and how your day is. and i didn’t do a good job of doing that yesterday. i’m sorry.”
you sigh.
“please let me make it up to you?” he asks, desperate. you look up at him for a second, and then nod. he kisses you gently. “thank you for letting me. and for being mine.”
you smile softly at him. you can’t think of your life being any other way.
Tumblr media
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katsushimaa · 10 months ago
random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your haikyuu boyfriend
— with Tsukishima, Bokuto, Kunimi, Kenma, Tendou and Suna
[ part 2 ]
A/N: i said i was on a break but during my break i kept watching tiktok and bc i felt lonely, i wanted to write about the haikyuu boys doing these trends with me instead 💀
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tell your bf “u could’ve been nicer to me today”
would straight up just laugh at you
“wdym? i thought you liked me because I’m not your typcial mr. nice guy?”
true, but since you wanted to live up to the prank, you feigned a sigh. “but you’re not usually this mean to me, kei. there’s still some boundaries.”
your response wiped the smirk off his face, making him think of what he did to you to today. as far as he knew, he did nothing out of the ordinary
seeing his smirk drop did it for you. you broke through your facade and started to burst out laughing, causing him to roll his eyes at you, a fond smile spreading on his lips
he’d make you stop laughing by pushing you to a wall, caging you in his arms as he loomed over you with a sadistic expression
“never expect me to be ‘nicer’ to you from now on, brat.”
Tumblr media
fake a fall in public to see your bf’s reaction
with no questions asked, this man would fall with you
everyone threw the two of you odd glances as you stared at each other on the floor, stifling your laughter
until Bokuto gave in and burst out laughing, leaving you no choice but to join him
“why’d you fall?” you asked in between breaths
“i’m the one who should be asking that, you limp,” he snorted before looking at you softly. “but i just didn’t want my baby to embarrassed alone, you know?”
Bokuto stood up easily, offering you a hand in which you gladly took.
with a smile, he raised your hand to his lips. “we’re in this together, aren’t we?”
you intertwined your fingers with his, your wide smile matching his own. “we are.”
Tumblr media
raise the blanket while you’re in it when your bf walks in the room
you didn’t even have to say anything, he’d just dive right in next to you
Kunimi’s arm snaked around your waist as he buried his head on your chest, breathing you in
he even tucked the other end of the blanket beneath him so the two of you were cocooned together
“nap time already?” he hummed sleepily, already ready to sleep
you could only giggle as you weaved your free hand through his soft, dark hair, causing him to hum in approval
“you were so fast,” you said, causing him to raise his head up to smile at you sleepily
“well, i’m always ready to cuddle with you.”
though you were flustered by his words, you rolled your eyes. “shut it, you’re just using me as an excuse because you’re too lazy to do your work.”
you could feel his smile as he snuggled deeper into your chest. “let’s just nap together, babe.”
Tumblr media
sit on the floor beside your bf while he plays video games
while Kenma smashes his keyboard, you rested your head on his leg after sitting on the floor
he glanced down at you briefly and his hand came flying on your head, patting it
“what are you doing?” he murmured
“just wanna be in your presence,” you closed your eyes, snuggling deeper in his leg
Kenma threw you another glance before muttering, “give me five minutes.”
with that, he took his hand off you and started aggressively pushing the keyboard and mouse button, his eyes wide with focus that you were almost frightened by him
after five minutes, you could hear his friends from his headphones yelling out victory and cheering for Kenma, but he could careless
he pulled you on top of him on the bed and brought your head to his chest, hugging you tight. you couldn’t help but smile at his comfort, and he couldn’t help but release a small smile of his own
“you could still play, you know,” you mumbled against him. “i just wanted to be close to you.”
“me, too,” he said right after pulling out his phone. you laughed as he placed it on your back, ready to play another game
well, at least you were in his arms now
Tumblr media
call your bf ‘bro’
had to do a double take after you called him bro
“what did you say, baby?” he asked, hoping he just heard you wrong
“are you deaf, bro?” you kept a straight face. “i asked if you wanted to eat later.”
Tendou felt his heart drop at his nickname, but since he’s petty, he didn’t show it
instead, he fought back. “sure, dude. you can pick the restaurant.”
he felt some sense of triumph when your eyebrows rose, but you’re his girlfriend for a reason after all
you guys were both petty
“i’m down with anything, pal.”
“do you just want to drive around to see where we want to eat, mate?”
“sounds like a plan, champ.”
Tendou looked at you for a moment before letting a smile grow on his lips. “champ? what am i, your son?”
you threw your head back in defeat. “i couldn’t think of anything else!”
the two of you meet each other’s gazes before bursting into laughter, your bodies shaking with amusement
Tendou pulled you to him, hugging you as if his life depended on it. “never call me bro again, okay?”
you swayed him as you hugged him back, his heartbeat racing when you said, “of course, you’ll always be my baby.”
Tumblr media
wake your bf up during his sleep and say, “go hide, my boyfriend’s here.”
obviously, he didn’t wake up the first try so you had to do it again
at the third time, his eyes finally opened slowly, disoriented as he looked at you
since Suna was so unfocused, you expected him to go along and hide like the other boyfriends do in the trend
unfortunately, your boyfriend was built different
“i don’t care,” he said flatly and without any warning, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you next to him, trapping you in his arms and under the blanket
“Rin,” you tried to wiggle away. “i’m not sleepy.”
“then just stay with me.”
that was enough for you to lie still, finally relaxing in his hold
after a few moments of comfortable silence, he leaned in your ear and whispered, “now stay still and quiet because my girlfriend’s here and i don’t want her to see you.”
you gasped at the way he turned the prank on you, hitting him on the chest before sitting up
“what?” he laughed as he lazily stared at you angrily looking down at him. “serves you right for waking me up in my sleep. now come here and help me continue it.”
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kageyuji · 8 months ago
crawling into his lap
Tumblr media
⤷ atsumu, suna, tsukishima, kyotani, tanaka, tendou ; gn!reader — part 1 here
tags: fluff, a little crack, minor sexual innuendos if you squint hard enough, one swear in tsukki’s and one in tendou’s
notes: you’re so cute when you reblog
Tumblr media
he doesn’t exactly know what you’re doing when you pull one of his arms away from his desk, but he lets you nonetheless
a smile crosses his face immediately after as he you start crawling in his lap
of course he’s seen the tiktok trend, the man spends an unholy amount of time on that app
he moves a little to make it easier for you, a boyish grin spread on his face the entire time
you lean onto him, tucking your arms between your chest and his, and hooking your chin over his shoulder
he wraps his arms around you, holding you against him like he wasn’t planning on letting you get up any time in the near future
and then the grin he had on his face shifts into something more sweeter. his face relaxes and his eyes close slightly, his lips pulled in an in subconscious and subtle but fond smile
he knows what you’re doing the second you walk over to him, although he’s not making it easy for you to get into his lap
no, you will have to move his arms which have seemingly gone limp and maneuver your legs over his without any help from him
(that is, unless you act like it’s too much trouble and you can go sit somewhere else, in which case he suddenly seems happy to help you get settled in his lap)
it’s peaceful with him; he’s not holding you tightly, but his hand rests lazily on your thigh while the other one writes the notes he needs for class
and his chin isn’t hooked over your shoulder, instead his face is half buried into the crook of your neck, but not completely since he needs to finish his work before he can probably cuddle with you
he won’t admit it, but he knows exactly what you’re doing
he acts annoyed, what with his his nose wrinkled up a little and the tone he used to ask, “y/n, what the hell are you doing?”
“sitting on your lap,” you say simply, putting your arms over his shoulders and settling down
he doesn’t say anything in protest to that, he just lets you settle down and goes back to what he was doing
of course, he acts like he doesn’t care that you’re there, that it doesn’t make a difference
but the way he quickly asks, “what are you- hey, where are you going?” whenever you get up to use the bathroom let’s you know that he cares more than he lets on
he’s watching you much like a predator watches prey, although you know he won’t push you off of him
he lets you do whatever you’re doing, moving a little to let you, despite the (fake) grimace on his face
he doesn’t say anything, you notice, but he doesn’t complain or tell you to get up either
the truth is he likes it — he likes being that close to you, likes being able to hold you
he doesn’t exactly hold you tightly, but his hands are rested on your waist as he buries his face into your neck
he’ll deny it if you ask him later on, but you could have sworn you heard him mumble “i love you” as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder
tanaka is very physically affectionate; he likes being able to hold your hand and hug you, and isn’t immune to laying beside you and putting his head in your lap after a long day
which just added to the appeal of you crawling into his lap, he loved being that close to you
he knew what you were doing the second you pulled at his arm, trying to move it a little. he happily obliged and raised his arms so you could easily crawl into his lap
he will die if you lay your head on his chest, but if you want him to combust, hold his face and press little kisses all over
unless you have to get up for some reason, he wants to stay there for hours, doesn’t mind (actually, prefers) when you fall asleep on him
tendou is also very physically affectionate, but he’s very verbal about what he wants and he’s good at communicating
even if that communication was just him asking you to sit on his lap because he wants to hold you, but still has to do his work
you obliged, of course, and he thanked you with a content hum
he has to use one hand to write, but the other is resting on the small of your back, but it eventually travels up to wrap around your waist and hold you just a little closer than he knows he is
also he’s the type pull you closer by lifting your ass if you start slipping off of his lap
his thumb is rubbing little circles the entire time though, his head resting tilted on your shoulder, the steady rise and fall of his chest enough to lull you to sleep
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ellewords · 29 days ago
COLLEGE!BF HQ BOYS    — because i have classes again and am yearning for affection </3
❥   tsukishima stops by the convenience store near your dorm every afternoon on his way to you, singlehandedly becoming your sole supplier of snacks and caffeine. you have never asked him to buy you anything, frowning when he drops the plastic bag filled with goodies on your desk. but all he does is gently flick away the crease that’s formed between your brows, “tsk. don’t flatter yourself, i was already there to get something for myself…just, let me do this for you.”  
❥   akaashi sends you website and journal articles that he thinks may be useful for your papers. he probably knows just as much about your major as he does his own, given all the time he’s spent scanning through several articles by your side during all-nighters. on the rare occasion that he can’t join you, he just emails you everything. not only that, he even sends a care package with a cute little note : you’ve got this, my love! rooting for you today, like all days. - a.k.
❥   oikawa knows that there’s a particular book in the library you’ve been meaning to check out and he’s not above using his charms for you to get it. aware of your very busy schedule, oikawa comes by the library almost every afternoon to bother the librarians check if it’s available. he’s on a first name basis with everyone and each time they try to turn him away, he replies with the same thing : “c’mon, they really need this! yeah, yeah i’m annoying but wouldn’t you do anything for love too?”
❥   atsumu wakes up half an hour earlier than he normally would to pick you up from your apartment so you could go to campus together. your schedules aren’t kind to your relationship, so he tries to get as much time with you as he can throughout the day. atsumu walks you to your class then sprints to the other side of the campus to get to his own. he grabs onto the wooden doorframe of his classroom, panting and catching his breath, “i have an excuse……love?”
❥   kuroo holds your hand underneath the table and helps you make the powerpoint presentation for your report the next day. his other hand is either poking your cheek or pointing to a slide animation that he’s insisting you include. half the time his suggestions are jokes, the other half are actually helpful. kuroo squeezes your hand twice, making you tear your gaze away from the computer and place it onto him, “can you work a little quicker, babe? wanna take you out on a date.”
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haik-choo · 11 months ago
hot things tsukishima does
here are the creators and their posts that inspired this!
@0ik6lut - hot things oikawa does (OG)
@ahtsumu - hot things suna does
when you’re at your desk and ask him for help on something he places his hand on one side of the desk and leans down, basically encasing you in his arms
additionally, he’ll talk in your ear and when you look up at him he’ll look down at you and just...smirk before pulling away and telling you to figure the problem out yourself
leans on the doorframe; sometimes you’ll be leaning on wall next to the doorframe and he’ll come up and lean on it next to you, his body warmth making your heart beat 11x faster
when he wakes up one hand is stretching upwards towards the air while the other scratched his stomach and.... :) iz just nice
grabs your chin to look at him and uses his pointer finger to caress your chin before kissing you
has worn the maid costume once. you have a picture of it. on your phone. confidential. you look at it sometimes.... <3
Comfortable in his sexuality and lets you dress him up however as long as he can watch movies while you do it
when you watch movies together he’ll nonchalantly feed you a piece of popcorn but his fingers brush past your lips really slowly and when you both are looking at each other in anticipation he’ll lean back against the couch’s arm rest and pop a piece of popcorn in his mouth
you're on your laptop and ask him for help with something and instead of wait until you move you arm out of the way he puts his hand on the mouse pad next to yours and his pinky links with one of your fingers....
says "oh? and you're gonna stop me?"
when he’s stressed with his work on the computer he’ll sigh lightly and slip off his glasses and place his hand on his chin to look at you across the room, his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his gaze is dark and half-lidded
he’ll be doing something that takes his focus and you think he can’t see you staring at him, but then he’ll suddenly glance at you with thoe electric honey eyes of his and quirk his brow. no smile on his face. just intense stare
taps his pencils and pens against his pretty soft lips out of habit. sometimes looks at you while doing it
wears an plain silver chain anklet
has a prominent adam’s apple and when he drinks water after a game and there’s sweat dripping down his chin it’s. just. yeah.
has pretty hands with long fingers; sometimes he just mindlessly rubs the edge of his desk with his fingers and you can’t help but watch. 
actually takes care of his nails -- like the cuticles are pushed back and they are filed in a pretty shape. occasionally uses nail oil 
his style. either it’s a lazy loose sweatpants (not grey ones, sorry, he knows that trend) and a long sleeve t-shirt or when he goes out and feels like trying it’s khaki pants with white socks and vans with a white button up and a vest pullover on top of it. just. preppy tsukishima. please god. 
when he's sitting on a bed he has one leg outstretched and one leg bent with his arm resting on it, his head in that hand, his other hand scrolling through his phone until you walk in and his eyes flit to you and trail after you until you leave the room
the hottest thing about tsukishima is his stare. the power his eyes hold over you, with or without glasses, is shocking. his eyes are just such a pretty shade of amber with a dark ring around them...the type of guy to forget his glasses one day and everyone has a picture of him from that day because. damn. 
bonus: is the progressive kid in class who you think hates everyone equally but when someone says some Fucked Up discriminatory shit he goes Off on their ass and absolutely schools them 
bonus bonus: tsukishima’s legs. nuff said
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cybersvoid · 2 months ago
How They React To Someone Flirting With You 
Tumblr media
♡ Pairings: Tsukishima x Reader || Kenma x Reader || Hinata x Reader
!!Warnings!!: Manipulation, Obsession, Cursing, Controlling, Threats, Jealousy, etc.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ He’s silently fuming
+ Gripping his console so tight in his hands that his knuckles turned white
+ ‘Game Over’ screen had been displayed for a few minutes already, but his attention was elsewhere
+ His eyes were locked onto you... more honestly, locked onto you as some nobody gave the most shittiest attempts at flirting with you
+ He knew going to this party was a bad idea, but Kuroo insisted
+ You were too precious and clueless for your own good. You didn’t know that the only thing this asshole really wanted was to get in your pants, but that’s okay! That’s what he’s here for
+ As your boyfriend, it’s his job to protect you, and it’s past time he got to work on just that
+ “Y/N, this party isn’t really doing it for me. Why don’t we head home and have some fun just the two of us?”
+ Now you and Kenma both know that what he actually meant when he said that, was playing video games together while you sat in his lap, but it could easily be misunderstood by anyone who isn’t the both of you, which was exactly what he was counting on
+ By how red the guys face got, Kenma could definitely say his mission was a success, but just to put the final nail in the coffin, he made sure that the guy saw as he pulled you in for a kiss
+ Not usually one for public displays of affection, he didn’t mind making an exception every now and again when someone needed a reminding of just who you belonged to
Tumblr media
+ Now this is what he calls entertainment
+ There’s no way in hell that this idiot blubbering away in front of you actually thought he had a chance with you… right?
+ There was only one person in the world worthy of you and that was him
+ He couldn’t help but start to chuckle after watching this guy make attempt after attempt in trying to win you over, which really just came across as shitty bragging
+ Feeling more generous than usual, he decided to put the poor soul out of his misery and made his way over, wrapping an arm around you and placing a kiss on your forehead before sending a smirk to the guy in front of you
+ “Oh... my bad.” Tsukki grinned, rubbing the back of his head in an attempt to fake some sort of non-existent embarrassment “I didn’t see you there shorty. Hope I wasn’t interrupting something important.”
+ “Oh, he was just telling me about how he and his team were just a few matches away from making it to the final selection,” you explained on his behalf
+ “Is this your first time?” Tsukki questioned the kid, who nodded in response “Well, I guess we all have to start somewhere.”
+ That’s how the entirety of the conversation continued. Your boyfriend sending passive-aggressive blow after passive-aggressive blow to the poor kid’s ego before the guy had enough, and made a random excuse to leave
+ Leaving Tsukki standing victorious while you stood at his side, completely confused on what just happened
Tumblr media
+ He disappeared for a second, just a second, to go grab a water bottle after a practice match
+ He left you in the hallway while he ran off, expecting to come back and have you greet him with that smile he adored so much
+ But instead your precious smile that was supposed to be reserved for him, and him alone, was being wasted on some nobody on the opposing team
+ Although he’s normally very bubbly by nature, Hinata is also known to get very serious and straightforward when it comes to things he’s passionate about
+ Therefore he would have no problem walking right up and putting himself between you and the idiot trying to take you away from him
+ “Was it not enough that I kicked your butt on the court? You really wanna come back for a round two off the court as well,” he grinned
+ Although his smile said friendly, his eyes were sending the complete opposite message. Telling the guy standing in front of him that he had about 10 seconds to get out of his face
+ He picked up on the subtle delivery loud and clear, responding with an apology and seeing himself out of the building
+ “I really can’t leave you alone can I?” Hinata mumbled, wrapping his arms around you and placing his face into your chest “Sometimes I really do just wanna lock you away”
+ You grinned, finding it funny how he joked about keeping you prisoner like you were some sort of royal, needing to be locked away in a tower for your own protection
+ But would you still be laughing it off if you realized just how serious he was?
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arroelin · 5 months ago
Hi shawty *lipbite*, could you write some f!reader scenario abt boys planning a suprise for mothers day with their kids. With Tsukishima, Sakusa, Kita, Suga and Atsumu? Thanks *big smooch*
— planning a surprise with their kids for mother’s day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: (dad!) tsukishima kei, sakusa kiyoomi, kita shinsuke, sugawara koushi, miya atsumu (x f!reader)
genre: fluff
wc: 1300+
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Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA’s legs were twisted uncomfortably as he sat on one of the colourful children’s chairs at his son’s small craft table.
“what are you making?” he asks, turning to face the child. 
“i wanna make a card!!” his son exclaims, leaning over the table to tug a large package of construction paper from under the pile of coloured markers- successfully pushing them off the table. 
tsukishima chuckles before bending over to fix the mess on the floor, “do you need my help?” 
“you have to make one too!” his son frowns, shoving the pack of construction paper under his nose. 
“ok, ok, we’ll make two cards, then” 
for the next hour, the room is silent- save for the soft shuffling sound of markers on paper.
“do you think mommy will like it?” the small child asks, gazing at his dad with hopeful eyes. 
“of course she will,” tsukishima replies quickly, giving his son a pat on the head before lowering his voice, “now we have to be quiet, so we can surprise her.” 
“happy mother’s day!!!” you walk into the room to see your son holding out a big card in front of him. 
a smile stretches across your face, “awww baby, thank you so much! it looks so good!” 
you bend down to give the small child a hug before glancing at your husband. he looks away, cheeks tinted pink, as he hands you his own card, “looks like i have a gift for you too.” 
you snort, scanning it quickly before you quirk an eyebrow at him jokingly, “i think your son’s looks much better.” 
Tumblr media
it’s the week before mother’s day and SAKUSA did not want to face the rush of people at the mall, so sitting in front of the computer screen, he holds his daughter on his lap as he browses through the catalogue of gifts. 
“what should we get mommy?” he asks, tilting his head to look at his daughter.
“this one!” she exclaims as she bounces excitedly on his lap, pointing towards a pink tiara. 
sakusa frowns, “that’s something you want, we need to get something that mommy wants.” 
“why won’t mommy want this?” 
sakusa’s eyes widen in panic at he watches his daughter’s eyes fill with tears. “we can get that for you, but you need to pick out something else for mommy,” he says quickly, patting her curls reassuringly. 
she nods, beaming happily, and sakusa sighs. he was never good at saying no to his daughter. 
“what about this one?” he asks, pointing towards a necklace. 
“no, it’s ugly.” 
his eyebrows knit and he pouts slightly at his daughter’s harsh rejection- so she inherited his bluntness. 
sakusa’s eyes dart up from the computer when he hears your footsteps approaching. he turns to his daughter and explains quickly, “princess, remember- this is a surprise, so we can’t tell mommy anything.” 
you knock on the door before walking into the room they were both in, “what are you two up to?”
shaking your head slightly, you chuckle as you watch the both of them look away, refusing to meet your eyes.
the surprise is safe for now (hopefully), but sakusa would have to make sure to get his daughter’s approval on a gift another day.
Tumblr media
KITA was prepared for mother’s day- after all, he’s had the date circled on his calendar for a while. 
he had gotten out of bed extra early- carefully, as not to wake you- to make sure the entire house was clean, and when the kids woke up as well, they also started preparing right away.
his daughter had volunteered to go out into the fields in the backyard to gather flowers, and his son is inside- helping him prepare breakfast. 
“daddy! i found so many pretty ones!” his daughter runs into the living room, clutching a basket filled with different coloured wild flowers- eyes twinkling with pride. 
kita bends down to look at the flowers, and he smiles, “they look beautiful, i’m sure mommy will like them very much.”
“dad! i need help.” 
his son’s voice from the kitchen interrupts him and kita rushes over. “here, i got it,” he assures. “why don’t you help me set up the tray?”
and the small boy nods enthusiastically before running out of the kitchen. 
kita has everything under control so that when you wake up, you are greeted with your son- who is carefully holding up a tray with your breakfast, and your daughter- who is clutching a large bouquet of flowers. 
you rub the sleep out of your eyes and beam brightly, “this is perfect, thank you so much!”
seeing you smile, kita couldn’t be any happier. 
he walks over to the bed and places a soft kiss on your forehead before nuzzling your hair affectionately, “thank you for being the best mom in the world.”
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA had woken up early on the morning of mother’s day to bring his daughter to the flower shop to find a gift. 
and right now, he can only throw the florist an apologetic look as he chases after his daughter who was running excitedly down the aisles. 
“sweetheart, wait for me,” he calls out, catching up to the small girl and grasping her hands tightly with a sigh of relief.   
“it’s so pretty!” the child marvels, eyes twinkling with amazement. 
sugawara chuckles at his daughter’s enthusiasm before crouching down to face her, “we have to choose some flowers for mommy.” 
his daughter nods her head dramatically, “for mother’s day!”
“that’s right, for mother’s day,” he smiles, returning her nod with an exaggerated one of his own. “which one do you want to get?”
the small girl swivels her head to look at the flowers surrounding her. “this one!” she exclaims, pointing at a large bouquet of bright pink flowers. 
on the car ride home, his daughter sits in the back, hugging the bouquet tightly. 
you had just walked out of your bedroom when you heard the front door open, followed by the sound of your daughter’s excited chatter.
“happy mother’s day!!!” your daughter screams, running towards you with a large bouquet of pink flowers. 
“sweetie, this looks beautiful!! thank you so much!!” you exclaim happily as you pick up your daughter- who was still holding the flowers- peppering her face with kisses. 
you feel a hand snaking over your shoulders and you turn your head to see your husband. sugawara grins before pressing his lips onto yours, murmuring a soft, “happy mother’s day.”
Tumblr media
ATSUMU’s son had told him he wanted to surprise mommy with pancakes for mother’s day, and he is determined to make that happen. 
“you look like uncle osamu!” the small boy giggles when he sees atsumu in one of your aprons. 
atsumu freezes before turning to his son with an offended expression, placing his hands over his heart. “how could ya insult yer daddy like that,” he exclaims dramatically. 
narrowing his eyes, he saunters towards the child and tackles him with tickles- smirking when his son begs him to stop. 
“ok, now let me focus.”
“i wanna help!” his son yells, jumping up excitedly. 
atsumu purses his lips, thinking of something to give the small boy to do. “ok, hold this, and move yer arm in circles,” he says, handing his son the bowl of pancake batter and a large spoon. 
atsumu is sweating by the stove- trying his best to make each pancake look perfect- that he had forgotten all about his son.
turning around, atsumu’s eyes widen when he sees the pancake batter splattered all over the counter and dripping onto the floor.
he gulps, before plastering a smile on his face, “good job, buddy.”
his son smiles brightly, “can i cook pancakes now?”
atsumu gives him a sheepish smile, “let me handle that, alright?” 
“we did it,” atsumu sighs proudly, collapsing on the dining room chair as he admires the plate of pancakes on the table.   
the small boy jumps up and down in excitement, “let’s go get mommy!”
atsumu suddenly remembers the mess in the kitchen- the pancake batter on the floor and the collection of dirty bowls on the counter. 
“u-uh, how about we surprise her with breakfast in bed instead.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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r00ks · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
saying “i need a break” in a fight
Tumblr media
includes: kenma, iwaizumi, oikawa, tsukishima
warnings: hurt/comfort, misunderstandings
notes: rbs are greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
- KENMA K. -
fights with kenma weren’t actually all that common, or at least not explosive fights. but as with everything else, there were exceptions. regardless of what kind of fight it was, it was still frustrating to argue with him because it always seemed like he just didn’t care. he just sat in front of you, staring blankly at you, and rolling his eyes whenever you said anything that was meant to be a rebuttal.
you paused for a moment when he scoffed at what you had said, frustration building up in the both of you. “you are such a-” you cut yourself off and took a deep breath, knowing that yelling wasn’t going to get you anywhere, “i need a break from this.”
he sat up straighter than he had for the last twenty minutes, and the vague, unaffected façade he had maintained gave way to a more genuine concern. “oh, okay,” he cleared his throat and tried to clear his head from the one thought that a break would make you want to split up, “for, uh... for how long?”
he wrung his hands and reached for his phone, fidgeting with the case. “maybe an hour?” he let out a shaky breath and you shot him a confused look. “i need to cool down, that’s all.”
“oh,” he visibly relaxed at that and looked away from you, letting his hair fall into his face, “i thought you meant...” he didn’t finish his sentence, and he didn’t have to.
“what?! no, of course not,” you shook your head and he let himself slouch back into the chair. “i’m sorry you thought that.”
“it’s fine,” he smiled at you in the hopes of reassuring you, but it didn’t quite look right, like he was just trying to cover up what he really felt. “can we just drop the fight?” you gave him a genuine smile in return and nodded, glad that it was all over.
it was impossible to get a word in edge-wise when you got into fights with iwaizumi. the more reasonable part of your mind knew that he was just trying to protect himself from getting hurt by whatever you had to say, but the decidedly less rational part of your mind wanted to clobber him every time he cut you off. it was infuriating to have every single sentence you started be ended abruptly by him, and your patience for it was wearing thin.
“can you shut up for two seconds?” you hissed, the words sounding sharper than you had intended, and he listened. for the first time in the entire argument, he listened to you. maybe it was the harsh tone you used, or the fact that those words were the one and only time that you had demanded something like that of him. “i… listen, i need a break, alright?”
he shook his head like he was trying to rid himself of a thought, and watched you walk toward the door. with every step you took, he could have sworn he heard an echo ring out in his head like a warning, and it made his chest feel tight and his throat closed up.
“don’t walk out that door,” he tried to say, but his voice came out as more of a croak than anything else. “please,” he sounded desperate, almost like seeing you walk toward the door hurt, and it made your heart drop.
when you turned around he was already looking at you with a hurt look, his fists clenched at his sides. he took a step toward you, a small, tentative step, but a step nonetheless. “i’m sorry, it was a stupid reason to pick a fight,” he looked down at his feet, struggling to find the right words, “please don’t leave me.”
“oh, no,” you rushed over to where he was standing, pulling him into a hug, “no no no, that’s not what i meant.” it took him a moment to return the hug, but when he did, you could feel him let out a long breath, relief flooding through him.
you couldn’t even remember what you were arguing about anymore, but he wouldn’t let up. each word he spat at you only gave you more fuel for your own cruel words up until now. you couldn’t see an end to the fight that didn’t result in someone walking out a pissed off mess, and you weren’t about to let it be oikawa. even if you were mad at him, he still needed to sleep in his own bed so he didn’t wake up sore tomorrow for practice.
you sighed when he shot an insult at you, one you knew that he didn’t mean. “you need to listen to me, oikawa!” he flinched at the use of his family name and he was about to reply when you cut him off, “i need a break.” you stepped away from him and ran a hand over your face.
he froze, not knowing how to take everything he said back or even if he could take it back. the fight vanished from his mind and along with it, his pride. his mind was racing, trying to come up with a way to fix this, but all he could think about was the fact that you were going to leave him.
“no,” he said the first thing that came to mind, hoping it would keep you from walking out, but his voice broke around the simple words, “please.” the straight face he was trying so hard to maintain cracked just the tiniest bit when you looked back at him with a cold stare.
the cold stare didn’t last long, though, when you saw the way he was looking at you. the hurt that flashed across his face was clear, and the same regret that he felt was mirrored in yourself. you wanted to stay angry, you did, but seeing how he looked so close to breaking made it all fall away.
“tooru?” you reached out to grab onto his hand and that was all it took for him to fall to pieces. he pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around you in a vice-like grip.
“don’t go,” his voice was quieter than it usually was, and you could feel him shaking slightly.
you hugged him back just as tightly, “i won’t, i promise.”
“you are so annoying,” he hissed at you, the words digging in a little too deep for your liking. the past hour or so of going back and forth was starting to get to you. even if you knew that they were just words without any real intention behind them, it still hurt to hear him say them to you.
“then maybe i should take a break!” you shouted back at him, yet another thing to add onto the quickly growing list of things neither of you meant.
he sneered at you and shouldered his way past you, trying to cover up the hurt that would have been painted across his face if he stayed for any longer. “fine then!” the door slammed behind him and the realization of what you said felt like a punch to the gut.
by the time tsukishima had cooled off, which had taken a couple hours, you were asleep on the couch. it didn’t take him long to realize that you were waiting for him to come back, and by the looks of it you hadn’t fallen asleep too long ago if the still wet tear tracks on your cheeks were anything to go by. guilt hammered hard into his chest, making him realize just how important you were to him.
his steps were quiet as he made his way over to you, and his voice was gentle, or at least gentler than you had ever heard it, as he shook you awake, “hey, i’m back.”
you blinked up at him, and you brought a hand to your face, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as best you could. once you registered that it was tsukishima who was in front of you, your eyebrows furrowed like you weren’t quite sure what you were seeing.
“i thought you were leaving?” neither of you were sure whether the shake in your voice was from sleep or from the relief of him being in front of you.
he sighed, disappointed in himself for letting his own pettiness get ahead of him, “like i could ever leave you, idiot.” the smile on his face told you that he didn’t mean anything by the nickname, and the familiarity of it brought a smile to your face too.
Tumblr media
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babydai · 5 months ago
Ahhh I am such a sucker for hurt + comfort hcs, your sleeping on the couch one gave me CRAZY butterflies 🥰 could I request a hurt/comfort hc of arguing with the character and you unexpectedly start crying/sounding like you just want to give up arguing with Kyotani, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, Tsukki, and Atsumu?
Kyotani, Ushijima, Tsukishima
a/n: hurt/comfort always gives me butterflies too aksjsjsks. I'm sorry only do three characters per headcanon :( but I'll keep your other characters in mind if I do a part 2! Hope you enjoy love!
(italicized is boys speaking)
warnings: arguing, crying, set in time skip (no spoilers)
Tumblr media
You and Kyotani hardly ever fought, mostly because he babies you, but he’d never admit that. That being said, wow was he good at it. He just gets very defensive, which ends up spiraling into an unnecessary argument.
It was just past 1 A.M. and your boyfriend’s yelling was starting to fade into gibberish as other thoughts occupied your mind. You knew that Kyotani could be aggressive, but he was usually so sweet to you, it only made the insults and yelling hurt more. You could only take so much before your emotions overwhelmed you and tears started rolling down your cheeks.
“You’re so mean sometimes tarō,” you whispered trying your best to wipe away the tears that couldn’t seem to stop falling.
Kyotani fell silent as realization washed over his face while he watched you leave the living room and head towards your bedroom, the only sound left in the apartment was your quiet sniffles.
He didn’t mean to take the fight that far, let alone hurt your feelings. He only said those things out of frustration, but he was hoping you knew he didn’t mean them. No one had ever loved him the way you did, and the last thing he wanted was to lose you.
He gave you a couple of minutes before walking into the bedroom to see you laying on the far side of the bed, back facing him. He slotted himself under the blanket without a word and pulled you into his chest.
“I‘m so sorry,” he whispered as he pulled you in tighter. You didn’t give him any reaction, simply staring at the wall in front of you.
“I didn’t mean any of it, baby I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, please don’t leave me” his voice cracking as he tries to get the words out. He finally takes a sigh of relief when you relax into his arms.
“I love you.”
“Love you too tarō,” you mumbled back sleepily. You knew you’d talk it out in the morning, but for now, this was perfect.
Fights with Ushijima were more frustrating than anything else because he always had trouble grasping how much certain things actually affected you. This usually led to him dismissing you, not on purpose but it hurt nonetheless.
It’s been 40 minutes of arguing and you’ve reached your breaking point. He continued to speak as you finally let the hot tears spill down your face. You maintained your eye contact with the ground as your crying intensified, finally catching his attention.
“I don’t wanna do this anymore,” you mumbled as coherently as you could while your crying started to intensify. You didn’t know if you were crying out of frustration or hurt, probably both, but the tears were there nonetheless.
He rushed to you immediately with panic filling his eyes, pulling you into his chest and holding you tightly. You didn’t fight him, but you don’t hug him back either.
He didn’t realize how insensitive he was being by insisting that there was nothing wrong. The only reason he felt that way was because you were always so perfect for him, how could he have relationship problems with someone as perfect as you?
“I’m sorry love, I didn’t realize,” he said softly as he leaned down to leave a kiss on the top of your head.
You continued crying into his chest as he ran his large hand up and down your back comfortingly, whispering apologies into your hair every few minutes.
“I think we should get some rest and talk about this tomorrow, I know I haven’t been the best lately but I’ll try harder.”
You nodded softly as you wiped away the remaining tears before finally hugging him back.
“Are we okay?”
“Yeah Toshi, we’re okay,” you responded nuzzling your face further into his chest.
Arguing with Tsukki was the worst because he never realizes the weight of his words until after they’ve come out of his mouth. He often forgets that most people are a bit more sensitive than him, you included.
You could only listen to so much before your tears got the best of you, betraying the cold facade you put up.
“God, I’m so sick of this Tsukki, I’m going for a drive you can finish criticizing everything I do when I get back,” Bitterness was laced in your tone as you grabbed your car keys and wiped your face with the sleeves of your sweatshirt.
Before he could respond you left the apartment and headed towards your car. Your drive was far longer than you anticipated but strangely it helped a great deal. Your crying subsided a few minutes into the drive and soon after you got a text from your boyfriend that read,
I’m sorry. Please drive safe, I love you.
You knew he didn’t intend for his words to be so harsh, you just weren’t used to that behavior from him considering how little you two fought. You took the time to relax and start forgiving him.
You made it back to the apartment 40 minutes later and walked into a worried-looking Tsukki rushing to the door.
“I know I upset you but you could’ve at least texted back, I was worried,” his rambling fading off as he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into his body.
“I’m sorry for being mean, I have no idea why I said all that. I never want to make you cry,” he uttered the last part shamefully.
“I know.” He felt you nod as you hugged him back for a few minutes before he pulled away.
“I have something for you,” he muttered as his cheeks began to flush. He led you into the living room to find a pile of pillows and blankets on the couch and your favorite fast food on the coffee table.
“I really am sorry.”
You giggled thinking about how frustrated he must have been setting it all up.
“Thank you Kei, I’m sorry too I know I said things I shouldn’t have,” you told him sincerely as you leaned up to peck his lips.
“I love you, brat.”
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!! <3
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
reacting to their s/o wearing another guy’s jacket
w/ tsukishima, kuroo, and bokuto!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: here is the requested part 3 of the jacket series! i put the link to part 2 above :) the post linked also contains the link to part 1 if you’d like to check it out!
i haven’t written for tsukki yet so i’m excited to see how this will turn out! i couldn’t fit all the characters that were requested into this one post, so i’ll probably end up putting them in other posts; i hope that’s okay with y’all! anyways, please enjoy and remember that feedback is always appreciated! love y’all💞)
Tumblr media
okay uh.. we all know this man is MEAN
like ok whatever he might have a very small, barely visible, probably not even existent soft spot for you
but this mf is mean asf😐
today you had to meet up with a classmate to finish a school project but you completely forgot
you woke up late and had to scramble to get to school 10 minutes later than the agreed time
in your hurry, you didn’t realize that it was cold as fuck outside, and you didn’t bring a jacket
after finishing the project, you met up with tsukki, noting that his jacket looked pretty warm
“you know i love you, right?”
“...what is it this time?”
“soo hypothetically, if i forgot my jacket at home, would you possibly maybe let me borrow yours.....?”
this man said 😐
then he left you wordlessly to go to class, and you sighed in defeat
the cold was making you shiver, so the same classmate you’d worked with earlier offered you his!
you accepted happily :)
it’s lunchtime now, and you’re making your way through the hallway to find your boyfriend. you spot him talking to tadashi, who waves at you before bidding his goodbye!
kei sees you walking towards him and is about to greet you when he sees what you’re wearing and motions for you to stop.
he glares at the offensive item you’re wearing, and then looks into your eyes disapprovingly.
“what?” you ask, exasperated.
“what the fuck are you wearing?” his eyes lock onto the hoodie around your shoulders.
“this? it’s just a sweatshirt.”
he rolls his eyes at you.
“no shit, dumbass. who gave it to you?”
you cross your arms over your chest.
“why does it matter to you?”
“answer the question, y/n.”
“it was just a friend, okay? he saw that i was cold and offered.”
he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as if he doesn’t have the patience for this. quite honestly, he doesn’t.
he wants to berate himself for getting worked up about this, but observing the way the clothing envelops you in another man’s scent is making him irritated. he wants to tear it off you and make you smell like him instead. it’s possessive and probably a little toxic but it’s driving him crazy.
what’s worse is that he can’t even say these things, because he shouldn’t feel like this at all. besides, he refused to give you his jacket just this morning, so it’s probably his fault anyway.
so he turns away and starts walking, ignoring you. you run up to him and throw more questions at him, which he doesn’t feel like answering. at a certain point, you tug on his sleeve, hard, and he turns around. his eyes widen in surprise.
he hadn’t expected you to actually be fazed by his passive aggressiveness, but there’s a confused, hurt look on your face and now he feels kind of bad.
“what did i do wrong?” you ask, voice small.
he sighs, frustrated, and contemplates what to do. after running through his options, he just decides on the easy one.
he lifts the sweatshirt you’re wearing up over your head, muttering an “up,” as you raise your arms and slip the hoodie off. then, he takes his own jacket, and replaces it.
“you didn’t do anything wrong, idiot. can we move on please?” he mutters, looking away from you, embarrassment tinting his cheeks lightly. you brighten immediately.
as you’re walking, you take his hand and sigh.
“i like yours better, you know.”
Tumblr media
your dumbass forgot to check the weather forecast and now you’re stuck at school with no jacket :(
usually when this happens, your boyfriend gives you his, so you walked to his classroom before school started
he was concentrating on his textbook, probably studying for an exam
you tapped on his shoulder gently
“could i borrow your sweatshirt for the day?”
“oh, sorry baby, i’m a little busy right now. i’ll meet with you at lunch, ‘kay?”
you sighed, understanding but still a little disappointed, and walked to your first class
thankfully, the person who sat next to your desk was a close friend and offered you his hoodie!
you and tetsurou walk to the library for lunch as per usual, chatting about trivial things. both of you sit down and take out your lunches.
“oh yeah, how was the test?”
he looks up at you.
“oh, right. it wasn’t that bad, honestly. i studied a lot and...what the hell are you wearing..?”
he cuts himself off as his have finally travels down to the hoodie you’re wearing. it hangs off of you dramatically, and it’s clear that it’s not a woman’s jacket.
“what? it’s just a sweatshirt my friend gave me. i forgot mine at home today, and he had one in his locker, so he gave me the one he was wearing,” you explain.
“what?” kuroo stares at you, baffled. “you forgot yours and you didn’t even think to ask me, your boyfriend?!”
you stare at him incredulously.
“babe, i DID ask you. remember? this morning?”
“i’m pretty sure i would remember if you asked me.”
you sigh. he really is an idiot sometimes.
“i came into your classroom, and then i asked you if i could borrow your sweatshirt. you said you were busy, so i left,” you explain it to him thoroughly, as if you’re dating a child. (you kind of are😪)
he glares at you, unimpressed, and says nothing.
“babe, what do you want me to do? i mean, would me wearing your sweatshirt make you feel better?”
he grunts and turns back to his food, eating silently. so now he wants to give me the silent treatment, you think.
“alright, suit yourself,” you mumble. you pull the sleeves over your fingers, zip up the hoodie, pull the hood up, and rest your chin on your arms. maybe a nap would be good, you think sleepily.
kuroo glares at you petulantly, mentally whining at seeing you take a cozy, warm nap in some other dude’s jacket. you crack an eye open at him and smile softly, and he loses it when he sees how adorable you look. he gets up and pulls your chair out, unzipping the jacket and taking it off you.
and then in an instant, he’s slipping his own onto you and pushing your chair back in before sitting back down. you stare at him, awe coloring your features. you smile at how adorable your boyfriend is. he really is something else, pouting at you childishly as if this wasn’t his fault to begin with. you sigh contentedly, his scent flooding your senses comfortingly.
“aww, babe, were you jealous?”
“shut up.”
you just giggle.
Tumblr media
you had too many thoughts occupying your mind today
exams, club meetings, everything
so it slipped your mind that it was going to be cold and that you needed a jacket
you realized this on the way to school, but you were already almost there :(
thankfully, your boyfriend looked like he brought one
you ran up to him, hopeful
“kou, do you think i could borrow your jacket for today?”
he stared at you, puzzled
“but if i give you my jacket, then won’t i get cold?”
man kinda had a point😬
you realized he was right and sighed
“‘s okay, i’ll just ask someone else!”
you knew bokuto always had the best intentions, but you also didn’t want him to get cold
but luck was in your favor, as your classmate saw you shivering at your desk and offered you his
you and bokuto make your way into the library, settling into a secluded corner where you always sit during lunch.
you settle into his lap, and he laughs, pulling you in tight and burying his nose in your neck. he inhales deeply.
he stops, and pulls away.
“babe?” you ask, confused.
“where’d you get this?” he mutters, quiet.
“a friend of mine gave it to me,” you answer. “he saw that i was cold, and he had an extra!”
bokuto pouts childishly at you.
“what?” you ask, giggling.
instead of answering, he just takes off his jacket and pushes it at you wordlessly.
“kou, i don’t need one anymore! besides, didn’t you say you were cold? you should put it back on.”
bokuto stares at you. why won’t you accept his jacket? he would much rather have you wear his then some other random dude’s. why would you want to wear that one? wouldnt his be a much better fit?
you’ve dropped the conversation, it seems, and you’re watching something on your phone. when bokuto inhales, he can sense your scent mixed into another masculine, foreign one, and the idea is making him feel nauseous.
he tries again, pushing the sweatshirt at you and nudging you with it, until you put your phone down to look at him.
“baby, i thought you were cold! if you give me yours, then you won’t have one,” you explain. he pouts, and then looks away.
“but it’s not worth it if it means you have to wear someone else’s,” he mumbles, voice tiny. “i’d be cold for every day of my life if it meant you would only wear my jackets.”
you exhale, taken aback. bokuto is so adorable when he’s not even trying to be.
you slip the jacket off and put his on instead, inhaling his scent and snuggling into the soft, warm fabric. the sight seems to placate him, as he relaxes and pulls you back into his chest.
“thank you,” he murmurs, muffled against your neck.
“of course, kou.”
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elleaftermidnight · 5 days ago
fwb!tsukishima who struggles with figuring out exactly how he feels about you so he tries to play your relationship off as a casual thing, but he does know that every time you mention that you’re interested in someone else, he feels weird and angry and uncomfortable. to get all of the emotions off of his chest because he’s too stubborn to tell you to your face, he fucks you so good that you forget all about the other person and are screaming his name. he won’t admit it out loud, but he desperately hopes that at some point, you’ll be able to tell that he’s fucking you differently than before and that eventually you’ll realize it’s because he wants more than your current arrangement.
Tumblr media
elle’s feeling thirsty. mdni. or else i'll bite you (unaffectionate). 
Tumblr media
“bet he can’t fuck you like i can.” tsukishima mumbles from beside you, trying his best too ignore the ache that’s slowly begun to creep in his chest, “wonder how he’d feel when he finds out you’re texting him naked on another guy’s bed.”
you roll your eyes, placing your phone on his bedside table, “jeez what’s got you so pissy today? jealous that i can get a date and you can’t?”
“he actually asked you out?” tsukishima scoffs. a few minutes ago, you were practically screaming out his name. 
“yeah” you grin before poking your tongue out at him, “guess i won’t be seeing you tomorrow then.”
something in tsukishima just snaps, caging you in between his arms before you could even begin to blink, “what if i fuck you hard enough that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow?”
“wh- mmph-” he cuts you off with a kiss, the suddenness of his actions eliciting a gasp from you. tsukishima takes the opportunity to slip his tongue past your lips.
his kisses are much rougher than you’re used to, a hand moving towards your waist in order to hold you down. you’re unsure what exactly has gotten into him. all you know is that you’re left breathless and gasping as his lips begin to trail down your jaw to your neck, gently biting on the skin every now and then.
“kei-” you mumble, “what the hell? where’s this coming from?”
you’re squirming beneath his touch, though you aren’t exactly opposed to his ministrations as his tongue leaves a trail of saliva as he kisses down your torso. tsukishima doesn’t answer your question, god forbid he actually say it out loud when he could show you instead.
without a single word, he flips you on your stomach, your face now buried in the pillows. gripping your hips hard enough to leave bruises, tsukishima slams into you. he doesn’t give you any time to get used to the sensation of his cock inside you, pounding into you at a relentless pace.
sweat is dripping down the side of his forehead, mouth parting ever so slightly as each thrust perfectly punctuates the point he’s trying to make in his head: fuck. choose me. he could never make you feel like this. he could never love you like i can.
tsukishima pulls you to his chest, never slowing his pace in the slightest. his mouth is right by your ear, his words hot and breathy as he could no longer keep his emotions at bay, “thought you were fucking smarter than this, yn. what does he have that i don’t?”
his hand finds your jaw, turning your head so he could capture your lips in another kiss, “bet i can make you forget his name by the time i'm through with you.”
and you’re left at a loss for words, only able to respond in a strange mixture of gasps and breathy moans, your eyes seconds away from rolling to the back of your head as you come closer and closer to release.
tsukishima’s hands travel everywhere, from your neck to your waist to your hair, until your legs are left trembling and you’re barely able to hold yourself up anymore. 
he feels his cock twitch inside you, your walls squeezing him just a little too well. tsukishima doesn’t give you a warning when he cums, filling you up with one final groan. when he feels your hands gripping his arm, he knows you had just come undone as well.
he gives you a few seconds to catch your breath, brushing away the hair that’s begun to stick to your forehead, your features sweaty and plastered with a fucked-out bliss.
“usually i'm not opposed to a second round.” you turn to look at him, a small smile on your face as you finally realize what’s gotten him so worked up, “but any particular reason for this one?”
“don’t make me say it.” he groans, brows furrowed in frustration.
“guess i'll just text my date then.”
“can you even still walk?”
“i think i can.” you smirk, reaching out a hand to the bedside table, where your phone was still resting.
tsukishima grabs your wrist, stopping you with a sigh, “don’t...let me be the one to take you on a date instead.”
“see? was that so hard?”
he rolls his eyes, but a smile slowly spread across his face, “fuck you.”
“you already did.”
Tumblr media
so when am i gonna get my fwb to lovers arc with tsukki huh?!?!?! i want him bad your honour >_< also idk if you can tell but not proofread bc wrote this on the ride home asdfghjkl will be back to edit this someday hahahaha   
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