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romanifucker · 2 days ago
random tsukishima headcanons for my soul
Tumblr media
hello i am back from mini hiatus for now cause i needed to write something comforting :,) but i'm working on some requests as well!
i never see anyone talk about his affinity for living creatures and i think thats a crime, i mean he literally works at a museum surrounded by the history of life and evolution
i just love the idea of him being a giant nerd that's too stubborn to admit it
cw: mention of bugs and reptiles but nothing else
characters: tsukishima kei
wc: 300+
Tumblr media
it’s confirmed he has an affinity for living creatures from yamaguchi
he finds all creatures interesting simply cause they’re alive and a part of nature, but has a special affinity towards reptiles, amphibians and insects; beings that are usually ostracized for being ‘creepy’
also cause they remind him of dinosaurs (yeah dinosaurs are closer to birds than reptiles but he thinks they look cool)
he probably has a terrarium of isopods or a reptile tank
he’s still that caring, kind little boy from years ago, but since the incident with his brother he’s become less trusting of people and instead redirects that kindness to animals
he will talk to animals as if they understand him, but only when he knows he’s alone
he feels more comfortable around creatures because they can’t talk back and provide him a safe place to spill his feelings
will attempt to release insects/spiders outside instead of killing them right away
big intimidating mean boy has a soft spot for living things 🥺
music lover!! uses his headphones to escape the monotony of daily life
probably listens to many different genres, but i think alternative rock is his favorite (he had an emo phase but he would rather die before admitting it)
was definitely a “oh you like this group? what’s the lead singers blood type” kinda guy in middle school, but he’s chilled out now
music is one of his love languages, swapping playlists or songs with a simple “listen to this” cause he thinks you would like it
if you say you liked the song he’ll smirk and say “of course you did, I have good taste” but inside he’s beaming
he’s the type of guy to never let go of tiny things and tease you endlessly for them
“why would i take advice from someone who tried to push a pull door lmao”
Tumblr media
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striped-carpet · 10 days ago
M. List
Haikyuu Characters When You're on Your Period:
Includes: Kiyoko, Oikawa, Kuroo, Suna, Tsukishima
This can be read as either platonic or romantic, but it leans slightly more towards romantic. As you can tell, reader is someone who gets a period but no gender is explicitly stated for them
A/N: Currently trying to convince my friend to get out of a toxic relationship so that's kinda draining. Anyway, I once again hope that you're all doing well!!
Tumblr media
As someone who gets a period herself, Kiyoko is pretty experienced with them
If you need more pads, tampons, pain meds etc. she either has spares with her or is willing to run to the store to get some for you
She'll also pick up some of your favorite snacks if you don't have any
When she gets to your place, she'll put on something that both of you are up to watching and cuddle with you while eating said snacks and occasionally discussing things about your day or whatever you're watching
Another thing that she would do in those situations is get you a heating pad or something of the sort if you're having particularly bad cramps, or maybe just want it with you
I headcanon that she's the type of person to carry period supplies with her in case someone else needs something
That being said, if your period ever sneaks up on you in public, trust that she's prepared
While Kuroo canonically has a sister, I don't feel like they were particularly close as she probably went with his mom (yes, we're going with the headcanon that Kuroo is a fellow child of divorce)
But that doesn't mean that he's unaware of periods, especially with how smart he is
Much like Kiyoko he would buy you snacks, extra supplies, give you a heating pad, etc.
He would probably be one of those people to tell you that you should drink more water while you're on your period as well as telling you that you shouldn't eat certain things during it since they'll make your cramps worse
But if you still want to eat the foods he told you not to he won't stop you
And when you complain to him about cramps later on, he would just say "I told you do" or make some other snide remark
I feel like Kuroo would lay on top of you and act like a makeshift heating pad just so he could cuddle you more
If you tell him not to do that, he would stop but would also quietly whine about it to himself
He would still try to drape an arm around you at the very least unless you tell him directly that you don't feel like being touched at the moment
mf would also try and drag you outside to exercise if you complain about cramps meanwhile you just want to lay down 😕
Oikawa's another one who has a sister, although I feel like he would be closer with her
I like to think that he went in her room one day, found a bunch of period products, and proceeded to ask her what they were that night at dinner
That's when he found out about periods and was probably disgusted at first (mind him, he was more thank likely around 9-12 since he's an uncle when he's 18 anyway)
He's another one who would like to drape himself over you, but he doesn't lay directly on top of you like Kuroo does
I feel like he would ask his sister for advice on what to do if you start complaining about your period to him since she's the one who told him about them in the first place
If you needed period products, he would probably send you a picture of a bunch of different pads or whatever you use and ask which ones to get since he doesn't know what you want until he buys them a few times and finally gets it down
While he wouldn't try and make you exercise with him, he would try and find some better ways to sit/lay down to make things more comfortable for you at the very least
Suna would be one of those guys who has a period tracker installed just so he knows when to expect you to get more irritable and all that
He's also another one with a sister, except she's younger than him so Suna most likely found out about periods through the internet or something
Unrelated, but I feel like his sister would be around 14
Suna would be another one to send you a picture of a bunch of period related things and ask what things to get
He would also be one to put on a movie or show while cuddling with you if you wanted
I feel like Suna would have a weighted electric blanket or something like that since I feel like he gets cold kinda easily
That being said, he wouldn't see a need to invest in something like a heating pad
He would also be the type of person to lightheartedly joke about your cramps or something like that until you throw a pillow at him
That would then start a pillow fight and the rest is up to you
When you first tell Tsukki that you're on your period, he would more than likely feign disgust until you lightly slap his arm, to which he'll apologize
He's another smart one, so at the very least he knows a little bit about periods
That and Akiteru probably taught him a bit about things like that for future reference
I feel like he would be another one to carry period products with him, but it more than likely started after the two of you started going out
And, much like Kuroo, he would be the type to tell you to drink more water and to cut back on certain things if you get bad cramps
He also bought a heating pad for when you stay over after you complained to him about your cramps one day
He would never admit to it though, and just says that he had it lying around somewhere and decided to put it to good use
Any further questions about it will be ignored
I don't feel like he's a big cuddler in general, but he would probably be a bit more lenient with you about it during your period
Thanks for reading! Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes and have a great day/night! :D
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emouka · 23 days ago
Yandere! Tsukishima Headcanons
Pairing: Yandere! Tsukishima Kei x Reader
A/n: I am spiralling down a yandere rabbit hole. Is anyone interested in requesting any specific headcanons? I'd honestly be more than happy to write something!
Tumblr media
Yandere! Tsukishima who stops sitting at the front of the classroom, just so he can look at you during the lesson from the back.
Yandere! Tsukishima who goes out of his way to follow you to every single one of your classrooms, even when he is not in the same one as you. His excuse? The teacher needs an eraser for the board (he has a full pile of them in his locker).
Yandere! Tsukishima who wears his headphones but plays no music when you sit close to him with you friends. He wants to hear everything you say.
Yandere! Tsukishima who is very quiet whenever you talk to him and not once insults or complains in your presence. He tends to be on his best behaviour around you, in order to seem approachable.
Yandere! Tsukishima who steals your pen once a week, on a random day, in order to give it back to you and have you thank him for finding it. Sometimes if he is lucky, you spend lunchtime with him and offer to buy him a drink for compensation.
Yandere! Tsukishima who breaks into your locker on the days he sees you not wearing your school blazer when he is supposed to be in the bathroom. He unlocks it and smells your clothes, trying to recognise the fragrance you use.
Yandere! Tsukishima who buys the fragrance you use, after countless weeks of searching for it. He sprays it on his pillow or else he cannot sleep at night.
Yandere! Tsukishima who will study you from a distance, find out every little interest you have and somehow interpret it in his own. He will buy magazines and carry them around whenever you are near, hang keychains of your favourite show on his bag or pencil case, listen to a song you've been obsessed over and sneakily let you look at his phone screen when he plays it.
Yandere! Tsukishima who will leave threatening little notes in boys' lockers who might have an interest in you, and proceed to make it abundantly clear that they better steer away from you; whether it is by creeping the hell out of them or somehow... hurting them.
Tumblr media
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loveurself11 · a month ago
it hurts to fall (tsukki x reader)
i wrote this story in june 2020, and i made this account for the sole purpose of posting it. also, it cuts off because i wrote it on a tablet with a word limit on the notes app and i didn't wanna change it! three parts total. anyways
from the moment you'd laid your eyes on him.
it was that very moment where you came to embrace all of tsukishima kei's imperfections and take them in as if they were entirely yours; you welcomed him so lovingly in the beginning with open arms stretched wider than the horizons.
you were beginning to regret the way your own gaze shifted towards his appearance without your permission; it was a subconscious habit you were never physically aware of but deep down you knew how much you loved it when your eyes betrayed you and you stared, curiously, at his short blonde hair, his golden eyes that pierced a hole through you, hidden behind spectacles so clear and immaculate.
"i'm sorry, but this is just plain unbearable for me at this point," you'd explained, when he asked you what was wrong in a humdrum tone. his irises, so golden and sharp yet so dull, bore into you, but you'd had enough of it already.
"you never reciprocate or show any compassion for anything i do for you. i just wasted my efforts on the likes of you."
deep down, your words sliced him like a knife, carving into him permanently like letters on a tree. he didn't want to show you his vulnerable side. no matter how much he tried, he feared all you would do was pity him for feeling such emotions, so he tucked them away under mountains of ignorance.
"and to think i opened myself up to you...have you any idea how much i've changed? trying to get you to accept me? though i can tell you're just too selfish to admit anything. sorry tsukishima, but this isn't going to work out anymore."
he lost it.
"fine, then! if that's what you want. how stupid you were to think you could so much as have me open up to you. is that what i am? a book for you to read? you wouldn't understand! none of that matters to me. this whole idea of being together was fucking stupid in the first place." he cursed the last part to himself under his breath, but it was too late. you'd heard every single word and it ignited a fire within you you were unaware even burned.
a look of disgust appeared on your face as you tried to remember why you even fell for him in the first place. sadly, he was right. it really was stupid of you to try. all the times you'd offered to hold his hand or take him places or indulge in his interests. at first, you'd made yourself believe it was just how things were supposed to be, that he would eventually cave in and show some emotion for once, but all he did was brush it off and deem it unnecessary. slowly you, previously inexperienced with relationships and the likes, came to the realization that this couldn't be deemed a relationship, not with what you went through. your heart sighed at the thought of wasting the past 8 months warming up to this guy who didn't give a single fuck.
the rest followed suit. your face, which was so full of warmth, now held a distinguishable lack of emotion. the whole world had flipped upside down for you the moment you told him the truth, but you held strong. slowly you were shifting to the way you were, before you even met him, before you began having dreams of kissing him under the moonlight, before you'd had that change of heart that made you what you are currently. everything was reverting back to the way it was, and you were no longer able to lie, you felt free.
that same week, everyone at karasuno noticed your change in heart. you tried your best to act as ever so loving to the team as you always were, but slips in emotion didn't go unnoticed. everyone could feel the drop in your enthusiasm. tsukishima was, as always, ignorant and the look on his face displayed apathy. to look at him was a death sentence for you, so you stared straight ahead while handling the water bottles.
once, he caught your attention while you passed out the bottles. as the comanager of the team, you didn't want to ruin the atmosphere in between games, so you took it upon yourself to swiftly but thoroughly do your job.
his fingers brushed against yours while you held out the bottle without paying attention. and if it weren't for the grip he had on your
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emouka05 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Dorm mate! Tsukishima
General headcanons about Dorm mate! Tsukishima
Yandere! Tsukishima
General headcanons about Yandere! Tsukishima
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tsukiboo · a month ago
bc i feel like tsukishima’s hands are top tier
kei never understood your fascination about his hands, bc to him they were just hands, same as everyone else’s. he would often catch you staring at his hands while he was reading a book, admiring the way his fingers propped open the spine of the book, never even paying attention to the name of it.. but you just couldnt help it, his fingers were so slender and clean, your mind always wandered into places it shouldn’t should have. — “what, looking at my hands again? you must want them somewhere else besides this book don’t you? might as well tell me. go on. what’s on ur slutty little mind?”
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animewithtea · a month ago
Haikyuu x reader during study sessions together for upcoming exams
You’ve both got a lot of upcoming exams and decide to study together. These are all set in one of yall’s rooms. Am also planning on doing this with MHA characters so stay tuned for that :)). 
(Including Tsukki, yams, Kenma, Akaashi)
Tumblr media
The OG hardcore study boy :))
You two are studying in your room 
Tsukki might be the king of studying, always focused and on schedule, but you aren’t the same 
So he comes over to kind of sit with you and make sure you stay on track 
Of course it’s cute that he cares for you like this but it does get annoying from time to time 
‘Tsukki I’ve studied okay? I know the material, you can trust me on this.’ ‘I want to believe you, but are you a hundred percent sure that you’ve studied?’ 
Of course you got pissed so you stormed off 
He buys your favorite snacks and sets up a movie night, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals everywhere 
He gets you to come over to his house and he spoils you until it’s almost too much 
‘Sorry, for pushing you like that and not trusting you. I should've believed you.’ 
Tumblr media
You’re sitting on your bed to study while he uses your desk 
After struggling all day you finally got to the point of focusing 
Yams however is completely distracted by how adorable you look while you’re focused 
As you write something down on your notepad you catch him staring
‘What?’ You ask, giving him a smile 
‘You, you just look so cute.’ He says, making you blush 
At this point you decide to study for one more hour and then take the rest of the night to chill and spend some time together 
When the timer goes off you sigh in relief, finally you’re done for the day
‘So I’m thinking, ramen and rewatching (insert fav anime). What do you think?’ ‘I was thinking the same thing (y/n).’ 
And do that is precisely what you do
While watching the anime he showers you in little kisses and you cuddle until you both sort of doze off to sleep 
Tumblr media
‘Okay baby, if you study for one more hour we can play Stardew Valley together afterwards.’ 
You were really tired, but you’d do anything to play Stardew with your boyfriend
He puts on the playlist you made together 
While you’re working hard, the boy stares at you in awe every once in a while 
You catch him once. ‘If I have to keep working then so do you.’ 
You pull through and it was really worth all the time because you know the material now 
After the timer going off you grab a controller and climb onto your boyfriends lap 
He puts his arms around you and kisses you on the top of your head 
‘Thanks for coming over ken, I really needed motivation.’ ‘Anytime sweetie.’
The rest of the night you focus on farm life with your boyfriend :)
Tumblr media
You called him saying that you felt too tired to study so he came over to study with you 
This helped but you couldn’t help getting distracted by the sight of you boyfriend all focused on his studies 
It just made you want to get up, climb onto his lap and shower him with kisses 
Still you carried on and before you knew it almost an hour had past 
‘Sweetie, we should take a break.’ Akaashi said, laying his head on your shoulder. ‘Yeah okay, shall I make us some coffee?’ You ask 
As you come back into your room with two cups of coffee, Akaashi surprises you with your favorite pocky flavor
‘You didn’t have to.’ You say, while gratefully accepting the pocky of course 
 You lay your head down on his shoulder and enjoy your break 
‘Okay what if we study for one more hour, and then we can make dinner and chill?’ He says
You kiss him and get back to studying and soon enough dinner with your boyfriend rolls around 
You make your favorite dinner and spend the night cuddling and relaxing 
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rintoons · 2 months ago
i stand by it when i say that tsukishima is a picky eater.
and he’s not picky in the sense that he watches out for what he eats so he stays healthy—no. he simply can’t fathom the idea of eating certain things and digesting them and letting that shit into his body. because he’s so easily grossed out by certain foods.
so if it’s not plain white rice or dumplings or whatever super generic food that just about everybody includes in their diet—he probably won’t fucking eat it. and sometimes it’s a pain in the back, too, because he will never want to try new things. so when you two go out to eat, you’ll have to grovel and beg for him to pick something other than chicken tenders and fries.
honestly, maybe he’s not even that picky. maybe he just likes watching you fall to your knees just to get him to stop being a man baby.
now that seems like something tsukishima would do.
Tumblr media
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jxbsbokuto · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tsukishima kei!
troupe: classmates to lovers/tutoring to loving <3
a few headcanons:
your teacher asks tsukki to tutor you on some subject you were falling behind
he was annoyed by the idea at first since he had awful experiences trying to tutor hinata and kageyama
but he found out you weren’t dumb or anything, you just needed a little push and someone to explain the topic a bit more slowly and clearer for you
you were also very determined to learn since you didn’t want to fail, so teaching you wasn’t hard and exhausting like kei thought would be
even after you caught up on the lesson and improved your grades, it became a weekly thing to study together at the library
you just enjoyed each other’s company a lot, even if you two were quiet doing your thing
he didn’t want to admit his feelings at first, but when you got him an archeology book he was eyeing for a while he knew he was a goner
you often find little notes from him in your books, “you look pretty today”, “remember to do the chem homework”, “wanna grab boba after class?”, and such
kissing between the book islands!!!
you two read together all the time, mostly you lay on his lap while he reads the book out loud for you<3
i don’t usually write tsukishima but i hope you liked it!!
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ph4ngz · 3 months ago
Fresh Meat; Part One; Tsukishima’s Turn.
Fresh meat; Prologue
(!) virgin!Reader, oral (male rec), get’s a lil rough toward the end
Tsukishima has no idea how he got here.
Well, he does… but he’s gonna pretend he doesn’t. He’s pulled into a trance, eyes glued to the blur of spinning green glass in front of him.
“Hahaha, Tsukishimaaaa! PARTY TIME HEYHEYHEYYY!”
“C’mon Tsukishima, being antisocial is so last year buddy.”
“My God… I can’t wait to get a drink.”
Except this particularly moody blonde hasn’t consumed a single drop of alcohol this evening to distract him from the wrath of stress caused by his friends’ hyperactivity. Not that he’d had a chance to in the first place. Poor guy was dragged in head-first by his “comrades”.
Turns out the boys had tracked down your new roommate around a day prior, asking (seducing) her for information on your schedule. More specifically, whether or not this weekend’s annual shitty dorm party was on your schedule.
So now he’s here playing some crappy highschool game, opposite you, crisscross fucking apple sauce on the floor without even a measly sip of liquid confidence in his seemingly ice-cold bloodstream.
Oh, what are the odds? The empty beer bottle before him just so happens to be encouraging the two of you to leave this circle of drunks and fuck in some closet. Obnoxious cheering fills the thick air, it’s loud as all hell even though he’d managed to make it to the after party alive (dumb and dumber went back to their dorm after Bokuto almost drowned in the community pool).
You’re blushing at him. What do you want? He’s never taken someone’s virginity before, how would he treat you anyway? What made him agree to Kuroo’s challenge in the first place? Great, now you’re taking his hand. When did he stand up from his spot?
Wait, you’re taking his hand.
“Hey. Uh-” he splutters at the feeling of your hand in his. Oh no, there’s no chance of sneaking out when there’s people scattered around the hallways, he’d get caught almost immediately and thrown back into the game.
“It’s fine, there’s an escape route I planned in the bathroom they want us to go into, the window opens fully and my dorm’s balcony is right below it.”
An escape route? Now you’re talking his language.
Tsukishima’s hand is stiff as you lead him away into the bathroom, other wasted students ushering you in, oo’ing and ahh’ing. Once you’re finally hidden with the door locked and all, you apologise.
“I’m sorry, for making it look like we’re… you obviously didn’t wanna be here in the first place, let alone be made out to look like that typa’ guy.”
Tsukishima tilts his head the tiniest bit, guilt tugging on his hardly-existent heartstrings. Did he really look that uncomfortable to you?
“I-If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never actually, y’know… so even if you didn’t wanna escape you probably would’ve rejected me for my lack of experience, heh.”
Fuck, that’s so cute.
Glasses keeps quiet as you perch on the window sill, the moonlight glow illuminating the pretty patterns of the glass pane beside you.
The moment he actually decides to speak is when he finishes debating whether or not he should sit beside you.
“So… you think I would’ve just, wanted to talk like this instead?”
“I guess so. Nobody wants a virgin around here.”
You feel the warmth radiating from his body once he shuffles closer to you on the ledge, gaining a better view of his features AND a swarm of butterflies crowding your insides.
“What if I told you that’s not true?” he asks, genuinely.
“Then I’d tell you that you’re a liar. What makes you say that anyways?”
Tsukishima smiles lightly almost as if in defeat, shaking his head into his hand.
“You have no idea.” he breathes, a silent giggle falling from his nose.
His narrow eyes find yours in a brief moment of clarity, you’re just so irresistibly cute like this, honest and open about your lack of sexual experience.
Tch, fine. Fine, he says in his head.
Tsukishima’s fingers place themselves under your chin, raising your sad yet puzzled face to gain full view of your lips. God, you make him want to show you how good it feels to be the source of someone’s pleasure.
“Wouldn’t you like to learn something, though? I know you took me in here to help me escape, but I don’t mind being your little practice buddy or whatever.” he says stoically.
If your cheeks weren’t red before, they are now. You don’t say anything, you know Glasses is smart enough to decipher your true feelings right now. And with one last look, one last knowing look, he dives in.
The way his lips push and pull with your own makes you feel dizzy, so much ferocity and impatience that you’re struggling to keep up the pace for him.
A little deeper into the kiss and his hand is atop of your head to subtly push you further and further all the way down until he hears the sound of your knees hitting the ground.
“F-Fuck.” all this talk of your inexperience has seriously taken a toll on him. So much so that his fully hard, clothed cock is aching like hell. It’s practically begging to be set free from his clothes. But Tsukki doesn’t care at all, he wants to show you how to do things the proper way.
Suddenly, his large hands tangle themselves in your hair and pull your head toward the prominent bulge in his jeans, making sure to have you nuzzle him, kiss him over the fabric. Your eyes clench shut at his abrupt actions, adding to the thrill of being in control of such a sweet creature.
He’s taking deep breaths already, each current of cold air flowing between his sensitive teeth causing his lips to tremble.
A groan rumbles from his throat when you nuzzle harder, one hand escaping your hair to muffle any more noise with his sleeve, though you can just about make out the “good girl…” that comes afterward.
You take it upon yourself to pop the button and undo his zipper with your teeth, just like you’d seen in porn. Surprisingly it’s a lot easier than you thought it’d be. This makes Tsukishima’s legs bounce in anticipation, hips bucking up into the air, which seems to be increasing in temperature with every second that passes.
Shit, your hands are shaking so much. Is it wrong that it’s turning him on?
He helps you drag his jeans down to his ankles, leaning over and kissing your forehead in the process.
Hands moving on impulse, Tsukishima starts to palm himself through his grey boxers, a darker patch of what you assume is precum already formed just above the tip of his cock. He clocks the way you begin biting the inside of your cheek, oh so obviously doubting your abilities already.
Your lips are forced up against the outline of his balls.
“I sure hope you’re not quitting on me already. I promise you’re doing so goo- S-So good…” his breathing becomes impossibly shakier as he taunts yet reassures you.
Fuck it, you think before hesitantly smoothing your smaller hand up the length of his dickuntil it slides beneath Tsukishima’s own hand.
His heart skips a beat or two, who know and who cares, that was literally the most adorable thing he’s ever witnessed.
His hands guides yours up and down, from the base to the tip, occasionally even higher up so he can let you feel his happy trail above his underwear. Until he let’s his fingers and the nails of your own dip beneath the waistband.
He manoeuvres your hand in a way that you now have a grip on his boxers, enough of a grip that you can easily reveal his twitching length. But then he takes his arms and crosses them intimidatingly, wordlessly asking you to act by yourself, or you don’t get any practice at all.
With a nervous sigh, you do as told
Trying desperately to ignore just how fucking big he is, you bunch up his underwear around his jeans too. You caress his thighs, smoothing the blonde hairs down and sending shiver up his spine.
“Don’t worry about it so,” he gasps between his words when your cold fingertips draw a not-so-straight line down past his abdomen.
“Much. You’re safe with me, al-alright?”
As unbelievably uncharacteristic as it is, these words really are coming from Tsukishima’s mouth. Even he can’t believe himself right now. What is he, some sort of pussy bitch?
Deeming it acceptable within his little bout of self deprecation, his tip meets your cupid’s bow, highlighting the top of your lip with salty precum. You’re so, so beautiful.
Without warning, his thumb and index finger pinch your tongue with quite a bit of pressure, coaxing a half-moan-half-yelp out of you. Tsukki circles the pad of his thumbs over the width of your candy apple red tastebuds.
“You ready?” he coos as you peer up at him with puppy dog eyes.
Toes curling and back straightened slightly, you nod silently, tongue still wet and on display for him.
A few thumps of his pulsing tip and Tsukishima swears he can feel his heartbeat in his dick.
Soon enough he lightly thrusts past your lips, muttering a demanding “mouth closed.”.
In and out…
In and out…
In and out.
“O-Oh! Wait, hah! Grr, cumming I-” he hushes himself.
It’s only been about 5 minutes maximum and he’s cumming again already? Shit, your innocent mouth, innocent tongue, innocent everything. It’s so fucking easy to control what you do when you have no idea how.
Firstly, he was understanding, slow, passionate. Then again, that was 5 minutes ago. Now he’s fucking into your cum tainted mouth like you’re going to run away if he doesn’t. You’re squirming, gagging, drooling all over his cock. Trying so hard to keep up, to take quick breaths through your nose.
He’s grunting, moaning into the back of his hand with his eyebrows bowed and twitching with every deep, sloppy thrust that beings him closer to yet another orgasm.
All the while involuntarily blurting out the most prettiest whispers, the most prettiest lies.
“Mnnm! All mine, ah shit! You’re all mine, this mouth is m-mine your body’s mine!”
Every single time his hips make contact with your face, or your nails dip deeper into his sides, or his glasses jolt with a bang of his head against the window pane he’s leant on…
He comes to know even more that this is the shit he lives for. He understands why his friend is so adamant about it. And he doesn’t think anyone would understand just how rewarding it feels to get to you before Kuroo.
It’s so easy to make you believe that this is how your first blowjob is supposed to be. All because he was gentle with you at the start. But Tsukishima’s human, no? Sometimes it can be hard to resist our own twisted desires.
Especially if you don’t realise them until it’s too late.
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ichigoromi · 3 months ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐨𝐧 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬...| 𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐊𝐞𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Tsukishima low-key loves it, but he's not gonna tell you that.
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning (s): none!
Tsukishima Kei
Tsuki may not look like it, but he pays close attention to fashion.
After you moved in with him, your clothes and his clothes are together in one wardrobe.
Sooner, you start wearing his clothes,, and he did not notice at all at the start.
One day, he was trying to look for that particular hoodie that he wanted to wear for his class gathering, but it was nowhere.
And at the exact moment, you walked into the room wearing the same hoodie that he was wearing.
At first, he was kinda pissed and you two argued for a while until you stripped off the hoodie and threw it straight at his face.
With just a thin shirt and cardigan, you left the apartment.
He called you many times are you were not responding to him.
You return to the apartment an hour later with his favourite, Strawberry shortcake.
After that fight, you sneakily wear his clothes,, and to the point, he is enjoying it now.
Especially his jerseys.
"Baby, you got to stop wearing my jerseys. I have told you multiple times that I need to wear those in my games."
You stopped in your tracks and realised that you wore your boyfriend's jersey. You were so used to getting clothes from his side and just slipping them on.
"Oh. I didn't know that. I'll go get change." He pulls your hand and stops you from going back to your room.
"Nah. It looks cute on you. I'll ask for more jerseys." Tsukishima cups your face and pulls you in for a kiss.
Your cheeks blushed deeply and you covered your face in your hands.
"Why are you so blunt at times? You're making me blush every single time when you compliment out of the blue..."You lean your head on his shoulders.
Tsukishima lets out a laugh and wraps his arms around you, hugging you tight in his arms.
"You're just so cute when you blush. I know you love wearing my clothes, but leave some for me, okay? I can't fit into your clothes." He pinches your cheek and kisses your lips.
"Okay...I will take note of that. I'll buy you more clothes so that you won't run out of clothes!" You declared with determination.
"Alright, I trust you to ensure my closet doesn't run out of clothes. What do you want to eat? Let's eat out today." He runs his hand through your hair.
"Hmm, let's go get some hotpot! The weather has been getting colder and it's perfect for today."
"Okay, let's get changed into something warmer. This time, wear your own clothes." He pulls you in for another kiss.
"Alright...I'll wear my own clothes out but I'm going to wear your clothes when we're back. I'll go change first!" You lightly kiss his lips and ran off to the bedroom.
Tsukishima watches you run back to the bedroom and lets out a laugh. He is looking forward to the future with you.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima is such a babe. I love him.
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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emouka · 23 days ago
Dorm mate! Tsukishima Headcanons
Pairing: Dorm mate! Tsukishima Kei x Reader
A/n: Let me imagine what it would be like sharing a dorm with this bean pole please :3
Tumblr media
Dorm mate! Tsukishima is quiet, polite and stays out of your way the first time you both move into your dorm. He shakes your hand and nods as an introduction but overall is very distant.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima is fairly clean and never leaves his stuff lying around. If you do, he will say something about it but as long as it doesn't affect him do whatever the hell you want.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who is not a party animal by no means and spends most of his nights at his desk, listening to his music and studying. There are nights when you are trying to sleep but the lamp he has on for his reading keeps you awake. He is considerate if you are not a menace, so he will either find a way to lower the intensity or full out turn it off, calling it a night.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who will tut when you are running to the 7/11 down the street at 11 pm, asking him if he wants anything. He will accompany you, sometimes with an 'annoyed' groan, but don't prepare for any small talk on the way. He might not ever admit it but he doesn't like the idea of you walking alone to the convenience store in the middle of the night.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima will nag at you if you come back home completely drunk, stumbling and almost throwing up on the carpet. He is going to have the most distasteful snarl on his lips but won't hesitate to guide you to the dormitory's bathroom, in order to puke your guts out in the toilet bowl; mainly for your room's sake but also so you don't start crying for the mess you caused.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who, as he gets more comfortable around you, starts showing his more sadistic side; whether it is by mocking you because of how much taller he is than you and proceeding to place objects somewhere you cannot reach or teasing you for your incapability of completing your homework etc.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who bites back any remark previously thought when he sees you upset or crying and proceeds to silently be there for you; not one for physical affection when you are not in a relationship but tries to comfort you whether it is by buying you some tea or putting your favourite movie on your computer so both of you watch it on your bed.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who has one dinosaur plushy (curtsy of Yamaguchi helping him pack for uni) right at the corner of his bed and you cannot refrain yourself from stealing it at times because it is so cute, or- better yet, catching Tsukishima clutching onto it whenever he feels homesick.
Dorm mate! Tsukishima who may sometimes look at you a little too long as you are sleeping (he convinces himself it's because of your persistent snoring) before shaking his head and turning the light off.
Tumblr media
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crunchietoast · a month ago
The things I love about you
Tumblr media
~☆ Tsukishima Kei- The things I love about you ☆~
🦖 Fluff
🦖 WC:218
He has a note sheet in his phone and every now and then you are together or when he is thinking of you, he writes down dot points of silly or cute little things he loves that you do when he is on a date with you. (For example, 'I love how you skip when we go to get ice-cream')  
One time in a milestone (like 1 year) he finally reads them out to you 
 "I love how you look at the sky at sunset, I love how you put your hand out the windows of the car late at night and I love how you hold my hand when you sleep" 
A few years later at your wedding, he reads out things that nobody understand how much it means to you. 
"I love how you will be the person I spend the rest of my life with, I love that we are going to have a family together and I love that this is what I have always wanted"  
Let’s just say he gave you a look when he realised you invited all the volleyball guys. They teased him all night, but it didn’t bother him like it used to. For the first time, he smiled and joked along with them.  
“I love how you changed me.” 
-Crunchie Toast 🍞
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sexpistxls · 3 months ago
Hey I’m having a horrible day (and it not even noon yet). I saw a dog get hit by a car and had to rescue it. And then my car got backed into a few hours later. Like I’m physically ok. But mentally… no. So could I have some haikyuu boys comforting me or something?
I like Tsukishima, Tendou, and Suna so any of them would be awesome. Thank you so so much
Hi love! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a bad day :( But, there’s gonna be even better days to come now! If you need to talk to someone, my dms are open <3 Im glad you’re physically okay and didn’t get hurt <3 we all love you !
Tumblr media
Tranquillity greeted Tsukishima at the door after he got home from work- and from this simple difference- he knew something was wrong. Although Tsukishima desires peace, he desires a loud and passionate ‘hii Kei! Welcome home, love!’ from y/n even more. Those kisses that she plant over his face, they’re like a reward for him after a particularly long day at work. So this change in schedule had him knowing that something was wrong.
“Y/n?” Kei said, peaking his head round into empty rooms before he found y/n laying in their shared bed. Y/n’s face buried in a pillow and her body curled into a comforting ball.
Kei had never seen her like this, he didn’t say a word. He carefully laid down next to y/n and slowly pried her body from its curled up state. His gentle hand wrapped around her wrist as he guided her body to face him. Y/n’s red flushed face and teary eyes shied away from his gaze.
Again, he didn’t say anything. Not because he didn’t care, but because he was genuinely at a loss for words. Nothing he could say would accurately depict how deeply he cared for her, How desperate he was to make her happy again.
So, he said nothing.
Kei let her cry all over his white shirt, rubbing her back as he softly kissed her head.
After a while, the gentle sobs quietly faded out and slowly turned into soft snores.
A gentle nighttime breeze lingered in the air as kei inched his hand onto y/n’s and carefully entwined their fingers.
“Let me cheer you up?”
“nothings wrong.”
Y/n was currently sat on Satori’s bedroom floor, lent against his bed as she tried so hard to focus on her homework. But her mind was plagued by thoughts from her shitty day and the constant chatter from her not-so-shitty boyfriend who was laying upside down on his bed as his head hung off of the side of the bed. His face upside down and next to y/n.
“That’s the fifth time you’ve said that, y/nnn” Tendo said, dragging out the last letter of her name, not in announce, however, more in desperation.
“Because there’s nothing wrong.” She replied in a stern tone- much different to her usual kindly spoken dialect.
Tendo sighed in response. He had tried endlessly to make her laugh and to pull his girlfriend from this unknown and sudden bad mood.
So he sat there in defeat. Examining her beautiful face and her unique features: her lips that he could kiss endlessly, her imperfect skin that was so perfect to him, her beauty marks and freckles that gracefully coated her skin. He traced her face all the way up to her eyes- which had tears slowly building up in them.
“You’re beautiful, y/n”
“you’re perfect”
The tears in her eyes began to overflow at this point. She wasn’t sad or upset by these compliments- it just felt so good to here these words at a tough time.
His slender hand grasped her chin as Tendo turned y/n’s head in order for her to be looking at him. He slowly pulled her face into his as their lips melted together, y/n’s tears slowly trickling down between their lips.
It sort of reminded tendo of that one scene from spider-man.
That upside down kiss.
“salty” Tendo said as their lips parted
“You’re insane. Too much blood rushing to your head. Sit up!” y/n laughed, a sound that was so pleasant to Tendo.
“Only if we can cuddle though~”
Things always get better, i promise <3
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shujiology · 3 months ago
Tsukishima secretly likes watching cringey movies just so he could shit on it
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daiception · 3 months ago
i forget haikyuu canonically takes place in 2012-2013,, bc what if i wanna do tiktoks with bokuto n explain stupid trends to tsuki?
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afairywithacrown · 3 months ago
Random thought, Tsukishima is your average awkward high school boy who gets REALLY nervous around his crush but tries to hide it with sarcasm For example:
He is alone with his crush
he tries to talk to them
he says something dumb
He gets embarrassed
He walks away from the situation and never talks to them again
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